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Finding Hannah "Where is she?" my sister asks her son as she watches the servers place small dishes on the spinning glass table top. The food is already coming out and my nephew's girlfriend isn't here yet. Not good. I glance at my sister. She's clearly getting annoyed, but then again, she is always annoyed. Honestly, I love my sister but I wouldn't choose to be around her if I could help it. Shit luck for me, since she's my boss. "I don't know, she should be here by now." He responds to her in English, probably because his Mandarin is terrible.

But that's to be expected I guess, since he grew up in the states. He only comes to China to visit his mom once a year, and only for two or three months. He's on a 90-day visa, so he can't stay longer. At least not consecutively. He could fly somewhere else and come back for another three months, but he doesn't. Surprising, since he's a momma's boy. I think, anyway. I'm not one-hundred percent sure. I've never understood all that crap about visas and expats and whatever.

I'm Chinese through and through. I never got to leave like my sister did- or come back once I got homesick. She's an American expat now. Her and her husband went to the states and got some fancy college degrees, learned English, worked at some tech companies, then they divorced and she came back to open a company with her new and improved mining equipment designs.

It's done extremely well these last 10 years. She's incredibly smart and deserves everything she has now. Her ex-husband is probably mad that he didn't believe in her when she wanted to leave their big salary jobs to start this company, because now she easily makes ten times what he's making in the states. She's earned it all on her own. I really believe that.

But damn, why is my sister always so grumpy when she's this successful? And was giving up her Chinese citizenship for American citizenship necessary for it? Our mother would be crying if she wasn't in an urn. Plus, my sister is a different person now, after coming back. She settles everything with money. She wears the name brand clothes. Drapes herself in gold and diamonds. Gets a massage every night after work. She even had work done on her face.

She's five years my senior but you'd guess she was only in her mid-thirties. "What do you think, James?" I stop picking at the eggplant on the glass tabletop in front of me. James. That's what she calls me whenever her son is here.

Because it's easier for him and his little white girlfriend to recognize who she is talking to or about or whatever, so she calls me James instead of Xu Wei.

"Let's just eat. She might just be running late leaving the company. Call He Fen to check up on them." I shove some eggplant and mushrooms into my mouth to deter my sister from asking me anything else. She says something to her son in English. I have no idea what she's saying, my English is really poor despite my sister sending me to classes, I can only catch the jist of some sentences.

I'm too old to learn that shit but I go just so she doesn't bitch at me and hang my job over my head. My nephew, Alec, pulls out his phone so she must have told him what I said. He Fen is a cute little secretary at my sister's company.Her name is pretty too. Sounds like "huh fun" and means fragant lotus. I rarely see her, since I'm a part of the Northern Sales Team but she's always been a round faced, adorable little thing. Whenever Alec comes back though, He Fen goes from secretary to Hannah's keeper.

Hannah is the girlfriend who is making the food go cold right now. She seems like a nice girl from what I can tell, which isn't much since I can't talk to her. But she always smiles at me and says "hi". She even sits by me sometimes when we eat breakfast in the morning. She doesn't purposely sit by me, obviously, but she'll just grab a seat and she doesn't care who it is by.

Which is refreshing, considering a lot of the younger girls here don't like to associate with the older men. They'll talk to the younger sales team members in a timid way, that playful shyness that you know is fake and is actually them flirting, but they avoid the older ones altogether.

Which makes sense. We are past our prime after all, and they are in theirs. It's not just that I'm 52 that keeps a lot of the younger people, especially the girls, away though. It's also that my sister hasn't hid my past from some of the younger employees. And young people can't keep their mouths shut even if you gave them red envelopes of cash to. So, they all know that I didn't go to college.

And that I skipped school to go to the pool halls and play, gamble, smoke, and drink. And that I had gotten into my fair share of fights. I was a delinquent back then.

I take better care of myself now though. And the physical work at the job sites keeps me in decent shape. If I didn't have a weathered face or a couple scars, you probably would think I was in my mid-forties. Not as good as my sister, but I didn't get a facelift or Botox so I'll take it. Point is though, even that cute little secretary won't sit by me. She won't even make eye contact. But Hannah looks right into my soul and smiles.

So she must be nice. Or naïve. Or maybe it's just an American thing. But no matter why, it's still refreshing. She's a good looking young thing too. My nephew, he's attractive. All the young women who work here talk about him. But it's weird, at least to me. He's attractive in a pretty boy way. The women here say he reminds them of a Korean idol They're all obsessed with Koreans here.

Those boyband singers who wear flashy outfits and makeup. But outside of his looks he's been spoiled by my sister. Never had to do chores. No laundry or dishes. She even hired him a personal cook. He's twenty-four but still a baby sucking on his mom's tit.

I guess women like that though. A young guy with a gentle face and smooth pale skin and soft hands, sole heir to a big company. Not calloused hands or a strong jaw or skin darkened by working in the sun, not only employed because his sister took pity on him.

I see why Hannah went for him.

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She's been with him for four years now, from when she was eighteen until now at twenty-two. She's come to China for all four. He's good looking and is going to inherit a promising company someday. It makes sense why this pretty American girl chose him. But damn, I think she's out of his league. She's got this long wavy blond hair.

It's like what you see in the movies, what you think of when you think of Californians even though she's from some farm town in the Mid-West. She's kind of tall for a girl at just over 170cm.

She's shorter than me by about 8cm but she feels taller since her legs are long. She's got what looks to be a firm ass too. She always wears snug boot cut jeans into the office and they hug her just right.

She has strong looking thighs too, which is rare here. These girls all want slim legs and no ass. I've never understood that. Maybe that's because my family is from the North where people eat more and look stronger, bigger, while the company is in the South where everyone seems so small and fragile. Hannah is somewhere in between. She's thin but tall, slim but strong looking.

She's got those thighs and that ass. She's always wearing coats and sweatshirts in the office since they always come to visit in the Winter, but I swear she's got the chest to match. It's hard to tell since she layers everything, but I can just imagine she's got a good handful per tit.

I stop eating food and thinking about what Hannah's body might be like when Alec starts yelling. His English is coming out fast and he's frantic. My sister jumps up too, she always looks annoyed or pissed or stressed but right now her trimmed too thin brows are pushing in toward the bridge of her nose with worry and I don't know if I have ever seen her like that. "What is it?" I stand, pushing my chair back loudly to get her attention.

"Hannah is missing!" I grunt in frustration. Hannah is what? She knows my English sucks shit. "What?" "Missing!" she tells me in Chinese. I suck in a breath through my teeth. She's blabbering in the background, something about how He Fen couldn't find her when it was time for her to drive Hannah to dinner. "Mom, drive me back to the company right now! I'm going to look for her!" I'm surprised he chose to speak in Chinese, maybe he wants me to know what's happening.

My sister grabs her coat and purse. "James, you come to." I shake my head 'no' to her. The company is huge. Four separate buildings and each building is three floors. I get why she wants help, but I bet they already have forty employees searching. At least. I put my hand up to stop the bitching that is about to erupt from my sister's mouth. "I'll drive around town. Check the local spots.

She might've wandered off on a walk, got lost and ended up outside of the compound." It's a lie. It could've happened. The girl can't speak Chinese for shit, let alone read it. She could easily get lost- and has before. But I don't think that's where she is. I noticed the way some representatives from a mining company were looking at her yesterday at the office.

They were a team of three and came to see our equipment, to maybe buy it for their company to use. When they noticed the hot, blonde American walking our halls they couldn't take their eyes off her. I get it, I really do. But it was the looks they gave each other afterwards that pissed me off. It was the smirks, the suggestive raising of eyebrows. I may have noticed that she's a good-looking woman, but I've never made eyes at her.

Keep your thoughts in your head and off your face. That's what I've always thought. It just didn't sit right with me. They were so damn open and cocky about it. But anyway, I plan on checking the hotels within a fifteen km radius.

If the stone in my gut is right, then that's where she'll be. My sister nods her approval and her and my nephew rush out. I pack up too. Maybe I should've told them what I was thinking.

Then again, what if I'm wrong? I don't want to worry them unnecessarily. Shit, maybe Hannah accidentally locked herself in one of the engineering rooms or something.

Who knows? I drain the rest of my tea from my mug, cold after waiting so long, and then grab my coat. Time to go.

************************************************ I'm on my ninth hotel already. It's been two hours since He Fen realized she couldn't find Hannah. But even more alarming, it's been about six hours since anyone saw her last. Usually she's in her office, easily seen from the hallway or seen walking through the sales area on the way to the electric kettle to get more tea.

But my sister rang me a while ago, no one had seen Hannah after lunch. So far, the receptionists have just looked at me like I'm a fucking creep. Oh well. I guess that's to be expected. I'm not the cleanest cut looking man and I'm asking some seriously suspicious shit. "An American. She's blond, almost as tall as me. She would've come in with one to three guys." I hold up three fingers for emphasis.

The girl frowns at me and crosses her arms, hugging herself. I'm scaring her. I have to stop myself from glaring at her. "I'm sorry," she says. "We haven't had anyone like that." I nod curtly and turn to leave. But before I can even take a step toward the door I hear a guy. "Oh, are you having fun with that American too?" I turn around. The man, another receptionist, came from the back.

He turned to the girl I was just talking to. "My break is over, you can go back to doing the books now," he smiled charmingly at her. He reminds me of my nephew.

Smooth skin, like a kid. "Well?" he asks as he looks at me with a big smile. He thinks it's funny. He's under the impression she came here willingly. Or maybe he's a piece of shit and knows she didn't but thinks it's funny anyway.

It does fit the stereotype, to be honest. That American women are whores. They'll sleep with anyone and they're good for a good time but not for a life time.

I'm hoping he's thinking the first option, and that he's not as shitty as I think he might be. I consider my options. If I tell him I'm here to take her away he might think I'm starting trouble. He might not tell me.

"Yeah. My friends won't answer my WeChat though." I chuckle, it feels like gravel in my throat. "They must be having too much fun on their own, forgot about me, the pricks" I laugh again and the guy smiles.

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My stomach rolls. I feel sick. I don't know if it's that I'm lying or the thought of joking about what might be happening to her right now, but it feels shitty, whatever it is. "I probably would've forgot about you too," he laughs again.

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Little fuck laughs a lot. I smile at him, he can probably tell I'm forcing it. His face suddenly gets serious, his mouth pulls tight. I suck in a breath through my teeth again. It's a bad habit. Used to get me fucked over when I gambled.

He raises his hand and rubs his thumb and pointer finger together. Air whooshes out of me. The bastard wants hush money. So he knows Hannah doesn't want to be here. I dig in my coat pocket for my wallet and then throw 700 RMB on the counter.

His eyes widen and then he smiles big. They must not have given him that much. "They're in room 529, top floor." He slides a card over to me. "Have fun," he winks and I smile and thank him. I want to punch him in his fucking mouth. I go to the top floor, the fourth. Bad luck already. The rooms may start with a 5 and there may not have been a fourth floor button on the elevator but I know what it is. Four. "Four" and "death" sound almost the same in Chinese, bad omen. My stomach rolls again and I have to tell myself to forget all that superstitious shit.

I'm not my mother. I don't believe in that bad luck crap. They chose a good hotel. It's small. It's on the outskirts. Not too busy. Probably used as a love motel a lot. No one would think it was weird to hear noises here, if they could hear them from the top floor and the far end of the hall at all.

I find the room, far end of the hall like I figured. I stop in front of it and listen. I can hear laughter, men laughing. I can't make out what they're saying but I know for a fact she's in there, even though I can't hear her.

I put the card up to the handle and it flashes green. I push the door open. It's like time freezes. I thought I'd walk into some shit I didn't want to walk in to, but it's worse than I thought. The air is heavy with the smell of sex. The floor is covered in clothes. A man's shirt here, Hannah's panties there. Some work jeans here, Hannah's shirt there.

There's used condoms stuck to the floor too. I can see at least four. Fuck, there's that number again. So they've already fucked her. Probably a couple times a piece. The three guys from yesterday are surrounding the bed.

One on either side and one at the foot. They all have their phones out. Recording. They just have their boxers on. I look to the bed. There she is. But fuck, it's not what I thought it'd be. They got her tied up and then tied to the bed on her back. She's got a gag in her mouth. I can hear her grunting, moaning and whining through it, but its muffled. Not just by the gag, but also by buzzing. What the fuck is buzzing? I look down her form on the bed.

They got the ropes tied around her tits so tight they're turning purple. I barely register that they're as big as I thought.

They've got clamps on her nipples too. It looks painful. Her chest is heaving, and the heavy clamps are swaying, tugging at her nipples with every breath and shake. The ropes are wrapped around her legs in a way that they're folded, heel to thigh- just under her ass, and spread apart.

A long, flat piece of what looks like strip of thin wood is locked in under her knees, clasped in her folded legs on both sides so it makes a bridge over her lower half. There's the buzzing. It's a giant fucking vibrator. A wand- like from those American and Japanese porn videos where the woman is bound and they overstimulate the fuck out of her.

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I've watched them before, in fact I really enjoy them, but this is different. Those women signed up for it, are paid for it but Hannah- I know Hannah didn't ask for this.

The wand is taped to the plywood with what looks like half a fucking roll of duct tape. It's pointing down so that the vibrating head is firmly pressed over the top of Hannah's pussy and as she tries to squirm with the tiniest bit of leniency that the ropes give her, the vibrating end of the wand is grinding right down on to and over her clit. She's shaking, moaning, almost howling behind the gag. Her thighs won't stop spasming. They must have that shit turned all the way up and who knows for how long it's been there.

I look to the guys again. They haven't even fucking noticed me. They're too busy watching Hannah and delighting in her body's response to way too much vibration. And filming her. I lunge forward. My fist connects with the side of the guy to the right of the bed while my left hand grabs the neck of the guy at the foot of the bed.

The guy at the right goes down, it was a complete sucker punch but I couldn't give a shit less right now. The guy in my left hands tries to swing at me but it's surprised and wild- a flail more than a punch. It connects with my neck but it's weak.

I thought these fuckers looked weak when I saw them yesterday. They're inside workers. Not field workers. They're soft. I wrench the phone out of his hand and toss it on the bed next to Hannah. Then three solid punches to his face while his hands try to scramble at my left hand wrapped around his neck.

My hands are big, and his neck is small. I'm probably accidentally choking him even though my grip is from the side and not the front. I let go and he drops, coughing and hacking. I grab the phone off the ground from the first guy, who is just now staggering up. The last guy looks at the door and then his buddies, then at me.

He tosses me his phone. Smart move. He moves for his friend who is coughing thinking we're even. We're not. I kick him in his face as he crouches down to help his friend. It was a light kick though. Since he gave me his phone. Should I tell them to stay here and call the cops? What if Hannah doesn't want this to be known. They obviously wouldn't willingly stay. I'd have to really beat them down. Which I could, but would I get in trouble for it?

It was deserved, but you never fucking know with China. And I have a record after all. Plus if I take time to beat them into submission, that's just more time Hannah has to stay tied up.

I have their phones at least. I can figure out who they are later. And I know what company they work at, anyway. Although I'm assuming they planned on quitting after this abduction. But their phones should be enough. "Get the fuck out of here." The first guy who I punched nods and thanks me with a bowed head, the other two mutter some curses under their breath. They're out in no time and I lock the door behind them.

Hannah is still fucking quivering on the bed. Her eyes are rolling back and I don't know if she has even realized I'm here or not. I need to get this fucking wand off her. I don't have a knife or anything on me. I can't pull the board out from behind her knees because that'd probably hurt like a bitch with her legs clasped so tightly around it.

I start trying to unwrap the mountain of fucking tape on top of the wand but the pressure is pressing it even more into Hannah. Her back arches violently and her tits jiggle as she almost screams through the gag. Fuck. And it's only right now that my stupid ass is realizing that there's a cord to the wand.

The fucking thing is plugged into the wall. I yank the cord hard and it snaps out of the outlet. The buzzing dies down and Hannah goes from constant whining and grunting to just soft whimpers. I start working on the duct tape. After twenty seconds of fumbling I get pissed off and end up leaning forward to rip through a couple layers with my teeth. I breath in and her scent is so strong that I almost choke.

I straighten up and look up at her face as I finish unwrapping that stupid fucking tape, and go still for a split second because Hannah is looking straight at me. Right into my eyes. None of this really felt real until just now. It was like I was on autopilot and just going through the motions, I was detached. But somehow locking eyes with Hannah, even though her lids are half closed and her gaze looks unfocused, snapped me fully into the moment.

I tear the last of the tape away and remove the wand and for the first real time I get a solid look at between her legs. Not that I hadn't already looked, but the details didn't register. And now they do. She's completely smooth. Not a hair in sight.

I guess some stereotypes about Americans are true. That they like their women smooth like a baby. I've never had a preference, bushy, trimmed, or bare. But I can't help but recognize that this way you can see every fucking line and curve and its actually pretty damn erotic.

But it's not just the fact that her pussy is hairless or that her lips are a pretty pale pink or even that her clit is fucking swollen to hell that I'm looking at. No. The thing that's got my attention is the fact that there's something jammed in her pussy. I'd assume it's a dildo but with the continuous buzzing, albeit much more muffled than when the wand was going, and the fact that her lower belly is moving, I'd have to guess it's another vibrator.

That they stuck all the way in. To the point that you can only see the bottom of the handle. And the bottom of the handle is fucking rhythmically moving. And then they wrapped two ropes over it to hold it in place, ropes that go from between her ass cheeks, over her pussy and then split just below her clit to join the rest of ropes tied around her body and legs.

But that's not all. Of fucking course not. There's another handle sticking out of her fucking asshole. At least this one is only put in as far as it's supposed to be and the handle is easily reachable. The ropes splitting around it. Now I get why she's still mewling like a fucking kitten. She grunts something to me through the gag and my eyes snap back to hers.

She grunts it again, and even though its muted as fuck I'm pretty sure she said please which is an English word that I actually recognize.

I look back down to her swollen lips. With a slightly unsteady hand I reach forward and spread the two ropes that cover the handle that's in her pussy.

I try to the grab it but its fucking drenched with her juices and it slips out of my fingers, pushing into her just a tad further for a split second before her body rejects it, pushing it out enough that the whole handle is exposed now, since the ropes are no longer holding it in. I go to grab it again, my fingertips pushing past her lips a bit to get a better grip since it's so damn slick.

"Sorry" I say to her. I fucking hate my accent when I try to speak English, and I know she knows the word for 'sorry' in Chinese but embarrassing myself with my poor second language skills is the least I can do while my fingers are a knuckle deep in her pussy and wrapping around the handle. I get a solid grab and slowly pull it out, careful to not let the slimy thing pop out of my hold. She fucking moans as it comes out and my cock twitches.

Which brings my attention to the fact that I'm hard. And I don't even know when that happened. I was so preoccupied that I didn't even notice I was getting turned on. She'd probably be mortified of me if she knew. She'd never smile at me again or sit next to me when we eat. I grind my teeth and pull the vibrator the rest of the way out.

The fucking thing doesn't just vibrate, but it twists around in a fucking circle like a wagging tail. Those fucking stupid bastards. That's why her stomach was moving. This thing was twirling around inside of her. I switch it off and throw it on the ground, it splatters a bunch of her wetness onto the floor when it hits. Next, I reach for the vibrator that's in her ass. As soon as I start to pull it out I'm hit with resistance. She whines a little but there isn't much I can do to make it easier for her.

So I just slowly increase the pressure I'm applying to pull this thing out, and I watch as her muscles stretch and stretch further until a purple butt plug just pops out, and then there's this gush of this fucking oily looking liquid and she fucking moans from the release of it all.

These fucking guys filled her ass up with lube and then plugged it with a vibrating butt plug. I slam the plug on the ground, pissed off, without even turning it off but it hits hard enough that it breaks and suddenly there's no more buzzing in the room. Just the sound of me grinding my teeth and Hannah's heavy breaths through her nose.

I'm angry. More angry at the thought that these guys were prepping her ass to be fucked than I was when I realized she had been taken, and when I realized they had all fucked her. I was obviously angry at those things too, but it wasn't to this level. Maybe it's because I've never had a woman's ass that I'm so pissed that they were all about to.

Or maybe that seems like even more of a line to me than anything else. Fuck I don't know. Maybe it's just the final thing to push me over the edge into the rage that I used to fall into when I was young. I wipe my hands on the bed sheets at her side and then move around the bed and up toward where her head is. Her eyes lazily follow me. She looks like she's mere minutes from passing out.

Makes sense. She was kidnapped, raped, and toyed with for who knows how long. She's probably exhausted. I reach my hands behind her head and grab the strap to the gag.

I don't bother trying to untie it. I just tug it up and over her head and when I pull it away there's a string of spit that clings to it from her bottom lip. I wipe it from her mouth before I realize how weird that is. "James," it comes out on a breath and is nothing more than a hoarse whisper, but fuck, it is so full of relief and gratitude that I can't help but feel like an absolute piece of shit for my dick being hard as concrete.

She takes a rattling inhale, deep, and then her eyes slip closed and now she's fast asleep. So I get to work getting her the fuck out of all of this. I take the clamps off her nipples first. My knuckles brush over the curve of her breast and I have to keep telling myself that this is not arousing. This is not good. This should not make me hard. With the clamps gone her nipples are perked up and deep pink. I don't know if they are normally that color or if they are bruising from being pinched.

Her tits are seriously purple now from being tied by the ropes so I start working on the knots between them. I finally make a breakthrough and find an end that was tucked in.

I start to trace it back through and unwrap everything they did but I've never been a smart man. I'm good with my hands but not at puzzles so this shit has me like a bumbling moron. But finally, finally I get her upper half untied and her tits get to come out of that vice grip and even though they are purple and they have rope lines ingrained in them they are still the nicest pair of tits I have ever seen in person. Hannah was definitely hiding over a handful under her layers of shirts and sweatshirts and coats.

I follow the ropes down to her legs and start unwrapping them, eventually getting it to the point that her legs can open and that damn board can come out. After probably only fifteen minutes but what felt like an hour I've got her completely untied.

In the mean time, I go down to the front desk, ask the guy for some anti-bacterial or first aid cream. They have some aloe, but he looks at me confused.

I slide him another 700 RMB and he smiles, although this time it's not as genuine. He must have seen the other three leave in a hurry. I don't thank him when I accept the bottle of aloe vera. Once I'm back in the room, I sit on the edge of the bed next to Hannah. Her rope burns don't look bad, they didn't give her enough slack to really move around enough in them to cause any major friction, but the spots where the ropes where pulled too tight are red and angry looking.

I open the aloe, warm some up in my hands and then set to gently dabbing it onto her red marks. She sighs and moans a little in her sleep, but she's too far gone to wake up. I take my time while dabbing the ointment onto her legs, thighs, her bikini line, then her arms, and breasts.

Her body is banged up, but it's still fucking beautiful. I shake my head. I need to be thinking about what we do next, not how perfect Hannah's curves are. I roll her over onto her side and get her back as well, then lay her flat, cover her with my coat and let her sleep while I think.

I could take her to the hospital. Call the police. Call my sister. Or just take her home and let me sister handle it. I drag my hands over my face and then look at Hannah, snoring softly. Handing this all of to my sister would be the easiest for me. But what I want to do shouldn't matter. It's what Hannah wants to do. I decide to wake her up. She needs to make the next decision. Hospital? Police? My sister's house?

Whatever she wants. I gently shake her shoulder and her eyes slowly peel open. "James?" her voice sounds throatier than I've ever heard, and my dick, that I had talked down to half mast, is at full attention again. Which is stupid, because her voice is probably deeper from her throat being fucked up from screaming and moaning behind a gag for the last few hours.

"Hello." Stupid thing to say but my vocabulary is limited. "My Phone? My phone?" she starts to sit up and look around.

I understood her, those are beginner level words, but thought it was cute how she tried to say half her second sentence in Chinese for me. Her 'wŏ de' sounds awful though.

I see her phone on the night stand so I grab it and turn to her. She's fully sat up now and she let my coat fall down to her lap.

My eyes shoot to her tits, seeing them for the first time in a position other than her on her back, where they naturally flatten out a bit.

They are amazing. Big, firm, beautifully shaped. Americans sure are different. My eyes snap up to hers when I realize I was just staring, and she's looking right at me. "Sorry," my face burns as I look to the side at the shitty abstract painting on the wall. I thrust my hand out to give her the phone, and then I feel her small, soft hands wrap around mine. My head snaps forward again and I look at her holding my hand, my brows drawn in and my lips pulled into a confused frown.

She's giving me the softest smile. "Thank you," and that was actually pronounced pretty well. She takes her phone from my hand and I'm left just looking at it for a second, still hanging in the air where she had just touched me, gently. I hear clicking and I look at her curiously, but she still hasn't covered up and now that she's holding her phone in front of her, her tits are being squeezed together a bit, so I busy myself with looking for her clothes on the floor.

I pick up her shirt and it's ripped. Then I find her panties. Ripped. Bra. Covered in lube. Jeans. Covered in lube and jizz. "Hey." I look back at her and she's holding her phone out to me (still not covered). I walk up to her and grab it and then quickly turn my back to her.

Partially to give her some modesty but mostly to hide my hard on. It's opened to a translator. The top half is a bunch of English, but the bottom half is Chinese. 'Thank you. My clothes are ruined. Which doesn't matter, you've seen all of me anyway." My face flushes again. I type back in the bottom half and watch as the top half changes. 'You need to cover up. I can give you my shirt but I don't know what to do about the bottom.' I hand it back to her. Her eyebrow goes up as she reads it and then she laughs.

She types something else out. Back to me. 'Why? You've already seen top and bottom.' I grunt at her for being stupid as I read it, but then realize she's teasing me because she laughs loudly, her tits jiggling with every move. Fuck me. I type out quickly. 'I'll give you my shirt and my boxers. I'll be right back' I hand her the phone and don't even wait for her to read it. I just go straight to the bathroom. After peeling off my t-shirt and taking off my jeans and boxer briefs, I put my jeans back on.

That's gonna feel fucking awful on my boner.


I tuck my cock up into my waist band so that the head doesn't drag against the denim and maybe it won't be as noticeable to Hannah.

I glance in the mirror at myself. Just a white muscle shirt and jeans. I've always prided myself in how fit I am for my age, but knowing I'm going to walk out into that room in front of a 22 year old with a tight and smooth body without my tshirt and my coat is enough to make my stomach flip.

I shake my head as if that'll throw my thoughts out and turn the damn door knob. Hannah has the phone ready for me, still not fucking covering her chest so I just toss my black t-shirt and boxer briefs at her. She busies herself with getting dressed while I read the message on the translator and it takes all of my will power to not take a glance at her bare ass while she stands next to me. 'I don't want to go home.' 'Ok.' I type back. 'do you want to go to the hospital?

Then we can file a police report?" I hand her the phone. "I don't want to." I would've smiled at the way her 'bù yào' sounded so childish if I wasn't so damn confused. "What?" "I don't want to go to the hospital or to the police." I roll my eyes at her and point at the phone.

She types it out in no time. Fucking young people. I type back. 'Then what do you want?' She just shrugs. Fucking great. I type again. 'Why don't you want to go home?' she reads it and I can see her eyes gloss over, shiny, and then she just looks down at the ground.

And now I feel like a fucking dick. She was just raped and molested for hours and I want to take her home and drop her off to her fiancé. Of course she'd feel fucking weird about that.

"Okay, okay." I hand her phone back to her and then pull out my own. I need to call my sister. They need to at least know I found her. I sit back on the edge of the bed. "Can I tell sister?" She gives me a hesitant nod and then comes around to sit next to me.

"Hello?" Picked up on the first ring. "Hey, I found Hannah." She immediately yells something to my nephew and suddenly he's the one on the phone. "Where are you? How is she? Is she okay? Why didn't she answer my calls?" he's all but screaming at me in his shitty accent. I move the phone away from my ear and grimace.

I glance at Hannah but she's wringing her hands white in her lap. I cover the bottom of the phone, "Uh, do you want… talk with him?" I won't talk shit about my nephew's accent anymore, not even in my head because wow my English is shit. She just shakes her head 'no' and suddenly she's leaning against me, her face pressed into my chest and I can tell that she's trying to stifle her cries. "Hey, sorry," I say into the phone as I awkwardly put an arm around her.

She's shaking. "She got lost on a walk and slid down a cliff. She's fine, but she was lost and scared and wandered out of the property. I'm gonna get her a hotel room for a while to let her rest, then I'll bring her home when she feels better." And then I hang up. And immediately regret everything. That was a stupid fucking cover story. Slid down a cliff? I need to stop watching those old lady dramas. I pinch the bridge of my nose and suck in a breath.

Fuck, this looks bad. No going back now, though. I type out what I said to Hannah and she smiles at me gratefully. She clearly doesn't realize how awful it sounds.

An unbelievable, stupid story. Me taking her to a hotel before bringing her home. Fuck. I hand her my coat, hers is nowhere to be seen, and then I grab the guys' phones and motion Hannah to the door.

******************************************************* We made it ten minutes into the hour-long drive to the hotel nearest the company before Hannah typed something out on her phone and handed it to me. 'I feel weird.' I nod. Well that's a given. 'No, like something is wrong with me.' I furrow my brows at the screen and then look at her. You know, she does look flushed. I thought it was from the sex and constant stimulation, but maybe it wasn't. Did she get sick? I pull over. 'What's wrong?' I type out and hand it over to her.

'I feel hot, and tingly, and like I need to come.' I look at her confused. 'Come where? We're already going to a hotel so you can rest.' She huffs out an annoyed breath that turns into a whine. A whine that sounds familiar and makes my dick twitch.

'No. I feel like I need to have an orgasm.' What the fuck. My hard on never went down but if it wasn't all the way up before then it definitely is now. Why is she telling me this? Is she this oblivious to the fact that I'm a man? She suddenly grabs a phone from my back seat. One of the guys' phones. She starts clicking on the screen and then my car is filled with the laughter from those punks.

She turns the phone to me. She's sat on her haunches on the bed, her upper body already tied and her legs free while one guy kneels on the bed behind her, his arm coming around her front to lay between her wrapped up tits while his hand holds tight to her throat.

Another one is standing in front of her. I try to push the phone away and turn my head, not wanting to see what they did to her, but she yells something at me in English that I don't understand. I'm shocked because she actually yelled at me, so I end up looking back at the phone. The guy in front has something in his has hand. Something small, and there's a few of them. Pills? He's saying stuff to her in English but she just spits at him. Her slaps her, not too hard but hard enough to make me regret letting them walk away with teeth.

He says something to her again and she slowly opens her mouth while glaring daggers at him. He shoves whatever is in his hand into her mouth and then spits in it. Then forces her jaw shut and holds his hand over her mouth, hard, until she's forced to swallow. "That'll get her going.

She'll love this in no time." The camera man laughs. Then Hannah shuts the phone off. Oh. They drugged her. Probably some fucking herbs that are like Viagra for women. Shit like that isn't too hard to come by in China. Pretty much any traditional medicine and herb shop will have it.

That's why she's flushed. And she feels like she has to cum. She types something else out. 'I'm going to die.' I take the phone from her.

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'You're right, it's what they gave you. It'll wear off eventually. You'll be okay.' She doesn't look convinced. 'They made me take it three times.

If I don't come, I feel like my insides will melt.' I glance at her and she looks serious. They did make her take a lot. A lady I met at a bar and fucked a few times took some shit like this, but only as much as she was supposed to. Just enough to make her horny, get her wet. Hannah should be fine, it'll probably just take longer to wear off. 'You'll be okay. It'll go away on it's own. They just gave you too much,' She nods, her face still looking uncertain, but she leans back into the seat and soon her eyes are closed.

It must not be affecting her as badly as her exhaustion is, because she's breathing evenly within the minute. I had maybe another 15 minutes of peace to try to sort out my thoughts before I catch movement out of my eye. I look over, and Hannah's hand is down the front of her briefs- no, MY briefs- and as soon as I see it, I can smell her. It's that slick sex smell of her arousal and I can almost feel my throat tighten because of it.

I look at her face and her eyes are still closed, her breaths are deeper but still even. Fuck. Shit. I put my eyes back on the road, intent on ignoring her but it's not long before she's getting more into it. I can hear how wet she is and she's starting to moan in her sleep. Fuck. No. My cock is straining against the waist of my jeans to the point that it's peaking over the top.

There's even a fucking wet spot on my tank top where the pre-cum is leaking out of the head. And it's a decent sized wet spot. This is bad. I'm at my fucking limit with this shit. I reach over and shake Hannah awake, probably more violently than I should have. But she fucking opens her eyes all calm like and is looking straight at me. I glare at her. She knows exactly what the fuck she is doing to me. The bitch has been awake the whole time.

I jerk the wheel and the tires screech as I slam on my breaks on the side of the road. I was taking back roads to town, it's faster than the packed interstates, and no one ever comes along this way for them to get a glimpse of Hannah's state of odd dress in the car. I grab her phone and start to type out a message.

'Get in the backseat and take care of it.


I'll wait outside until you're done.' I hand her the phone to read the message but she just drops it in the cupholder without even a glimpse at the screen. "James," her voice is whiny and full of want and fuck I almost came from her saying that stupid name alone.

I adjust myself without even thinking about it, and instantly feel a flush cover my face and rush down my neck when I see her eyes lock onto my cock straining against my jeans. She starts to lean over to my side of the car. "No." I say as firmly as I can but a desperate crack crawls it's way into my voice. Something that hasn't happened to me in twenty-five years. She's leaning into me and I'm pushing her away with my hands on her shoulders and while I'm trying to talk myself out of breaking (she's with my nephew, my sister would disown me, I'm a fuck up with no future, I'll never work somewhere that pays as good as my sister's company, this girl is going to marry my sister's son someday, they've been together for years, I'm old enough to be her dad, she's off fucking limits) I groan as I feel her hand grab my cock through my jeans.

She can't get a good grip because my jeans are already pulled too tight, but the pressure alone is enough to make me drop my head and focus on trying not to cum all over my stomach. After a quick breather I say "No." again, this time with no crack, and I give her a firm shove. She plops back in her seat, her bright green eyes are hooded over and her lips are wet from her tongue coming out to lick them. "Please, James." She whines and now she's got her back against my passenger door, her right leg hiked up onto my dash, her right hand shoved down the front of my boxers and her left hand pushing up her shirt to free one of those perfect tits.

FUCK. "NO." I can't do this. She isn't in her right mind. She's just feeling the effect of those fucking drugs. This will literally fuck up my entire life.

Or what's left of it. I grab the phone again. I leave the message about her taking care of it in the backseat but add more under it. 'It's just the drugs. You don't want to do this. Knock on the window when you're done and you'll feel better.' I hand her the phone and she whines angrily at me but I just open the door and get out.

It's chilly out, too chilly for a tank top, or even a sweater, but my whole body feels hot so I walk around to the back of the car and lean against the trunk. I will definitely cum before she will. I've been at the top of the hill since I fucking got that wand off of her and all I need is a little push over the edge. This'll be fine. I unbutton my jeans and let out a sigh as my cock springs free.

I've been hard for almost an hour now and my dick is an angry dark shade because of it. This will probably be the best orgasm I've ever had.

I'm so fucking hard that my hood is nowhere to be seen. I look like I'm circumcised and I almost laugh at that. I take myself in a fist and give myself a few tugs. My head falls back and my eyes slip closed.

I smear some of the precum that's built up on my head down my cock so that I can slide over it and not just tug at it. This is going to be quick. Maybe five minutes, tops. I'm just starting to really get into it when I feel a wet warmth engulf the tip of my cock. My head flies forward and I'm looking down at Hannah, her pink lips wrapped around my dick and her tiny, pale hand coming up to cover mine at my base.

I'm about to yell at her but then her eyes look up at me and her head sinks all the way down until her lips hit my knuckles. My fucking knees go weak and I choke on the cold air as I take in too deep of a breath.

I take my hand off my cock and place both hands on her shoulders, ready to shove her back. I start to push her off of me, but one of her hands is suddenly on my balls. She squeezes me, fucking squeezes me! I stop pushing her away but I keep my hands firmly in place so that she can't sink all the way back down my length again.

I feel her growl, more than hear it, because it fucking vibrates my cockhead and I groan. Her tongue starts slipping over and under and around the ridge of my head while her grip on my sack gets even tighter. I clench my jaw, but I don't let her come forward. I can't give into her like this. She doesn't actually want this. Her eyes narrow angrily at me and suddenly her grip loosens. I smirk, thinking I won, but then she turns her head just a bit and suddenly my tip is between her teeth, my cockhead snug between her molars and her canine digging into the top of my cock, just below my ridge.

I suck in a breath through my teeth and tighten my grip on her shoulders in warning. She doesn't care though. Because she counters by biting down harder on my dick. Fuck. It stings and if she goes any harder I feel like I'll end up bleeding. I'm still fucking turned on but now on top of it I'm in pain and I feel like the combination is fucking my head up. I can't think. She bites down just the slightest bit more and that's it, that's all I can take.

"Fuck! Okay," and I let go of her shoulders. Immediately she brings her head forward and her hands come up to grab my hips, tugging me forward to meet her and I feel the head of my cock smash into the back of her throat.

She holds it there for a second and then backs off, adjusts how she's kneeling, and then crashes forward again. This time my cock hits the back of her throat and after just a single moment of resistance, it slips down and down her throat. Her nose is literally smashed into the hair just above my dick and all I can think is that no woman has ever gone down on me without using her hands as a buffer before. I've never been inside a throat before.

And fuck, it's amazing. Any sense of resistance I had to this is gone. Literally just dissipated into thin air. My hands go to her head and my fingers tangle into her golden waves and soon she's bobbing from base to tip to base again and every time she reaches the tip she sucks it and rubs her tongue underneath it and fuckkkkkk.

I'm grunting like an animal and my hips are snapping forward to meet her all on their own but she's still going at it like sucking my cock is the only thing she's ever wanted. I'm getting close, I'm going to cum and I need to tell her but I can't catch a breath between each groan she's ripping out of me. But she must sense it, hear it in the way I sound so fucking needy because her hand is on my balls again, but this time she's pulling them down and holding them in a way that feels amazing instead of painful but then her other hand wraps around the base of cock and squeezes it hard.

Fuck. She's not going to let me cum. I can feel it, right there, but now it's blocked and I can't reach it, can't tumble over the edge of that fucking hill. She pulls her mouth off my cock with a wet pop, and then looks at me and with a firm voice goes, "No." I'm panting and my hands are still clenched in her hair and I'm a second away from fucking begging this young twenty-two year old to just finish me off, but then she's standing and moving to the trunk beside me.

And every protest I might have said die in my throat because I watch as she bends over the trunk of my car and slides my black briefs over her perky, pale ass, and fuck she looks good from this angle too. Her cheeks are full and round and her pussy is pink and I can't help it, my hands go to her ass and I'm grabbing her and marveling at how pale and smooth her ass cheeks look under to my sun-beaten hands. "Fuck me." I freeze, remembering what's happening and what I'm about to do.

I know what those words mean. Cuss words are the first thing you learn and remember in a new language. I know what she wants me to do but fuck that's a lot more real than her sucking me off.

There's no going back from that. It's a thicker line to be crossing. If my sister found out, I'd be dead to the family. I let go of her ass and start to back away. "We can't." It sounds like I'm begging her, maybe I am. She needs to stop this because I'm not as strong of a man as I thought I was and it's true, we really can't do this. "Please," and she shifts her hips, rising up onto her tiptoes, her back curving as she presses her chest into my car and her ass looks so fucking perfect.

"No," and finally my voice is starting to sound firm again. Maybe it's the cold air on my wet cock that's allowing my rationale to come back, my head to clear. "I need you." And I know what those words mean. Fuck she's really trying to get to me.

I grab the briefs that are around her thighs and start to tug them up. If she won't cover herself, then I will. "Xu Wei!" My hands go still. Shit. "Xu Wei, please." And then I'm plunging my cock into her. She's so fucking wet that I just glide right the fuck in but damn, she is tight. It's like she's a perfect fit and as soon as I'm buried all the way into her pussy, it's like she's quaking from the inside, and it takes me a second to realize that she's fucking cumming just from me entering her.

So I pull out and push back in, hard, and I give her a few more firm thrusts while she rides out her orgasm, her insides gripping at me and quivering around me. I'm sliding back into her as she finally comes off the throes of her high, and she gives out this sultry moan, "Xu Wei." I pull out fast and then I'm coming hard on the ground between her feet. She stands up and turns around while I'm still jacking myself through the last bit of my orgasm.

I can feel her trying to look into my eyes, but I avoid the fuck out of it. I don't need to think about what I've just done while I'm riding the last few waves of my own high. But then her hand is on my cock and she's stroking me instead and somehow I find myself leaning forward, bending my head down and resting my forehead on her shoulder as she rubs me out. She's panting into my ear and I breath out on her collarbone, but once the waves are over I stand up straight and step back.

She lets my cock slip out of her hand and tries to look at my face again but I just tug up my jeans and button them before walking to the driver side door. She gets in just after I do and I rub my clean hand that wasn't just on my Hannah covered cock over my face. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck. I feel her set something on my lap so I look down. It's her phone.

'It'll be okay. I won't tell anyone.' I nod without looking at her and then put the car in drive. The next forty minutes are silent and awkward and a rollercoaster between self-hate and flashbacks of how she said my name. ************************************************************ I tell the hotel receptionist that we need two rooms but Hannah must be able to understand more Chinese than I thought because she says "One," to the receptionist, holding her finger up to make the point even more clear.

An awkward laugh bubbles out of my throat and I tell the receptionist to wait for us for just a minute, and then I put a hand on Hannah's back and guide her away.

"What?" I ask her, looking her in the eyes for the first time since my cock was in her mouth. She pulls out her phone. 'Let's get one room. I don't want to be alone. I'm scared.' I pinch the bridge of my nose and groan.

It makes sense. She wouldn't want to be alone right now. Not after what happened to her today. And she hadn't mentioned feeling weird for the rest of the car ride. So maybe the herbs wore off. Then again, she probably wouldn't have told me if it was still affecting her since I had given her a pretty icy cold shoulder after I fucked her.

But even if it's not affecting her and I can trust her to stay in her own bed now, I don't know if I can trust myself. I never would have thought I'd fuck her, under any circumstances, but look at what happened earlier. Ruined my entire future for 2 minutes inside a young, blonde American.

"Please." I look at her again and she looks truly scared, her eyes are clear and she does just seem to not want to be alone. "Okay." I go back and tell the receptionist one room. She gives me a suspicious look but takes my money and gives me a room key anyway.

She probably thinks I brought a Russian prostitute with me. She's blonde and wearing no shoes, men's underwear and a men's t-shirt. And if that isn't suspicious enough, I don't look too formal in just my tank top and I'm way too old to be getting a room with a young, attractive, woman. It's a solid conclusion, as much as it hurts my pride. We walk to our room in silence but Hannah seems better already. Not scared at all. The thought that she wasn't actually scared to be alone creeps into my mind but I push it back, feeling shitty about doubting her after her trauma today.

It's getting late now anyway. It got dark right around when we got into town and I'm sure she's exhausted. We both walk into our room and I motion for her to take the bed by the wall. She crawls under the covers immediately. I get under mine, in the bed that's between hers and the door.

I hate sleeping in jeans but I'm not willing to sleep with my cock out so I deal with it. "Goodnight," I say and she says it back and then I click off the lights.

I have no idea what time it is but I wake up to the sound of the shower running. I rub the sleep from my eyes and glance at my phone on the nightstand. 28 missed calls. It's 1 in the morning too. I wonder if Hannah got enough sleep and decided she wanted to feel clean? She probably has felt awful, dirty, all day. I roll over to face the door and notice the door to the bathroom is open.

I furrow my brows. Why would she leave the door open while she showers? Does she feel safer if I can hear her easier? Thoughts of her naked and soapy seep into my head and I groan at my lack of discipline.

I get a semi hard on before I can force the thoughts to go away. Sleep. I just need to sleep. It takes maybe another twenty minutes before I get drowsy again, but finally my eyelids start to feel heavy and soon I'm falling asleep. * * * * * I shiver, suddenly feeling cold. My jeans are sliding down my legs, I lift my hips without even realizing it, and then they're all the way off.

My cock is fully hard and then there's a hand on it, hair splaying over my stomach and thighs and there's a mouth licking at my dick. The tip, the under side, around the ridge. I moan and stretch my legs. Fuck that feels good. This is a good dream. The first sex dream I've had in years. Embarrassing for a man my age but hey, it feels good and I could use the stress relief right now.

Then there's a hand pushing at my right thigh so I move my leg, bend at the knee so it's out of the way and fuck me because that tongue swirls around the tip of my cock before sliding down straight to my balls. My hands move to tangle in her hair and she opens her mouth wider to suck one of my nuts into her mouth.

"Fuck." After her tongue plays with that nut she lets it pop out of her mouth before sucking the other one in, and then her tongue twirls around that one too and damn it's almost too much because now she's sucking both of my balls into her mouth, her tongue rubbing up and down the middle of my sack and gently jacking my dick at the same time. The arousal is starting to cloud my mind, I can feel it. When I get to a certain point it's like I don't think anymore, I just roll with it and that's where I'm getting and fast.

But at the same time I feel the grogginess clearing. Which doesn't make sense. My brows furrow. I'm sleeping, so why am I starting to feel awake? My eyes snap open.

SHIT. I look down to see my fingers wrapped in golden hair and Hannah's head moving from my balls up to my cock. "Hannah!" She looks at me and smiles, fucking smiles, completely ignoring how distressed my voice sounded, and then she's sitting up and moving to hover over me.

"No!" I start to sit up to push her away but she drops down and my already wet cock glides in like it's meant to be. My head falls back into my pillow as the sensation of being engulfed courses through me and it feels like my limbs are too heavy and my knees are too weak. "Hannah, stop." I can't put up much of a fight. I'm too tired, my exhaustion from fighting those guys kicked in while I slept, not to mention the stress from constantly battling my desires to fuck Hannah weighing me down.

Now, while she's bouncing up and down on my cock and a fire is building in my belly, I can't muster any strength at all. "No." she slams down on me and then leans forward, her hair covers my face and stomach while she lays her head on my upper chest and then she's grinding into me and mewling.

I turn my head to get her hair out of my eyes and bring my heavy arms up to push at her shoulders. It's weak and I'm sure she can tell. "Hannah, Please. Please stop." I hate the idea of begging. I'm a prideful man. It's one of my greatest flaws and one of the reasons my past is so full of fuckups.

But I'm desperate. I'm at her mercy. She slows down and then fully stops, sitting up to look at me. Her hand moves to play with her clit but she's not riding me anymore so I take it as my chance to plead my case. "My sister, my nephew. I can't. We can't. I have no place. No option. I need my work, my sister." I cringe at my English.

It's fucking awful. I didn't take the lessons seriously and I'm using only what I've picked up from TV and overhearing my sister's family talk. I'm piecing together sentences as best I can but fuck, this is embarrassing. She's still rubbing her fingers over her clit and panting, but her eyes are clear and she's listening to me at least.

"We already fucked once, you understand?" I nod. I can pick up the important words. 'We,' 'fucked', 'you', and 'understand'. It's obvious what she's saying. "Good. Listen, we already fucked, so why not fuck again.

If we can keep once a secret, then why not twice?" I shake my head. That was too much and I'm lost. She sighs and sits up, my cock bobbing as soon as it slips out of her. She gets off my bed and walks to hers and a contented sigh wisps past my lips. But suddenly she's back and climbing on my bed again, I put my hand over my cock, plastering it to my stomach, so that she can't mount me again but instead she just sits next to me.

Then hands me her phone. 'We already fucked. We already have to keep that a secret. What's it matter now? It's the same secret being kept. It doesn't change anything.' I read it and then read it again. That's actually true. I'm already screwed. As soon as I slipped my dick into her just because she said my fucking name, I was done for. If my sister finds out about the first time I'll be unemployed, homeless, cut off from my family. So what else do I have to lose by dipping into her a second time?

My head spins to look at her and I must look surprised and convinced because she smiles and climbs back on top of me, moves my hand and sinks all the way down onto my still hard cock.

This time, she's naked and she's facing me and I get to watch those tits bounce around as she moves her ass up and down on my dick. I reach up and get a fistful of her in each hand and they're amazing. Soft and firm but still malleable. And damn, they're such a good size. I rub my thumbs over her nipples and she moans approvingly, so I decide to lean up and catch one in my mouth. She slows down how fast she's riding me and her hands come to the back of my head, her head falling back as I mouth at her hardened nipple, kiss it and suck on t and graze my teeth over it.

Her hips tip forward and she starts grinding into me and fuck I'm so deep in her. It's driving me mad. I need some time to gain some strength and I don't want to get too close to the edge too fast. This time I'm not fighting against her, I get to enjoy it so I want to make the most of it.

I push her back off of me and her back hits the bed between my legs. I move, crouching between her knees and bend down, my hands pushing her legs open and my mouth running a line up her inner thigh.

But then her hands are shoving at my head, trying to keep me away from the one spot I actually really want to taste. "Xu Wei! No, stop!" she sounds frantic. I look up at her, brows tipped with confusion. She grabs her phone, her nails clacking on the screen and then she basically throws the damn thing at my head. 'Don't, it's dirty. Other guys have been there today.' Oh. I type back. 'I don't care. It's not dirty. Let me taste you.' I'm not lying.

I know for a fact those guys used condoms and she showered before crawling into my bed. I really don't care, to be honest. I just know I've had the urge to see if she tastes as sweet as she smells ever since I got that first catch of her scent when she was bound by those ropes.

She nods at me, slowly, nervously. But it's permission and that's good enough for me. I dip down again, my hands going to the backs of her thighs and pushing her legs up and open.

Fuck, she has a pretty pussy. And then I lick from the bottom of her slit to the top. She lets out a breathy moan and that's the last thread breaking, because now I'm licking her pussy like it's made of fucking honey.

I bring one thumb up to just above where her lips meet at the bottom of her mound and I pull it up. Her clit is already swollen, already partially out of it's hood but I expose t the rest of the way. I lick over it with the flat of my tongue, and when she squirms and moans I do it again. I start mouthing at it with my lips, alternating between kissing it, licking it, and sucking on it, while I slide two fingers into her slit. Her back arches off the bed and her hands fly to my hair.

I hope I wasn't fisting her hair as hard as she is mine because damn. She's pulling me into her even more so I start to get rougher. I suck on her clit hard, then rub at it with my lips and at the same time I curl my fingers forward and start finger fucking her, my finger tips looking for that spongey spot on her front wall.

I know I find it when she cries out my name, and then it's just pants and moans and 'yes' and 'please' and soon she's coming on my hand, hard enough that I worry she's going to break my fingers.

I keep stroking her front wall and licking her clit, softer now, until her body stops shaking and her thighs lose their tension.

I get up on my knees and put my cock at her entrance, her hands start to pull at my tank top, so I quickly shed it, and then her fingers are flitting across my chest. I think she likes it. Maybe it's that my pecs are more developed than my nephews from a lifetime of physical labor, or the hair that marks the top of my chest, but for some reason she can't stop touching it. I lean forward, my palms on either side of her so she can palm at my chest easier, and then I push in. The feeling of her swallowing me is so good that I can't even think for a second, so it's not until after I've fully buried my cock in her that I realize her hands have moved to around my neck, and that she has tugged me down and is kissing me.

I don't stop, I can't, not when it's this good so I just start sliding in and out of her while her tongue works its way into my mouth. I'm confused, I won't lie about that. I didn't think she'd kiss me, that she'd want to. But maybe she's just that far gone, that turned on from the drugs. So now her bottom lip is caught between my teeth and her hands are scratching down my back.

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My cock softly slipping in and out of her has turned into full on thrusts in just the span of a short kiss and it's all different now. We're panting into each other's mouths, then I'm leaning up and pushing her leg up so far it's pressed against her tit and I'm just pounding into her. I feel that I hit something, her cervix and she winces, then suddenly she's twisting onto her side, her leg extended and pressed against my chest. I grab it, turn my head and kiss it, and then start pumping into her again.

Fuck, I didn't think I could get deeper but I am, and she's basically screaming, so fucking loud but I've never heard anything hotter.

I'm getting close, too close, so I pull out and when she looks at me I say "No condom" while motioning like I'm rolling a condom over my cock. She looks upset for a second but then her face brightens. She moves onto all fours, then looks back at me over her shoulder and gives me this sexy little smirk.

My eyes jerk to movement, her hand, between her legs. I can see her fingering herself and then my mouth falls open when I see her slip one slick finger further back and it presses into her asshole.

She bends forward all the way, her chest pressed into the bed and her head turned to the side, but all I can focus on is her finger sliding in and out of her ass. Then a second finger slips in. they start to wiggle back and forth, like scissors, stretching her out.

I've never fucked a woman in the ass. That's something women tend to only do with someone they've been with for a long time, if even then. When I was younger I didn't have a relationship that lasted longer than a month, let alone long enough for them to finger their own assholes in front of me.

And then as I got older, I only met up with women who were like me. Alone, fuckups, old. A 45 year old woman isn't looking to let a fifty something man fuck her like that.

I'm lucky enough if I get to fuck some bitch from the bar once every few months, and it's usually them just lying there, their saggy titties falling off to the sides while I'm on top, trying to get off after the broad tells me to hurry up. But now. Now there's Hannah. Young, sexy, tight body. Bent over in front of me, stretching her ass so I can cum in her. This can't be real. Hannah's fingers leave her ass and she bends her back, pushing her ass up even more and then she just waits.

I get behind her, my hands moving to run down her smooth, pale back and over her perfect, firm ass. This girl is fucking perfect. I grab my cock by it's base and rub the head over her slit before sliding back into her warm pussy. A few smooth slides in and out, and then I pull out and touch the tip to her asshole.

She shifts her hips, getting into the perfect position. I push, slow, and after a second of resistance it goes in. I push in the rest of the way, smooth and gentle, and it's so fucking tight and warm.

Fuck, this is what I've been missing? I start to glide in and out, slow at first and then a bit firmer but still smooth, not rough. I feel like I shouldn't be rough with this. Hannah comes up onto her hands now, so I reach one of my arms around her and start groping at her tit. She moans and wiggles her ass a bit so I go a little faster.

It's only been a few minutes but I'm getting close to cumming again, so I pull Hannah up so that her upper back is against my chest, one hand still kneading away at her tit while I slide my other one down her stomach to stop between her legs. She starts panting while I'm slicking my fingertips over her clit and I have to start pumping into her ass with short strokes so I don't cum.

I want her to cum with me. I don't know why it's important to me since she already came, but I feel like I need to repay her. Make this as good for her as I can. I start grinding my finger pads over her harder, my hand on her tit tugging at and pinching her nipple, and now she's going wild, moaning and heaving breaths and whining my name. Her ass starts to tighten around me, her whole body is getting tense, and her breaths are getting shorter, so I start pulling out and sliding back in further, a little faster.

Full, firm strokes and I'm probably bruising the shit out of her pubic bone by crushing my fingers over her clit. And then she goes rigid, her head falls back against my shoulder and her mouth is open in a soundless scream, her thighs clenched so hard they're like stone against the front of my legs, one her hands reaching behind us to grab at the back of my head and twist her fingers into my hair and twist hard, and then the fire from my stomach erupts and I'm spilling my load into her ass, panting into her shoulder as I pump through the last bit of my orgasm.

I take a minute to catch my breath, just holding her but it looks like she needed the same. Then I drag my hands away, slip my cock out and I fall onto the bed, exhausted but sated. She crawls off the bed, slowly, like she thinks her legs won't work, and disappears into the bathroom.

I must've drifted off to sleep immediately because I start awake to Hannah crawling in bed next to me, still naked. She has a warm wash cloth and she wipes down my cock, even pushing my foreskin down to wipe at the tip.

I wince at how sensitive it is, but she's done before I even need to say anything. She drags up the blanket and then curls into my chest, her fingers dancing through the hair there, her leg coming over to drag across mine. I smile a little and then everything goes dark. **************************************************************************** I stop by a store on our way to the company. It's awkward, because she has to sit in the car while I look for shit she can wear. I grab a cheap pack of underwear, cheeky, whatever that means, a sports bra since I didn't ask her what her bra size was, a plain gray t shirt, some joggers, and a pair of those fuzzy boots like girls wear in American movies.

Good enough. She's typing something out on her phone as I walk up to the passenger side of my car. I open it and hand her the bag, she hands me the phone. I get into my side before I read it. 'Will you be in trouble? We can say I insisted on getting a hotel, that I was too tired after getting lost, right?' So she's worried about me. Rightfully so, I'm probably going to get fired. And cut off from my family.

She strips to change and I glance around nervously. It's broad daylight but it doesn't look like anyone else is in the parking lot right now. 'It'll be fine.' I'm lying, but there's no reason to worry her. She hands me my shirt and boxers. I glance around before stripping off my jeans to put the briefs on, and have to smack her hand away when she tries to palm at my cock. The briefs smell like pussy, so I just have to hope you can't smell it through my jeans.

I finish getting dressed and then we hit the road again. Hannah is visibly nervous the closer to the company we get, and her face is white as fish meat when we pull in. An employee sees us, and then sprints for the main building where the offices are. Hannah and I get out, and then my nephew is barreling out of the double glass doors and charging straight for us. Hannah smiles at him but it looks tight.

I feel bad for her. Sure, she cheated but she went through some shit and was under the influence of a drug. I'm the only piece of shit between the two of us, in all honesty. I deserve what's coming. My sister walks up to me, calmly, too calmly, while my nephew is bear hugging Hannah and lifting her off the ground.

"So you two spent the night together?" she asks me. "Mom!" Alec sounds indignant, but looks to me for an answer anyway. "No, I got two rooms. She just wanted to sleep. She was exhausted. How could I tell her no?" "I want to see the receipt." She crosses her arms. Wow, I'm an idiot. "I didn't keep it." "I'll look at your card statement then." "I paid in cash." I didn't.

if she pushes checking my statement she'll see I got just one room. I should have bought two and just slept in one. Fuck. This is why I never amounted to anything. I'm a fucking dumbass. Alec asks Hannah something. My sister watches intently. She's interested in her response. We should have rehearsed this.

Alec looks relieved though, so Hannah must've said it was two rooms also. My sister ushers us both inside and to her office. Alec pours us both some tea and the interrogation commences. It goes surprisingly smoothly. Slight bump when it came to her clothes, but I talked it away by saying hers were soiled when she fell so I had to buy her some new ones at a small shop.

Hannah happens to answer everything pretty closely to what I say, or so it seems, just confirming for me that she understands more Chinese than people think. We may actually get away with this.

Maybe my future isn't fucked. An hour later and my sister dismisses me. I get up without even a sideways glance at Hannah and head to the door. I can feel my sister's eyes on me the entire way, but Alec seems to have let go of any suspicions.

I head to my office, one that isn't nearly as big as Alec's but it's big enough for a field worker turned salesman like me. I plug my phone into the charger and sit down, run my hands over my face, only to realize they still smell like Hannah, so I go wash them. When I come back, my phone screen is lit up. It's a WeChat notification. It's from Hannah. A friend request. I accept her. And almost immediately there's a message.


I hold my finger down on it and click the translate option. 'Thank you for everything.' I scoff. Thank me for what? Taking advantage of her. 'No, I'm sorry for everything. I should have never done that, you weren't you. I'm sorry.' I don't even know why she's talking to me. Doesn't she realize I'm a fucking pig?

No better than those three pricks who took her in the first place? New message. 'I only felt weird the first time. Last night was all me.' Wait, what? New message. 'Just so you know, I've always watched you. If it wasn't you who had found me, I wouldn't have done anything like that.' What the fuck? I blink at my screen a few times, not sure if I'm imagining this. I palm my crotch, readjusting it in my pants as they starts to get tight.

'You're lying. I'm over twice your age.' I write back. New message. 'No, I'm not. You're strong, and manly, and there's something about you that makes me want you to always be looking at me.' New message.

'And since we are already lying, I don't see the problem with repeating last night a few times. Don't you think?" Fuck me. This girl is gonna get me killed. And then my door opens. And there's Hannah. I look up at her, shocked, and she just smiles and tucks her phone into her pocket before stepping into my office and closing the door behind her. "Cameras." I say as I point toward my door. The hallways are lined with them. This isn't good. They'll know she came here. "I told Alec that I needed to bring you your coat back," and she lifts up my coat, showing it to me, and then she's crossing the room.

I take it from her, but instead of letting go she leans into me, rising up on her toes to kiss me. It's deep right off the bat, and I quickly wrap a hand behind her head, the other drops the coat and moves behind her back to pull her into me.

It's too short, but she pulls away and nips at the edge of my chin. "I love your jaw." And then she's pulling back and straightening her shirt, wiping the shine from my tongue from her lips.

She turns to leave and throws me a sexy smile over her shoulder at me, and then she's gone. She's here for another half a month. And I guess we'll be making the most of it.

I bring my fingers up to my lips, they're still wet from her. Fuck it. If I get fired, I get fired.