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Sex xxxnx storys com dh
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Fbailey story number 383 My Children Are Having Sex My sister said, "My children are having sex." I asked, "With who?" She replied, "With one another." I smiled thinking that Sissy and Carol were becoming lesbians.

The idea excited me. So I asked, "Sissy and Carol?" My sister replied, "Yes, but also with their brother.

I caught a glimpse of them the other day down in the family room while I was weeding the flowers along the side of the house." I thought to myself, "That little 'son of a bitch' sure was a chip off the old block." I had caught his father fucking my two sisters one day too. However, that was the day that I started fucking them also. Blackmail was never sweeter.

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I asked, "So what do you want to do about it?" My sister gave me one of her famous 'shit eating grins' on her face and said, "Exploit them, of course. Have you seen the prices that people pay for child porn these days?" I said, "You want me to help you." She smiled and said, "Yes, and we split everything fifty-fifty." That very day I bought some of the best pin hole remote cameras on the market and had them next day shipped to me.

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I had my sister get them out of the house while I went to work. I put cameras in each bedroom including my sister's bedroom, each bathroom, and I put some in the family room too.

Everything could be controlled from the garage apartment where I lived. I had dreamed of doing something like that for years and this was my chance.

I was ready when they came home. My first show was when my sister rushed into the bathroom to pee and masturbate on the toilet with her legs spread wide. She still turned me on at thirty-six. I also caught Sissy taking a piss and masturbating on the toilet too like her mother had. At fifteen years old she was quite developed. Then Carol and Ted entered after Sissy left.

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Carol got naked and knelt in the tub facing her brother as he pissed in her mouth, on her breasts, and all over her body. Carol obviously liked golden showers. When Ted was done he had Carol turn around so that he could fuck her from behind before climbing into the tub with her and taking a shower.

Carol was fourteen and Ted was thirteen. My sister divorced her husband about ten years ago when she caught him fucking their fourteen-year-old babysitter. I moved into the garage apartment soon afterwards to help her raise the kids and never moved out. She gives me sex about twice a week to keep me happy.

I was sure that I would be getting it a lot more now. Shortly after my sister came to my door and I let her in.

She was amazed at the setup I had. I had fourteen monitors up on shelves with a DVD recorder connected to each one. My computer would allow me to change camera direction and zoom in or out on any of them, one at a time. When she asked me what I had seen so far I replayed her, then Sissy, and then Carol and Ted. She smiled and patted my hard cock. She told me that she had a talk with them in the car and told them that it was okay as long as they didn't get anyone else involved in their little escapades.

I asked her why she had told them that. She replied, because they would do just the opposite and get their friends involved even quicker. I just smiled. In a while the three of them were in Sissy's bedroom getting undressed. I turned up the volume and centered the two cameras. We had been recording from the time they entered thanks to the motion detector. In no time at all Sissy and Carol were in a sixty-nine as we watched. When Ted couldn't take it anymore he grabbed Sissy and fucked her better than he had Carol in the bathroom.

That kid was pretty good. Carol sucked him hard again so that he could fuck her too. After that he needed a rest before he could fuck Sissy again. Meanwhile they sat on her bed naked and talked about sex. They talked about what their mother had said and decided to get some of their friends over.

Ted wanted all girls but the girls had other ideas.


In the end they called up four boys and told them to come over. Sissy told the last boy to bring his sister with him. While we waited for the boys to arrive I fucked my sister better than we had fucked in years.

She let me record it too. When the boys arrived with the one boy's sister, Sissy told them that they were going to have sex with her and her sister. She told the girl that she was there for Ted. The girl just seemed to accept her fate and went with Ted to his bedroom. The girls took the four boys into their mother's bedroom where the bigger bed was. My sister just rolled her eyes as she finally realized that two of the monitors were looking at her room. My sister couldn't believe what sluts her daughters were.

Sissy and Carol let those four boys fuck them in all three of their holes and not just once either. Being young boys, four erections in less than two hours was not a problem. Meanwhile Ted managed to fuck the little sister twice in her pussy after he got her to suck him hard that is. She seemed willing to try just about anything. When it was time for the boys to go, Sissy had the little girl's brother fuck her while they watched.

To be fair Ted fucked both of his sisters too even though he couldn't cum anymore. Then the other three boys wanted to stick their cocks in the little girl too. That day she lost her virginity and had five cocks in her pussy too. After they left, my sister returned home. I recorded her discussion with them. She asked what they had been up too and Sissy told her the truth.

My sister told her to try taking two cocks in her lower holes at the same time, someday. She also mentioned trying three cocks in her three holes too. Then she told Sissy to stop taking her birth control. When Sissy asked why, her mother said that it was only fair that if Carol was not on birth control then Sissy shouldn't be either.

She also said that it enhances sex to know that you might get pregnant.

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She also knew that it would sell more DVDs. Everyday after school my sister and I would watch as more kids came over to fuck and get fucked. In just a couple of weeks we had seen almost every boy and girl in their classes naked and having sex.

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One day we saw a man enter Sissy's bedroom and close the door. It was Mr. Scott from across the street. She was naked at the time. He had noticed all of the kids coming and going from the house and wanted to see what was going on for himself. When he threatened to tell her mother Sissy said that she was willing to do anything that he wanted to keep his silence.

Mr. Scott told her that he wanted her to suck his cock, she said okay. Mr. Scott said that he wanted to fuck her, she said okay. Then Mr. Scott said that he wanted to fuck Carol too, and again Sissy said okay.

We watched as Mr. Scott took down his pants and underwear and had Sissy kneel before him. She sucked him until he pulled his cock out of her face and shot his load all over her tits. She sucked him hard and then he pushed her over the bed and fucked her pussy forcibly from behind as the bed squeaked constantly. Finally Sissy sent Carol into him. She sucked him hard and then he got on his back on the bed and made Carol do all of the work.

He had the biggest cock that either girl had seen or felt. It took poor Carol almost fifteen minutes to make him cum. Meanwhile, he pinched her nipples until they were sore and she was crying. He hadn't quite finished abusing Carol yet. She lay across his knees and he spanked her hard a hundred times. That made him hard enough to butt-fuck her too.

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That poor little girl took his anal assault for another fifteen minutes before he pulled his huge cock out of her sore bleeding asshole and told her that that was just the start and that he would be back for more soon. I quickly made an extra copy of his sexual abuse on the two minors.

I walked across the street and was greeted by his wife. I told her that she needed to see my DVD.

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One minute into it, she was screaming for her husband to get his sorry worthless ass down to her. She had me fast forward through the DVD so that it only lasted about two minutes.

She asked him for his checkbook, his debit cards, and his keys. She handed him the key to her car and told him to get as far away from her as her old clunker would take him. She even suggested Canada and Mexico where the authorities would have a harder time finding him. Then she told me that he had fucked their daughters when they were minors too and that he had promised never to do it again.

He lied. Over the next year my sister and I got rich letting the kids fuck their friends.


That DVD of Mr. Scott was our best seller. The End My Children Are Having Sex 383