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Gorgeous TS Shows Cock and Ass
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CHAPTER 6 TESTING SLAVE After six weeks of intensive training slave was obedient and compliant, but there were many tests still ahead. How would she respond in public or with people she knew where she could be embarrassed…humiliated by her actions? These would be the true tests of slave's devotion to her Master and Mistress. Mistress Laura and I took her to the mall. The first test was whether she would reveal her slave status to others.

I sent slave and her Mistress to Victoria's Secret for some new lingerie. Just that morning I had thrown all her conservative bras and panties in the trash. Although she would be with Laurie, her Mistress, she would have plenty of opportunities to be alone with the staff while selecting and trying on. I sat in a comfortable chair outside the store.

I knew everything was OK when they returned, Laurie smiling ear-to-ear. I rose and hugged slave who was completely unaware that she was even being tested. We went to the food court for her second test. We had just eaten what could best be described as a very forgettable lunch when I told her to finger herself.

"Yes, Master," was her response as she brought her skirt up to her hips, her fingers slipping into her naked crotch. She was at it for almost four minutes when I asked her, "Want to cum, slave?" "Oh, yes, Master, may I?" "Yes, go ahead, enjoy yourself," I told her.

She attracted the attention of several passers by both during her orgasm when she was extremely vocal and immediately after as she came down from her high.

She seemed oblivious to the comments, let alone the presence of others. She might as well have been at home in our bedroom. I complimented her, hugging and kissing her, on our way back to the car. "You've earned a big reward, slave. I am exceedingly well pleased with you." "Thank you, Master, I live to serve you." I know there are many in the BDSM scene who discipline, punish, and torture their slaves routinely for no other reason than they can—they do it for their own pleasure, often as a means of getting themselves off at their slave's expense.

I'm not like that, at all. I will punish my slaves if they misbehave or disobey, but I am just as likely to reward them when they do well. I am interested in being served—sexually as well as in other ways I determine—but I am not into destroying my slaves. I fail to see what purpose that serves. That evening I took slave to bed; her Mistress was also there, but only as an observer or to help get slave off, if necessary.

This was between the former Mr. and Mrs. Martin Donaldson—now Master and slave. I could tell she was nervous, so I calmed her. "Lie back, slave let me take care of you first." I leaned in to kiss her soft full lips, lips I was so familiar with.

She responded eagerly, her tongue dancing as it entered my mouth. We kissed for what seemed like forever, expressing our desire—our need—for each other.

Helen had described our sex life as bland way back when this all began and she was right. Together we were rarely anything more than plain vanilla—kiss, fuck, and go our separate ways. Occasionally there might be oral sex, but even that was usually nothing more than foreplay. Now that was nothing more than a bad memory. Slave loved and lived for sex, often giving four or more orgasms a day while receiving almost as many in return.

Her boundaries had expanded exponentially; she loved to suck my cock and swallow or eat her Mistress to orgasm after orgasm.


There was no sexual position she wouldn't try and her experiences with anal had blown her mind. "I love the orgasms you give me with anal, Master," she had told me many times. I broke our kiss, gave her a small peck, and lowered myself to her cunt. I inhaled deeply, sucking her fragrance deep into my lungs as I extended my tongue to her labia. Using the broad top I licked up each side of her pussy before moving into her slit.

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Her juices literally ran into my mouth. I fingered her tunnel, concentrating on her G-spot, bringing her to her first of hopefully many orgasms.

I moved up to hold and kiss her as she recovered breathing fast and deeply until at last was at ease. "Master," she whispered for no apparent reason, "would you please fuck my ass.

I love it in my ass." "Slave, this is your reward for your actions today—it will be my pleasure." As we spoke Laurie had risen to retrieve the lube from the night stand. I poured some onto my cock while her Mistress prepared her anus, stopping only when she was able to get four of her fingers in easily. This made me think that we should try fisting slave's pussy or ass one of these days. I moved behind her, aiming my cock at the gape Laurie's hand had left. I pushed myself forward as slave moved back, eager to be fucked.

My cock slipped past her tight ring and I waited, anticipating some pain or discomfort. Slave, however, pushed back again forcing my rock hard cock deep into her bowel. I put my hands on her ample hips and pulled. I rammed my cock into that tight dark hole and slave was working just as hard as I was.

I stopped suddenly to give slave a command. "Stay still, slave. Let me do the work now. Mistress, under slave and eat that pussy. Be sure to do a good job of it." Laurie grinned and nodded, "Yes, Master—it will be my pleasure." She flipped over onto her back, positioning her head under slave's cunt. She was soaking wet when Laurie pushed her tongue into slave's sex. I resumed slamming my cock into slave's ass.

I knew from our prior experience that she loved it hard—as hard as I could deliver. It was incredibly hilarious that as my wife she wouldn't let me anywhere her butt. Hell—I couldn't even touch it; now I was fucking it silly. I was doing this for slave—to thank and reward her for her excellent obedience to orders today, but I wasn't going to last forever, even with the required condom on my cock.

The tightness of her anus combined with the excitement of the moment brought me close to orgasm. With one final thrust I drove river after river into the condom. I was just finishing when I saw slave tense—the calm before the storm—and then she exploded, her body convulsing over and over as her orgasm ran through her body for almost a minute.

Having seen this before I thought it might be a combination of several orgasms so close together that they appeared to be just one mammoth experience. Slave finally collapsed, falling forward as I fell on top of her.

She slid out from under me, en route to sleep at the foot of the bed when I stopped her. "Stay here," I told her, "you've earned the right to sleep with us." The look on her face was pure adoration.

She kissed my hand, caressing it to her cheek. I lay back on the pillow, pulling slave to one side and Laurie to the other. We slept very well that night. CHAPTER 7 THE PARTY We were at breakfast the following Monday when slave asked permission to speak.

"Master, I checked my calendar and I see that the Peters party is Saturday evening. We had accepted a long time ago; do you wish to attend, or shall I cancel?" I thought for a few seconds before replying, "I think we should go, slave, and I have an idea for you to have some real fun.

We'll talk about it at length when I come home tonight." After dinner I told her of my idea; she became extremely excited—Laurie just laughed. I wanted slave to seduce as many people as possible, giving them orgasms using her mouth or hands, or legs or feet or ass cheeks; but, there would be no penetration, either vaginal or anal.

And, I wanted it all done surreptitiously so the others at the party wouldn't know about anyone else being serviced. I also gave slave permission to cum as many times as she could. I would dress her really slutty. There was one other issue to discuss. "Slave, I have no wish to embarrass you at the party. I think I should call you Helen and you should call me Martin." "Master," she replied, "I am no longer Helen and I have no wish to go back to her.

Being your slave is much more fun. Please do not be offended, but I would prefer to be called 'slave.' In fact, Master, would it be possible to have my name changed? I love being your slave." Well, this was certainly a surprise, and a pleasant one, to boot!

"Very well, slave, that's what we'll do. Laurie, please research changing slave's name legally." I leaned over to kiss slave and Laurie rose, crossed the room, and gave her a big hug and kiss.

Saturday night couldn't possibly come fast enough now. I dressed slave in an extremely short red dress that zippered up the front and barely covered her ass. It shouted "SLUT!' at the top of its lungs.

I couldn't remember where we got it, but we should buy more for slave there—she looked so unbelievably hot! She wore a black half-cup bra that pushed her tits up and together, four-inch heels, the barest black thong for panties, and black thigh-high stockings.

If she bent over even a little her naked ass would be on display for all to see. She looked like a grade-A slut. I'd seen some cheap hookers who looked classier. She told me she loved the outfit. I wore a conservative gray suit, white shirt, and paisley tie.

We deliberately arrived fifteen minutes late so we could make an entrance nobody would ever forget. I walked in first after all I was the Master, with slave following. "Slave," I called her loud enough so everyone could hear, "please find a place for my coat." "Yes, Master," she replied as she walked in to the living room.

When she removed her coat I could see the jaws drop. I think she deliberately dropped her coat so everyone could see her very fine ass when she bent over to retrieve it. She returned a minute later to my side. "Slave, get us some drinks. I'll have gin and tonic." "Yes, Master, immediately." Several friends asked me about this slave stuff so I explained our relationship. They couldn't believe it, but they were about to find out.

Slave returned with my drink and turned to start her quest. "Good hunting," I whispered, kissing her cheek. She sought out our host—Geoff. I could see them chatting as slave pushed her big tits into his face. I "listened" to the conversation by reading their lips, a skill I picked up in college in anticipation of a law career. It served me well, often knowing my opponent's strategy before it unfolded. "Like them? They're nice and firm, and so very hot, and they're pierced, you know.

I'll bet you 'd love to play with them wouldn't you?" Slave wasn't wasting any time. I could see Geoff nod his agreement. Slave whispered and off they went. I learned later that he sat on the toilet seat while slave blew him and swallowed his entire load while he played with her tits.

He was amazed by her rings, twisting them repeatedly. He returned to the party fifteen minutes later, a small wet spot in his crotch, and was followed by slave a few minutes after. She picked her next quarry, a woman we barely knew named Georgia. She left with slave after only ten minutes of being pitched. Slave told me they "69'd" in the home office before she squirted in slave's face. That's the way it went all evening until about three hours later when she came back to me and stayed at my side, rubbing her hip into mine.

I slid my hand to her ass, making sure everyone could see that I was rubbing her bare skin. It was such fun—the most I'd had in years. On the short drive home slave told me all about her big evening. She had seduced every male but one, "And I hope to get him when we get home," she added with a huge smile. "I also got every woman, which really surprised me, except Marcie, our hostess. I couldn't get her to leave the kitchen. Personally, I would have done it right there, but I don't think she would have been willing." I asked her if she'd been able to cum.

"Yes, Master—four times. May I speak, Master?" This was required if she wanted to ask a question or make an extended comment. I nodded my permission. "Master, I hated you when you made me your slave, but I don't hate you now—I love you terribly. Being your slave is so much fun and so sexy. You've made me do things I wouldn't ever have thought of. I never want to go back to being Helen.

What a waste of time that life was. That's why I want to change my name. I'm proud to be your slave, Master. I want to serve you for the rest of my life." Wow, I was speechless, but I was also extremely proud of slave. I couldn't wait to get home and tell her Mistress. Needless to say, Laurie was up, eager to hear all about slave's conquests.

She laughed repeatedly as slave filled in the details. As promised, slave added me to her total when we retired for the evening, taking my soft penis into her mouth, and making it hard in seconds. She rolled her tongue around my head and shaft as she sucked me deep into her throat. She jerked me off with her tongue, running it up and down the sensitive underside of my cock and forcing me into the roof of her mouth.

I shot my load straight into her stomach. Slave grinned madly when she released me. "Seven for seven," she bragged, "now if there was only a way for me to get Marcie, I'd be batting a thousand! Well, tomorrow's another day." With that thought fresh in our minds we lay back on the pillows to sleep—the master and his two slaves. We were still in bed and asleep when the phone rang at 8:45. "Donaldson residence," Laurie said as she answered the call. "May I say who is calling?" she continued.

Holding her hand over the microphone she told me, "Mrs. Peters for you, Master." I took the phone from her hand.

"Good morning, Marcie, great party last night." "Don't give me that, Martin. Just tell that slut wife of yours to stay away from my husband. Do you have any idea what she did last night?" "Ummm…If I recall correctly, she gave him a blow job while he played with her tits." "Y…yes, that's right.

How did you know?" "Well, Marcie, she told me, just like she told me about all the others." "Others?" "Yes, actually she serviced all the males except me and all the women except you. Slave told me she couldn't get you out of the kitchen, although she told me she tried several times." "Martin, that's just sick.

I don't want her anywhere near my husband." "Marcie, I think you should come over here for lunch today—just you--leave your charming husband home.

It will be much easier to explain if you can see and experience for yourself, and, don't worry, slave has no interest in Geoff. She was only doing what I told her to do." "Martin, now you have me really confused. I don't understand." "That's why you need to come here. How is 12:30?" "OK…I guess…but I still don't understand." "You will Marcie, see you then." I hung up the phone and turned to my slaves, "OK, out of bed. We're having company for lunch.

Slave, you may get your chance to bat a thousand. What do you think you should wear? Laurie…Slave?" They looked at each other, back at me and grinned, "Our usual attire, Master." "Oh, you two are so much trouble. Get up and put together a decent menu. Run it by me in an hour. Is the house clean?" They both nodded enthusiastically. "OK, let's go," I concluded, "Sorry, not enough time for sex this morning. I'll make it up to you tonight." The slaves ran from the bed into the shower where they washed each other while I shaved and brushed my teeth.

I jumped into the shower after and when I exited the bed had been made and the bedroom tidied. These two were nothing less than incredible. Breakfast was on the table when I got to the kitchen. How they managed bacon, scrambled eggs, English muffins, and freshly squeezed juice in such a short time amazed me. I had the menu by the time I finished eating.

Chicken Cordon Bleu, garlic mashed potatoes, fresh string beans almandine—not bad on such short notice! I pulled each of them in for a long sweet kiss. The looks on their faces showed the value of rewarding them. They would die for me if I asked. Marcie arrived at 12:25; I answered the door myself, wanting to slowly introduce the idea of having slaves slowly.

She smiled, but I could tell she was still extremely pissed. We sat on opposite ends of the couch when I stopped her from speaking. "Slaves," I commanded, "we have company.

Come and greet our guest." The look on Marcie's face was something I'll never forget when Laurie and slave entered the room totally naked, knelt at and kissed her feet, and greeted her.

When done they crawled to sit at either side of my feet. I ran my fingers through their hair as I began my explanation. 'Marcie, these are my slaves. I don't own them--that's illegal, of course. But they have chosen to serve me.

Laurie is a natural submissive; I barely had to train her. Helen was a reluctant trainee however she told me last night that she loves being my slave so much that she wants to change her name from Helen to slave." Marcie looked aghast at what I had said so I continued, "Slaves, perhaps it would be best if you described how you feel about this." They looked at each other and nodded; slave would begin.

"Marcie, let me begin by telling you I have absolutely no interest in your husband. I was acting on my Master's orders last night, although I must tell you that if ordered to do it again, I would without hesitation. We knew each other in my prior life and we were friends. The problem I had was that I was hesitant and unsure, and because of that, I never reached even a quarter of my potential.

As Master's slave I have done so many things I would never have done before. I've had sex with my Mistress, Slave Laurie. It was incredible and now we do it every single day—after we service our Master, of course. Sometimes we do that together which is much more exciting than I would ever have thought. I've even had sex at the mall." "You're talking about the ladies' room or a dressing room, aren't you?" "No, Marcie, I masturbated myself right in the middle of the food court.

It was so exciting. When Master told me to do it I was dripping wet. That's how excited I was. Almost as excited as I am right now." "Now? But I don't &hellip." Laurie and slave rose and walked the short distance to Marcie. Slave extended her hand and, despite Marcie's doubts she took it and rose. Laurie began to remove her skirt as slave addressed her blouse and bra.

In a minute Marcie was almost as naked as the slaves. The only things they left on were her stockings and garter belt. They led Marcie to the center of the floor. She glanced questioningly at me; I nodded my approval and indicated she should continue. Laurie helped her to lie on the floor while slave moved between her legs.

Any questions or concerns Marcie may have had disappeared when slave placed her tongue onto Marcie's wet cunt. "Ooooooohhhhh, fuck!" she exclaimed, "That's so damn good. Keep going…don't stop. Please…please don't stop…oh, my God, that's so fucking good." It went on for more than five minutes until she began shaking and shuddering as her orgasm struck.

If she thought slave was quitting she found she was mistaken. Slave attacked her pussy with even more energy as Laurie rolled, pinched, and sucked her nipples. I could see slave suck Marcie's clit into her mouth where she nibbled and bit while sucking hard. Marcie came again, even harder this time—she shook for more than a minute before falling back with a long satisfied sigh. She reached down, pulled slave up to her face and initiated a long hot kiss. She spoke when she broke it, "Oh, God, did I just do that?

I had lesbian sex—twice—and I loved it. Damn, Hele…sorry, slave, you can do that to me anytime." 'It would be my pleasure, but only if my Master approves. I enjoyed serving you, Marcie, just as I enjoyed serving everyone at the party last night." "I think I'm beginning to understand this a little, Martin.

They do this because they are devoted to you." "That's correct, Marcie, but I am also devoted to them. Just as they serve me, I also have my responsibilities to them. I must provide them with food, clothing, and shelter, medical and dental care, cars, everything they need and want. And now and then things they haven't even thought of. Slave, there are two boxes in the top left-hand drawer of my desk. Bring them here…please." "Yes, Master," she replied as she leapt to her feet and scampered down the hall.

She was back in less than a minute. I took them from her. Both slaves had a look of anticipation. I handed one to Laurie and the other to slave. They opened their boxes and gasped simultaneously. I had given each an 18K gold slave collar. Each had ten diamonds on the front and the words, "Property of M.D." on the back spelled out in tiny diamonds. They were hinged and locked in place with an Allen wrench.

Slave jumped up and threw her arms around my neck as she exclaimed, "Oh, thank you, Master. I love it. Will you put it on me?" Laurie was right behind her only because she was farther away. She, too, hugged and kissed me madly. After I had placed them around their necks they asked permission to check them in the mirror.

Permission granted with advice to check on the lunch. I turned back to Marcie, who seemed to debate with herself whether to dress herself or not. I guess she decided it wasn't necessary. I pulled her from the floor and hugged her. "I'm glad you were able to see and experience all that. It's why I invited you to lunch." Slave announced that lunch would be served in five minutes and took our drink orders. I escorted Marcie to her chair; she asked if she could sit next to me. She told me she had some questions.

During lunch Marcie told us of the problems she was having with her husband. "Geoff has been fired from another job. It's his fourth one in less than two years. He's less than useless. I wish he could be made into a slave for me. Then, at least, he'd be of value. We haven't had sex of any kind in months." She reached over to touch slave's shoulder, showing her appreciation. "Sorry," she continued, "for not understanding before." "That's OK," slave responded, 'truthfully, I only worry about what my Master thinks.

If he is happy, I'm happy. If he is not&hellip." She let that hang. "What she began to say was that if I'm not happy she gets punished. I think I should show you our basement.

It's where I trained slave and where, unfortunately, I've had to discipline both my slaves from time to time. Not recently though, I'm happy to say." I showed Marcie the cage where slave had been kept, the pole where she'd been beaten and turned into my slave.

I showed her the ball gag, blindfold, and hand cuffs. "I'd have to reinforce the cage for Geoff, and you'd have to be here every day, probably move in during the training period," summarizing and giving voice to what we were both thinking. I'd have to charge you, but since you're a friend, let's say $10,000. You'd get my services and those of both my slaves." "How would we get him down here and under control?" "Come to dinner on Friday night.

Promise Geoff more of slave's favors. I would tell him about your experiences here today to whet his whistle. We'll drug him after dinner—no reason to ruin a good meal—slave and Laurie will be naked, as usual. How are you enjoying your nakedness, by the way?" "Ha, probably not as much as you are, but it's pretty good once you get used to it." "Good, tell Geoff you were naked, too, and you'll join the slaves in being naked on Friday.

He'll think there will be some more sex in it for him so that will make him careless. We'll get him down here, cut his clothes off, cuff him and gag him all while he's out.

Then all we need to do is get him into the cage. Laurie and I know how to handle him so he doesn't get loose.

I think we'll hobble him with ankle cuffs and a short chain—real short—so if he gets loose he still won't be able to go anywhere. I have just the thing to dissuade him." I showed her the cattle prod. "How is he with pain?" "Worse than a baby; he has probably the lowest pain threshold I've ever seen." "That's good; it'll make training him easier. Now here's the hardest part—you have to punish him—you are the one who has to whip or cane him.

He has to see you as the strong person in his life just as I had to do it with Laurie and slave. If you can't do it we might as well not even get started." "Not to worry, Martin--or should I call you 'Master?' There's a certain appeal to serving that I like.

I think it would be very interesting serving you." "We might be able to work something out, but not on a full-time basis. Two is about my limit. Slave, come over here and suck my cock. I know you've wanted to do that for a long time. You have wanted it, haven't you?" "Oh, God, yes…uh, Master." Marcie knelt before me and opened my pants. I could see Laura and slave at the top of the stairs, grinning at this development.

Marcie had my cock in her hands now. "It's so much bigger than Geoff's. His is more like my finger than a cock; how nice to have a real one to suck." She wrapped her lips around the head, licking my pee hole and running her tongue around the edge.

"Oh, God, I love this. I think I will enjoy serving you, Master." "I'm enjoying this, slave. Just make sure you swallow every drop. Ever swallowed before?" "No, Master, but I think I'll be able to handle it." Slave snuck down the stairs to join her new sister on the floor.

She took half of my cock while Marcie took the other. They ran their tongues up and down my shaft and slave rubbed and fingered my balls. "Here it comes, slaves. Get it all." I pushed my hips forward as Marcie got her first mouthful. Slave quickly transferred my cock to her mouth for the next. They alternated until I was finished. Then slave showed Marcie how to clean my cock. Marcie finished the job and put my organ back into my pants.

Lunch was officially over; Marcie thanked everyone, dressed, and went home. We'd speak on the phone during the week to finalize our plans. CHAPTER 8 TRAPPING GEOFF I worked with slave and Laurie to get everything ready. I reminded them that controlling a man could be very different than with a woman—bigger, stronger, and more prone to anger and violence. I also reinforced the cage, inserting a block of wood between each of the verticals and adding additional cross pieces to make the whole thing stronger.

I also reinforced the door, adding a one-inch diameter galvanized pipe and heavy duty pipe clamps that were screwed into the verticals in four places each.

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Two holes through the pipe created a space for good sized locks. We were all set. I was surprised Thursday evening when I got a call from Geoff. "Hey, man, Marcie tells me you have two women—Helen and a young one." "Yep, Geoff, and they're both hot to trot. Laurie—that's the younger one—has a pussy like a fourteen year old. She can hardly wait for tomorrow.

They'll be naked all through dinner just to give you an idea of what's coming." "Oh, man—I can hardly wait either. See you then." I made arrangements on Friday to close up the court early so Laurie and I could get home in plenty of time. When we walked in we saw that slave had everything under control.

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We all showered, cleaning and loving each other. Fortunately, I was the only one who had to dress. Laurie and slave took care of their hair. One last kiss and we were on. The door bell rang at exactly six. Laurie opened the door to welcome our guests. Geoff's eyes went wide when he saw her sensational body. We all had drinks, but ours were just mixer. A second round of drinks had just come when dinner was served.

Our butcher had out done himself with this prime rib. It was extremely tender and juicy as I carved it at the table. I gave Geoff one of the ribs with his piece. I always love the rib—it has some of the sweetest and most tender meat to be eaten. I always pick it up and eat right from the bone.

It may not be the best manners but it is the best way to get all the delicious meat. As we finished I told slave to get another round of drinks.

This is the one that would be drugged. We'd also drug the next one if necessary. Throughout dinner Laurie had flirted unabashedly with Geoff, tempting him with the favors of her body. I was sure we could have given him a glass marked, "DANGER—CYANIDE," and he would never have noticed.

He finished his drink in two gulps so slave gave him another. He was going to be out all night. I suggested we retire to the living room, leaving the dishes until tomorrow.

Geoff never made it, passing out after the third step. I caught him just as he was about to bounce his head off the hardwood floor. I pulled him up, throwing his inert body over my shoulders in a fireman's carry. Getting him downstairs was a cinch. Laurie and slave cut the clothes from his body as I fastened his ankle cuffs and ball gag. Finally, I cuffed his hands behind his back. I dragged him into the cage. Lay him on the mattress, added the blanket, and was reminded to tape the sign "toilet" over the bucket.

I squeezed out, locked the door with the three locks, and went upstairs. When I got there I was greeted by three slaves kneeling and heads on the floor in a gesture of respect.

"Rise," I told them. I was stripped before I moved even three feet. Then I was led to the bedroom where I lay in the center while my three slaves worked me over.


I took control in an instant, "Laurie, up here so I can eat your pussy. Slave, suck my cock; slave Marcie, fuck my ass with your tongue. Never done that? OK, slave, please show her how. Now let's get to it." I enjoyed the three women scrambling around to obey my commands. Slave took Marcie to my butt as I lay on my right side. She extended her tongue to my anal ring, licking around the edge. Then she allowed Marcie to do it.

When she was satisfied slave went to phase two, forcing her tongue past the sphincter. Slave patted her back in encouragement. I heard her say the taste is OK, don't worry about it. Marcie tried and, with difficulty, finally managed to push in. "Deeper," I heard slave tell her, and when she did slave hugged her, telling her, "That's great.

Keep it up until Master tells you to stop. Now I have to get to Master's beautiful and tasty cock." I allowed this activity to go on for almost ten minutes before telling everyone to stop. I could see the relief on Marcie's face. "Sometimes being a slave has its bad parts. Now you've earned one of the good parts—get up here and fuck me." Marcie's face lit up as she climbed over my body.

When she checked her pussy she was surprised to see how wet she was. "I guess ass eating has its good points, eh? Now sit on this cock." Marcie kneeled over my cock and slid down slowly, savoring the sensation of having her cunt stretched by my girth. "Oh, my God, it's been so long since I had anything this big in my pussy. It feels so fucking good. Geoff is like a pencil compared to you, Master.

Thank you for letting me fuck you, Master." She began a rocking motion, grinding her cunt and clit into my pubic bone. I reached up to fondle he lovely breasts which were somewhere between slave's D-cups and Laurie's C's.

They were still fairly firm. All in all, Marcie was very attractive—a good addition to my stable, but enough was enough. I could handle my two easily; I didn't know how this was going to work out, especially since I hadn't whipped or beaten her at all. I'd consider it a fling until proven otherwise. While I was thinking Marcie was doing a really good job of getting the two of us off.

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She had already cum once, shuddering and shaking wildly. "It's been a really long time," she explained. Now I was getting there myself. I could feel my balls clench as I pushed up, driving my cock deep into her cunt.

I exploded five times drenching her womb with my sperm. Exhausted, I reached up to kiss her, tasting those sweet soft lips and active tongue. I hugged her as I asked, "Are you on the pill?" "No, Master, I want to get pregnant. I've never had a child with Geoff. He's infertile. I'm only 45 and my doctor says I'm healthy enough. This is my fertile period, so I'm hoping.

Don't worry about any expense, Master. I have plenty from my inheritance. Thank you again." I sent slave to check on our guest. She reported no change when she returned. We rose from the bed to revisit our plans for tomorrow—when to get up, how to feed our prisoner--managing him between the cage and the pole.

I told everyone I planned to hit him with the prod. He needed to know what could be done to him if he was uncooperative. Yes, tomorrow would be an interesting and long day. We retired early—we needed it. It was a bit crowded in bed with the four of us, but, truthfully, Laurie, slave, and I rarely used more than a third of the king-sized bed. They were always all over me. CHAPTER 9 TRAINING GEOFF Slave took Geoff's breakfast to him—a bowl of cornflakes, banana, and coffee.

She expected him to be abusive and he was not a disappointment. First she removed his gag. "What the fuck is going on here? Let me out now or I'll kill your fucking ass. Do you hear me, bitch?" "Sure I hear you, I'm not deaf, you know. So, here's the question for you—do you want some breakfast? If you do I'm going to have to feed you, so I suggest you act nicely or you'll be wearing this. If I were you I'd eat. You're going to need your strength. Trust me." "OK, but I gotta take a leak." "Use the bucket—I did.

Don't worry about my seeing you. You'll get over that fast enough. Need some help aiming it? Let me help you." Geoff stood over the bucket with slave holding his tiny dick pointing his stream into the center of the bucket. "Do you have to shit? No, just let me know if you need to.

I'll wipe you. It's important to maintain cleanliness. OK, sit down, let's eat." Slave carefully fed Geoff until the bowl was empty. She helped him down the rest of the coffee and when he was done she told him, "They'll be down for you in a few minutes.

Do yourself a favor and don't fight it. Marcie and my Master can come close to killing you if they want to. Always remember that." I led Marcie and Laurie down the stairs ten minutes later. It was only 7:50 so we had a very long day ahead of us. I opened the door, telling Geoff to come out. He refused, but when I jolted him with the cattle prod he couldn't get out fast enough. I pulled him to the pole. Laurie fastened his ankles.

Now if he gave us trouble with his arms and hands he wasn't going anywhere. I told him, "I'm going to release your wrists. Place them on the pole to be refastened. If you don't I'll zap you again and I'll keep it up until you comply. Get it?" He nodded.

A minute later he was firmly on the pole. "OK, Geoff, let me explain what's happening here. You're going to become your wife's slave. When we're done with you you'll do whatever she tells you to do without the slightest hesitation.

Now there's an alternative—you don't have to do it—we can just kill you instead." That really got his attention. "First, you're going to learn that Marcie can punish and hurt you. There will be a pole just like this in your basement and I know she has ordered you a big dog cage for those times when you need some discipline.

Probably at first that will be where you'll sleep. By the way, I'm not going to strike or beat you. Every blow will come from Marcie.

She tells me she has plenty of reason to discipline you." I stepped back and Marcie gave him the first blow with the cane. His body arched in response and he would have screamed had he not been gagged. Marcie ran the cane up and down his back and butt several times, teasing him before swatting him again. All told she caned him more than thirty times. Geoff cried like a baby for the last twenty. Marcie used her hands and voice to soothe him and applied some ice packs to his bruised and bleeding body.

She kissed his cheek and stroked his cock, surprised it was so hard after the beating he had endured. Geoff was just getting into the sensations in his cock, hoping he would be able to cum when Marcie removed her hand. "You have to earn that, Geoff. I'm taking control of it right now." She took a stainless steel cock cage from Laurie, putting the retaining ring around his cock and balls.

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She applied some lube to his cock and pushed it into the tube, locking it securely with the padlock. "Now, Geoff, you belong to me—heart, soul, and cock. Your orgasms belong to me. You are totally under my control. I am your Mistress and you are my slave.

You will learn that over the next few weeks, won't you?" Geoff nodded glumly. Marcie continued, "You're going to earn everything, slave. Want to use your legs? Earn it. Want to use your hands? Earn it. Want an orgasm? You definitely have to earn that. You'll need to work a lot and do extremely well to get one. I can go for months—I'm getting some great sex from my Master—yes, I am becoming a slave, too, but I'm willing where you are not.

I slept in a big bed with my lover last night. Where did you sleep? I came three times yesterday. You didn't and you're not going to…until I say you can. I'm going to enjoy fucking my Master while you watch with that tiny pencil dick you have. Maybe it will be good for fucking my ass. We'll see. Oh yeah, I'm trying to get pregnant. My Master has a ton of sperm for me. Maybe you'll be a daddy.

Wouldn't that be nice?" Marcie caned him three times when Geoff failed to respond. Your answer is, "'Yes, Mistress'--isn't it?" Speaking with no hesitation he responded, "Yes, Mistress." Slave advised me that the piercer had arrived.

I was willing to pierce almost anything, but a Prince Albert was more than I would try. We unshackled Geoff's legs so he could turn around. Minutes later he was done. I removed him from the pole, connecting his wrist cuffs to those on his ankles.

Marcie was next. When she was done I asked my slaves if they wanted some more—tongue and navel. I showed them the diamond studs I had purchased for them. They agreed immediately to both, as did Marcie. I paid and tipped the piercer and we returned our attentions to Geoff. We began with him calling Marcie "Mistress," his name was to be "useless" until he was able to do something to change it.

He cried again like a baby. We trained him all day and into the night. He was exhausted when he crawled back into his cage; we weren't much better. I grilled some filets and baked potatoes.

Slave made a tossed salad. After we ate she took a plate to the basement for useless. He accepted his feeding gratefully, commenting that he had to move his bowels. Slave assisted him with that and tucked him into his bed for the night.

He was asleep before her feet hit the stairs. Both slave and Laurie had requested that I fuck Marcie to help her become pregnant. I could have overruled them, but why? I knew it was almost every woman's dream to have a child and if I could help I would.

Our sex was somewhat limited—we were too tired to do much else—but I did fuck Marcie and deposit a ton of sperm into her womb. We retired early knowing that we'd have another long day tomorrow. We led useless to the pole for punishment. We didn't really need a reason—we would punish him every morning just to reinforce our supremacy. He was reluctant to be fastened so I jolted him again.

He would soon learn to fear this implement. Marcie caned him twenty times, giving him credit for his good efforts yesterday. We released his hands, but not his feet, allowing him to sit while he read nursery rhymes over and over for several hours. This was one way he would learn to obey without hesitation regardless of how stupid or inane the order may appear.

After two hours useless was released from the pole and told to kneel on the concrete, hands cuffed behind his back and ankles shackled. We ignored him, discussing everything from politics to the weather.

He was in this position for more than an hour and his knees were aching. He had been told to kneel and stay perfectly still. So far he was performing perfectly—just like a good slave should. Marcie used her finger to raise his head as she kissed his forehead and tousled his hair.

I could read the appreciation in his eyes. He was returned to his cage when we broke for lunch. I grilled burgers for us and two for useless which slave delivered to our eager guest. The plan was that during the week I would help move the slave to the pole but by mid-week even my presence wasn't needed. Useless moved willingly to the pole, placing his wrists at the cuffs automatically as his resistance faded and died.

The former Geoff died with it. When Marcie snapped her fingers, Geoff (useless) responded immediately, kneeling to kiss her feet and kissing and tonguing her ass. Perhaps, with the Prince Albert piercing, he might be able to satisfy his wife and Mistress. I had fucked my new slave Marcie at least once a day for the past week. I was looking forward to her next appointment with her gynecologist. Marcie removed his cock cage on Wednesday evening, allowing him to cum. She stroked his erection gently at first, planning to make it last.

However, he was so stimulated by his experiences that he shot his load in seconds. We laughed, but Marcie kissed his cheek and cleaned him before reinstating the cage to his cock. Useless actually thanked her when it was locked around him. We brought useless to the house after a month of training. He knelt silently and naked at her feet, running errands for water or snacks as commanded.

He even gave her several orgasms with his mouth despite our presence in the room. He slept in his dog cage in our bedroom while I fucked his former wife silly. The following week my slave Marcie informed me that I would be a father.

I was pleased; useless was overjoyed. I told Marcie I was releasing her as a slave. Being a mother is a full-time job and she would need all her energy to deal with the baby.

We could still have sex with each other from time to time, especially if she wanted another child. We still had to ensure that useless was fully trained and docile.

We developed a plan for that and one Saturday we put it into action. I announced that Laurie, Slave (capitalized now that it was her official name, she was so happy when she showed me her new driver's license.) and I would go to the mall. In fact, we would be just around the block, less than a minute away. Marcie had an emergency button around her neck. One push and we'd be there to help. Marcie rose to see us to the door leaving useless kneeling next to her chair.

She returned to her reading, ignoring useless at her feet. "Useless, I think I could use an orgasm. Come up here and eat my cunt." "Yes, Mistress," was his reply as he turned, removed her slacks and panties, and began to lick and suck her tasty pussy.

He used his hands on her hips to maintain his contact with her crotch, but that was as far as his hands went. His tongue plunged deep into Marcie's tunnel, finding and stimulating her G-spot as he swiftly brought her to her third orgasm of the day. She thanked useless and kissed his cheek. She pulled her clothes back on as useless resumed his prior position.

"How long has it been, useless, since you last came?" She said this to see if he could be provoked—she knew exactly how long it had been, down to the hour. "I don't know, Mistress; it's not important. The only thing that matters is your happiness and your pleasure." "That was an excellent answer, useful." His ears jumped at hearing that.

"Yes, I'm changing your name. Come here and stand before me." When he did she removed his cock cage, taking his small organ into her hand.

It hardened to its maximum length—four and a half inches—in seconds. She took him into her mouth, licked around his helmet and up and down the sensitive shaft. Having been denied for so long he came almost immediately and copiously as hot white semen poured down Marcie's throat.

Useful was panting as he recovered, but he remembered, "Thank you, Mistress. I love you." "Thank you for being such a good slave.

When we get home you can clean the house for me and do the laundry while I relax and look beautiful. I think we should tell our parents the good news when we're home, don't you?" "As you wish, Mistress. Do you plan to tell them about me—my new status, Mistress?" "What would you prefer slave; I will leave it up to you." "I think that I should tell them.

It is a change in my life and, if I may say so, it has been a change for the better. I like having you in charge of me—in charge of my life. I love sitting here at your feet, although I think I should be dressed if they come to visit." Marcie leaned forward to kiss useful; it was a long and tender kiss—romantic as well as sensual. "I love you, my slave; I love you very much." Useful rested his head on Marcie's thigh, content with his lot and his life.

My slaves and I returned home a bit later to find the couple in a tender lingering embrace. Marcie gave me a "thumbs up" when we entered, smiling broadly as she stroked her naked slave's cheek.

"I decided to change my slave's name. He will be 'useful' from now on." I went over to him and patted his back; my slaves kissed his cheek. Marcie and useful returned to their home the next week. My slaves helped set up the dog cage in Marcie's bedroom placing it at the foot of her bed. Useful would be safely locked up all night while his Mistress rested. I was somewhat surprised the following Saturday when Marcie came to visit. "I have something you need to hear—useful telling his mother about becoming my slave.

I should point out that 'Mother' hates my guts, but you'll hear that on the CD." "Hello, Mother. How are you?" "Hello, Geoffrey, how are you and 'what's her face'?" "Mother, you really need to call Marcie by her name, especially now that she has become my Mistress." "Your what?" "My Mistress, Mother, I am now her slave." "WHAT? ARE YOU AN IDIOT? What do you mean—slave?" "It's simple mother—my Mistress has all the authority; she makes all the decisions.

I just do what I'm told. I've never been happier or more content." "Listen to me, you idiot, slavery is illegal. I'm going to call the cops and have that bitch arrested." "But, Mother, I'm a voluntary slave.

I even signed a contract giving my Mistress Marcie complete power over me. It was designed by a famous lawyer so I'm sure it's legal." "You know, Geoffrey, I've often wondered if you were somehow switched at birth.

Now I know. I don't want to see or hear from you again." "That's too bad, Mother, because my Mistress is pregnant. You're going to be a grandmother. Isn't that wonderful?" "Geoffrey, aren't you infertile? That bitch has been screwing around behind your back." "No, Mother, I got to watch her and her Master from my cage. It was beautiful. He has so much sperm." "Geoffrey, you're hopeless." "No, Mother, I'm useful—that's my slave name." CLICK!

"What a piece of work, eh--no wonder he's such a mess. Becoming my slave has been the best possible thing for him. I might also add that our house has never been cleaner and I've never had so many orgasms. He's even had one, so all in all I'd say it's been a wonderful week. Oh, yeah, before I forget—we're having a girl. I'm going to raise her as a dominatrix. Poor useful, he'll have two mistresses—maybe more if I can get you to fuck me again." I just laughed, picturing poor useful taking orders from his four year old daughter and being punished if he was too slow to respond.

It was too funny for words.