Black busty babe suck big whaite dick and Mardi Gras Madness with Jenna Foxx

Black busty babe suck big whaite dick and Mardi Gras Madness with Jenna Foxx
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My name is Alex, and I'm 14 years old. I live a pretty typical life: going into high school this year, great at soccer, have a lot of friends, and get pretty good grades. However, if you asked me right now what I thought was going to happen today, my response would be terribly inaccurate. It was a hot July day, and I was sitting on my butt spinning in my father's computer chair. Myspace was up on the screen and my dick was hanging out of the fly of my pants.

Socializing and jacking off had been my main pastime, and I was becoming a porn addict. Yes, this was a typical day for me this summer. Boring days were so common that they almost started to feel like routine. I got off my ass and decided that I might check and see what my neighbors were up to.

I popped my cock back into my shorts and zipped them up, and walked over to Jim's house and knocked on his door. Jim is 12 years old, and he really looks up to me and it gets kinda annoying so I only want to hang out with him when I'm extremely bored.

I knocked once more and no answer so I went over to the garage to see if there were any cars. No cars. 'That's alright,' I thought to myself. ' I guess I'll just go to Ginny's house.' Ginny was 13, and a very hot 13-year old at that. Not to be cocky or anything, but I wasn't bad looking myself, according to the popular girls at Cambridge Junior High.

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I've hooked up with a few of them, but that's about as far as I've gone. As I was walking toward the door, I heard a splash coming from the pool to the left of the house. I wasn't sure if it was going to be Ginny, her parents, or her 11-year old brother, so I quietly crept over to the fence and peered over. I almost gasped and fell backwards at what I saw.

I couldn't believe what I was looking at. Ginny was shaking her shoulder-length, blond hair as she stepped out of the pool.

She was completely naked. I looked down at her perky, medium-sized tits and couldn't suppress a bulge coming to my 7-inch penis. Her nipples were good sized and pink, and quite erect. Either the water was cold, or she got a sexual rush skinny-dipping. I looked down more and was pleased to see that she shaved her young, 13-year old pussy.


I was too far away to get a great look at it, but from here this was about as good as a pussy gets: it was perfectly rounded, and the lips were soft and tight. It also helped that it sat on a wonderful, athletic body. Now my dick was fully hard and I had to whip it out before it started pressing to hard against my cargo shorts. She must've heard me rustle or something because she whipped her head around to look right at me.

Her face showed surprise, but also something else.

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Was it arousal? She took her two hands and tried to cover up, but for some reason I could tell it was a half-hearted attempt. "Alex! What are you doing here!


You don't just creep up on people and spy on them when they're having a private time." She told me, trying to sound angry. I opened the gate and walked in, my dick still hang out. "Listen Ginny, I'm sorry but I can explain. I didn't mean to spy on you" She looked down at my cock that was starting to soften because of the confrontation. I added: "Look, we're both kind of naked so it's fair." She laughed but stopped a little short. I could tell she was embarrassed. The hell with it, I thought.

I pulled my pants all the way down and took them off ass well as my shirt.

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Now my penis was back in action. She took her hands away from her body and stepped a little closer with a mischievous grin on her face. "You are soo hot Ginny, especially naked!" I told her as I walked closer to her. Now we were arms length away. She responded with a smile and told me my dick was huge and inviting. "You can touch it if you want" I said.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the grassy part of the fenced-in area.

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We sat down and she put her small right hand around my penis and it didn't quite fit around. I moaned a little as she started moving her hand back and forth. It felt amazing: I could tell she'd never done it before, and that enticed me even further. She started jerking faster and I leaned back against the lawn, sticking my dick farther in the air.

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With her other hand she grabbed my balls and started massaging. After about a minute of this, I was in heaven. While my eyes were still closed, I felt something wet come around my shaft.

I looked up and Ginny had put my cock in her mouth. She started bobbing, but couldn't take my whole dick in. I felt her tongue explore around my head and she squeezed my balls harder with her hand. She started sucking faster and faster and I couldn't take it any longer.

I started groaning and I said "im cumming!" and pulsed the first squirt of warm jizz into her mouth, and then another pulse. She pulled my dick out and took the last two squirts to her face as she swallowed the first cum. She licked her lips and said yummy.

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I sat up and we started kissing. I tasted my cum on her and loved it. My hands moved down and started groping her small tits and I gave her a nipple stand my rubbing my index finger around on her nipple. She was breathing heavily and moaning softly. I pulled away from the kiss and pushed her in front of me.

I was looking down her soft girl-pussy and it was leaking a little of her fluid. I grabbed her ass with both of my hands and slowly buried my face into her pussy. I licked up and down the line and tasted her wonderful juices. I slowly worked my tongue into her hole and started tongue-fucking it.

This really got her going. She tried to suppress a scream, but it came out muffled. By now her pussy was dripping, and she was moaning loudly. I started pushing my tongue in faster and then took my finger and pressed it into her asshole. At first it didn't go in, but after a few seconds I got about an inch in. "Alex!! I'm cumming!" her whole body was shaking and she was groaning.


A huge pulse of warm fluid squirted into my mouth and I licked it up and swallowed it. Her body relaxed and she let out a long sigh. " ohh alex you make me feel so good!" My dick was up and throbbing for more so I said, "Umm, Ginny, do you have any condoms?" she replied: "no. fuck me without them. You can pull out then I can remove stuff later. Fuck me now you whore." She spread her legs wide and pushed herself toward my dick.

I grabbed my dick and put two fingers on her pussy. I spread her lips wide and pushed my hip forward. I slowly guided my dick into her waiting hole. I rubbed my cockhead up and down her line, then pushed into her hole. She left out a muffled cry as I pulled out and tried again a little harder. "ginny, if this hurts bad, tell me and ill stop." I said. "no you fucker keep going" she replied hornily. So I took my throbber and buried it into her pussy and rhythmically pushed in and out like I see on pornos.

We were both breathing deeply now, but she was letting out moans of pleasure. I grabbed her tits and started pushing in and out faster and faster until I started to feel myself building an orgasm. I could tell she was too by the shudder in her body and her screams.

I pulled out and started jacking myself off. I squirted all over her stomach, tits, and got a little on her now gushing twat. "ahhh" we both said tiredly. I collapsed purposefully on her and spun her around so she was now on top of me.

He tits were pushing into my chest and it felt great.

I put both my hands around her ass and squeezed. One of my fingers crept down and I started rubbing her pussy. I could tell it felt good because she started kissing me and breathing deep. She whispered into my ear: "I have to go baby, my mom will be here any minute." I let go of her and we stood up.

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We each took a quick skinny dip in the pool to clean off then got dressed. I kissed her and said I'd see her tomorrow. She replied: " cant wait. Oh and bring a condom!" she winked at me and turned on a dime to walk into her house.