Dirt poor dude allows frisky mate to pound his gf for cash

Dirt poor dude allows frisky mate to pound his gf for cash
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I continued to cuddle my grand daughter Kristy, long after I had brought her to orgasm. I couldn't believe how hard she had made it. I had never seen a woman orgasm as hard as I had made it for Kristy. No wonder she had collapsed into an unconscious state. We were in my motor home, camping at a National Campgrounds in the Grand Teton National Park.

I had pulled my 45' diesel pusher in yesterday late afternoon, making the two day drive from Kristy's parent's house just outside of Kansas City.

I had orally made love with my 14 year old grand daughter last night and I no longer had any remorse about it. I loved her and she loved me. There was no looking back now. I had come to terms with what I was doing to her and what she was doing to me. After all, she started it. No, in all fairness, fate started it. I just didn't stop it. And now I didn't want to stop. As she slept in my arms, I stroked the fair skin on her arms, remembering how soft and luscious the skin on her breasts had felt, how warm and tender the skin was on my lips around her abdomen and how tasty and juicy she was down between her legs.

I could still smell the aroma of her juices as they were drying after only a half hour of time. Yes, I had made Kristy reach an orgasmic threshold that I want to break through on the next time and there will be a next time, I guarantee it.

The next thing I remember, I awoke and looked at my watch: it said it was 2:30 in the afternoon. I listened but I heard no rain. I wondered when it had stopped. I felt the slight weight of Kristy still sleeping in my arms, or more appropriately said, on my arm and she had cut off the circulation.

It was numb and ached, so I slowly tried to move it out from under her.

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But I could not move it, so as I pulled on it, she was awakened by the movement. She rolled over to face me. She smiled the deepest, most contented, smile I'd ever seen and sleepily said, "Thank you, Gramps," and rolled up and gave me the warmest kiss.

When did my grand daughter become so mature?

This young lady lying here in my arms was no longer a little girl. She had been transformed into a beautiful woman who just thanked me for bringing her to an absolutely marvelous orgasm. I should be thanking her for the opportunity. She sighed a contented sigh and then asked, "What time is it, anyway, Gramps?" "It's after 2:30.

It has stopped raining. I wonder how the weather is outside," I told her.

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"I don't care if it's raining, sunshiny or snowing, I want to stay here with you," she said, snuggling up into my arms, once again. We rested for a long time, not saying anything. My mind wandered and I was remembering the events of the previous night and morning, this morning.

A question came to my mind, so I asked it.

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"Kristy, where did you learn about stimulating a man? This morning, when you were, uh, stimulating my penis, where did you learn to do that?" "Did I do it right? It's how I did it with Bobby Jones. He tried to put his hand down my panties in the movies this spring and when I stopped him, he asked me to "jerk him off". "Yeah, you did it right. You did it wonderfully," I said, admiringly. She just giggled and buried her head into my shoulder, shyly.

Then, moving her hand down to my crotch, she asked, playfully, "Do you want me to do it again?" Pulling her hand away, I told her, "Not now. Gramps has to pace himself or you'll wear me out." She just smiled and pulled her hand away, but continued to snuggle.

I felt the sudden urge to relieve myself, so I got up, completely naked, she asked, "Gramps, when you come back, will you stand there so I can see you. I've never seen a boy, ah, man naked before. I would like that." "Okay," I said hesitantly, not wanting to think of myself as an experiment. As I returned from the bathroom, I walked up to the bed and stopped.

"Well," I said, "what do you want to look at?" "I want to look at everything. I want to see everything. I want to touch everything," she said with growing excitement and awareness.

I just dropped my hands to my sides and simply said, "Look, see and touch away." She grinned a wry grin but her eyes were glued upon my crotch. She reached her hand out and touched the head of my cock.

It jerked involuntarily. She withdrew her hand and looked up with a puzzled look on her face. I indicated silently to touch it again. She ran her hand over it tenderly, slowly stroking it, almost in a fondling way.

It felt sensational. I couldn't believe she was making it hard again with a single touch. Now she was lifting it, looking at the underside, then the staff, all the while it was growing in her very hands.

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She looked on in awe, as it continued to lengthen and expand into a raging hard on. She asked, "How can it grow so much, so fast?" "When stimulated, blood flows into the penis causing it to expand and become hard like that," I tried to explain, but the sensation of her hands fondling it made it tough to concentrate. "Tell you what," I said, taking her hand away with my own, "Why don't we go in and take a shower and then come back and explore each others bodies all we want?

What do you say?" She jumped out of bed, her little butt cheeks wiggling, and ran to the shower. I was right behind her. We regulated the temperature and got in. We soaped down and washed each other's body thoroughly, touching places, I'm sure "no man had ever gone before." Finished, we dried each other off and she ran back to the bed and I followed at as fast as a pace as I could.

She came to rest, sitting in an Indian style, with her legs crossed and waiting for me to lie down beside her. "I get to go first," she insisted. So lying down on my back, I waited for her to explore my entire naked body. I didn't have to wait very long, because she instantly started fondling my, now limp, cock once again and brought it back to life. How could she do that so easily?

All she had to do was to touch it and, WHAM, it came back in all of its glory of yesteryear. She moved the skin back and forth so easily, pumping it to full erection. I felt the urge, but didn't want it to end so soon, so, interrupting her stoke, I suggested, "Why doing you explore some of my other places." "Okay, but where are they?" she asked. "Pull up on my cock," I instructed. "Do you see the wrinkly skinned sack under there?

Inside of that sack are testicles or balls. Now be very gentle with them, you can gently fondle them in your hand. That's right, just like that. Now, if you move your finger down a little, between the end of the sack and my butt hole, you can rub that also.

It's very sensitive down there. O, Kristy, that's right. You've got it." She continued to stroke that area for a while and then I suggested something. "Kristy, why don't you go back up to my cock once more and rub it again." I wanted to suggest that she could kiss it and lick it, but I couldn't make myself say the words.

As she continued to stimulate my cock, I started feeling the urge build inside my balls, so I asked her to stop. She asked why I had stopped her, so I explained that I didn't want to climax right then before I had a chance to check her out. She accepted that explanation and waited for my instructions.

I asked her to stand right in front of me as I swung my legs off of the bed and onto the floor. I was still sitting on the bed and I wanted her there. She complied with my wishes and she looked into my eyes with just a bit of trepidation and excitement. She was still a little shy, it seemed; she looked down instead of into my eyes and she raised her arms to partially cover her breasts.

I asked her, "What's the matter?" "O, my boobies aren't very much to look at," she said with a blush.

"I think they are beautiful," I said, caressing one then the other, "just beautiful." "But they're so small, they just sit there. They don't hang down or anything," she complained. I laughed to myself a little and then explained, "Sweety, girls always want bigger boobs, no matter what size they end up with.

And for those who get them, some of them think that they are a curse; they are heavy, they start to sag and they just get in the way.

Yours will be not too big, not too small but just right." I reached my hand out to her cheek, caressing it slightly. Then my hands went down her arms, barely touching the skin as they retreated downward.


My fingers brushed back up the inner part of her arms coming very near, but not touching her breasts. She closed her eyes in anticipation. My touch went to her upper chest area, smoothly caressing the skin and then, they slowly made their way down to her tummy, again not touching her breasts.


This time, she let out a little moan as she bit her lower lip and tilted her head back slightly. I started down to her abdomen, moving my touch in a circular motion, ever working them downward. As I reach her pubic hair, I brushed them slightly and then moved my touch back up her tummy and onto her chest, just below her breasts. Her breaths seemed to be labored now and I had not even touched her in a sensual place. But it was time to change that approach.

Sliding my hands to just below her waiting little boobies, I raised my touch off of her entirely and then made contact with just her nipples. She shuddered at the sensation of having my touch on her sensitive little nubbins. She involuntarily recoiled from my touch, but then moved back into it. I flicked the nipples with my fingers, sending a chill throughout her body.


She gasped and then inhaled a deep breath. Leaning forward, I nibbled on each breast in turn, biting down tenderly between my front teeth. She again pulled away a little, thinking that I was really going to bite her. But as soon as she realized I wasn't going to hurt her, she again accepted my love bites as they were intended, merely another form of stimulation.

I drug my tongue away from her breasts and proceeded down to her navel, exploring her sensitive little indentation. I swirled my tongue deep into her belly button and it sent a chill down her body. Moving my head away from her body, I looked at the most wonderful sight I had seen in a great while; the delicious body of a developing fourteen year-old girl. Her small little breasts, jutting out with her nipples at attention, her slender waist, well on its way to becoming curvaceous show for the boys, her spreading hips, showing off her beautiful, firm ass and, best of all, her curly, scantily growing pubic mound, that barely covered those precious lips.

O, those lips, those gates protecting her hidden treasures, were tight and firm. They were standing guard, daring anyone or anything to approach her delicate entrance.

My knees would have given out if I had been standing. As I marveled, I slowly but eagerly extended my middle finger out to first touch, then probe her tight little slit. I made contact and she jerked away, bending at the waist. She shivered, and then stood back up, smiling shyly.

I extended my finger again, pressing between her lips. Finding the interior of the crease, I proceeded up the canal until I reached her little node. She jerked again and pulled away. Sighing, she said, "O Gramps, that feels like an electric shock. But it turns me on so much. I love it when you touch me there." "I know.

Sweety, and Gramps loves to touch you there," I purred. "Now, would you please stand up here on the bed with one foot by my head on this side and the other foot over here on this side? That's it, now stand up straight, I want to look at where your legs meet." I was staring up at her full crotch; her legs joining her body, her tight little slit, partly covered by her pubic hair and the beginning of her butt crack.

I couldn't believe my eyes, the sight was so breath taking. "Kristy, would you do Gramps this special favor and squat down on his face, slowly," I asked with a little dreading, thinking she might not want to show me everything.

But slowly she spread her knees apart slightly and started to do exactly as I had asked her. There before my eyes, she let her knees give way into a squatting position and gave me a show I will go to my grave envisioning. Her athletic legs strained a little as they opened up, presenting her tight little lips to me, they were giving just a hint of separating. Her butt cheeks opened wide and I could see her pink little rose bud puckering tight to my view.

Then it was all so close I could stick my tongue out and lick the precious package. But first I had to say, "O Kristy, thank you for sharing this with me. I love you." I moved my hands to the back side of her upper legs for support. As I took one more look at the sight from heaven, I slowly extended my tongue up to lick the lips that enclosed her treasures. As it made contact, she gasped as she inhaled and held it in as she experienced the sensations of my tongue exploring her pussy.

She placed her hands in front of her and rocked forward, putting her weight on them for support. Then she deepened her squat into my roving tongue as she gasped again in excitement. Now she was rocking back and forth upon my tongue as it went the length of her slit. My hands were moving from her legs to her butt and then to her crotch. As my fingers began probing into her junction, she stiffened then relaxed back into the probe. They first encircled her opening, slowly inserting itself around the edges.

She moaned out loud then started pushing down towards the insertion. I continued to prod and probe and then I penetrated the opening as she gasped and moaned in one giant inhalation. I stopped the penetrating finger and let her take control of her excitement or fear, whichever she was feeling.

I wiggled my finger, just a little, and she gasped again and started her rocking motion again. I slid it in a little more as she continued to moan and rock, pushing it deeper in with every rock back.

My finger was in to the second knuckle now and I had not met any resistance. "Was she still a virgin?" I wondered. I had to fid out, so on the next rock forward, I inserted my finger fully into her waiting, hungry vagina and she shrieked out loud and rocked back into my penetration. She was rocking madly now as my finger was in and out of her young little vagina.

Whether this was the first penetration it had known or not, was a question for another day, if ever. For now, I had my finger up my grand daughter's pussy. I had my tongue glued to her clitoris and she was building up to another wild orgasm. I was in heaven! I took my index finger on the hand violating her vagina and brought it up to her rose bud and started encircling the tight little hole.

This caused her to go over the top and start thrashing forward and back as she kept up the rocking. Now she was violently slamming her pussy down on my appendage with such forth, my finger started to actually hurt. She arched her back and rolled her head backwards, as she stiffened there on my finger and tongue. Waiting there for what seemed like forever, letting it build more and more until she could take it no longer; she released it all in one loud long scream, followed by her uncontrollable gyrations and body movements, slamming herself down upon my poor finger and hand.

She suddenly flung herself off of my face, expelling my finger in the process. Rolling into a ball, she was almost crying from the emotional drain that she was experiencing. I rolled to her but she pushed me away, shrieking and sobbing.

I was starting to get worried that I might have hurt her with my penetration or something. I asked, "Sweety, are you alright?" She continued to shake and jerk, not saying a word. Then, just as suddenly as she rejected my attempt to console her, she jumped into my arms and buried her face into my chest.

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"Gramps, I love you!" she exclaimed. "I love you, I love you," she repeated. "I love the way you touch me. I love the way you make me feel.

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I love everything about you, Gramps," as she broke into a crying fit, trying to release her emotions. I just began to rock her in my arms, humming a soft little lullaby, gently in her ear.