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Foxy teen has her tight butthole hammered
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Dylan Donahue was no ordinary man. At the age of fifteen he was struck by lightening and almost lost his life, through therapy and modern medicine Dylan pulled through this tragic event, or as Dylan learns a few years latter that this accident was not as tragic as everyone nor himself thought but more of a way of a gift.

You see Dylan has the power to bend the will of a mans mind, but not women, which Dylan didn't give a shit about that for he was gay and preferred the company of men anyway.

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It wasn't until a few years latter when Dylan was seventeen had he discovered the full potential of this power and what it can become, sure he knew something was different about him, he knew he had some power in him, but he always thought is was the after shock effect of getting hit by lightning a few years ago, the electrical charges that he felt from time to time that ran through his body was just that.

It wasn't until one day when his abusive dad came charging after him for not bringing him his beer that he discovered this gift he had. Dylan and his mom was used to the dads awful anger and drunken behavior.

But this time this was different, Dylan will be eighteen in a few months and found after a long time of abuse from his dad he had had enough.

When Dylan's dad started chasing Dylan around the house with fist waving in the air, Dylan ran as he always does, but as he was running he thought how tired he was of this behavior and how done he was for running away, again. Dylan was feeling his usual surge of electricity through his body, but this time the energy he felt was different, it no longer scared him but rather made him feel strong all of sudden, and the more the dad chased Dylan the less afraid Dylan was getting, which also was a new feeling for Dylan.

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You see Dylan has been afraid of his dad most of his life and knew one day that he would break free from this abuse but he wasn't sure how till this moment in Dylan's life that he knew how. When Dylan turned and stopped to face his dad, the surge of energy within felt less hectic this time, less scattered through his body, he found for the first time that he was able to control the surges of electricity he has felt and he put an order to them, a direction.

The energy he felt through his body now was more concentrated in his brain, his thoughts.

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He turned to his dad and looked at him intently and yelled "stop." The dad stopped dead in his tracks as if he lost his will to hurt Dylan. "What the fuck did you do to me you little faggot," yelled Dylan's dad. Dylan wasn't sure either but he knew he was the reason the dad stopped charging Dylan, it lasted for about twenty seconds than the dad broke free of Dylan's new skill and punched Dylan in the face and knocked him out!

Latter, when Dylan recovered form this incident he decided that he would learn how to use this new gift he has just figured out he had so one day he will take the will of the hottest guy he could set his eyes on and will his life to whatever Dylan fancy, and Dylan's dad would be the person he will practice on, since Dylan had no love or empathy for his dad his dad would be the perfect target practice… Ten Years later… "Hi, I'm Dylan,'" as he approached the security desk of the most influential investment firm in New York and city and the world.

"I'm here to see Mr.


Strakes." At the desk where two hot men in security uniforms, Marco and Don and they greeted Dylan, not knowing he has already been using his powers on them. Dylan knew how much fun he's going to have with these two security officers and could not wait to bend their will. Richard Strakes was the man behind the most influential firm the world has ever seen.

He was tall, about 6'2" he had salt and pepper hair parted to the side and a beard to match. Strakes had big brown eyes and hands, in fact everything looked big on this man. He had a good ole rugged look to him, but yet he was well defined in his tailored suits, silk ties and shoes. you could see that Richard Strakes took good care of himself and Dylan could not wait to finely meet the man who he was going to destroy for his own filthy pleasure.


This is what Dylan has been working up to for the last ten years, while practicing on his dad his new powers and making them strong enough, he set out to to meet a man like Richard Strakes one day and that day has finally arrived.

Dylan Donahue felt strong enough now to use his powers he has received almost a decade ago. Marco, one of the security officers asked Dylan if he had an appointment? "No of course not," said Dylan, "but you will pick up that phone and dial Strakes office now and tell him I am here to see him." "And going forward Marco you serve me." Than Dylan turned to the other security officer Don, and told him to forget his duties who he serves and that he serves Dylan now.

Don nodded and said, "I serve you now Mr.

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Donahue." Dylan turned burned back to Marco and told him to do as he's told, Marco of course nodded his head yes and said, "I serve you now Mr. Donahue, of course I will dial Mr. Strakes office and tell you him your here to see him." Dylan thought how easy it was to bend the will of these two hot muscled security guards, almost to easy, Strakes private security so far was amusing for Dylan and he could not wait to stage an orgy with these security guards and Strakes himself, but Dylan knew his work was not done yet, not by a long shot, he knew who he was up against and has done his home work.

Richard Strakes was not going to be easy to bend like his Security guards where or his dad. Strakes had a smart powerful mind and will, these kind of wills and minds were harder for Dylan to bend and control so he knew he still had his work cut out for him. and this bending of will from Strakes was not going to be easy… To Be continued&hellip.

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