Two beauties admire each others curves

Two beauties admire each others curves
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Prior The Rapper and the Sportscaster: The Rapper and the Sportscaster Down In the Dumps Karin found herself naked laying on the ground. The men got out of the Limo and stood around her laughing and joking. One after another they aimed a steady stream of piss on her.

It was cold and Karin was shivering. Naked she was unable to move. The Limo drove off slowly down the alley. It was cold and she was wet covered in piss, unable to move. Lying there what seemed forever she heard men walking down the alley. Please help me. Help me. They stopped to look. Oh thank you, Thank you. Wait. What are you doing to me.

Karin passed out as she was picked up and tossed into a shopping cart. She was in and out of consciousness as the cart banged down the alley. Man you don't know what kinda trash you gonna find nowadays. Boys gonna like this. Yea goona keep entertained tonite, that for sure. Ain't had no white pussy for some time. Well this looks like a good piece to me. Passed out but coming to Karin felt the heat of the fire.

Looking around she could see crates and boxes and men sitting around the fire. She felt the cock inside her. She felt pain all over. Looking down she saw her hands were tied to crate with old rusted wire. She looked to see an old men, shaggy, unkempt looking at her, smiling with few teeth.

The man had a glowing metal bar in the fire. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh. She felt the hot metal bar pressing against her tit. Smoke and the smell of burning flesh.

Don't fuckin kill her till I get my turn. Looky, see she come to again. Wait till we all done, I'll be shoving it up her ass. Then You'll be hearing some screaming. She could see the smiling faces around her. Men in old clothes and rags. She felt the cock inside her as she was shoved up against the crate. The bar was back in the fire. The wire bit into her wrists. The men sitting around were laughing, drinking, watching waiting their turn.

She could feel the cock inside her pounding away. The men sitting around were laughing, drinking, watching waiting their turn. ========================================================= The alley was in an old forgotten part of the city. Brick buildings once the home of the industrial center were now just hulks, used for storage or abandoned.

The undercurrent of the city subsisted here. THIS WAS AN URBAN JUNGLE Karin found herself captive in this place she would never have visited. She should be getting ready for the big game where she would be doing the sideline commentary. Instead she found herself dumped by a Black raptster whom she had disrespected, into the local cesspool. She was naked, tied to an old pallet and being fucked by a bum. Through the smoke she cold see homeless all around her.

The dirty bum with old clothes kept up a steady fuck. It was a dirty back alley in a dirty part of town. Man we got ourselves a real piece here.

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Yea. one person's trash is anothers treasure. Man you got that right. Hey, you gonna take all night, we got lots of guys waiting here.

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The drunken homeless bastards were waiting their turn. Smoked filled the air. Karin felt the rain of piss on her face as one of the drunks pissed on her face. She tried to turn her head but he just aimed at her face. Everyone was laughing joking.

There was a party atmosphere. Fueled by booze and drugs the men were in a party mood. Suddenly the group scattered, moving away from Karin.


Even the bum screwing her jumped out of the way. The general riff-raff moved away to the darker corners of the alley. The cause of their behavior was "The Boys." They were about a dozen of worst inhabitants of this jungle.


They owned this part of town Looking down at Karin they cracked a rare smile. So what do we have here. You bums been holding out on us. Cut her loose, let's take a look.

That's no way to treat a Lady.


Karin was cut loose, and struggled to her feet. Thank You. Thank You. She was sobbing. Her ordeal was over. Little did she know that these were the dirty dozen of the back alley.

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They included killers, sex offenders, sadists. They ruled the back alley with vengence and no one would cross them. When they heard Karin thank them they laughed. Karin was too happy to understand her situation. I need something to wear and help me get out of here. Ok, sure, get the Lady some clothes.

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AHHHH, What are you doingNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Karin felt a rope around her neck. A thick heavy rope pulled tight. StoPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. Two men held her arms out as they were tied to a heavy 4 x 4. Arms were fastened at the wrists, elbows and shoulders with the beam on her neck. Karin looked around terrified. Naked, tied to the beam and Rped around the neck, she was in the terrible alley. She sunk to her knees. What are you doing? Let me go. Please don't do this. I can't take anymore. Naked, confused, terrified the captive could hardly realize what lie ahead.

The men around her were rough looking, some were big, others wirey. Looking at them leering she began to fathom her predicament. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. The rope pulled her forward, she stumble to her feet, unsteady form the weight of the beam and her injuries.

Where are you taking me. Stop. You can't do this. STOPPPP. Keep Walking Bitchor we will drag our ASS. They kept walking pulling her along by her neck through the dark alleys.

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She stumbled with no shoes and the weight of the beam. The rope kept pulling on her neck. He feet were raw from walking on the rough pavement. She tried to stop. One of the men grabbed her head and yelled into her face. KEEP MOVING OR WE WILL WHIP YOUR ASS AND DRAG YOU The lowlife scum watched her go by.

They laughed. I'd hate to e be her. They shook their heads knowing what the Boys could do. The naked bitch was led by the neck through the alleys until they reached an old abandoned warehouse. Abandoned but a home for The Boys. The Boys were not bums but lived in this backwater as homeless since they could not find a legal place to live that was not too near an exempted place. Others had moved here after they were run out of their places when neighbors found out about their records.

The warehouse was old and dirty. There were heavy beams and old pieces of equipment strewn around as well as junk everywhere. The Boys had cots and beds around a makeshift fireplace they had made against a wall. Being night there was little light except that from the fire. It was this hell that Karin had been brought to. An Urban Jungle. She knelt on the cold dirty floor with the weight of the beam on her neck.

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Shivering, trembling, helpless she knelt waiting her fate. To be Continued.