Ashley Adams prepare her client for massage in jacuzzi

Ashley Adams prepare her client for massage in jacuzzi
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Since we had been up so late the night before we both slept until 10 am. We both are usually early risers so 10 am was really late for us. Debra had rolled over and turned away from me in the middle of the night. I ran my eyes from her head down her bare back and was treated with the site of her lovely ass slightly up turned and pouched out. I gently placed my hand on it and rubbed. Within seconds Debra was responding to my touch, I found out later that her ass is extremely sensitive and she loves to have it rubbed and played with.

She rolled over and smiled at me and said "I was hoping last night was not a dream. I did not want to open my eyes.

Then you touched my ass and MMMM, you make me shiver." I kissed her gently on the cheek and got up out of the bed, I had to use the bathroom bad. I had to go around to Debra's side to get to the bathroom. As I walked by she reached out and grasp my rock hard cock. She gingerly asked "Is this for me?" "Oh I am afraid my dear I must use the bathroom.

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But I promise there will be one for you upon my return." I seductively said. She rolled over on her back and grinned.


I quickly used the bathroom, washed my face, and brushed my teeth. As I walked back into the bedroom Debra wheeled out of the bed and headed into the bathroom. She performed all the same duties I had and returned promptly. I could see on her face a look of hesitation. What was wrong? She crawled into the bed and pulled the covers up.

I looked over at her and while she did not appear to want to leave, she was definitely not sure what to do next. I figured I needed to place her back in the mood she was last night.

I pulled myself over to her and took her in my arms. She happily moved into them. I kissed her passionately, allowing my hand to find her ass and rub it once again. As before the fire lit quickly. In a manner of moments Debra was grinding her groin on my thigh, tonguing me with reckless abandon.

I quickly found out this was one hot little woman. It was as if she had been dying of thirst and now had all the water she could drink and she was determined to drink it all as fast as she could. I told her I had a treat for her and asked her to rise up. Once she did I moved the pillows to the side of the bed and laid flat of my back.

I told her to straddle my face and lower her pussy to my mouth. She quickly did as I requested. It was no time until she was fucking my face for all it was worth. My tongue was firmly planted deep in her hole. She had wiggled herself into a position to where each of her thrusts would rub her clit against my nose.

All of a sudden she grabbed my head and thrust her groin in my face, screamed to the top of her lungs, and as before bathed my head in her cum.

Once completed she fell over in the bed gasping for air and shaking, I took the opportunity to take control. I gently rolled her on her side, straightened her lower leg, and bent the top one at the knee. Her pussy was completely exposed and she was not caring at all.

As I mounted her I looked at her pussy and it was pulsing open and closed. She was not completely over her orgasm; I grinned and thought to myself why let her be. With that I pushed her top leg up and moved forward until my cock rested on her pussy. The feeling of my cock at her opening brought her back to reality. Debra grinned and all but screamed at me "That's it shove it in me, fuck me, make me take it." As I pushed into her, she raised to meet my thrust.

My entire length sank into her hot wetness. Her muscles pulsated around it, sucking it deeper into her. I looked down at Debra, she was in another place. I pulled her leg a little higher and pushed it a little forward.

This allowed me to slip forward as I straddled her other leg so the last of my cock buried itself into her. She lay on her side, arm over her head, breathing heavily. In this position her ass was forced out and up slightly. The site was breathtaking. I placed her heel on my shoulder, freeing my one of my hands to explore her ass.

The moment my hand touched her sensitive ass it lurched up, driving her pelvis into mine. I slowly started to grind in, out, left, right. The whole time rubbing and caressing her marvelous ass.


She responded immediately to my movements, her pussy started to pulse quickly, she started grunting and groaning loudly, she was soaking both of us. She was on the brink of another orgasm. Her arm that was positioned over her head flew up around my neck and as she pulled her head up she screamed out "FUCK ME JEREMY, GOD FUCK ME&hellip. I'M CUMMMMING&hellip." Her entire body started to shake. Her pussy clamped around my stiff cock lick a vice grip, she was thrusting her ass as far back into me as she could.

I continued to fuck her but with more vigor as before. I leaned forward and used her leg as leverage. I started to pump my cock in and out of her like it was a piston. The result was instantaneous, her pussy erupted gush after gush.

With each thrust cum would spray out from between us. My legs were soaked, she was soaked, but I refused to stop. The sensations I was feeling added to my desire. I knew I was going to unload and soon. Debra felt this as well and from her orgasmic stupor started thrusting her crotch hard into me.

She kept screaming over and over "FUCK ME. FUCK THIS PUSSY" It was all so intoxicating. The feeling, the aroma, and the site were more than I could control. My balls stiffened and sent a huge load of cum into the shaft of my cock.

I immediately felt the lump in the base of my cock as it did, as did Debra. She pulled my face toward hers and begged "CUM IN ME JEREMY, PLEASE GOD GIVE ME YOUR HOT CUM." I could hold back no longer as wave after wave of cum blasted from my cock. I pushed as deep as I could, all the time Debra was doing the same.

Both of us grunting and groaning like animals. After at least 5 heavy expulsions I was drained.

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I leaned back catching my breath. Debra was gasping herself. I felt my cock losing its rigidness, but did not want to pull it from the hot box it was resting.

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I repositioned Debra's leg so she would be comfortable, but kept my cock in her. She looked up at me and smiled, obviously not wanting it removed either. After a few minutes we regained our composer. Debra raised her hand, stroked my face, and said "Oh my God that was great. It has been so long since I felt that feeling." I grinned and replied "I know I have never felt sex so intense before. You were unbelievable." Debra stoked my face once again, smiled, and laid back to relax.

As she laid there I slowly rubbed her up turned ass. After a few minutes she turned her head toward me and said "Keep that up and you will start my fire again." I grinned down at her "That is my plan; keep you in my bed for as long as I can." She winked, pushed her ass up, and cooed "I'm not going anywhere baby; I have lots of time to make up for." Through the whole exchange I steadily rubbed and caressed her ass.

I noticed that each time my hand wandered to her crevice she would push more into my hand. As I moved my hand this time I made sure it fully entered her crevice and touched her puckered asshole. Her body quivered as my fingers brushed over her wet puckered asshole.

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She pushed upward with more determination than before. I had always dreamed of fucking a woman in the ass, but had never met one that would allow me too. Could Debra be the one? I had never felt a woman react this way when I played in this region, usually they froze up or told me to stop. Debra was pushing back and quivered, all signs that the sensation she was experiencing was pleasurable. As I circled my hand this time I made a point to hesitate at her asshole and let my fingers swirl around it gently.

She pushed back causing my index finger to slip in up to the middle knuckle. She let out a soft moan and said "That's it baby, that's the spot." She slowly started to pump up and down driving my finger in and out of her asshole.

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My cock immediately engorged in her pussy. My index finger felt my hard cock in her pussy through her anal walls. That made me that much harder. Debra looked up at me "I take it you like my ass?" "You do not have any idea how much…" I stated trying to hide my obvious excitement.

She licked her lips, grinned, and flatly asked "Have you ever fucked a woman in the ass?" I mumbled "No, but GOD how I have always wanted to." Debra's whole face lit up. She reached back to my hand on her ass and pushed my index finger in deeper as she said "I love it in the ass. The orgasm is so intense. You treated me to my first full oral experience, so I get to return the favor with my ass." As she said it I felt as if all the blood in my body went straight to my cock.

I literally jumped it became so hard. Debra jerked when it happened. She smiled once again and said, "I will take that as your approval" As she pushed her pussy on my hard cock.

She rocked back and forth a few moments on my cock, pushing my finger deeper into her ass with each rock. The heat emanating from her pussy and ass was unbelievable. Her pussy muscles were literally stroking my hard cock and her anal muscles were sucking my finger. It must have been getting to intense for her; she pulled my finger from her ass and asked me to lay back. She explained that she liked it best in the ass with her on top.

She said "That way I can fuck you with my asshole and watch as you fill me full of cum." I could not believe my great fortune. Here I was in bed with an attractive mature woman who just gave me the best fuck of my life and she is going to top it all off by fucking me with her asshole. I could not move fast enough. I had to of looked like a little boy on Christmas. Debra laughed as I threw myself on the other side of the bed.

She laughing said "Wow you are an anxious one aren't you? Anal sex must be a real fantasy of yours." I told her "Debra, you have no idea. I have dreamed of doing it and every woman I have been with so far has refused." Taking my hard cock in her hand she said "Well I love it in the ass. It has been awhile so I will need to be careful, but I promise you will love it and cum like you have never cummed before. " She asked if I had any lubricant, which I did in the nightstand. She leaned over me and opened the draw to retrieve it, her breasts crushing into my chest as she did so.

The felling was so erotic, especially knowing what she was getting out of the nightstand. She leaned back up and opened the lubricant. She squirted a liberal amount into her hand and placed it on my extremely hard cock.

As she stroked it, ensuring to apply lubricant to every part, she commented on how hard it was.

She cautioned me that it may take a little effort on her part to get it all the way in and that I will need to relax and let her do all the work. I was not going to argue, protest, or move unless she told me to. Once she was confident she had my cock well lubed, she placed her hand between her legs and worked her fingers around her asshole.

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She took the lubricant and added a little more to two of her fingers, she returned them to her asshole and slowly started working them in and out of her. The site was so erotic I had to start stroking my cock. When Debra saw this she let out a soft moan and started to rock back and forth on her fingers. She leaned over and kissed me deep on the mouth and then whispered in my hear "Are you ready for this baby?" All I could do is nod yes.

She grinned and threw her leg over me so she was straddled my crotch. She lowered her ass down on my cock so it was lodged in her crevice. She slowly ground back and forth on it, making it grow even bigger. At this point I felt as if it was going to rip down the sides it was so hard.

Debra commented, in a very approving tone, that she had never felt a cock so hard in her life. I was getting so turned on. I was so thankful she rose up when she did or I would have filled her crevice full of cum. I think she sensed that also as she paused for a few minutes, reaching back rubbing her asshole. After a few minutes pasted she grasped my cock and pulled it straight up and slowly lowered her ass down toward it.

She paused once the head touched her pucker asshole. I felt it pulsing open and closed as she held it there. She looked down at me and said "You ready? Now like I said let me do all the work. It may take a little while to get it all in; you are quite hard and a little bigger than I am used to, so please be patient." I nodded yes and put my hands behind my head, took some deep breathes, and attempted to relax.

She slowly slid the head into her ass, paused for a split second and slowly slid another 2 or so inches in. At this point she paused and by the look in her face was in some serious discomfort. I asked if she was ok, to which she nodded her head yes and told me to relax. I felt bad for her looking at the grimace on her face, but she also had a determined look as well.

Once again I put my hands behind my head, took some deep breathes, and attempted to relax. After a few moments she rose up an inch or so and then proceeded to push back down again. This time she did not stop until she had slid the entire length of my cock into her ass. The feeling was like nothing I had ever felt before. The asshole was squeezing the base of my cock tighter than any pussy it had ever been in. The heat inside her ass was beyond any I had ever felt as well.

As she sat there her anal muscles were pulsing around the head and shaft, send the most unique sensations throughout my entire cock. I so wanted to move, to fuck her, but I remembered what she said and let her to the work. After a few moments she opened her eyes and looked at me. I have never in my life seen such an intense erotic look on a woman. The look of intense desire was so etched on her face I could not move. She slowly started to grind her ass on my cock. The feeling caused me to lay my head back in sheer bliss.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on the sensations Debra's asshole was producing on my cock. I was rocked from my thoughts by the most erotic moan I had ever heard.

I looked up and Debra had her head thrown back, her mouth wide open, and moaning from deep in her chest. The sound intensified the sensations I was feeling in my cock. This was like nothing I had ever experienced before. Just then I felt Debra's ass clamp around my cock, as if it was trying to tear it off. The speed of her rocking increased as well as her breathing and moaning. Debra was locked in an orgasmic trance and was fucking and grinding my hard cock with her asshole. The pain she had felt earlier was gone, replaced with what must have been a long repressed sensation.

She rocked and swayed with her ass impaled on my over hardened cock. I lay there mesmerized by the site before me when suddenly her whole body tensed; she threw her head forward, and screamed to the top of her lungs "OH SHIT I'M CUMMING" Her ass locked onto my cock with everything it had.

I felt her ass muscles push against my cock as if trying to push it out while at the same time trying to suck it farther up into itself. Her entire body locked and twitched. She started to beat me on the chest screaming, "PUSH, PUSH IT DEEP" I rose up pushing everything I had into her. She started to buck wildly on my cock, her mouth in a perfect O, grunting and groaning, a strange strained look on her face.

I had never seen a woman have such a powerful orgasm. I reached up and took her by the hips and try to pulled her further down on my cock. At that moment she looked straight into my eyes and repeatedly yelled "FUCK ME, MAKE ME CUM, FUCK MY ASSHOLE" I pulled back a little and then pushed my cock back into her ass as far as I could.

Debra responded to each thrust with "THAT'S IT FUCK THIS ASSHOLE" or "THAT'S IF BABY TAKE THIS ASSHOLE, MAKE IT YOURS" After a few moments of this she took in a deep breath and froze, that is everything froze but her anal muscles. They started to pulse and quiver, driving my cock crazy.

She was almost gasping for air as the first wave of an anal orgasm over took her. Her anal muscles completely released, her pussy squirted cum all up my chest, and her body continued to shake. She continued to scream for me to fuck her. She was completely overtaken with her orgasm; she was no longer in control of herself.

She was a slave to the sensations emanating from her ass and pussy. She slumped over, laying her head on my chest. This pulled her pelvis up and away from me. About half o f my cock was still lodged in her ass. I shirted my position and pushed upward, shoving all of my cock back into her asshole. She responded immediately, raising her head and saying "TAKE MY ASSHOLE, DO WHAT YOU WANT, IT IS YOURS" I pulled my cock back again and shoved it back it in.

Her anal walls closed in on my cock wrapping around it like a custom fit glove. I started picking up the speed slightly of my thrusts in her ass. With each increase Debra would scream out in pleasure.

I pulled her forward, wrapped my arms around her, and proceeded to fuck her in the ass. My rock hard cock was going in and out of her clamped asshole like a machined piston.

Her screams had turned back into grunts. Each thrust up into her bowels pushed a deep growling grunt from her throat. She was pinned in a continuous orgasmic state, not aware of her surroundings and not really caring to care.

She was riding the wave and was letting it take her were it would. All this was too much, I had to release. I put the last of my energy into my next few thrusts, as my cock swelled with cum, waiting to coat the inside of Debra's ass. On cue Debra sensed the change and immediacy in my actions. She rose up slightly, causing my cock to go deeper into her ass. She looked at me with all the passion and eroticism in the world and begged "CUM IN MY ASS, FILL MY ASS FULL, I NEED IT IN MY ASS" A couple more thrusts and I was shooting hot loads of cum deep into her ass.

I pushed with everything I had in me. I wanted to go as deep as I possibly could, shoot as deep as I possibly could. As I was cumming I was not immediately aware, but was screaming the words "FUCK YEAH" over and over as I was dumping into her ass. Debra was grunting and screaming out loud something, but I could not make out what it was, I really do not think it was coherent.

She was pushing back into me, like me wanting my cock as deep into her ass as it would go. I felt as though all my bodily fluids had just been passed through my cock into Debra's ass.

I was drained and exhausted. Debra did not look any better. As my last drop exited my cock I fell back into the bed, Debra fell on my chest spent as well, my softening cock still imbedded in her asshole. After about 5 minutes we both caught our breaths and our senses had started to return.

Debra lifted her head and looked into my face. I rose up and kissed her deeply, passionately, and romantically. She responded with the same. Debra eventually rose up and lifted herself off my cock and went to the bathroom to clean herself up. I followed suit and went to the guest bathroom. I returned to the bedroom at the same time Debra exited the bathroom. We closed the distance between us and embraced each other in a loving hug, hold each other close.

When we separated Debra was crying. I asked if she was OK. She grinned and told me she was so happy. She had forgotten how wonderful all this could be, that she had given up on ever having it again. I told her as long as I was around she would never go without it. We kissed and planned the day. It was then we realized that Debra had come over to my house last night in just a robe and heels.

It was after 1pm in the middle of the day and the neighbors would surely see her walk back to her house. I laughed and said "Who cares, I am sure they will eventually figure it out.

This is not going to be the only time and I must say I will not be able to go days without seeing you or talking to you now." She hugged me once again and said "You are right, we are adults" She kissed me, put her robe on, and left to clean up and change so we could head out for the day. Our lives were never the same and for the both of us it was better.