Horny Lad And His Long Dick

Horny Lad And His Long Dick
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** This is a sequel to "Mandy and Me: Part 1." This story was written in a first person POV to help the story make a bit more sense.** The following morning is a school day. It's already 9:00 am and I'm stuck in second period with Mr. Rose. His historical lecture about the Civil War is boring me to death.

All of his lectures bore me. Mr.


Rose is the type who loves to shove irrelevant information down your throat, when all you want to do is hurry on to the next class. History is a useless class. I don't want to be here. I want to be with. him! Being with him right now is the only thing I want to do. Not only do I crave him out of lust, but also for something else that I can't quite put my finger on. Meanwhile, my mind is completely preoccupied by what happened the previous night with Blake.

What I did and how I did it to him is something that shocked me at first, but then the thought of it being a possibility to repeat our "nightly playtime sessions" gives me the goosebumps. Not the kind of goosebumps you get when frightened or grossed out by something, but rather the kind of goosebumps that shiver down your spine when you feel the anticipation of something amazing about to happen to you. I barely survived history class, as well as the other long classes I've had to push myself through today.

The final bell has rung, and everybody in school scrambles out the front doors. For the fear of being trampled by a thousand hyped up teens, I make sure to keep a low profile at the back of the school. Once everyone was cleared out, I decided that the coast was clear to exit the building. I made my way to the stairwell outside the school and took a seat, waiting for my mom to pick me up. My closest friend, Laura, finds me fiddling with my thumbs as she exits the building and walks over to where I'm sitting.

"Hey girl, what are you still doing here? Hell session is over for the day, you know?" I look up from my spot. "I know. My dad couldn't pick me up today, so I have to wait until my mom gets off of work," I say with disappointment. "Nonsense! I'll take you home in my car," Laura says, "c'mon, let's go." I smile and grab my backpack. I get up and follow her to the blue, beat-up Ford Shelby her mom bought her for her 16th birthday.

We both get in the car and fly out of the school parking lot. "Amanda, what are you doing later?" Laura asks, while she cranks up the music. "Ummm, I don't know. Why?" "I want to come over and have dinner." Laura was always one to barge her way into things. She never approached anything discreetly, and she always spoke her mind (which got a little annoying at times).

"Well, my mom isn't cooking tonight, so there's really no dinner to be had," I chuckle. "You go to bed hungry?" "No. I just eat whatever's in the fridge. I usually just cook my own dinner." Laura glances over at me, confused, but then shakes her head and continues talking. After a few more minutes pass, we pull up to my house. "Maybe next time, Laura," I mutter, "and thank you for the ride." I smile and shut the car door.

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I race inside and glance at the clock in my kitchen and it reads "6:43pm." He's probably just finishing up with dinner at his house, and it's just another hour before I can go to him. I quickly eat whatever crap my mother cooked me (a ridiculous excuse for Lasagna) and do my own homework. I glance at the clock again, it now reads "7:48pm." I get up quick, grab the car keys, and race out the door, ignoring my mom's calls, asking me where I'm going.

I drive as fast as I can to get to his house, and park a few houses down. I look at the driveway and his mom's car isn't there. That's strange, I said I was going to play with him tonight. I hope he's home. I sneak over to his window and peer in. I scan the room to find that he's not even in there. It's 8:00pm already, but he isn't in bed yet.

I decide sit there and wait until something happens. At 8:15pm, I hear the door to his bedroom slam open as it hits the wall. He comes running in the room with a girl, around my age, who's following right behind him.

Somehow, I start to become jealous. She's playing around with MY play toy! She puts Blake to bed and walks out of his bedroom, turning off the lights as she does so. I look over in the next window and she sits down on the couch and turns on the TV. She seems into it, so I tap on his window. Blake looks over at me excitedly and comes to the window, "Hi Mandy!!! I've been waiting for you alllllllll night!" I climb in through the window and sit down on the floor.

"So you said you wanted to play with legos tonight right?

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Well, they're right over here." He goes to his toy chest and grab all of his legos and spreads them all over the floor. We start to build things as we giggle together.

"So, Blakey, who was that? The girl who put you to bed tonight?" He grabs a handful of legos without looking at me. "Oh, that's just Connie, she's my babysitter. She doesn't play with me like you do! She's always on her phone, it's so annoying. You're so much more fun!" He starts to show me the "spaceship" that he's built with the legos.

I show him the little house I made with lego people in it. He starts to laugh. "So, Mandy, I was uh… I was wondering if maybe we could play a little tonight. I want to explore some more, if that's okay…" he asks nervously, and looks so cute while he does. Of course, I already know what he means. "Of course, Hun! How about you explore me today?" He looks at me, eyes wide. "Su…sure!" Blakey says with a big smile.

"First, I want you to get down to your undies while you giggle. Your giggles are the best." I say this because I get completely sexually aroused when I hear his little laughter. It does something to me that I can't explain. "Can you do that? I'll get down to mine too, it's only fair," I smile at him. "Okay!" He giggles and takes off his pajama bottoms. He's wearing spiderman underwear, showing pictures of spiderman shooting his web of.

of cum all over! Yes, that's what it is. Cum. It starts to make me extremely wet. Looking at his bulge again is driving me crazy and putting me back in that trance I was in last night.

Why am I always in some sort of trance when I'm with Blakey?

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I have trouble thinking and eventually I completely blank out. I disregard my last thoughts, waiting for the sexual pleasure I'm going to receive from him tonight. "Uh&hellip.oh&hellip.okay&hellip.well&hellip.okay here&hellip." I strip down to my white cotton panties. He starts to giggle nervously, while I lay down on my back on the floor.

"Okay Blakey, now you uh…well&hellip.I want you to just feel all over me. Take your hands, and just explore…" He nods his head and giggles. First, he begins to take his hands and starts to feel my stomach. His touch sends shivers down my body and my hairs start to stand up. "Haha, Mandy, you have little goosebumps all over your body!" "Ye-yeah…I do. It's because your touch is so special." He completely ignores my words.

Next, he starts to move over to my boobs. Stopping only for a moment, he hesitates and looks at me with nervous eyes. I'm immobilized by his innocent glare "These are like big balloons. Mommy has these, too." without warning, he swiftly cups his hands over both of them.

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I let out a low moan, "Oh Blakey…" "Mandy? Do you like that?" He starts to squeeze and fondle some more.

"Uh…huh…" "Wow Mandy&hellip.this is actually making my private grow a little bit. These are so much fun to play with," his eyes surprised, "What's this little pointy thing?" He runs his fingers over my nipples, which are hard from his touch to begin with. "Those are my nipples Blakey.

They send great waves through my body when you touch them. And especially when you." I'm cut off like a silly child, treated like I'm no longer the babysitter with no authority whatsoever. "Suck on them?" "Yeah, suck on them." How did he know that? "Wow…so like&hellip.like this?" He bends down and grab hold of my left nipple with his mouth.

He starts to run his tongue around it's edges, just like a natural. "Oh wow&hellip.wow Blake. You're so good at this.

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You&hellip.keep going. Please!" I'm trying so hard to be quite in order to keep Connie from bursting through his door and catching this unspeakable act. I start to moan out more. If he's making me feel this good just by sucking on my tits, how is it going to feel when he starts playing with my pussy? He moves over to the right tit and start to suck on that one, increasing the flicking with his tongue more frantically.

I grab his free hand and make it massage my left boob. I start to moan louder and faster now, grinding my body a little bit in the air. I don't care if she comes in. I never want this to stop! "Blakey, okay, okay, maybe you should start to explore somewhere else, go a little lower…" He comes up for air, "Okay!!


So like, down this way?" He runs his hand down my body, once more sending shivers up and down my spine. "Yup.right down that way.right…" he get to the start of my hairs, "right there…" I moan out. "Mandy, why do you have hair here? That's so weird!" He giggles again and start to play with them between his fingers. Pulling at them ever so lightly, enough to give me a sensation, but not enough to hurt. "Well, girls have hair down there, just because, uh, that's how.that's how we're made.

When you get older." I can barely speak, the feeling is just so overwhelming. You keep cutting me off. It's as if you don't want me to speak. "When i get older, I'm going to be a firefighter!" he laughs again. He starts to move down a little more. He now feels the opening of my pussy lips. "Mandy, it separates. How come?" He slides his finger through a little more, just exploring, as I told him to. I keep moaning from his soft touch. "Please, keep going." My eyes are staring directly at the ceiling as I whisper for him to devour me more.

"Whoa!" He finally found my hole. "Mandy, did you know that there's a hole here?!?!" I nod without speaking. My eyes are closed as I let this ten year old touch me. "What if I…" He slowly start to push his finger inside.

My eyes shoot wide open and my mouth opens to gasp for air. The feeling is so intense. I've never felt this way before, even when touching myself.

How is it that a ten year old boy knows how to do these things without having done them before? He sticks his finger all the way in, because from my reaction he can tell that I really love what he's doing.

"You like this Mandy?? I can tell by the look on you face that you do," he babbles on, "What if I start to pull it out, and then put it back in? Kind of like that back and forth you did to me yesterday!" I stumble with my words, "well, I guess if you did." Without letting me finish my sentence and without forewarning, he giggles again as he slowly starts to pump his little finger into my tight pussy.

He doesn't really understand what he's doing, but it's making his cock grow even more, playing around my pussy like a suction cup. He's pumping faster now, making me moan louder and louder as he unknowingly finger fucks me.

He's so unaware of what he's doing to me. Yes, it may seem as if he's just giving me special pleasure, but he's doing way more than that.

He's also doing something to my brain. He's controlling it, making me his, forever. As if my mind no longer belongs to me. I start to let my face fall into a blank stare, moaning with each pump. He looks down, "Mandy look! My private grew just from watching you act like this! That's so cool!! It's like you're just a puppet!!" He laughs to himself again, bouncing around in his spiderman undies.


Spiderman, release me from this pent up agony! Suddenly, my body starts to shake again, jolting everywhere. I'm about to orgasm from the pleasure he's giving me, a ten year old!

His eyes go wide at the sight of what's happening and at the tightness of my pussy wrapping around his finger. I know he's still not fully aware of what an orgasm is, but what's better than learning from experience? Finally, after a long few minutes of fingering, I have a mind blowing orgasm. Not just from his fingers, but from the fact that in his head, he wished for me to.

How does anyone have the power to make someone cum hard with their mind? I think of how ridiculous that is. I jolt up and down and I cum everywhere for a long while, laying there helpless and basically naked. We're breathing heavy as I turn to him and decide to tell him I have to go home again. "Alright kiddo, I think it's time for me to leave before your mama gets home".

He nods and I get my clothes back on and climb out window.