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Twink escort tubes and matures loves boys free gay porn mobile
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"SHUT UP!" Hissed Alexandra with a panicked expression "I hear something" Rayne and I looked around cautiously, holding our breath, preparing for what we were sure would come next. Rayne had tears brimming her eyes, while Alexandra just looked angry, and determined. I, on the other hand was reaching silently towards my belt, searching for my small dagger. In the near distance I could hear a low stomping, I knew something was getting closer to our well hidden hut, and whatever it was, it was big.

My name is Ashley, welcome to my life. It's been almost thirteen years since the world turned to ash and rubble at the hands of the Seregech. They are a new life form, though they closely resemble normal humans in many ways.

Same body structure, but with a different skin tone and eyes. The biggest differences though, are the fact that they are blood thirsty savages.

To me and my sisters anyways. They've killed everyone, and everything we cared about when they first came out of no where. Convinced that we were pathetic and useless, they quickly conquered the world. They took some humans as slaves or breeders. Others, they fed off of. But most of them, they brutally slaughtered.


There were of course, the more fortunate ones. The ones strong and clever enough to survive. There are still hundreds of them all over the world, traveling sometimes, trying to get closer to the underground metal dome, in which the Seregech lived, in hopes of killing them off. You can't trust most of them though. If the monsters haven't already found you and killed you, a human probably will.

You see, those mutated freaks are a hell of a lot smarter then us.

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They've figured out so many things that us humans have failed to do. For example; mind control. Sometimes they take humans in, and then implant some sort of chip.

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This chip has wires that dig inside your brain, and causes you to lose control of yourself. They use those humans against us. Pretend that they are hurt, beg for someone to help them. Usually, if you do, one of the Seregech pop up out of no where and cut you to pieces. Yes, this world has gone to hell, but it's amazing at the same time.

Is it wrong of me to say that with my species slowly dying off?

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Probably, but I don't take it back. The discoveries they've made are just fantastic, but not very wise. They've come in contact with aliens, for one. Not just in contact, but invited them to come live on our planet. In exchange, the aliens just had to allow the Seregech to study them, and the aliens had to work for them. Most of the aliens disagreed, so some of them try to kill the Seregech. That is why they built the metal dome underground to avoid the aliens.

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I haven't decided which is more unpleasant though, the aliens or the Seregech, though I'm sure I'll have to make that choice eventually. Closer and closer, the foot steps came. Soon they turned from footsteps, to one of a slimy quality. I could hear Rayne breathing heavy, so I reached over and took her hand in mine, trying to sooth her. Alexandra gripped her large knife tightly getting ready to fight if it was necessary.

I pulled my dagger out of my belt and held it out defensively. What came next almost made me sick. From around a corner came the most repulsive looking thing I've seen in my life.

It looked like a blob of skin, with three tentacles on one side, and four on the other. Spaced out, defeated eyes, and the mouth of a human looked as if it was stitched on. I've never seen one like this before, and it was no doubt the work of the Seregech because this could not be natural.

Next came three more, slightly different in size and shape, but still the same features. They let off a strange odor. It wasn't really bad, but it made me feel dizzy.

As they got closer, one of them stopped. The rest behind it did the same. One of them spoke, and to my shock, it was English. "Hmm. I smell. something out. of the ordinary" The beast spoke with a ragged, whispery breath, taking pauses to breathe, as if it's been running for the last mile.

It's voice was rough and sent chills down my spine. All I wanted to do right now was be away from here. "Hehehe. human.

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flesh" the smaller one behind the first one said harshly, licking it's demented stitched on lips. The one that seemed to be the leader then spoke "Spread. out. FIND THEM!" With that, the four montrous things began to move around, sniffing the air. The leader was getting near us, obviously noticing our scent. Just inches away from us, a cruel smile spread along his face. He found us. Suddenly, Alexandra jumped out, screaming. She charged at him, slicing one of his tentacles off in the process.

It hit the ground, twitching, resembling an earth worm. Rayne and I watched in shock and horror as Alexandra chopped and sliced quickly, causing what seemed to be black blood to spill all over the ground.The first one whipped a long slimy tentacle around Alexandra's throat, but was soon chopped off.

The other three closed in around her, and before she had a chance, her arms and legs were locked tightly with one of the aliens holding her. The leader looked at her happily. "Why. you are. beautiful" he said slyly, reaching a long tentacle to her heaving chest.

It wrapped around her large breast and squeezed slightly. The other aliens snickered. "Get off me you ugly fuckers!" Alexandra cried, silent tears streaming down her face. With that, the alien quickly ripped off her already torn shirt, revealing her tit's in full view.

"Don't. speak to me.


like that.filthy whore" said the leader as he began to rub his dirty tentacle along her nipples, getting the desired effect as they quickly hardened. He smiled, then leant down and began to suck deeply. It seemed to be painful, as Alexandras face screwed up.

Well, maybe not. It was either severe pain or severe pleasure. She moaned loudly, and that answered my question. I thought of going to help her, but after living in a place like this for thirteen years you don't really feel compassion anymore, so I just sat there and watched.

His other tentacle slithered down under her pants, rubbing against her pussy. She screamed loudly.

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"OHH GOD! Stop! Please!" Alexandra begged half heartedly. In return, the alien ripped her pants off in one quick motion. I don't know how she kept herself so clean, but her pussy was shaven and looked completely hairless, despite the ugly tentacle trying to reach it's way in.

The alien rubbed faster. Alexandra moaned and thrashed at each movement, begging for him to stop, but desperately humping him, trying to get him to go faster. "Haha. the little. bitch loves. it" one of the other aliens commented, as he slithered over and shoved one of his tentacles up her ass. "She's tight.

at this. end. How bout. yours?" he asked.


The lead alien then shoved himself inside her tight pussy, and started furiously moving in and out. "She won't. be when. I'm finished." he said quietly, trying to concentrate.