Rio Kurusu wants her man to cause her orgasm

Rio Kurusu wants her man to cause her orgasm
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"Congrats Sean Its you and me for the next three years lol fuck them university students lol." Love Ali I read on my Graduation Card. I looked up and seen her eyes smileing at me it was kind of special to me. Ali was a very toned and shapely young ladie. She was as old as me but one year behind in school due to late birthday.

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she and i planed to go to community college and all of our friends were going north for school. It was rather disapoiting all my best buds gone for the school year but hopefully i will transfer there after 2 years but we will see? It was that time when everyone was going there own way after a drunkin summer. i had about 6 friends going north for school and another 5 going to southern.I looked around for the summer for a apartment and found a rather cheap one that was close to my school which was good.


My first year was going by good when i got a call around september. It was ali she was wondering whats going on. i told her about school and my apartment and everything. She was graduating early from highschool she was ahead. i told her jokin that she should come and stay with me when she graduated. she laughed and said yea she should and just changed the subject and then she kinda invited herself over for the weekend for a party.

i didnt disagree. she was hot and i needed some company. So the weekend came and she showed up friday around 6. i greeted her with a large smile.

She smiled back and came in with a bag. i asked her what was in the bag she said she had her clothes for the weekend.!!!!


wow i didnt expect her to stay for the whole weekend. i said what about her parents i guess they were outa town for the weekend and she said she was staying at a friends. and the next words were wheres the booze. I showed her my frige which was half beer half food and the frezzer consited of some brats and some hard liquor.

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she grabed a beer ploped down on the couch. i asked her if i should call some people over to have a little party.? She told me naw we have alot to catch up on. she asked me about my girlfriend everything which for the record we were still dating heavily and seeing each other everyday. i told going excelent she smiled and said she was happy for me. Ali was a smaller girl for 18 she was about 5'3 100lbs she was in good shape tho no fat.she had the meat were it was needed around the ass on the thighs and on her chest.

long brown hair brown eyes she was extremly good looking. So an hour goes by and she and i had gone through some beers and wathced cops twice. and she wanted to get a movie for the nite. i agreed so we walked the two blocks to the movie store and got "The Notebook" yea i kno but thats what she wanted so what the hell i wasnt gona arguee.

So we got back to my place around 730 we made a pizza and had a couple more beers. she and i talked about old times and laughed it was quite a fun time when our pizza was finsihed i poped the movie in and sat on the couch she layed on it takeing up about all the room on my little love seat.

so i picked her legs up and sat and let her legs rest on my lap. she yawned and said she was tired. and wished she was in bed. I told her jokingly that we can watch it in bed but i olny had a full size bed and we might not both fit she smiled and got up and went to the door were my bedroom was i kinda laughed and didnt think anything of it and watched the movie again. when about 30 sec later i heard a grunt and i looked up and she questioned if i was gona join her i jumped up quicker then i ever think i have and grabed the movie and went to the bedroom tv and poped it in she grabed her bag and went arcoss the hall to the bath were she changed into a pair of short shorts and a tank top.

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no bra mite i add.and took against the wall on my bed i grabed a pair of shorts and headed to the bathroom to change she stoped me and said it was ok if i changed in there so i droped my jeans and put a pair of shorts on and lay next to her givin her room we started the movie she cryed i guess it was one of the those crying chick flicks i dont know but i asked her if she was tired she said yea so i turned the tv off and lite next to the bed and told her good nite. she had her head to the wall and so did i at first she was laying with her legs straight out on her side.


so was i. but then about ten minitues later she woke me and said she couldnt sleep like that and asked if she could get comfortable she said yea no problem and i grabed a pillow and told her i was going to sleep on the couch. she told me not to because she cant sleep by her self in new places so i stayed and she was in the fetal positon on my bed head still toward the wall i was still on my side head twoard the wall i told her good nite and passed out.

Around 4 am i felt somthing i opened my eyes to see the back of ali's head in my face and i could feal her ass rubing on my crotch i didnt kno if she was up so i waited and she kept doing it and doing it i was hard i i didnt know if i should touch her or what About two years ago i told her i liked her and she said that she liked me too only as friends though so i never went any further and i was ok with it and we ended up becoming better friends. i let her still rub and rub then she stoped and i touched her side and she jumped up and asked me if everything was ok i told her yea and she kinda winked and said ok and layed back down now i was totally confused was the wink a bad or good thing?

did she think i was fealing up on her ? did she wink because she wanted me?

i just didnt kno i fell back asleep wondering i woke up we were still in the same position and i rolled over and went into the kitchen to make breakfest. she came in with that sexy women just woke up i wana fuck u look and we talked and ate then around 11 or i showered and came into my room to change and she was laying on the bed watching tv and i went to my dresser to grab some clothes and told her not to look she just smiled and turned her head.

i put some boxers on and a pair of jeans and laid on the bed. Her turn was next she showered and i knew her bag was in my room so instead of watching tv on the big screen i watched in my room she came out still wet and looking good and she turned away from me droped the towel and i seen out my ey her bare ass which was a good site let me tell you and i didnt wana get caought checking out her bare ass so i watched tv and she got more dressed and we layed and watch tv for a while and i called some of my buddies over for some beers and college football.

Around 5 people came over every one with at least a 12 pack plus my stock in my fridge it was gona be a drunkin nite. we usualy have a good time till about 3 in the mornin and then everyone either crashes out at my house or goes home.

But tonite was gona be a long nite i could tell. Ali was already on number 3 when people started coming around and she cooled down a little then started up again it was about 12am when everyone was around that loud drunkin state we were just playin card when one of the guys said how about some truth or dare guys.

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i was in, i was half shit faced anyway.So we started to play Adam one of my friends one of the more drunken ones asked if i ever had sex with 3 girls at the same time i told him kno and everyone gave him one of those your a dumb ass looks and that game stoped so we played some poker it was fun and all then around 2 every one left and it was just me and ali left and we drank some more beers and we were both pretty drunk i ended up sleeping on the couch and she on my bed.

i woke up sunday around 2 in the afternoon and she was still asleep. i told her to get up and she did she walked up rite to my face and gave me a big wet kiss on the lips to my surprise. i kinda looked at her and she said thanks for lookin after me this weekend how about next weekend we do the same? Well i was kinda stupid but not this stupid i quickly said yes and she said good and she told me she better be getting home. i was still in shock. we arived at her house and sheleaned over and gave me a long gentler one this time and thanked me again.

Ohhh man i can believe it she was totally hot and i think next weekend i am gonna fuck her good!