Minha mulher adora tomar no c uacute_

Minha mulher adora tomar no c uacute_
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The first time he ever saw Brittany, she was standing in the bookstore reading a magazine, and what really did it was the fact that he caught a glimpse of her turquoise panties peeking out the top of her jeans that showed off her beautiful round ass.

Not one to usually hit on women in bookstores, he suddenly had this urge welling up inside and he quickly realized that this stranger, this hot young gal, was turning him on. Before he knew it, he was fully erect and his hard cock was pressing out from inside his pants. She was young with brown hair and she had a pair of enormous tits that he couldn't stop imagining how they felt. In fact, he was quite surprised at himself for standing there, looking at her, studying her curves, wondering how her smooth skin felt were he to run his palms, his fingers, over her warm flesh, exploring her, tasting her with his tongue, he couldn't stop these dirty thoughts and this turned him on even more.

When she looked up from her magazine and saw him looking at her, he was fantasizing about kissing and tonguing her neck while his hands palmed her breasts under her shirt, right there in the bookstore.

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What surprised him most, though, was that she gave him that look that said she knew exactly what he was thinking about, and he saw her eyebrow raise just slightly, just ever so much before turning her back on him. The blood in his cock was racing now, that's when she returned the magazine to the bottom shelf, bending her ass in the air.

He almost exploded right then and there when he saw her give a little look over her shoulder, looking at himlooking at her ass, there for the taking, in the perfect position, grab it.

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They locked eyes for a second and he felt she was saying, "Well?" He sauntered over behind her just ever so slightly letting his hard cock brush against her ass, both of them in the confines of their pants, and she didn't move. She bent back up, putting her in a position where his lips were on the back of her head, her back in his chest, her bottom pressing nicely into his erection, the erection she knew she'd given him.

Then she was off, down the aisle, out the door, never looking back. This would not do, and he was off after her.

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It was only outside the bookstore, on the sidewalk near the coffee shop that he caught up to her, taking her by the arm almost stopping her to spin her around. They looked into each other's eyes for a brief moment before he took her by the hand and quite simply, their fingers interlocked.

She didn't resist much as he began pulling her, down the sidewalk, around the corner, past the park and into a house, his house. The reality of the situation was turning him on like he'd never been turned on before. This was really happening, this girl, this stranger with the huge tits and the beautiful ass that turned his rod into a throbbing sex toy, was really in his house, was really holding his hand, was really looking up at him with her playful eyes.

He shut the front door with a kick of his foot and before he knew it, his hands were exploring her body, almost as if to see if she were real. He loved how she felt in her cloths, being explored by these stranger's hands in this stranger's living room, both their breaths getting quicker and more excited.

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He pulled her close and once again, wrapping his arms around her waist from behind and began kissing and sucking and licking her ear while his hands slowly crept under her shirt, up her stomach and were they soon began cupping those large tits, her nipples extremely hard in his palms as he massaged them.

They were both breathing rather heavily now, and neither of them wanted to quiet down, as they got into a rhythm, exploring.

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He spun her around and before long, their tongues were wrestling each other, wet, sloppy, deep, his hands grabbing her ass, hers doing the same to his ass, pulling each other closer and tighter, he was pressing his hard cock into her, letting her know, she was getting wetter by the second, dripping.

Then they were unclothing each other and he finally caught a view of her in her turquoise panties, sliding them off with his teeth. Her skin was smoother, warmer and more amazing than he had imagined and he didn't waste any time running his hands over her body, molesting her where she stood. He pulled her close and they began kissing again as their hands went to town.

His pants were down, his shirt was off as well, they were nude, kissing and feeling, his fingers slipped inside her wet pussy and she gasped for a moment as she let this happen, immediately grabbing his hard cock and squeezing it tight.

As he began sliding two fingers in and out, banging her wet pussy, she was jerking him off, both of them moaning with delight, the pleasures of the flesh happening for both of them, both going faster and faster. He had to taste her and pushed her towards the couch, making her bend over, making her stick her ass out, wanting to see what it was that turned him on in the bookstore, now naked. Like a good little girl, she arched her back and got on the couch on her knees, doggy style.

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He took her ass in his hands and looked at her beautiful pussy, glistening and dripping wet, just under her tight little asshole. He couldn't resist and began running his tongue over both of them, starting with her wet cunt, letting the tip wiggle in just ever so slightly, then he ran upwards until his tongue was piercing her asshole, swirling around it, trying to poke inside.

She was moaning and began rocking back and forth on her knees, pushing herself into his face while he licked and sucked and played like a mad man. He couldn't believe she was letting him do this, this girl he had never met was letting him tongue her asshole while he fingered her pussy and he was loving every second of it.


He knew what he was going to do next to that tight hole, and he had a feeling she knew too. He stuck a finger in to see how tight it would be, then decided he needed a bit of lube, so spun her head around. Before he could do anything, she was on his cock, bobbing her head back and forth, the stud in her tongue swirling around the head, all the while she was looking up at him with her eyes while massaging his balls.

He let her suck his cock hard, and then he pulled her off and put it between her tits and began thrusting. He wanted to give her a preview of what was about to happen. He pressed her tits together as he fucked them, still always looking up at him, never looking away, always keeping an intense eye contact as she felt the veins in his cock moving back and forth between her tits.

He couldn't take it any longer and swung her back around so that her ass was up in the air once again, her hips in both his hands. He put the tip of his cock right on her asshole and before she could move, he was pushing it inside of her.

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First, the bulbous head of his dick slid in and he paused as she gave a squeal, but with his hands, he pulled her waist into him as he pushed his cock deeper inside of her tight young asshole.

With one last thrust, he slammed all the way, deep inside and for a brief moment, they both had to catch their breaths as they accepted what it was they were doing with each other. Then he began.


He didn't start slow, but instead began thrusting hard and powerful, wanting her to hear the sound her ass made as he slammed into her. Over and over, that smacking sound as he fucked her, over and over that sound as he slid his cock in and out of her asshole, the tightest, most intense pleasure he'd ever experienced before. He couldn't fathom that he was actually doing this, fucking this beautiful hot young girl in the asshole like he'd seen in porn so many times before.

She was moaning and grunting as he fucked her, feeling his balls slam into her dripping wet pussy, her tits getting rocked and slapping into each other. She would push back harder with each thrust, both of them in synch, both of them letting the intense pleasure rock them, both of them becoming animals. They began going faster and faster, he was slamming her ass hard, fucking that tight hole, pounding her hard and deep from behind.

Faster and faster and faster. Before they knew it, they were both cumming at the same exact time, and neither of them held it in, screaming as they came. He, shooting his huge warm seed deep into her asshole, she, spraying her juices all over his balls, dripping down his legs, both screaming louder and louder and he pounded and pounded the last few drops out of his cock.

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They collapsed. Breathing. Wet all over. Arms and legs intertwined. As if it had a life of its own, her ass wiggled a few last times, clenching every last drop out of his cock as he reached around palming her tits, squeezing them.


Then they lay there in silence, out of breath.