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Kissing xxx video clips gay first time The guy comes back home not
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Pete here again, bringing you up to speed. If you haven't read the previous installments of the KCA&B series don't worry. The stories are not chronological and can be read in any order. But you should know the foundation for the tales. The are reminiscences of my time as a teenager, working in a law office in Miami, during the 1970's. This employment garnered me a lot of opportunities for sex.

********* Due to the high caliber of our attorneys and cliental, the clerical staff at Kennedy, Carle, Ames and Buchanan tended to be older than I.

As a lowly 'gopher', my job did not require me to have any professional experience, which made it different from most positions. Our firm did not hire secretaries just out of school, instead demanding a substantial and and commendable degree of employment history/ Consequently, the age range for these ladies ran from 29 up to 50-something.

However there was one other job that allowed KCAB to deviate from that experience policy; that of legal assistant or paralegal. That position could be filled by a promising candidate attending the School of Law at the University of Miami. Which is how I made the acquaintance of Miss Maureen O'Conner. About six months after I started at KCA&B the firm hired Maureen (Mo to her friends) in just this capacity. She was in her second year of law school and at 24, was a bit closer to my own age.

Mo was a lively, funny girl and was a good friend to me at work. She'd was a Buffalo native who'd done her under-grad work a SUNY campus near her home.


Mo was overweight but in a funny, bell shaped way. Aside from her huge tits, her upper half gave no hint to the widening that lay below, She was a pretty red head with long straight hair that she wore to her waist. Her eyes were a delightful greenish hue and she had a mole just above her lips, on her right side. It was a distinction I found kind of sexy. Her best feature though was her gregarious and winning personality. Mo was simply, balls-out fun to be around.

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Mo also loved to party. If your aim was to get as fucked up as possible, then Miami was a good place to be. It was a worldwide import destination for illegal drugs and finding quality merchandise was not really a problem. In a manner stereotypical to her Irish background, Mo could handle her intoxications very well. No matter how intensely she imbibed the night before, she was still able to do all her work tasks with commendation. Similarly, her school work was exemplary as well.

With regard to intoxicants I'm funny, well at least in comparison with most of my friends. I never really developed a taste for recreational doping. Oh sure, I might take a sociable toke from a joint now and again but it was never a habit. Nor did I do much boozing. If I did drink it was maybe a couple of beers. This was a trait that made me love Mo's parties even more, because her soirées had booze and drugs to spare.

That left me a sober predator among a field of intoxicated college girls. I took advantage of that scenario as often as I could. Perhaps the most memorable of these occasions was my very first. Mo and her classmates had just spent a grueling week of mid-term exams and they were ready to blow off some steam.

Now even though we were close as co-workers, that didn't automatically qualify me for membership in the celebrations with her school crowd. No my inclusion came quid pro quo.

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As a native she correctly reckoned that I would have a good connection for drugs. You want me to score some good shit for your gathering? Well it damned better include me an invite. As usual, my friend Wayne hooked me up with a nice variety of drugs, including weed, hash, 'ludes and coke. Mo actually asked me to drop by early and help her get ready for the party.

I went along to the liquor store to help her select and haul the necessary stockpile. We loaded up with a vast array of alcohol.

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Beer. wine, vodka, gin were all stacked in our cart. Perhaps I should mention that Mo's family had big bucks and that they not only supplied her with funds for room and board, she also got a generous allowance.

So while the bill at the spirits shop seemed exurbanite to me, it was well within her means. On an endcap she saw that they had a special on tequila. "Aw shit" she exclaimed. "What?" I responded. She was eyeballing the wares and told me. "Man, maybe I shouldn't" "How come?" I asked her.

"This shit gets me crazy and horny" was her reply. I laughed and said "Well that's a good combo isn't it?" She smiled, nodded and put 3 bottles in our cart. Mo lived in an off-campus apartment complex that mostly housed other, wealthy U of M students. That worked out particularly well for parties. Your neighbors were of a like mind and nobody complained if things got a little wild. She was pretty tight with all the neighbors on her floor and the event would include four other apartments.

Folks began to wander in about 6:30 and by 9 o'clock things were pretty crowded. There was a hedonistic vibe throughout. Loud music, laughter, drinking, drugging and making out was on the agenda for all. And everything was going on without a care for admonishment. Even though I didn't know anyone besides Mo, the atmosphere supplanted my normal condition of shyness.

I wandered from apartment to apartment eyeing up the hot chicks and looking for a suitably inebriated gal to put a move on. I found a cute little blonde thing that was giggling away with a couple of her girlfriends. I simply walked up, inserted myself into their conversation and put on all the charm I could muster.

Blondie was enjoying my attention and when I began to get 'touchy/feely' with her, she made no protests. I went in for a kiss and she was happy to engage with me. Without any consideration that we were in a lighted, crowded room, I boldly fondled her. Her tits were on the small size… a plusfor me as I find a petite bosom sexier that a full figure. Her response was to pull me closer and dry hump me.

"Wanna fuck?" I blatantly asked her, She nodded in the affirmative. She took my hand and lead me to a bedroom. There was already a couple screwing like bunnies on the bed, so we lay down on the carpeted floor, beside it. She was wearing a skirt and I reached under to remove her panties. Her snatch was sopping wet and my cock was fully erect.

I fucked her hard, driving her ass to the floor. Her appreciative sighs were the soundtrack to my ardor. Despite this I made the conscious decision that I'd do my best not to cum. My plan was to have as much sex as I could that night and not retire early. I felt myself close to climax, so I withdrew. Instead I provided her with an enthusiastic demonstration of my oral gifts.

With regard to my cuntlapping method, I start by utilizing a variety of techniques to ascertain what the gal likes best.

This delightful minx enjoyed having the side of her clit rapidly flicked by my tongue, concurrent with my thumb in her twat and my finger in her ass. I was happy to service the young lady for a long time…perhaps a half hour…who knows.

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I do know that she came more than once. After the sex, I helped her to her feet. I took her to the living room, set her down on the couch and got her a beer. Then I left, never learning her name and with her soaking panties in my back pocket. Through the rest of the evening I was successfully able to chart a similar course of action with other young ladies. A couple were all into the making out but resisted having sex. But I was able to fuck two other chicks.

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I maintained my policy of avoiding orgasm and with bringing off my lovers with my tongue. I gotta admit though that Blondie was by far the cutest of my paramours.

It must have been one-ish when I found myself back at Mo's apartment. Things still active but they had had begun to taper off. Then I heard: "Whooo, Whoo… all aboad!".

It was coming from Mo's bedroom.


When I got there I saw my friend and hostess, spread naked on her bed. At her side was a half empty bottle of tequila. "who is fuckin' first?' she slurred out. A line of horny dudes had formed and I realized that she was getting her slut on…inviting a gangbang for all takers. Because I knew her, this licentious state aroused me no end. It also inspired a flash of perverse genius in my mind. I quickly went down to my car and removed from my trunk, my 35mm camera.

I wanted souvenirs of Mo's wanton exhibition. When I returned, their was a hugely endowed brutha' in mid fuck. At the same time she was sucking off another dude. I gazed hypnotized by her undulating form. Her pendulous breasts glistened with sweat. As I said before, big titties are wasted on me. In fact, I must admit that I found her's even less so than normal because of their appearance. Her areolas were huge… as big as silver dollars… and their color was only a shade darker than her flesh.

Pale pink in a sea of white. There were also bumps beside her nipples, which I usually found unsightly. However I did appreciate her long and erect nipples.

Her thighs were fucking huge and I'd bet that if you measured her hips, that they's be at least 40 inches. Departing my mesmerized state I started snapping pictures. The guy in her mouth pulled out and unloaded all over her face. Seconds later his phallus was replaced by another. Then the black guy finished off inside her.

As he removed his schwantz, the jizz poured out of her gaping cunt. Again, another taker soon replaced him in that orifice. A couple fellows were happy to simply wad off onto her nude body. The sight became too erotic for me to simply take photos, so I got in the line for her hot and sexy mouth. I face fucked my friend hard, my balls slapping her cheek, before I too pulled out to decorate her lovely countenance with my spooge.

After I came, I quickly dipped my pecker back into her mouth in order to create a 'Kodak moment'. Before long I'd counted at least 20 guys, who along with me, had used her.

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Her face and tits wore semen like a glaze. Both her hair and pubes were matted with floods of viscous cum. A lake of sperm had pooled beneath her reddened vagina. By 3 AM Mo was passed out but that didn't seem to phase some of the party goers, who continued to get a sloppy fucking from her abused snatch. The fuck session finally ended. Sure I had been a party to it but unlike the others, I had some sympathy for her. I went to the kitchen and bathroom where I fetched a small pail, some warm water a washcloth and towels.

Then I cleaned her up as best as I could. God knows how much man-juice was still lodged inside her, so I looked in her medicine cabinet. There I found a box of tampons.

I inserted one inside her to draw out the fluid. It took 4 of 'em before I could finally get one to come out clean. I was tired but still made the effort to try to clean the apartment up.

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It was too much to complete, but I made a healthy start. Even with Mo's amazing constitution, I felt sure that she'd be hung over and sore when she'd awaken. It was getting near dawn. I ultimately decided that I was far too beat to head home. I thought to myself, "what the hell" and I simply got naked, curled up with Mo and drifted off to sleep.