Young Teen Fucked Against The Wall

Young Teen Fucked Against The Wall
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Evelyn watched as her husband Jim left the party with Edgar, a tall sandy haired intellectual type who was married to Marie, one of her best friends. She knew where they were going and why.


She knew how much Jim enjoyed sucking men's cocks and she also knew that he was fond of Edgar. She moved around the party listening in on conversations and trying to pick up on who was fucking who and that sort of newsy tidbit. She looked across the room and saw Marie speaking earnestly to Joan, the hostess. She walked across the room toward the two women. Marie was dark-complected, Italian looking, although she wasn't sure what her heritage was, her hair was straight and black, worn down over her olive skinned shoulders.

Her breasts were full and upturned, about 36 C she imagined. Her waist was trim and her hips had that Italian flair to them that screamed "Fuck me". Evelyn had seen her pussy on occasion, and remembered that Marie was a purist who did not trim or shave her pubic area at all. She had a full growth of raven black pussy hair that made her pussy look amazing. She also remembered that her nipples were dark and had a pronounced nib, that perkily pointed upward when she thrust out her chest.

They had showered together in the past at the club after tennis, so she was quite aware of the body of the woman whose husband was currently fucking her husband's mouth. As she reached the women Joan was saying, "No, I hadn't heard that." "Hadn't heard what? Evelyn entered the conversation. "Marie was telling me that Dr. Hightower was performing reversible vasectomies on the boys at the school for free to cut down on teen pregnancy." Joan offered.

"Oh, Wow, what a wonderful gesture," Evelyn said " I'll have to tell Robby." she referred to her 17 year old son. "He would love to be able to ride bare back." She said with a chuckle. "I know," added Joan "I'm sure most of the boys at school will take advantage of that." Evelyn moved next to Marie and put her arm around her shoulder.

"Come with me, I have something to show you." she said to Marie as she led her away from Joan who had already picked up another gossip partner. As the women walked out of the house, Marie asked where they were going. Evelyn shushed her and told her to be very quiet. They stealthily moved through the garden behind the house and approached the cabana that sat at the rear of the property.

As they drew nearer the unmistakable sounds of sexual activities came from the lowly lit interior of the cabana. Marie shot Evelyn a mischevious glance and put her hand over her mouth to suppress a giggle.

As the two women squared themselves to look into the open window, Marie choked back a muffled scream. Her eyes were fixed on the ecstatic face of her husband whose ample cock was sliding in and out of the hungry mouth of Jim, Evelyn's husband. She looked shocked as she stared into Evelyn's excited eyes.

Her look was questioning and incredulous. She was overwhelmed. Evelyn put her finger to her lips to keep her from speaking. The women watched for several minutes until Edgar threw his head back and groaned deeply as he emptied his balls into Jim's eager mouth. Marie was shaking like a leaf, as Evelyn led her a safe distance away where they could continue to watch but also where they could speak in hushed tones to one another.

"What the fuck???" Marie exclaimed. "Shhhh, shhh, they'll hear you." Evelyn whispered. "Jim loves to suck guy's cocks, I've known for several years now. He has sucked so many I've lost count, but I know this isn't his first time sucking Edgar, because I have seen and heard them at our house before when we have our girl's night out and I come home early." Marie had a dumb look on her face.

"I had no idea" she said and then turned to continue to watch. Jim was stroking his cock and approaching Edgar as he knelt down to receive Jim's fully hardened dick."My God he has a nice cock" Marie said referring to Jim's nine inch meatstick. "I'd love to have that in my cunt." she said very matter-of-factly. Evelyn's face was flushed with lust as she watched Edgar suck longingly on her husband's beautiful penis.

She was rubbing Marie's back and put her arm over her shoulder and reached to carress her breast. Maries recoiled at first but then got into the spirit of the moment and pulled the front of her dress down to allow easier access. She turned her head and planted a full mouthed kiss on Evelyn's hot lips. They sucked at each others mouths and played with their tongues as the kiss became more and more passionate.

Evelyn lifted the hem of Maries short skirt and her hand went into her panties. She fondled the full bush of that magnificent pussy. She slid two fingers inside her and stroked her clit with her thumb. Marie gasped with pleasure. "Oh, Baby," she said "Don't stop, right there, right there." she was breathless with lust.

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Marie practically ripped Evelyn's top off as she sucked her pale nipple into her open mouth. Her tongue made circles around the bud as Evelyn's nipples became hard and swollen with lust. Evelyn pushed her breast into her friend's hungry mouth as she increased the speed and pressure of her assault on the other woman's clit.

Marie went to her knees and her head lunged between Evelyn's thighs as her hand pulled aside the fabric of the thong covering Evelyn's neatly trimmed honey colored pussy. Her tongue found it's mark immediately and Evelyn slumped back against a nearby bench. The two women had mostly forgotten the gay sex that was taking place just yards from their position.

Evelyn stole a glance as Marie's tongue propelled her toward an awesome orgasm that seemed to be heightened by the sight of Edgar's head bobbing on her husband's cock. When she regained herself, she dropped to her knees and returned the attention she had received to that amazing bushy pussy she had always been fascinated with. Her tongue dipped deeply into the folds of Maries pussy lips as she sought out the clitoris that she so desperately needed to suck.

The bushy pubic hair tickled her nose and cheeks as she pressed forward. Soon Marie was breathing hard as she, too, reached her summit of lust and spilled over into orgasmic bliss.

Both women sat panting on the grass as they heard Jim exploding into Edgar's mouth. His gasps were quite loud, which didn't matter since they were quite far from the house, but the men were totally unaware that they had an audience of very interested spectators. The two women watched as the men dressed and left the cabana to return to the party.

They watched as they got near the house and exchanged a kiss before they split up and entered through different doors. "Do you want more?" Evelyn asked her new lover "Yes, but what I really want is to go home with Jim. I really want that cock in my pussy." she said.

Evelyn kissed her full on the lips and told her to go for it. "Really?" she asked incredulously. "Sure, baby, it's swapping time." Evelyn giggled. "I want to get Edgar's cock in my ass. It's the perfect size for me." Marie looked at her friend and squeezed her tits.

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"He'll love these" she said. "That man loves sucking pale, freckled titties." They both laughed at the remark as they pulled their dresses back into position and walked toward the house. "Oh shit," Marie exclaimed "Our makeup looks like we were both just gang fucked in a biker bar." She grabbed her friend by the arm and led her back to the cabana where they attended to each other's appearances before they returned to the house.

As they walked back they devised the plan to swap mates for the night. "I really want to fuck you again." Marie said to her friend "Me, too." Evelyn assured her. "We will have a lot of opportunity since the kids are getting ready to go back to school." "Yummy" was Marie's reply. The women entered the house to be met by Jim who asked where they had been. "We went for a walk and talked about girl stuff, none of your business really." Ev told him.

Marie left them to go find Edgar. When she found him she asked where he had been. "Oh, Jim had something on his mind and he just needed to do a little guy talking" he offered as an explanation. "Oh" was Maries response, which relieved Edgar, who did not want to discuss his cock sucking pleasures with his wife.

"I think Evelyn needs to speak with you privately" she told him "About what?" he asked. "I don't know, but she said it was kind of inportant and that I shouldn't ask you about it.


I think it might be about a surprise party for Jim." she lied like a star witness at a congressional inquiry. "Oh well, then I'll go find her." Edgar said At the same time Evelyn was feeding Jim a similar line of bullshit to get he and Marie alone together. Each man sought the wife of the other. Jim found Marie first.

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"Ev says you want to ask me something." he said as he approached the extremely attractive woman. He had always been attracted to her. She had that exotic appeal that all men find extremely exciting. He had thought many times how he would love to suck her breasts and wondered what her pussy looked like. Evelyn was very fair and she had freckles over most of her body. Being a natural redhead, she had extremely pale nipples, which sat almost transparently on her soft mounds of tit flesh.

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He loved fondling her and adored sucking them, but Marie had that certain something that all guys want in a woman. He wondered if Marie's pussy was shaved or whether she had an extended clit like Evelyn.

Evelyn had honey colored pubic hair which she trimmed. His mind raced as Marie led him away from the party and out into the dark patio terrace beside the house. When they were away from the noise of the party, Marie turned to Jim and her hand reached out to grasp his cock through his pants. He jerked away like he had been tazed. 'What the f." he stopped himself before finishing the sentence. "I want to suck your cock." Marie told him, nonchalantly.

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Jim's eyes looked toward the house to see if anyone had heard her proposal. "Marie, you don't know what you're saying, are you drunk?" He kept looking over his shoulder toward the house. Marie reached out to get another grip on his dick, this time he did not pull away, but rather began to harden at the attention from this gorgeous woman.


Marie dropped to her knees as she opened his fly and pulled his hard cock from his pants. "Jesus, Marie" he whispered through clinched teeth.

"What if Evelyn comes out here?" Marie took his hard cock into her mouth, her lips forming an O around the head. She moved her head back and forth as Jim lost all sense of resistance and he began to pump his cock into her very wet mouth. Marie pulled off momentarily and looked him in the eyes. "Am I doing this a good as Edgar?" Jim recoiled at the comment. "Well?" she went on. Jim stammered as she stroked his cock with her hand and placed it back in her mouth. Jim was red faced and still looking for words that would explain his actions when she spoke again.

"I'm fine with you guys having a little suck fun, Hell, Evelyn and I sucked each other while we watched, I just think you ought to let us girls in on the fun." She went back to sucking him and he showed relief on his face. "We didn't do it to hurt either of you." he finally offered an explanation. "I just really love sucking guy's cocks, I have since I was in college. I still love to fuck Evelyn and I eat her pussy almost everytime we fuck." Marie didn't bother to comment, she was now deeply involved with the task at hand.

Jim's breath began to come in short gasps as she worked her magic on his knob. Within minutes he was spilling his cum down her throat. She sucked until there was no more to be had, released his dick and kissed the head as she put it back into his pants. She got off her knees and led him to the car.

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"I'm going home with you." she said, "and Ev is going home with Edgar. We are swapping tonight, and then tomorrow we will all get back together at our house for a free-for- all of fuck fun." Jim offered no resistance. He asked if Ev was with Edgar, and Marie said she really didn't give a fuck, she wanted to get home and get naked and start a night of hard core monkey sex. Jim just shrugged his shoulders and started the car. Evelyn had a similar but much less difficult encounter with Edgar.

He gladly accepted her offer of a quick fuck in the back of the four car garage. She pulled her skirt up and he was inside her in seconds. They fucked hard and fast and both experienced a very satisfying orgasm. On the trip to his house, Evelyn explained that she knew about Jim's cocksucking for a long time and that she was actually turned on by it. As they drove home, she fondled Edgar's cock and told him all the things she was going to do with him when they arrived.

Edgar drove a little faster. As Jim pulled into the drive he realized that their 17 year old son was home. How was he going to explain bringing Mrs.

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Clark home instead of his mother? He opted for evasive maneuvers. He parked at the side of the house and took Marie up the back stairs that led from the garage to the master suite. He had designed the house with this feature so he could sneak his gay friends in past the kids and Evelyn.

It had worked for years. Marie was naked when they reached the top of the stairs. She had taken off her top and skirt in the car, and stripped out of her bra and panties on the walk into the house. Her pussy was screaming for attention. As soon as Jim turned to lead her into the bedroom she grabbed him and clasped her legs around his waist.

"Fuck me" she demanded, and he did, several times throughout the night. They fucked in every position imaginable. She sucked his cock, he ate her pussy, he fucked her in the ass. It was a most rewarding evening of sex. Edgar and Ev spent the evening and the rest of the night with Edgar's cock in all of Ev's holes. They had a very hot session of sixty nine, cumming more than once, both of them.

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And Ev kept his cock hard and in use until they fell into a blissful sleep. Evelyn awoke twice during the night but could not coax another hard on out of Edgar so she just fingered herself until she got the relief she needed. Saturday morning Marie awoke before Jim and she went downstairs to the kitchen.

She was dressed in Jim's lounging robe and his slippers. To her mortification and surprise, Robby, the Martin's 17 year old son walked into the kitchen right behind her. "Hello Mrs. Clark" he said brightly with a smirk on his face. "Did you lose your way home last night?" His face had the look of a kid who caught Mama kissing Santa Claus. Marie stammered, trying to think of something to say that would make this awkward situation go away. She was not aware that he was even home.

Jim had not explained why they entered through the garage last night, she just thought it was the fastest way to get upstairs. Robby moved closer to the older woman. "Damn, Mrs Clark, you sure have a beautiful body." Marie was shocked by his boldness. "Listen young man," she started to reprimand him, "Oh no, Ma'am, you listen," he shot back. "The walls in this house aren't paper thin, but when you are screaming 'fuck me, baby, fuck me' it's kind of hard not to hear." he looked at the woman with an almost sympathetic expression.

"Hey, I'm cool, obviously my Mom is at your house fucking your old man or maybe it was a key party and she is somewhere else. Whatever, I'm cool with it. Did you and Dad have a good time?" his tone was less condescending and more inquisitive. Her face was crimson red. "It isn't what you think." she said. "Really?" he smirked.

"Well it sure souinded like you guys were fucking each other's brains out last night." Marie smacked him on the cheek. "Watch your mouth young man" she spat at him. He spun on his heel and ripped the robe from her body. She stood there totally exposed. He grabbed her by the pubic hair and with the other hand pulled her face to his and kissed her hard on the lips.

She tried to twist away from him but he was too strong. Her resistance turned into cooperation as he ran his tongue into her mouth, He was a better kisser than his Dad or her husband. She began to kiss him back and her passion began to grow for this man-boy who was becoming irresistable. She reached and felt the hard lump inside his pants.

"That's it baby, stroke ny cock." he purred into her ear. "What if your Dad wakes up?" she said anxiously. "Don't worry, after that night of fucking, he's toast. He'll be out for hours." Marie looked at him questionably. "You seem pretty sure of yourself" she said, "Do you know something that I don't?" The boy sucked her nipple into his mouth and uttered an unintelligible grunt. " If you are a good boy, I'll suck your cock." Marie said getting more excited with every new turn of events.

"If you don't, the old man will." he said back. Marie asked him if his father had sucked him in the past. He just smiled and dropped to his knees and buried his face in her pussy.

In seconds Marie couldn't have cared less if the Mormon Tabernacle Choir would have walked in, she wanted to fuck this kid. Robby was right about one thing, his Dad did not wake up, and the morning was filled with very hot sex with the Martin's son. She marveled at the size and stiffness of his youthful cock. She was fascinated with his knowledge of her clitoris and labia. His tongue and mouth brought her to several hard orgasms before she finally begged him to let her shower and take a break. His dick was still hard when she returned from her bath.

She peaked in on Jim, who was blissfully sleeping, unaware that his son had trumped his ace. She did notice he had his hard cock in his hand and had apparently been jerking off. She dried her hair and called her husband to see how his night had gone. Her mind was already thinking about sucking her lesbian lover's pussy later that day. It was turning into a very good day.