Blonde hot horny mistress fucks slave

Blonde hot horny mistress fucks slave
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" Tom's never home and even when he is he's doesn't seem that interested in sex." Catherine was 32 years old and was always feeling horny but her husband was never in the mood. She was a great looking girl and had good sized breasts, had long brown hair and had a slim figure for someone that had given birth to two kids ( Heather, now 14, and Rebecca, 13). Patty, Catherine's best friend, 33, was slightly taller than Cathy and had bigger breasts than Cathy's, was always there for Cathy since she moved into Hillvale with her new husband 14 years ago.

Patty was single but had been divorced twice and had now began to realize that she would remain single forever, "Have you tried meeting him at the door naked?" " Yeah but Tom won't give in.

And I need a fucking so bad I could scream." Patty had just the idea. So she went to her bathroom cabinet and pulled a bottle out.

Patty had been with a women before and had noticed how good Cathy looks and had dreamed to fuck her and now had the perfect time to do so. " Hey I got tomorrow off-- I was wondering if u don't I could stop by for a coffe?" " Yeah sure" " Great see you in the morning ." " Ok, Bye" (The next morning) Knock, knock.

" Hey Cathy. Is everyone gone? The kids? Donald?" " Yep. Its just gonna be you and me girfriend. C'mon in. Would like some coffee?" " Sure" So as Cathy went to get two cups of coffee Patty slipped out her 'relaxant'.

Cathy returned with the two cups, Patty started checking her out and noticed how well her breasts loooked through her white blouse.

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" Could I have some milk in mine please?" " Yea sure. I never knew you took some in it" And with that Cathy turned around Paty placed one of the pills from the bottle in the coffee. After only a couple of sips the coffee the pills started taking affect and Catherine began to get woozy and weak.


Patty waited 'til Catherine was fully out before she grabbed the limp body and started to strip her off her clothes. After struggling for a while to get all of the clothes off of Cathy's limp body Patty started to tie her body down on the coffee table. Patty the stripped herself from her clothes and began to realize how hot she was getting from looking at her friends naked body. Patty then went to her carry-all and removed a strap-on and strapped to her body.

The 12-inch long, 3-inch wide plastic dildo was very firm around Patty's hot body. " I'll do your pretty ass after a nice spanking first but lets see how you handle this ok Cathy?" Cathy still lingering from the remnants of the drug Patty put on her coffee hardly heard what her friend had just said.

" Mmmf. hmmf.gfff.

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huh? What? " In it goes all the way." As Patty inserted the dildo into Cathy's sweet mound. Cathy instantly let out a huge gasp and finally realized what was going on. " Patty what.


ughh. what are you doing??" " You said you needed a good fucking so here I am. my compliments" Patty continues to ram her friend's pussy with the dildo wihout even giving Cathy a chance to breath, she just keeps rammimg it into her friends pussy. " come now be a dirty little wife and cum for me!!!!!" " AHH.OOO.

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UGGHH.NFF" " That's right. Cum while I fuck yur dirty lttle cunt" Patty started working it in faster and with that Cathy began to cum right on the plastic dildo.

Patty pulled out the strap-on and waited for Cathy's orgasm to stop. " Have you ever had a really big cock up your ass before?" " Huh?

wh-what?" " Because you're about to" Patty then inserted all 12 inches directly into Cathy's ass. " N-no .OoOo " " You're going to be doing this alot from now on so get used to cumming for me. Go onnow cum for me" " OoO.Nff " " Come on now. I could do this all day. Couldn't you?" Patty continued to insert the dildo into Cathy's pussy and picked up speed with each ram. And finally after quite some time Catherine cummed all over the coffee table.

" What do to next you look so freshly fucked might i add.


But we still have quite some time almost 7 hours since it still is only 8 o'clock. what to do- what to do? Hmm i know" And for the next six hours Catherine is spanked- Ow!- and fucked-OoOo- and spanked again and fucked some more. After many hours spent having orgasms ( more than Catherines had in months) being fucked numerous times and being spanked, Catherine is exhausted.

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" Well I'd say Tom's been missin alot. You're a natural; slut." " mmmm.yea.slut" " Now that we've had some fun I'm sure I'll want to remember this. So now it's picture time. So get on the couch and spread your legs wide so i can see both your pretty holes." Catherine mindlessly follows the order as she is too tired to disagree. Catherine spreads her legs, like her friend told her to do, to allow Patty capture on her camera, which she retrieved from her carry-all, her naked, fucked and abused body.

Pictures of her private, intimate areas now to be used by her best friend for her pleasure. Patty then explans to Catherine that she is no longer Patty's "best friend" she is her sex slave to be used whenever Patty feels like.

Telling her that if she doesn't the pictures she took will go around the neighbourhood and her husband's work like a wildfire. " Hey I know we skipped breakfast and lunch would you like something to eat?" " YEs, mistress Patty" Patty then grabs her friends head and brings it to her own wet pussy and instructs her sex slave to eat her out. Cathy then very, reluctantly decides that would it be in her best wishes to comply.

And with that Cathy lowers her head and begins to lick her friends, ahem, I mean mistress' cunt.

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" Oh, you are very good slave" Cathy continues to do this obediently, until suddenly Patty gushes out into an orgasm unlike any she's exprerienced before and gush after gush of warm pussy juice flows out of Patty's pussy and right onto her face and into er mouh.

" Ohhhh my goodness your a natural born muff-diver. And a great-fuck too" " -lik- Thank you mistress -lik-" SUddenly, the kitchen clock chimes Three. " Oh my gosh Heather and Rebecaa will be home any minute" " Well sweet stuff we're not quite finished" While Patty gets dreesed she orders Catherine to face the front door.

Still naked, she keeps a nervous eye on the sidewalk for notice of her children's arrival.

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" So who's a better fuck- Me or Donald?" " you are, mistress" " Good now I just want to leave you two remindersof our day" " Please mistress . they're at the end of the driveway" " one up your ass and one in your dirty cunt" she says as she sticks two vibrators in her friend's holes, " turn them on and voila" " Please mistress Patty, they're almost at the door." "Then i guess you better tell me what a good slave you'll be" " I-I do" And who do you belong to- Me or Donald?" " You mistress Patty" " Yes you do and you better not forget that" Patty then leans in and kisses Cathy on the lips letting her tongue slip between and enter her slave's mouth.

" i'm guessing you'll want to get changed then since you're still naked, I like it that way" " I need to, please, my kids are outside, they'll see" " Promise you'll make it up to me tomorrow?" " Yes, I promise" And with that the door opened and Catherine ran upstairs to her bedroom. " Hello, kids" Patty started checking out Heather saying to herself that she took after her mother with her beautiful tits, Rebecca wasn't that bad she has a cute ass though.

" Hi, Mrs. Johnson, did my mom just run upstairs? she looked a little pink" " Oh she's just not feeling quie like herself today" Patty almost pounced on Heather and Rebecca right there but held herself back and decided better of it. Patty and the kids then went into the kitchen and had some milk and cookies while the waited for Cathy. Heather and Rebecca were both wearing there school uniforms and Patty thought about licking Heather's breasts which made her very wet.

She dropped her cookie thinking about it and bent down and looked underneath their skirt and noticed that Heather wasn't wearing any panties and she saw her clean shaven pussy straight on which made her bump her head on the table. " oh, Mrs. Johnson are you ok?" " yes and call me Patty from now on" " ok.Patty" And with that Catheine walked into the kitchen with only a bath robe exposing half her breasts to her little girls.