Big tit milf A Fucking Family Affair

Big tit milf A Fucking Family Affair
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I've been split up with my ex two years now. She'd always been an attractive girl. 22, blonde, 5'8, slim but with pert, full DD breasts. A lot of time she basically wore jeans and strappy tops.

This meant that her ass nicely filled out her jeans, and that she'd always have more than enough cleavage on show. This was great for me as her cleavage was fantastic, the more I got to see, the better. I mean, she is hot, but damn those tits! Obviously by having her cleavage on show 90% of the time, I wasn't the only one to notice. Just walking through town there would be guy after guy turning to get a look. And with the exception of none, straight at her tits.

The ones that were close enough would also get a good view of her bra too, and she'd always be wearing sexy underwear. She's always dress sexy for a night out too. Her wardrobe was full of short, low cut dresses. She always looked incredible, and never once wore any underwear.

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The attention she got each night was unreal. Guy after guy would hit on her, and the rest would stare at her tits, looking for a glimpse of a nipple that wasn't very far away. She also was always flattered by the attention, and although would never do anything about it, she certainly enjoyed people looking at her hot body. For many reasons, our relationship came to an end not much more than a year after it began.

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And I didnt see a thing of her until one night nearly two years later. I was out in town on a regular night with two mates, a bit worse for wear after sinking quite a few beers, that it seemed like a good idea to head over to the local strip club.

I saw her as soon as I walked in.

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There she was, talking to a punter, dressed in sexy black lingerie, stockings and 6" heels. I had a great view of her ass, which looked better than ever in her thong. I was half stunned, but strangely not surprised at the same time.

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She'd mentioned a few times about becoming a stripper ever since she was asked to apply for the job by a friend. But I didn't think she was ever confident enough to do it. But here she was, wrapping this guy around her little finger like she'd done it for years. A bit of flirting, a few strokes of his arm, and a playful squeeze of her tits was enough to be dragging him to a private room in no time at all. She walked with a confidence that made her look sexier than I'd ever seen her.

I get another beer from the bar, and sit on my own while the guys go and watch Destiny who'd just gone for a dance on the pole. Destiny was a hot girl, and she could rock a pole, but my eyes were fixed on the room my ex had walked into. A few minutes later, she walked back out followed by a guy with a big smile on his face. I made way over, left some cash with the madam, and pulled her back into the room.

There was a massive look of shock on her face when she realised it was me. Probably from embarrassment, but there was also a slight smirk, no doubt caused from the knowledge that her ex had paid good money to see her naked again.

She looked at me for a while before I reminded her there was something she needed to be getting on with. She told me to sit down, and was all about to start her routine, when I instead told her to sit down next to me. A bit confused, she asked me what was up. It had been a long time, and I had a big surprise seeing her when I walked in, I was curious as to how she'd gotten there.

"I've always wanted to do this, I've told you that before." She started. "And I'm sure you realised that I liked guys staring at my body. I figured why not get paid for it, and get even more of a buzz from it than when they only get a look down my top. I feel so sexy, so powerful, it's such a rush.

I'm also not stupid, I know I've got a good body and it earns me great money here!" I have to admit, I couldn't argue with any of it, and she did look sexy as hell. "Also, you don't know this, but a few times on nights out I flashed my tits in the club. Guys lapped it up completely, staring, cheering. It was such a turn on. Was then that I knew I would love this job!" I felt a pain hit me at the news that she was out flashing her tits while we were together, but it was also kinda hot.

"Hey, didn't I hear that you got a new boyfriend?" She nodded to say yes. "He know you work here?" She shook her head. "Naughty" I said, giving her a little wink.

"How do you think he'd react if he knew?" "He'd hate it" She replied "and he'd also hate this even more." With that she straddled me, and I had the familar feeling again of her big tits pressed against my face. I then felt her start to grind her hips, and in a flash her bra was off. Now I know the 'no touching' rules of a strip club all too well, but I still reached out and grabbed both her tits.


They felt as good as ever. Soft skin, but firm, and much more than a handful. She didn't stop me, and soon enough I was kissing her tits as well, down to her nipples, before taking one completely in my mouth. Her grinding got more f***eful, and I could feel my cock getting harder.

She then got up, stood back, and told me to watch what I'd paid for. Her hips started swinging to the beat of the background music as she stared deep into my eyes with a lustful look on her face. She seductively sucked her finger, and ran it slowly down her chest, over her stomach and slipped under her thong. Her back arched and head slung back as she clearly ran it over her slit. She then turned her back on me, and bent over as she pulled her thong down, leaving me with a great view of her naked ass.

She gave it a little shake before standing up toturn and face me, standing there proudly naked in just a pair of high heels. I just stared at her tits as they came towards me.They looked magificent! And as they brushed up my chest and across my face, they felt magificent too. I had my face firmly between her tits and she again straddled me, but there wasnt any grinding this time.


This time I felt her hand rubbing over my cock through my jeans. Now because of everything that had happened before, I was rock hard. And now she knew it. She seemed to be enjoying stroking me, and it wasn't long before my zip came down, button undone, and she was pulling my hard cock out from underneath my boxers. The pleasure ran through me feeling her stroking me, and it only increased as she slid down and I ended up with my cock smothered by her tits.

She knew thatI loved her titwanks and clearly she hadn't forgotten. She expertly juggled stroking my cock with bouncing her tits up and down it, and occasionally licking around the tip. I've got to admit, it felt like heaven, and at one point where she reached down and took my whole head in her mouth, I felt a surge through my cock that told me that if she carried on like this I would be cumming very quickly.

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I gently pushed back to prevent covering her in cum. She stopped stroking me, and got back to the straddling position so that gain I had her tits right in my face. But this time my cock was out, and I could feel it pressing against her pussy. I looked right into her eyes, and her back into mine. Neither of us moved until she she lifted up, held my cock, and lowered herself straight onto it. "They'll just think I'm grinding on you" she whispered.

She had me powerless as I felt her slide down my cock oh so easily, and it was amazing to feel her again. She pulled herself into me as she started to ride me, and I was quickly reminded how great a fuck she was. "What about your boyfriend?" I asked, as she started to up the pace.

She looked at me with a naughty look on her face. "Makes it hotter, don't you think?" I have to admit, I didn't care either way, and didn't know why I'd asked. I wasn't going to stop her. My cock was throbbing as she rode it, and dare I say better than she'd ever done before.

I always knew she was a bit naughty, but I'd seen a new side her to her tonight and she really let herself go, and I was getting the benefits. This was the sluttiest she'd ever been in her life and I could see that she was loving every minute. I'd got front row seats to her tits bouncing as we fucked, they were inches from my face. I saw her little pointy nipples calling me so I again grabbed both her tits, and got my tongue to work on her left nipple.

I heard a soft moan as my tongue glided over it, and I continued to kiss it, whilst massaging her other one with a finger and thumb. This caused her to go wild and she rode me hard. I could feel her geetting to the tip of my cock before riding forward and taking all of me deep inside her.

She reached out and forcibly grabbed hold of my chest, and I noticed her breathing change and could start to hear her moan. Then she bucked forward and wrapped her arms around my head as she started to cum. She was still riding me quick and hard and again I felt my cock throb.

Her pussy tighteed as she came, and that was enough to finish me as I fired load after load inside of her.


She collapsed onto me as we both got back our breath, feeling very satisfied. We'd both got ourselves sorted, and she was back into the underwear that she'd use to get herself her next paying punter. Although I had a feeling the next show would be rather tame in comparison. I gave her a goodbye and headed for the door as she called out to me sporting the same naughty smile I'd seen before. "I will be working again this time next week you know."