Gay twinks Victim Aaron gets a whipping then gets his crevice

Gay twinks Victim Aaron gets a whipping  then gets his crevice
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Me and my sister continued to play with each other never having sex just blowjobs and that was it, she didn't want to make things even weirder than they were. I wasn't complaining cause boy was it fun and I loved it.

So this was around my sister's 18 birthday she got a car from our parents and I couldn't wait to give her my gift. I left her a message saying "meet me at Lorenzo's at 9" it was a local restaurant kind of fancy. So I'm sitting there waiting for her in a suit that I borrowed from a buddy of mine it wasn't anything worth talking about.

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I ordered some water I was getting nervous about this "date" until I saw her walk in, a very sexy green dress that was very appealing to her body.

She had her hair up in a ponytail which only made her more sexy. She sat down and looked at me and my heart melted "your starring" "sorry your just so beautiful" we spoke for hours until finally we had to end the night.

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She had me drive because as she said "I'm to tired to drive" then she gave a wink, so I'm driving and in the side of my eye I see her making her dress ride up her leg. I started feeling my cock stir I think she noticed to cause she giggled a little when she got to the middle of her thigh.

She then reached over and grabbed him and I twitched swerving on the road, "don't kill us on my birthday" she said laughing continuing to play with my cock. She unzipped my pants and pulled him out and just gave me the greatest hand job I had ever had I came so quick on her hand and a glob on the pants.

"Fuck I have to return these to Steven" I said worried about the stain, she leaned over and just sucked it up and said "that should make it easier." We finally got home and all the light were off so we walked quietly in the house trying not to wake the parents, as we open the door and walk in we think we are home free.

Until the lights popped on and our parents were sitting on the couch looking very upset and my heart sank cause of the cum stain on the front of my pants.

They asked us to set in the set of chairs across from the couch and I was starting to panic "oh god they know they are gonna kill me or send Rachel away god what do I do" I was thinking.

Rachel was looking down not saying anything just looking worried, my mom spoke first "So we need to talk about this situation" then my dad said the craziest thing ever "Jack we are so sorry that we let it get this far" I was thinking "wait what" "go ahead Rachel tell him." She looked up at me and in the calmest voice she could muster she said "when you came on me that morning months ago, I told mom and dad about it and they said it wasn't true and I said I could prove it." She continued "So me and mom and dad had a bet for a car that you wouldn't do it, So when you came on my face in the kitchen they knew what we were doing." I was just shocked and I didn't know what to say or think "we thought that maybe that would have been the end of it but you guys kept going we thought maybe let them get it out of your systems, which hasn't happened so we decided to step in and stop you guys front taking this any further" my dad said.

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"So wait your telling me you guys knew about this and didn't say anything or stop us" I said My mom looked at me And said "we are so sorry but it has to stop this is wrong" "but it's not I love her not as a sister but more than that" my sister's eyes lit up with surprise and happiness.

I continued "if I could I would spend the rest of my life with her" My dad sat there and shook his head in disappointment and walked away, my mother just looked at me as if something I said awoken something in side of her but she followed my dad.

Me and my sister took a couple of weeks off of us playing and it would have continued if it wasn't for our parents who had called a family meeting, and we all sat around the dinner table saying nothing just starring at each other. "So we have discussed it and we feel that we can't make this decision for you however we can't expected to be ok with it, so we have come up with a compromise that should be ok with both sides" my mom said "you are not allowed to do anything with us in the house" that's fair thought.


"no doing it outside the house" "you can't tell anyone about it" and then they looked at each other and just blurted it out "you both have to do it with us once show us what the fuss it about. Me and my sister looked at each other trying to make sure we heard what we said so I asked "So I have to play with mom and Rachel has to play with you" "yes" they replied I looked at my sister for her answer and it surprised me she said "ok but we have to be in the same room" we all agreed to it and decided to do it after dinner which was an a quiet one.

So finally time came to have this "playtime" and i was nervous to say the least, we all were just standing there looking very awkward until my sister finally stripped then my mother followed, my mom wasn't ugly she was actually hot, DD tits a peach ass and legs that were to die for. My dad was last and he pulled his underwear down exposing his small dick I felt bad for him cause my mother couldn't stop starring at my cock. My sister got on her knees and just started sucking my dad off I think she wanted it to be over cause she was going as fast as she could, my mom however wanted this to last she was on her knees examining my cock taking it in as if she found a treasure.


She then wrapped her hands around my cock and slowly began giving me a hand job it felt fantastic she was just going slow which for some reason made it feel so much better. Then without warning she put me in her mouth and she was just so good that I couldn't move or talk or even think, I just stood there making weird noises which made my sister laugh even with my dad's cock in her mouth she laughed.

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My mom was good maybe not as good as Rachel but good I was getting close I looked down and told her I was getting close my mom just kept going and I just uploaded down her throat and she didn't waste one drop she took it all.

Even Rachel was impressed and at the same time my dad came he didn't do it in Rachel's mouth he did it on her tits. We all just sat around thinking about what happened and we all said "Ok talk to you later" it was awkward. Later that night Rachel came in and we talked about what happened and we felt weird about it we both agreed that it was super weird but also a real turn on, we started getting hot so we started to make out when my mom walked in and said "you know your not supposed to be doing it with us in the house" she looked down the hall and then said "but because your dad is asleep I will make a exception if you let me join" and she walked in and closes the door and we had a tell of a night of passion and just fun no sex for any of us but I don't think any of us cared.

The no sex rule changed about a month later on my birthday and boy that was a good birthday. To be continued.

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