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Bbw Teen masturbiert vor Webcam
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New beginnings By anon y mouse First a preamble this is a follow on from a previous story 'NEW MOTHER' this story stands alone but for the background read you can read the other one first the choice is yours.

On with the story. Chapter 1 After finally confronting my husband James about his affair with a 12 yr old girl we had reached a pact. He stayed out of my life and me his. The girl in question was the daughter of my lover and Boss Mike. I had been given carte' blanche' to become her mother as his wife had cancer and had accepted me as her substitute.

We were very close even in the biblical sense. After I had confronted my husband I ordered them to fuck. James did not appear to be happy with me and Mike watching him and started to protest. "Fuck her now" I ordered "Or lose your piece of pussy forever" James removed his clothes with the help of Amy and I watched them both until I was satisfied he would do my bidding anytime I wanted.

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Mike and I after a few moments watching this left James and Amy to Fuck. Mike sniggered as he saw me take control "Yes hon I did pick well Cynthia will be pleased with the way you handled this situation" I laughed I had never seen myself as a dominant but after the past events I began to realise I was relishing the role.

About half an hour later Amy appeared smiling and just got in the car butt naked. I climbed in the back with her and Mike drove us home. Our moans as we pleasured each other were distracting his driving but I needed the release.

He warned me we were approaching home and we stepped out the car We reached the house and we walked in leaving mike to park the car.

I went straight to Cynthia in the lounge and kissed her full on the lips. "You had a good day" She said "I can taste it in your kiss" "Yes in ways I will tell you later" I laughed "Good" She smiled "Just make sure he keeps feeding you his cock" "That's a promise" I said "Will you want your usual" "Sure honey but I'll have the Gin first" she laughed We both understood what the usual was.

I left her side and before Mike entered I had poured both Cynthia and myself a Gin and the Whisky for Mike. "Amy is in" I told her "Is she still fucking that husband of yours" Cynthia winked Mike walked in and went over to his wife and kissed her.

We talked about the day while having our drinks but I did not tell Cynthia about Julie I was saving that for later. "What's for dinner hon" he asked "No idea till I look in the fridge" I glared "You men always either eating or fucking is that all I'm here for" "Is there anything else" he laughed I ignored the comment and left them to go prepare dinner. Actually it was mostly prepared all I had to do was cook it. Cynthia's disability meant she wasn't able to do the latter but she always tried to prepare the food for me to save time even though I told her was not necessary.

I busied myself with dinner and we sat to eat Amy had put on some clothes but only her panties. I let it pass for now this needed sorting and I glanced at Cynthia. "Amy" I said after dinner "You been a bad girl go now and get ready for your punishment" Amy pretended to be annoyed but we knew she loved this bit and Cynthia gave me the look as if to say you are learning.

Amy returned with the handcuffs on and completely naked with the belt clenched between her teeth. She knelt at my feet and did not move until I removed the belt. Standing up Amy walked to the table and faced it and stuck her butt out for what she knew was to follow. "Amy" I said "How many orgasm's did you have fucking my husband?" "Two momma" "Then you shall take 20 on each cheek" "Yes momma thank you momma" "Good girl now stand perfectly still" Amy stood and I bought the belt down on her butt cheek Thwack I did not hold back "One thank you momma" Thwack "Two thank you momma" This continued until I had done 10 at which point I surveyed my work and Cynthia had moved to get a better view for which I had purposefully obliged by my own position.

Noting Cynthia's approval I allowed the belt to caress Amy's exposed pussy lips before continuing Thwack "Eleven thank you momma" I stopped again at 20 and allowed Cynthia to inspect more closely the redness of Amy's buttocks and the belt marks. Continuing until all 40 had been administered I put the belt down and sat down. Amy never moved she knew better if she did she would get double what she just had.

I motioned to Mike he could move in with the cream which he dutifully applied to his daughters sore buttocks. "You may go now Amy" "Yes mom thank you mom" Away she went to lay down to help relieve the soreness. Mike, Cynthia and I moved away into the lounge and I fetched the Drinks.

"Good show" said Cynthia "You are going to do me proud when I have gone" "May I kiss your tit's" I asked her "Darling never ask they are yours whenever you want them wherever you want them" I removed her blouse and her bra and began to suckle "Mmmmm baby feels so good yes suck mommas tits" I suckled and mauled her breasts all the time hearing her moans of pleasure.

My juices were flowing and I needed release I motioned to Mike and he understood so while I played with Cynthia Mike worked on my pussy. The more he sucked the harder I sucked Cynthia. Finally I could stand no more I released my hold on Cynthia and asked Mike to fuck me. Standing up I stripped off and I lay on the carpet waiting with my legs inviting.

Mike took his clothes off and allowing Cynthia a little rub of his cock he got down between my legs. We made sure Cynthia got a good view and Mike began. Fist he rubbed his cock against my outer walls to get some of my wetness and then he inserted a finger to check I was moist enough. He placed his cock head at my waiting entrance and just put it in so the head was inside.

He stayed there for a second or two teasing me with it. "Fuck me with it" I cried "Now" "Beg me?" He asked "I beg you" "Beg me what for" "I beg you put that cock in me now and fuck me" "And the rest" "I beg you put that cock in me now and fuck me please" "That's better" He suddenly thrust his cock deep inside till only his balls remained outside then he came back halfway and thrust again and again "Ahhhhh Fuck yes more harder" Mike thrust harder and harder I was having difficulty keeping up finally I had my orgasm my legs weakened and I almost passed out.

Mike final shot his semen in me and I lay there letting it drip from inside me delirious in happiness. "Amy" Mike shouted Amy came into the room "Amy be a good girl go clean momma" Amy cleaned me out her expert tongue didn't miss a drop and I swooned with pleasure again.

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While I was being so expertly cleaned I could see Cynthia licking her husband's cock clean and it was mingled with my juices. Time was getting late and without any further words between any of us we all went to bed.

Mike soon fell asleep next to me in our bed and it wasn't long after I drifted off. Chapter 2 Next morning no one was up except Mike and I and we had breakfast it was a hurried one we had to get to the store today was going to be an important one.

Going inside the 6 who had gathered, 2 off them on their day off were milling around gossiping but soon stopped as we walked past. We made for Mikes office. As soon as the door was shut I was hurriedly stripping off as was Mike. We soon got down to what we both wanted and as he fucked me hard over his desk I am sure my moans could be heard several miles away.

At this point I no longer cared. After our session we straightened up and made our way back to the eager employees who were wondering why the special meeting. "Thank you" started Mike "For coming here and to you Martin and Sheila on your day off" Mumbles and shuffles as they awaited the continuation "As you know times are hard and over the past months we have lost many colleagues" Nods' of ascent all round "Today marks a new beginning "Mike continued "We cannot sustain to employ you as things stand" The faces of the employees suddenly changed and now the atmosphere took on a sudden doom and gloom.


"In 3 weeks we are closing the store" This was the bolt from the blue none of them expected. I felt for them, until I was offered my new position I would have been just another one of them but I had to let Mike continue and put on a brave face my turn was to come. "I am really sorry" Mike continued "that it comes to this but I have made my decision I thank you for your loyalty shown and Kaitlin will now explain what happens next" I looked around at the long faces and took over from Mike.

"There is hope on the horizon" I began "Mike is having a new venture built about 6 miles from here and there is room for you all" Faces that had been long and drawn now began to have a hope "Nothing will be the same" I continued "The contracts you have and current wages will have to be re negotiated and your roles will be different" A look of bewilderment fell upon the gathered.

"I am responsible for all hiring's and contracts we are looking for chambermaids, cooks, waitresses and handymen plus forecourt staff for a Gas station" I knew none of these jobs were what they currently do and I paused deliberately before I continued watching the faces and trying to read what was on their minds "Any questions" This was the point I was dreading and with Mike standing behind me giving me the floor was the point at which my new job took off if I messed this up my job could be on the line too.

Sam was the first to speak "Will you be advertising for the Vacancies?" "First we wanted to fill some of them from current employees" I replied "Other vacancies as they arise will be advertised" "When will the jobs start?" asked Maureen "The complex will start construction in 2 weeks and if the schedule is completed on time Phase 1 will be ready in 8 weeks." "So we miss 5 weeks wages?" Sam again "I have worked out a package for you all" I replied "Those that choose to come with us will get half wages during the waiting period those that wish to terminate with us will be given redundancy depending on the years of service" All were looking round at each other and this was the time to leave them to formulate in their own minds where they wished to be.

As I left I made 1 last statement. "A list of vacancies and salaries will be posted in 1 hr on the canteen notice board you will be able to read them if you are interested in any of them please come see me" With that I left them to it I deliberately walked away not seeming to give a damn so as not to make a bad situation worse.

When we reached the office my knees were visibly shaking and Mike put his arms around me for comfort. "Magnificent" he said "You handled that situation very well" I responded by nuzzling closer into him. I wanted the earth to swallow me whole and was grateful for the encouragement and the bodily support. After a few moments I gathered my composure. Mike released his hold and sat down his side the desk to continue his work and I made the list and took it to the canteen and pinned it to the board.

With the list was a brief description of the job salary and hours which were negotiable as we would be running 24/7 Returning to the office I once more flopped down. "Mike honey I need some fresh air" I asked "Any chance of a ride out" "Aww sorry hon I'm up to here with this lot what was your thinkin" "Nothing is no matter carry on I'll go in the canteen and get myself a coffee and relax in my cupboard." My cupboard was almost exactly that a small space where I worked that was tucked away but so small it felt like a broom closet.

I shuffled my way downstairs I could feel them looking at me and noticed they were idly talking among themselves. I reached the canteen and was approached by Rachel. "If you want me Rachel I am just going for a coffee care to join me?" Rachel followed me in and I could feel all eyes on me now. Rachel sat herself down and waited for me to pour the coffees.

Turning slowly I took the coffee's over and sat opposite her. "Fire away Rachel" I commanded "Please Miss I was wondering how much the redundancy was?" "Let me see" I started "You been here 2 years right" "Yes Miss" "Well I am writing letters to you all stating the package as all will be different but as a guide line you will receive 1 months wage for every year of service" I could see the girl was having difficulties working it out maths were never her strong point but as shelf filler she worked hard and I knew her parents would miss her wages "You will receive $1600" "Thanks miss" "Anything else?" I asked "What should I do miss take the money or another job" "That is up to you" I replied "You are a hard worker and I would hate to see you go" She smiled.

I knew it would be hard for her if she left she would have 2 months pay and no work and if she stayed she would have 5 weeks half pay and in her situation that was never going to be easy.

"Miss what is this chambermaid?" "Making beds and cleaning guests rooms and helping with the laundry" She nodded as if she understood but I doubt she did, not to say she was dumb but she had to be shown a task but once done she soon picked it up and did everything with gusto.

"That all or is there something else?" "No miss I tell papa he know what to do" I nodded and with that she sat back drank her coffee and left. I was washing the cups no one stands on ceremony in this place even Mike does the washing up. "Excuse me can I have a word?" "Sure Julie come on sit down be with you when I dried these" Julie was a married woman who did not have to work and only came part time it was her way of getting some spending money for herself and to stave off the boredom.

"Ok I am all yours" "Sorry" she started to blubber "But I really will miss being here" "So you won't be coming for a job interview" "No not that" she said "This place and its friendly faces" "That depends" I replied "On who comes and who stays but you do not need the money you are a lucky one" "Can I tell you something now it looks like things will change?" "Sure hon" "I only come here because you work here and I have been dying to tell you I fancy you but" and she stopped mid sentence I looked at her in amazement that was the last thing I expected to hear.

She was beautiful had a successful husband well adjusted marriage 3 children and lifestyle to die for. She averted her gaze from mine and started to get up to leave. "Sorry" she said "That was out of order" Sit I commanded "How long has this been a factor?" Her lips trembled as she continued to relate how she had fantasized about us for over a year. She had never had the courage to come right out and say before, but she realised this might be the last chance she got.

Her reasoning was either I rejected her and she left and got another job or stayed home or I accepted her and made her dream a reality. Whirling with emotion and my recently acquired taste for female sex I took her hand. She never looked up. "Hun its Ok" I said "To have fantasies but we are not all lucky to have them fulfilled" She still kept looking at the table and I squeezed her hand once more "Honey" I said "You are a very attractive woman and I would love to make love to you" Her eyes widened and she pulled away from my hand.

I stood up and moved round back of her and placed a hand on her shoulder. "You just sit there a moment I will be right back" She never moved as I removed my hand and went back into Mikes office "Mike I am taking a short break" "Err Ok hon" "How long you going to be working?" "About 2 hours should do it" he said "make sure you are back by say midday and we go get come lunch" "Ok sweetie" I kissed his forehead and went back to Julie.

She was talking to Sam and so I just lingered a while till they had finished "Listen Julie" I said "I was going for a drive for some fresh air I need it fancy coming for the ride?" She tried to excuse herself as she was here to work but I reminded her I was the boss and she agreed.

We talked some more as we walked to the car and she was astounded to see I had Mike's keys. "Won't he mind" she said "Not if he wants his supper" I laughed exposing a piece of my tit.

"You mean you and him how long?" "Just get in and I will tell you all about it." As we drove I related my tale leaving nothing out and she sat there transfixed. I was starting to feel a little horny with her sat beside me but I did not want to scare her before I heard her story.

"OK that's me" I said "Now your turn." Julie told me her marriage was not an issue, she had a loving husband and the three children but there was something lacking. She could have spent the day painting her nails or reading but she needed a release from the house and as this was part time she could fit it round the children. She first had lesbian desires when a friend of hers had popped round to try on a new dress she was hoping to dazzle her husband with.

As she saw her friend stripped she had felt the desire to touch her but had not the courage. She did have chance to help her friend adjust the hem and she felt good but never pursued it. Her friend divorced her husband shortly after and moved away so more could happen. She had noticed me when I applied for the job and suddenly had the same urges but again she did nothing. We both stilled ourselves after out tales and I pulled over and without pre warning her I kissed Julie on the cheek.

She blushed and was moving her face away but I stopped her and pulled her face toward me and kissed her full on the mouth. This time Julie responded and so I went one further and caressed her through her blouse. She took the hint and soon we were caressing each other and kissing still sat in the front of the car.

Whilst this felt good it was not exactly comfortable and I pulled away from her. She looked disappointed as if that was going to be all and she blushed again "Listen Honey" I said "This is not the end OK" Julie nodded her understanding "I so want to fuck you right now" I said "But we have to get back to the store" Julie agreed "We will make love" I assured her "Trust me on that" As if to seal the deal I kissed her once again and massaged her tit then I pulled away and we buckled up for the drive back.

When we reached the store we separated so as not to give the game away to the others and I went into Mike's office. Of course I told Mike of my encounter and his eyes lit up "Would have like to have been a fly on the wall" He laughed "Men" I replied "Honestly you all perverts" and we both laughed.

It was a little after midday when we broke for lunch Mike said he had an idea. I listened with intent and nodded my approval. We headed out into the car park and got in Mike's car. As I always did at this point I removed my panties it was my way off showing him I was his whenever or wherever he wanted. Lunch was at a nice little restaurant a few miles down the highway and afterwards I knew what I wanted for desert.

Whispering in mike's ear he readily agreed. We headed for the little shack and no sooner inside I was naked to his gaze. I gave him a slow twirl rubbing myself as I did while Mike took in the view. I then knelt down and Mike came over to me and my face was inches from his crotch. I rubbed through the material gently and slowly unbuckled him.

Sliding off his pants slowly and deliberately. Massaging his cock as I went. Soon he was standing before me his pants by his ankles and I took his cock in my hand and sank my lips over the tip. Slowly licking his cock head I massaged his balls at the same time. "Mmmmm sweetie you are a cock whore aren't you" I never answered my mouth was full and I was in heaven.

I took more of that cock into my mouth and Mike held my head and fucked my mouth. I was gagging but Mike was relentless he knew I liked it this way and so he continued his onslaught. I felt his cock twitch and tasted the first bit of precum. I waited with baited breath and wasn't disappointed as his seed filled the back of my throat and I began to swallow.

Some dribbled onto my tits as I tried to get it all. Mike then withdrew and stood back to survey his cock slut. I was massaging the spillage into my tits and then I moved in to lick Mike's cock clean.

Getting dressed we left the shack and went back to the office. Julie had already gone her hours were up but I knew she would be back tomorrow. The day went without any further mishaps and we drove home. Chapter 3 "How did it go" Cynthia asked "So So" I replied I went and did the usual getting the drinks and parked myself at Cynthia's feet with my head sometimes in her lap.

She would stroke my hair and it relieved the stresses of the day. "Time I sorted dinner" I said "No need we got a chef" "Chef" "Yes go and see" I had too curiosity aroused I made my way to the kitchen, Shock horror there was James stark naked apart from a pinafore cooking dinner. I said nothing but walked round the kitchen inspecting the boiling pans and checking the oven.

"Is Mistress happy" he said I was taken aback what he had said "Sorry" "Mistress if my cooking is not up to scratch I apologise" I played up to this "Yes well it looks alright the proof will be in the tasting" I left him too it.

Joining Cynthia I asked for an explanation. "After dinner honey" I accepted that and got back down on the floor to allow Cynthia to caress my hair once more every stroke was laboured with love. I felt 10 years old again when my daddy would stroke my hair. Of course I had no idea daddy was getting off doing it and it was not till my 11th birthday when he actually finally seduced me into stroking his cock.

We never went further than that I never sucked him just stroked him till his white stuff came on my hand and he would wipe us both off and thank me with a kiss. Daddy continued stroking my hair till I was 13 and sadly he died. I had thought no one could take daddy's place and I guess if things had progressed he would have taken my virginity but it was not to be. I met James and that was that. Suddenly a naked James walked in announcing dinner was ready and we went to eat. We sat in our usual places Amy included and James served the food and coffee's as we ate each time he would back off and stand away from the table.

"James" called Cynthia "we are finished when we have gone you may eat then wash all these pots and put them away. We will call you when we need you" "Yes Mistress" We all left the kitchen and allowed James to eat. Back in the lounge after Amy had poured the drinks and one for herself which this time was also a Gin. Cynthia explained why James was in the kitchen. She explained that since I moved out James moaned to Amy he would no longer be able to afford the rent and that would mean moving.

He had nowhere to go. Being Amy's pet she was allowed to bring him home provided he was off use and he agreed to sleep in the shed out back. He was not to be in the house without a member of family which included me being present unless of course Amy wanted to fuck him. James having no illusions he was now to be servant to us all had agreed rather than be homeless. He would only need clothes when he was driving Cynthia to and from her Doctors or her ladies circle, and if I wanted he would fetch anything I needed from the old home.

To be honest there was nothing from there I wanted I hadn't even wanted to see James again but seeing him subservient to our whims bought me great pleasure. I agreed to take the car and James truck and that way I could sell them and use the money, I already had an idea what on.

Cynthia sounded a little bell and James came scuttling in. "Yes Mistress" "James I want you to drive Kaitlin back to your old home pick up your truck and bring it back here" "Yes mistress" "Then you are to go back again and this time bring back the car" "Yes mistress" "James and one more thing you must go naked" "Yes mistress" "Kaitlin sweetie make sure he don't put clothes on and it's up to you what else you do" I smiled I knew what I was gonna do and I went to my bedroom and removed a couple of items to take with me James sat driving he was watching the road I sat in the back of the car on the journey I removed my panties and began playing with myself with a hairbrush and vibrator.

As I pushed the hairbrush up my pussy with one hand I freed a tit with the other and stroked my buzzing vibrator on it. The sensation was tremendous and I soon came and straightened myself up sat back for the rest of the ride. We reached the house and James went round back to get his truck. I drove the car home. The second journey was similar in nature except I stripped off all my clothes and deliberately sat in front playing in my pussy.

James could look but not touch and he knew it. James drove my car back and I drove Mike's. Parking up James walked round the side of the house and entered through the kitchen. Servants I learned from Cynthia never use the family entrance bad protocol. Cynthia noticed I was wet from my playing and bade me come over so she could play in there too I walked over stripped off again and let her do her thing.

Mike watched us between drinking his whisky and reading his paper and smoking his cigar. Amy sauntered in with James in tow and told him stand in the corner. There was I still naked with Cynthia playing where James could no longer unless invited. Amy removed her clothing and knelt in front of Mike who reluctantly put his paper down and allowed Amy to remove his pants. Amy then proceeded to work on her daddy's cock and I watched her from my vantage point.

Amy worked until Mike was hard then he stood up and Amy proffered her backside for him. Mike rubbed the girl's anus and produced some lube the girl had kindly thought to bring in and he inserted his cock into her anus.

He fucked her hard as she squealed in delight at her daddy taking her. Mike worked into a faster tempo and soon he was ready to pop. Withdrawing he plastered the girl's backside and back with his sperm. Mike sidled over to me and as I licked him clean Amy never moved. "James" Called Cynthia "There appears to be a mess on Amy go clean it up with your tongue" "Yes mistress" I could not believe James was actually going to lick Mike's sperm off Amy.

Without a flicker of emotion he licked until there was none left. "You may go now James bedtime for you" said Cynthia James left and we heard the back door open and close. We were all a little exhausted and we sat around chatting for a while mainly about Mike's project and how I was enjoying my new job. The evening almost over each moved to their own room but I told Mike tonight I a sleeping with Cynthia and I got no argument.

Cynthia smiled. Helping Cynthia undress I purposefully spent ages mauling her breasts when I had her fully naked I placed her on the bed. This was new to Cynthia who almost every night slept in her clothes. In the morning's Mike would usually come in bathe her and dress her. Tonight was different I was going to give Cynthia her pleasure for allowing me to be part of her household.

Chapter 4 Last night I had slept with Cynthia which was a first for both of us but I assured her while she was alive it would not be the last. This morning I bathed her and joined her in the bath so she could have fun with me while I did so. I then dressed her she never chose what to wear it was Mike's choice today was mine. I combed her hair and she liked that much gentler than Mike did.

I stepped into my room to see a sleeping Mike I got dressed quickly and re joined Cynthia. Amy was already awake and having breakfast with a naked James in attendance.

Cynthia and I put in our breakfast order and he duly obliged. "What plans today dear" Cynthia asked "Back to the store "I replied "give the staff the redundancy offer and interview each about a possible position" "Sounds fun" Cynthia said with a wicked glint Cynthia had never taken any interest in Mike's affairs the store was left to him from his father.

Cynthia had put some of her inheritance money in to expand the place. This new venture was of little concern to her as long as she could carry on her lifestyle for the end of her days.

Today Cynthia had a doctor's appointment and James was given a suit suitable for a chauffeur. After the Doctors she had the ladies lunch and a meeting with her Lawyer.

Mike appeared at this stage as James was wheeling Cynthia to the car this time he was allowed to use the front entrance. "Suppose I have to get me own breakfast" He joked "Sit down Grumpy" I replied I will do it. "Thanks hon" He replied and gave me a playful slap on the bum I turned to get him back forgetting I had a fried egg on the palette knife and it flew across the kitchen. I started to go clean it up but Amy reminded me no need we got a servant for that. I kissed her forehead and broke Mike another egg.

Breakfast done we headed for the store but I forgot to remove my panties till Mike reminded me "Ok pervert" I laughed and removed them I always made sure I wore them by the time we got to the store.

The staff were all busy doing their thing a few customers had wandered in taking advantage of the 'closing down sale everything must go'. Julie blushed as I caught her eye and winked at her. We went up and settled into the day. About half an hour later I came back down and shouted in a stern voice "Julie Mike wants to see you in his office immediately." Julie was a bit put out and wondered what she had done. As she followed me upstairs I glanced back to see the others talking wondering the same and when their turn was to come.

I had succeeded in putting fear into the staff it wasn't that I wanted to it was a part of the next process the job interviews and I wanted them edgy. God I was loving this power. I opened the door to Mike's office and Julie went in I closed it behind us. It took Julie a few seconds to realise Mike was not in the office. In fact he was in the stationary cupboard but only I knew that. Julie tied to ask but I just turned her round and placed my lips over hers and kissed her.

She tried to pull back. "It' alright" I told her "We won't be disturbed" I locked the door to be certain. To the staff this was nothing new Mike often locked the door on us if there was an important issue we needed to sort and did not want disturbing.

I walked over to Mikes chair and sat down. "Sit down Julie" Julie sat in the chair I used when in Mike's office "Tell me what you said yesterday was you serious?" "Yes" Julie managed to stutter "And so was I when I said I would fuck you" Julie's heart was pounding her dream her fantasy was about to become real "But not here" I added "Too many noses" "Ok" she stammered "Julie are you serious you want to continue working for us?" "Yes but" "Then listen I interrupted there is a vacancy that is not on the board because I just created it the pay is $3 an hr more than you are getting now and the hours are the same interested" "Yes if you think I am up to the task" I smiled "You are more than qualified and the work is easy" "Then yes again" Julie said "I hoped you would say that just read this contract if you are happy sign it and the job is immediate" Julie read the contract which was not a long document and signed "Good that is settled" I said and sank back as I had seen Mike do on many an occasion when he had found a good deal.

"Now just one other thing" I said "Take off your panties" To show her I stood up lifted my dress and removed mine. Julie took the hint and did the same I got the first glimpse of her hairy bush. "Ok pass them here" Julie handed me her panties and I threw hers and mine out the window into the trash cart below.

I unlocked the door and told her to follow me. We reached the shop floor and I asked everyone who was not serving to gather round "I am happy to say that Julie here has joined the new venture she has just signed her contract" To great cheers and well done Julie thanked them all "There is a place for you all I reminded them just consider your options I will need to know in 3 days what you intend and remember anytime I am here I will answer any queries you have." The assembly broke up a much happier crew than before I was relishing the way I could influence people's moods.

I instructed Julie to go into the canteen and make us both a coffee. I went back into the office to see Mike and told him the 1st part was a success he smiled. I kissed him on the forehead and went down to join Julie. Julie handed me the coffee and as she passed it over I took the chance to touch her hand very casually to which she both blushed and also took a look round to check if anyone had seen.

"Ok Julie We are leaving in a moment I need you come on the new site with me I have a job for you" We left the store with the glare of the others and got into Mike's car damn I really ought to come in mine but that would not be so much fun. Anyway Mike could always take the store pick up home if desperate, but I planned to be back in time for Julie to get back for the children. Heading toward the site my mind was racing at the things I had planned for the unsuspecting Julie.

We turned the corner and there it was gone. In its place were two large sectional buildings about 20 x 10 each and a truck was parked outside one and a bulldozer parked a little further off.

Fuck I thought ruined. As soon as he saw me arrive Ken the contractor stepped out of the first building. "Kaitlin" He called over "I was about to call you" Stuff this I wanted sex and I was now stuck with work "Oh Hi" well I bought my new assistant Julie here to show her the site We walked over to the site hut he had come out of it was laden with plans and filing cabinets and 3 phones.

Showing us round he was talking bills of quantities and shit.

I just nodded. He showed us into the next one saying this was my office and asking if things were ok I just said so far but I would shift around if not. He told me if we needed heavy stuff shifting just get one of the guys on site. I remembered saying as long as he had a six pack not a beer gut. All the time I was seething this was wasting valuable time and Julie was getting a bit worried too.

Finally Ken left us in the office and said he had to go order some supplies and make a few calls and left us. That was the cue I needed as he left I moved closer to Julie and kissed her allowing my hands to roam then I knelt before her lifted her skirt and kissed her pussy. "This will have to be trimmed" I told her "I do normally but its hard getting it right." She said "Soon see to that" I said "Tomorrow I'm gonna shave you bald" "My husband will notice" "Do you still have sex?

"Occasionally" "How often?" "Once a fortnight" "That's cos you are so frigid open them damn legs girl" Julie opened her legs a little more and I could now insert a finger as I did she made a little cooing noise. I rubbed outside her pussy and fingered her making her moan softly. Not knowing how far sound travelled in these huts we tried to keep as quiet as possible. I stopped my fingering and stood up. "Your turn now" She got down on her knees as I had done and did the same to me as I had done to her.

Technique was lacking but 10 out of 10 for attempt. We did not continue for long we had no idea when or if Ken would be back. In an attempt to make it look as if we had done something I pulled a couple of files down marked phase 1 opened them up and placed them on the desk I then arranged the chairs to make it look as though we had been seated. We had just rearranged our clothing and straightened our hair when ken knocked on the door. Quickly we sat down and I said "Enter" Ken came in wiping his muddy feet and saw us seated with the papers on the desk.

"Oh sorry if you are busy" he remarked "Just I need to go over phase 1 week 1 if you have a moment" Fuck I was in deep shit here where was Mike when I needed him. I decided to bluff it out.

"Fine Julie and I were finished anyway" Least I hadn't lied about that. Ken came over with some papers. "I have done the prelims" he said "If you wouldn't mind checking them over I can start" "I am running a bit late" I lied "But ok give them here" "No it's fine" he said "Take them with you look them over when you have a moment but I do need clarification by 5pm tonight" "Yes no problem I will get them back to you maybe Julie will bring them later" "No he said those are office copies for your files just phone the ok" Phew saved I had time to get back and let Mike sort this one out.

Ken left and so did we. On the way back we had a laugh about the whole thing it seemed I better do some studying earn my keep this was getting serious. We got back to the shop in time for Julie to hop in her car and get back for her children. They had a nanny but she still liked to be there when they got back from school. I watched as she drove off waving her goodbye.

Chapter 5 I went inside to be greeted by Rachel "Miss my daddy says can I have one then chamber thingy jobs" "Ok come in the office in 5 minutes and I will interview you" "Ok Miss" I went into Mike's office and told him about my failed chance to fuck Julie. He laughed. I threw a stapler at him.

I need some studying I told him and related the events of the morning. "Ok sweetie" later "I have two forms to fill Tax audits for closure and I be with you" "Oh and I got a report to look at for Ken" I said "Needs approving and signing by 5pm" "Sure honey, now go or I will not be done" I had an interview to do and I would have preferred the office but I decided the canteen was as good a place as any.

I was making my way down as Rachel made her way up.


"Change of venue" I said "Canteen" Rachel turned and I followed her I stopped to make an announcement "I am going to Interview Rachel here so I would appreciate having the canteen clear for a spell, if anyone needs a drink take a can from the sales cooler and this time I will not moan about drinks on the shop floor" With that I went in the canteen with Rachel and closed and locked the door.

"Ok Rachel now this will not be long" "Fine miss" Rachel listened as I re told her what the job was I had to explain some things several times in the end we got there. "Ok Rachel" "Yes miss" "I just need you to sign this paper and the job is yours" I knew she could not write her name proper so I allowed her to just scribble as best she could. "Anything more" I asked her "Miss what's a lesbian?" "What made you ask that?" "Sam he said things have altered since that lesbian bitch took over" "Did he now" I remarked "Well I will sort him out for sure" "Miss you not answered" "Well if you want to know first I am not a lesbian but I do like girls" I continued to tell her how some girls and women liked to do things with other girls that other girls do with boys.

I had to make it simple so she could understand. She asked so many tricky questions and I could be here all day. I had been frustrated at not fucking Julie if I played this right the day might not be a loss after all. "Listen honey" I said "It is probably better if I show you but if I do and you tell anyone I will take away your job understand" The threat was not meant as serious just to ensure she kept quiet.

I started towards her and she got a little anxious. Doing my best to calm her I asked her to stand up. She hesitated a little so I reinforced my threat. She stood and I asked her to remove her dress. As she did I showed her I had no panties on. She took off her dress and her panties and stood there in socks and shoes. I asked her to remove those and as she did I stripped off too. Laying her on the table I began to play with her nipples and her pussy. She flinched when I inserted a finger in her pussy and again when I licked a nipple.

I continued for a while and then I lay on top of her tit to tit and kissed her on the mouth. I continued by showing her how we rub pussies together and she moaned softly I finished off with a final licking of her pussy and we got dressed. The whole incident including interview had taken just over 1 hr and making sure she was ok and allowing her to compose herself I unlocked the door.

Rachel took her copy of the contract and ran up to Martin to show him. I motioned that the canteen was now free but I decreed that from now on drinks could be consumed on the shop floor as long as there were no spillages but food was still to be consumed in the canteen. I left it at that and went back to join Mike in the office "You done what woman you mad" "No why" "What if she tells someone she is only 16?" "Don't fret lover I got it covered" "Just be careful that's all" I reminded him how old Amy is she still shook his head.

His tax forms were completed and for the rest of the day he taught me about the job I had taken on. I learned it was much the same as the shop getting materials on time to a pre ordained schedule and chasing late deliveries. There was the small bit about site inspections by the planners from time to time and that unfortunately once work started proper on site I would be required there most the day. That meant I needed to interview the rest within 3 days or come back from time to time to a scheduled interview.

I decided the former was the better option and put up a notice on the canteen board. As it came time to closing Sam approached me and I chose my words carefully "So Sam have you any idea what you are going to do" "I don't know" He replied "Depends how things work out" "You mean you do not want to work for a lesbian bitch" I said His face dropped a mile "Sorry Madam" he stuttered "That was a silly off the cuff remark" "Then why make it, have you any basis in fact for the statement" "No Madam it was a stupid thing to say but how?" "Rachel" I replied cutting him short "She is an impressionable girl" "Yes Madam sorry won't happen again" "I could sack you on the spot you know then no job and no redundancy" His face dropped like a stone "I will let it pass this time but if I hear" I stopped without finishing the sentence the message had got through and once again I had played the power game without realising it.

I went back into Mike's office he was just locking his safe from the days takings "Sales are up" he said "Pity the profits are down with this sale thing" "Poor baby" I whispered "I thought you needed to get rid of stock" "You right" he said "Cost too much for storage and the cash flow is coming in handy" We made small talk driving home Mike just wanted to make one stop "Where are we going I asked?" "See a man about a car" "What" "Shut the fuck up and enjoy the drive" No more to be said I remained silent the rest of the journey.

We pulled into a garage forecourt. A man came out and greeted Mike I just sat in the car as ordered. They had been gone around 20 minutes and I was getting restless looking round to see if anyone was watching I pulled up my dress and began to play. Keeping careful watch I managed to get in 1 orgasm before I saw Mike and the man approaching.

Mike got in the car and drove off "What was that about?" I asked "Organising a service for the car" "Liar you have yours serviced at Baileys" "Stop the 20 questions" I stopped wondering why he was so secretive and settled down for the ride home.

The usual routine followed the drinks the dinner the chit chat. Retiring to the lounge I sat on Mike's lap. "Pleasssseee hon" I said wriggling my ass into his crotch "Pleassse tell me what went on back there" Cynthia gave a huge giggle and Mike laughed "You will find out soon enough" He said "Now go away and let me read my paper" This was annoying I hated the pair of them but not really it's just a phrase.

James was led in by Amy and ordered to fuck her on the carpet. Nice to see someone was getting something. James my cuckold husband. "Oh by the way this is not James" Amy reported "Her name is Janice" We all laughed and thought it cute. Amy considered for a moment and said Momma can I dress Janice in some female clothes.

She looked at me as she said it. All the while Janice was fucking her ass. "Sure honey" I said "You can take her shopping tomorrow after school what you have in mind" "Frilly underwear" I took $100 from my purse "Thanks momma" "That will cost you 30" I said "Now momma" "No tomorrow after you have bought Janice her underwear and if they not feminine or sexy enough I will double it" Janice finished his duties by coming over the girls back and bottom and was ordered to lick it up.

Now he was licking his own sperm. While this was happening Mike left the room to make a phone call. He was now back just in time to see Janice being led away. We heard the back door open and close and Amy re entered the room. Sitting there naked she removed Cynthia's blouse and bra and suckled on the breasts. Mike asked if I was going to join in but I told him no I had my share today and anyway I was not in the mood because he would not tell me what happened at the garage.

It was some 30 minutes later the front doorbell went and Mike went to answer. Returning to the room he had the man from the garage in tow. "All ready sir" the man started to say but his eyes popped seeing Amy lying on the floor naked. "Thank you would you like a drink" Mike said "Well sir I must get back" "Nonsense Amy get the man a whisky" Amy trotted off and bought the man his drink "Sit down man" Mike said "Relax I am your last call as we agreed" "Yes sir" The man replied "Home now so when I finished this if I can use the phone to order a taxi." "We will get you home" Mike said "Relax" The man sat back and drank his eyes wandered over to Amy and she played him.

She made sure he caught glimpses of her pussy without making it obvious. Mike patted Amy on the bottom sometimes resting his hand a little longer than is proper.

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We got to know his name was Stephen and he lived alone since his wife left him taking his two children with her. He always volunteered for the later shifts it saved him being alone in his apartment for too long. "You like my daughter Stephen?" Cynthia asked "Yes she's lovely" "Amy show Stephen how lovely you are" Amy with her back to Stephen bent forward and stuck her bottom almost in the man's face.

Then she turned round lay on the carpet and opened her legs for him to admire. His bulge was obvious and Amy moved in for the Kill. Stephen enjoyed Amy for over half an hour. "Kaitlin will run you home" Mike said "And how the fuck do I do that when I'm not speaking to you" "Simple darling use your new car" Chapter 6 After depositing Stephen in his apartment and refusing to go in for a drink in case it turned to sex I started my way home.

As I turned through town at the Pizza stand I spotted Rachel. She was chewing on a Pizza and had a soft drink in the other hand. I pulled over to ask her what he papa had said to her contract. "Papa is happy" She said "It be hard for a few weeks with less money coming in" It was then I formulated a plan "Rachel sweetheart have you told anyone about what happed today" "No miss honest miss I would never break a promise never" "Good girl" I said "Rachel did you enjoy it" "Yes miss I am going to try my cousin Mary" "Would you like me to teach you more then?" I enquired "But again no one must know it is me understood" "Yes Miss thank you" "And Rachel if you are a very good student and do everything I ask I will make up your wages but no one is to know understood" "Yes miss" "Good I will see you at work tomorrow" With that I drove off as people were beginning to appear from the Pizza place and I recognised someone I did not want to see me.

I arrived back home to find them all in bed and I climbed in with Mike kissed his forehead and went to sleep. The following morning I drove us to work in my new car. By now people must have guessed something so I made the announcement. "Some know already" I said pointing at Julie "Other's may have speculated but Mike and I are an item we live together I live at his house" With that we went upstairs to the office. This morning's brief was to go over my learning session regarding the site until I had it perfect plus a few bits Mike left out so as not to cause confusion.

Julie was not needed so much so I asked her to hand around and help out in the shop. Mike locked the office and my revision started. After a couple of hours my head spun so I went down to bring up some coffees. Rachel caught me on the way out and asked when she would receive her training some of the others overheard and I told her soon I needed to sort a time.

Rachel went away happy and If needed I could lie and say it was her new job training. Mike was on the phone when I got back. "Ken requests you meet him on site" He said "I told him you would call him back and arrange it" I returned Ken's call and told him 30 minutes. Finishing coffee and a quick recap I grabbed Julie from the shop and we headed off to site. We got here just before ken and I unlocked our office door and we went in.

I heard the knock but this time Julie let him in.

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"Morning" Ken said "Sorry about the sudden call but the Architect wants a meeting here in 20 minutes and I thought it best you be here to bear witness to what he says." The architect I had forgotten that incident where I allowed him to lick my pussy this could get weird. No time to panic I would have to brave it out. While we were waiting a call came into my office who the fuck knew I was here except Mike. Julie answered and spoke to me "It is Mr Carter for you will you take it" "Excuse while I take this call" I said being professional as I could Ken backed off a little and started talking to Julie.

I finished my call with Mike and gave my attentions back to Ken. I assured him that be fine and he left to his office. Julie and I had 15 minutes to kill and we made the most of it.

Bill was on time and the plans he bought were laid on my planning desk. I got my copy out to be double sure and yes a mistake was there all right. This was my hour I was alone in this one I had to make a decision and after deliberation I made my choice. "Very well lose 3 parking spaces there and place the disabled bays there." "Sound choice" Agreed ken "I did have my doubts putting a woman in charge but so far it has worked well" "Bill can you redraw that section and have it ready for the planners let's see two days be enough" "More than adequate this time" he replied "That was a reference I take it to the last time" I asked "Yes Kaitlin it was but it is nice doing business your way" I pretended I knew nothing of what he was talking about and it passed over Ken and Julies heads.

Julie made all coffee from a percolator in the corner and ken left. Bill waited till he had gone and Julie was out of earshot before enquiring if there was to be any repeat of our last encounter. I was not sure how to answer and I merely hinted that should an opportunity arise I would not deny his request but he could not fuck me. He affirmed that what he managed last time had him on edge and I sort of agreed that maybe a hand job could be arranged.

However I layed down terms as to what I wanted in return. Julie returned from her toiletries as there was no plumbing yet and the portable toilets had not arrived we had to make do behind the bulldozer. I asked her go next door and see Ken about getting those items organised and take her time I had to have a private word with the architect. Julie left and as soon as I was sure it was safe I hoisted my dress to allow Bill to continue where he had left off. I opened my legs to allow him access and sat on the edge of my desk.

His fingers and tongue worked their magic and I came very quickly. It was now my turn and slipping off the desk I knelt and removed his pants. Taking his cock out me gave him a hand job playing with his balls as well. I did not want to get the floor stained so I allowed my mouth to take his cock for him to unload and most of it was gone a quick cleaning of his cock and it was over.

We adjusted ourselves and as the only water was on bottle for now he settled for putting his cock back as it was. He left and Julie walked in. "Nice timing" I said "Nothing to do with timing I heard you from outside the door" That worried me slightly. But I let it pass.

Once again knocked the door. Upon being allowed entry he explained the plumbing would take 2 days but would be ready by the time we were on site proper. Plus there would be a special toilet just for our use. Last item was the soundproofing he explained it could get noisy on site and it was needed so you could answer the phones and the red one was site to site office to office.

Plus the walkie-talkies would be on site too as well as the hard hats. He left to lock up his office and we hung back. Watching him leave we figured there was enough time to get it together and this time I ate her pussy and she ate mine in the 69. That would have to satisfy it was time to leave. Arriving back at the store we noticed the closed notice on the store and no one was around. I let Julie go and using my keys opened the store.

All was quiet this was a trading day where was everyone. I switched on the lights to a large shout of 'Surprise' I looked and they were all there even Julie as I turned round was back. "What's all this" I asked a grinning Mike it is not my birthday "A celebration" Mike replied "I have been offered a sum to take our remaining stock as of now we have sold out" I jumped into his arms almost bowling him over. The wine flowed and we all ended up a little tipsy.

Mike had considered this and as people wandered off he called for taxis take them home. I hadn't noticed Julie was still here and I passed out from the drink.

I woke up at home Mike offering me a gin but I had enough drink for one day. Until Amy mentioned it I had forgotten about her punishment and as I was in no fit state I excused myself and asked Cynthia to perform the task. I did not watch I was too exhausted and went bed. I do remember asking Mike about the interviews and he said in my absence that was all sorted forget the store and I drifted asleep. Chapter Seven How long had I slept the clock said 10:30am.

I must get to the store ouch my head hurt. I hurried to dress and found Mike in the lounge reading. "Morning sleepy head" "More like hammer head" He laughed while I went to the kitchen to find the tablets. Standing there was a sight to behold James or should I say Janice was wearing a pair of frilly panties in pink a suspender belt and a bra. It was all completed by a pair of red high heel shoes.

I got the tablets a glass of water and went into the lounge. "The shop" I said "All finished do you not remember" It was coming back now, the party the drink the clinch I had with Mike while everyone watched and cheered.

"Julie what about Julie" "She is coming round later for a few moments I said you were unwell" I didn't have any work for her but I would miss not seeing her. I settled into the easy chair and curled my feet up. Mike went through what he had sorted and that was the end for 2 days for me. The site would be starting up then and at least this way I could relax before the onslaught I knew was coming.

Putting all thoughts of anything out of my head I relaxed. It was some time before my head cleared and I went out back to the pool. Cynthia was sat by it in her chair taking in the sun. As I approached she pointed to the lounger. I lay down and we started talking. Actually Cynthia did most the talking. She had been her lawyer and I was being made Amy's mother legally Cynthia was negating her parental rights.

I saw the pain in her face as she told me. This I guess must be hard for any mother to do. There are cases where the courts have taken children from their parents but I had never come across transfer of custody especially as there was a living father who surely has more rights than I do.

Her face was getting contorted and I was concerned I called Mike and he phoned her doctor. Doctor Marshall came within half an hour of getting the call and called the paramedics inside 20 minutes she was on her way to hospital. Mike went in the ambulance I followed in my car. By the time I arrived because I had to wait at interchanges and the ambulance did not Cynthia was in a private room Mike holding her hand.

I had forgotten about Julie till mike mentioned it but this was more important and Julie would understand. I sat in a chair opposite as Mike continued to hold Cynthia's hand. He only released it when a nurse came in to check on her and then he reached out for it again.

I felt like an interloper and I told Mike I would leave but he begged me stay this is what she wanted. I stayed and after a few hours I noticed her wake up. I instinctively moved to her bedside. With Mike one side and me the other with the little strength she had she bought our hands together in hers. In faint voice she whispered "See we are one" Looking at me she said "I know you will stay with him and he loves you" I smiled and sat up to kiss her cheek.

Smiling she repeated a similar phrase to Mike. I looked at Mike and he smiled at me. Suddenly without warning the alarm went and nurses and doctors rushed in pushing us out the room. I started to cry and Mike held me close.

We could hear the commotion in Cynthia's room. It seemed to take hours but it wasn't. One of the Doctors took us aside and said simply "Sorry" Neither Mike nor I could believe she was no more we tried to get into the room but the nurse held us back.

"Wait a few moments" She said "While we make her presentable and then you can go in and stay as long as you like" As we were about to enter I remembered Amy and I asked the nurse if they contact the school let her know we were here. She said she would and we entered the room. The person in the bed was not Cynthia. It was a pale reflection of a once great woman. I sat by her side and took her hand it was cool not cold. I have no idea how long I held that hand till Amy appeared.

This was Amy's moment and I left her to it. Mike had sat in the chair I had occupied once his face ashen and I had no idea how to console him.

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Amy broke the silence. "Moms gone but I have you please don't you leave me" I burst into tears assuring her I was here to stay. She hugged me so tight it hurt but I was not about to push her away.

A nurse appeared to check we were ok and offer us a coffee I ordered us all one and she went to fetch it. Mike got up and approached us and we had a 3 way hug. The nurse appeared with the coffee and we left the room shutting the door. Sitting in the ante room we sipped our coffee without a word being said. Eventually we wandered past the nursing station and out into the air.

As we stood outside for a moment an orderly came up and handed us a paper it was the official time of death for us to give her Doctor and a signed statement she was deceased to present for her estate to be sorted. I drove us all home in silence and as we got to the drive Julie was waiting.

I apologised and told her what happened and she took me and gave me a hug. She came in with us and insisted we sit while she made us coffees insisting she would find everything in the kitchen assuming she could find the kitchen. The next sound I heard was a scream and I rushed to see what happened. In all the confusion we had left Janice in her shed and Julie had gone out to the bins and seen this man woman and it freaked her out. I explained as best I could that was my husband but I doing not think she fully took it in at that point.

We made the coffee together and went back in the lounge.


Amy saw me and ran toward me I had the foresight to put down my coffee. I was surprised when she pushed me down sat on my knee pulled out one of my breasts and suckled like a baby. I had no say and Julie made no comment. It was Mike who told us that Amy was adopted and her real mother was a drug user.

She had been in several homes but they could not cope with a feisty child even at 5 years of age she was destructive. It was only when Cynthia took her on and inadvertently against all the rules of child guidance slapped her across the face.

Worried about child welfare taking her back she panicked. But the welfare never came and whenever Amy knew she had done wrong she informed Cynthia who would smack her it worked.

As she grew the slaps became proper punishment and Amy both knew it was coming and grew to like it. The first time mike did it one day as Cynthia was unwell he found it raised an erection and Amy played on it and before long he was fucking her.

This was not enough for the precocious child and soon she was making out with a lot of the boys in her school which got her expelled. They managed to get her another school but boys were old hat and she had two of the teachers fucking her. She grew tired of them and met a man whose wife was frigid meaning me. So began an affair she fell in love. The rest I could fill in myself.

Amy had fallen asleep on my tit and carefully Mike pulled her off and took her to her bedroom he undressed her and put her to bed before returning to us.

It was at that point I realised about Julie's children "That is no problem" she said "My husband is home from one of his trips" She had told him she had a new job and her boss had called for a special meeting. He understands those he has them with his secretary. "I can ring him and say we worked late you are putting me up" "Will he not begin to wonder" I said "No he knows you are female he has no clue" Mike gave wry smile and we showed her a room.

It needed bedding but she was shown where that was. Right now Mike and I needed to comfort each other and we went our room.

Julie went her room. It was not supposed to be like this Mike had just lost his wife and we were having sex. There was no guilt he had lost one wife but the proxy one needed comfort too.

We confirmed our feelings by our zealous lovemaking and sweaty and exhausted we fell asleep. In the cold light of morning Mike made the calls which set in motion Cynthia's funeral. No expense was to be spared and he was going through both his and Cynthia's phone books to inform any relative or friend he could.

This took the best part of a morning. Some calls had to be delayed because of time zones and so some were earmarked to be placed later in the day. Julie kept us going with sandwiches and coffee. The cuckold was left in his shed but we took him in a sandwich.

It was Julie who asked what did we do with him to which Amy simply replied anything we like. I looked at her and she asked me how many that remark would cost I simply told her that I was keeping score now was not the right time and she would get what was owed.

Julie and I had to go on site before the funeral but it was early days so we only had to pop in for an hr or so I would meet Julie there. We did not have sex at all during the time leading to the funeral. On the day of the funeral I went in the lead car much to the annoyance of some relatives.

Amy held my hand throughout the whole service. Julie made her appearance but kept a safe distance. We had a few people back afterwards but out of respect Julie did not accept the invite. While Mike mingled with guests I did not even know. Amy never left my side it was as if she were glued. Our guests never saw the cuckold we had him put in a Motel room and we hired him out to a middle aged couple Amy knew for the day.

Finally when all the gusts had gone and we were completely alone we did what comes natural to us and fucked each other. Amy vowed at that point she was bored with the cuckold and we decided if the couple wanted him they could keep him. Amy was happy to settle for love from mommy and daddy. THE END For now maybe?