Horny Blonde Babe Playing Her Cunt With Vibrator

Horny Blonde Babe Playing Her Cunt With Vibrator
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Shit shit shit. John stared at me for a minute or two and then decided to go after her. I followed slowly behind him. When we couldn't find her after ten minutes of searching the whole school, John simply took my hand and headed back towards the gates. "Forget about her, I want you," he said, pushing me against the wall once more. There was nothing more I wanted then letting him entangle his long fingers in my brown hair but I knew that someone else could catch us too.

"Let's go back to my place," I told him, "I'm gonna be alone all day." John smiled then nodded. "I'll see you there," he said, pulling his keys out of his pocket.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About fifteen minutes later I lived pretty close to school I reached my apartment and got comfortable. It wasn't long before I heard the door bell ringing and rushed to open it. And yep, it was John. He had changed his shirt but still had on the same pair of jeans. Without waiting any further, he shut and locked the door behind us and pinned me up against the rounded bar table in one corner of the living room.


His hands were all over me and I loved feeling them on my skin. His lips brushed against my jaw and left a trail of kisses right down to my collar bone. His hands slipped under my tank top and he started lifting it over my head slowly. My hands trailed down his chest and soon, his hard cock was in my hand again. "You never told me you were seven inches soft," I said with a wink. He smirked then leaned forward and whispered in my ear. "Wanna take this to your bedroom?

I don't want anyone else walking in on us." I giggled and nodded. I lead the way but didn't need to John had been to my place a million times. "You know," he said as I shut and locked the door after we both were in, "Being in your room has always turned me on." John pulled me towards him and we fell on the bed, him on top, kissing each other hungrily. His right hand slowly trailed down my hips and stopped on the inside of my right thigh.

I felt his other hand leave the side of my face to join his right one and he unbuttoned my shorts slowly. His lips left mine and trailed down my body all the way to my naval. I was getting more and more sensitive to his touch and when he finally pulled my shorts off and his hand rubbed over my pussy, I let out a soft scream.

I must've came as well because when his hand slipped into my panties, he looked up at me and smiled. "I've barely started on you and you're already soaking." I smiled back, not really being able to concentrate on anything other than his fingers which were now pulling my pussy lips apart. He continued playing with my lips, careful not to touch my clit just yet and brought his body back up. "Unhook your bra," he commanded, and I did, my nipples erecting immediately when they were exposed.

John surprised me by gasping and suddenly, his lips were hooked over one nipple and then another. He suckled them gently, casually grazing his teeth over them every now and then. It took everything I had not to scream out loud and wake up the neighbours who were probably having their afternoon nap. "John!" I managed, burying my fingers in his hair and pushing his head towards my crotch.

I wanted to see him in between my legs. I wanted to feel his tongue over my pussy. John got my drift and slid down, positioning himself between my legs which his hands held apart wide.

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He started with licking around my shaved pussy, teasing the lips apart slowly. Then he rubbed his index finger along the lips, pulling them apart gently before suddenly plunging his tongue into my hole and surprising me.

I couldn't stop myself from screaming this time and my hands grabbed the sheets. First one finger and then another replaced his tongue and this time he flicked it against my most sensitive spot.

It just about felt like heaven on earth. I must've came again because his fingers were making a sloppy sound each time they plunged into my hole.

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Suddenly, John impatiently pulled me into a sitting position and stripped his clothes off. My heart started beating faster I was sixteen and had done loads of stuff with guys, but I hadn't actually lost my virginity just yet.

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I had heard it was painful, but I knew that I was safe of the pain there. Somehow or the other, I had broken the barrier with . uhm, handy household objects one evening. I hooked one arm behind John's neck and pushed his head up to face me gently. He was silent for a moment as he judged my expression then whispered. "Oh." We both stared at eachother for a minute or two and then he broke the silence by pushing me back on to the bed and kissing me on the neck.

That made me relax almost instantly and I realized that it was okay, this was John, he wasn't going to hurt me. Taking hold of his boner in one hand, the other one on the bed for support, John rubbed the head of his cock along the lips of my pussy and smiled at me. What a tease. I propped myself up, using my arms to support me so that I had a better view of what he was doing. Once he had lubed himself up with my juices, John slowly started sliding all eight inches into me.

Friends, family and the Internet had clearly made an understatement of the feeling. Hell, even I can't describe it in words.


Amazing, fantastic, spectacular, brilliant, awesome. Still doesn't quite describe the moment. His arms were holding my legs wide apart and he had one knee propped up on the bed, the other leg straight on the ground, his hips bucking.

It took barely two minutes for John to make me come. Still, he kept going, for another fifteen minutes or so. I never thought I'd have seven orgasms in fifteen minutes, but I did.

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The only thing he said to me before unloading his come inside me was "Are you on the pill?" I obviously wasn't so I pushed him off immediately, hating the feeling of emptiness that I felt suddenly but bending down in between his legs without wasting any time.

I took hold of his throbbing member and gave it a few strokes, my mouth wide open. I wanted to taste him so bad. John clutched at my hair and blasted out in my mouth.

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I swallowed immediately, eager for more. It was a combination of sweet and salty, and although not the first specimen I'd had in my mouth, definitely the best. After licking him clean and watch his boner die down, I crawled into my bed with my new fuck buddy.

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He was grinning at me, and I felt like I wanted to grin back. We had wanted this for so long. Then suddenly, there was a ringing noise in the background and John jumped off the bed, sliding his hands into his jeans which he had left on my carpet. He took one look at the screen of his cellphone and his eyes went wide. "What is it, John?"