The Holy Ground I Walk On

The Holy Ground I Walk On
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A little about me. I am a big sexter, I enjoy sexting with females and telling sexual stories, and before i discovered this, I enjoyed writing through out my life and after reading many stories on here over the years I decided to take my first crack at this.

Please constructively critizice the Hell out of me!! Jeremy woke in his room, the girl next to him still breathing the slow shallow style indicative of sleep. He smiled to himself as he gave her a second look over.

"Good job Ol Boy" The twetny three year thought to himself with a smirk. His bluish-grey eyes full of lust over the blonde bombshell occupying the spot next to him.

In his own respect, Jeremy was quite the bombshell in the male sense. His face had the clear innocence and beauty of a model, and a physic to match, His nose was in perfect porportion to his face, his strong jaw line and chin accentuated the manlier side to this pretty boy which evened him out.

His body was rather fit due to rigorous years of excercise to keep it in prime condition. His hunts and conquests as well as personal desire demaned perfection from himself. His body was pretty builty for his 6 foot frame, ripped but not in the over done style of some of the body builders at the gym. His muscles had bulge and tone, but not that smuggling a watermelon under a sleeve look.


True proportionalism at it's best he complimented himself. she laid on her side in the spooning position in which she fell asleep against jeremy.

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Her blonde hair fell to her shoulders, strewn over her face from rolling in sleep, he slowly moved the hair from her face and admired her features.

High cheek bones, delicate bone structure, thin nose and lips with a narrow chin. His finger traced from her face down her neck to the covers. He lifted the covers and glanced over her body. Firm breasts most likely 32 B's in a red lacy bra, The flawless breasts were perky enough to stand on there own with no sign off gravity taking its course.

His finger traced between her ample cleavage. The flawless breasts were perky enough to stand on there own with no sign off gravity taking its course. he let his fingers lightly glide over her exposed skin cleavage and down her toned naval to the lace of the panties, a matching red pair of lace bootie shorts. Her hips where curvy showing a tight firm ass, and a sexy dive to between her legs.

Her stomach was flat and the faintest line of abs showing. The best amount to still be considered sexy he figured. his fingers traced up and down her belly and back to the sexy panties and up and down again until he was finally daring enough to just slightly slip his finger tip in below the elastic waist band of the erotic underwear. the touch in that private area of the low cut underwear was enough for her to make a subconcious moan of longing.

His plan in motion, he slowly withdrew his finger from beneath the enticing fabric, and started to trace his fingers back and forth ever so slightly across her navel along the low cut panties. Her stirring became a bit more and more as she instinctively moved her body against the nearest warmth it could fine to coincide with the tender touch her subconcious was registering.

In a sure fire move to assure morning sex before the guilt of last nights tryst, Jeremy, already nude from his lack of will to dress when company shares his bed, slipped his erect member right below her buttocks, the head resting against the back her silky soft legs, and mildly pushed a little back and forth to procur sensation in her genitals.

He then placed one arm over her shoulders and laid his head back down on the pillow as if to appear sleeping as he gave one harder thrust to wake her. Victoria awoke, her mind setting the pieces of her sorroundings and what caused them very quickly and set that aside to her feelings of arousal.

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Unsure as to why she went to stretch and felt the erect tip of Jeremys manhood pressing in to her. She let out a little gasp of surprise as she moved away from the source of intrusion. Jeremy could barely retain any movement of his face. Victoria remembered coming home with the man, remembered in vivid detail the night they shared together, the many positions and the fact that this was not the normal behavior for her. She could not put a finger on it, but it was as if she was under a spell and currently his wand probed her.

She coyly raised the covers to sneak a last peak before attempting to depart. Her lady parts still on fire from being touched, she felt a bit adventurous and decided to give it a quick feel. she grasped the thick 8incher and moved it up and down feeling naughty about her behavior, but also quite satisfied. Jeremy let out a moan from what appeared to her as a dream state and Victoria enjoyed the guttural moan. She gave a few more strokes and removed her hand hoping to leave before having to face this stranger with whom she shared her bed.

"Hand shakes are nice, but hes like a Frenchman, light kissing on each side is his preference to say hello." Jeremy quipped, faking a yawn. He went in for the kill and stretched, flexing his arms and giving her his best innocent yet seductive look.

Victoria turned blushed "I. I.

I'm sorry. I ment to. I'm going to get dressed." She stammered as she stood up. "No need to apologize pretty eyes. by the look of your panties you enjoyed yourself plenty!" he said smugly yet cute, knowing he truly was the cause of the below the waist precipitation. "I have. I'm going to go. I didn't mean to wake you." she said softly as she followed his 6 pack abs down to his waist and on to his firm erection.

Damn it she thought, her mind begged her to go, but her heightened sense of arousal kept her firm. He moved over on the bed and reached out to her leg, tracing his finger on her midthigh up and down, daring a little higher with each stroke as he locked his bluish-grey eyes to her bright green eyes. He looked from her eyes to her mouth and back repeating this circle "Baby, no need to be ashamed.

I admit it's a bit akward to have a stranger stroke you awake, but no need to make an akward exit." He moved his finger under the elastic of the shorts and slightly pulled them down and towards him with a gentle pull. She felt powerless, melted in his stare, in his touch.

She felt embarassed for being called out on her akward manuever, but could not ignore her state of arousal. she came in towards him as he pulled her panties lower the closer she came. "God who am I right now!!" she thought to herself as she slid on top of this mysterious man. Their kissing was slow at first but the hands ran wild. Jeremy knew this was the way to play this particular game.

She was a particularly shy girl, but he knew inside was a sex hound unsure of how to come out. The only way to get a perfect part to this hole he thought, was to be the prince charming, but with a very minor sexual over tone and sure enough through out the night, he sank the birdy. And in the morning another hole in one on the horizon laid ahead.

He smiled inwardly as he played the puns over in his head. He rolled Victoria over and started kissing behind her ear and down her neck. He kissed his way between her chest and sucked on her perky nipple on her right breast as he massaged the left one with the nipple between his fingers.

He purposely left the tip of his manhood resting out side of her slit.

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The tip pressing against her lower lips back and forth but never in further teasing her. The whole game came down to this, make her want him, make her make the move to what she wants. If he expressed his will she'd repel against it. But he could subtly guide her to his whims.

Victoria moaned in pleasure her vagina moist with heat and passion, she begged for the penetration to come as the kissing and sucking continued and finally it seem to come as he pushed it in slightly, but he pulled right back out slightly and went back to sucking on her neck.

With out even thinking it she thrust her hips up taking him in her. Unsure of what she did, she was aghast at how desperate her action was.

But the pleasure was too much, she spread her legs apart and thrust upward again and Jeremy began his descent in to her depths. His thrusting was a slow build up to a quick and steady pace, as if he was attempting to push her through the bed.

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Her vaginal muscles quivered under the rush in and out and the pressing against her walls. suddenly Jeremy pulled out and rolled over on his back pulling Victoria on top.


She hastily slid his length back into her, swaying her hips back and forth in a feverous pitch, bucking her pelvis to his, her clit rubbing everytime she hit bottom. His hands grasped her ass pulling her into him as he lifted himself into her. Suddenly she reared her head back as her body bucked out of control, her muscles convulsing on his member her short burst of moans became higher pitch as she came. Jeremy still plowed away content on her moans and facial expression. Now it's my turn he thought, he lightly pushed her off him as she settled onto her stomach her climax still ravaging her body.

Jeremy rolled of the bed into a standing position, Victoria thought he was finished and her first panic rushed through her head "Did he come in me?!" and suddenly she felt his hands on her hips as he pulled her bottom upwards and the now familiar head of his shaft thrust in to her. Her face dove into the silky sheets unsure of what else to do. She had never experienced this position before. The pleasure immense as he ravaged her from behind, his body slapping into hers as her ass jiggled from the power of the thrust.

His hand smacked her once roughly on her cheek. The action made her feel like a slut, Hell the whole situation made her feel like a slut, but she could do nothing but grip the sheets in a deathlock as her face pushed in to the mattress, her body convulsed a second time in the sweet contractions of another orgasm.

She yelled out more profoundly this time, and Jeremy felt her walls pushing in and out on his shaft to his pleasure knowing he pulled a second orgasm out of her and felt himself close to release himself, he pulled out and shuffled on his knees to the side of the girl.

Her body still in recorvery, she regained her composure slightly and lifted her head breathing heavily. She lifted turned to look at Jeremy and was immediatly eye level with his cock, he put his hand on her head, deciding she was in the throes of passion enough to be guided to doing this for him, he brought her head towards his member as he laid back on the bed her head bobbing up and down.

Sort of decent skills he mused to himself not sure if to keep her around as a potential for a booty call or to just let this one back out to sea. He knew from last nights conversation, a delicate one played out masterfully like a game of chess to bring her sexual side to the surface, she was not a swallower and had never tried. "Today is a day of discovery little one" He joked to himself. He felt his dick quiver in the usual pleasurable sense of the oncoming orgasm, he thrust her head down harder and faster, feeling his head slapping over the tongue and down her throat, until he finally shot his load as he lightly pushed her down on his member, his hot load shooting into her throat, she hd no choice but to swallow at the surprise ejaculation.

She found it an odd taste, not one unpleasent but not exactly pleasent. she had no time to contemplate and he moved his hips up and down to her face in his wordless way of telling her to keep sucking. She felt she must continue for this man and sucked him dry.

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She felt such a passion for this man as she plopped his length out of her mouth. She sidled up to him for a kiss and thats when her world crashed. "Umm.


What is your name dear? I just came in that mouth with a vengeance, do you really think I'm going to put my lips or tongues there woman? He said. Victoria did not know what to do. In all her 20 years she has never been in a ssitution quite like this. She felt her self-esteem flood out, her nervousness rise and the feeling of a deer in heads lights washed over her. Jeremy knew this was a keeper for the booty call list. Her inexperience an easy thing to play his whims off.

"But you still deserve a kiss sweetheart." He said reassuringly as he planted on her forward. He stood and patted her on the butt a few times and said "Lets get dressed. I'm expecting company soon He stood and the dreaded awful feeling of being used ebbed into her mind. She felt scared and alone, felt like a total slut.

She stood to get dressed as Jeremy coyly watched, he offered her mouth wash which eagerly swished multiple times, spitting and swishing over and over again. Jeremy sat in his room laughing inwardly at her naive behavior.

She came out of the bathroom fully dressed and tried to shuffle past him and out the bedroom to exit this scene of embarassment. He lept up and grabbed her around the waist, from behind. In one quick motion he set his final damning trap in to place.

He spun her around and tried to lock eyes with her. She would not match his gaze, feeling herself close to tears for this betrayal. He pulled her chin up "My name is Jeremy. I did not mean to sound so crass, but good lord that scared me!" He faked a chuckle "Victoria. and It's okay. I'm sorry?" she stammered out, somehow feeling better but at the same time not so much. He suddenly kissed her passionatly as if breathing the breath of life in to her feelings of self esteem and confidence.

"Victoria it was a pleasure, but I must attend to other things. What is your number so we may meet again? I want to take you out on the town this weekend" He politely and quitely said, his phone in his out stretched hand to her.

She took the number and eagerly punched in before she could take into consideration his behavior and the strange feelings she felt about this man from the night before. He kissed her once more after guiding her out the door. Hook line and sinker he smiled to himself. Another in the bag, 3 days, 3 girls. Here i come perfect week he recited to himself. His growing list of female friends was extremely large and continously growing. His playboy charm spread out to them and reeled them in no matter how far they strayed away.

Life is good he thought as he laid back in bed. Victoria could not get one emotion right in her head. It was a blurry mess trying to focus and break down the facts. All she knew was she was smitten with this man called Jeremy. She felt special, sad, happy, slutty, aroused, satisfied all at once.

All she knew for sure, was this man Jeremy would not leave her mind. What she didn't know is that he read her like a book, played with her manipulated her. He cared not for her. She was another notch on the belt, a pair of panties added to the collection. But she would never know for she was trapped in the Player's Spell. More to come. Enjoy my first literary work.

Do not be skimpy on the critiscm. I came posted here to get the whole gamut good and bad. -Eros