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Hot guy pissing outside alone gay porn Austin amp_ Ash Soak amp_ Suck
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Fbailey story number 437 Rent A Cabin On A Lake I inherited a rather large chunk of land completely surrounding a large lake.

I also inherited more than enough money to do anything that I wanted to do with it. So I started building cabins to rent out. I hired two young local guys to help me with the grunt work.

With their help I was going to build seven cabins near the main road coming into the lake. We put in a nice long dock with a large deck on shore to sunbathe or sit on. They both had young wives that accompanied them during the week. The girls liked running around in their skimpy bathing suits and teasing their husbands…and me of course.

One of the girls had a mother that she really wanted me to meet so one Monday she brought her along. Betty sure was a beauty. She was forty-five years old and pretty as any Homecoming Queen I had ever seen. She was about five feet seven inches tall and maybe a hundred and thirty-five pounds.

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Her hair was light brown, her eyes were a pale blue, and her breasts were probably a C-cup. The fact that she was wearing one of her daughter's bikinis made me hard. After talking to Betty for a short while I realized that she was not an airhead like her daughter and asked her if she would help me furnish the cabins.

She said that she could use the money. We had finished the first five cabins and the guys seemed to know what they were doing so I let them finish working on the last two and took Betty into town.

Now 'into town' means different things to different people but out here it was a hundred miles into town. I never stopped to think that Betty was only wearing a bikini and apparently it hadn't dawned on her either. About twenty-five miles from town she started laughing and then said that her house was about a hundred miles behind us in a little village. I told her that I would buy her a dress. She thanked me and told me to deduct it from her pay.

In town we went right to a lady's clothing shop. Betty walked right in as if she owned the place. She looked the merchandise over and picked out a pretty pink dress. It was definitely one that her daughter would wear. She tried it on and came out with the tags and her bikini in her hands. I paid for the dress and asked her if she needed any undergarments. She said that she was comfortable in just the dress, if I was.

Oh, I was comfortable all right or was that uncomfortable with my hard cock trying to get out of my pants. Her nipples were hard and straining at the material, her crinkled areolas were almost as visible, and her dark pubic hair was unmistakable. As we walked past a full-length mirror Betty said, "Oh my, it wasn't that transparent in the dressing room. I guess we had better take advantage of my looks and just shop where there are men." I said, "We could get you a different dress or maybe some underwear." Betty said, "And spoil this image.

Lets go over to Browns Department Store and look at some drapes, mattresses, and bed coverings." As I drove I couldn't help but stare at her hard nipples. I saw why they stayed hard, she would run her palm over them or pinch them between her thumb and index finger. When she saw me looking she said, "These perky nipples will get us ten percent off, mark my words." Boldly Betty went up to one guy and asked to see his boss.

He pointed us toward an office. Betty looked in and saw a woman, not the man that she had expected to find. Not to be discouraged she said, "I'm looking to make a very large purchase and I was wondering if you give quantity discounts." The woman looked Betty over and smiled. She then took us around to pick out everything that we needed including propane stoves and refrigerators, mattresses and bed linens, towels and curtains, and a few things that I wouldn't have thought of.

Then we picked out dishes, silverware, utensils, and pots and pans. When everything was multiplied by seven, it was a considerable amount. The woman was willing to give us a ten-percent discount but Betty had more in mind. The two women went into her office to negotiate a better price.

A good hour later Betty came out with a small smile on her face. I signed the paperwork and wrote out a check for the full amount.

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I had gotten a twenty-percent discount for buying in quantity with a clause allowing be to buy another seven sets of everything at the same price within the next ninety-days. Fantastic! Out in the car Betty just smiled until we got a block away and then she asked me to stop at a pharmacy.

She had me by her a toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash. Then out in the alley I watched her brush her teeth and gargle twice. Once we got back in the car she told me that that lady had to foulest tasting pussy that she had ever tasted. I started laughing. She scolded me and said that it wasn't funny, in fact it had been pretty humiliating. She then reminded me of the several thousand dollars that she had saved me.

I thanked her from the bottom of my heart and asked to hear the details. Betty said, "When I asked for an extra ten-percent she said, 'eat me.' I had to undress and let her fuck me with a huge dildo until I had cum twice.

That fucking thing hurt too. She got naked and made me lick her disgusting pussy until she had three orgasms. That wasn't enough either, I had to ream her asshole with my tongue and she farted in my mouth. I hope I didn't catch some disease from eating her rotten pussy." I told her that I would take her out to a really nice dinner but she said that she might throw up.

Instead we decided to drive back to my lake.

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It was dark when we arrived and we didn't know where she was supposed to sleep so I invited her into my tent. She suggested that we just take the sleeping bags into one of the finished cabins. Good idea. When the sun woke us up in the morning Betty got out of her sleeping and shook me. I opened my eyes and saw her naked. She smiled down at me and said, "Lets not tell my daughter what I did yesterday, okay." I said okay, but noticed her eyes getting bigger as she looked down at me.

My sleeping bag was standing up with a tent pole at my crotch. Betty said, "I did that to you, so please let me fix it." Then Betty unzipped my bag and opened it up. She then sat on my cock and it felt good. As she fucked me she said, "Oh God, you feel good. At least my last fuck won't be that skuzzy bitch." Fucking Betty was the best thing that I had done in quite some time.

I watched her breasts bounce as she fucked me. Finally, Betty had an orgasm and clamped my cock with her tightening pussy muscles causing my climax. I shot several gobs of cum up into her as she slumped to my chest. I cuddled her and kissed her and thanked her for all of her help yesterday. She dragged my ass out of the sleeping bag and out of the cabin. She dragged me out to the end of the dock and into the water.

She asked me to clean out her pussy while she washed off my cock. We were kissing in the water when the two girls came out to ask us what we wanted for breakfast.

Eggs and bacon were just fine. When we got out of the water naked they giggled and ran back to their husbands in their skimpy bikinis. Betty just walked to my car and got her bikini out. She then carried it back to 'our' cabin. Next she walked to her son-in-laws car to get her suitcase and take that to our cabin.

Finally her daughter told her to get some clothes on. Betty was not about to let her daughter tell her what to do. She just walked up to me and gave me a nice hug and a wonderful kiss as she crushed her breasts into me. Then she whispered in my ear, "Do you mind me being naked?" I whispered back, "Not at all." She could feel my cock growing between us and whispered, "I promise to take care of that anytime that it pops up." She then took me to our cabin and laughed.

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She got down on my sleeping bag and let me mount her that time. It didn't take but a few minutes for me to cum. That time I put on my cut off blue jean shorts.

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Betty stayed naked and went down to the shore to wash her pussy out, while everyone watched her. She just smiled as she walked toward us to get her breakfast. By lunchtime the other two girls were topless. That made me smile. That afternoon a huge moving van pulled into our cabin area. They had our delivery. It took them and all of us to put the stuff in the five cabins. Cabin five became the storage area for the stuff for cabins six and seven. The moving men could hardly take their eyes off the girls.

Betty was naked and the other two stayed topless. We all spent the afternoon putting the stuff in three of the cabins so that each couple had one of their own to stay in with real beds and everything. I called the propane company to have them drop off some large canisters and run the tubing into the cabins for the equipment. They would be up in a couple of days. Oh well!


Anyway that night Betty and I slept in a double bed…naked of course. We were tired enough so that we actually slept. Over the next week I received a generator for electricity, piped water in from way out in the lake, and had the sewer and leach field finished.

I was ready to open for business. A few weeks later we were done constructing the seven cabins so I put out ads, to rent a cabin on a lake.

I could not believe the response that I received. We were booked solid for the next several months. Needless to say I started construction on seven more cabins scattered out along the shore. They would not have electricity and would be more rustic. I would charge just as much to rent them though. They could get pails of water from the lake and walk back into the woods to use an outhouse. It was far enough in so as not to pollute the lake that they got their drinking water from.

Each cabin would have its own short dock along with a canoe and a rowboat. I placed that order for seven sets of furnishings on the eighty-ninth day. Betty smiled over that. I decided to build a larger cabin for myself and possibly Betty, up the road away from the lake. That way everyone and everything coming in had to go by me. As my guests started checking in Betty greeted them and escorted them to their cabin.


She was always topless and most times bottomless too, even in front of the children. She simply told them that this was private land and that clothing was optional. Soon after that first couple of weeks we started getting requests for our nudist campground. At first I didn't know what to say but Betty told me to put then in the clearing down the lake near the waterfall. There was an old logging trail that could be cleared and plenty of room for their tents. All I had to do was put in a dock and some more outhouses.

That was easy. Within a week our Nudist Camp was open to the public. Betty turned out to be my go-to girl.

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Anything that I needed or any of our guests needed, Betty could find. I even sponsored a fishing contest but insisted that there be no motors to pollute my lake.

I could not believe how well I was doing. I owed much of my success to Betty so by the end of that first summer, I married her. By holding it at our nudist campsite it saved us a fortune in dress expenses. Some of the Bride's Maids wore bikinis or just the bottom but most were nude like the bride.

Some weddings that I had been to the Maid of Honor would hold out the Bride's veil for donations to dance with the Bride. At our wedding Betty did one better.


For a generous donation she would suck the men's cocks or lick the women's pussies for a full minute. At first I was not impressed, then my new daughter-in-law told me that she hadn't seen any donation of less that fifty dollars.

Surprisingly, several couples tossed in a hundred dollars and then both of them would let Betty take care of them. Once there was a waiting line my daughter-in-law took care on my needs and she didn't stop after one minute either. My Best Man and several of my Groom's Men tossed in money so that my daughter-in-law would give them a blowjob too. I had to smile as I thought to myself…like mother like daughter.

Later that night Betty said, "I'm so glad that bitch from Brown's didn't come. She couldn't pay me enough to lick her filthy snatch again." Anyway our 'rent a cabin on a lake' venture paid off quite well. Word of mouth far exceeded anything that our advertising accomplished.

The prospect of seeing naked girls brought out the guys. Betty's next idea is to host a 'Spring Break On A Lake' for college students. According to her it would be easy, since all the college kids wanted was beer, pot, and sex with some hotdogs and potato chips tossed in.

I told her that I would have to think about that one. The End Rent A Cabin On A Lake 437