Mature Soccer Mom with Big Tits Masturbates Compilation

Mature Soccer Mom with Big Tits Masturbates Compilation
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Chapter One It had been a lonely day at the Sanders household, nobody around. Well; it was like this nearly every day. until the two siblings have arrived from school.

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Today however, only one had. Ellie had driven home, two hours earlier, walked into the family's two story house, dropped her bag on the floor by the main door, and walked through to the kitchen. She had wondered where her brother - William, was. It was only once she turned on her phone - which she had left at home, she saw a text from William. It read: "Going to a friends house. Will be back around 4.".

After reading the text, she locked her phone and dropped it back onto the kitchen table. She grew a big smile on her face after she realized that she would be home, alone, till four in the afternoon, since her dad only gets back from work around 7pm. Delightedly, she ran upstairs to her room, got undressed, grabbed a towel and went for a shower. She was average height for a teenager, 5'4", size 32B breasts, blue eyes, a decent ass, and petite. Today had been stressful for the eighteen year old, first, she had forgotten to do her hair in the morning, secondly, she got in trouble for not doing her previous day's homework - the final year is proving to be quite stressful, and thirdly, the most stressful of them all; her and her best friend have started fighting.

She knew several ways to rid of stress, but there was one in particular she had in mind, and since she had four hours of privacy, she decided to do it. Standing in the shower, she twisted the nozzle to spray down on her girlhood. Of course, this very particular way of relieving stress, was masturbating.

As the stream of water landed on her young girlhood, she started to moan, soft at first, but as she remembered that she was alone, she got louder. Eventually, she started rubbing her clit, faster and faster, climaxing to the inevitable - she orgasmed.


After she was convinced she had relieved enough stress, she turned off the shower, got out, dried herself, and walked to her room without even bothering to use a towel. She lay down on her bed with her stomach facing it, she peered up at her alarm clock. "3:25 P.M". Thinking that there was enough time for another session, she stayed like she was, and reached down to her girlhood.

She started rubbing her clit again, however, whilst she was rubbing her clit, she slid her middle finger up her pussy, letting out soft moans, drowning in pleasure.

Getting closer and closer to orgasming again, she started moaning loud into her pillow, slowly gyrating her ass up and down. William was simple. He'd go to school, get home, do homework (if any), ate dinner, worked out, showered and then went to bed.

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This was his daily routine. He was a year older than his little step sister, Ellie, but he was kept back a year in school. Unlike his sister, he had green eyes. He liked to have spiked hair. He was 5'9" and was relatively fit.

Today, he had to go to his friends house for a school project until 4PM. He told Ellie this via text, but she'd forgotten her phone at home. Him and his friend had finished their project fairly quickly, at 3PM. He started walking home at 3:12PM. He thought he'd better phone Ellie and tell her.

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She didn't answer, nor hear her phone ringing downstairs. After several attempts, William gave up. Something was wrong. Ellie is addicted to her phone, why would she suddenly not be? He arrived home at 3:34PM, unlocked the door, walked in, dropped his bag right next to Ellies, and stayed quiet for a moment. Ellie however, completely unaware that his big brother had arrived home, continued moaning into her pillow.

William heard distinct moans, curiously, he walked past the kitchen, and noticed her phone was on the table, he slowly walked up the stairs, trying to make no noise. As he got closer, the moans got louder. He was right outside her door. He walked in and saw his little stepsister masturbating butt naked. Shocked, William watched for 2 minutes, before she turned her head sideways, and saw him.

She immediately sat up and tried to cover up her boobs and pussy. Her cheeks started glowing red. "Well hello," he sheepishly said, and looked her right in the eyes "Hey" she murmered, then peered at the clock; 3:40??

why the hell is he home early… She hid her body under the covers. "Why - why are you home so early?" "Oh we finished our project early -" he answered as he leaned in the doorway, "I called to say I was on my way but you didn't hear your phone." "Yeah you could guess why, how long were you watching me?" "Two minutes, it was quite a show I must say." He smiled. Her cheeks started glowing red again. "Oh come on Will, have you never see a girl naked before?" "I have, but she wasn't playing with herself." "I think you're lying" she started smiling "Nope I am not".

Just as he replied she stood up on her bed and dropped the covers, revealing her young naked body. She had a huge smile on her face and his jaw dropped. Williams view God she is beautiful, I've known her for 10 years and had never really thought about her body.

Daamn. "Now you're not lying" she ever so proudly said "I-I-I wasn't lying" he nervously replied. He now had flaming red cheeks, stood upright in the doorway - staring at his nude stepsister. Her breasts are beautiful, her curves - her figure. Don't come out now, do not come out - please. She folded her arms and looked toward his crotch. He saw her and also looked down to his crotch. Oh fuck no, why did you have to come out!

His cheeks became redder than they ever have before. She slowly got off her bed, not losing eye contact with his bulge. She looked like a lion, or in this context, a lioness; moving in for its prey. Should I run? No I can't… God she's beautiful. She got on all fours and started walking toward him, he could see her ass swaying side to side as she got closer.

The curves, THE CURVES. She was on her haunches down in front of him, staring his bulge. He just stood there, defenseless, as she slowly started unbuckling his belt.

She looked up into his eyes. "Oh he is so shy" she thought, and was laughing inside her head. As the belt became undone, the pants fell down to his ankles - revealing his semi hard cock hidden behind his underwear.


She smiled as she bit the underwear, and pulled it down, causing his junk to fall onto her head. She looked up at him, as his dick just sat on her face. God she's beautiful. I shouldn't do this. She leaned back, grabbed his dick and started stroking it up and down. She looked at it with an evil look on her face. "I bet you haven't done this before" she promptly said "No. I have never sucked a dick before, and I don't plan to - ever." he answered with a smile.

"Good answer. But have you ever had a girl, on your dick before?" "Yes I have. Have you had a dick in your mouth before?" She paused, "nope" she answered with an innocent voice and a slight smile "Good" After a few minutes of her stroking his dick - she moved in and licked his head.

He smiled and started taking off his shirt. "Time to teach her something" he continuously thought She put his head in her mouth, sucking around on it and licking it.

She maintained eye contact with him, and started taking in more of his dick. Ellie's view God this thing is huge, maybe 8 or 9 inches. Wait until the girls hear about this. I wonder how long he'll last, I'm not going to let him fuck me however.

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Just a blowjob - that's all Ellie - you have your toys for fucking - you don't need him… Yet. She started moving her head back and forth, taking his dick in and out. She could only get ¾s of his dick in her mouth. She pulled off and started rubbing his dick. "You're too big for me" she chuckled, staring at his full erect dick. "Good, means you'll have a hard time." he replied with a huge smile. "Let's bet" she said and immediately went back onto his cock bobbing up and down, taking more of his length each time.

"Not gonna lie - you're pretty good at this for a first timer." he commented, letting out slight moans. "I have friends for a reason," she replied.

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She started getting faster and faster until she was gurgling on his cock. He was getting closer to orgasm. This better feel good for him.

Williams view God this feels so good.

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She's an angel - figuratively of course. I wonder if she'll go further than this. What does she mean she has friends for a reason? What do they talk about at school… "Oh god Ellie" he said before letting out a load groan, "this feels so good" he continued as she kept bobbing up and down on his rock hard cock. She grew a smile and stared up at him. "Oh, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum!" - just as he said this she stopped, and waited a few seconds, then started playing with him gently.

"Oh fuck you too" he said. What a fucking tease. She started chuckling on his cock, then started playing around with her tongue.

She kept him on the edge for a while. He noticed a small little puddle below her pussy. She's so fucking wet. Wow.

She's actually having a lot of fun. He decided to not tell her when he's about to cum for the future, so she could receive a nice unexpected gift. He felt his dick tense up, and so did she - regardless she kept going. God this is gonna feel so good. She's way better than that slut Amy.

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She pushed her head deep onto his dick. He started moaning loud as he shot his load down his little sister's throat. His arms weakened forcing him to stumble back out of the doorway. She still kept his slowly deflating dick in her mouth, even while he stumbled. Once he had recovered, he pulled back and started to lick his dick clean.

He was panting and staring blankly into the air. God that felt so good… "So, I'm not too bad for a first timer" she said once she had finished cleaning his dick. She stood up.


He took a deep breath, "God you're good at that" he answered as he stared into her eyes. Fuck she's beautiful. Thank god we ain't related.

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She winked and him and walked back into her room. She stopped at the door and turned around to face him, he just stood there, staring her. "Now, if you'd excuse me - I have something to finish." she happily said as she started closing the door, "oh, and you better not tell anybody about this, or I'll cut your dick off and feed it to you." she added with a slight smile, then shut the door - and locked it.

He stood there for few minutes, thinking about what had just happened. He could hear faint moans coming from behind her door. He grew a smile, shrugged his shoulders, then went to his room. End of chapter one Thanks for reading, this is my first work.