Gay movie of He leisurely slipped his undergarments off and then

Gay movie of He leisurely slipped his undergarments off and then
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SHEMALE SURPRISE while in our early teens my cousin nicolas and i used to look at porno mags and videos up in my tree-house which was quite a ways from any other structure. during these sessions nic and i would whip out our young hard-ons and whack off to the images of naked women and men of all ages.

we got together to do this about once a week and discuss the sexual escapades we may or may not have had with girls we went out with during the week.

a week after nic had graduated (i was still a junior) he came over to the tree-house and said he was leaving for the city "to find himself." when i asked nic what that meant all he said was that i'd soon find out. so we had our final get together in the tree-house, but what made this session different was nic asked if we could jerk off each other.

i was a little surprised as we had never done that before, but as i was searching for a reply nic just reached over and removed my hand from my shaft and wrapped my fingers around his shaft.

i automatically started to stroke his cock up and down like it was the most natural thing to do. nic then began to fist my own hard on and had to close my eyes as it felt so good to have him stroke my cock.

"let's cum together," he said. so we adjusted our strokes to wait for the other and when we were ready we pumped each others engorged cocks and we shot our loads together amid mutual moans and grunts of absolute pleasure.

fast forward about 18 months. i had graduated from high school and was working a full time job before college started up in the fall.


one day i received a phone call and it was my cousin nic. he was in town and wanted to know if we could get together. of course i agreed and he gave me the name of the hotel he was staying at and we agreed on the time. at 10 that night i arrived at the hotel with some killer weed and beer as requested.

i knocked on the door and a few seconds later it was opened by a young lady who appeared to be my age and quite attractive. "uh, hello is nicolas here?" i asked the young woman. "yes he is jay, please come in," she replied.

the woman pointed to a couch where i took a seat and she sat next to me about a foot away. "jay, she asked, don't i look a little familiar to you?" reading the obvious look of puzzlement on my face she said, "it's me jay, it's me, nicolas." "excuse me?" i asked.

"it's me nic, but you can call me nicole or niki now." "let me explain she said. when i left over a year ago i said i was leaving to "find myself," remember?" "yeah i remember," i answered.

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"well this is what i meant," as she stood and turned to show me what she meant. niki explained further. she was now living life as a "she-male" which meant she still had a cock but was taking hormones to grow breasts. as she explained further we got high and drank till we were laughing and giggling our asses off. "so jay, nik asked, now that you see me, tell me what you think and how i i look to you.

and be honest." i took a deep draw on a joint and after exhaling i told niki the truth and told her i thought she looked gorgeous with her black straight hair and how her features were very feminine and how attractive i thought she was when she first came to the door.

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"that's nice of you jay, but what about my body?" she asked as she stood and struck a pose while pulling up on the hem of her skirt to show me her legs. "god niki, you know i'm a leg man and how i like meaty thighs and pretty feet and you certainly have the whole package." niki took a seat next to me and asked, "would you say i'm sexy?" "oh for sure i most definitely would say you were sexy." i answered.

"good, she said. remember that last night at the tree- house when we jerked each other off? anyway, i've a confession to make, jay." "a confession?" i asked.

niki began to explain."well, i had wanted us to do that before then, in fact i had been having fantasies of sucking your cock since we were 14 and 15. i even had fantasies of you doing the same to me, i hadn't the guts to bring it up though." niki got up off the couch saying she would be right back.

she returned with a dvd in her hand, placed it in a dvd player before taking a seat next to me and placing her hand on my thigh. she lit another joint and we smoked half of it before pressing play on the remote of the dvd player.

the opening scene was a shot of a woman shown from the back giving head to a guy who was sitting down. the next shot was from the guys point of view as he watched the woman suck his cock. the woman then began to lick the head of his cock and as she looked up at the camera i was looking into the face of niki!

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i began to get aroused at the sight of niki giving vigorous head and my cock began to come alive. the video went on to show niki getting head and the two in a "69" not only sucking on each others hard cocks but licking and tonguing each others assholes!

i was getting very aroused and niki's hand found my bulge and began to run her fingertips over the head. i took in the sights niki getting fucked in the ass and then being fucked in the ass herself! as we continued to watch the video went on to show niki having sex with different partners including other tvs and cds, women and multiple partners.

at one point niki took my hand and as she spread her legs placed it on her very stiff cock.

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as i began to stroke her shaft niki removed my pants and briefs and began to do the same to me. as niki and i sat on the sofa fondling each other niki whispered, "you know jay that last time in the treehouse when we gave each other hand jobs i wanted so much to have your hard-on in my mouth and have you cum in my mouth, and i still do.

am i sexy enough for you that you'll let me suck on your cock?" i gasped in reply, "oh yeah niki you are very sexy and i want you to do whatever you want with me.


but first i'd like to fulfill a fantasy of mine first." "you have a fantasy concerning me jay?" niki asked. i answered, "well now that you look like you do now i sure do." "What's your fantasy jay?" she asked.

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"let me show you," i replied. i got up off the couch and got on my knees facing niki. i ran both my hands over her upper thighs and worked my way down to her calves then to her feet and removed her high heels. i took one foot into my hands and proceeded to massage every inch of her feet. niki closed her eyes and softly moaned as i caressed between her toes.

i raised her foot slowly to my mouth and stuck my tongue out to meet the sole of her foot and ran my tongue from heel to toe and slid my tongue between each toe, sucking on each as went along.

"oh, shit jay that feels fantastic! no one's ever done that to me before." as i sloppily licked and sucked on my cousins foot she began to squeeze her breast and pinch her nipples as she squirmed on the couch. with one hand holding her foot to my mouth i reached down with the other and lightly ran my fingertips over niki's balls and shaft, stopping at the tip of her raging hard-on to finger that sensitive area just below the head.

niki began to thrust her hips into the air and asking me to "please stroke me, jay" so as i continued the oral assault on her feet i wrapped my fist around her purple shaft and slowly began to stroke. after a few moments, not being able to hold off any longer i ran my tongue from her foot to her calf and then the back of her knees and finally the inside of her thick muscular thigh where i let my tongue linger just inches from her balls and cock.

niki, breathing heavily asks me, "oh jay are you going to use your mouth on my cock? are you? is that your fantasy? because it's been mine for a long time too." then i began to hungrily lick niki's balls and run my lips up and down her shaft.

then with my open mouth hovering over her cock i began to let my tongue dance over head. slowly i began to lower my mouth, first engulfing her enflamed head, then her veined shaft and niki began to thrust her hips upward trying to fuck my mouth.

"oh fuck jay! fuck! suck on my cock please jay!" and so i did just that. i sucked hard on niki's cock as i bobbed my head up and down between strokes of my fist, stopping only to use my tongue to bath her balls and cock with my spittle. when i began to lightly use my teeth to scrape along her shaft she screamed that she was about to cum! not wanting her to do that just yet, i removed both my hands and my mouth from her cock and paused to pull her ass to the edge of the couch.

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with my hands at the back of her knees i pushed her knees up towards her shoulders.exposing her pink asshole. with my tongue out i lowered my mouth and began to lick the area that lies just below her balls before drawing wet circles around her asshole. at first the circles were large, slowly getting smaller and closer to my target.

niki was now begging me to lick her ass and telling me how much she wanted me to fuck her ass with my tongue!

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not wanting to disappoint i began to lick her sphincter. with both her hands on her ass niki spread her ass cheeks as i slowly inserted my rigid tongue into her ass. i managed to work half my tongue into the tunnel of her ass and rhythmically fuck her with it as i again began to stroke her shaft. with my free hand i replaced my tongue with a middle finger and plunged the entire finger into her ass leaving it buried to the hilt as i diddled it deep inside.

stroking her shaft with one hand and the middle finger of the other hand fucking her ass while licking on her heavy balls, niki begins to shudder, screaming that she was going to cum! "do you want to cum im my mouth niki? do you want me to swallow your cum?" i ask. "oh fuck yes, jay swallow my load, let me cum in your mouth, please!" niki begs.

so as i continue to finger fuck her ass i remove my mouth from her balls and engulf her cock with my mouth and swiftly stroke her shaft as i begin to fuck her cock with my mouth. and so here i am, about to fulfill my sexual fantasies with what used to be my male cousin nicolas, and who is now a very attractive and sexy she-male who goes by the name of nicole or niki.

i tremble as i anticipate what is about to happen. nicole gives one final thrust of her hips and buries her cock at the back of my throat as she screams and let's go a river of salty, thick liquid.


with my finger still thrusting into her asshole i try to swallow all that niki has to offer up. her entire body convulses as i continue to suck and lick her cock. niki's cock retains it's erection so i whisper into her ear. "niki dear, would you like to fulfill another fantasy of mine and fuck my dear virgin ass?" i have just fulfilled one of my fantasies with the help of niki, who used to be nicolas a male cousin of mine who is now living life as a shemale.

i have just swallowed a river of cum after sucking on my very first cock. being male i have never thought of myself as being gay, and i still don't as i am not attractive to males at all.

i love being hetero, but i do have an attraction for crossers or cousin niki and i were having our first tryst and after making niki cum in my mouth she still retained her erection, prompting me to ask if would mind fulfilling another fantasy of mine.having my ass fucked. "i'd love make that fantasy come true for you jay, but first i want to take care ofthis,"she replied as she wrapped her fist around my now purple, veiny shaft.

niki put her mouth to mine and thrust her tongue into my mouth as she straddled my lap.after sloppily swapping spit for a few minutes niki worked her tongue down thefront of my body leaving a wet trail from my mouth to my crotch.after teasing me with her mouth and tongue niki proceeded to give my hard-on a blow-job from which i have judged all following blow-jobs.

niki could sense my pending orgasm and not wanting me to cum just yet, she worked that talented tongue of hers down to my balls as she pushed my knees up with her hands. anticipating what niki was about to do i pulled my knees to my chest and practically begged niki to lick my ass. "oh fuck, niki tongue my virgin ass niki, please lick my ass!" i begged her. and she answered my pleads by working her tongue so expertly around, over and into my ass.

"look at me jay look into my eyes and watch me as i lick your ass." she commanded. it was an erotic sight i have never witnessed before. watching and listening as my shemale cousin assaulted my asshole with indescribable pleasure.

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after a few moments i managed to grunt out loud that i wanted to cum. "would you like to shoot your hot load into my mouth or my tight ass jay," niki asked. "your ass niki! i want to fuck and cum in your fuckin shemale pussy, niki!" i told her. my hot cousin raised her head from my asshole and gripping my shaft lowered her mouth to my cock and rapidly stroked while sucking on it.

i began to pump my hips and fuck her mouth when niki stopped and said to me "let's save those thrusts for my ass cousin dear." niki got on the couch with her knees at the edge of the cushion and her elbows resting on the back of the couch facing away from me. "go ahead cousin dear and fuck my ass so we both can have our fantasies fulfilled, " niki said as she handed a tube of lube to me. she reached behind with both hands spreading her ass cheeks i lowered my tongue to give it a few more licks before squeezing a liberal amount of lube over her asshole.

"oh fuck me now cousin, fuck my pussy ass. i want my ass to be the first you fuck!" she gasped. with her asshole spread before me i guided the head of my throbbing cock to her ass. slowly i pushed ahead and i watched my cock disappear into niki's chute. i was so turned on i was afraid of cumming too soon so i stopped with half the length of my shaft still to go.

niki was groaning and telling me how good it felt to finally have her cousins cock in her ass. and how she has dreamed of this moment since we were teens in the treehouse. "go ahead jay, i want it all. i want you to shove your cock all the way into my ass." she commanded. so with a single thrust i buried the rest of my hard-on all the way to the base.

i paused to take in the moment, the reality of a dream come true and with my very hot shemale cousin made it all the more special and exciting. between moans and halting breaths niki grunted words of "fuck it hard jay, fuck my ass hard and fast. fuck me till you cum in my ass jay!" sweat was dripping from both our straining bodies as i took hold of niki's hips with both hands and gave her ass as good a fucking as i could muster.

we both let out loud grunts and groans every time i thrust the entire length of my cock to its hilt. i noticed niki stroking her cock as i fucked her. i reached to grab her arm to stop her telling her i her to save herself for my ass. "okay," she replied, and niki describe how and what she was going to do to my virgin ass. with the pleasure of my cock thrusting in and out of niki's ass and the graphic detail of her future assault of my ass i could hold on no more and with primal ecstasy i groaned that i was about to cum and unleashed a load that actually burst forth and quickly filled niki's anal cavity and began to run down both her thighs.