Blonde amateur gets shaved pussy fucked in homemade sex tape

Blonde amateur gets shaved pussy fucked in homemade sex tape
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I was riding my truck down Elk Street.


I was heading to my martial arts class, which starts at eight pm. It was 7:52 and the gym was only 3 minutes away, so I had plenty of time. To be fair it's not a "martial arts" class but a "Kickboxing and Kung Fu" class. I'd been going to "Iron Dragon" for seven years, ever since I was eleven.

Although I'd bet money that I'm way better now than eleven year old Storme. Storme is a cool name, my mother got it from a soap opera, and they'd call this character Stormin' Normin. As I pulled into my parking spot I could see Sarah, a girl being dropped off by her parents. She just joined up six months ago.

She has lightly tanned skin, brown eyes and black, slightly frizzy hair. I can see her ass, which seems to be I great shape. I smirked at the thought. Her boob size is about 34G. Her lips look so good, but she doesn't wear makeup, never mind lipstick.

She has just got such a naturally beautiful face. Most girls my age have a hard time going near a window without pounds of makeup, but Sarah is so much more than your "Average girl" So, yeah, I kind of have a crush on her. She's the first girl I get somewhat nervous when talking to. I've already had three girlfriends (none of them as good looking as Sarah though).

I also haven't done a great job of keeping this "crush" a have a secret. My teacher noticed I always had a hard time talking to her, so about a week ago he asked me if I liked her.

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I didn't lie to him though, maybe I should of. Jesus Christ I did a better job keeping secrets in Middle School, but I'm having too hard of a time when I'm Eighteen.

I head into the gym passing Sarah and my Teacher in the lobby. Their probably discussing her being tested her next belt, since she is getting pretty good for a newbie. I went into the gym to see no one else was there, so I guess Sarah and I will be the only one's here tonight.

Sarah walks out from the lobby I can hear the teacher yell "We'll start in a few minutes' guys!" "Hey, Storme can I just talk to you after class, in the parking lot." Said Sarah, in her innocent but attractive voice. I nodded, but I was wondering what she wanted to ask me. I pushed the thought out of my mind as we started class. I can just go full auto pilot during class, so I did that the whole class.

After class I met Sarah in the parking lot.

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The moonlight bounced off her features making her look like a model in a fashion show. The sweat on her forehead amplified this effect.

I can't tell, but I think she is Middle Eastern. "Oh fuck" she exclaimed as she looked at her phone. "Oh. Hey Storme I didn't see you there.

My parents bailed on me, could you give me a ride home." She asked "Yeah sure, is that all you wanted?" I asked. "Yep, thanks so much by the way. You don't know how much this means to me. I live on Jackson Road." She said she hopped into my truck.

I went inside the truck to see Sarah had already had her seatbelt on even though she had been in the truck for about a second. I put the keys in the truck and drive out of the parking lot. We pass by a diner at the end of Elk Street. We are heading down Orchid Crescent when Sarah says, "Hey can you just pull in this alley for a second." I pulled into the alley, a beautiful place because the moonlight hits it just right.

She gets out of the truck. Confused, I follow suit.

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"Look I had another thing to ask you. Is that ok Storme?" "Yeah sure, what is it Sarah? Is something wrong?" I asked. Maybe she was in trouble. If she was in trouble, I'd help her. If any bastard would even try to lay a hand on her I would kill them. "When I was talking to the teacher before class he said that you like me. Is that true?" she asked. Oh shit. She found out.

Should I lie or should I tell her? If I lie I won't be rejected, but if I tell the truth she could actually like me back. I said "Yeah I do like you. Do you- ." she interrupted me by grabbing the collar of my shirt and kissing me. I could feel my penis grow in my jeans. At this time she was working my lips like an experienced pro. My jeans felt like they were about to rip from the pressure it was getting from my penis.

She takes my hands and carefully places them on her nice big round ass.

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My heart beating as I work my tongue in her mouth. I broke away. "I guess that means shut up." I grinned as I said it. She nodded. She put her hand on my penis to feel that it is already erect. "You excited to see me?" she said as she chuckled "you're going to be my first.

Now let's give the beast some room to breathe." She got on her knees and unzipped my pants. She was surprised by the size of my penis. I mean it wasn't the first time it had happened. A guy with a ten inch dick can expect that. "WOW! This is as huge as the guys in the porn I watch." She took her hand and started to stroke my cock. This girl was apparently a virgin but was better than any of the other girl I've ever had.

She stroked my cock at an ever increasing speed. After a couple minutes she puts her beautiful lips around it. She takes her mouth off my penis for a second to say "How am I doing… daddy?" this made my dick go as hard as stone. It really did sound like she was trying to impress her father, she's a good actor.

"Yeah, baby girl, that's great." I replied. She did not hesitate to go back to sucking off the thing she called "the beast". I guess that was a good way to make me feel good, because she didn't know it was actually a beast. I grab the back off her head and gently guided her head up and down my cock. I took my hand off her head and sit at the end of the truck bed. With my dick now facing vertically Sarah takes the opportunity to lick my cock like a lollipop.

Even though she got the "lollipop" I was the one who felt like a kid in a candy store. She's really good at this, is she actually a virgin, or should I say ex-virgin.

I pull her head off my penis and ask "Are you actually a virgin? You're so good." She gave me a naughty grin. "Yeah, daddy. I learned all of this from porn that I watch. This is even better than what I thought I would be." She said. "Now pick me up and fuck me a like a slut." She gave my dick a squeeze shook her ass and stood up. "Your wish is my command." I said, with a sheepish grin. I pulled her yoga pants off her nice round ass to see had no panties on.

"I see you're a prepared girl." She nodded. I picked her by the butt whilst my forearms were balancing her thighs. "I love how strong you are. I bet you could pick up two of me." She said, impressed. "Actually I could pick up three of you, but who's counting." I joked. I finally stick my fully erect dick in her nice moist pussy. She moaned as loud as I think she could without alerting anyone.

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"That feels so good baby girl." I leaned my head in to kiss her naughty lips. She leans in too and we share an intimate kiss while my penis is still thrusting into her pussy. She leans out of the kiss for a moment. "Daddy… It feels… so good… I'm going to cum…" she said out of breath.

I laid her down on the truck bed.


I could feel her gooey pussy pulsing in anticipation of Cumming. I thrust faster and faster, her pussy also pulsing faster and faster. "I'm going to cum daddy. Fuck me like a slut!" I move my penis as fast as I can into her moist pussy.

I can feel her cum going on my penis. She hops off my cock and says "Now I get to suck daddy off." "Get your mouth around my penis, make daddy cum and make it snappy." I commanded. I hopped up on the truck bed and she hops off to suck my dick, soaked by her fluids. I grip the back off her hair and make her take my whole dick. It sounds like she was chocking so I release her head, but she continued to deep throat my cock.

She was very good at sex, especially for a newbie. She continues to deep throat my penis for minutes. "I'm about to cum baby girl." I expected her to get off my dick and just jack off me, but she continues to suck my dick. Am I in heaven? This girl is perfect. I cum in her beautiful mouth and guess what!

She fucking swallowed too. Jesus I love her. "Okay stud, I'll give you my number, but you've got to get me back home, can't be fucking all night." She said TOO BE CONTINUED