Hot Japanese Step Mom Fucks Her Son

Hot Japanese Step Mom Fucks Her Son
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Man Of The House I was only fourteen years old when my father died in an automobile accident. My grandfather took me aside and told me that I was the man of the house now. I had no idea what that involved. I told him that I would do my best and he smiled at me. A couple of days after the funeral when things had calmed down I asked, "Mom am I the man of the house now?" Mom thought about it for a moment and said, "Yes dear!

You are the man of the house now!" Being fourteen I thought that I knew everything but in a way I also knew that I didn't so I asked, "Mom! What does being the man of the house mean?" Mom replied, "Well your father slept with me and I took care of all of his sexual needs!" At fourteen I had sexual needs that you wouldn't believe. Was mom telling me that I could sleep with her and that she would take care of those needs?

Sure she was. Wasn't she? I sure hoped so!

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Mom continued, "He spanked your sisters whenever they needed it, and you would be surprised how often they needed it too!" I could spank my sisters too? Great! I knew that dad would go into their bedrooms after dinner and spank them.

He seemed to take turns spanking a different one every night! I have three sisters. Brooke is a year older than I am at fifteen years old, Kimberly is a year younger than I am at thirteen years old, and Autumn is the baby of the family at twelve years old.

Mom had just turned thirty-six. Everyone at the funeral said that she was too young to be without a man in her house. I was the man in her house now. Mom continued, "He fixed the things around the house that needed fixing, he took out the garbage, and he earned the money to pay the bills." Then mom started crying.

I held her to me and let her cry. I could feel her breasts push into my chest. They felt real nice. They were soft yet firm, they heaved as she sobbed, and they felt warm too. I was getting that same old feeling between my legs, a hard-on. Mom was sort of out of it so I thought that if I went slowly she wouldn't notice. I stared rubbing her back. Then I started rubbing around her shoulder and down her rib cage.

Soon I was rubbing the outside of mom's breast. I had rubbed along her bra strap in the back and felt those hooks. I had found a bra in the clothes hamper one day and wrapped it around the trashcan so that I could practice unhooking it.

I got pretty good at it too. I could put my thumb and forefinger on the connection and by just giving them a twist I could release the bra in one fluid motion. Of course the bra had to be one of mom's newer bras and not one her older worn out ones.

I was enjoying rubbing the side of mom's breast but I couldn't get to the nipple with her breast smashed into my chest like it was.


So I decided to try out my bra talent on a real girl. I positioned my fingers, gave it a twist, and it popped open. Mom stopped crying and sat up to face me. Oh shit I was in trouble now. Mom actually gave me a little smile and said, "Your father always did that too!

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Would you like me to take it off?" Dumbfounded I stammered out, "Yes!" Mom stood up. She was wearing a light sweater with short sleeves. She reached up one sleeve, pulled down a bra strap, and slipped it over her elbow. Mom did the same with her other bra strap. Then she lifted her sweater up and pulled the bra right off. I didn't get to see anything! Mom straightened her sweater up and looked at me. I looked right at her breasts.

Soon I started to see her nipples growing. Mom said, "Oh you want to see them!" She took my hand and said, "Come with me then!" Mom led me to her bedroom and closed the door behind us. Mom had been carrying her bra and tossed it into a chair. Then to my utter amazement my mother pulled her sweater up over her head, tossed it in her chair too, and then shook her hair to fluff it up. Mom was standing in front of me topless.

She had on a very nice skirt and a pair of flat shoes. Mom said, "Well I suppose you want to see what else belongs to you too!" I just grinned from ear to ear. Mom kicked off her shoes.

She put her thumbs in the waistband of her skirt and lowered it for me. She went slowly looking at my face the whole time. When it got past the fullness of her thighs it fell to the floor. Mom kicked it toward her chair too. Then mom really smiled for the first time in days, she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties, and lowered them for me too.

Mom stood there naked and said, "Well! What do you think?" I struggled to say, "Not bad!" Mom said, "Why thank you, young man! Or should I call you Handsome? I used to call your father Dear so I don't think that is appropriate!" I replied, "Handsome will be fine! I like that!" Mom said, "Well I suppose you want to sample the merchandise now!" With that said mom got on the edge of the bed and spread her legs out wide just like the cheerleaders at school do.

She was holding herself up on her elbows. Mom said, "Take your clothes off and come on over here! It all belongs to you now!" I could hardly believe my ears but I sure wanted too. Mom was telling me that her body belonged to me now and that I could have it any time that I wanted it.

I really wanted it too and how. So I practically tore my clothes off, ran over to mom, and thrust my hard cock right into her. Mom had to help me hit the hole. I came almost immediately. Mom just smiled and thanked me. She sat me on her bed and sucked my cock clean. It was still hard so she asked me if I wanted to do it again. Hell yes! Are you crazy! So I fucked mom again and again. She let me fuck her five times before my cock would go down.

I lasted a little bit longer each time and I seemed to get better at it each time too. Then mom said, "I think you are going to need more practice before you start fucking your sisters thought!" I looked at mom and asked, "I get to fuck my sisters too?" Mom replied, "Yes you are the man of the house now! What did you think your father did after dinner each night?" I said, "I thought he spanked them!" Mom said, "Oh he did spank them and then he fucked their cute little pussies too!

He really loved to fuck Autumn, he liked her tight cunt, but he liked Brooke's tits best!" I said, "I think Kimberly has the best body!" Mom said, "Why don't you make her show them to you then!" I asked, "I can do that now?" Mom replied, "All four of us are yours to do with as you please! You are the man of the house after all.

And you can start sleeping with me tonight!" I said, "I think I'll go to Kimberly's bedroom and check out her body first! Call us when dinner is ready!" Mom said, "Yes, Handsome!" I watched mom put on one of dad's dress shirts but not button it.

Mom looked real sexy! I knocked on Kimberly's door as we had been brought up to do. Kimberly called out for me to come in so I did, closing the door behind me.

Kimberly said, "Hi!


I've been expecting you! Mom said that you might be checking us out now that you are the man of the house! Would you like me to get undressed?" I smiled and said, "Yes!" I sat on the edge of her bed. Kimberly smiled back at me and started undressing for me. She lifted her T-shirt up over her head.

She wasn't wearing a bra. She dropped her shorts to her ankles and kicked them off. She wasn't wearing any panties either. Kimberly did a sexy little turn like a fashion model then walked to her door, locked it, and walked back to me, standing close enough so that I could touch her. I looked at her naked body. Her tits were a lot smaller than mom's tits were but they didn't hang down either. I liked the way Kimberly's tits stood up. I liked her cute little hard nipples too. She had less pubic hair than mom had too and I could see her slit a lot easier.

I said, "I'm kind of new to this 'man of the house' thing! Could you tell me what I'm supposed to do?" Kimberly smiled at me and said, "Well daddy used to watch me undress, then he would look at me for a while then have me lay across his legs, and then he would spank me! I always had to tell him something that I had done wrong that day so that he could punish me for it!

Mostly I made things up like letting boys see my panties or touching myself during class! Then daddy would get all excited and spank me even harder! It felt so good that I could cum while daddy was spanking me! He liked it when I had an orgasm! Then daddy would put me in the middle of my bed, hold my feet up next to my ears, and fuck me until he filled my cunt with his cum!" I said, "That sounds nice to me but just lay on your tummy so that I can spank you!

I'm not like dad though! If you tell me that you let some boy see your panties on purpose or that you played with yourself during class I want it to be true not just made up! Even if you didn't do anything I'll still spank you! Okay?" Kimberly said, "Okay! I like that way better!

I didn't much like making things up! All I can think of was that one of the girls opened up the bathroom door when I was in there last week. I had my panties to my ankles and had just lifted my skirt up to my waist to sit down on the toilet when she opened the door! She looked at my exposed pussy then smiled at me, licked her lips, and closed the door again! I peed quickly and got out of there! Does that count?" I replied, "I don't think so because you didn't do anything wrong!

But I sure liked hearing about it! Look I'm already hard! Let me spank you first then we'll do the rest of that stuff!" Kimberly was really excited. She pretended to hurt and cry and thrash about a little. I knew that I wasn't hurting her that bad but I told her that I liked what she was doing.

I remembered what she had said about cumming during the spankings so I told her to play with herself while I spanked her. Actually I wanted to watch her but I couldn't see anything in that position. Finally I told her to roll onto her back and show me how she jerks off. Kimberly got on her back and lifted her knees to her chest. She slipped her arms between her legs and spread her elbows out to hold her legs up like that.

Then she opened her pussy lips up, pointed out her clit to me, and then shoved a finger into her fuck hole. After a few strokes Kimberly moved her finger to her clit and started running it around her tiny little bud.

It wasn't very exciting to me and I told her so too. Kimberly argued that it was very exciting from her end. I slapped her hand away, poked my finger into her wet hole, and then really went after her clit.

She jumped, squirmed, and thrashed about and it was not a put on either. She got so excited that some of her pee came out. This was great so I kept it up. Kimberly was really getting into it.

Her chest heaved, her heart was racing, and she was snorting in a very cute way. Finally she squirted out a little more pee and went completely limp. I thought I had hurt her. Soon Kimberly regained her composure, her eyes stopped rolling around in her sockets, and she said, "Oh God, that was great!

Daddy never ever did that to me! I absolutely loved it!

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You can do anything to me that want to! Daddy said that when I got bigger he was going to fuck me in the ass and make me love it! Will you do that to me? Please!" I told her that I would then I lifted her feet up to her ears like dad did. I slipped my cock into her wet pussy then Kimberly guided it to her asshole and let me push the head in.

She said that it wasn't too bad and that my cock was smaller than dad's cock had been. When it was all the way into her ass I fucked her like I had done to mom but obviously I slowed down and took my time with Kimberly.

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That was one of mom's suggestions. When I cum in her rectum it felt great. I had plenty of feeling and I pumped several shots into her. It was one of my best climaxes yet. I was proud of myself. Soon mom knocked on Kimberly's door. Kimberly said, "Come in!" Mom opened the door and said, "Handsome! Dinner is ready! Can I get anything for you?" I saw how good mom looked in just dad's unbuttoned dress shirt and said, "Yes!

Can you get another shirt like that for Kimberly to wear?" Mom smiled and said, "Yes Handsome! I'll be right back!" She must have ran because mom was back in the door holding one of dad's dress shirts up so that Kimberly could slip an arm into it and turn to put her other arm in it too.

She started to fasten a button but mom patted her hand. Kimberly turned and mom opened her shirt up showing Kimberly that her shirt wasn't fastened either. She also showed Kimberly her nice tits and pussy in the process. Mom asked me, "Did everything go well?" I replied, "Yes it did!

Very well in fact! Kimberly gave me her virgin asshole!" Mom smiled and kissed Kimberly on the cheek saying, "Lets go eat then!" At the dinner table mom had me sit in dad's chair. I felt a little uncomfortable about it but I sat there anyway. Both Brooke and Autumn were curious as to why mom and Kimberly were wearing just an unbuttoned shirt to the dinner table.

Mom said, "Well your brother is now the man of the house and took his sexual privileges with me! He liked this outfit so I'm going to wear it! Also he will be sleeping in my bed at night from now on!" Kimberly said, "I don't know about sexual privileges but he gave me the best orgasm that I ever had, then he butt fucked me for the very first time, and it felt great too!" Brooke asked, "When do I get a turn?" I smiled at her and said, "After I'm done with Autumn!" That brought a big smile to Autumn's face.

She was used to being last at everything. Autumn asked, "Will you give me an orgasm and butt fuck me too?" I smiled at Autumn and said, "Of course I will if that is what you want! How about after we finish eating?" Brooke said, "Wow!

Daddy only fucked one of us a night and your doing mom, Kimberly, and Autumn all in one day!" I said, "Yes! And I'm doing you before bed tonight too! But first I'll have to spank you!" Kimberly said, "And don't make anything either! He only wants the truth about things that you really did!" Brooke gave her a really puzzled look so Kimberly said, "Like last week some girl opened up the bathroom door when I was in there.

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I had my panties to my ankles and my skirt up to my waist to sit down on the toilet when she opened the door! She looked at my exposed pussy then smiled at me, licked her lips, and closed the door again! I peed quickly and got out of there! That's the sort of thing that he wants to hear about!" Autumn said, "Oh good! All daddy ever wanted me to tell him about was that I was a lesbian and had eaten lots of girls pussies in school! The only pussy I ever ate was Kimberly's while daddy watched me!" I looked at Kimberly and she said, "The only pussy I ever ate was Brooke's when daddy watched me!" Then I looked at Brooke and she said, "I only ate mom's pussy when he made me!" Everyone then looked at mom and she said, "All I had to do was let our family dog fuck me while he watched!" Brooke's eyes bugged out and she said, "Rex or King?" Mom said, "Both and lots of times too!" Brooke said, "He made me let Rex fuck me just once!


Then Rex got hit by a car and died! I let Rex out of the backyard! He wasn't going to fuck me again! His knot got stuck in my pussy and it hurt like hell! Daddy just laughed at me and I cried! It took forever for that damn dog to calm down and pull his knot out of me!" Mom looked shocked and said, "Brooke you couldn't have been ten years old when Rex died!

Your father didn't start fucking you until you were twelve!" Brooke said, "That's what you think!" Kimberly said, "Daddy started fucking me when I was ten too!" Autumn said, "Me too! He told me never to tell anyone especially you mom!" I watched as Brooke and Kimberly nodded their heads at Autumn acknowledging that they too had been told not to tell mom.

Mom just said, "Why that fucking asshole! He lied to me all these year! That fucking bastard!" Kimberly said, "Yeah but it's better now! We have a new man of the house!" Kimberly got up, came over to me, and kissed me on the lips. Brooke and Autumn came over and kissed me too. They weren't the kisses that they used to give me either they were much better and with tongue too. Then mom kissed me and said, "Yes! Things are much better now! Autumn take your brother up to your room and give him desert!" Autumn smiled sweetly and said, "Okay but I want one of those shirts to wear afterwards!" The End Man Of The House 91