Stepmom got fucked at the backyard

Stepmom got fucked at the backyard
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It's highly recommended to read the first part The Unspoken Game, before reading this so you understand everything. This part has much more sex than the first one and builds up to the last part of our story. Hope you enjoy: ------------------------------------------- I felt soft warm skin touching mine, my eyes still closed.

I opened them to be hit by strong morning sunlight entering the room through the window. My eyes adjusted to the light and took in the surroundings, my step sister's room. I was naked, the realization hit me and then I felt the same sensation that woke me. I looked to my side and saw a smooth female back, a thin sheet covering her ass. "Sam" I suddenly remembered, as my mind finally turned back on and the recollection of the past night hit me. It really happened I thought once more, I really fucked my step sister and step mom.

"Wait, where is mom?" I thought to myself. She slept next to me at night but she was gone. I lifted the thin sheet to expose my sister's beautiful teenage ass, then clung to her from behind spooning her.

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I brought my hand over her and started gently playing with her large breast. "Morning Sammy" I whispered in her ear and started kissing her neck and shoulder from behind. She let out a soft moan as she was awakened.

"That feels nice" she said sleepily and turned around to face me. We were both laying on our side and looking each other in the eyes. I slid my hand down her side to her waist and pulled her closer to me. Her hair was messy and you could see on her face she just woke up but even though she looked beautiful and I stole a glance down at her wonderful tits. "How do you feel about last night?" I asked Sam after we lay quiet for a bit looking at each other.

A smile formed on her face. "Last night was amazing" she said quietly, "I didn't know sex could be that good". "I'm really glad to hear" I told her, still looking straight at her. "Are you ready to get up?". She nodded and we slowly got out of bed, standing in her room naked. We both smelled heavily of sweat and sex and were badly in need of a shower.

"I think I'll take a shower" I said to Sam, "would you like to join me?". She looked down at my morning wood, only getting harder by her naked presence. "I'd love to" she answered, and took my hand as we walked over to the shower. I turned on the water and we both brushed our teeth while waiting for them to warm up. Then, we entered the small shower and let the warm water embrace us while each admiring the other's naked body.

She looked so beautiful, the water running down her wet hair, her boobs, her stomach, pussy and legs. I held her in my hands and pulled her in for a sensual kiss, tasting her full red lips for the first time. We broke the kiss and started washing. Each washed the other's body, I using the excuse to caress her breasts, stomach, ass, legs, and thoroughly wash her pussy and bush, and she using it to feel my chest, abs, ass and stroke my very hard cock repeatedly.

By the time we finished washing each other we were both extremely horny, my cock rock hard just like my sister's nipples.

"Is it okay if I jack off to you?" I asked Sam, "You're so fucking hot". "Only if I can do the same" she answered with a horny smile. She leaned against the shower wall and inserted a finger into her pussy, fingering herself while looking at me.

I put some soap in my hand and started stroking my dick while looking at my sister fingering herself. Sam started moaning and fingered herself faster which only encouraged me to do so as well. The shower wasn't big and we were very close to each other. Sam was looking at me and moaning, trying to insert her finger deeper and deeper inside her twat. "Oh god" I let out as my orgasm hit me first, waves of sexual pleasure rushing through me.

I stroked my cock as I came, shooting my sperm around the shower, one load hitting my sister on the leg.

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Sam looked shocked at seeing me cum and the sticky matter hitting her, but it also turned her on because shortly after she let out a short squeal then started fingering herself as fast as she could. A couple of seconds later she climaxed too, letting out moans and her legs shaking slightly at her self-induced orgasm. Both our orgasms subsided and after washing the little mess they caused we walked out of the shower. We dried each other off, exited the bathroom and went downstairs, still completely nude.

"I don't know about you, but I'm hungry" I told my sister. "How about I cook us some breakfast and you set the table?". Sam agreed happily and we walked over to the kitchen and started preparing the meal. I was just starting to cook the waffles I made from scratch when I heard the door open and after a few seconds my mom entered the kitchen.

"So that's where she ran off to" I thought to myself as I saw her in her jogging outfit, her forehead beaded with sweat and her clothes emphasizing her fit womanly body, the body I intimately got to know just last night. Mom said nothing as her gaze wondered between my naked little sister and me, still trying to catch her breath from the run. "Morning mom" I said.

Sam continued "Bryce just started making waffles, why don't you go take a shower then join us". "That sounds good" mom said after catching her breath and walked over to her room.

I finished making a huge stack of waffles and placed them on the table with toppings, including fresh fruit Sam chopped up as mom returned from her shower. She entered the kitchen refreshed, clean and to my delight naked. She walked over to join us showing off her bouncing tits, athletic smooth body and heavenly pussy that caused me so much pleasure the night before.

All three of us sat down around the table and started eating hungrily, my mother's and sister's heavy breasts in full view. We were all starving after the night we had. "Kids" mom started after taking a few bites, "Are you okay with what happened last night?". "More than okay" I answered. "We're great" Sam jumped in smiling, "Oh my God, it was amazing" she continued. "Good", mom said relieved, "Is there anything you want to tell me or ask about last night?".

I thought I knew was she was talking about. Last night, during the end of our sexual encounter, while I was fucking her from behind, to both Sam's astonishment and mine, she started eating Sam's pussy, her own daughter. "Yeah mom" I said "I wanted to tell you that you are ridiculously sexy and have an amazing body". I didn't see any good coming of asking her about what she really had on her mind. "Thanks honey" she said blushing bright red. We finished eating and cleared the table.

Mom started doing the dishes, her tight ass turning me on as Sam and I put things back in place. "Don't forget, I'm picking your father up at the airport in a couple hours" mom said when we finished putting everything away, "make sure you're dressed when we get back".

From that day on, my life took a very sharp sexual turn. A few days after, I started my summer break from the university, Sam finished high school and went on her last summer break before college. On the weekdays, we would both be home all day and much of the time mom as well and we would walk around the house naked. We would put on clothes each night just before dad would get home, when we would go out, when we would have guests around the house and at weekends when dad was home.

Mom worked most days for a few hours but whenever she was home she would prance around naked just like us.

I would feast my eyes daily on my step mother's and step sister's naked bodies and was used to my cock being hard often. Also, I would not only look. After tasting them for the first time, I would constantly grope them while we passed each other around the house.

I would caress and suck their tits, hold them from behind and kiss their neck, finger their warm cunt and even get on my knees and eat their pussy when I was in the mood. They in return would stroke and lick my dick when they were in the mood. I was always horny and so was Sam, she and I would fuck constantly. We would take showers together where we would fuck, pop into each other's room when we needed a quick release and sometimes we would even run into each other in the kitchen or hallway and just start fucking like bunnies, right there on the spot.

Sex brought Sam and I closer together than ever, in and outside the bedroom. At the beginning, we would spend hours naked together, studying each other's bodies. I would kiss her then lick and explore her entire body, sucking on her breasts, massaging and fondling them, kissing her neck and shoulders, licking her thighs, squeezing and kissing her amazing ass, brushing her bush, fingering and licking every inch of her cunt and even play with her asshole, fingering and licking around it.

Sam would instruct me on each body part until I knew her perfectly. I knew where she was ticklish, where she was most sensitive and where to press and touch to make her cum. Sam studied me also. She explored my entire body and gradually learned where to touch and when.

She would suck my dick constantly, trying something new each time like swirling her tongue around, sucking hard with her mouth closed and trying to push my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. She would ask me what I liked each time until she became a master.

We enjoyed our sexual study sessions together a lot, even when there was no penetration. We would take turns, me eating her pussy until she came and then she would blow me until I came, and then we would start again.

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After a while, we knew each other so well, I could make Sam orgasm with just my mouth in under a minute and she could do the same to me. Outside the bedroom we also grew closer and would talk about a lot of things we never did before.

I told her about college and she told me her fears regarding starting college, she told me about the time she lost her virginity when she was 17 and how awful it was, I told her about my first time and about the sexual partners I had. We asked each other things we were afraid to ask other people, sexual and non-sexual.

We were just so comfortable with each other, sexually and personally. With mom on the other hand, I rarely had sex. She wouldn't mind me touching her, caressing her breasts, playing with her vagina and even eating her pussy and she would stroke my cock as well and give a quick suck every once in a while, but rarely allowed me to penetrate her. My step mom would enjoy watching Sam and I fuck and on a few occasions, she would come up to our rooms after hearing us moan from downstairs.

She would come in and just look at us fuck, fingering herself fiercely until Sam and I climaxed, mom usually making herself climax in the meantime as well. At the beginning, we would ask mom to join us when she saw us fucking but she would decline politely and keep touching herself while watching us.

A few times I ran into her around the house and started caressing her amazing body, but just as I prepared to penetrate her, she would stop me and make and excuse. There were unique occasions though. One Saturday morning, I was sitting in the living room watching TV.

My father left for a conference the day before so as usual I was completely naked. My mom entered the living room, naked as well and sat down next to me. I placed my hand on her thigh and started rubbing it.

My step mom placed her hand on my cock and started stroking it as it hardened in her hand. I in return brought my hand up her thigh, started rubbing her pussy and after a bit started fingering her as she moaned. Up to this point this was routine stuff for us by now. Then, all of a sudden, my mom got to her feet. She looked me in the eyes, still holding my hard cock in her hand and climbed onto me.

She guided my cock to the entrance of her pussy, then, while facing me, impaled herself upon my large hard cock, loud moans escaping our lips as she lowered herself all the way down.

This was the first time I was inside her since our first time together and she felt amazing. She pulled herself up then impaled herself down again the entire length of my cock, letting me feel its full extent glide bare along the walls of her pussy.

I moaned loudly as my cock slid into her another time and marveled at her tits, bouncing enticingly up and down. We fucked passionately, my mom jumping rhythmically on my cock to our sexual noises. I was thrusting myself into her ecstatically when she climaxed. "Oh yes Bryce YES!" she yelled out as her face contorted in pleasure. She kept riding me at full speed and I felt her pussy clamp down around my cock as she screamed out.

I held her with both hands and rolled her over. She was now sitting on the sofa and I was standing, my dick deep inside her. I powerfully thrust my cock inside her as her body writhed with pleasure, her orgasm still in effect as my orgasm started. "Fuck, mom, fuck mom FUCK" I yelled out as I climaxed, my cum shooting deep inside her convulsing pussy as wave after wave of pleasure surged through me. I kept my cock inside her for another minute until both orgasms finished.

I then pulled my cock out and sat next to her. We watched TV in silence for a bit, holding each other's naked body. Half an hour later Sam came down and saw us in that position. Mom quickly got up and walked over to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. I didn't ask why now all of a sudden, I was just glad to be inside my step mom once again. The following day around noon, I was with my sister on her bed talking. Like usual we were horny so without too much thought, my sister grabbed a condom, rolled it on to my erect cock, climbed on top of it and started riding, moaning loudly as she did.

I was enjoying my little step sister's tight snatch and loud moans, when suddenly, I see my mom watching us from the doorway touching herself. I kept fucking Sam and moaning, letting mom enjoy the show when I see her walking over. "AAAhhhh", "hey mom", "AAhhh", Sam said between moans as her mother came into her view. "It's weird how comfortable we got with each other" I thought to myself.

Mom walks in on her daughter fucking her step son, her daughter just says "Hi" between moans and keeps fucking and mom just stands there and watches, touching herself.

My thoughts were cut short because my mom climbed on the bed next to us and without warning placed her pussy over my mouth, wanting me to eat her cunt while her daughter who was facing her, was riding me. I obliged willingly, sticking my tongue out as I tasted my mother's vagina. My mom shivered as my tongue touched her private area. I raised my head a bit and inserted my tongue deeper insider her, making her moan slightly.

I kept on licking my mother's pussy, all I could see was her ass and cunt from below, but I heard Sam's constant moans and mom's as well, getting louder as I used the skills I honed on Sam's pussy on hers. Mom was getting really loud, surprised by my new pussy eating skills. I think Sam signaled her about it because she suddenly climbed off before I made her cum. I regained a clear view in time to see Sam get off my cock and with one swift motion mom climb on top of it and impale herself, causing me to moan loudly.

I watched her riding me lustfully, her beautiful boobs bouncing just to have my vision blocked again, this time by Sam, lowering her pussy over my mouth. I tasted the familiar taste of my sister's snatch, and started eating it, knowing exactly how she liked it. I put my hands around her thighs and pulled her closer. "Oh yes mom, yes!" I let out as my orgasm surprised me, my calls muffled by my sister's muff.

Mom continued riding my hard cock as I climaxed. I continued devouring Sam's pussy, licking and touching the spots I knew so well until in less than a minute, she was shouting out in pleasure as she came, warm juices flowing out of her onto my face.

Sam got off me and I had a view of my mom again, climbing off my receding dick with a look of awe on her face. "Wow, how did you get your sister to orgasm so fast?" mom asked sounding astounded.

"We've been practicing" Sam said with a smile while I was cleaning my pussy soaked face with a box of tissues from beside the bed.

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The next day I was in my room reading a book when I heard a familiar sound, my sister's moans. Normally this wouldn't be weird, but the thing is, I wasn't next to her as she made them and that was weird.

I got up and walked over to her room, opening her door to see what she was doing, only to find her room empty. Another far moan pointed me downstairs and I walked down to the living room to find it empty as well but still hearing moans from down the hall. They were coming from my parent's room. I walked quietly over, turned on and extremely intrigued as I looked inside.

It took me a second to decipher what I was seeing. I saw my step mom on her knees, her ass held up in the air towards me. I couldn't see her head because it was bent down and right where she was bent down Sam was sitting, her head back against the headboard. She was moaning wildly. "Holly shit" I thought to myself, mom is eating Sam's pussy like crazy, and Sam looked like she was enjoying herself immensely as another ecstatic moan left her.

My cock was rock hard and my mom's ass was so inviting I couldn't pass it up. I discreetly walked over behind my mom. Sam noticed me but I signaled her to hush, which she did, too overwhelmed by her own orgasms. I positioned my cock at the entrance to mom's cunt, and without warning just shoved my cock inside as hard as I could.

"What the FUCK Aaahhh" mom screamed out as I caught her by surprise, plunging deep inside her. "Fuck Bryce. What the", "aahhhh", she started saying before I quickly thrust myself into her again not letting her finish, making her moan loudly instead.

I didn't let her talk, I grabbed her waist with both hands and just kept thrusting hard into her. All she could do was moan and groan until she orgasmed powerfully at the same time I did. Her body finished shaking from the orgasm and she continued licking her daughter's cunt.

I sat on the bed and watched, mesmerized as Sam climaxed repeatedly at the mercy of her mother's tongue. Mom finished when Sam's body couldn't take it any longer and she begged her to stop. As soon as mom stopped, Sam collapsed on the bed, whimpering in sexual exhaustion. She fell asleep in seconds and mom and I went to the kitchen for some coffee not talking about what just happened.

The next day dad came back from his conference, and mom went back to not fucking. Only then it hit, she would only fuck us when dad was out of town. That did not stop Sam and me. We would still shower together, touch one another, go down on one another and fuck insanely, going through entire packages of condoms in days.

One day I got the house in the evening, after spending it with friends and noticed my dad's car at the drive way, much earlier than he should be home. I walked in and dad was sitting in the living room watching TV. "Hey dad" I said as I walked over towards him. "Hi Bryce" He answered in return. "What are you doing home so early?" I asked interested. "I wasn't feeling well so I decided to come home" he answered.

"Are you feeling better now" I asked concerned. "Not really but I'll go to bed in a bit and hopefully will feel better tomorrow" dad said. "I hope you do" I said, "Is Sam home?" I continued. To that my dad turned red and said "She's in her room".

I wished him a good night and walked upstairs. ----------------------- Dad was a really good guy.

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He's name was Donald or Don for short. He loved my step mom very much and all of his kids and took care of us. He worked hard to provide and tried to make up for having to go out of town a lot whenever he was home. Dad was a businessman, dealing mostly with foreign import of goods and making good money.

Dad was also in great shape, much thanks to mom and would work out often, going out for a run every morning just like mom. He was the same height as me but had broader shoulders.

He was turning 44 this year and he's short cropped hair was just starting to turn gray. -------------------- I knocked on Sam's door and walked in after she said "come in". "What are you doing Sam?" I whispered to her closing the door quickly. She was completely naked as usual but wasn't supposed to be with dad in the house.

"You're not going to believe what happened" Sam told me her face bright red and started talking quickly. "I had a surprise for you and wanted to tell you about it when you got home. An hour ago I heard a car drive in and was sure it was you".

"What did you do?" I asked frightened. She put her face in her hand, not able to look me in the eyes and continued. "I went down to the living room and sat on the couch trying to look sexy for you when you came in". "And?" I asked. "When I heard the door open I spread my legs and started touching my pussy for you when suddenly I see that it's dad.

Oh my God, He just stood there and looked at me sitting there naked, fingering myself". "What did you do?" I asked. "I yelled "oh my god, daddy", and ran upstairs" Sam answered. "What do you think dad's going to do?" I asked. "I don't know" Sam answered, "I hope if he asks mom about it she will cover for us". I didn't know what else to say so we just sat there in quiet, thinking if there is anything we can do to mend the situation.

I suddenly remembered something. "What did you want to show me?" I asked Sam. "What do you mean?" Sam said. "You said you were waiting downstairs because you wanted to surprise me with something, what was it?" I explained. "I totally forgot about that" Sam said, "But don't get too excited, we can't do anything right now". "What is it?" I asked intrigued.

Sam put on a large smile and said "I started taking birth control pills". "Are you serious?" I said aloud, paying attention to the fact that she was naked, a sight I was so used to seeing but still loved. "Yep" Sam said glowing, "I started taking them a few days ago so I should be fine by now.

I wanted to surprise you and to let you fuck me without a condom for the first time". I was horny as hell by this discovery "What are we waiting for?" I said, reaching over and starting to play with her pussy. "No way" She said and pulled my hand away, "dad is downstairs and after what just happened I'm not taking any chances. You'll just have to wait for tomorrow to get some of this" Sam said running her finger over her slit and almost making my cock explode.

I left the room in hurry, my cock badly in need of release. The next day when I got up, all I could think about was my sister's pussy. I wanted to be inside her, but just my luck, dad stayed at home because he still wasn't feeling well. Sam and I went downstairs fully clothed, something we hadn't done in a while, and made dad breakfast. He joined us in the kitchen and all three of us ate breakfast, neither dad nor Sam showing any hint of the incident that happened the day before.

That evening I got home really late after going out with my friends. When I got home it was dead quiet and I assumed everyone was asleep. I climbed up to my room and closed the door getting ready for bed. While I was finishing up, my door opened and Sam walked in dressed in casual shorts and a plain shirt. I got excited for a second but knew better than that.

"Oh my god Bryce you won't believe what I saw" Sam said sounding eager to tell. I was laying on the bed and she jumped on it next to me. "What?" I asked dead tired. I slid my hand down her shorts almost on instinct. She wasn't wearing any underwear and I quickly found her sweet vulva and started playing with it. This was something I did often when Sam and I would just talk, even when not having sex. I just enjoyed playing with that adorable twat of hers and she obviously didn't mind.

I've been wanting to stick my dick into that pussy for 2 days but I knew it wasn't going to happen tonight. Sam started talking: "So I came home a few hours ago and you were gone, only mom and dad were home".

"The house was quiet so I guessed mom and dad were watching TV in their room. I walked quietly over there, to make sure they were home and trying not to disturb them. When I peeked through the crack in the door, I caught them". "Caught them?" I asked, making sure I understood. "Having sex" Sam said approving what I thought. "Mom was on her back and dad was fucking her hard. Looks like he's feeling better". Both of chuckled at that. "Then What?" I asked fascinated, my fingers still moving around in my sister's shorts.

"Dad was holding mom's leg up by her thigh and spreading her legs while he thrust himself into her panting. Mom was moaning quietly with each thrust, her boobs jiggling. it was so fucking hot I had to see more" Sam told. I inserted a finger into her pussy while she was telling what happened, I could feel her wetness growing as she spoke. "What do you mean see more?" I asked her. "Dad was with his back to me and I wanted to see more of him so I entered the room quietly.

Dad was so into fucking mom he had no idea what was going on around him. I slowly walked over to the side until I could see dad's cock plunging into mom's cunt. They both started moaning loudly, their eyes closed in pleasure. I started walking out, understanding they're going to cum. I stood behind dad on my way out as he was fucking mom when mom noticed me watching them.


She just looked me in the eyes as dad fucked her, probably mad at me and wanting me to leave but couldn't say anything without dad noticing. I watched them for another minute or so and then they both orgasmed together, mom couldn't look at me anymore and screamed out in pleasure as her body shook. Dad yelled "Oh yeah Babe YEAH" as he thrust hard into mom.

I got out of there while they were both cumming but I wished I could have stayed and watched some more". Sam finished telling the story flustered. I pulled my finger from her soaking cunt and licked it hungrily as she watched me.

My cock was rock hard and I pulled it out of my pants for a little relief. Sam grabbed me and kissed me passionately on the lips. "I want you so bad" I whispered in her ear after our lips parted. "Oh god me too" Sam said, "But we can't, mom and dad&hellip.".


"It's 3 AM Sammy, if we can keep quiet there is no way they'll catch us" I said hopeful, desperate for my sister's pussy. Sam thought about it for a second but was eventually overtook by lust, just like me.

"Ok" she whispered. I was in heaven. I pulled her in for another long kiss. When we finished kissing we both got to our feet and quickly took our clothes off, so used to being naked next to each other.

Sam pulled my naked body into hers for another short kiss as I squeezed her luscious ass. She pushed me back onto the bed, my cock fully erect and pounced me like a cougar, her gorgeous breasts bouncing as she climbed on top of me.

She positioned herself atop my cock, her golden bush wildly adorning it and then lowered herself onto it. This was the first time my cock was bare inside her tight snatch, the feeling was so amazing I actually had to put a hand to my mouth to stop myself from letting out a loud moan. Sam started riding my cock enthusiastically, her incredible breasts bouncing to the rhythm. Her cunt felt so good, her tight walls warm and slick embracing my cock with every entrance.

Sam rode me hungrily for a few more blissful minutes before I took charge. I held her by the waist and flipped her, now she was laying on the bed and I was on my feet above her. I looked down at this sex crazed angel that was my sister, with her blond hair, beautiful face, tantalizing tits and divine pussy and felt like the luckiest man alive. I held her while looking her in the eyes, then thrust my cock continuously into her fast and hard, savoring the sensation of my unprotected cock inside my sister until we both orgasmed, trying hard to stifle our moans of sexual pleasure.

Sam's body shuddered wildly and tears formed in her eyes as she climaxed but she managed to stay quiet. I held and kissed her for a bit after we both orgasmed until she calmed down. I wished she could stay here like this until the morning but we both knew she couldn't. She eventually got dressed and walked out. I threw some clothes on, opened a window to air the smell of sex out, then fell into a heavy content slumber.

The next couple of days Sam and I fucked nonstop. Sometimes I would initiate it and sometimes Sam would. We would fuck in the bedroom, fuck in the shower, fuck in the living room, wherever we could when dad wasn't home. I enjoyed entering my sister's pussy so much and cumming inside her as she climaxed as well, not needing to worry about condoms all the time. On one of the days we even fucked in the kitchen. It was morning and Sam was cooking breakfast, needless to say we were both naked.

Even though we fucked less than an hour before, looking at her naked body over the stove made me hard again. I got up and grabbed her from behind playing with her pussy and fondling her boobs for a bit before penetrating her with my cock. I finally inserted my cock into her cunt and started thrusting while she was trying to fry some eggs and moaning while she did.

Mom came into the kitchen, saw us fucking this way and got mad. "Not in the kitchen you two" she said in a motherly tone, "go finish up in the living room" mom said as she took over the spatula from Sam. I think she was angry with Sam for walking in on her and dad but she didn't say anything to her. Sam and I walked over to the living room where I continued pumping her hard until we both orgasmed loudly. We then came back to the kitchen and ate breakfast with mom.

After breakfast Sam and I started going upstairs when mom stopped me. "Bryce stay for a sec" mom said. Sam went upstairs to her room while I stayed in the kitchen with mom who was naked if I forgot to mention, I'm just so used to it. Mom stood up and put one leg on a chair so her sexy cunt was spread invitingly. She then looked at me and pointed down at it. "Come eat me" she said. I obliged, getting down on my knees and started devouring mom's delicious pussy.

It was wetter than usual, I guess me and Sam fucking really turned her on. I started licking her cunt gently than harder, using the tricks I learned on Sam's pussy to make mom moan like crazy until she climaxed intensively, soaking my face in her juices. She sat down on the chair catching her breath, the orgasm not yet over, and then got up, gave my cock a squeeze and said "Thanks honey, you were incredible" and walked over to her room.

Two days later a couple of friends called and asked me to join a camping trip. I was having a good time at the house fucking all day long but my cock was getting raw and a guy only camping trip sounded great. The day after I left for it.

The trip was great and I had so much fun. We would hike up in the mountains during the day, dipping in the lakes and rivers and in the evening, we would return to our camp and hang out. We would barbeque meat, drink beers, sit around the bonfire while one of the guys played his guitar or another his harmonica and just enjoy life.

I had a blast with the guys but from the second day I started to get really horny. I was so used to fucking that it was hard without. I would just go aside every few hours and jack off to relieve myself, thinking of fucking my sister or my mother while doing so. After 4 days, our trip ended and I returned home. It was early evening when I got home and everybody was home and seemed happy to have me back. Mom cooked dinner and we all sat down to eat. The atmosphere felt weird to me while we were eating dinner, I did most of the talking, telling stories about the trip while all the others asked question here and there but were mostly quiet.

I felt everyone steal glances at me and then look away, especially my dad but no one said anything. After dinner, I helped with the dishes then retired to my room, Sam following me up to hers. "Did anything happen while I was gone?" I asked Sam as we got upstairs. She pulled me into her room and closed the door "Yes!" She almost yelled out, "Dad knows about us". "Knows what?" I asked scared.

"Knows everything" she said "You and me, You and mom, You mom and me, he knows everything". My face went pale, I was petrified "Then why didn't he kill me yet?" I asked in terror. "Because something else happened" Sam said. "What?" I asked, barely managing a whisper.

"I fucked dad" Sam said. "You WHAT?" I mumbled speechless. "How did all this happen?" I managed to ask. Then Sam started telling me the whole story: "After you left for you stupid trip I was so horny. The first day after you left I masturbated constantly, I couldn't wait for you to get back and fuck me. On the day after I was even more horny and masturbating just wasn't cutting it. Dad was at work and mom was home so I went and talked to her about it.

Mom offered to eat my pussy and I gladly excepted". "She was so good and just what I needed, she touched and licked me all over, snaking her tongue inside my pussy, knowing where and how to touch each spot.

Mom just kept on eating my pussy and making me moan like crazy. I orgasmed so hard but mom kept licking me until I came twice more and fell on the sofa, my body shaking." "Mom sat with me until I regained my strength, touching herself. Seeing me cum really turned her on. She was so good I wanted to pay her back, so I asked mom if she wants me to eat her pussy too. Mom looked at me kind of nervous then asked if I was sure, because I never did that before.

I said I was and she accepted eagerly." "I bent down to her pussy and smelled her before running my tongue along her slit. She tasted interesting, it tasted the same as when I suck your cock after you fuck mom only stronger.

I inserted my tongue deeper into mommy and started licking like I like to be licked. It seemed to be working because she was really moaning. I kept on licking and sucking her vagina for a while until she yelled out "OH Sammy" and orgasmed, her legs shaking as she did." "After licking mom, I was horny again so she ate my pussy one last time, making me cum in seconds.

I think we pleasured each other for almost an hour and it really helped. I was fine for the rest of the day and didn't need to masturbate." "The day after, yesterday, mom was out the entire day, dad was at work and I was alone at the house. I was horny from the second I got up and masturbated nonstop, but still it wasn't enough. Dad came home relatively early and told me mom was out with friends and would be home late. We sat down to eat dinner and I was still horny as hell, I kept touching myself under the table.

I was really disappointed that mom would be home late, I really needed her help again." "After we finished eating, Dad went to his room to take a shower. " "Now I didn't tell you this, but after dad caught me naked when I was waiting for you, dad started checking me out. He would look at my chest when he thought I wasn't noticing and especially when I would wear something with cleavage or go without a bra". "So dad went to the shower and I felt I would go crazy if I didn't get fucked soon, so I did the only thing I could, I went over to dad's room.

I heard the water running and the bathroom door was closed. I striped, sat down on the edge of the bed facing the bathroom door, spread my legs and started fingering myself." "I stayed like that until I heard the shower go off and after a few more seconds dad opened the door wearing only a towel around his waist. You should have seen the look on his face when he saw me on his bed, naked and touching myself." ""Samantha what do you think you're doing?" he said." ""I'm waiting for you daddy" I answered trying to sound seductive".

"Dad just stood there frozen, looking so hot with his muscular chest and arms, staring from top to bottom at my naked body. I could see he wasn't about to move so I did. I stepped over to him getting on my knees and started undoing the towel around his waist." ""Samantha stop" dad said but I didn't listen and unwrapped the towel letting it fall to the floor. Dad had a really nice cock, it wasn't as long as yours but not much shorter and it was a bit thicker than yours. I wanted it in me so bad." "I grabbed his cock and started stroking it, getting it hard in my hand.

When it was fully hard I put my mouth over it and started sucking. Dad moaned so hard when I sucked him. I sucked dad just like you taught me to suck you, getting used the different size of his cock as I did. I sucked him for a few minutes until her started getting louder and then he called out, "I'm gonna cum"." "Before I managed to grab the towel from the floor, dad called out "Fuck Sam Ooohh" and started squirting inside my mouth.

I didn't know what to do so I just kept sucking until he finished draining his cock in my mouth. My mouth was full with cum, it tasted weird, not a bad weird but weird. I didn't know what else to do so I just swallowed it and licked dad's cock clean, he seemed to really enjoy that". ""Oh god Sammy, that was amazing" dad said when I finished.

His cock was limp and I got up on my feet. It was his turn to pleasure me and he didn't disappoint. Dad picked me up with both hands and dropped me on my back on his bed. He got on top of me and started licking my entire body. He started by kissing my neck, then moved to my breasts and nipples which he sucked and licked all over, making me moan and giggle, he continued by licking down my belly, running his fingers through my bush until he finally arrived at my pussy and started tasting and licking it.

My pussy was so hot and wet when he got down there and his licking only made it wetter. Dad made me moan so hard, twisting his tongue around my pussy and sucking hard when he got to the clit." "Dad licked me for a few minutes and then stopped before I had a chance to cum.

Dad then got to his feet and showed me that his cock was once again hard." ""Oh yes, fuck me daddy" I said to him as I saw his erect cock, wanting it inside me more than anything. Dad pulled me closer, rubbed his dick on the outside of my wet pussy a few times then penetrated me slowly with it, the pleasure of it overwhelming.

I got used to its thickness, and pretty quickly dad began ramming his cock into me, just like he did to mom." "I was already so hot when he started fucking me, it only took a few plunges of his thick cock for me to climax. My orgasm was intense and I called out in pleasure as it surged through me and shook my body, dad still penetrating me with passion." "I laid on the bed in post orgasmic bliss when I thought I heard a noise. Dad was still pounding into me forcefully and seemed nowhere close to cumming.

After a few more seconds we both heard the sound of the bedroom door opening and turned to look". "It was mom, she was standing in the doorway looking at us, dads cock still inside my pussy".

""Honey, I'm so sorry, I can explain" dad said to mom looking ashamed and pulling his erect cock out of me". "Mom looked at us coldly "You can explain after you're done" mom said to dad".

"Done with what" dad said not understanding". ""Done fucking Sam" mom said then sat down on the bed next to me looking at us". "Dad was stunned, "And you're going to what? Sit here and watch us" dad said".

""Exactly" mom said "now keep going." "Dad was uncomfortable with this but did it anyway, inserting his cock back inside my warm pussy. He was not into it now, switching his gaze between mom and me.

He started fucking me harder, just wanting to get it over with. After a minute of fucking me at full speed while mom watched, he made me cum again. It was a smaller orgasm than before but still managed to make me groan loudly. My orgasm affected dad and he seemed to be fucking me with more passion now and moaning loudly for mom to hear. After a few minutes of sensual fucking, dad finally climaxed. I felt his cock tense and my cunt filling with his cum as he yelled out in ecstasy." "Dad took his dick out of me and got to his feet looking at mom." "I got up, collected my clothes and dashed to the door, "No Samantha, you need to stay for this" mom said making me stop anxiously".

""Well? You said you would explain" mom said." "Dad started talking nervously, "She was just sitting here naked when I got out of the shower and started blowing me. I'm so sorry honey, I couldn't help myself" Dad sad and looked down".

""It's okay" mom said and dad looked at her, surprised she wasn't furious, "There is something I need to tell you" mom said." "I jumped in saying "Mom are you sure about this?" knowing what she was about to say but she continued anyway, looking dad in the eyes". ""For the past few weeks we have been fucking" mom said".

""What do you mean by that?" dad asked looking at mom". "The kids and I" mom continued. "Bryce and Samantha are fucking all the time, Bryce fucked me more than once and all three of us shared a bed, fucking on a few occasions." Dad looked astounded and mom continued confessing to everything "During the day when you're not home or away on a conference all the of us walk around the house naked, touching each other when we're not fucking".

Mom was blushing red and dad was so shocked he couldn't talk. After a while of us just standing there, he turned to me and asked if everything mom said is true, I nodded without saying a word." "I asked mom if I can go now and after she said yes I ran up to my room. I don't know what they said after that, but later that night I could hear mom moaning all the way to my room so I guessed they reached an understanding".

"Today I woke up and went down to the kitchen a bit afraid.

Wife finds him fucking her old hairy snatch

When I got there, mom and dad were sitting around the table eating breakfast naked. I joined them around the table, fully clothed and we ate breakfast without discussing last night. After breakfast as I headed to the sink to wash the dishes, dad sat mom on the table and started fucking her right there next to me.

I watched them for a bit getting extremely aroused, then took my pants off and started fingering myself until I climaxed. Mom and dad watched me cum, still fucking." "After I orgasmed, I quickly ran to my room and stayed there for most of the day. I came downstairs a few times and they were naked each time. Only when I heard you get back I came downstairs and saw them dressed. I'm so glad you're back". Sam finished her story while I sat there the whole-time quiet, not interrupting her.

During her telling I took my cock out and started stroking it, the events of her story turning me on so much. When she finally finished she stopped talking waiting for my response but I didn't know what to say. I was shocked by the entire thing. "So you let dad cum in your mouth?" was the first thing I said, one of the things in her story that really got to me.

"That's what you got from all of this" Sam said sounding angry.

"Sorry, you're right, I just don't know what to say. And you never let me cum in your mouth" I said. Sam looked mad "Well, I didn't really let him, it just happened, but that's so not the point". "You're right' I said coming to my senses, "That's not the point.

The point is that now dad knows about us too and there's no reason to hide it. But more important, because you so graciously fucked him, he can't say anything to us about it". I pulled Sam in for a long kiss as she understood what I was saying.

"Did you miss you big brother's dick?" I whispered in her ear. "Oh god yes" Sam answered getting undressed quickly and laying on the bed seductively. "God how I missed that beautiful body of hers" I thought to myself while getting undressed too. I looked down at her pretty face, tantalizing tits and mouthwatering teenage pussy thinking how lucky I am. "This is an interesting turn of events" I thought to myself, as I plunged my hard cock into my step sister's tight cunt, getting reacquainted with it, and continued by fucking her intensely.

After a few minutes, we orgasmed in unison, both of us making sure to moan extra loud for mom and dad to hear. To be continued&hellip. If you enjoyed please comment  See you at the next and final part The Unspoken Game Part 3 Family night