Shy desi couple before penetration

Shy desi couple before penetration
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Zoë left at noon for her trip. She had apparently already packed and was ready, but her parents were under the belief that she wanted to stay the night with a friend before they left. So they had happily consented. She left with a long hug and a longer kiss, disappearing down the street in her vehicle. He thought of the agreement they had made, the deal to make their dating official when she got back. The words she had whispered to him before she had left made him shake his head, wonder just what he had gotten into with her.

For a moment Mike thought of nothing but her. Then he thought of their night, and he smiled. That day Mike did nothing. He read some, though he realized later that he didn't remember the book's name.

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He swam in the pool, the feeling of warm spring on his skin. Still even that refused to cheer him. He went to sleep that night thinking only of Zoë. Remembering their night he came faster than he ever had on his own. He slept missing the feeling of her body beside his. Sunday Mike woke late, finding the clock reading ten.

He yawned, stretching and climbing from his bed. He showered, dressed and prepared to go out for a day in the parks when the doorbell rang.

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When Mike opened the door he felt his expression turn sour. Candy started violently when he threw open the door. She looked him up and down nervously as she stood on the threshold, fear springing to life for some reason. Of course it was fear of his temper. He looked her up and down, her maroon spaghetti-strap shirt, skinny jeans and thin slip-ons suggesting only a casual outing.

Her car sat on the street, just behind where Zoë's had the night before.

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Mike looked at her face and felt his cock twitch, disgusted with himself for having any attraction to her. But then any man would've been attracted to her. Her light brown hair was up in a ponytail, the shirt she wore a little too short.

It would've been showing her belly just above her jeans, if not for her blessings. Her tits took what was a short shirt and made it down right small. Her belly button showed proudly in the middle of a tight, sexy set of abs. Her breasts looked large in the shirt, the outline of her bra showing clearly even through the white under shirt. Her jeans were, in fact, skinny jeans, showing off all the muscle, curve and slenderness of her legs and ass.

One look back up at her face and Mike felt his cock actually begin to rise.

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Her hazel eyes had a small dash of glitter under them along with dark eye shadow. Her lips were glistening pink, but not the gaudy pink of the wannabe girls at school. This was a light pink, still wet from application. Mike sighed and just looked at her with exasperation. If he looked at her any other way he would get mad again. "Candy, what the fuck do you want?" She looked down at her feet, toeing the cement step.

She looked perfectly nervous, unsure of her own intentions or of her purpose. "Can… can I come in? It's kind of hot out here." She looked at him for only a moment. Mike felt happiness spring inside to see how much he had scared her. He stepped to the side and gestured for her to come in. She stepped in nervously, unsure of who was around or if she was safe. "There isn't anyone else here." She looked grateful for a second and stepped in, taking off her shoes on the tile and stepping into the den.

"Alright Candy, what is it?" She spun around and her eyes were suddenly damp at the edges. She wiped them, managing somehow not to smear her eye shadow or her mascara. "Michael… I wanted to apologize. I… when you yelled at me I went home and I thought about it all… and realized something. I didn't like you simply because you were a loner, and you seemed so happy… I don't know why I hated it so much.

I just wanted you to know that… that I was sorry…" Now she came very close to crying. Full on broken dam crying. Mike felt his iron crack somewhere deep in his gut. "Alright, alright, don't cry… god! Don't cry Candy. It's not worth crying over.


I got heated. I shouldn't have said what I said. I shouldn't have shoved you. Thank you for the apology, and now it's my turn. I'm sorry I yelled at you." She sniffed and laughed a bit, smiling for the first time since she had arrived.

Mike walked into the kitchen, grabbed a crystal glass and got her a cup of water, along with a few tissues. She thanked him and took a sip of water, cleaning her eyes with the tissues. Finally she set the glass down on the bar and looked at him .

"Is… Is there anything I can… I can do to make it up to you?" Mike shook his head. "You don't need to do anything.

It's fine. We've apologized… I don't want to make things complicated by holding anything or requesting anything. I'm just glad it's over." She stood, leaving the water on the bar.

She made towards the door, stopping on the tile and spinning to face him. "Thank you Michael… I'm glad we could fix this. I felt miserable all day yesterday." She extended her arms in hopes for a hug. He consented a bit nervously. Zoë's words echoed through his mind, infuriating in their whispered consistency. When they embraced and Mike breathed in her scent he felt his mind go a bit hazy.


Cherry… water… chocolate… Mike felt her arms encircle his torso, his own on her lower back. She squeezed him hard once, holding him for a full minute before letting go.

Mike somehow, caught in a dreamlike state, found he was leaning down and kissing her. Candy smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck, letting her tongue and lips dance with his.

His hands moved down to her waist, pulling her closer to him. The kiss deepened, Candy panting as his erection pressed into her inner thigh and his tongue explored her mouth.

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Mike spun her and pushed her into the wall, lifting her up just before so that she was pressed between his body and the wall. Candy squealed, her entire body tingling as his body pressed against hers.

Mike felt her legs wrap around his waist, his hands no longer on her waist but in her hair. His lips moved to her neck, nibbling and kissing until he heard her call his name. He pulled back slightly, keeping his crotch pressed into hers, and pulled her shirts up over her head. She grinned at him while her hands wrapped around his neck again to pull him back into her. He attacked her lips with his own, desperate for her.

The more they moved the more her smell, the sweet smell of Candy, filled the room.

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Mike stripped off his own shirt, the feeling of her smooth flesh on his almost as intoxicating as her scent. He slid his hands up her back releasing the hasp of her bra. He glimpsed down and nearly creamed himself, the sight of the flowery design and the flowing letters of Victoria's Secret scrawled over a large 38C on the inside.

The feeling of her tits against his chest, the silky flesh pressed between them had them both moaning, the kiss now passion, pure passion and lust.

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Mike picked her up again, lying her down on one of the couches and sucking one nipple in between his lips, hearing her moan and run her fingers through his hair.

She cried out as he bit down slightly on her nipple, the light pink nubs atop her delicious breasts hard as diamond in his attention. Finally Mike decided he couldn't wait any longer. He kissed her hard, shoving his tongue into her mouth. She moaned as his lips pressed hard to hers and his tongue poked at hers. Then he was gone, his fingers unbuttoning her jeans and pulling them down along with her black lace panties.

Candy felt her pussy begin to leak, the few times she had fucked before never like this. Mike pushed down his own shorts, stepping out of them and revealing his huge manhood. Candy gasped when she saw it, the huge length and girth something she had never seen before. He positioned his cock at her entrance and slid in, the feeling of his head sliding into her forcing a gasp from Candy's sexy lips.

He pushed in and changed the gasp to a long exhale, the pleasure and pain of his cock new to Candy. She moaned and cried as he began to fuck her, pushing in and out of her faster and faster. She felt the orgasm coming and began writhing under its force.

"Michael! Michael I'm Oh Fuck I'm gonna cum all over your fucking cooooooooooock!" Her scream wasn't as high as Zoë's, a scream that Mike had found incredibly erotic. Still, her orgasm was powerful as a vise grip on his cock.

He fucked her harder as she clawed for anything, anything at all to grab and squeeze. "Fuck yeah… oh fuck Candy I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum inside your fucking CUNT!" Candy heard his words and felt her body tingle again, just as it had when he had called her that before. She groaned, then came again as he came and flooded her with his sperm.


This time she felt him coming, felt her own orgasm as well and screamed loud and shrill. Mike shoved hard into her pussy, feeling her cervix and shooting into her. Mike collapsed on top of her, his head between her breasts and his cum leaking out of her.

"Shit! Michael I'm not on the pill!"