Hot teen gets a big raging boner

Hot teen gets a big raging boner
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Please read Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 for a better understanding of this chapter. Names have been changed. ___________________________________________________________ My episode with Tom really must've worked me out because after my shower I fell asleep on my bed, wearing only my towel, hair still wet.


When I opened my eyes and looked at my phone, it was 3:24pm and I had 7 missed calls, 5 of them from Will. Apparently he had been calling me all afternoon, hoping to escape his mother at home after getting into a huge argument with her over pot she had found in his jeans pocket. He liked to smoke weed and I joined him sometimes. At first it was purely an attraction to me but not something I would personally do, but after a couple hits, it made me horny as fuck. By the time it was 4:00pm, he was sitting up in my room, explaining what had happened but I was barely there.

My mind was on Tom and the amazing experience we had shared. I could care less about Will and his mommy issues. Ben brought us a couple sodas and went down to his office to try to get some work done.

It had been a while since he focused on work, and he was losing clients to other hungry realtors in this down market. Tom had found some sleep as well, his tiredness likely due to his extra curricular activities last night and this morning. Will and I played some Wii and worked up quite a sweat before he decided it was time to smoke away his stress.

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I opened up my front windows and turned off the air conditioning as he carefully rolled up a solid blunt, fit enough for three people to successfully gain high-dom. I was pretty convinced by this point that he was the splitting image of his brother, Chase.

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He already had the attitude, the mannerisms, used the same phrases and dressed the same. He already wore small diamond stud earrings which added some flash to his all-American rugged features and he was patiently counting down the months and years to his 16th birthday when he could get his first tattoos.

Thinking of it, I guess he is to Chase, what I am to Tom, at least, what I was supposed to be, if I weren't gay. He lit up and I locked up, making sure we didn't have a repeat of his mother's tantrum and after a few pulls, he lay flat down on the carpet, laughing, pointing and talking nonsense.

He was a funny guy, and I lay beside him just laughing at him, and sometimes wandering off to my own little high paradise, imagining what would happen next. Unfortunately, the rain started beating in again so I had to close the windows and he put it out saying that he probably should save some for later anyway and didn't want to ride his bike high and changed the conversation to Ashley.

He had obviously enjoyed their little fuckfest and couldn't wait to get in her again. While he had a lot of experience with girls, I'm sure he was ecstatic to fuck a female that wasn't a family member. He considered her his first lay and now that he got off the mark, he wanted to keep the streak alive. I don't know if it was the weed or the conversation but he began getting a boner and before long his cock was sticking up visibly towards the ceiling.

He paid no attention and just kept talking about Ashley's body, her tits, her cocksucking ability, and the "little thing" she did when she was being fucked from behind. He pulled his phone out and began playing the video I had filmed of it, attempting to point out the action that made his cock "tingle". Before long, he started rubbing his cock and said he was really horny and wanted to pull one out before he went home. He was still somewhat high but his behaviour now wasn't much different from regular Will so I told him go for it and gave him some space.

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, watching the video and jerking it slowly, dragging his foreskin back and forth. His head was bright pink and he would often rub his thumb along its rim and across his pee slit before returning to pumping his cock. He had a particular way of masturbating, always jacking off slowly and when turned on by a certain scene, would lift his hips off the ground and hold them in mid air while he stroked it furiously. "Dude, can I borrow a sock?" He had a thing for socks.

For as long as I knew him, he could not cum unless he was in a pussy or in a sock, the latter obviously substituting for a pussy or Will's cum receptacle as he liked to put it. While most men had cum rags, he had cum socks, lots and lots of cum socks that he had positioned all over his room, which made it smell unmistakably manly.

They were overused, never washed and different shades of brown from all the dried dumps of cum he had deposited over the years. When one's smell became unbearable, he would tie it up into a plastic bag and dump it. I rolled over on one during a sleepover and swore I smelled death. I think there's still a little bit of that scent stuck in my nose. "Dude, a sock? Oh nevermind, I got one." He grabbed one of my used socks from my sneakers.

My basketball sneakers. I don't usually sweat that much but after basketball with Tom and the boys, I am wet. He straightened it out and pulled it over his cock. He loved the feeling of the fabric on his cock and the slight friction he would get, making the fuck rough for him.

He starting stroking quicker and quicker until he lifted his hips straight up and shot his cum into my sweaty socks. He kept pumping to drain the rest of his juice out and stood up as to not let the cum run down on his trousers. The tip of the sock was wet and drooped under the load of his jizz and he slowly pulled it off making sure not to get too messy.


"You want it? It's all lubed up." Cum filled socks were amazing to jack off in. Inside was wet and slimy just like I imagine a pussy or a tight asshole would be and the cum would make good lubricant.

He handed the sock over to me and I pulled down my shorts exposing my raging hard on.

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I stood up and slowly maneuvered the cum soaked sock over my cock and then squeezed down, squishing his cum all over my cock. It was warm and gooey and felt unbelievable. Will tucked his dick back into his pants and sparked his blunt up again, watching me work the dirty sock up and down my overeager cock. The head of my dick was so sensitive due to the amount of times I had jerked off within the last couple days but that discomfort was soon overcome by the pleasure.

He walked over to me and passed the weed as I jacked my cock with one hand and took a long, deep, pull with the other. I was by no means a professional smoker but I wasn't a cougher either. I returned it to him and devoted both my hands to the soggy sock, pumping it hard and tight until I filled it with cum chunks. I collapsed, one hand holding me up while the other held the sock and cum in place, totally spent and in a good place.

He helped me pull the sock off safely and handed me back the blunt while I put away my cock.

I took another heavy hit while he whipped out his dick again. I knew he couldn't refuse it either and he needed to feel all that slippery cum on his tool.

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He wasn't even hard but after a few strokes, he was revving again. This time he used his two hands and formed a pussy tunnel, pushing his cock through the holes he made with his middle fingers and his thumbs. He was enjoying it so much, he wouldn't let go to take a smoke so I held the blunt up to his mouth so he could inhale while he fucked his hands. His hips finally began to buck again and he came hard, putting his arm around my neck to remain stable while his knees got weak under the immense orgasm.

He kept cumming for a couple more strokes until he finally gave in and wrestled the sock off his cock and let it drop heavily to the floor.

I scooped it up and trashed it, not wanting to have any smell issues later on and we both jumped onto the bed spent and satisfied. Rain was still pouring outside but the room was getting heated. I didn't want to turn on the air conditioning incase it spread the scent of the pot but opening the windows would leave my room drenched.

Will removed his shirt and threw it across the room, and put his hands back taking the last few pulls. "Dude, can I ask you something?" "Sup?" "You ever thought about doing stuff with another guy?" "Another guy? Yeah, I thought of it. Why?" "Nothing.

Just thought about it recently and was wondering if you thought about it too." "Well not like I go thinking bout it all the time but yeah, I thought about it. Chase says every guy does, you just gotta bury it and it'll go away, you know. What Tom said?" "Same…Do you think you might try it someday though? Like just to see how it is?" "Yeah I guess.

I mean if I know the guy and it ain't weird." "Cool." "Why? You wanna suck my cock Travie?" "What?" "You wanna suck my cock Travie boy? Wanna lick my nuts?" "Haha shut up you ass." "Hahaha. Here." "So you wanna try it?" "What? Sucking cock?" "No dude! Like, I don't know. Kissing or some." "Kissing.

Yeah I guess that's pretty harmless.

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I mean its you." "Whatever dude. Here." "Aite, well lean in then. Wait, let me hit this.K, you ready?" We kissed. Sloppy, wet and tongue-filled. "Dude, no tongue man!" "What?

I thought you wanted the Will special! Haha. Just shut up and lean." I leaned into him again. I could taste the weed heavy on his tongue and now mines. He kissed gently at first, massaging my lips with his, and then slowly made it rougher and rougher.

My hands moved along his bare back and the back of his head, running through his short, wavy hair. He rolled under me and I put my hands across his shoulder to hold myself up over him and we continued kissing. He stopped to take a pull and then put the blunt in my mouth for a hit and then blew the smoke into my face and resumed kissing me, smiling throughout.

I could feel his tongue wander onto mine on occasion and while I was not a fan of that, his overall kissing was pretty hot. He moved his hand down my back and gave my ass a spank which made me burst into laughter and I rolled off him and we lay there laughing and smoking out the end of the weed.

It was around 7:30pm when we finally got off the bed, our head slowly regaining brain function. I think we had spent the majority of the time just staring up at the ceiling, seeing shapes and colours and laughing for no reason.

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"Dude, I better go. My mom's probably kicking the shit wondering where I went. I'm grounded." "Haha, oh shit. Hmm…guess you can't stay for dinner then?" "Nah bro, another time." "Aite cool. Got your stuff?" "Yeah…Haha, I guess you want me to kiss you goodbye then?" "Haha. Fuck you dude.

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You don't kiss that good." "Haha, you know you like it. Haha." When we came downstairs, Tom was sitting in the kitchen, going through the directory looking for takeout numbers. He and Will talked for a while since it had been some time since they last saw each other and Tom promised that all four of us, including his brother Chase, who was Tom's high school buddy, would hang out soon. Will left a couple minutes later but Tom's suspicious look stayed on me and after a couple scoffs and a good grilling, I think he bought the fact that we were just upstairs smoking weed and that we weren't "super gay for each other".

At least, not yet. TO BE CONTINUED…