Sexy half caste gay porn gallery Not to be outdone Alexander rides

Sexy half caste gay porn gallery Not to be outdone  Alexander rides
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It was just like any other Friday night of my Sophomore year, sitting at home doing nothing but watching some survival show on TV, sulking over the fact that I had to stay home that night as I had a forensics competition next morning, and if I wanted to have any chance of placing, I needed to stay home and get my "beauty sleep".

Now don't get me wrong, I could've easily been out doing other things. I knew enough people at school, and had enough friends that I could get into any party I wanted, but I guess the party scene was just not my thing. I had never been to a party, never had drank before, and was still a virgin. Not that you'd guess that if you were to look at me. I am about 5'10", well tanned, nice build, and fairly definitive muscle tone.

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Of course I never worked out, it was just in my genes. The fact that I was a virgin was a surprise to many people, and if you were to ask me why, I probably wouldn't have known myself. I was your average hormonal 16 year old, who if given the chance, would jump on nearly any piece of decent looking pussy I could find. Looking back, I guess my main problem was just that I really didn't know how to initiate and encounter.

That of course all changed this night. I had finally become bored of the show that playing, and decided I needed a little "relief" before heading off to bed. I quickly walked across my room to my computer desk, opened up my laptop, and flicked open to my favorite porn site.

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I quickly clicked on the nearest video, pulled down my pants and whipped out my cock. This was another gift I had been given from my genes, I had a fairly decent size cock, at 6 inches while soft, that grew to about 8.5 inches when hard (Yes I did measure at the time).

I began stroking my cock, pumping generally faster and faster. I matched the rhythm of the couple fucking each other in the porno, as the girls big tits bounced around in the air, and the guy drilled her with he 12' dick. I had the volume turned down low, but even then the woman's moans of ecstasy were echoing through my room.

I was lost in the moment, nearly about to reach climax when suddenly I heard the downstairs door slam open, and two pairs of footsteps come running into the house. "Dammit" I thought to myself. I would have to finish another time. I quickly pulled up my running shorts and stuffed away my still hard cock. The dry-fit shorts would not do much to hide them, but it would have to do.

I had just finished closing the window with the porn on it as my sister, and her friend Raegen burst into my room, without knocking of course.

My sister was in the 8th grade, and her friend Raegan was in the 7th and 13 years old. Raegen was about 4'10", light blonde hair, a decent tan from playing outside in the summer most of her days, and the cutest little face with just a hint of freckles, she had barely any tits at all, just enough to fit into her training bra.

I turned to curse at them for entering without knocking, but what I saw stopped me in my tracks. Raegen was walking into the room wearing a tank top that was obviously too small for her, revealing parts of her lower belly, and her nice tan arms, and tightly hugging her small tits. Down below she was wearing the spandex that you often see girls on the volleyball team wear, these also were obviously too small for her, as I could see them forming the hottest camel toe I had ever seen up to that point.

I just sat there, jaw hung open for a few seconds, as my cock began to become erect again, until my sister came around Raegan and said "Hey Logan! Since you just got your driver's license, would you drive us down to Wal-Mart so that we can get some treats?" Of course that is what they wanted. My sister and I had never really gotten along that well, and the fact that ever since I have gotten my driver's license all she had done was ask me for favors, it kind of became annoying.

"No" I said bluntly. I still wanted to scream obscenities at them, but I figured now was not the time. "Pleeeeeeaseeee" my sister begged me "We'll do anything!" Raegan added, almost too innocently. Maybe she didn't mean it that way, but being 16 year old hormonal male teenager, I took it that way. I almost immediately regretted the thought. I can't seriously think about doing it with someone that young, naive, and innocent.

I quickly pushed the thought out of my head. "I said no" I replied back, and then turned to walk away, ending the conversation. Later that night, my parents received a call, my older brother's wife had just given birth to my nephew unexpectedly.

My parents, ecstatic at being Grandparents, decided to go visit right away. They asked if my sister and I wanted to go see that kid. My sister did, but I didn't as I had to test Monday. Now this was a problem for Raegen, as the hospital where my nephew was born was at least a 5 hour drive away, and my parents planned on staying there for at least an entire week, and he parents had already left town for the weekend, under the pretense that we would watch her. In the end to problem was sorted out, my sister would be allowed to go with my parents, and Raegan would just stay at our house for the weekend anyway, while I "babysat" here.

This kind of ticked me off, as it mean I would have to skip my forensics competition tomorrow, and cancel all the plans I had made for the remainder of the weekend. Just Great. So now I sat at about 1 in the morning, listening to music in my bed. No point in going to bed now, I had no plans for the morning, or the weekend for that matter.

My favorite song by MCR "Welcome to The Black Parade" came on and started playing, lulling me to sleep when I felt my phone vibrate. I reached for it and read the message. It was from Raegen, and said "Soooo can you please take me down to the Wal-Mart so I can get some treats?!? ;)" Now I was pissed. I couldn't do anything with my friends the weekend, had to skip my competition, and had to babysit this brat, and she had the nerve to text me just as I was about to fall asleep, to ask me if I would take her to get some "treat'?!

I grabbed my phone, and without even thinking, texted back "Suck my dick". Almost instantly I received a text back from her "Tell me the time and place ;)". I almost came all over myself right there.

I quickly reached for my phone, and being the paranoid kid I was, texted back "Are you serious?". She quickly responded back "Yes. I saw your thing through your shorts this evening, and I really want to see it in real life." Now I knew that she was being serious.

I texted back "My room, 15 minutes." I than ran downstairs and stripped naked, and jumped into the shower. I didn't know how far this would go, but I wanted to be clean if it did go all the way.

About halfway through the shower, I heard steps coming down the stairs. Suddenly the bathroom door flew open, and I heard Raegen's voice "Logan, is that you?" "Yea it's me" I said back. "I can't wait any longer, can I get in with you?" she said. I quickly looked out to see here standing there in nothing but her training bra, and her pink lace panties.

"Sure I guess you can" I said almost to excitedly. She quickly stripped and jumped into the shower with me. Her body was amazing. Her tits were much bigger than the way she dressed let on, although not by much. They were about A's in size, small, but still enough to get a handful. I began working my way down her body, following her curves with my eyes, all the way down to her pussy, which to my surprise was hairless.

I heard her talking to my sister about how she had started her period, but I guess she wasn't that far alone yet.

She was going to be a heartbreaker when she was done developing, but right now, she was all mine. I quickly embraced her and we started kissing. I was horny as fuck though, and it didn't last long. I asked Raegen if she was ready, she replied "Yes", and fell to her knees, taking notice of my 9 inch cock for the first time.


Her eyes widen, and said "Wow, I don't think I can fit that thing in my mouth!" My first response was to try and deep throat, but seeing as this was her and my first time, I decided against it, should it scare her away, so I just replied with a smile "Just do your best". She first started by gripping it with one of her small hands, and pumping back and forth, then she prodded the head with her tongue, and was exploring my ball sack as well.

Eventually though, she worked up her courage to put it as much as she could in her mouth, but being inexperienced, all she did was hold it there and lick around it. Even though it wasn't exactly the best blow job ever, I began to feel my climax coming quickly, since I wasn't able to finish jacking off earlier that day. I began thrusting my hips, fucking her mouth. By the time I was ready to cum, I was panting from the effort. I quickly yelled her "I'm about to cum!", and then came inside her mouth.

It took her by surprise at first, but she swallowed most of it, but still a decent amount spilled out of her mouth onto her tits and belly, only to be washed away by the shower.

Now it was her turn. I picked her up by her butt cheeks, and carried her out of the shower, still dripping wet, and laid her on the toilet, and spread her legs.


Before she could even ask what I was doing, I buried my face into her wet, bald, 13 year old pussy. I had never eaten any girl out before, so I was just going off what I saw in the pornos, which to me just seemed like just random licking.

I had been doing this for about 15 minutes, with only getting minor whimpers and moans out of her, when I felt my tongue flick something, that made her shudder deeply. I looked up and saw a little thing hanging out from the top of her pussy lips.

At first I was confused, but then the word "Clitoris" popped into my mind, and what it was meant for. I quickly sucked it into my mouth and began licking it and sucking on it. Almost withing seconds, she began moaning and screaming in ecstasy. Her feet were digging into the back of my head as she became closer and closer to orgasm.

I reached up and cupped her tits, and began pinching her nipples, which finally sent her over the edge. She exploded into cries and moans of ecstasy as she had her first every orgasm. Eventually she calmed down, and we started kissing some more. Finally I looked at her and said "Lets take this up to my room". She looked at me with a sly look on her face and began walking toward the stairs. I ran upstairs to find Raegan laying spread eagle on my bed, her bald 13 year old pussy glistening with what little moistness her body could produce that early into puberty.

I went over to her and began kissing her while inserting my finger into pussy. I noticed two things, one, she still had her hymen. Two, there was not enough moisture in there to get in safely. I quickly reached over to my night stand, and pulled a jar of Vaseline that I used as lube when I jacked off out of the desk.

I quickly coated my cock, and the inside of her pussy causing her to shudder again. I then placed my dick at the entrance to her pussy, and looked her in the eye and said "This is going to hurt a little, are you ready?" she looked at me in the eyes and nodded. I pushed forward, a little harder than I should've considering all the Vaseline I had used, and jerked inside all the way up to her hymen. She let out a little squeal as I pushed in and prodded her hymen.

I looked at her one more time and said "Are you sure you want to do this? It is going to hurt." she didn't even answer, she just reached her legs around, and pushed on my ass, forcing me to push my cock in 7 inches, before it bottomed out at her cervix.

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She let out a loud scream, and scratched her fingernails into my back. I looked down and she was tearing up, I quickly bent down and started kissing her. We made out for about 5 minutes, my cock buried in as far as I could get into her pussy. I finally slowly started to pull it out all the way, which made her whimper a little more, and then pushed it back in, causing her to start to tear up again.

I did this very slowly for the next 10 minutes, before picking up speed. Her whimpers of pain soon turned into screams and moans of pure ecstasy. I began picking up speed and banging her pussy like a jack hammer, going in and out faster and faster, to the point to where my cock just looked like a blur. She seemed like she was having the time of her leaving, screaming out in ecstasy and moaning, screaming my name "Oh yeah!

Oh my god Logan! That feels soooo good! Oh my god, oh my god, what are you doing to me?!?" she kept screaming as I fucked her faster and harder, until finally she started moaning in a high pitch scream that only a girl her age could make, as she began orgasming.

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At about this time I was close to cumming myself, and had shifted my angle a little so I could go even faster, and once I thrusted in again, and I'm not sure how, but I completely bottomed up. This made Raegen completely lose it, sending her into another orgasm, and giving her first ever multiple orgasm. I began pumping my full length in and out of her at full speeds as she screamed and yelled moans of ecstasy ad she had multiple orgasms, before one with final thrust, I pushed all 9 inches of my cock into her, and came deep into her womb, causing her to have one last orgasm.

I layed there for what seemed like an eternity before getting up and looking. The area of the sheet under her pussy was completely soaked, but when I reached down and touched her pussy, it was still relatively dry with the exception of the Vaseline, and my cum leaking out of her pussy.

I was amazed that my sisters 13 year old best friend could multiple intense orgasms at that age, while producing barely any moisture. The massive stain on the sheet underneath her pussy wasn't from her juices, but from my cum, is it still continued to drizzle out of hour pussy.

"As it continued to drizzle out of her pussy." OH SHIT! I thought to myself, I came inside her! What if she gets pregnant, oh God my life will be over, it'll be just like my brother, oh crap, oh crap.

I sat there stressing over that idea until she finally woke up from her nap. I had no choice, I looked at her in the eye and told her what happened, and how I knew she had already started her period, and kept blubbering on until she interrupted me "I had my period a few months ago, but it didn't come back, so I don't think I can get pregnant." it calmed me a little, but I was extremely worried, so I drove down to the Wal-Mart (alone of course) and bought a morning after pill, and gave it to her, just to be safe.

I also got her a little birth control for her to start taking, for next time. Like it or not though, I had plans for the rest of the weekend.

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Thanks for reading! This is my first story, and it is based on a true story! If this gets enough positive feedback, I will write more about my sexual endeavors, with Raegen, and some others. Please don't be too vicious, and only leave constructive criticism please!