Coarse stud tortures and permeates a bounded petite slut

Coarse stud tortures and permeates a bounded petite slut
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Vengeance 33 Ellie and I went to go get cleaned off at the main building. Like always, she followed me into the men's room and into a shower stall. I kissed her, starting the soap at her shoulders and running my hands down her breasts and stomach.

She started and ran her hands down by arm and abs, smiling as she reached my happy trail. Her hands found her way to my cock, but just off an orgasm, it barely moved for her. My finger on her clit, on the other hand, elicited a jump and a gasp.

We grinned at each other before I ran my hands down her firm legs and ass and finished washing her. No point in washing hair as it would soon get messed up again anyways. We finished up and walked out.

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I made her walk the whole way back in a towel, drawing the stares of many before letting her slip into a thong bikini at the tent.

We spent the next few hours gathering a ridiculous amount of firewood for that night, and I unpacked a small grill for dinner later. It was past six by the time we had a sizable pile, so I lit the grill and made a hamburger for me and hotdog for Ellie.


She knew how I enjoyed the sight of a phallic bite to eat passing through her lips. We brought out chairs down to the water, sitting and watching the gentle lapping of the small waves while we ate. Ellie's skimpy bikini might have drawn more stares, but we were a good bit down from the rest of the campers. After a long relaxing time of sitting and watching the water, it began to get darker.

We collected our chairs and returned to the tent. I stripped and blindfolded Ellie, cuffing her wrists behind her back, and leashing her to the post once more, while I set to work on something. I took two large, thick, Y-shaped branches that I'd cut down earlier and anchored them in the ground about eight feet apart.

Silently and unbeknownst to Ellie, Sarah joined me and helped me set up stones, wood and a starter log for a campfire in between the two posts. I leaned a ten foot branch against one of the Y's, untied Ellie and made her stand on one of the chairs. I bound her wrists high above her head to the branch, and her ankles.

Then I tied her waist to the branch as well as her torso above and below her breasts. Finally, I tied a crotchrope. Ellie, still blindfolded had no idea what was going on, and was disoriented further when I knocked her and the branch to the ground. Sarah and I lifted it up and placed it on the two y-shaped branches dangling Ellie over the would be campfire.

Ellie groaned as the rope around her pussy took a small portion of her weight, digging the rope in between her lips. I then started the fire directly below her, keeping a bucket of sand on hand to smother it if need be. Ellie had no idea what was going on, but began to feel the heat of the flames pretty quickly.

She moaned with pleasure at first, but then began writhing, as it became uncomfortable and she started to sweat. "I like my girls well done," I said taunting her a bit as she struggled. She grinned, but continued to writhe against the ropes. I sat there for a little while, watching her with Sarah, fondling the tan girls breasts as I pleased.

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After several minutes, the flames grew a little high for comfort, and her pulled Ellie down off her spit, leaving her still tied to the branch. I let Sarah fondle her body, causing Ellie to yelp at squirm as it became instantly apparent that the hands weren't mine. Sarah squeezed whatever she felt like squeezing, concentrating on Ellie's breasts while the girl struggled.

Sarah grabbed the crotch rope and pulled up evilly, causing Ellie to thrust her hips in the air, before dropping the girl to the sand. I decided to be merciful and release Ellie from the branch, undoing the blindfold in the process. She saw Sarah and instantly understood what had happened. Sarah, who showed up in a string bikini and shorts, walked up to Ellie and kissed her full on the lips. Ellie returned the gesture, and soon the girls tongues were rolling around. I took this moment to relieve Sarah of her clothing as well.

Ellie explored Sarah's body with her hands, taking in her firm breasts and long, shapely legs. I collared and leashed both girls, and put them facing each other on their hands and knees, tethered to the stake I'd leashed Ellie to earlier.

I grabbed the cattle prod and shocked Sarah on her firm, tan ass. She jumped a mile and tried to pull away from the stake. Her hands went to undo the collar, and I shocked her again. Sarah whimpered as I shocked her a third time, knowing there was absolutely nothing she could do about it. In consolation, Ellie kissed her, sliding her tongue between Sarah's lips, and reaching a hand out to massage her breasts.

Sarah moaned as Ellie's full lips moved down her neck, to her chest. Ellis licked her way down, and bending over, managed to awkwardly get her mouth around Sarah's nipples. Sarah jutted her chest out so that Ellie could easier pleasure her. I reached around behind Sarah and slid a finger into her pussy. Her back arched with shock at the sensation of a man touching her, but she quickly recovered and began grinding her hips into my finger.

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I could feel Sarah's pussy getting wetter and wetter as Ellie and I worked while her moans got louder and louder. When I thought she was getting close, I slid my finger out and forced it between Sarah's lips. She recoiled at first, but quickly started pleasuring it like a cock to enjoy her taste. I moved to Ellie and shocked her. A little more used to the sensation, she yelped, but didn't flinch as much.

I fingered her too, quickly finding and teasing her g-spot. Ellie moaned and arched her back in pleasure as Sarah returned Ellie's favor. After a few seconds I slid my fingers out and made Ellie taste herself.

Like a good girl, she licked them clean. I sat in between the two and allowed them to run their tongues up and down my cock.

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Reaching both hands out, I was able to slip a finger into both girls. The cock pleasuring got decidedly more passionate from Sarah once I did that.

They started taking turns popping the head into their mouths and slowly sliding it out. The sensation was amazing. I sat there and just watched each girls breasts jiggle as they took turns bobbing up and down. I leaned up a bit and grabbed a handful of hair on each girl, alternating them as I pleased. Ellie had far more cock sucking talent, her tongue and lips were unbelievable, but there was a sexiness in Sarah's reluctance and obedience.

I knew my dick was the only one to be in either girl's mouth, so their habits and rhythms were attuned to my pleasure.

Ellie knew exactly what spots to work and how to work them. She knew the perfect time to deepthroat, or to lick my head. She gave nice wet blowjobs, but not quite enough to be too sloppy. I pulled Sarah's head down on my cock and held it there, watching her turn red as it poked at the back of her throat. I pulled her up and let her gasp for air and pulled her down again. There was drool everywhere. I loosened my grip on the two a little bit, and let Ellie do what she was born to.

Sarah turned to the side and did what she could to lick my balls, and the parts of my cock Ellie didn't have. I reached up and grabbed a handful of breast on each girl. Ellie arched her back, pushing more of herself into my hand as she continued to work. I came closer and closer with each bob of her head. "Don't swallow," I commanded. Somehow in the midst of pleasuring me, she managed to nod.

I massaged harder and harder as I got closer. Sarah flinched a bit, but Ellie only moaned louder. "Oh fuck yeah," I whispered as Ellie bobbed on my head so quickly it was like the girl had a vibrator attached to her. Her tongue was everywhere. She moaned with pleasure again as my cock stiffened, anticipating the rush of cum. I did not disappointer, shooting several streams into her mouth. Her tongue blocked her throat, pooling a massive wad of cum in her mouth. When I finished, slowly and gently I slid it out.

"Give it to Sarah," I told her. The lesbian looked taken aback.


"Don't make me shock you," I warned her. She reluctantly allowed Ellie to move forward and kiss her, drooling the large load into her mouth. Sarah cringed, but took it all as best she could. It dribbled sexily down the chin of both girls. "You may swallow," I told Sarah.

She managed to get it down. Ellie laughed, and licked Sarah with her still cum covered tongue, putting a nice layer on the girl's face. "Good girl Sarah." She looked both happy at the praise and somewhat disgusted at the fluid that covered her face. I untied both, and Ellie showed her nice, and greedy sides in cleaning up her handiwork.


Sarah went off to the tent to rest a bit after her somewhat long drive, and exhausting hours after while Ellie and I walked down to the beach again.

It was getting late so while there were many fires at the campsites way down where all the people were, there was not a soul that we could see on the beach.

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We laid down in the sand for a while, just holding each other. The sun had long since set, but it was still warm enough out. The darkness made for a nice scene with the two of us lying naked together.

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After several minutes, I slid downward and started eating Ellie out. She arched her back, her shoulder blades digging into the sand. I teased her clit with my tongue, flicking it in and out, and taunting her licking her labia and inner thighs.

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"Oh just do it already," she gasped, pulling my head down. I sucked her clit into my mouth and wrapped my tongue around it, while sliding two fingers into her pussy. I curled them around, finding her g-spot, and kept licking away. Ellie was contorting her body with every brush my tongue made against any part of her skin.

I looked up to see her roughly fondling her boobs. With my free hand I reached up and helped her out, all while continuing my two pronged attack on her clit and g-spot. "Uhh, shit," she moaned as I felt the space around my fingers grow noticeably tighter. I pressed my tongue down and swirled it in circles. "Oh yeah," she moaned, arms falling limp. I went faster and faster and she started to involuntarily hump my mouth.

"Oh god," she moaned, her kegel muscles spasming wildly. "Uh, uh, uh, uh," she moaned, twitching uncontrollably as she came hard. I kept up the fast pace, not giving her time to catch her breath in between the many orgasms. Finally, after several seconds, she began to wind down, her ragged gasps turning to slower, more measured breaths. I slid my fingers out, prompting a squeal from her and kissed her. She aggressively slid her tongue into my mouth, taking in her taste. I pushed it back seconds later, invading hers, running mine up and down the roof of her mouth.

Her eyes opened wide at the shock of my tongue probing yet another of her erogenous zones. I let her calm down once more, tangoing with hers until we slowly pulled away from each other. We stood and headed back to the tent. She giggled, pointing to her very distinct assprint in the sand as well as the ones left by her feet, back and my elbows and kneed. When we got back, Sarah was in the tent, rolling out a sleeping bag, not to sleep in, but rather on as cushion. I made Sarah lay on her back as Ellie and I each grabbed a breast for a pillow and kissed good night.