The fucking lovely feel of leather

The fucking lovely feel of leather
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My College Drinking Cure by Larry Malone (Copyright 2016) I was never much of a drinker, but by the time I was a sophomore in college and a member of a national fraternity, that all changed.

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For awhile I was drinking so much it almost became a second college major for me, but in a way my fraternity provided me with a unique and unexpected cure.

It was during "rush week" when all the fraternities held open house parties to impress and recruit new members, that my drinking got out of hand and got the better of me. At our open house, as all other houses, all the fraternity brothers were expected to help with hosting duties during the party as well as help with the recruitment process by working the room and really making those students we wanted to join our house to feel especially welcomed.

On the day our house rush party started I missed the pre-party meeting since I was a classroom test-proctor and arrived late.


I missed all the briefing announcements, strategies, etc. By the time I arrived, the party was in full swing and we had a fantastic turnout.

I was able to get most of the briefing information I needed to work the room and targeted students but no one mentioned the critical item that our usual Sangria wine punch in the library was generously spiked with pure lab alcohol.

The announcement I missed was a cautionary one to drink it sparingly but make sure we were generous with it with our future pledges and guests. As I dove in and performed my hosting duties, I drank the punch as if it was our usual mild wine and fruit concoction.

I was chug-a-lugging plastic cup after plastic cup every time I passed the punch bowl. That was my big mistake.

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After an hour or so, I vaguely remember my upper lip growing numb, my speech getting slurred, then nothing else.

I woke up nude, face down on a bed, in a dark room. As I lay there attempting to bring clarity to the situation and the darkness surrounding me I had a throbbing headache, an unforgiving urge to piss as well as real pain in my asshole. My face felt completely numb and I was face down in a puddle of drool.

I painfully attempted to sit up. I remember holding my head with both hands in an attempt to stop the room from spinning and got comforting flashes of fuzzy recognition that I was in my own room at the frat house.

I staggered to my bathroom holding on to anything that was solid, leaned against the wall and in the dark pissed in the general direction of the toilet bowl. As I stood there pissing, I felt something cool dribble down the back of my thighs and down the inside of my legs. My cloudy brain couldn't figure out how I could be pissing a stream in front of me with my limp cock in my hand and still do what I thought I was doing, pissing down my leg.

Slowly I remove my hand from the wall that I was using to stand fairly upright and felt the trickle on the back of my legs; it was cool and sticky.

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I turned on the painfully blinding bathroom light for a better look. The stuff was clear, which further confused me. I reached a little higher and followed the liquid trail and reached my sore asshole. It was greasy, slippery and obviously the source of the flowing sticky liquid. My piss stopped in mid-stream as I painfully and slowly put it all together in a lucid fleeting moment of insight. It was cum running down my legs and my sore asshole was lubed.Damn! Someone must have fucked me when I was passed out!

The thought process used all the remaining energy I had. The pain in my head started to get worse. I turned out the light and staggered back to the bed and fell face down and must have passed out again. I don't know how long I was out that second time, but when I came to I was still face down on the bed and I opened my eyes again.


The room was still dark, my head still hurt, but now I heard voices above and behind me. I felt a cool cream being spread on my sore asshole thinking to myself, good, my fraternity brothers have come to my rescue and are attending to me, until I heard: "I tell you he's out like a light.

You know how he gets when he drinks he won't wake up until the morning and he won't remember, or certainly, feel a thing. Chuck and I fucked him an hour ago; he's got the tightest, hottest hole you've ever been in!

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I swear it feels better than any pussy you've ever had. Here, I have him all greased up for you." "I don't know, Jason. I'm not queer or anything." 'What's 'queer' have to do with it? Chuck and I aren't queer, are we? But I swear when we saw this firm white bubble butt of Larry's when we undressed him, I don't know, maybe it was the alcohol we had at the party. but Chuck and I got immediate boners. We started to caress his ass cheeks, and I swear he wiggled his ass and moaned with pleasure.

That's all it took, it looked so inviting. Chuck said he always wanted to fuck an ass, and here was his chance. You know how big Chuck's cock is so I offered to go first and stretch Larry's hole a little with some lube and my personal load. We got some K-Y, lubed him up, and I tell you, when I slipped into him I never felt anything so hot and tight in my life. I didn't last very long and shot one of the biggest loads instantly." "Even after I flooded his hole with my load, it took some work for Chuck to get his nine-inch, thick, uncut cock into him.

Unconscious or not, Larry moaned like he really enjoyed it." "Besides, you let the pledges suck you off during initiation night, don't you? You were always one of the first to actually shoot a load into their mouth. You think that's queer?" "No, but that's different.


We all did it. We were just fooling around." "Well, we're all going to do this have a little fun, get our rocks off and maybe teach Larry a lesson. I tell you Jim, he'll never know unless we tell him. He's out for the count. You know how he gets when he drinks too much. He blacks out and doesn't remember anything afterward. C'mon, take off your robe and try him out." I felt what must have been Jason unceremoniously spreading my ass cheeks, I guess, to expose my glistening lubed hole to further tempt Jim.

"Look at that puckered pink hole just waiting for your big cock. If you don't like it, stop and I'll let one of the other guys waiting get his rocks off. This is a chance of a lifetime to experiment." I recognized the voices speaking about me in the dark, they were my fraternity brothers, one my chapter president, Jason, who was also a close friend and the other was one of the newer members. And from what I just heard, I now understood why my asshole hurt. Chuck had his well known monster cock deep inside me.

As I pictured that magnificent piece of meat I started to get hard and was happy I was on my face and it didn't show. I decided to fake still being unconscious just to see how far my brothers would go to take advantage of one of their own when he was vulnerable. I felt the bed give as Jim must have climbed on and got between my spread legs held wide apart by Jason. I felt the heat of Jim's formidable cut cock, I estimated to be about eight-inches as it nudged my sphincter slowly stretching it open as he gently pushed in and down.

I had seen his cock, and those of my other house living frat brothers, many times as they paraded around the house, as I did, in various stages of undress.

From what I remember seeing, I was sure my sore asshole would feel a little worse in a second when Jim started to ease his massive, thick cock into me.


I decided to let him have his fun and get into me fully, then I would let out a shout of protest, push him off me and end it all by beating the crap out of both of them. I don't know if it was the alcohol that relaxed me or the previous two fucks they said I had but my once virgin asshole was open and relaxed.

As Jim entered my greased and cum lubed hole, to my surprise I felt no pain at all. When he was fully into me, all I felt was a fantastic full feeling as Jim rested his weight on my back to savor the heat from my rectal channel bathe his rock-hard cock deep inside me as he paused to decide if he wanted to continue or pull out. My head cleared enough so that I knew I was enjoying the wonderful feeling of the heat from his cock deep inside me and from the warmth from his body on my back.

I was also hard as a rock as my uncut cock was flattened under me and crushed into the bed sheets. I felt really turned on and curious to feel what it would be like to actually get fucked.

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I surprised myself by feeling that I wanted to make the cock in my ass feel good and to experience what it would be like when I felt a hot load shoot deep inside me and know it was because I was the one to make that happen using only my body. I felt myself get harder under me and I flexed my internal ass muscles to feel the firmness of that visiting piece of man meat and in reaction to my excitement. Jim must have decided that he also liked what he felt because he started to slide slowly in and out fucking my ass as he slowly pulled his large mushroom head almost completely out of my sphincter.

On his way back in he cork screwed his shaft all the way back deep into my hole. It felt fantastic and I could hear Jim moan in pleasure as he tested his cock entering full strokes into my willing ass.

"You're right he is fucking tight.Ohhh.ummmm. I can't hold out much longer!" I clenched my ass muscles again to keep him inside me longer, and that pushed him over the top. I felt his powerful thrusts as he shoved his cock deeper into my ass as I raised my ass slightly to get as much of him into me as possible. Jim shuddered and bucked on my back as I felt him shoot his hot cum that pleasantly warmed my inner channel as I let go of my own load under me at the same time without even touching myself.

I was grateful we were still in the dark and no one could see the pleased, contented look on my still numb face. As Jim slowly pulled out I felt empty and wanted something more. I wanted to feel a hard cock back in my ass. I knew Jim had pulled out and I thought I felt another cock slide into me and suddenly everything got fuzzy and I drifted off and must have passed out again.

When I woke up again, it was day light, I was alone in my room and the now bright room hurt my eyes. My load of cum under me was now a dry hard spot on the sheets where there had been an ample puddle during the night.

My head still hurt but no longer throbbed and the room had stopped spinning. As I got up slowly and headed for the bathroom, cum flowed out of my ass in a rivulet onto the floor until I sat on the toilet. From the amount of cum that poured out of my hole and into the toilet bowl, I knew it was more than three guys who fucked me that night. At breakfast that morning nothing was ever mentioned or said by my frat brothers and I gave no indication that anything was wrong.

There was some general discussion of my drinking too much again and how I had passed out in the middle of the party and how they were able to get me to my room and into bed before any of the new recruits saw me, I promised those present that I had finally learned my lesson from the worse-than-usual headache I was nursing and my latest "blackout" memory lapse, and I would stop drinking.

I kept my word and did give up drinking, but I have to admit that during the rest of my two-plus years in college, I purposely faked falling off the wagon at the frat house a number of times. No one ever noticed or mentioned that I always passed out nude, face down on my stomach on my bed.

I really got to enjoy being fucked one guy after another. I also found that it was perfectly acceptable to everyone for me to get fucked and for the guys to fuck me when everyone had been drinking and I was "passed out." It was sort of our early version of don't ask and don't tell.