Gay twink teen cock sucking In this update we have a hot Latino man

Gay twink teen cock sucking In this update we have a hot Latino man
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At 15, I'm perhaps too young to understand what can happen between two people living togheter for almost 20 years but I never though the love shared by Mom and Daddy would ever end. I also didn't see it coming until Dad came to my room and explained me that he had to leave the place. I didn't cried, I was however incredibly upset. I had very insultant words for him and gave him my farewell with a spitting on her face.

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I won't ever see him again and that's fine with me. He can go to hell! Fucking dad!!! He got the most beautiful wife in the world but he find a way to left her for a twenky that could be my sister!

Oh yes, Mom is beautiful. She's incredibly sexy and from what I sometime heard, quite hot in the bed. But now Mom was cold. her heart was broken and two days after, she didn't had stopped to cry, almost didn't eat, drank a lot and was terribly looking. She had not changed clothes for two day, didn't even washed her. I felt she could do a terrible thing and it was my role to take care of her. I almost never let her alone, forgetting the school for her safe.

Hopefully, she didn't do the things I feared but she was not smilling, she was as dark as the two previous days, spending all her time on the bed, a bottle of Vodka on the table. I became a non existent factor for her and she didn't even noticed I was missing school to stay with her.

It was an heartbreaking picture to see this incredibly attractive woman in such a shape. The third night, something happened. It was time to go to the shower for me, about 8 o'clock, the hour of the news on TV.

I was under the hot water for about a minute when Mom entered the bathroom. Trough the curtain, I saw her shadow. A dress arises, a panty goes down and the woman sit on the bowl. From what I heard, Mom didn't seem to have good time and didn't care about me, still being in her world of fantasy and sadness. Suddenly, I saw Mom shape stumble and fall on the floor. Immediatly, I rushed out of the box to rescue her.

If the bottom of her body was smelling piss and shit and her breast was smelling sweat, her breath was full of alcohol. I was screaming "Mom! Mom!" as I softly slapped her. After 10 seconds fearing the worst, I saw her open an eye. "Mom, how are you going?".

No answer but an pittyful and hopeless look. I hold her by the chest and made her sit on the bidet, which was not an easy move. I left her 10 second to put a towel and gave her a glass of water. I put the glass in her hand more than she grabbed it "You want me to call the doctor, Mom?" As she was drinking, her first words came out she grommeled a negative answer, saying all she need was to sleep. "first of all you need someone to clean you up" was almost an order from me and I grabbed her dress to remove it.

With no resistance from her, I did took the clothe off of her. Mom was now in bra, her panty still between her ankles.

Inches under her bare dirty butt, the water began to flow in the bidet tub. I knelt, took the panty off her legs and smelt it, it was stinking. She hadn't obviously changed her underwear for three days. She was still weak but full aware of what was around her. "You're disapointed isn't it?" "No, Mom, all I care is you to be fine" was my honest answer as I gently spread her legs.

She was embarassed of course but did nothing to stop me. I took some paper towels and started to clean her. I took some liquid soap and started with the thigh.

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After, I worked over the pussy and the anus. This was quite a strange feeling to touch those part of Mom body. There she started to say stupid things and I really though she was seriously going mad. She talked about her life having no more meaning, a thing I could understand, but when she brought the sexual part of her relationship with dad, I begged her to shut up.

But she was in another world and was probably not even hearing me anymore.

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Trough the tigh paper, my fingers were touching her little hole and I was not comfortable. When her crotch what nothing but clean, I took off her bra and headed her to the tub to make her enter a great hot bath. The bath made her fell really better as she gradually emerged from her open eyes dreams. After about 10 minutes, she seemed to have fully recovered, being only incredibly tired. She left the tub where a dark water was. I dried her and she asked me to accompagn her to the bed.

There, she just layed over the sheet and seemed to find her sleep immediatly, totally naked. For the first time, I looked at her as you look at a naked woman. She layed on her chest and her legs were almost 90 degrees spread. Her cunt was now clean, the hair still having soap bubbles on it. Just above it, I discovered the asshole I touched minutes ago. After a minute staring at this crotch, I turned the light off and headed to the door. As I was leaving the place, Mom asked me to stay with her tonight.

I agreed if she gave me 5 minutes to clean up the bathroom floor and turn all the lighs off. Alone in the bathromm I also used those minutes to relieve me of the sexual tension, powerful smells of shit and urine floating around my body. Okay, the situation was absolutly not sexual but I saw and touched Mom's pussy and rectum so, being a man, I was excited. It has been a heavy day of June and the house was dramastically hot.

When I returned, She was still in the same position as she lied over the sheet. As I layed on the bed, I asked if she was fine and she said she was okay. Undoubtly, she had recovered all her mind and seemed to be in peace. I couldn't really believe she was sharp and open because she was naked right by my side but her conversation was smart and clear.

We talked about what we would do with Dad having left. For me nothing would really change as Dad was definitly history for me and I would stay her with Mom. For Mom, to the contrary, it was a drama. She lost the man she has always loved, her life was broken. I tried to explain her that life would continue, that time would heal the wound and that she would meet other men.

I pointed the fact that she could be happy to still have her sole boy at her side. She finally felt asleep and her soft breath was the only noise to now come to my ears. I went to my bedroom to bring back my cassette player and few tapes. As music started to jam in my hears Mom moved in her sleep and came against me. Her head was now resting on my shoulder, my right arm being right between her two boobies. The ice on the cake was her pussy ticling the back of my right hand.

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By the window, a soft wind was bringing a strange and wet atmosphere to the room. Mom opened her eyes and noticed she was on me. "Oh, I'm sorry honey". "No, don't move, that's fine" was my answer. I was acting as a gentleman with this line. Then, she grabbed my crotch and felt a really hard things so she added: "Yes, i see it".

I was not comfortable with this last line and she saw it. "You've been very gentle with me those last three days, you deserve a little retribution, don't you?" So she didn't backed her hand which sneaked inside the pant and the finger glided on my dick. I was close to shout a "Mom, what are you doing?" but it would have sounded as a lousy and totally unconvinced protestion.


Her second hand helped the first to remove my boxer and expose a hard hard pick. Her tongue soon took the place or the finger and it was almost a torture to feel it gliding back and forth from my balls to my tip. After few seconds of this cruel game, Mom finally swallowed my dick and gave me an awesome blow job.

What a difference with my girlfirend which oral capacity were light years far from Mom's. My thoughs seemed to reach her mind as she paused and said "better that your kiddy girl isn't it?". "I want it, now". with this simple line, I understood that Mom was not acting to reward me but simply because she wanted to fuck. It should have excited me more but it was impossible as my desire and my excitment had already climaxed.

In the dark, I felt her sitting on my dick and enjoying a new partner since 20 years. "Turn the light on" was an order and I immediatly tried to reach the button of the small reading lamp.


The light rushed to my head and the bed, only Mom's face escaping the low brightness. The room had now an hellish colour. Coupled with my heavenly happyness, it was a strange paradox. I roared like a lion as i reached orgasmic pleasure.

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As my cum was splashing inside her cunt, she fell over me and, kissed all my face. With a unknown power, she made us roll over and I was now over her.

" Lick me, lick me" was another kind of an order and I executed. As a way to reach revenge, my tongue slowly glided from her neck to her button. It finally made contact with a red hot pussy. This pussy was the one of a real woman, not the one of a child. The fur was hard, almost like a man beard and the cunt was really wet and smelling a mix of urine and female pleasure.

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The button was erected as a microscopic penis, waiting for my tongue to tickle it. The musky taste was now in my mouth and for the first time, I was licking a pussy more for my pleasure than the girl's one. Between two noisy breathes, Mom asked me "to fuck her in the ass". She returned and put her asshole just under my noise.

I licked it shortly as it was already really dilated by excitment and years of practice. The taste of the ass was wonderful. As everyone, I was dreaming about having anal sex but I didn't even asked for it to my girlfriends, knowing what the answer would be.

Mom ass was great and I enjoyed this first experiment, not as much as the straigh fuck but enough to be incredibly happy.

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Again, I cummed inside her and gave her a great kiss on the ear to thank her. We didn't looked at each other until the next morning, Mom reach the reading lamp and turned the light off. Soon after, I was sleeping. Next morning, I would learn that it was just a start and that I been drafted as her new lover. It was the beginning of a story. Mom became very happy with me, acting with me more like a lover than a mother.

In 1988 I took my hot Italian 47 year old mother to Hawaii the first night there we made love all night. Five weeks later Mom took a pregnancy test and tested positive. I told her I loved her and wanted to take care of her and the baby.

We moved to another state and live together as man and wife. At 48 and a half we had a beautiful child. She is a sexually intense woman So for her 50th Birthday present had we had another baby my friends have no idea that my hot wife is my mother.