She got the the juice

She got the the juice
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So it's Saturday night and we're laying on a king sized mattress at Ben's House with Ben, Luke and Me. We were all very horny and happy to know that we weren't the only gay guy in town and that all 3 of us love each other.

So now it's 8:00 and we've decided it's time for our threesome that we planned earlier today.

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Luke was interested in the TV show so Ben and I, without telling Luke are getting ready for a fun night, we decide to surprise him.

After we were ready, we pounced, pinning Luke to the bed with me and Ben on top, he was shocked and tried to escape, but then realised what we were going to do so gave in and let us do what we wanted to do.

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I leaned down and went in for a kiss as Ben went for Luke's cock and engulfed that massive motherfucker, inch by inch Ben took Luke's 6 1/2 inch cock into his mouth, deep throating a little bit and gagging at times but eventually got down to the base of his cock with me making out with Luke the whole time, it felt awesome with him moaning making the kiss better.

Luke didn't last long as he was very horny (who wouldn't be with two guys feeling and caressing you).

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He came in Ben's mouth making him gag and Ben accidentally let some cum run down Luke's shaft but quickly lapped it up like a cat does to milk. After Luke rested from his powerful orgasm, he jumped Ben and started making out with him, while I sucked off Ben and made him cum inside my mouth and swallowed every last drop, it tasted so good, bitter yet sweet but so heavenly good, I swear Ben had the best tasting cum and I still do think that.

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Then while Ben was resting I was wondering what they were going to do to me, before I could imagine a scenario, Ben got on top of me, pinning me down and said "you are gonna have a fun night as you are truly going to lose your virginity by fucking Luke in that tight ass of his. I was grinning so much, I was excited as I could finally fuck someone, I looked to Luke and he was there on all fours waiting for me, Ben let me up and said "Enjoy".


I went behind Luke, grabbed the lube and lubed up my shaft, followed by Luke's asshole which I then fingered, which he was moaning from, I was happy that I was pleasuring him and making him happy, then I started with two, then three fingers and finally decided to stick my 6 inch cut cock into his beautiful hole. I went at it for a mere 3 minutes before I came all through his ass, all Luke could say was "I love you" then Ben said "I love you also Alex" I replied saying "I love you both as well, my cock softened but hardened again because Ben was giving me a massage and I loved every second of it before he said, "How about we double penetrate him?" We both laughed with a cheeky grin on our faces but all Luke could say was "wait-w-what, I can't handle 2!" We both looked and I said "trust us you'll thank us afterwards" he said "OK but go slow and if I tell you to stop, I mean it" we both replied "Deal" I started thrusting again then Ben came over and came closer and kissed me with passion then went in front of Luke and said lube me up, Luke took Ben into his mouth, using more saliva then usual and let him go after a minute or two, Ben came behind Luke and beside me and started to push, Luke was in a lot of pain, but we tried to comfort him, saying it'll hurt less soon, Ben got his cock head in to Luke which was accompanied by a scream from Luke and said "Fucking Hell, that hurts like shit" we both laughed from the irony.

Then Ben went in further and further with Luke in pain the whole time until he got his whole length in and we started thrusting in symphony and each time I left his hole, Ben went in, now Luke was enjoying this with moans of pleasure and not pain.

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Luke then came again from the constant onslaught of me and Ben touching his prostate, then it got so tight from his orgasm that Ben and I came, we then pulled out and saw all the cum flowing out of Luke's ass and Ben started lapping it up, saying it tasted great and told me to have a try, I was hesitant at first but tried it and man was that shit good, better than beer, better than a meat pie, I could eat this all day long.

Anyway let's not get carried away, we all laid on the bed back to crotchBen then me then Luke, we all hugged each other and went to sleep like that and that was the best night sleep I ever had cushioned between Ben and Luke, my lovers.


I woke up in the morning with a smile on my face, then gave Ben and Luke a morning kiss on the lips to wake them up, which it did, we just laid there snugged up to each other for 5 minutes when Ben said "I'm hungry, anyone else?" We both replied "Yes Sir". After we cleaned up we went to the kitchen and got out some frozen pies and put them in the oven, while we were waiting we decided to go for a swim, but not just any swim, we went skinny dipping, it was really fun because we got to play, cool down and play with each other, we're still kids so we did the usual things, wrestle, water fight, but we also did some 'Gay' things like Kiss and feel others crotches as we swam past them, the occasional hug between the three of us.

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We went back inside when the timer went off and got the pies out of the oven and got some beers from the fridge and sat out in the pool yard naked having lunch. The rest of the day we just watched tv, played some games or should I say 'gaymes', then we watched the footy at 3:00 and after the game we both went home with a sexual goodbye, a kiss and "I love you" saw me and Luke walk home, tomorrow we had school, that should be interesting.