Pool at Spring Break Condo Craziness

Pool at Spring Break Condo Craziness
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Come on, this is a group effort, let's get this story finished, quickly. On another note, have any of you ever noticed music references? I do this often. When you read this chapter, see how many you recognize. There aren't always obvious. I might quote lyrics, I might use the name of a song in the text of the story, or I might name an artist.

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Tell me what you notice. For the people who helped proofread this chapter, and gave input, you know who you are, thank you. Potential by Bistander Chapter 23 Who's in Control? When Evan woke up, he couldn't remember where he was, but his body was sore. Jason's, I'm at Jason, he thought. His bladder told him what to think next. He got up, stretched four different ways, and started toward the door.

He saw Jason sleeping and stopped. Was that a dream? It wasn't a dream. On his way to the bathroom, Evan thought about the different expressions on Becky's face.

She had been performing for him, but Jason had tried to keep her quiet. Apparently, Jason didn't want him to know about his incestuous relationship. Who would, other than a crazy, impulsive, nymphomaniac like Becky. Evan took a long whiz.

It was too early to be thinking so hard, but he had to, so he splashed cold water on his face. That wasn't Jason and Becky's first time, and Becky didn't care if he knew that Jason fucked her. That meant she probably wouldn't care if Jason knew that he fucked her, too. Jeez, no wonder Jason wanted him to fuck Deana or Gloria.

Two wrongs make a right. Or did it just make your wrong feel right? If they spoke openly about sister fucking, he might feel compelled to tell Jason about Candy. Mother fucking was worse, though, at least for him. Jason's mother would freak out, for sure, but she couldn't divorce her kids, and there was no chance she would kill either of them. He needed time to figure out how to handle this with Jason. It wasn't the right time to talk incest. He didn't need any advice or encouragement from someone without a conscience.

Why not keep the whole thing a big secret? That's what they had been doing anyway. The early morning drive home from Sally's house could have been compared to what a teenage girl would experience if she lied to her parents about whose house she spent the night at, so she could be with a boy, except Candy had never done that. She had a secret boyfriend, but Bobby lived in the same trailer with her. All they had to do was not get caught fucking.

At least my mother never caught me and Sally, Candy thought. By the time Candy was fourteen, she was a full-time nanny with a baby in her belly. Before she turned fifteen, she was a mother. Sally was right; Candy never got to grow up. She hadn't been able to enjoy her teenage years of impulsive, irresponsible behavior.

No wonder it had been so easy for Candy to have an affair. The eight years between Candy and Cindy was significant when Cindy was seven and Candy was fifteen, but even then, Cindy was mature. Candy loved her step-niece and enjoyed her company. Subconsciously, Candy related to Cindy better than anyone else in her life, even though she was often left with charge over Cindy, Deana, Evan, and Gloria.

When Cindy turned fourteen, she was already beautiful, independent, and wily. She saw Candy as a friend, mentor, and confidant. Candy got to hear all the things Cindy's parents didn't know. Cindy looked to Candy for advice, while Candy lived vicariously through her niece. Sometime after Cindy turned fifteen, there was a rift between John and his sister, Julia, and her husband, JC. It was some family shit that Candy wasn't let in on. Cindy stopped coming to the house. The separation changed their relationship even though Cindy still called Candy.

Once Cindy had her driver's license, she started showing up at Evan or Deana's ballgames, and at Evan's go-kart races; if John wasn't there.

Cindy had changed dramatically during those months of separation. She had become a no-nonsense, sixteen-year-old who didn't relate or socialize with her peers. Her focus was kick-boxing and racing, yet she still excelled in school. She was determined—driven—and ready to kick ass if anybody got in her way. The girl was gorgeous, strong, and scary at times.

Cindy and Candy began to relate as friends, equals. They'd go out to eat after the kid's events. Occasionally, they'd end up being by themselves. It should have been awkward or challenged Candy's status as the adult, but it didn't. There had been a thunderstorm that afternoon, and Evan's go-kart race had to wait for the track to dry.

Candy received a text from Cindy, "I'm working. Why not hit the beach?" Candy told Evan she was going to do some shopping and made the short drive to the public beach, where Cindy was a lifeguard. Cindy's shift ended right after Candy arrived at the beach. "I figured you'd be bored waiting for his race," Cindy told her. "Wanna get something to eat?" If the psychological rush Candy received when she lied to Evan hadn't been ignored, Candy wouldn't have been at the beach.

But Candy was at the beach, and her body physically responded when she saw the olive complexioned lifeguard in that Baywatch style swimsuit. That should have told Candy not to go in the change room with Cindy. Women change in front of each other all the time; Candy told herself when her niece peeled the red material down her torso.

She stared, wondering why the teenager didn't turn away. Cindy's breasts were firm, and her nipples were dark-drown rings that faded to a pinkish-brown at their centers. Her stomach rippled with strength as she shifted her hips and slid the bathing suit over them. A black triangle of pubic hair made Candy sigh. Cindy retrieved the swimsuit with her foot, putting her crotch on display. Neither of them said anything.

Cindy stood still with the red material dangling from her hand. Candy took two steps before hitting a force field of absolutes. She reminded herself that Cindy was the sixteen-year-old daughter of her husband's sister. Sixteen-year-old girls laugh at absolutes. Cindy crashed through Candy's wall of integrity, and Candy welcomed the naked teenager with open arms.

It was the most meaningful and passionate kiss Candy had since the first time Sally kissed her. During the months that followed, their covert rendezvous increased, as did Candy's indiscretion. If their caution had kept pace with their lovemaking, Candy imagined they'd still be under the covers. Instead, she had to agree to never see Cindy again in exchange for John's silence. Why was she still talking to Cindy?

Dirty secrets, danger, and illicit behavior were in Candy's DNA. That's what made her feel alive. How could it not after that stormy night? A young, scared girl saw her mother in the flashes of lightning on her hands and knees, naked.

That had confused her until she made the connection to what dogs did. Daddy was fucking Mommy, doggy style, on the living room floor while the kids slept on the couch. Except it hadn't been her father. Candy never told a soul, but she knew her brother had been the one fucking their mother that night.

After throwing on a T-shirt and shorts, Evan quietly collected his stuff and slipped out of Jason's room. Out in the hallway, he noticed Becky's door was now partially open. He knew better, but he looked in, anyway. Becky was standing in front of that odd, antique mirror just like the last time he spent the night.

He would have turned and walked away, except she had taken his advice and angled the mirror so she could catch him peeking.

They made eye contact. She smiled. The kittens were still wrestling on the front of her pajama top, but her pigtails were gone. She lifted her arms and brushed her hair. The action caused her shirt to rise and fall.

The sight her small butt playing peek-a-boo intrigued Evan. "You gonna say something or just stand there staring?" "What, ah, why did you do that?" he asked. "What do you mean?" He waited until he was close, looking over her shoulder at her reflection in the mirror, then he said, "You know what I mean.

You knew I was awake." Becky faked a surprised expression and put her hand over her open mouth. "Oh no, you watched us?" "Stop playing dumb.

You knew. Does Jason know?" Becky tilted her head quizzically. "I know you knew, but you wanna know if Jason knows?" It was just like when she used to be Jason's annoying little sister, except now, Evan wanted to fuck her to death, rather than choke her. "Tell me, does he know I know?" She shrugged. "I don't know. You should ask him if he knows I know you know." "Jeez, never mind," he said.

"Does it bother you, you know, that he's—" "My brother?" "Yeah, he's your brother." "Nah, we don't kiss and all that, like me and you do. It's just sex." "He's still your brother. That's—" "Incest," Becky said with wide eyes.

"Yeah, and that makes it more exciting, but it's still just sex." He stared at her mouth. "How did you do that?" Becky grinned proudly. "Do what?" "You know what I mean, Jason, he's big." The hairbrush bounced on the carpet as Becky reached behind her. She found his thighs and moved up.

"You think you got a twig?" she asked and handled him like a blind person trying to identify someone's face. "I was sore the rest of the day after you did what you did to me at the ballpark." "What I did? You're the one—" He shook his head. "Never mind. Jason's huge." "I guess, but he never gets rock hard the way you do." She squeezed his growing cock. "And he doesn't fuck me the way you do.

You killed me both times." You have no idea how much I'd like to kill you right now, he thought. "Is that the threesome you wanted?" "No, but maybe, some time, if that's what you wanted." "No, no, that's not what I wanted and I never even said I was gonna do it." "Oh, you'll do it, believe me." Becky nodded and gave him a smug grin. "If I can set it up, you'll do it." Jason's kid sister telling him what he would or wouldn't do felt a lot like having Gloria's friend manipulate him into sex.

"We'll see," he said and rested his hands on the bony knobs at the top of her hips. "How about you don't tell Jason I know?" "How 'bout you kiss me?" "I better not." "Why?

Jason won't care. It's not like we're dating or anything. He's my brother." "Did you tell him about us?" "Of course not," Becky said and turned around, looking offended.

"You told me not to." "Good, that's good. Let's keep it that way. It's better that way. Tell Jason I went home to get some real sleep." Becky put her arms around his neck and stood on his feet. "Not unless you kiss me goodbye." "Kissing you leads to other things. Things that we can't do, ah, do now. Last time your mother almost caught us." "Ooh, whatcha think she would of done?" "Jeez, I'd rather not find out." The idea of Miss Mary seeing them fuck made his balls buzz.

"Let go, I'm leaving." She tightened her arms around his neck. "Not till you kiss me." Becky's coy smile made him angry with lust. "Fine," he said and closed his eyes. Shouldn't it have been a complete turn off putting his tongue where Jason's cock had been? Candy undressed when she got home, tossing her day-old clothes on the floor like a rebellious child, then she grabbed the first thing hanging in the closet, one of John's white dress shirts.

She buttoned it on her way to the kitchen. After starting the coffee, Candy sat on the counter and rested her head on the cabinet. She closed her eyes. That was a lifetime ago when I was just the babysitter, she thought and put her hands on her belly. I was pregnant last time I sat here. That night, after Evan and Deana were in bed, and Sandra was in her room, getting ready for bed, John lifted her and set her right where she was now sitting.

He lowered his zipper and pulled her by her legs, dragging her pussy to the edge. Why wasn't she wearing underwear? Candy didn't remember, but John had fucked her right there, then he drove her home to the trailer park and paid her. I wasn't the adult then, John was. Candy felt her face getting hot, thinking about it. It started before that night with blowjobs in the car.

He always paid her for babysitting after. That fuck had treated her like his personal whore, and she thought it made her special. The morning air was warm and flush with moisture. Evan put the car windows down and pulled out of Jason's driveway, thinking about what had happened.

Becky's shirt had been pulled up, and his hands were fixed on her bare ass, lifting her. She was doing a vertical dry hump on his groin. He was hunching grinding his erection on her pubic bone. There was noise in the kitchen. It had to be Becky's mother. Every kid knows what to do when there is a chance they could get caught doing something wrong. It's a trained response. Evan ignored it and lifted Becky so he could cram his dick into her pussy.

Wasn't it sick needing to have his cock in the same hole Jason's had been in? Becky cried out, "Do it, fuck me," and Evan came to his senses. Jason was rubbing off on him, but Evan still thought he had a conscience.

When Evan reached the four-lane, he pulled the leg opening of his shorts aside, exposing his cock and balls to the sun.


It made him uncomfortable driving down the road that way, but the warmth felt good. His sack expanded then contracted because of the disturbed airflow in the car. A pleasant tingle in his rolling balls moved up into his groin. He touched the sun heated flesh and blood surged into it. His cock jerked against his inner thigh.

At a red light, Evan realized another car was pulling up on his left. He wasn't an exhibitionist, so he reached for his raging hard-on, but instead of concealing it, he whipped his dick, slapping the head against the bottom of the steering wheel. Too bad he hadn't brought Becky's panties with him. No, it was better knowing she would discover them filled with his cum unless Jason or Miss Mary found them first. Damn panty fetish. Evan glanced to his left and saw a woman in the passenger seat.

He presumed it was her husband driving and the young girl in the back seat was their daughter. She was too young for him, but she was cute. He smiled at her, and even though she couldn't see it, he squeezed his boner, willing her to know what he was doing.

The girl smiled back, and so did her mother.

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The husband drove away, unaware of the special moment Evan had shared with them. Evan's psyche had been altered when he watched his best friend fuck his sister. Now his deviant sexual fantasies were starting to manifest in the real world, and he was getting more comfortable with them. When Evan drove away from the red light, he was ready to fuck the first person he saw when he got home. Two wrongs didn't make a right, but knowing Jason was ramming the mule into Becky made what he had done with Deana seem okay.

They kissed. God, kissing Deana was what Evan imagined smoking crack would be; you get hooked and will do anything to get more.

If Deana was crack—"The Messiah is my sister, ain't no king man she's my queen."— what was sex with Candy? Evan shivered at the thought of having to live with Candy, Deana, and Gloria. Deana looked over her shoulder at her image in Rebecca's mirror. "It doesn't fit," she said. "My ass got bigger." Rebecca faced her and grabbed her butt. "It got better," she said and turned the stretched bikini into a thong. "I wish I had your bubble butt." Deana smiled.

"You do, anytime you want it." When they stopped kissing, Rebecca said, "Let's go to the mall tomorrow and find something that does your body justice. I could use an upgrade, too." "Not a bad idea," Deana said. "Maybe my mother can drop us off; then we'll only have to ride the bus home." "Cool," Deana said and picked up one of Rebecca's tank top dresses.

"I'm gonna throw this on and wear it home. Do you mind?" "No, but why? You wearing your bikini home?" "Yup," Deana said, smugly. "When I get home, and my mother sees most of my ass hanging out of this bathing suit, she'll offer me money before I have to ask." "I love the way you think." Deana put the dress on and stuffed her clothes in her overnight bag. Her girlfriend's expression turned glum and questioning.

"Reb, I'm sorry." "Don't be. I understand, but think about what I said." "I am," she said. "Don't worry, you can still have your birthday present." Rebecca's expression turned hopeful. "No, that's okay. I don't—" "I promised, and I know you," she said. "I understand.you." "You're the best, Dee, the best." Mary Barnes was holding a prescription bottle in one hand and its information pamphlet in the other.

Her eyes were scanning the side effects that she already knew well. It was the ones the pharmaceutical companies and the doctors didn't speak of that complicated matters. She had to make a decision. A preacher's voice shouting from the pulpit played in her mind, "Do the right thing, and you'll be blessed…" Her father was the pastor, and to him, it was cut and dry, and he was always right.

Too bad the pastor's daughter had been discovered in the choir loft with her dress up, her panties down, and Elizabeth's face stuffed between her legs. The only hope for Mary was to repent and change her ways, or she'd burn in the eternal fire. Under the pretense of protecting the girls from shame and embarrassment, the lesbian activity was kept in the closet.

If Elizabeth changed her ways and kept her mouth shut, there wasn't any need to tell her parents. For the rest of Mary's fourteenth year, her parents rained fire and brimstone down on her.

Her mother's favorite saying was, "Don't you understand you have to hold yourself to a higher standard? You're the pastor's daughter." Mary believed in her heart that she could act right, be a perfect young lady and make her parents proud to have her sitting in the front row of the church.

What went wrong? What was simple, obvious, and easy to accomplish for Mr. Barnes, the preacher man, was complicated, hazy, and impossible for a neglected teenage girl with impulse control disorder. Had Mary's parents known, they surely would have taken her to a doctor for the medication she needed. Wouldn't they have? Betsy Sue's father was a farmer, and Elizabeth and Betsy were also friends. Who needs a choir loft when you have a hayloft?

All was well, and Mary made it to her seventeenth year of life without getting caught in church without her underwear, engaging in lesbian activities or giving head to the boys at school. There were some close calls, but Mary avoided bringing shame to her family or jeopardizing her father's job. Shouldn't that have counted for something? "You vile creature, you have a devil in you." Mary believed her father when he said that.

They disowned her because she wouldn't turn on Deacon Saul, the father of the baby that was in her. It must have been Mary's fault that he fucked her, after all, she was a bad girl and a disgrace to her parents and God. She left home before her eighteenth birthday with the money she saved from summer jobs and babysitting, and without a family.

Mary married the first asshole who told her he loved her. Seventeen years had passed without a word from the preacher and his wife, but because of a lesbian on the TV show, The Voice, Mary was thinking about them with a new degree of disdain. Good for her, Mary thought, outing those haters on national TV. Mary threw the pill bottle against the wall. It might be scary having a daughter who was just like her, but Mary wouldn't make the girl take medication if she didn't want to.

It would be Becky's choice. Who wanted to live like a shell of a person without any highs or lows or spontaneity? The first thing Evan noticed when he entered the house was the smell of coffee.

That was normal, to be expected, but what he saw next was very unusual. His mother's shapely legs were dangling from the counter. Why was she sitting there? He approached cautiously, not knowing how he should act now that they were lovers. They were lovers, weren't they? His mother was wearing a man's dress shirt, his father's. The ends of the white shirt overlapped on the tops of her thighs. Her nipples bulged under the white material.

She wasn't wearing a bra. "Good morning, Evan," Candy said. "You're home early." He moved toward her, avoiding direct eye contact. "Mom." The word seemed as unnatural as it had the first time his father made him use it. "Evan." His eyes wandered to Candy's feet, calves, knees, thighs, and the space between them.

The weight of her tits tugged at the buttons between them. He could see the freckles in her cleavage. How could he look without touching? His heart jumped when he put his hands on her knees. They separated, and he stepped between them.

His palms slid up her thighs. Candy's feet caressed his legs, sending a chill up his back. He tossed the ends of the shirt aside and settled his thumbs into the folds where her body joined her legs. His fingers grabbed her hips. She wasn't wearing underwear either. Her pussy lips were pressed out against the countertop. His mother held his face. He wasn't sure what he would see in her eyes, so he palmed the sides of her chest, circled the globes and lifted them, before looking into the eyes of the woman he was supposed to think of as his mother.

She stroked his earlobes with her thumbs, and he saw it in her eyes. "Honey, you know this is when I'm supposed to tell you it was wrong, and we can't let it happen again, right?" Evan's lips were already pressed against Candy's when he said, "Right." His fingers fumbled with the buttons on the shirt. Her eyelids slowly fell like she was falling asleep.

He licked her dry lips, and they parted for his tongue. Candy dug her heels into his butt and squeezed his neck, pressing her mouth to his. The passion in her kiss turned his excitement into a blinding lust. The buttons popped off his father's shirt and clinked across the tile floor. He found her nipples. They felt bigger than he had imagined them when he'd stare at her chest, hoping a breeze would blow.

He wanted to feel one poking the back of his throat while he sucked as much of her tit into his mouth as he could. Air swept across his throbbing cock head and his tight ball sack. His mother had shoved his shorts down. He looked at his erection standing in front of her pussy.

His chest tightened, and he struggled to breathe. He grabbed on where her butt fanned out on the counter and pulled her to the edge. His mother's smile was pleasant and loving, but her eyes were mischievous. She wrapped her fingers around his cock head. Evan trembled. She pressed the purple knob into her pussy groove and moved it up and down. The fleshy channel engulfed his head and coated it with hot, slipperiness.

He dipped down, took a deep breath, and entered his mother's body. Her eyes opened wide, and her expression changed. "Oh, baby, you feel so good inside me." A great urgency swept over him and without looking away from her eyes, he plunged the rest of his dick into her. Was there anything else that could consume his whole being the way the pulsing flesh of a woman's pussy did? "Give it to me," Candy said, using her legs to help him.

"Fuck me, oh baby, fuck me." The F-word coming out of his mother's mouth made Evan want more of her. He grunted and lifted her by her ass, then slammed her down on his cock. His fantasy world and reality had merged. He was fucking his fifteen-year-old babysitter. "Ah, oh, Cah.ah, Candy." The name had finally come out of his mouth, but it felt as unnatural as Mom. "Oh, Evan, yes." Candy tightened her arms and legs and pulled her face beside his.

"You're so good, Evan. You make me feel so goood, ahh." Evan felt her orgasm coming on. Her legs were trying to crush him, but he kept bouncing her and thrusting into her, working with one purpose. "I'm.ah, I'm gonna." He was carrying his Candy on his exploding cock, but he didn't feel her weight; she was a part of him. His orgasm poured into her for the third time in two days. The woman empowered him. Candy loosened her arms and leaned back.

"I love you, Evan, I love you so much." Tears welled at the rims of her eyes. They kissed with more passion than seemed possible. When his dick slid out of his mother, she loosened her legs. He lowered her to the floor but continued holding her close. His heart hurt with love.

It was a love he knew would never reach its full potential. "Honey, I'm sorry," Candy said. Evan held her by her shoulders and said, "I was the one who—" "No, I'm the adult.the one who should know better. You know we can't do that again. It's wrong, and I can't let it happen again." "But don't you feel the way I feel? I love you," he said. "I know, and I love you," she said.

"I've always loved you, and always will, but we can't do this. It won't work. It can't work." Evan's mouth opened, but nothing came out. What was there to say? She was right. "Evan, you didn't do anything wrong." She reached for him, but her hands stopped and hung awkwardly between them. "We can't stand here like this.

One of the girls might come home. We'll talk later, okay?" Candy didn't wait for a response; she started walking toward her room. Evan stood there for a minute, then he turned in a circle, thinking about what his father always said before a trip, "You're the man of the house while I'm gone. You take care of the women." Deana adjusted her bikini bottoms, turned and pushed her butt back; then she pulled up the sundress she borrowed from Rebecca, and said, "Mom, do you think I need a new bathing suit?" Rebecca smiled and said, "Mm, you'll either get money for a new one, or you'll make her jealous." Deana faked a chuckle, thinking about Candy's butt in those jeans.

Part of her hoped her mother would be envious. "Yeah, right, you have never seen Candy in tight jeans." "Candy?" Rebecca said. "Oops, you know what I meant." "I like Candy," Rebecca said, "it's a sexy name that fits her." "I agree, but my father—I better not get in the habit of using the babysitter's name." Rebecca looked at her funny then finally said, "Come on, my mom will drive you home. I'm going back to bed. You wore me out." "Me!" Rebecca giggled and ran out of the room.

"Come on." Evan's body was still buzzing with post orgasm jitters when he reached the hallway outside his sister's rooms. He stopped and stared at Deana's empty bed. The only sound was his breathing and a groan from the floorboards. It was good that Deana wasn't home. That meant he could get some sleep before telling her about the fight.

He whispered, "I just had sex with mom in the kitchen." Jeez, I won't be saying that out loud again. When Evan reached his room, he undressed and threw his shorts at the wall the same way he had thrown his towel the night he didn't get to have Candy. He got in bed and stared at the ceiling, thinking about Candy, the babysitter, his first true love, and his stepmother. Candy, the babysitter, had become the person Evan most associated with as a mother figure.

Could he live without a mother, again? He imagined his hands on her tits, his lips on her neck, and the fire between her legs, and wondered, did it have to be one or the other, Mom or Candy?

Couldn't he love her both ways? He could slide seamlessly from role to role, son to lover and back. Why not, she had been his true love, first. Hadn't she? He loved Candy, and he loved Deana and Gloria. "Oh, fuck me, I'm fucked," Evan said and closed his eyes.

When Deana got home, she was surprised to see Evan's car. He was supposed to be at Jason's. It made her uneasy.

She wouldn't be able to show Candy her ass if he was there. That was what she wanted to do, wasn't it? She wanted to let her mother know that she had ass, too. It was stupid being envious of her mother's body, and it was worse being jealous about a secret affair that Candy and Evan might be having. It was most likely just her wild imagination. Deana huffed, frustrated with her feelings. It was ridiculous thinking about Evan and Candy together.

And if they were fucking, she should be happy for both of them, especially now that she wasn't going to have sex with Evan.

Grow up, Deana told herself, then she dropped her overnight bag on the kitchen floor and headed to Candy's room. The bedroom door was closed, so Deana did her usual rap-tap-tap, then listened. When she heard, "Come in," she opened the door, ready to impress her mother with what Rebecca referred to as an ass to die for. "Ma—" Her mother's tits silenced her. Candy was standing there in one of her father's shirts.

Deana gasped, trying to apologize and retreat. Her mother's chest appeared bigger without a bra. Her breasts didn't hang like Deana's thought they might.

They rested on her body, swelled at the bottom of each globe and bulged at her sides, holding the shirt open. Her nipples were huge. After what seemed like minutes, Candy finally crossed her arms and said, "Dee, I said one minute." "So…sorry, I thought you said come in.

I'm sorry. I'll go." She started backing up. "Did you need something?" "Um, yeah, but it can wait." "You sure?" "Yes, yes, it's nothing." Deana pulled the door shut as she left the room, then she stood there replaying the scene in her head. Did one minute sound anything like come in? When Deana reached the kitchen, she dropped mindlessly onto a chair.

She knew Candy had a nice body, but that wasn't nice, it was fucking hot. Her mom's stomach was flat, and there were grooves cut down each side of her perfectly trimmed bush, which was more strawberry than the hair on her head. Those plump swells of labia bulging between her thighs—Stop, Deana told herself, it's wrong thinking about her body that way. Damn it, that woman is a sex goddess. Deana got up and walked towards the sink, stooped down and picked up a white button. She rolled it between her fingers, ignoring the others that were scattered about.

Mental images of what she imagined happened flashed through her mind. Her body trembled. When Mary told her daughter she needed to speak to her, Becky's expression immediately changed. "You're not in trouble," Mary said. "I know, I didn't do "Let's sit in here," Mary said, and walked into the living room.

She sat on the couch. Becky crashed down at the other end, facing her. "What's up, Mom?" She looked nervous and defensive. "Did I do something? I mean do you think I'm doing something wrong?" "No, Honey, you didn't do anything." "Then why are we having a talk?" That was a good question. Mary had decided to tell her daughter about impulse control issues, but she had no idea how to start the conversation. "Because I want you to be aware of something.

I want you to know I understand you more than you think. You're a lot like me. I mean, I was like you when I was your age." Becky's skeptical smirk made Mary wished she hadn't worn a bra. Her bras were designed to hide her long, thick nipples and flatten the cones of her exceptionally pointy breasts. Hadn't they been a point of contention since she was eleven? All those glares from her mother and the other church ladies made Mary ashamed of her chest. Gym class confirmed her fears; something was wrong with her tits.

Thank God Elizabeth constantly told her how much she loved them. She loved to look, touch, kiss, suck and flick the stiff caps across her clit. Mm, the girl would shove the hard, brown cone into her hot, juicy pussy.

Mary stopped being ashamed of her body once she left home. That was until her possessive husband told her to stop trying to entice men with her tits. Other mothers started giving her those same church lady glares. It wasn't her fault her nipples were so big and responsive, but she hid her features from the outside world. When Jason got old enough to get aroused, she had to do the same at home.

Oops, except for those times in the bathroom. Evan saw her naked, and the boy hadn't stopped looking for her erect nipples since. Her son did the same, and that ashamed her, but she missed his stares when he stopped looking. Why had he started staring again? "I'm serious, Becky." She wanted her daughter to trust her, but how much would she have to reveal? "I know what it's like." "But you never do anything, Mom.

You're like the model mother. You don't drink or smoke or anything. You don't even date." "I'm not.wasn't—Listen, it's not what I did, it's why I did it, and how it happened. You ever do something and not know why you did it? Maybe you get a feeling or a thought, and without questioning it, you do something?" "Is this about how I used to run outside without my clothes?

I was a kid, then." "Not really," Mary said, knowing that was exactly what this was about. "Some people have chemical imbalances in their bodies.

People get depressed, too angry and lots of other things because of these imbalances." "Is it because I peed on Paula's book bag? She said I was flat as a board and easy to screw." "She shouldn't have said that, but did you take any time to consider what you were going to do or did you just do it?" "Um, I don't know, it was awhile ago." "Well why you did it is what I want to talk about," Mary said.

"She called me a slut!" "I know, Honey. It was wrong saying that." "So it was okay what I did?" "Oh, no, no," Mary said. "Becky, I used to do things without knowing why, or knowing I was about to do something I shouldn't do, but doing it anyway.

After, I'd feel guilty, but that didn't make me change." Mary saw the confusion on Becky's face. "Huh?" "It would start with an impulse, a thought or feeling, and I would reject it. Then this tension would build up inside me. It would get so bad that I'd end up giving in and doing whatever it was that I was thinking of.

That always gave me a wonderful sense of relief and pleasure, then I was full of regret. Well, not always, but if I got in trouble for it. You ever get like that?" Becky shrugged. "I don't think so, but what could you have done that was bad?" "That's not the point." "I've never even heard you swear.

You're a librarian." Mary's cheeks were flushed when she leaned towards her daughter. "I was with another girl, got caught with another girl, in church." Becky's confused expression was replaced by a slack-jaw look of shock. Mary plowed on. "My father was preaching about doing the right thing, and I was having an orgasm behind him, behind the baptismal.

We got caught by a deacon." "I, ah, I thought your parents died when—" "No, Becky, no. I'm sorry I didn't tell you the truth. They are both alive, but I'm dead to them. They disowned me." "Because you liked a girl?" "No, I love her, but I didn't know how to stop doing things that a pastor's daughter shouldn't do." Becky's mouth closed and her chin wrinkled with motion.

"Mom, what did you do? Was it that bad? Did you kill somebody?" Mary laughed. She was happy to know she had raised her daughter to think murder was a worse offense than being gay.

Her parents would have forgiven an act of violence, but refusing to say she didn't love Elizabeth required banishment and eternal fire. "Becky, what's important is that you know that you can never do anything that will make me stop loving you, and I need you to trust me.

I need you to know you can tell me anything." "I know that," Becky said. "I do, I trust you, but what did you do?" "Like the book bag thing, I did things that other people probably would have stopped themselves from doing. Just because I felt horny didn't mean I had to satisfy myself, but I would. Not always, but too often, and in the wrong place." "Is something wrong with me?" "No, nothing," Mary said and moved close to Becky.

"I don't think you'd ever do anything to hurt yourself, but if you find you're acting on thoughts or impulses without considering the consequences, let me know, please." "Mom, do you know about Darlene?" "I do.

You aren't exactly quiet when you're in your room together." "I, um, oh—You're not mad?" Becky asked. "No, you didn't do anything wrong. I don't want you to get into trouble, though." "I know. I'm not breaking any laws." "That's not all there is to worry about. If you think you need birth control, will you let me know? I'm not saying you should be doing that, but if you find yourself—" "Okay, I understand," Becky said.

"I will. What happened with your, um, what we're talking about? How did you stop and become the perfect mother?" "I'm not perfect," Mary said.

"I did start taking medication right after you were born." "Do you think I'm doing, um, think I need medication?" "Honey, I don't think anything. I only want you to know about it. I want you to know that if you're ever doing anything that could hurt you, or you ever need to talk about anything, I'm here for you.

There's no reason to be embarrassed. I've done it all." "I will, I'll talk to you, but I don't want to start taking medication." "I'm not saying you need to and I'll never make you do anything you don't want to do," Mary said. "Just know that it's available." "Okay, thanks, Mom." "Wake up," someone said and bounced on him.

"Evan, wake up." Evan rubbed his crusty eyes and found his face surrounded by a cloak of black hair. "What the hell?" "I'm trying to wake you up." Deana threw her hair over her shoulders. "I need to ask you something," she said.

He grimaced. "Jeez, what?" "Are they too small?" Deana asked and pulled her top up to her chin. "I could get them made bigger." They weren't big, but his sister had the most incredibly unique tits he had ever touched. Her nipples were like pink, cotton balls, swelling out of firm mounds of flesh. "Dee, they're perfect." She smiled and kissed the tip of his nose. "Thank you. See you later." She rolled to the edge of the bed and bounced to her feet. He watched her walk to the door.

It was a miracle she didn't say anything about his eye, so he resisted the urge to ask again why she was wearing a bikini. "Don't let anyone wake me up," he said as the door closed. "No matter what." Once Deana was gone, Evan started thinking again. It was more like obsessing, though.

If he went downstairs, it would be the first time he was home with Deana and Candy, together. What would it feel like facing the woman he had been making love to while she was in her role as their mother? He wouldn't be able to touch her, he knew that, but could he even look at her without Deana reading his expression?

He groaned, rolled over and put a pillow over his head. Hours later, when Evan finally woke up, he was surprised he hadn't pissed the bed. That's how bad he had to go.

Plus, he was starving. He slept through lunch and dinner. Downstairs, Evan peed, brushed his teeth and planned to raid the refrigerator, but when he walked into the kitchen, Gloria was sitting at the table.

Her full attention was on whatever she was drawing. He wanted to see what her perverted mind was creating, but before he reached his sister, her head snapped around. "Evan, good," she said and stood up on the chair. "What are you—" "Are my boobs too big?" Gloria asked. What am I, Goldilocks, Evan thought, these tits are too small, these tits are too big, these tits are just right!

"Jayda said they are. What do you think?" she asked and pulled her shirt and bra up. Evan's mind tried to process what he had just seen. Gloria had lifted her breasts with her bra, then dumped them out. They fell, bounced and spread into their natural resting position. He wanted to have it on video so he could watch it over and over again.

He could slow it down and see her nipples plump in slow motion. "Well?" Gloria asked, standing there with her elbows pointed at the ceiling and her hands holding her bra and shirt up to her neck. Fuck, he thought and looked directly into Gloria's eyes. They were the wrong color, but they were still Candy's eyes. "Gloria, you shouldn't show me your boobs…ah, in the kitchen," he said and watched her expression change as his cool hands collected her tits and pushed them together.

Gloria's shocked expression changed to pleasantly surprised. "What are you doing?" "I need to see how heavy they are." He gently rolled her growing tit caps between his fingers.

"They don't seem too big to me," he said and continued to fondle his sister's tits. "But she said they would be hanging down before I'm twenty-five." "Maybe you should ask Mom if you can see hers.

She's older than twenty-five, and hers are way bigger than yours, for now, anyway." He forced himself to pull her shirt down. "Don't show me those again." "Why?" Gloria asked. "Because." "Because why?" Because I'll end up fucking you, too, he thought, but said, "Because I can't handle seeing them.

They're perfect. Tell Jayda she's jealous because she's flat as—" Evan bit his tongue before saying, a board and easy to screw. He walked away from Gloria even though it was the last thing he wanted to do. "You draw, I'm going to eat.

I'm starving." "Maybe you shouldn't have slept all day," Gloria said with a huff and went back to drawing.

Candy sat down at her desk and put her hand on the mouse, thinking about the day she clicked the button labeled, "Place Order." She had lit the fuse on a bomb that day. No, it had been a wrecking ball from that first time she watched her stepson stroke his cock. Piece by piece, the facade crumbled. She sought help from her best friend but didn't tell Tonya about the voyeurism. In the end, all that had been accomplished was adding another woman to the list of adulterous affairs.

Next, Candy went to see, Sally, the only person she could tell the whole truth. Had she expected her big sister to admonish her for the egregious behavior? Maybe that would have given Candy the motivation she needed to do the right thing, but that didn't happen. Sally had built a case for justifiable behavior, fucked Candy senseless and acted as a solvent for her guilt. Candy added another to the list of women she had cheated with, then drove home and fucked her husband's son, again.

Had she gone to Sally's seeking absolution or justification? Candy moved the mouse, and her computer woke up. It was time to do the right thing, set herself free, by closing the portal on voyeurism. Once Evan satisfied the grumbling pit in the center of his body with leftovers, he started toward Deana's room. It was time to tell her what happened with their father. The problem would be keeping the big secret from her. He would have to avoid eye contact the whole time.

Shoot, I can't even let her see my face, he thought. Deana's door was ajar, so he said, "Dee," as he opened it. His sister was sitting backward on her desk chair, leaning forward on the backrest.

"Oh, good, it's you. Could you rub my shoulders?" Deana asked. Great, he could stand behind her and massage her while he talked.


"Okay." She said, "Awesome," shoved her rump back to the edge of the chair and pulled all of her hair around one side of her head. It hung with her dangling arms. Evan stood behind her. The tank top she was wearing snapped out from under her butt. Her bubble-butt bulged over the edge of the seat.

He considered poking his finger into the deep groove between her cheeks, but grabbed her shoulders instead. Once he started massaging, Deana asked, "What happened to your eye?" "Gloria didn't tell you?" "She told me about a dream she had. Something about a fight, but—" "Jeez, Gloria and her dreams." Evan tried a diversion. "You still haven't talked to her about what we talked about, have you?" "Why, she still flirting with you?" "Yeah, something like that," he said.

"Where's mom?" "Said she was way behind on work due tomorrow. Now, what happened to your eye?" Evan smiled and doubled his efforts between Deana's shoulder blades. "Oh, I kinda fucked up. Mom's newfound happiness, you know, you were so excited about it, I messed that up." "Really, how?" Deana asked and turned her head.

"She seemed damn happy to me." "Probably because Dad is gone." "What does that have to do with your eye?" "You're very tight. What the hell did you and the tumbler do, gymnastics?" "So to speak." Deana chuckled.

"Now, the eye, tell me." "Dad punched me in the face. Don't tell Gloria; she thinks I stepped on a rake. So does everybody else, except mom. She saw it. "He punched you!" Deana tried to turn around, but he applied more pressure. "What did he catch you doing?" "Nothing!" he said, not knowing it sounded defensive. "They were arguing because she was trying to get him to let me race.

I didn't knock because I wanted to tell him it was all my idea and Mom had nothing to do with it." "What was he doing to her?" "Nothing, Dee, they were—he was loud and I—" Deana ducked out from under his hands and spun around on the chair.

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"You busted in on them without knocking?" "Yeah, and I guess you can imagine how that turned out." He pointed at the fading bruise. "That's awesome. You got some serious balls. You're lucky he only punched you. I bet Mom was so proud of you." "Don't sound so happy. I'm grounded, probably for the whole summer, and, he punched me in the face. I flew, hit the floor and saw stars." Deana jumped up and crushed him in a death hug.

With her right foot pulled all the way up to her butt, she hung from his neck. "I don't think you realize that Mom is in the middle of this. I don't think that helped make her happy. Don't you want her to be happy?" he asked. "Of course, but she has time to enjoy it before he comes back." Evan wasn't sure what Deana meant by, enjoy it, and he didn't want her to watch his guilty mind twist it around, so he grabbed her shoulders and turned her around.

"Back in the chair so I can finish. I don't have all night." Amazingly, his sister complied. Evan put his hands on her lower back and gently rubbed outward. Holding onto his sister was comforting. "Mm, your hands do something to me," Deana said. "You're the best." He wanted to tell her how glad he was that she was home tonight, but he said, "So are you." "Hey, I thought you were grounded?

What's up with that?" "You sound disappointed." "No, just wondering." "Mom told me to go ahead and go. I didn't even ask. It was her idea." "That's good," Deana said. "Hopefully he'll stay gone all summer. You can be the man of the house till then." Evan let that go and wrapped his hands around Deana's neck. It was long, delicate and sexy like a runway model's neck. His thumbs stroked the strands of muscle at the base of her skull.

His fingers on her throat altered the pitch of her purring sounds. "Dee, you think if our mother hadn't died, things between us would have turned out different?" "How do you mean?" "I mean how we feel. The way I see you. Brothers and sisters aren't supposed to like each other like this. I think you're great and gorgeous." Deana sat up straight and pushed her head against his body. Evan continued, "If Mom had been here all this time, would I see you differently?" Deana tilted her head back and looked up with a smirk.

"Ah, like the way you look at Gloria?" Evan hated how his sister always saw through him, yet he loved her for it, too. "Good point." He leaned forward kissed her forehead. Deana stood, sliding her back up his body. He reached around and cupped her breasts. "I think they're just right." He kissed her ear. Deana arched her back, lifted her butt and hunched, rubbing against his erection. "Mm, I think that's just right, too." He held her chin, turned her head and nibbled that sensitive space below her ear.

His sister's throat vibrated with a moan. He placed a hand on her pubic mound, grasped her crotch bone and pulled, grinding his stiffness into the cushion of her butt. Deana twisted her head around, searching for his lips. Kissing Deana was Evan's heroin, and he had to have more.

Deana's mouth was angry with passion. She bit his lip and tugged on it. Her eyes blazed with an intensity that scared him. She sucked his tongue hard and held it between her teeth. He lifted the front of her shirt and slid his hand down her bald pussy mound to her crotch. "Ah, Evan, shit." Deana rolled her body, thrashing her pussy on his sawing fingers.

He found the swollen nub and ground it between her pubic bone and his middle finger while turning and walking her in an awkward dance toward the bed. His sister was panting and her juices flowed, soaking his fingers. He knew he was about to make her cum. "Fuck, oh, fuck, Evan, you fuck!" She hit her head on his shoulder several times. "You fuck." Evan stopped flicking her clit and turned his sister to face him. "What, what did I do?" Deana's eyes were glassy, and her cheeks were flushed.

"You made me—Shit." She shoved her hand down the front of his shorts. "You,—" She squeezed his boner. "You made me want it. You asshole. Make love to me, now." She shoved his shorts down. His cock slapped against his body, and they both stared at it. He wanted to throw her down, get on top of her and shove his cock into her before she could change her mind, but wasn't this supposed to be special?

If they went through with it, it had to be amazing. He wanted Deana to always remember her first time with a smile on her face, thinking about him. He started walking her toward the bed while lifting her shirt. Deana swatted his hand away. "No, not here," she said and pulled him by the arm. He yanked his shorts up and followed her out of the room. When they reached the bathroom, he said, "In here. You wanna do it in the—" "No, no I don't, but it's the only place we can be sure nobody is gonna catch us," she said.

"Lock that." "I did." "You sure?" He nodded and pushed the button in again. "Yes." "Good," she said and sat on the counter. He stood in front of her and tried to read her expression. His sister tucked her hair behind her ears and dug her heels into the back of his thigh.


He looked down at her hairless mound and the pussy squeezing out from under her crotch bone. He cupped the sides of her face and ran his thumbs over her ears, not realizing how familiar the scene was.

"You're beautiful." His chest tightened around his heart. "Thank you." She lifted her shirt over her head and threw it on the floor. He stared for a few seconds before taking each pink swell between his fingers and thumbs. His sister shoved his shorts past his hips, then used her feet to push them to his knees.

He shook his legs and stepped out of them. Deana wrapped both hands around his cock and looked up at him. "There isn't any way it couldn't have come to this." Evan didn't know if she was asking a question or telling him a fact, so he didn't respond.

He worked his finger under her ass and pulled his sister forward until her pussy hung over the edge of the counter. The soft touch of Deana's palms cupping his balls made him groan. They rolled in her grasp. "Oh, Dee." He needed her. Deana's fingertips traced the rim of his bulbous knob, teased the moist slit and followed a thick vein down to the base.

"It's a little scary," she said and pointed his dick at her crotch. "This isn't the way you wanted it to be." He dipped down. Deana touched his cock head to her pussy lips. "It's close enough," she said. "You'll be between my legs looking into my eyes, that's close enough." "Ahh." The wet heat of her inner folds kissed his throbbing knob.

She moved it up and down, coating it with her readiness. He whispered, "We'll never be able to not have done this." "I know," she said. "Make love to me.please, do it now." Deana leaned back and grabbed his hips with the arches of her feet. He eased forward.

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The tip of his dick was centered, probing her opening. "You ready?" "Yes, take me, Evan, put it in me. I have to feel you inside me." He looked into her eyes and pushed. His sister grimaced and his guts twisted. "Don't look away," she said. "I wanna look into your eyes." Evan didn't want to see the pain he was causing, but he couldn't take his eyes off of his sister's.

Thousands of times he'd stared into those black orbs and felt her heart, but this would be a once in a lifetime event. It was going to change them, alter their relationship, but he had no idea what it would be like after he made love to his twin.

Evan said, "I'm sorry," and pushed. Deana dragged her teeth over her bottom lip, pulling it into her mouth. He thrust forward and plunged into his sister, cutting through her flesh.

Deana's eyes opened wide. Her trembling lips formed a crooked smile. He felt the hot slipperiness coating his dick. They were one, complete, sharing a lifetime of love and pain. His heart broke and flooded with love and joy, simultaneously. There was nothing in Evan's world to compare that moment with. He had just taken his sister's virginity. No, Deana had given it to him, given him the most valuable thing she had to offer.

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"I love you." Deana squeezed his neck. "Thank you. I'm not a virgin anymore." She used her legs to pull him into her, further impaling herself. "This is crazy. I don't understand. It hurts, and I want you to make it hurt more. I want to feel more of whatever this is I'm feeling. I've never felt like this. I love you, I fucking love you." He hunched, driving his cock at a slow, steady pace. Deana's ankles locked behind his back and her thighs crushed his sides. He kissed her and pumped.

Neither of them ever closed their eyes. His whole body and soul was involved. Evan now knew the difference between sex and making love. "Oh, yes, I want it.want all of you inside me. Fill me.fill me up with all of your love." Evan leaned into Deana and drove his cock as far as it would go.

She bit into his shoulder, but he hardly noticed the pain. Her pussy tube squeezed tight on his dick. It was heaven, but his balls tingled and tightened, warning him.

He didn't stop. He never wanted to stop feeling his sister so completely. The glow of Deana's face turned crimson. "Oh, you fuck, you fuck, fuck, fuck!" Her legs tightened, and her crotch slammed into his groin. She clung to his neck with her arms and dug her chin into his shoulder.

"Dee!" He backed up, but his sister came with him. "I'm cumming!" "I know," she said. "Mmm, I feel it squirting inside me. Oh, I feel it.I feel it." He was dazed, carrying her, turning in a circle while his bloated cock spilled the contents of his balls into his sister's baby compartment. "Shit, Dee, what—Oh, jeez.

What were you thinking?" "I can't think," she giggled, "you fucked me stupid. Oh, my God, Evan, ah, fuck, I don't know." He smiled despite the horrifying reality of shooting a load of sperm inside his sister.

"Does that mean you're not a lesbian?" "No, I don't think I could ever feel this way with any guy except you." She kissed his neck and whispered in his ear, "It'll be hard to ever say no to you." He placed her ass back on the counter and slid out of her. His cock was coated with a slimy mix of their cum, and Deana's blood. "Did I break it?" "No, jerk," she slapped his arm, "you popped my cherry." "I'm not stupid," he said even though he knew he was. "Did it hurt? I mean too much?" "Like hell, but only for a minute, then it was bliss.

I felt things I can't explain, like an out of body experience. You know?" "I know, believe me, I know." He held her hands. "Aren't you worried?" "Relax, brother, I have Plan B. We don't have to worry." "Okay." He agreed because he had complete confidence in his sister, not because he knew what she was talking about. "What the hell are we going to do now?" Deana shook her head. "Long-term, I don't know, but now, I think we should take a shower." "Ah, Mom's home and it would be insane for us to be showering together, so okay, why not.

If she's looking for me, you hide in the tub and I'll go out. If she's calling you, I'll hide." "Finally, I'm rubbing off on you." She hugged him and shivered.

"Promise me we'll be alright, no matter what. No getting jealous or acting crazy. Don't let me act like a jealous girlfriend, even if—" "Deal," Evan said. "And Dee, Mom can't find out.or Gloria. We have got to keep this a secret. Let's be smart. Right?" "Right, we will, we will." Deana turned on the water. "About Mom, whatever is going on with her is working.

I've never seen her looking this happy. She's a new woman. More like a young girl, really, so if you had anything to do with it, keep it up. She deserves to be happy, feel good and enjoy herself." Evan put his hands around Deana's waist. Her pink nipples swelled, and goose bumps sprang up on her arms. Her emotions flowed into him and warmed his insides. For the first time in years, the connection worked in both directions.

Deana wanted him to make love to Candy, but he wasn't sure if she knew he already had. Happiness and joy made him want to burst into laughter. He hugged her and air rushed out of Deana as a groan. Anger and fear burned Evan's guts, constricting his chest. He pressed Deana's face into the crook of his neck.

Her tears dripped onto his shoulder and ran down his back. A dark pain turned his anger to rage and kept him from crying with her. He couldn't see what she needed, but she wanted him to be strong and help her through something the way he had when their mother died. Was his sister hiding it from him or was he blind to it?

"Dee, what is it? What's wrong? Tell me, I'm here for you. I'll always be here for you. I love you more than anything." "I know, Evan, and I love you. I love the fuck outta you." Deana sniffed. "I'm fine, I'm fine, it's just girl stuff and girlfriend stuff.

I'm in love with a girl, and it's scary, but it isn't anything you can help with, not now." Evan didn't believe Deana, but he knew his sister well enough to know it wasn't the right time. His sister had shut down the communication path. She didn't want him to see into that dark place. "Whatever you need, whenever you need it, I'm here for you. I'm never going to stop loving you more than anyone else." "Me too," she said. "Come on." She got in the shower, and he followed.

After the shower, Deana returned to her room alone. She unwrapped her body and threw the towel. The air was crisp on her warm, rosy skin. Her heart thumped in her chest. That morning she had come to a firm decision which she was proud of. It was the smart thing to do, the best choice, the right way to act. That was what Deana did; it was her M.O., do the right thing. She was strong and smart and in control.

What happened? Deana could have yelled, I hate you, just as easily as, I love you. She hated Evan for making her lose control. Her brother had broken her will with a massage, and with a kiss, he took all of her power. No, she had surrendered it. She'd given herself over to him. It was a miracle that she hadn't let him do her right there on the bed, chancing getting caught by Gloria or Candy, and ruining her bedspread with blood.

It's nobody's fault but yours, Deana thought. You asked for the massage, knowing how it would make you feel. Although, the massage wasn't one of Evan's best. He had been distracted, and his distraction had been her downfall. Her brother's bruised eye and his words had created an image in Deana's mind.

She saw him crashing through their parent's bedroom door to save Candy from that bastard. She had never been more proud of her brother. He had finally taken a stand, picked a side and stood up to their father. Candy must have felt loved and cared for like never before. Deana wanted that. What Deana had gotten from Evan was going to be hard to describe when she had to tell Rebecca. When her brother cut into her, popped her cherry, there was an explosion of emotions.

It was so powerful that pain became happiness and she wept tears of joy. Her brother's love poured into her and overflowed. It was like when they clung to each other, crying, after their mother died, except it wasn't sad. It was cosmic or spiritual, and it would be easy to get addicted to it. When they went into the shower, Evan had washed every inch of her body with his powerful, yet gentle, loving hands. He made her feel like a goddess, but she submitted to him.

He picked her up like she weighed twenty pounds, and she wrapped her arms and legs around him. Of course, she had no intention of letting him put that giant prick back inside her sore pussy. The hot water beat down on them. Deana smiled stupidly and nodded. Evan lowered her onto his cock, and she felt him slice through her insides.

It might have hurt as much as the first time, but she didn't notice. She welcomed it when he pinned her against the wall and drove that cock as deep as it would go. When he was squirting that hot cream against her cervix, she saw into his heart, and knew things he didn't want her to know. Deana eased between the cool sheets, wrapped her legs around a pillow and pulled one to her chest.

How could she have fucked everything up like this? It had turned out precisely as she feared. Now, life was complicated. She loved Rebecca and never wanted to jeopardize their relationship. Evan's heart would be broken. Gloria would hate her if she found out, and what about Evan and Candy? It had been stupid, selfish and worst of all, dangerous. Their father would kill Evan and fuck her if he found out, and now, Evan sensed there was something wrong. If he ever figured out what was happening, her brother would come to her rescue.

He'd at least try. That hadn't turned out well for him when he tried to save Candy . "You stupid fuck." Deana laughed. "I love you, love you, fucking love you!" Deana yelled into her pillow. Now, she was crying sad tears. Before Candy had uninstalled the software and disconnected the receiver from the back of her computer, she had a thought, one last look couldn't hurt. She saw it as a goodbye to her nemesis, and had taken a deep breath, then waited for the window to open. The window opened, and Candy gasped, then she sat right there, staring at the screen.

Candy's throat had squeaked when she saw Deana take Evan's bloated cock in her hand. It was big, and she could imagine how Deana must have felt. Candy remembered the fear she had felt when Bobby came to her room. She knew Bobby's cock was too big for her young pussy, but she was going to let him have her, anyway. She loved Bobby, but that wasn't why she wanted to give him her virginity.

Night after night, Candy had pretended to be asleep while Bobby slipped in and went to Sally's side of the bed. She would lay next to Sally and Bobby, listening to the sounds of their lovemaking. When he had finally come for her, she wasn't going to turn him away. Deana was a beautiful girl, and Candy wished she hadn't seen her naked body.

Her bald pussy was smooth and taught. Her labia was plump and still tightly sealed. The girl fearlessly guided her brother's giant member into position, then encouraged him to take her cherry. Candy had watched, breathlessly, with tears in her eyes while the two most beautiful people she knew, made love. Now, the destruction was complete. Everything that established her identity—mother of three, good wife, responsible adult—was meaningless.

She had been reduced to a jealous, envious little girl. Everyone was sorry, except for Evan; he was alone and frustrated after a day filled with lovemaking that was too magnificent to put in words. He had no regrets, but Candy knew better and she was supposed to act like the adult. That meant he wasn't an adult, and she had to play her role as his mother. Evan could hardly be in the same room with her now, not without holding her. Deana regretted putting him in that position.

She didn't think it was right, and she was sorry. She said it was going to cause problems and maybe break hearts.

His sister was in love with Rebecca, and Gloria was in love with him, so they could never do it again. Evan believed what Deana said about Rebecca, but not about regretting what happened. She made those claims when they got in the shower, yet she didn't protest when he wanted her again. However, she had refused to come upstairs with him and wouldn't let him in her room. How could everything have changed so quickly?

The world had been perfect when Evan saw how proud his sister was of him. Deana threw herself at him when she heard about him going to Candy's rescue. She made him feel like Superman even though he'd run into kryptonite. He knew Deana loved him. She gave him her virginity. What says, I love you, more than that? Sex was easy compared to love. Evan could have fucked Becky and left her house without being in pain. He would have thought about how good it was, and he would want her again, but she wouldn't possess him the way Candy and Deana did.

Evan closed his eyes and hoped Gloria would have a bad dream. The pull of gravity awoke Evan. He smiled, thinking his hope had manifested. Spooning Gloria would make him feel better, so he rolled towards the slope in the mattress and put his arm over her body. He worked his hand under her arm, to her chest, so he could move her close.

His heart filled with joy when he didn't bump into her tits. He put his leg over his sister's and pulled her against his body. "You awake?" He asked and kissed Deana's neck. "Mm, if I am, I'm having a wonderful dream." Deana hugged his arm and kissed his hand. "Did you have a bad dream?" "No, I couldn't sleep," she said. Evan hoped it was for the same reason he hadn't been able to fall asleep.

"What's wrong?" "I hate you." "Why?" Deana broke loose and struggled onto her back. "Because you made me feel like, um, shoot, I don't know, you rocked my world." "Isn't that a good thing?" "No. I wanted it to suck. I wanted you to suck at it, so I'd never want it again," Deana said. "You made me feel, ah, like I never wanted it to end." "Good, that's what I wanted," he said.

"I wanted you to always remember your first time as—No, I needed you to think of it as the best and smile." "I will." Deana got on top of him. "You know this can never work, right? You realize that, don't you? It can't work." Evan said, "Okay," and slid his hands down her silky back to the mounds of her ass . "Damn it, you're my brother, my twin brother, and I have a girlfriend. I'm in love with Rebecca." "I know," Evan said and dragged Deana up until their lips touched.

"What are we going to do about it?" "We're going to agree that it was stupid and it's dangerous." Deana's lips tickled Evan's when she spoke. He nodded, and she continued, "It would be horrible if Candy or Gloria found out." Evan rolled their bodies as one.

"I know that," he said, looking down at his sister. "What else?" "We can't keep doing this," she said. The arches of her feet slid up his thighs. "You agree?" "Of course." Deana's feet caressed his hips and butt. "I agree with everything you said." He lifted up and looked between them at his sister's naked body and the erection hovering above her pubic mound. Deana's hands wrapped around his shaft and guided him.

Her slit was slick with arousal. His sister dipped his pulsing nob into the wet groove. "Ahhh, I love you." He hunched. Deana's face tightened when his cock head entered her. "Oh, I love you, too." She pulled him down and kissed him, then said, "It's like we're two parts, but when you're in me, we're one." She rotated her pelvis and tightened her legs.

Evan stopped moving when his groin hit Deana's crotch. "Oh, Dee, oh." "I know, I know," Deana said. "That's what makes this so wrong.it's so right, so fucking right." Her heels dug into his butt, trying to get more of him.

He stared into those penetrating eyes and moved in and out of his sister with gentle strokes. "Am I hurting you?" "Ah, yeah, it hurts," Deana said and sank her fingernails into his shoulder blades. "Now really hurt me. Fuck me so hard I forget how stupid I am for letting this happen." They kissed with their eyes open.

Neither could look away. The bed groaned under Evan's thrusts. Their connection had never been so strong, but Deana was still able to keep her brother from seeing into that dark corner of her heart where she stored the hate. Evan felt Deana's insides jerk tight. She bit his lip and kicked her feet against his thighs, but his cock continued to plunge the flooded pussy tube.

Her orgasm spilled over and wet his tight ball sack. He held Deana's shoulders for leverage, arched his back, and fucked her harder. Their gasps and the slap, slap, slapping of their bodies overpowered the sound of the headboard thumping against the wall. "Oh, yes, yes, Evan, yes, give it to me. Fill me, fill me with your, ah, your cum. Squirt it in me. I wanna feel it squirting in me." Evan's groin crashed into Deana, and her legs clamped around his back, holding him like a vise.

His body jerked in rhyme with his balls, blasting cum against Deana's cervix. They panted and expressed their feelings without saying a word. Once the tremors subsided, Evan fell off to Deana's side and looked her up and down several times. "You're so beautiful." "Thank you." He traced the magenta ring surrounding the fiery pink areola.

It plumped. "Incredible." Deana put her hand on top of his and said, "I thought you were gonna tell me about it if something happened." Evan hadn't expected to be able to keep his secret from Deana, but her words still caught him off guard.

"Um, yeah, I was," he said. "I thought I would, but, um—" "Did you really rip the buttons off one of Dad's shirts?" "How did you know that?" Evan asked.

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"Relax, I wasn't reading your mind," Deana said. "I noticed buttons on the kitchen floor." "Jeez, you saw buttons and the first thing you think is that I ripped Mom's shirt open?" "No, actually, I found that hard to imagine, but now I know you did," she said. "I hate it when you trick me into telling you things." "I kinda knew anyway," Deana said. "I knocked on her door this morning, and she told me to come in.

She was naked, except for that shirt, and it was wide open. Damn, her body, um, her body is unbelievable. What was it like?

Was it as good as you imagined it would be?" "Dee, are you jealous?" "No. Are you jealous of Rebecca?" "No," Evan lied the way his sister had.

"What do they feel like, her tits?" Deana asked. "I know that's weird, but they're like, um, I don't know, like a teenager's." Evan lifted his head, propped it up on his arm and gave Deana his best what the fuck expression. "You see many teenage girls with boobs like Mom's? I know I haven't." Deana raised her brow. "You sure? I can think of one redhead I know you've spent time checking out." "Darlene!

How do you know what her tits look like?" "Don't have a heart attack. We have gym class together. You've probably seen Jason's dick." His cheeks got warm. "No, guys don't do that.we don't check each other out. Sounds like girls are different. Have you really seen her tits, ah, close up?" "Yes, I have," Deana said. "It's kinda embarrassing, but you know I'm into girls, so I guess it shouldn't be. I couldn't take my eyes off them. Her nipples are so big and red, they're bright red and, ah, they're amazing." "Are they like Mom's," he asked.

"I was talking about hers," Deana said. "I stood there like a dumbass staring at her. I think Darlene has caught me staring at her, too. Did you notice how red Candy's hair is down there?" "Jeez, we shouldn't be talking about Mom like this. Can we stop, please?" "Yeah, you're right, we shouldn't," Deana said. "I'm sorry. You must think I'm a freak.

I'm sorry." "No, I don't think that. You're wonderful in every way. Don't be sorry for anything." Deana kissed his cheek and sighed.

"Thank you and don't be sorry about Mom. I've never seen her this happy, and I'm glad. Honestly, I am. I might be a little envious of her body, but I'm not jealous, and I'm not mad. Gloria would be, so you better not let her find out." "She'll never know about that or about us." "You do know how dangerous it is, don't you?" "Yeah, but it's not gonna happen again.

Mom said it wasn't going to happen again. It was a mistake." He let his head fall to the pillow. "Maybe we should go to sleep." "Don't be sad," Deana said. "Everything will work out." "You're just saying that because you don't know what else to say." "I know what will help," Deana said.

"What?" "If you hold me until I fall asleep." "Mm, sure can't hurt." Deana turned on her side, facing away from Evan. He rolled up against her and put an arm and a leg over his sister. She kissed his hand and said, "I know why Gloria sneaks up here so often.

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It feels safe up here.with you." "Stay as long as you want," he said. "I love you." "I love you, more."