Blonde fucked fat cock in public exhibitionist hardcore

Blonde fucked fat cock in public exhibitionist hardcore
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The Paper Girl. It was a very hot Thursday in early summer and the paper girl, Debbie, was walking down the street delivering the local evening paper. She had just finished school and was on her second route.

After my street she still had another street to do. Debbie dumped the papers in my porch and collected the next streets when she finished in my street. This was so that she did not have to carry a lot of papers around.

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I stood watching, in shorts, as the red head girl delivered each paper to the respective houses, she was wearing a thin white blouse which was too small for her, allowed you to see her large young breasts encased in a white bra.

Most of the buttons on her blouse where undone as it was that hot, the only two fastened were above and below her breasts and theses where straining to stay fastened, as the wind blew her blouse parted at the midriff allow me glimpses of her pale white skin and her pierced belly button.


Her very short flared skirt wafted with the wind and as she walked flashing glimpses of her white upper thighs. As I stood and watched her walk down the streets the sun went behind a dark grey cloud which slowly as it blew in of the sea got darker and darker, suddenly with out warning there was a torrential down pour and it seemed to get heavier and heavier. I wondered if Debbie had stopped to take cover but as I thought about it there was no where to go to get away from the rain, most of the residents would still be at work so she was not going to receive refuge in a house.

Just then I saw Debbie, looking like a drowned rat walking towards my house. I brought her in and told her to go upstairs and remove her clothes so that I could dry them; the rain was not going to stop for a while so she was going nowhere until it stopped. Debbie went upstairs to the bathroom and shortly afterwards came back down carrying her clothes and wearing a short towel wrapped around her body.

I took her clothes and put each garment into the tumble dryer, everything went in except her panties, as her skirt was soaked her panties would be too.


I asked where they where and she said she was still wearing them, I told her to remove them, she stood up and slipped her hands under the towel and pulled them down, just as I thought they were saturated. I put the fire on and made her a drink of tea.

We sat and chatted for a while as her clothes were drying. Debbie became more relaxed and eventually allowed her towel to slip down her body to reveal her breasts and nipples. Debbie says she has to get back to her round as the rain has now stopped; I check her clothes and find her blouse and skirt are a bit damp but her socks, bra and panties are still wet. I suggest she just wears her blouse and skirt and finishes her round off, then she can come back here and pick up her other belongings as they will be dry in that time.

As her school shoes are wet, I let her choose a pair of my ex wife's shoes to wear, she picks a pair of 4inch black stiletto sandals to wear on her round. Debbie then sets off with the last papers on her round, she is walking proudly.

Her blouse blows open in the gusty wind that has developed as does her skirt, blowing up to reveal the cheeks of her bum. After about half an hour I see her walking back to my house smiling and with a bounce in her step, there is only one button on her blouse done up, at her breasts, in the wind this allows her lower breasts to be seen. As she approached me she was smiling and very happy, as she explained all the compliments she had got from men. In the house I gave her, her underwear and she just put it in her school bag, saying she was not going to wear it any more as the looks she got and the fresh air blowing up her skirt had made her feel aroused and she liked the feeling.

She was going home now to play with her pussy. As she left the house she said she will be coming around after her morning round to see me before school. The next morning, Friday, at 7:30am Debbie rings the front door bell; I answer it dressed in a pair of boxer shorts. She is wearing a very short black micro mini skirt, even shorter than the one she wore yesterday, and a thin white blouse that is small than the one she had on yesterday, she is wearing the stiletto sandals I gave her and nothing else.

You can see her nipples through her blouse and they are standing out proud. She comes in and sits in the chair opposite me; her legs are apart allowing me to see her trimmed pussy. As I have my morning coffee we chat about sex, she is not a virgin, and has given several blow jobs as well as having sex with three or four boys.

She has no boyfriend. Debbie wants to know all about sex and she wants me to teach her about it. To emphasise this she undoes her blouse and removes it to display her gorgeous young breasts, which she starts to play with.

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Debbie gently massages her breasts and nipples as she looks at me, my cock gets hard and is obvious to Debbie what the little minx is doing to me. Next she stands up and removes her skirt, sitting back down with her legs spread over each arm of the chair; she commences to finger her pussy while playing with her tits with the other hand. As she pleasures herself she gets very aroused and her pussy is very juicy and wet, her nipples are standing to attention and she is moaning loudly, this continues for around ten minutes until she comes.


When she has calmed down I ask her where she learned about female masturbation, she told me she learnt from porn on the internet, Debbie got ready and as she was leaving the house she put a hand down my shorts groped my balls and stroked my cock, while French kissing me. She then departed off to school. At noon Debbie rings the door bell, as I answer it and she walks into the house, she removes her blouse and enters the kitchen.

We kiss passionately and I grope her breasts. Slowly I move my mouth down to her young nipples and suck on them. She pushes me back on to the kitchen table and gets my cock out, which she starts to suck on. Once hard I lie back on the table and enjoy the experience of a young girl sucking my cock, suddenly Debbie deep throats me and furiously sucks my hard member. After several strokes she slows down and her saliva runs all over my pubes and down my ball bag into the crack of my arse.

She slowly sucks and licks the end and suddenly I shoot my load into her mouth, she holds it in her mouth and as she stands in front of n me she gaggles the sperm in her mouth before swallowing it all. I lie there and wonder where she learnt that from, as we chat she told me she had seen it done like that on several porn movies and she wanted to try it.

Debbie noticed the time and said she had a problem, she had PE later but had not brought her sports clothes, she asked if she could use my ex's old clothes. Of course she could I said and off she went to look through the suitcase of clothes. She pulled out a thin Lycra cropped vest top and a matching blue pair of ultra low rise hipster shorts. She wanted to impress the PE teacher as he was a youngish man.

After trying on the clothes, which were a bit too small for her she then departed for school with the PE clothes on under her blouse and skirt. She collected her papers from the newsagent and dropped them off in my porch, as it was Friday she had finished school earlier, Debbie then did her paper round in her hot pants and vest top as it was another hot and sunny day. When she had finished the rounds Debbie was very hot and sweaty, perspiration was running down her body and the garments were wet especially her crotch area.

In the house she stripped naked and asked if she could take a shower, I offered to wash her which she agreed to.

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In the shower I gently washed her ensuring she was enjoying it, I ended up rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy, we ended up on the bed all wet having a mad passionate sex session. As I screwed Debbie I came within several seconds inside her. As I rolled off her she started to lick my cock and balls, before long I was hard and Debbie straddled me and lowered her young tight pussy on to my hard erect cock and started to ride me slowly.

As she got aroused her pace quickened and before long she was humping me with such passion and speed I thought the bed was going to break. After having several orgasms she collapsed by my side and hugged me while playing with my cock. As I lay there she put her sports clothes on and then her blouse and skirt on top and departs.

On Saturday morning after her paper round Debbie is at the front door wearing a pair of hipster jeans and a cropped tee shirt with trainers, I invite her in and she says as she is going to the mall with her friends can she help herself to some sexy clothing from my ex's suitcase. She picks a cream crochet cropped top and a tan flared micro mini skirt which is ultra low rise and a pair of tan stiletto sandals. She comes down dressed in them and as I sit in a chair watching the morning news and drinking coffee in my shorts, she kneels down and gets my cock out and gives me a morning blow job, swallowing all my spunk.

She then departs to meet her friends dressed in the outfit she has chosen. Around 6pm Debbie rings the door bell and I let her in, she is drunk, so can not go home. She wants to get changed at my house and go in to the city clubbing with her friends. They are to all meet at a trendy bar in the city at 8pm. Debbie stubbles around the room and eventually sits on a chair where she starts to remove her clothes. She then puts on her dress for the night, it is a purple tube dress made from Lycra that just goes from her nipples to her pussy and very high heel sandals.

Before she goes out she needs to get a shower and have something to eat. So as she gets a shower I make some dinner, we sit and eat at the table, Debbie naked.

After the meal Debbie goes upstairs and with some make up she has bought does her self up to look older. Before she departs I lie her down and lick her out making her have multiple orgasms. Later that night, well Sunday morning at around 3am I get a phone call from Debbie, asking if I could come and pick her up, as she has no money and cannot find a Taxi. So being the good citizen I drive to the city centre and locate Debbie, she is lying on a bench by a park, there is no one around.

I wake her up and put her in the front seat of the car, her dress has risen up to her waist and her tits are visible. Back at home I strip her naked and place her in my bed so that I can ensure no harm comes to her. I strip naked and lie beside her, some time in the early hours she cuddles up to me and holds my cock in one hand as she sleeps.

At 10am I get up and make coffee, sitting reading the morning paper Debbie walks into the kitchen, naked, and apologies for last night. Her friends all went home early as she stayed chatting to a boy, until the club closed, then she realised she had no money and there were no taxis around. The rest of the day was spent together, Debbie went and got a hot bath, I went with her and washed her all over before taking her into the bedroom and giving her a full body massage.

Debbie lay naked on her front on the bed; I warmed the oil up and naked I slowly started to massage her young body. As she had never had a full body massage she became sexual aroused, as I worked her thighs she started moaning with pleasure so I gently rubbed her clit with my fingers.

This makes her squirm around on her front moaning loudly. I get her to roll over and start on her front, as I work down her body I grope her breasts and tweak her nipples. She gently with her hand strokes my semi erect cock and massages my balls, I then straddle her and work on her feet up her legs to her pussy, where I slowly massage around it then slip fingers into her and stroke her until she is moaning with pleasure again. Debbie has oiled her hands and is playing with my balls and arse, making me very aroused.

Before long we are making passionate love together. When I cum I pull out of Debbie and shoot my load all over her breasts, she massages the cream into her oiled skin.

I lay beside her, she then kneels beside me and takes my cock in her mouth and sucks me clean but hard again. As I lie there she climbs on me and mounts my hard erect cock and rides me, she starts fast and quickly works her tempo up until she is bouncing up and down on me, giving her self several orgasms.

After a long spell she collapses by my side and gently strokes my cock as she massages her own breasts. We both suddenly realise we are hungry and both get up, naked we head to the kitchen to prepare something to eat on a hot Sunday afternoon.

We decide to have pancakes for our meal as there is an unused pack of mix in the cupboard. To go with the pancakes there will be honey, sugar, jam, syrup and ice cream, plus strawberries and whipping cream.

To wash it all down there is a bottle of Asti Spumante sparkling wine.

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Debbie prepares the mix on the counter top while drinking some strong homebrew cider; I sit and watch her as I cut up the strawberries. When all the prep is done all by Debbie, she cooks the pancakes and tosses them in the pan. I place the fillings on the table and wait for the feast to commence. Debbie brings the pancakes to the table and sits on my naked lap, I then open the sparkling wine, as I shook it a bit, it cascades over both of us and I lick it off Debbie's chest, toying with her nipples with my tongue and teeth.

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As we eat the feast fillings dribble out of the pancakes down her chest and again I lick them off her young body. Still sitting on my lap I take a large mouthful of sparkling wine and kiss Debbie, transferring it to her mouth, she gaggles with it then lets it run down her chest to her pussy.

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I stand up and lay Debbie on the table, I drizzle honey and cream over her pussy then using a large whole strawberry I insert it into her pussy several times before placing it in her mouth to eat.

Following this I place two large dollops of cream on each nipple and slowly suck it off, whilst rubbing her pussy with another strawberry. As she shuts her eyes I get a scoop of ice cream and smear it over her pussy inserting some up into her.

This makes her scream with pleasure and she begs me to fuck her, I then slowly slide my hard cock into her juicy tight cunt and gently screw her whilst using ice cream to massage her tits and nipples. After a while Debbie has an orgasm and I suddenly shoot my spunk inside her. When I pull out she sucks my cock hard as she lies on the table ready for her next fucking.

This time I lie on the table and she straddles me and rides my cock, as I lie there she massages the fillings into her body and mine, all the time riding my cock and getting faster and faster eventually having several orgasms as she screws me. We are both covered in honey, ice cream and other sticky liquids we decided to get a shower together.

In the shower I was Debbie, fingering her bum and pussy as well as sucking on her nipples, she then washes me and sucks my cock as she fingers my arse. After the shower we go and lie wet on the bed and caress each others bodies, before getting in the 69 position and pleasuring each other. After several varied sex sessions Debbie notices the time, she has to be home very shortly as her granddad and grandma are coming around.