Zaobish ya con implantes cogiendo parada

Zaobish ya con implantes cogiendo parada
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Rama - Blackshaft 1-05 - Lines part 3 (Adults Only. [email protected] 2013) St Ignatious. Principle's Office.

Day. Caroline Wyatt was on her knees. Mr Jameson stood over her, his thick black cock was in her hand, her fingers tightly gripping the beautifully black shaft. For the first time in her life she knew what love really was. her heart and her pussy throbbed as she looked at it. The long, thick phallus was huge. She understood now why she felt the way she did after that first night.

She could see how it - he - made her feel. She could imagine that mighty shaft parting her tender sex kips and pushing inside, then starting to thrust and pound into her. Deeper than anyone before. She could see the head pushing into her womb, then the first shot of thick fertile seed fire out into her. Into her womb. Caroline moaned. It felt so right. All those years she'd spurned the idea of children.

They were something that simply got in the way. They would impede her career. She had seen enough of them with their precociousness and attitude. Why should she want some at home? The black cock in her hand throbbed and she saw the pre-cum ooze out. She knew why she should want them now. Nature demanded it. They were all here to continue the race. It was a woman's duty to find the best mate and carry on the genes.

Caroline Wyatt put her tongue out and licked up the pre-cum. It was a woman's duty. It was her duty to carry on the species. She stood up and kissed the black man. "I want your babies," she told him.

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He just smiled and pushed her back towards the desk. Caroline rolled her skirt up around her waist and sat back on it then lay back. She parted her legs, letting him see how wet and ready her eager pussy was then watched as he stepped between her thighs. She closed her eyes and imagined that big, black shaft coming closer.

The touch was enough. Caroline gasped as the head pressed against her wet pussy lips. "First," the black man said and she groaned.

"Tell me exactly what Emma Agnews said." he told her. Caroline quickly told him again. How the woman was in tears, how she quit and said Mr Jameson should be careful. "Please." Caroline begged, reaching for his cock only to find him pull away. "Nothing else?" the black man said. "Nothing. I swear. Fuck me. Please!" she pleaded.

"Say it properly." he said. Caroline Wyatt looked into the black man's eyes. She saw the power behind them. He was the Male. The leader in the pack. His genes deserved to be carried on, they would give strong, healthy children Children that deserved to live.

Caroline knew her child would be black. "Breed me!" she told him. The black man looked down at her. "Balls deep, bitch." he said simply and plunged his huge cock into her. Caroline gasped as the thick shaft stretched her again, then felt him pull her legs up and put them over his shoulders.

"All the fucking way!" he grinned and began pounding into her. Caroline gasped as the cock sank into her balls deep. She felt him stop as he let her feel the deep throbbing shaft seem to fill every bit of her. She knew why he'd lifted her legs. It gave him extra space. He was going to breed her. Right here, right now. All that fertile seed was going to flood her womb. Caroline clung to the desk as he grunted hard with each thrust forcing every inch of cock he had into her. She felt his balls squash against her ass.

"COME ON!" she yelled. "Every fucking drop!" Caroline saw him close his eyes, his pounding not stopping. "Yessssss, come on." IronRod reared up, plunging his cock into one last time.

He heard her gasp as his hot potent seed exploded into the white woman's womb as her own orgasm exploded and stayed inside her, feeling the juices flood, making the passage even easier.

He looked at her as he pushed in as far as he could so the last of his cum could join the rest inside her fertile womb. The woman was shaking, panting as she came. He grinned. No man would wear a condom with this bitch again. No black man anyway. Corrine Allen's Apartment. Night. Kacey looked at the shelves again. There wasn't many DVDs on them. A couple of rom-coms, two or three TV shows, and some drama but nothing more. The TV was huge.

The system was state-of-the-art home cinema. Corrine had never mentioned any man in her life. Probably just not got the time for one, or for watching movies, she thought as she look at the sparse DVD collection again.

What she knew of Corrine Allen was that she was one of the best CEO's in the city, always looking after the people under her. Always at meetings or making deals probably. She should own this company, not some dumb college girl.

"Fuck you, Alison." Kacey said. Her eyes had been opened now. How Alison really just cared for her own crusade and the hell with anyone else. How many times had nearly been killed by Smiler or one of the other taunting maniacs that had recently inhabited and terrorised the city?

Kacey had even thought herself it would be so much simpler just to shoot the bastards and be done with it. Finish them and move on. How the hell did she expect me to run a company, Kacey wondered. And what did Alison Beach ever really teach her? How to size up a person and know how many ways to either cripple or kill them? Easy. Driving at high speed through traffic?

No problem. Seven forms of martial arts? Could do them blindfolded, that was even part of the training. But what about life? What about boys, or woman's things? "There's more to life than kicking the shit out of people!" "Amen!" Kacey whipped round saw Corrine Allen holding up a bag as she walked past toward the kitchen. "Picked up some chinese." the business woman said. Emma Agnews Apartment. Night. She should just have quit as soon as the first call was made.

Emma had two bags packed. She leave this city and start again. Somewhere she wouldn't be known. Somewhere whoever it was threatened her wouldn't. Emma sank down on the bed and started sobbing. What was kidding herself about? As soon as that video was looked at she couldn't go anywhere. The cops would be coming after her. If she left, then it would be the FBI. They would never believe her when she'd tell them she didn't know.

Being drunk would never be acceptable. People would laugh or sneer or just point. And then what about her family? What would that do to them? The doorbell made her jump. Emma looked up and wondered it she could get out the window. Nah, she thought.

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They'll have people waiting out there. "Fuck it." she said. A weight seemed to lift as she made her choice. Just tell the truth, accept her guilt and take what's coming. She was drunk, she had done something wrong while being drunk.

It wasn't an excuse, but it was a reason. She'd never teach again. she'd learn to take the jokes and the comments. Emma sniffed and wiped her eyes as the doorbell rang again. She stood up and straightened her clothes. It was a mistake. A stupid drunken mistake, she told herself as she walked towards the door. Emma stopped in front of it and took a breath before finally opening it. "I-" Emma stopped as she saw Taylor Jameson standing there.

"Now what's this shit about me having to be careful?" the well-built black man asked. Corrine Allen's Apartment. Night. "Penny for them." Corrine said, pouring some white wine into two glasses. "I don't dr--" Kacey said. "Alison's advice?" the businesswoman asked.

Kacey nodded. "She tell about the apple juice trick?" Kacey shook her head. "Every time she got a glass of champagne or anything dark coloured it would be something like apple juice." Corrine put one of the glasses in front of the young woman. "Enough bullshit, girl. have a drink." Kacey looked at the wine then picked up the glass. "Apple juice, huh?" she said. "Apple juice." Corrine raised her own glass.

"Slaine" Kacey clinked her glass against Corrine's and took a sip. She smiled. "Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life," Corrine smiled back. "Boss." Emma Agnews Apartment. Night. IronRod was surprised when she collapsed into his arms, sobbing.

Emma Agnews was blubbing while he moved her into the apartment, kicking the door shut behind him. He took her to the couch and sat her down. "Calm down." he said and cupped her chin, lifting her head.

He saw tissue in her hand and took it, wiping the tears away. "What's the matter?" "I thought you were the police." Emma told him. "The police?" he asked. "Why?" "You saw Miss Wyatt?" Emma sniffed. The black man nodded, as he cleaned her up a little more. "She saw the video?" "What video?" "The video that." Emma collapsed into tears again.

"It was a mistake!" He pushed her back, looking her in the tear-stained eyes. "What video?" he demanded. Emma blinked, startled at the authority in his voice. "The video she was sent." "She never mentioned a video." IronRod said. "She did say you quit in tears, then told her to tell me to be careful. But no video." The woman blinked in confusion. "No video?" He shook his head and stood up.

"No video." IronRod said again. "What's on it?" "She wouldn't tell you. What have you got to do with this." Emma swallowed and looked at the black man and sighed. "You'll find out soon enough like the rest of them.

I was drunk." she started. "Yeah, wouldn't be the first person." the black man encouraged. "I didn't recognise her!" Emma sniffed. "It was--" "Her?" Emma looked up. "One of the students. She was made up and looked older. I just honestly didn't recognise her." "A student?" IronRod raised his eyes.

"You and one of." "Yes." Emma confessed. "It was at Lulu's." "The lesbian club?" he said, quickly suppressing the smile. "I was drunk. My divorce was through. Next door are. Well, they said they're going out for drink. I thought fuck it, what the hell. Anyway, I had a few tequilas too many and this girl smiled at me. After that. Anyhow, a dew days later I found this disc in my bag and got a phone call telling me to watch it. It was me and. It was from the club." "So the lesbians next door," IronRod nodded with a smile.

"They took you out for a drink and you got. Okay." IronRod sat down next to her again. "Where do I come into this?" "She said I had to report you for rape." Emma said.

IronRod blinked. "What?" "I had to. To have sex with you then say you raped me!" IronRod looked at her. "Jesus, that's why you." "Yes." Emma nodded, shamefully. "Even told me to have sex with you and keep everything. For fucking DNA." "You said she." he pointed out. Emma nodded. "It was a she. She tried to disguise her voice but it was definitely a female voice." IronRod sat back.

"You recognise the voice?" he asked. Emma shook her head. "No. Just a female, that's all." "Someone at school?" "I don't know. I couldn't do it. After I left you this morning I got another call. Saying I had to do it today or the video would be sent." Emma looked at him and he saw the tears welling up again. "I can't do it. I have to leave. I can't go back there." IronRod put an arm around her as she started crying again. He let her cry while he was thinking of who could be behind this.

Was he being watched? Emma sniffed again and wiped her face again. She pulled away from him and stood up. "I have to go." she said and headed into the bedroom. Then jumped as the doorbell sounded. "Oh, shit." Emma muttered. "That'll be the police." she gasped. "I thought I could do this, but I can't. I can't go to jail. I can." IronRod stood up and grabbed her. He was tempted to slap her as she was almost on the verge of hysteria.

"Go into the bedroom. I'll see who it is." he told her, pushing the woman into the room and closing the door. All the time his mind was trying to come up with a reason for being here. He hoped it was one the cops Blackshaft had then he could bury this and find out who was trying to fuck him over.

He took a breath and ran to the door, stopping at the spyhole. he looked through and stepped back. The person on the other side was no cop. A white guy, about 18 or 19. The boy looked like he carried an attitude.

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He watched as the boy raised his hand and IronRod saw the gloves the kid was wearing. The boy looked about then pulled something out of his black jacket. Now, IronRod thought and yanked the door open. The boy looked startled as he was pushing a lock pick towards the door. He didn't expect to be grabbed by the throat by a large black man and hauled inside. IronRod slammed the door closed with his other hand as he pressed the white kid against the wall, squeezing his throat as he did so.

"AAGGHHhhhhhhhgggg." "Start talking." IronRod told the boy. "Ngghhh.Not myhhh ideaaaahh." the kid gasped as IronRod pressed against his throat a little more. "What idea?" the black man demanded. "C-Cahhhnt taaahhlk." the kid replied and IronRod threw him down on floor. He knelt on the boy's chest and noticed the bag he had with him.

He opened it and pulled out it's contents. Four metal tent pegs, thick tape, four lengths of thick cord and a knife. "Emma," he called and the timid woman stepped out. "Not the police?" she asked. "Not the police." IronRod told her and pointed to the bag's contents. "It wasn't going to simply be a video to the boss, was it, fuckhead?" "I don't know about a video!" the boy said and raised hi hand as the black man went for his throat again.

"Honest, I don't - don't know about a video. I was told to do this!" "Oh, my God." Emma said in horror. "What were you going to do?" IronRod jumped up and let his whole weight land on the boy who gasped in pain. "Scare you!" the boy gasped. "Just scare you. She wanted her--" "She?" IronRod said. "Who is 'She'?" The boy blinked and grimaced as the black man shifted on top of him again.

"Isabella!" he cried.

"Isabella Brunelli!" IronRod looked up at Emma who had sank down in a chair. he could see she had come to the same conclusion as he did about the kit on the floor. He looked back at the scared boy. "Isabella Brunelli? The little bitch at St Ignatious?" IronRod asked and the boy nodded. "She told you to scare her?" he said, pointing to Emma. the boy nodded again. "And you had a female voice tell you to accuse me of rape?" he asked Emma. "You think it was Isabella?" she asked.

"Shit, you don't need Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out. And it is about that little bitch's level of thinking." He looked down again. "So you fucking this little cunt?" IronRod asked, pressing down on the boy. "YES!" he replied. IronRod looked down at him. Something about the boy was off. He was holding something back. IronRod opened the boy's jacket and went through the pockets. He smiled as he found a wallet. The boy stiffened up under him as he opened it and looked at the name.

Carlo Bructanni. One of the cities five families they'd been going after. Brunelli was another of the families. "Does Isabella's daddy know you've been inside his little cunt of a daughter?" he asked. "No." Carlo shook his head. "Still thinks she's pure, right?" "She says so." "She says a lot," IronRod muttered, then looked right at him. "Just you here?" he asked. "No-one else?" Carlo blinked. "Yes." he said. "Just me." The black man kept looking at him. "I swear! There's no-one else!" IronRod smiled then stood up and in one quick move had the boy on his front and tying his hand and feet.

As soon as he had done he pulled the boy's head back. Emma watched him whisper something in the boy's ear then stand up. "Keep an eye on him. If you want to give him a couple of kicks, go ahead." the black man told her and she watched him go into the bedroom.

Emma looked at the boy. She stood up and walked over to him. "What were going to do?" she asked. * IronRod headed to the window and looked out. It looked out on the street and he stared down as he pressed a button on his phone. It rang a few times before it was answered. "Yo?" "Loyd?" he said. "You busy?" "Not now," Loyd said and IronRod heard a giggle in background. "Got a little situation here." "All that sweet young white pussy finally tire you out?" "Fuck you, man." IronRod smiled.

"I need something checked." he said and started to tell him about the situation. * "You and your nigger boyfriend are dead, you know that?" Carlo said. "Sorry, he's not your boyfriend, is he, dyke?" "What?" Emma felt the anger rising up in her. She wanted to kick him so hard, even started to pull her leg back but something stopped her.

"How do." she started but stepped back and collapsed in a chair. How many people had Isabella told? Her life was ruined. "Don't matter, you're both fucking dead anyway.

Unless you untie, then maybe I can help." Carlo told her. "You're a bit tied up to help." IronRod walking back into the room. He grabbed the tape and pulled a length of it free then pulled some cloth from his pocket.

"Found these at the bottom of laundry." he said and stretched them out. Emma saw they were a pair of her plainest panties. He pinched Carlo's nose and shoved the old unwashed panties into his mouth then slapped the tape over his mouth and cut it off with the knife.

"What are we going to do?" Emma asked. "He said were--" "Dead, I heard." IronRod replied. "The problem with some of these italians is they've seen The Godfather too many times." He picked the boy up effortlessly and threw him over his shoulder.

"How." Emma started. "Black power, baby." IronRod grinned. "You'll need to keep watch." "HHHUUUUGGG UUUUU!!!" Carlo yelled. "What are going to do?" Emma asked, standing up. "Take a little night air." the black man told her. "Up on the roof." Truck no. 2. Highway 17. Night. The trucks rumbled on though the night. Each crew saw the faint glow of red around the tops of the trucks where the several layers of rubber sheeting was covering the loads.

But even with that the rocks glow could still be just made out. The driver and co-driver of the second truck were making sure they stayed awake. "Which one?" the driver asked. "Junie," the co-driver replied. "Not bad. Young." "Tight pussy." "Tighter ass, I hear." "Not so tight now!" They laughed. The co-driver looked down at his feet. The metal box just sat there.

"Weird shit this stuff," he muttered. "S'the way it glows." the driver added. "It ain't fuckin' natural." the co-driver said. "They say it's safe. It's just rock." The co-driver looked at him. "Just rock that glows bright fucking red. The sooner this gets handed over the better." "Not long now." Emma Agnews Apartment Building. Roof. Night. "UUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!" "Good view, ain't it?" IronRod smiled as he held the terrified italian boy over the side of the building.

He held him there a minute longer before throwing back onto the roof. Emma could just stare at the black man. She remembered feeling his muscles that night. He felt strong but she found herself feeling attracted to him as one word went through her mind. Power. The way he had handled the boy was impressive. Just lifting him and throwing about like he was nothing. She watched at the black man ripped the tape from the boy's mouth and tugged the old panties from his mouth.

He looked at her and felt her pussy muscles clench. She was getting horny for him. Just like she had on that night. Something inside her overtook her and wanted him. "You may want to burn them." he joked before turning back to Carlo. "Now," he said. "How many other guinea assholes you got waiting down there?" "You," Carlo replied.

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"You are one dead fuc--" IronRod slapped him. "How many, or you want go over the side again?" "FUCK YOU!" Carlo yelled before spitting at the black man.

IronRod grabbed the boy's ankle and began dragging him towards the edge again. "How many?" he asked again. Emma saw the panic in the boy's eyes. But that little bastard was going to. She could asked Taylor to stop, but after what she saw in the boy's bag.

It was a kidnap kit. And she could imagine what he would have done to her. Scare her and what else? Fuck him. Fuck that little bitch Isabella as well. Just then she watched the black easily lift the boy up by the ankle without breaking sweat.

How strong was he? "HOW MANY?" IronRod said again and dangled the shaking italian boy over the edge. "Four floors, cocksucker." he smiled and loosend his grip. Emma gasped as she watched the drop a foot before Taylor grabbed him again. So easily. She felt so wet right now. "TWO!" Carlo cried. "Just two more in the fucking van! J-J-Just p-p-put me back on the roof!

Please!" IronRod pulled the phone from his pocket and hit a button. "The van. Two of them." he said and closed the phone then slid it back into his pocket. He tossed the boy onto the roof and looked down. Then walked to the sniveling heap. "I knew you were fucking lying." he said and grabbed the tape. IronRod slapped it back onto the boy's mouth and grabbed his ankle again. "MMMGHHHHHH!!!!" Carlo screaming through the tape as he was being dragged back towards the edge.

Emma stepped forward as she saw the black man approach the edge. She was going to cry out, get him to stop. The four tent pegs and four pieces of cord, the knife flashed through her mind.

Fuck him, she thought and looked at the powerful body of the black man move. She could imagine every muscle flexing and moving.


Whatever happened tonight, she told herself, she was getting laid. "HHHGGGHMMM!!!" Carlo closed his eyes as he felt the warm feeling spread from between his legs across his waist.

He'd just pissed himself. All because of that little cunt, Isabella Brunelli. The nigger was going to kill him anyway. Don't trust them, his dad had once told him after catching him eyeing one of the female, black students at college.

Then the bitch had got knocked up by him. Fuck 'em if you want, he remembered being told as he watched one of his dad's drivers lifting a metal bat. But don't have kids with 'em, his dad had said as he heard the girl's screams. Don't piss in the gene pool, he was told before being handed the gun.

Go finish her off, son, Carlo remembered. That was only last year. He felt the air suddenly rushing past him realised he was dropping. Emma cried out as she watch Taylor let go of the boy. "NO!" she yelled and ran to the edge. She felt his powerful arms around her as she stopped and looked, dreading what she would see. * "It's all about timing." IronRod said as he and Emma watched the open-top truck drive off. She could see some movement among the boxes in the back. "Is he alive?" she asked.

"Think so. D'you care?" the black man replied. Emma watched the truck turn around a corner and disappear. "No. Not really." she shook her head and snuggled against him. Her hand found his crotch and caressed it. She turned and looked up into the black man's eyes.

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Emma saw the power behind them. She felt the power growing under her hand and squeezed the enlarging cock. Emma found herself being pushed onto all fours.

He knelt behind her she felt her skirt being pushed up. Fingers found her panties and she felt them stretch then - RRRRRRIIIIIIPPPPPP! She gasped, realising he had simply torn them open. Emma felt the cold night air between her legs then the warm touch of flesh as it touched her pussy lips."Aaaahhh." she groaned. "Pl--" He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. Emma groaned, thinking of how easily the black man had thrown the boy about.

About how easily he could throw her about. he could just grab and. take her. Anywhere. Any when.

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Anyhow. She felt his breath next to her ear. "Shhhhh." he hushed her. Emma smiled as she felt the cock's length run up and down her clit and gasped again. She nearly came right then. She wanted to tell him to take her. To use her how he wanted. He had saved her tonight. She was his to use now.

Emma felt his cock push inside her. It was every bit as good as that first night. So long and thick and. Powerful. Emma pushed back. She wanted it all. Every black inch. Filling her. Pounding into her. The black man was better than her ex-husband.

better than any man she'd let into her bed before. They all talked a good game, but then it came to delivery? She heard his moan as his cock was half-way in. His hands gripped her waist and she felt the first powerful thrust into her, sinking another thick, black inch deeper. "Ooooohhhh." she cooed. This man talked the game and then delivered it. Hard and deep. She looked across the buildings around her.

His grunts were deep, coming on each deep, penetrating thrust that finally filled her pussy. he was stretching her pussy walls, forcing them open. She grinned at the city around her. You see, she thought. This is how you do it. This is how you fucking do it!

He kept fucking her, slapping her ass then pulling her head back by her hair. Riding her. She felt the head pushing into her belly then suddenly felt him stop. he gasped and she felt his hot cum filling her Emma bit her lips as she came, her pussy walls clamping around the thick, throbbing shaft as it pumped out the last drops of cum. "Nice." a voice said and Emma looked round surprised. He was still inside her, grinning as he got his breath.

She saw another black man standing by the door that led down inside the building. She stared at the size of the cock in his hand. It was easily similar in length and girth to Taylor's. "By the way, two italian assholes dealt with." the second man said. Two, Emma thought.

she had a close call. Thanks to. She looked back at Taylor who was pulling out of her and found her eyes drawn to the new cock on the roof. "Good, and what about the little cunt?" Taylor asked. "Being handled as we speak." the second black man. "You forgetting your manners?" "Emma Agnews, this is Loyd," Taylor told her as he put his cock away. "Steel." the second man smiled, still stroking that wonderful looking cock.

"Oooh." Emma purred sitting back and pushing her skirt back down. "No room for seconds?" Steel asked, putting a sad look on. "Seconds?" she repeated, her eyes finding it difficult to pull away from his cock.

Emma saw Taylor looking at her. "Up to the lady," Taylor said. "I got to go a deal with some italian assholes." He turned to Emma. "Take a few days off, I'll talk to Miss Wyatt." Emma felt the doubt again. "Will she." "She'll understand." Taylor told her and turned away.

Emma watched him leave the roof, leaving just her and Steel. Her pussy was throbbing again. It was wanting more. Emma licked her lips. Her pussy juices were dripping again. In all her years of being married or having boyfriends, she'd never felt so horny. Or so ready to just give herself over to someone. Her pussy was wanting that cock. She was wanting it. "I want seconds." she said, bending over and pulling her skirt up. Emma closed her eyes and listened to the steps of the second man walking up behind her.

The second black man she gave herself to. Corrine Allen's Apartment. Night. The black man was standing at the bottom of her bed. Kacey blinked as she stared at his naked, muscular body. Or more at the huge cock that slowly rose up in front of her. The heavy cum-filled balls swung under the thickening shaft as she saw the moonlight shine on the shaft. It seemed to pulse and throb as she continued to look at it.

The foreskin slipped back and the thick head pushed through. It looked so. big. Kacey was suddenly aware how hot her vagina was.

"Gonna fuck you good, bitch." the black man grinned and she saw his teeth shining in the night. He grabbed the bed clothes and threw them off her. She was naked, and found she couldn't move. The black man was licking his lips and she saw his cock again.

It seemed to have grown even longer. The shaft was immense. Suddenly out of the shadows of her room she saw them. Black men watching and grinning. Their growing cocks were growing in the moonlight. "Gonna fuck you real good," another one said "Fill you up," another added. "Balls deep," a third said. No, she thought. She was still a virgin. "Yes." she said.

"Every hole." a fourth grinned. NO! Kacey thought again. "YES!" she said out loud. More naked, black men seemed to fill the room, each one's cock slowly rising up. Wherever her eyes went she saw one or more erect cocks getting longer and harder, their heads proudly pushing upwards. What the hell.?

Kacey felt her legs move of their own will. She watched them spread as the black man started crawling onto the bed, moving between her legs. His thick, unprotected cock seemed to be moving straight for her sex. Her body was acting on it's own, opening up for these men, accepting them despite what her mind was saying. NOOO, she screamed in her mind. "YEEEESSSS!!!" she yelled as the first black man was over her, his cock touching her aching vaginal lips. * "UUHhhh!" Kacey woke up with a start.

She looked around her, peering into each corner of the bedroom. No one. There was no one. She felt her vagina and found she was wet.

that was all it was. It was just a dream. A wet dream. Or more likely the wine. She had gone to bed feeling woosy, leaving Corrine to finish of the second bottle. A quick glance at the bedside clock told her it was one-thirty in the morning. Kacey realised she needed a piss as well. She got out of the bed and pulled on the robe and tied it. She quietly opened the door and saw the hallway in the moonlight.

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A light was still on in Corrine's bedroom. She tiptoed to the bathroom and pulled up the robe and the night dress, then sat on the toilet and pissed. It was weird how her dreams were so sexual recently. And always featuring black men. It had to be the drink, she thought, and stood up. She cleaned herself up and headed back to her room. "HHhhhuuu!" Kacey stopped as she heard the gasp. She looked at the door to Corrine's bedroom. It was slightly ajar.

The sound had come from there. "Shhh." a voice said. Kacey crept towards the door and stopped. She looked at the hinges then gently pressed the door open a little further. Kacey saw the mirrored wall length wardrobe and quickly caught her breath as she saw the reflection.

"Hhhh." She saw Corrine lifting her head. The woman had a gag in her mouth. A rubber ball shaped gag. Corrine was lying spread-eagled on her front with a black woman lying on top of her. As Kacey looked on she saw the straps around Corrine's wrists and ankles. She was tied to bed and gagged! The black woman was whispering in Corrine's ear and Kacey saw the look of ecstasy on her face.

Suddenly the black woman lifted her hips and drove them down. Corrine groaned through the gag. The black woman did it again and Kacey watched Corrine's head drop. The black woman was thrusting against her with a regular rhythm.

Kacey realised what was happening as she saw the shiny leather straps around her waist as the woman's fucking motions became faster. The woman looked into the mirror and was grinning as she continued to thrust. Kacey pulled back quickly and thought a moment. Then made her way back to her room. She sat on her bed and stared at the door. Corrine was a lesbian! Wow, she thought. So who was the girlfriend? She thought of the picture again; the woman grinning as she looked into the mirror.

There was something familiar about the face. Kacey had seen her before. But where? Kacey untied the robe and threw it onto a chair before climbing back into the bed. She sat upright as it hit her. She'd seen that face in the city's central police station.


Behind a desk. It was a familiar name. Kacey quietly clicked her fingers. Holmes. That was it. The commissioner's secretary! Daniella Holmes! Kacey lay back and could only think of one response.

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Corrine was. Wow.! TO BE CONTINUED.