Twink gives boyfriend a blowjob before fucking him raw

Twink gives boyfriend a blowjob before fucking him raw
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"Hello? Earth to Ethan!" I look up to see my year 12 maths teacher staring at me "Um, what?" I ask with a genuinely surprised look on my face. I am met with the laughter of the classroom as I realise I've been caught in the middle of class day dreaming again.

"Don't worry" My teacher sighs in disappointment "Ben, what's the answer" "Forty two" Ben replies with ease I look back at Mrs Sinclar as she meets my eyes and gives me a disappointing look. The worst part about all this is once I looked at the question I knew the answer straight away. I'm woken from my day dream again by the bell that is ringing to signal the end of class. I quickly pack up my things and head towards the door. "What were you dreaming about this time?" Mrs Sinclar asks without looking up from the papers that she is marking.

"Um, nothing" I respond as she gives me a look that chills me to the core. "Um, I don't know, anything, nothing, just anything to get out of this maths class … No offence Mrs Sinclar!" "Haha, its fine Ethan, you're not in trouble or anything, I was just curious where you go every maths lesson." Mrs Sinclar responds with a smile I look up and lock eyes with Mrs Sinclar.

I want to tell her the truth, but I can't. I mean how could I? How could I tell her that every time I walk into her class I fantasise about fucking her hard and long? Mrs Sinclar is a stunning women. She has only just finished university and already has a full time job at a high school. She's just turned 23 but has been married for three years now.

She stands at 5 ft 9" and has a body to die for! Her face is beautiful with her eyes a deep blue that anyone could get easily lost in, and her lips are bright red and very puffy which is a major turn on.

Her long brown hair comes down to just past her shoulder blades and she wears it straight down which just adds to her sexiness. She is a very fit women and I often see her when I go to my local gym or just for my daily jog. She has a nice tight toned ass which I make a point of watching whenever she does squats in the gym. But her breasts are the thing I always find myself locking onto, they sit nicely on her body, I'm guessing they'd be about 34D, and despite their size and weight, they never sag- bouncing lightly with each step she takes.

"Um, it's really nowhere Mrs Sinclar" I say in a nervous voice as I notice I've been staring at her boobs for the past few seconds.


Her top button is undone and because of the way I'm standing I can just slightly see down her shirt. "Oh really?" she asks with one eyebrow raised and a devilish grin on her face "Then what's that?" she asks as she nods towards my cock.

I quickly look down to see that my shorts have made a tent from my hard on that I didn't notice until she just pointed it out. "Nothing!" I reply quickly as I grab my bag and run out the classroom door, not even saying bye to Mrs Sinclar as I leave the school behind me. Walking home from school, I just can't seem to get rid of this boner! The thought of Mrs Sinclar's boobs and the fact she saw my hard on and didn't yell at me or anything got me really curious, but even more horny.

I don't know how I'm going to make it home before I blow my load, or even worse, before someone notices my hard on! I decide to make a quick pit stop at the town library and use the combination of their public toilets and the free Wi-Fi to relieve myself.

I quickly lock the only cubical in the men's bathroom and sit down, I put my earphones in and immediately go to my phone's videos where I store a large amount of porn.

I quickly click play on one of my favourite screaming videos and start to jerk my 8" cock. I'm already ready to blow my load and the screaming and hot ladies aren't helping. Suddenly I imagine Mrs Sinclar jerking me and it's all too much as I shoot stream after stream of cum onto the back of the toilet door, letting out a low moan as I do.

It's later than usual by the time I finally get home and mum questions me about where I've been, but I brush her off easily enough, telling her that I played a bit of soccer with a mate after school.She seems satisfied with my answer and as soon as I've done my chores I'm back up in my room with my hand around my cock jerking myself off to my mental image of Mrs Sinclar again. Ok, let me tell you a bit about myself, I'm 17 and in my last year of high school before I go to university next year.

I stand at 6 ft 2" tall and weigh 190 pounds, most of which I'm glad to say is muscle. I have short shaggy brown hair and a face that I got told by my last girlfriend was to die for. I'm very muscular and work out every second day in the gym, as well as working out in the gym I go for a 10 kilometre run every day and do an ab workout everyday which has helped contribute to my six-pack.

I often get asked out by girls but have only ever had two girlfriend in which both cases they didn't last long.

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I have a few nude pics from them but never did anything sexual much to my disappointment. The proudest feature of mine however is my 8" cock that has a large girth and is always hard as a rock. As I lay there thinking about Mrs Sinclar sucking me off, I can't handle it anymore and shoot another load of cum all over my stomach and chest. A few days have passed since my last encounter with Mrs Sinclar and everything is normal as far as I can tell, maths class is still boring, it's still make your own pizza Monday and Mrs Sinclar is still as hot as ever.

One thing I have noticed is that Mrs Sinclar has started to brush against me a bit in class, usually it's her ass just brushing my arm or something but it's becoming a real turn on and it's really distracting.

She's also started to wear tighter skirts though that show off her ass more, and every time I see her I swear her top two buttons on her t-shirt are undone instead of just her top button. I often think about this when I get home and wank. But never did I think she would be doing this intentionally to turn me on.

Oh how I was wrong. "BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!" The bell sounds to end another day of school and just before my maths class can get up and leave Mrs Sinclar makes an announcement that she has our maths tests marked and to stay seated as she hands them out. A collective groan rings out across the class as Mrs Sinclar starts to hand out the test results to everyone. "As soon as you have your tests you may go" she says in a kind voice "If you have any queries or want anything explained then review your test tonight and I will answer your questions tomorrow in class" Slowly the class gets smaller and smaller until suddenly it's just me and Mrs Sinclar in the class.

She comes down and sits on a desk next to me, she doesn't fold her legs like usual however and I get a nice view of some sexy red lace underwear she's wearing. "How do you think you went" she asks in a stern voice "I don't know, good" I reply with a shrug in a nervous voice "58%" she says "See! What did I say! Good!" I say with a little laugh "Ethan, you could do a lot better if you just focused in class and studied a bit more.

I think you'd benefit if I did some after school tutoring with you and tried to get you to focus more" she said in a caring but stern voice "Um, ok, I guess so I reply" as I think about this extra time I get to perve on Mrs Sinclar "Good!

We will start tomorrow straight after school" she says "No ifs or buts!

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I expect you here then" she says with a smile on her face "Ok" I say with a sigh as I stand up and grab my test from her hand, this angle is giving me a great view of her tits and I quickly develop a massive hard on. "I look forward to it" she says in a low seductive and sexy voice as she winks at me and looks down at my cock in my shorts.

Again I panic at her looking at my hard on "Bye Mrs Sinclar, see you tomorrow" I yell as I run out of the room. As soon as I get home I bypass my family and head straight to my room to think about what has just happened, she wants to tutor me, she winked at me, and she looked at my hard on again! I hear a knock at my door and see my 16 year old sister Jessica standing there about to ask a question. She takes a look at me and laughs and says "Right then, I'll leave you to it and ask you later" as she leaves the room laughing.

I'm quickly confused and look down to see my cock is still obviously rock hard. "Better sort that out" I say with a laugh as I close my room door and drop my pants. Later at night I tell my mum about how Mrs Sinclar suggested that I should get some extra maths tutoring from her, starting right away tomorrow. Of course, mum thought it was a fantastic idea and tells me to spend as much time at tutoring as I need and come home whenever I'm done. I can barely sleep that night- I keep thinking of the past events of the day that and what could occur tomorrow.

I keep replaying it over and over in my mind until eventually I can't keep my eyes open. It had just been a normal day so far, the usual boring classes, playing soccer on the oval for lunch and mucking around with my mates all day long. Maths was different though. Mrs Sinclar was very boring today, she was wearing her usual sexy outfit, but she hadn't paid any attention to me at all.

She hadn't brushed past me, she hadn't asked me any questions, and she hadn't even glanced at me. All the attention I got from her was her reminding me about tutoring after school. I was a bit bummed out after that as thoughts about her seriously wanting to tutor me at maths came into my head and suddenly I was dreading at least another hour of maths work I would have to do. Finally it arrived, it was 3.15pm and the bell had gone 15 minutes ago. I was waiting outside the classroom and was beginning to think that Mrs Sinclar had forgotten when I heard "Hey Ethan, sorry I'm late!" I turned around and my draw dropped as my maths teacher came bouncing down the hall, her t-shirt now had four buttons undone and she had changed from her skirt to a really short skirt that barely passed her crotch.

She walks up to me and gave me a smile as she unlocks the classroom door and we both go inside. "Get your books and what not out and get ready to work" she says with a smile on her face. As I did this she clears her desk, putting her books in draws and some other things on the floor. I thought this is really weird as she was about to tutor me and she had just cleared her desk. She looked up once I was done and said "good, you ready to start?" "Yeah" I replied in a cool calm voice "Ok, come up here" she said smiling "What?'" I asked confused "Just come up here Ethan, I have to show you something before we start" she said with an inviting smile on her face.

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Her lips seemed extra puffy today. I smiled back at her and stood up and walked over to her. As I stood next to her I couldn't help but look down her shirt and get a full view of her breasts as I licked my lips.

I then noticed the desk was empty "What am I looking at?" I asked in confusion "My tits stupid!" she said with a devilish grin on her face as she reached out and grabbed my cock through my pants firmly.

"What … What are you doing Mrs Sinclar?!" I said in shock, but doing nothing to stop her from holding onto my ever growing cock. "I see the way you look at me, I know you want to fuck me.

And even more I want to fuck you" At this point her hands start to rub my cock through my pants, "Now you aren't going to tell anyone, Ok? And you're going to fuck me exactly like I want you to." "What about your husband?" I ask as I groan as she continues to rub my cock "He's been cheating on me for a while now … So I think it's time to get some revenge" she says to me and gives me a bit of a wink as she speeds up her wanking. All I can do is moan in response.

This is all the encouragement she needs as she stops wanking my cock and pulls my shorts and underwear down in one motion.

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"Wow" she says as she gasps "What?" I ask quickly worried I've done something wrong "Your cock is huge!" She says winking at me as she slowly lowers herself down onto her knees in front of me. Before I can reply Mrs Sinclar has hold of the base of my cock, licking up and down my length. I let out a huge groan of built up sexual tension as for the first time I feel someone else touch my bare cock apart from me. After a minute of licking every inch of my cock like a lolly pop she wraps her hand around my hard cock and starts to jerk me really fast.

"Stop!" I yell after just seconds of this, "I don't want to cum yet!" "You said you'd do whatever I wanted! And that includes cumming when I want you too" She says in a sexy voice, and with that she engulfs my cock with her wet hot tight mouth.

Her lips look incredible as I feel her tongue circle around the head of my cock as she boobs her head back and forth very fast. Each time she bobs her head on my cock she takes more and more of it in. After just 30 seconds she's gone from barely half of my cock in her mouth to now her nose touching my pubic hair as my cock is being fully deep throated. It's not long before I feel myself about to cum "!

I'm about to cum!" I gasp. She quickly removes my cock from her mouth, much to my disappointment. "Give me a minute" she says as she looks up at me and give me a wink.

She then takes her t-shirt off, and her bra follows just seconds later. My eyes immediately land on her tits which have been teasing me for almost two years now.

She puts my cock straight back down her throat and it's all too much for me to handle as I let out a loud moan and shoot wave after wave down her throat.

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She swallows every drop and never stops sucking or deep throating me all the time I cum. After she's sucked all the cum she can from my cock she stands up and starts to make out with me.

I don't argue with this and immediately start to make out with her as well. It's not long before our tongues are down each other's throats and we are both moaning loudly. "What the heck" she says quickly as she looks down and sees that my 8" cock is still fully erect.

"Naughty boy" she says as she continues to make out with me. My hands have found their way to her boobs and are playing with them happily as her nipples get harder and harder. "Well, looks like I should take care of that cock again" she says as she goes to bend down. "No" I say stopping her.

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Before she can talk I pick up her small light frame and place her on her desk. "Now it's my turn to enjoy your body" I say with a seductive voice.


I quickly place my lips around her right boob and start to suck and bite it before she can say anything, she still manages to open her mouth but it is only to let out a low sexy moan. As I suck on her right boob I work her left boob and nipple in my hand. After a while I switch sides and continue this for about five minutes as I savour every inch of her perfect firm tits. After I'm done with her boobs I start to lower myself down towards her pussy which I have longed for.

She starts to sit up and goes to stop me but I simply use my muscular arms to push her back down as I reach the entrance to her skirt. To my amazement she isn't wearing any panties and I am just inches away from her pretty looking pussy. "Mrs Sinclar! Who's the naughty one now?" I ask in a teasing voice. Before she can answer however I have placed my lips on her pussy and have started to suck and lick her like a man possessed. She gasps loudly and immediately relaxes her body as she lets my tongue and mouth go to work.

I may not have the greatest technique, but what I lack in technique I make up in enthusiasm as I dive my tongue in and around her tight pussy, making her moan loudly as she enjoys my treatment. I may have only been licking her out for a few minutes now but I'm getting the hang of it quiet quickly as my tongue flicks up and down her pussy at a fast rate, dipping into her pussy to lick up her flowing juices.

Suddenly at the top of one of my flicks I hit something and she lets out a loud scream of pleasure. It's at that moment I remember that a women's clit is extremely sensitive. I waste no time in sucking around her pussy until I find that sweet clit of hers and start to suck and nibble on it as she starts to buck her hips and scream in pleasure. "Fuck me! Fuck my tight pussy you sexy boy!" she yells as I nibble on her clit. I don't need to be told twice as I immediately start to finger fuck her with two of my fingers.

She lets out a huge scream as she feels my two fingers go fully into her tight dripping pussy. It's not long before her screams get even louder and more rapid as I feel her pussy tighten around my fingers as she cums all over my face and fingers in what is a huge orgasm that lasts for several minutes. As soon as she has recovered she sits up and begins to make out with me again, her breathing is heavy and her pussy is still dripping. After a minute she pushes me back and stands up.

She removes her skirt as I take off my t-shirt "You're one sexy boy, you know that?" she says in a seductive voice that ends with a wink "and very good with your tongue!


Who have you been practising on?" "No one" I reply with a pleased smile on my face "You're my first" "No way!" she responds "So that was your first time licking out a chick and your first time having your cock sucked?" "Yeah! Thanks by the way!" I respond as I give her a kiss, my hands on her waist and her arms around my neck.

"Well … Guess this will be the first time you'll be fucked then!" She says with a big devilish smile on her face. Before I can say anything she is making out with me again, her body pressed firmly against me and my hard cock. She turns me around and pushes me down so I am now laying down on the bench.

She moves around so now she is straddling me, hovering just above my massive cock as I let out a big grunt just from her grabbing my cock and positioning it under her pussy. "Just so you know, I'd never cheat on you Mrs Sinclar" I say "Please Ethan, just Sarah" she says as the tip of my cock enters her tight pussy. We both moan out of pure pleasure as, slowly, she lowers herself onto my massive cock.

Her tight pussy slowly being stretch wider by my cock. She has to pull out and put it back in a few times before she can finally get my cock fully into her extremely tight pussy.

We both let out another huge moan as she sits, fully engulfing my cock for a minute and allows her tight pussy to become more accustom to the size of my cock. She moves so she's laying down on top of me as she slowly slides her hips forward and back over my cock. Her lips on mine, her clit rubbing against my crotch and my 8" cock deep in her pussy. She keeps up this rhythmic movement of sliding up and down my cock as we both make out passionately and moan in pleasure of what we are both experiencing.

After about five minutes of solid fucking I can feel myself getting closer as I let out a "Fuck" from my lips. "Me to baby" she moans knowing exactly what I meant. With that she moves so she is now sitting on my cock and before I can say another thing she's bouncing up and down on my hard cock fast. The change in speed of our fucking has an immediate impact on both of us as my grunts become quicker and louder and her moans turn into screams of pure pleasure.

I look up at the beautiful sight before me. There she is, my stunning maths teacher, bouncing on my cock, her boobs bouncing as she does, her head tilted back in pure pleasure and her screams escaping her sexy lips.

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I reach up with both my hands and grab her boobs, massaging them as she bounces up and down on my cock. After a minute she begins to ride me harder and faster as I start to feel her pussy walls clamp all around my cock. Her screams loud enough to wake the dead and her nipples firmly between my fingers.

It's all too much for me to handle as I let out a huge grunt "I'm gonna cum!" I yell as I start to feel her pussy cum all around my cock. With one last bounce on my cock I start to shoot wave after wave of cum deep into her cumming pussy. I don't know how much I shoot but I shoot for a minute straight, all the time having her cum over my cock and scream out in pleasure.

After five minutes of recovery, we get up and see the big pile of cum that's on the desk. She looks at me and we embrace and exchange another kiss. She looks me in the eyes and say "Thank you Ethan that was amazing" "No! Thank you Mrs Sin- I mean Sarah" I reply as I give her another kiss "You can run on home now sexy, don't worry Ill clean it all up" she replies "just make sure you don't tell anyone, and this may be a one-time thing only" "No problem" I say as I get dressed and pack up my stuff.

As I go to leave the classroom I take out my mobile and sneak a few pictures of Mr Sinclar naked and cleaning up my cum. "Thank you again" I say as I give her a kiss and leave the room.

What will happen now? How will she deal with me in class? Will we get to fuck again? And what can I make her do with these pictures.? I think as I look through the several photos I took of her without her seeing. All these thoughts in my head, I guess we will just have to see what happens. Hey everyone, Thanks for reading this story. This is only my second story so please give your comments and opinions bellow and thanks for reading!

Hope you enjoyed.