Great ass and pussy fingering on webcam

Great ass and pussy fingering on webcam
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Note: Everything you read here is completely fictional and fantasy. It involves young age, rape and stuff like that so if that's not what you're into please leave now. Cheers! My name is John, I'm a pretty average guy.

People say I'm nice and relatively good looking but i don't have much luck in the woman's department. I'm 18, just got out of high school, probably gonna be yelled at by my parents to either apply for college or get a job, well you know the drill. I'm also a typical horny teenager who masturbates regularly and watches a lot of porn in his room. And just like any other day i was sitting in front of my computer beating it, but what wasn't the same with me and probably most other teenagers was what kind of porn i was into.

It all started last year when a mate from school came over to show me something. He said "dude, you gotta check this out man, my uncle showed it to me", "what is it?" i asked, "you know how we always wanted to see those little jailbait girls get fucked?

well this is it man, look". He put the files in the computer and clicked on a folder called collections. He played a video and said "this is my favorite one". It was a thirteen year old girl getting pounded hard by a huge cock. I couldn't believe what i was seeing, my cock was rock hard and my jaw was about to fall off, i was so excited. He gave me all the videos and after a while of chit chat he left. Since then all I ever jacked off to was those videos.

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It even came to the point where i searched for videos of even younger girls. The next day my mother called to ask what i wanted for dinner, I told her the usual pork chops. Before she hung up she said "oh by the way hon, the Johnson's asked if anyone could help babysit for them tomorrow night, and i said that your not very busy and would love to do it".

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The Johnsons were our next door neighbors. We've been neighbors with them for as long as i can remember. I personally don't know them that well, but my parents do.

I knew they had an 9 year old daughter called Angie who I've met a few times when they invited us to dinner. The last time was quite some time ago though, almost a year. I told my mom "What? i never said that", "oh don't worry they'll pay you, besides you really don't have anything to do anyway", "oh, well okay then i guess". I guess i saw no harm in spending one night to watch a little kid if it meant i was gonna get paid.

Morning came and i had a morning boner as usual. Well at least i thought it was morning. Ever since summer started i had turned my hours around completely. It was almost 4 PM. I even had sleeping pills to help me fall asleep sometimes when i really needed to, and i gotta say they work well.

I got up out of bed and browsed the internet for a while like i usually do. Then i went downstairs to get some breakfast, showered and got ready.

I was supposed to be there at 5:30. I knocked on the door and was greeted by Mrs. Johnson.


"Hey John you're just in time we're about to leave soon. Angie's upstairs in the shower. There is food in the fridge for both of you that just needs heating up".

"That sounds great Mrs. Johnson thanks, when will the two of you be back?" i asked, "oh we should be back at around 11 but you guys don't need to wait up".


I waved them off and closed the door as i went in. When i was inside i looked around the house and noticed that they had done some redecorating in the house. I decided to take a tour around the house. As i headed upstairs i could hear the shower. I walked around and when i came to the hall i noticed the door to the bathroom open and i could see the shower curtain but not Angie. 'What the hell!' I thought to myself, why is the door open?. Perhaps none of them remembered to close it before they left.

I remember i used to shower with the door open when i was a little kid.

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My heart started pounding to the realization of what could happen. I quickly hid behind a chest of drawers and found a peeking spot where i could see into the bathroom without being noticed.

When the shower stopped she came out from behind the shower curtain. It was the most beautiful thing i had ever seen. She was a cute little blonde, still flat-chested, bald pussy and a nice formed little body.

My cock went into rage mode and almost pushed my jeans open. She had a beautiful face and while she dried herself i almost came in my pants. She then put on some sweatpants and a t-shirt that she had in the bathroom. To my surprise she didn't put on any underwear underneath the sweatpants.

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I realized what a perv I must look like if she found out I was upstairs so when she wasn't looking i quickly sneaked from behind the drawers back downstairs.

I sat by the tv when she came down and said "Hi john!", "oh hi there Angie, how you doin?" i said pretending to be as casual as possible.

"I'm good" she answered, "what are you watchin?". I was so busy trying to act casual that i didn't even notice i was watching some political debate. "uuh I dunno theres nothing good to watch on tv as usual" I told her. "Hmm thats too bad, we dont have any good movies either. Mom and dad always rents crappy movies". "Oh you know i have a lot of movies at my place i could go get them if you want". She smiled "really?

yea that would be great". So i went back to my place and into my room to get some movies when i suddenly got an idea. I took a few movies and also some sleeping pills with me. I came back and we put on a movie.

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Half way in we got hungry so i went to warm up the food. I took out some sleeping pills and crushed them up behind the kitchen counter and put them in her food and in her lemonade. We ate up and went back to watching the other half of the movie. As we continued watching the movie i saw her eyes starting to get sleepy, and my heart started racing as dark thoughts were building up inside my head.

Half an hour later she was completely out. I tried waking her and shaking her by her arm and asked her if she wanted to go to her room to sleep, but i got no answer, she was completely out! I locked the front door, then scooped her up and brought her up to her room. I put her on the bed and once again made sure she was still fast asleep. I started to slowly rub my hands all over her body through the fabrics of her clothes. Slowly I then pulled her tight sweatpants off of her legs and got a perfect view of that bald preteen pussy.

I held up her arms carefully to get her shirt off as well.

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There she was lying completely naked in front of me. My cock was now so hard it was about to burst out of my pants, so i loosened my jeans and let them drop to the floor to ease the pressure, then I took off the rest of my clothes and put them in a pile. My cock is fairly large about 7 inches and quite thick. I got on the bed and lifted her legs over my shoulders. I wanted to taste that pussy for myself.

I spread her lips and licked and sucked her clit. It tasted amazing!

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It was so tight i couldn't even get my pinky finger inside. I got up and rubbed the head of my cock on her pussy opening. I kept rubbing my cock on her pussy and stomach until I almost burst. But i wasn't finished yet, I dragged her down on the bed so that her head was leaning over the edge of the bed, and then i put my cock in her mouth. The feeling was incredible, i humped her mouth slowly and tried not to go to deep or get carried away as i didn't want to risk waking her.

I could feel my balls twitching as I was about to cum. I took it out of her mouth and sprayed load after load all over her petite little body. The sight was amazing, to see her lying so helpless with cum all over her body. My cock was still really hard and I knew I was far from done.

I lied down next to her put my hand on her body and started to smear and rub all the cum on her body like lotion.

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Her face was so cute and innocent, I came closer and kissed her on the lips while i rubbed her tiny pussy. My fingers kept rubbing down until i found the opening of her tight anus.

My heart starting pounding faster and my dick grew harder as new darker thoughts came to my mind. I turned her around and put a pillow under her stomach. The sight of her pussy and asshole together waiting for me like that was too much to bear. I quickly jumped in and started eating her ass and pussy, pushing my tongue in as hard as i could and enjoying the sweet taste of a preteen girl.

I decided i couldn't take it any longer, I just had to have her, lust controlled me now. I put the tip of my cock which was already fully lubricated by precum and Angies saliva on her asshole.

I tried to stretch her ass cheeks wide as I pushed slowly inside. As my head got in i could feel how tight it was and how much more it was turning me on. I kept pushing until I was halfway in, and that's when I started to get a response from Angies body.

She shook a little, and I knew she could feel it. Perhaps she was even dreaming about her asshole getting violated by a massive object. I leaned forward and kissed her neck and i started humping her very gently. My mind told me to ravage her and fuck her brains out, so i got into a faster rhythm and soon almost the whole length of my cock was pounding in and out of her tiny asshole, and that's when her eyes opened.

She woke up with a scream of pain, and I thought to myself 'what the fuck have i done', but part of me didn't want to stop. My dark mind told me to do something else. I turned her around so she was lying on her back again and i laid on top of her. I looked into her eyes and i could see she was still drowsy from the sleeping pills.

Tears came from her eyes as I put the head of my cock just outside the opening of her innocent pussy, "what are you doing? please you're hurting me get off!!" she sobbed. I kissed her on the cheek and told her "shhh don't worry honey its all gonna be okay" and forced my cock all the way inside her. I put my hand on her mouth as she screamed in pain.

She was so tight I had to push with full force to get inside her. When she stopped screaming i took my hand from her mouth, she was crying and begged me "please stop, it hurts, please". To my surprise it turned me on even more and I started pounding her with all I got.

I kissed her hard and pushed my tongue in her mouth. She tried to resist it but in the end gave way for my tongue to explore her mouth.

After a while I felt my balls tingeling and i knew i was gonna cum again. This time i told her "baby, im gonna cum now and im gonna do it deep inside you ok? this is gonna hurt so get ready", and with that i pushed with full force past her cervix and unloaded deep inside her womb. She passed out from the pain, and that's when i got off of her. I looked at her one last time before I put my clothes back on.

I tried to clean her pussy as best I could before putting her clothes back on. I got out of the house, and looked at the watch. It was almost 11. I looked up at the stars and thought to myself 'what the fuck do i do now?'. Thus began the first day of the rest of my life.