Cute Teen Girl Fingering Her Tight Pussy On Livecam

Cute Teen Girl Fingering Her Tight Pussy On Livecam
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i take out some scissors and cut a hole in the middle of my snow pants covering my privates this morning. i put them on they are skin tight n i feel my privates making sure buck can hump me. im wearing a baby T that says "Spoiled!" in sparkly letters my tight pink bib snow pants make my bottom look real big.

wearing pink toe socks i slip into my pink fur boots and put on my pink barbie jacket i put up the hood i love the teddy bear fur on my cheeks i go out n start walking the trail behind my house my white mittens are on a string threw my jacket.

i slip them on and skip threw the woods feeling the cold air on my bare smooth flesh of my privates i shiver and think this wasnt a good idea:( but being sick in bed for a week and missing my boyfriend and how he tickles me in my tummy wen he humps me i been thinking bout it for ever!

last week after he humped me we fell to the ground in the snow and my bottom was soo cold thats why i got sick. an to top it off wen his thng went soft he peed on my pants i had to wear wet pants home on my already cold bottom.

and i had to tell my momy i peed my pants it was soo embarrassing she makes me wear pampers again. so ther i am skipping to see my boyfriend buck my pretty red collar round my neck it jingles and i giggle pretending i am a girl dog.

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my sticky mitten is covering the part that i cut out of my snow pants covering privates trying to keep my privates from the cold. i get to the little clearing, fresh snow coverd our tracks from last week but ther is fresh tracks of buck looks like he came out every day. he stands up from a coverd bush wer the blanket is hidden and my purple furr coat. she runs over excitedly!


and hugs him hes licking her face she opens her mouth making out wiff her boyfriend and she says" i missed u soo much! i got sick and couldnt come out to play:( but im here now and i made a pair of pants to keep me warm wen we hump" he nudges under her chin pushing her pretty lil blonde head to the left, she obediently obeys the signal and gets on the blanket on all fours putting her pink snow pant coated bottom up n the air like a girl dog in heat.

he mounts her.

shes on all fours in a barbie pink snowsuit hood up her white sticky mittens pink fur boots as her boyfriends thing is jabbing at her privates.

she feels him hit an go into her tummy lifting her off the ground she squeals! an keeps her position but hes humping her harder then usual his big hairy balls are spanking her cold baby smooth flesh.

she whimpers and says "i love you buck!" her teeth chatter feeling the cold on her privates and on her face she thinks this wasnt a good idea wen its -10f outside she gets the dizzy feeling an funny feeling in her tummy she makes a purring sound wave after wave tickles in her tummy as buck humps her!

she doesnt feel the cold anymore jus warm waves of pleasure as buck humps her hard an fast! she trys to talk but it comes out n baby gibberish. she feels bucks thing put baby making stuff in her tummy hes panting very hard!


he slobbered all over the hood of my snowsuit hood. she goes to her fetal position buck follows his front paw over top of her he pulls her close!

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like a tight hug her tiny pink snowsuit coated body pulled tight to his big strong chest. she feels warm and safe. he licks her cheek, she looks like a dreamy angel she smiles loving the tickle in her tummy that she been longing for he makes out wiff her n she loves it.


she pulls the blanket over them she wiggles her butt loving the feeling of buck stuck inside her privates, she reaches down pulling his balls gainst her privates feeling the warmth.

and the wonderful feeling of her boyfriend stuck inside her. she wiggles her bottom and he moves his hips a bit humping her making love to her as he makes out wiff her she cuddles wiff her boyfriend as snow falls. he holds her tight to his chest he missed her as much as she missed him(3 she coo's and tells him bout being sick in bed and tried to lie to her mommy bout being ok to go to skewl but her mommy wouldnt believe her or i would of been her yesterday.

he lovingly makes out wiff her. she no's he understands she relaxes and he hugs her tight to his chest. she smiles and toks bout home work she did and that she hates science and math.

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but likes English and history! and playing soccer in the snow is soo much fun! as his thing softens she gets up n asks buck to take her to the stream?

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he gets up, and lets her climb on his back her arms round his neck her cheek gainst his throat. her cold sensitive flesh resting on his fur. she likes how his backbone feels on her privates it makes a tickle in her tummy.

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she clings tight as buck races threw the snow, she feels his strong body as he piggybacks her! they arrive at the stream. the only way to get to the spot is by crawling or riding bucks back.

its a secret place buck took her. she dismounts him and kisses him she goes to the water but he blocks her protectively she looks at him confused?

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but obediently stays put. he licks her face. she smiles and makes out wiff him. he nudges her under her chin. she obediently gets on her mitten coverd hands and her pink shiny snow pant coated knees and puts her bottom in the air. letting him mount her.

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she feels his hard thing jab at her hitting her snow pant coverd legs n then up tween her snow pants and tween her baby butt cheeks he humps real fast!

she obediently stays in place he squirts on her bottom she feels icky thinking he peed on her again, not understanding wot boy orgasm is.

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she looks sad and asks buck to take her home.