Gorgeous twink Jay pleasures himself after interview

Gorgeous twink Jay pleasures himself after interview
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"Derrick took a sip from his beer and handed the bottle to Stephanie. Stephanie finished the bottle off and tossed it into a pile of rocks. It broke explosively. "Shhhh, quiet," Derrick demanded. "Who cares, it was the last one anyway," Stephanie said, "what are they going to do, take our beer away from us?" she giggled, wiping her mouth on the back of her hand. A startled look crossed her face, then disgust as she looked down at her breasts.

Her breasts were wet with beer, not that this made them look any more alluring. Stephanie was dressed as she usually did, in overalls and a plaid "lumberjack" shirt. "Shit, I've got to wash this out," she complained.

Derrick looked at her wet chest and shook his head sadly. "Some people can't hold their liquor," he said sagely. "Fuck off." "Derrick and Stephanie had been friends since they were three years old. Neither seemed to fit in, in school, and now, during their last year of high school, the senior trip was about to become the same mundane, boring disaster as the rest of the school year.

Neither had a mate, or were likely to find one. Stephanie was chunky, clumsy, and a bit manly in dress and demeanor. If she lost 20 pounds she could be beautiful some day, but for now she was still filling out. Derrick was prone to having a beer gut, even though he rarely drank beer, and his features were marred by a trace of acne.

He had never had a real date, just outing with Stephanie, who was a kindred spirit and a sister, of sorts. If Derrick had stopped to think for a moment, Stephanie was the closest thing to a date that he'd ever had. She had been his best friend for as long as he could remember. But he had never thought of her in a sexual way, so he didn't consider her an actual conquest.

"Screech, clang!" "What was that?" Derrick bounced up off the yellow sand and scraggly grass to look around in fright.

"Just the door of the outhouse," Stephanie said, raising up to see who was around. "That thing stinks." "Yeah, and it's full of spiders and flies. Isn't there a law against making people use one of those? It's unsanitary." "Not at camp, they can do anything they want and call it camping," Stephanie said, then looked at her shirt again. "I wonder if beer stains?" "Oh, who fucking cares, it's a lumberjack shirt?

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You've had that since you were ten years old. Throw the damned thing away." "It's the shirt I was wearing when I showed you my tits," Stephanie teased. "Is it? The one where you started growing tits and showed me your puffy nipples?" "Sure, don't you recognize it?" "No, I just looked at your tits, not your shirt.

Are they still puffy?" "Hell no, and I'm glad. They hurt like hell." "Show me your tits again." "No." "Why not?" "We're older now." "So?" "It.

it just doesn't seem right." "I'll show you mine." "You don't have tits." "Not my tits, you fool, my wanker." "Really?" Stephanie asked brightly. Her face suddenly clouded over. "No." "Ok." "Screech, bang!" "Damned that thing. Hey," Derrick said thoughtfully, "did you notice the knot hole in the back of the second one?" "No, I haven't used the second one.

What about it?" "It's about eye level. Want to spy on people?" Derrick asked teasingly. "No," Stephanie was outraged.

"I didn't think so. Coward," he said in disdain. "I am not, but I'm not a pervert either." "The hell you aren't. Remember the time I caught you in the shed with." "Shut the hell up. You want me to drag all of your sick stuff out in the open?" "No," Derrick said resentfully. "I'm going to look," he said in sudden resolution. "Get back here, you sick fuck," Stephanie hissed, but Derrick was already scrambling across clumps of grass and yellow sand. He fell twice before he reached the back of the outhouse.

As he did, he looked down and realized that the area had been much used. He looked on either side of the outhouse and realized that there was no easy way to get to the back, from the front.

It was screened off by thick pines and blackberry bushes. Derrick turned and waved Stephanie forward, pointing at the trampled ground beneath his feet. "You see, lot's of people use this," he said in satisfaction. "Damned. I have used this one," Stephanie said thoughtfully. "Ashamed of showing your naked ass?" he teased. "Yeah," she looked around and followed the trail down to the lake with her eyes. The outhouse door slammed again, startling them both.

They smiled at each other at their sudden fright. Derrick moved closer to the hole and looked inside. He could see an ass, but didn't know if it was a male or female ass. He ducked down and looked up, at the prettiest head of raven black hair he had ever seen. There were about 100 kids at camp right now, he had no idea who might own the hair.

But it was definitely a girl. He looked back at her lovely ass, just as she raised a cheek and wiped her pussy. He hissed in appreciation, then turned to wave Stephanie forward. She objected silently, then held her nose, but she inched closer. In a moment her eye was at the hole, looking in. "Hell, that's Melanie Shaffer," Stephanie said, pressing her hand against the hole to keep from being heard. "Ouch," she said, drawing her hand away in surprise. "I know you're out there," a voice came from inside the outhouse.

"Did you get a good look?" "Shut the fuck up and get your ass out of there," Stephanie yelled, surprising Melanie. "A girl! What are you doing out there?" Melanie shouted from inside, with her eye to the hole.

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"Waiting for a guy to show up, so get your ass out of there." "Pervert." "Don't make me kick your ass," Stephanie threatened. "I'm leaving." "A guy did show up next. Derrick looked briefly, then motioned for Stephanie to look. She took a long, hard look while Derrick sat beside her smiling at her bated breath and hard nipples. Upon an impulse, he reached out and tweaked one nipple. She slapped his hand away half-heartedly, while maintaining her view inside.

Stephanie didn't realize that guys took so long to pee. She had been with Derrick before when he pee'd, but she never really paid attention. Derrick slid his hand over her breast again, noticing that she was a full c-cup now.

Her tits were firm and nipples long and hard. He gently massaged her right breast, totally engrossed in her suddenly interesting mounds. Why hadn't he noticed her tits before? She wasn't a sister, even though she had always acted and felt like one. She was a girl, he suddenly realized. He looked up at her face again and found in surprise that her eyes were closed. She was totally enjoying his manipulations and ignoring the guy inside. They were both brought back to reality by the slamming of the outhouse door.

Stephanie's eyes flew open, she looked down at Derricks hand, and reluctantly pushed it away. Derrick's cock was hard and throbbing in his pants. Stephanie had been the least sexual creature he had ever know. Now, somehow, she had become the object of his desires. Was he just so hard up that he would fuck anything? Yes, he was. But that didn't make Stephanie and less desirable, or less available.

Even the horrible smell of the outhouse didn't diminish the moment. Derrick suddenly felt that he had made a great realization, although he was not exactly sure what it was, other than the fact that Stephanie had tits. "That felt good," Derrick said in a whisper.

"I'm glad, because it's the last time it will ever happen," Stephanie said, wetting her lips and reluctantly looking Derrick in the eyes. She quickly glanced away. "Why?" Derrick asked in a pleading voice. "I. you know," she said. "Yeah," he lied.


He didn't know, and he didn't plan on stopping. Just wait until the next guy comes in, he thought to himself. Thankfully, the next occupant was also a guy. This one dropped his pants to take a shit. Stephanie looked at his naked ass, and saw black hair dusting it's surface. She grimaced in disgust and pulled her eye away.

That was when they heard the first groan. Smiles broke out on their faces. "Constipation," Stephanie mouthed silently with a look of disgust. When a second louder moan came they both broke out in giggles, trying not to be heard inside. By the time that the occupant left, they were rolling on the ground, laughing themselves into tears. He had certainly heard them as he left, but they couldn't help it. "Oh God, my head hurts," Stephanie said, holding her head.

"It's the beer," Derrick agreed. "I need an aspirin." "Screech, slam!" they heard again. Even before Stephanie could press her eye to the hole, they both heard whispered voices coming from inside. Stephanie opened her mouth in an "o" of surprise and quickly looked through the hole. She looked for several minutes before she pulled her eye away and motioned Derrick forward. He saw a pair of breasts.

A girl was facing the wall of the outhouse, just above the hole, with her shirt open. He could see two perfect breasts. Suddenly the girl sighed and the breasts began swinging. In a moment it was clear that she was being fucked from behind. Derrick looked at Stephanie in surprise. She pushed him away and pressed her own eye to the hole. Once again, Derrick's eyes were drawn to Stephanie's breasts, hidden by her plaid shirt and white, lacey, form-fitting bra.

Her tits really were magnificent. Again, of it's own violation, his hand crept forward and captured her right breast. She made no move to push him away. He first mashed the firm breast in his hand, then on an impulse, he pulled his hand away and slid it inside her blouse and bra. There was a gasp of surprise, her hand started for his hand to stop him, but by that time his index finger was beginning to worrying her stiff nipple.

She froze, bit her lip, and leaned her head against the wood of the outhouse. Although the odor of the outhouse was horrendous, the heat of the afternoon sun, heating the wood against her forehead, felt good.

She was also aware of the heat being transmitted by her aroused nipple. It was speeding directly down to her pussy. As she knelt with her head against the outhouse, resting her weight against her knees, she gently rubbed her legs together.

Dressed in overalls and squatting in the sand behind an outhouse, had not been her dream of her first sexual experience. As the girl inside the outhouse began gasping loudly, Stephanie licked her lips nervously and looked inside.

She could see nothing but the swinging, pendulums of womanly flesh, but at that moment, with Derrick's fingers massaging her breasts, she did care. At certain times, a pair of swinging tits was very erotic. Suddenly, as Stephanie watched, a hand came into view and grabbed the girl's right breast.

As the hand massaged the breast, Stephanie saw a ring, a rams head with large diamonds for eyes. "How tacky," Stephanie sighed, again closing her eyes and enjoying the hand on her breasts. She didn't care who the hand belonged too, as long as it didn't stop. "Oh God, that feels good," Stephanie whispered. "Yes, it does," Derrick whispered. Stephanie's eyes flew open in surprise, then they closed slowly. Derrick decided it was time to take things one step further. He unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it open.

The bra latched from the back, so he simply pushed it down to reveal her breasts. Despite, or possibly because, of her thick body, her breasts looked enormous.


Derrick gasped in appreciation, then noticed Stephanie giving him a critical gaze. "They are beautiful," he gasped joyously. "Thanks," she said, suddenly relaxing again. Derrick realized that she had never showed her breasts to anyone before.

He had been the first to view, and judge her beautiful breasts. Luckily, he had been impressed. Derrick slid closer to the outhouse, facing her breasts.

She again put her eye against the hole, then blinked as the outhouse door slammed, shooting a puff of air into her eye. She blinked, rubbed her eye, and sat back on her heels. Derrick had been afraid that she would stop him, now that the stimulus had been removed, but to his amazement she simply watched his face as he groped both breasts in fascination. Suddenly he grew bold, leaned forward, and captured one dark red nipple in his lips.

As he sucked he closed his eyes and enjoyed the first sexual moment of his life. Every little detail was imprinted on his mind, easily retrieved for future reference. He could smell the trace of sweat from beneath her breasts, the slight trace of odor from her armpits, the smell of the laundry detergent still drifting from the hot fabric in the afternoon sun, and of course the smell of the outhouse.

He desperately wanted to get away from that stench, but he was afraid that any pause would cause her to change her mood, and her mind. It would, of course, he would come to realize how critical this decision had been, in the near future when he understood women better. "Do the other one," Stephanie whispered. Derrick quickly moved from her right breast to the stiffened nipple on her left.

He massaged the flesh of her stomach, on her left side below the ribs. It was soft and supple, two words that Derrick never thought he would ever associate with Stephanie. To his amazement, he realized that she was a very curvaceous, hot and sexy woman. There was no doubt in his mind that he would fuck her, even if he had to rape her and take the beating she would give him afterwards.

"Stop," Stephanie said suddenly. She pushed Derrick away. He nearly howled in helpless frustration, but to his amazement Stephanie just wanted room to remove her clothing. She slipped the suspenders off her shoulders, stood, and slid her overalls down off her legs. Derrick half expected to see a man's hairy legs, as the bulky trousers dropped, but was pleasantly surprised to see the long, muscular, sexy legs of a woman.

They were overly white, since Stephanie did not believe in showing her body, and never wore shorts or a bathing suit. But with a little tan they would be perfect. Derrick's eyes were drawn to the black panties still showing in the opening of her unbuttoned shirt. They hid a gentle, mysterious mound. "My God, Stephanie, why didn't I ever notice how beautiful you are?" "I don't like showing off," she said uncomfortably. "I will never forget," Derrick said in awe.

At that moment the outhouse door slammed again. Stephanie spun and ducked to look through the hole. She watched for several minutes before she turned and looked down at him, amused by his unblinking stare at her crotch. "It's just a girl taking a piss," she whispered. "Let me sniff you," Derrick pleaded. "What?" Stephanie laughed, not sure she heard him right. "I want to sniff your pussy," he said with a greedy look.

"You do?" "Yeah," he looked up at her face. He believed he could see the desire in her eyes. "Wh. why?" she stuttered. "I want to see if it smells delicious. All the books say that a pussy smells delicious." "It doesn't," she said, shaking her head with a smile.

"Let me try," he pleaded again.

She started to object, then seeing the look in his eyes she nodded slowly. Derrick scrambled through the yellow sand on his knees and put his nose against her black panties. He took a deep sniff, then pulled back with a thoughtful look. Obviously happy, he grabbed each leg and plunged forward to sniff again. He remained there for several minutes, inhaling deeply, like a boy sniffing glue.

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A dazed, happy smile crossed his face as he finally pulled away and looked up at Stephanie. "It is wonderful," he gasped. "I. I. I'm glad you like it," Stephanie said, not sure what to say. The fire between her legs had intensified 100 times. Her legs felt like they would collapse. Derrick didn't appear to notice how they shook, or didn't care.

Stephanie had hopped. well she was hoping that Derrick would want to do more than sniff. While she grew up, at night in the darkness of her own room, she rubbed her pussy with her fingers, while imagining how it would feel to have a boy.

or a girl, lick her pussy. Derrick had been so close. Did he really find her pussy offensive after all?

"Open your legs," he suddenly commanded with an assurance she had never seen before. She automatically stepped wider, opening her pussy for his pleasure. He immediately reached up and grabbed the crotch of her panties with shaking fingers. Before she could object, he pulled the crotch, and a few hairs, and pushed it aside to view her pussy.

In a moment his mouth was pressed against the hot, moist lips of her pussy, nuzzling and sucking as she had dreamed of so many times. Stephanie gave a happy, shuddering smile and looked down at Derrick as he instinctively began licking and sucking on her pussy, in all the right ways. His only fault was he was too aggressive, and a little too painful, but she would teach him how to be gentle later. Right now she needed rough. Stephanie massaged his hair as his face worked between her legs. Derrick moaned as he munched on her hot, flavorful pussy.

It was just as fantastic as he had imagined it would be. He probed her depths with his tongue, and enjoyed the sympathetic jerking motion it caused in her upright body. He slid his mouth up slightly and sucked her clit into his lips. She gasped, then squealed slightly, cupping her hands on each side of his head, holding it in place.

It was only another moment before the fire in her loins intensified, then exploded in an alarming eruption of hot, blissful, orgasm. She jerked and shuddered convulsively, while Derrick looked up, watching the expression on her face. He smiled up into her eyes as she slowly relaxed and pushed his feasting mouth away.

She would also have to teach him when to stop. "Oh fuck, that was good," Stephanie hissed in appreciation. She suddenly realized that Derrick had given her the very first non-self-induced orgasm of her life. She looked down at her friend in surprise and realized he could have all sorts of uses, now that they had broken through the platonic barrier.

But it would also change them irrevocably. She was sad, in a way, but also excited. It put a whole new outlook on her lonely, young adult life. She looked at the future with some hope.

"Screech, bang!" Stephanie felt the vibration of the slamming door through her naked ass, where it pressed against the outhouse. With a sigh, she turned and looked through the hole. "It's Mrs. Manahan?" Stephanie hissed in excitement. "What's she doing?" "Fingering herself.

She's all hunched over and just stirring that pudding. Wow, I didn't know that teachers did that shit." "Let me look," Derrick said, pushing her aside. He put his eye against the hole, but could see nothing but her bunched up dress, and her hunched back.

Still, knowing what she was doing inside made it seem sexy and forbidden. His cock was raging hard, pressing against the front of his pants.

Suddenly he felt Stephanie's hands fumbling at his zipper. Pretending to be watching Mrs. Manahan, he closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation of hands first baring, then fondling his cock. To his amazement, he felt a soft pair of warm lips encircling his hot cock. The sensation was so foreign that he nearly collapsed on the sand. Only the old outhouse kept him upright.

The outhouse door suddenly slammed, puffing air against his closed eyelid. He paid no attention, knowing there would be nothing to see, until he heard a female voice and giggle inside. His eyes flew open and he looked at two females standing in front of the locked door. Mrs. Manahan was now off the toilet, but still inside. But who was the second woman? If Derrick had not been getting the best - first - only, blowjob of his life, he may have asked Stephanie.

But he would do nothing to get her to removed those soft hot lips from his cock. She seemed to be doing it wrong, simply sucking like she would a straw while pumping her fist along the base, but he didn't mind.

It felt magnificent. One of Derrick's favorite wet dreams was the one where he could bend over and suck his own dick. He realized that Stephanie's hot, sucking lips felt even better than his dream.

Derrick's eyes flew open when he heard moaning. To his amazement, and a little horror, he saw a naked leg up on the toilet seat, with a flowered dress pulled up to the waist, and a female face working in Mrs. Manahan's pussy, just as his had been in Stephanie's, only moments before.

In sudden inspiration, he realized that Mrs. Manahan was a lesbian. But who owned the face sucking her pussy? He couldn't tell because Mrs. Manahan's naked thigh hid the woman's face. He would give a lot to know her identity. Even though Mrs. Manahan was at least 40 years old, her naked thigh actually looked good to him, while he was getting his dick sucked.

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Derrick could feel the fire building in his loins. It was far greater than the fire generated by his own hand. In fact, the intensifying sensation began to frighten him. He had seen movies where people screamed in the middle of sex.

What if his own blowjob was so intense that he screamed, and was discovered by Mrs. Manahan. So, what if he did, he thought to himself. High school was nearly over. What could she do, now that he'd seen her getting her pussy eaten by another woman? Nothing. He moaned softly as he felt his balls tightening. Stephanie was actually giving him a handjob, similar to what he would give himself, but with the added pleasure of her lips, sucking on the head of his cock like a straw.

In a moment his cock would be spewing it's offering into her sucking lips, and he couldn't wait. He had heard of such things, but never imagined it happening to himself. Would it feel wonderful too? His balls clenched, all time stopped, then his cock began spurting cum into Stephanie's happy lips. She sucked and drank greedily, while holding the cheeks of his ass in her hands, pulling him forward so she wouldn't miss a drop. All too suddenly, he felt the last spurt of cum shoot into her mouth.

Many little tremors followed, then is balls relaxed. His hard cock began to wilt in Stephanie's sweet mouth. She slowly pulled away, letting his deflating cock drop.

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She looked up at the stupid smile on his face. "Fan-fucking-tastic," he moaned, holding her head with his hands and shaking it slightly. "That was the most wonderful thing I've ever felt. damned, I forgot to tell you, Mrs. Manahan is getting her pussy eaten by another woman," he said, pointing toward the hole.

Stephanie leaped forward and peeked through the hole. "Holy shit. Now that's the most disgusting, erotic thing I've ever seen," she gasped with her eye pressed against the hole. "Who's the other woman?" "I couldn't tell." "I think it's Mrs. Simmons, the gym teacher.

I'd recognize those rock hard breast anywhere. Have you ever noticed that they never jiggle?" "No, I didn't notice," Derrick said, again fondling Stephanie's hard breasts.

"I wonder if she'd eat my pussy," Stephanie mused to herself. Derrick felt his hair stand on end. "Hey, you're not turning lesi, are you?" "I don't know, maybe," she said thoughtfully.

"But we. I." he said in desperation. "You can still fuck me occasionally," she said with a slight smile as she looked through the hole. "Thank God. I thought. I mean we just started having sex, I certainly don't want to lose you," he said, stopping in embarassment.

"Fuck me," Stephanie whispered. Derrick wasn't sure he'd heard right, until she pulled her eye away from the hole and repeated it. Derrick looked at her ample ass, squatting above the sand, and hesitated in confusion. In desperation he knelt down behind her and raised her ass to meet his rock hard cock. Without preamble, he plunged his cock up inside her pussy.

She hissed in pain, with her cheek pressed against the back of the outhouse, then slowly relaxed. Derrick didn't know what a virgin was, nor would he have cared if he did know. All he knew was that Stephanie was willing to fuck. He didn't know about her pain, or see the blood on his cock.

All he knew was that her hair smelled wonderful, as he hunched over her back and pumped away in her ass. In a moment Stephanie actually began enjoying Derrick's cock sliding in and out of her pussy. She again pressed her eye to the hole and discovered that she had been right. Mrs.

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Simmons now had her back against the wall, near the outhouse door, and Mrs. Manahan was licking away at her pussy. Mrs. Simmons' sweat pants were hanging from the hook on the door and she was completely naked from the waist down. Her ample, brown bush reached clear up to her belly button. Mrs. Simmons had her t-shirt raised so she could play with her own nipples while Mrs.

Manahan eagerly feasted on her pussy. At that very moment Mrs. Simmons began emitting a series of little cries, the she gasped in apparent horror as her pussy exploded into orgasm. She held Mrs. Manahan's head into her crotch as she bucked, hunching forward over the woman's head. Thrusting her pussy against the woman's mouth, her eye invariably went to the hole at the back of the outhouse less that three feet away.

Stephanie and Mrs. Simmons locked gazes for a moment, then Mrs. Simmons smiled and closed her eyes, relaxing against the wall with her head thrown back. Stephanie was amazed and intrigued. Mrs. Simmons had certainly seen her, but she didn't care. Was it an invitation? Without warning, in her preoccupied state, Stephanie suddenly felt her pussy clench around Derrick's cock, then grasp it in a death grip as his orgasm began. Wave after wave of pleasure shot between her legs, into her ass and up to her chest.

She put all her concentration on Derrick's wonderful cock, filling her pussy. It felt so hot and hard inside her. Her loins clenched around it as her orgasm seemed to go on and on.

She shuddered then felt a second orgasm start, due to Derrick's continued attack on her ass. She heard the outhouse door slam and gasped in relief. When she was certain that the women would be far away she allowed herself a series of loud moans and squeals.

The wet sound of Derrick's cock sliding in and out of her pussy added to the erotic quality of their sex. The smell of the outhouse seemed to vanish, overloaded by her heightened senses. With her loins filled with fire, she twirled her own nipples as Derrick continued to pound away against her ass. With an animal-like whine, he paused shuddered against her. She felt the hot cum being pumped into her pussy.

His cock throbbed inside her. She was just a fraction of a minute away from a third orgasm. She reached down between her legs and played with her raging hot pussy until the third orgasm exploded between her legs. She was amazed to feel Derrick kissing her shoulders, and she shuddered, enduring the fourth life- shattering orgasm in the space of a few minutes, one from oral sex and three from his magnificent cock.

What an experience, she thought to herself. "I think I love you," Derrick whispered against the back of her head. "Yeah, right," she said, returning to her senses. "Get off my back.

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I need a good swim." "Yeah, me too." "Then I'm going to visit Mrs. Simmons," Stephanie said thoughtfully. "What!" Derrick exploded. "Hey, it's the day for firsts, so as the song goes, I don't want to miss a thing.

If you are so upset, I would visit Mrs. Manahan, if I were you. You've seen her having a lesbian affair, you can blackmail her into doing anything you want. "Hey, you're right," Derrick said in amazement. "Wh. where are you going?" he asked as Stephanie scooped up her trowsers and headed for the lake. "A swim. The last one there stinks," she called enticingly. "Who cares. All I can smell is that damned outhouse," he said, grabbing his own clothes and following her naked ass.

Camp was certainly more fun than he anticipated," he thought, watching the crack of Stephanie's ass as his cock grew hard again.