Captivating gal gives an arousing sucking for a magic wand

Captivating gal gives an arousing sucking for a magic wand
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BimboTech Chapter One: Bimbofied into a Lesbian Slut By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Frank Jackman, CEO of BimboTech Chemicals "As you can see," Carter said as he stood before the boardroom table beside a projection screen, his pointer following a line that grew in a steady pace to the right, "as we convert more of our lines to producing the Venus Serum, we will soon be outputting a thousand units a day by the end of the quarter." Carter was a tall man, broad-shouldered, wearing a lab coat that was open, showing off his muscular torso.

He was a recipient of the newest formula I had worked out with my wife, a variant on the neutering chemical that made men into docile beta males. This one also made them muscular. Alice enjoyed that. My wife sat beside me, a hungry look in her eyes as she watched the presentation. Alice was a gorgeous redhead, busty and curvy, her body enhanced by the bimbo formula, what we now called the Venus Serum.


Marketing showed that bimbo was not a favorable word among women. Of course, that was what the Venus Serum did. It made women into the hottest, sexiest bimbos. It was my life work, with the help of my wife. When things were desperate a month ago, when it looked like we were facing bankruptcy after both of us were fired from BT Chemicals, she had tested my compound on herself. The effects were instantaneous and transformative. My overweight wife slimmed down before my eyes, shedding pounds and gaining large, round breasts, curving hips, a great ass, and a perfect face.

She transformed. And became an airhead. "The graph goes up," giggled Veronica Beigh, technically the President of BT Chemicals. She had injected herself with the bimbo formula, and now she was convinced it was her duty as President to let me run the company.

Bimbos were easy to manipulate. "Look, Frank," she said, her naked tits bouncing as she sat in her executive chair. "It gets bigger and bigger. Like a cock." "Yep," I nodded, enjoying the sight of her large, round breasts. She had been a bony woman before her change with almost no flesh on her. Now she was bountiful in all the right areas, her blue eyes warm and happy instead of cold and manipulative.

"Like your cock, CEO," she giggled, her hand reaching out, caressing my dick through my pants. I hardened at her touch. I had incredible stamina thanks to a chemical my wife whipped up.

"Ooh, you're going up, too. Just like the presentation." "He is," Alice said, a smile on her lips. She had taken an injection to give herself temporary intelligence.

It wouldn't last much longer, then she would be an airhead again. I liked her both ways.

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And so did she. Veronica slipped beneath the table as Carter's words faltered. "Um," he said as he heard the loud sound of my zipper rasping down. "Should I.?" "Yes," Alice smiled, licking her lips.

She did love hunky men.

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And I loved busty women. If I could enjoy my harem of sexy wives—Alice, Veronica, Janet, Becca, and Nicole—then she could enjoy her boy toys, like her secretary Carmanjelo, a hunky Black man, or Carter. "Keep presenting. I'm enjoying it." "So am I," I groaned as Veronica's eager mouth sucked on my cock. She noisily blew me, bobbing up and down, her mouth so warm.

"So we'll be distributing the serum when?" "Just as soon as we have FDA approval we can start mass producing the serum," Carter answered. "That can always take time. It might be a year or more." "What?" I groaned, my dick aching in Veronica's mouth. She was good. It was so satisfying having the bitch who blew me addicted to my cock.

"No, no, that's no good." Carter shrugged. "Can't be helped." "Maybe we need to speak with the head of the FDA," Alice leaned closer, her breasts straining her green dress. She had quite the cleavage. "Reach out and encourage him to approve the drug. Show off its benefits." "That would be Kirby Steffan," Carter said. "He's the Executive Officer of the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition.

They cover cosmetics for the FDA." "Uh-huh," I nodded, the heat rising in my dick. Alice gave a giggly, bubbly laugh as she nuzzled into me. "We'll make sure he's all nice and relaxed and oh, so happy, Frank." The intelligent serum was wearing off. "I bet you will, Alice." "Me and Janet will take such good care of him." She nodded her head.

"He'll give us apples!" "Approval." "You sure?" Alice blinked, her green eyes taking on that vacant look. "Because we need mass produce. Apples are produce." "Wrong produce," I groaned. "Not vegetables and fruits.

We have to make a lot of the bimbo serum. Give it to women." "So they'll be as pretty as me?" Alice asked. "And feel all warm and bubbly and happy?" "Yes," I groaned, leaning back in my leather chair, Veronica's tongue swirling about the tip of my cock.

"Oh, that's so wonderful," Alice gushed. She hugged me and peppered my face with kisses. "Oh, Frank, you are such an amazing husband. The absolute bestest. You just want to help all those poor women who used to be me like me. Yay!" "Yep," I groaned, my hand slipping down, squeezing her tit.

"We'll give them big cans and great asses." "Cans?" Alice frowned. "Why do they need cans?" "Tits," I panted. "Shit, Veronica, you are sucking my cock so hard." "She has to. That's the president's job. To pleasure the CEO. That's me and you. She has to pleasure us.

Ooh, and I need pleasure. My pussy is all wet and tingly and itchy. So itchy, Frank." "Um, should I go, sir?" Carter asked as my hand shoved down my wife's top.

"Yes, yes," I told him. "Invite the FDA guy to a party at my house. We'll let my wives show him the joys of the bimbo treatment." "Yay!" clapped Alice. "Parties are so fun. I remember my last party. I got all naked and let the men play with my body. And I made them all so hard they hurt, so I had to cure them. I couldn't let them suffer." "You couldn't," I panted, her breast was out, her fat, pink nipple so succulent. I leaned over and sucked on it, making my wife squeal as my dick throbbed in Veronica's mouth.

The bimbo bobbed, taking more and more of my dick in hand. My balls tightened, the pressure growing as she swallowed the tip of my cock down her throat. I groaned as Veronica hummed, pleasuring my cock.

My hands pushed down my wife's tight sheath dress, the fabric molding to her beautiful curves. She moaned in delight as I sucked and nibbled on her fat nub, loving it with my mouth. "You are the bestest husband in the world." Alice's hands stroked through my hair. "Oh, yes. I love it. Suck on my nipple. You're making me all wet and tingly in my pussy." She giggled. "Pussy. Do they call it that because it feels so wonderful when someone pets it?" I popped my mouth off her nipple.

"Sure," I groaned, my hand sliding down. "You're so smart. My husband is a smart sciency person!" Her thighs parted. I found her wet, shaved, and so hot. "Yes, yes, pet my pussycat. Stroke me. Oh, yes. Ooh, I want to purr. Oh, Frank, stroke me. Such the bestest. Isn't he, Veronica?" Veronica didn't answer as she pressed her lips into the base of my cock, swallowing to massage my shaft.

It was ecstasy buried in her throat. "Veronica?" Alice moaned. "She's got her mouth on my dick, honey. She can't talk." I rubbed harder at her pussy. "Okay?" "Right," giggled Alice. "I forgot. Can't talk while sucking cock." She shuddered.

"Oh, yes, and pet the inside of my pussycat. I like that, too." "Like this?" I asked, shoving two fingers into my wife's wet depths. The pleasure crossing her gorgeous face was priceless. She groaned and shuddered, bucking on her chair as my fingers worked in and out of her hot depths. Her pussy clenched about my digits, her silky flesh massaging them. "Oh, yes, Frank, that's soooo good. Pet the inside of my pussykitty.

You're making her purr. Oh, yes. You are the bestest pussy petter." "And you're just so cute," I told her, digging my fingers in deep, my dick aching in Veronica's hungry mouth. Alice kissed me hard, her breasts pressing into me, separated by my dress shirt. Her thighs clamped about my hand, locking my fingers in place as she kissed me so hard, her tongue dancing in my mouth.

I groaned, savoring the kiss and the blowjob. Veronica's mouth bobbed faster and faster, slurping, sucking, driving me wild with pleasure. I groaned, my hips arching, my chair creaking as she brought me closer and closer to cumming. "Frank!" Alice gasped, breaking our kiss, her back arching as my fingers pumped in her depths. "Yes, yes, the bestest pussy petter. Oh, keep petting my pussy. You're gonna make me kablam!" "Explode?" "Yes, yes." She nodded her head, her red hair dancing.

"My pussykitty is so hot and wet and your fingers are so wonderful and." A smile crossed her lips. "Frank, you're the bestest!" Her pussy spasmed about my fingers as her orgasm burst through her.

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She leaned back in her chair, her large tits dancing so invitingly as she heaved and thrashed, her thighs clamped tight on my hand while her hot juices flooded out. The sight of her was enough. My balls clenched.

I groaned and bucked up, my cock buried in Veronica's throat. My cum spurted, shooting right down the woman's gullet. I loved cumming in her mouth. She had been such a bitch before she injected herself with the bimbo serum. And now she was my cock-hungry slut.

"Damn," I groaned. "Is she making your cock kablam?" Alice moaned, her voice thick with pleasure. "Is your yummy cum pumping into her stomach." "Flooding her," I groaned. Alice clapped her hands in girlish excitement. "Isn't that just the bestest, Frank?" "I don't know," I groaned as the final blast of cum spurted into Veronica's mouth. "Cumming in your mouth or your pussy is even better." "Oh, I love it when you pet my pussy with your big cock." She giggled.

"It goes cock-a-doodle-do and erupts into my hungry pussykitty." "Yes, it does," I groaned, still hard in Veronica's mouth. "And you're still have a 'rection," Alice gasped as Veronica's mouth popped off my dick. "Because I'm a super smart sciency person." "Yes, you are," I told her stroking her face.

Even as a bimbo, she could come up with new formulas, her intelligence just covered by the horny thoughts plaguing her. The intelligence serum banished those impulses, clearing her mind for about an hour. As much as I loved bimbo-Alice, I loved talking to my wife when she wasn't an airhead. "Your cock needs to feed my pussy, state!" she said. "Stat," I told her, and she frowned at me in confusion. I laughed. "Hop on, honey." "The bestest husband!" she proclaimed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alice Jackman, Chief Research Scientist of BimboTech Chemicals My pussykitty was so hungry to gobble up Frank's big, thick cock.

I would make him crow so loudly inside of me and fill me up with all the wonderful, yummy, delicious cum. My pussy clenched, the heat always burning between my thighs.

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It was the price of being so hot. And I was hot. The most beautifulest woman in the world. Frank said so. And he was a super smart sciency person who knew everything. And I loved him so much. He let me play with my boy toys and gobble their cocks, too. And we invented thingies together. Super smart thingies. We were a super smart sciency team. I grasped his cock, loving how thick it felt in my hand, wet like my pussy but from Veronica's saliva.

Our president-wife knelt on the floor, a big grin on her face. She had ate her vitamins for the day. They came only from Frank's cock, and all his wives had to drink them once a day whether orally or anally or pussyly. I liked pussyly. "Oh, Frank, the bestest cock," I moaned as I sank my wet pussy down his dick, gobbling up every inch of his shaft.

It felt so wonderful in me like creamy chocolate pudding and ice cream and licorice all rolled into one amazing sensation radiating out of my pussykitty. She gobbled my husband's cock as I slid back up, my body shuddering in delight.

And then something even more wonderful happened. Veronica nuzzled at my butt-cheeks. I gasped in delight as her tongue licked and nuzzled at my butt-hole, swirling around it, licking it like the best pudding in the world. "Chocolate pudding," I giggled. "What?" Frank groaned as he squeezed my breasts. "Oh, this is as wonderful as chocolate pudding. Like having my cake and kneading it, too." "Eating," Frank groaned, his wonderful hands on my breasts, squeezing and making my nipples tingle so awesomely.

"No, no, I knead my cake all over my body and then you get to lick it clean," I moaned, smacking my lips. "I would love to lick cake off your body." I squealed in delight, my pussy eating his cock faster and faster, savoring his girth. He reached so deep into me. "That's why you're the bestest, most wonderfulest husband with the bestest, biggest cock in the whole White world." "Wide," he groaned. "Not white." "No, no, White," I giggled.

"Black guys have bigger cocks. But not by much." Frank laughed, and then he sucked on my nipple, chewing and nibbling on it like it were a piece of delicious cake.

I shuddered, my pussy clenching on him as I bounced faster and faster while Veronica's wicked tongue licked and swirled at my asshole. Her hands gripped my butt-cheeks, fingernails sharp points that drove me to ride my husband's cock faster and faster.

My eyes fluttered as I ground and bounced on him, my clit grinding into his pubic bone as I savored every wonderful inch of his cock. He was big, almost as big as a Black guy. And he was my husband. I loved him so much. And that made it even better. "Yes, yes, I love my sweet and yummy husband," I purred as he sucked on my nipple, my asshole clenching on Veronica's tongue. "Oh, yes, Frank.

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Give me all your yummy cream. My pussy needs to eat it. Every yummy drop." "Oh, yeah," Frank groaned. "Just hungry for my cum." "So hungry." My pussy clenched, the wonderful, fluttery, cotton candy delight churning in my depths, ready to spread through my body and smother me with its pleasure. Veronica's tongue licked and probed, driving me wild. "Give me your cream, Frank. Pretty please with sugar on top. I need it. My pussy is so hungry. She's a starving kitty." "I'll give you so much cream," he groaned, his handsome face twisting with pleasure.

"Yes, yes, yes," I moaned bouncing so hard, my clit pressing into his groin, wonderful gumdrop pleasure shooting through me. "Oh, that's it.

I love it. Frank!" I came. Wonderful, delicious, yummy pleasure rippled through me. The sticky cotton candy flowed through every part of my body. It reached my brain, smothering me in rapture. My head threw back, my pussy writhing and milking his cock, desperate for his cream. I needed it in me, spurting, filling me. His hands squeezed harder on my breasts. My asshole clenched on Veronica's tongue probing at my asshole.

I squealed and shuddered in delight, more and more cotton candy rapture smothering my mind. "Cream! Please, please. Pretty please, Frank! I need it. Your cream is the bestest! Feed my pussy!" "Yes," he snarled. His hand seized my hips and slammed me all the way down his cock. I savored him buried to the hilt in me, reaching so deep. My back arched, pressing my pillowy mounds against him. My nipples throbbed as his hips bucked up. And then the first wonderful pulse of his cum.

His cream flooded my hungry pussy. Blast after blast.

Sooooo much cream just for me. Another spasm shuddered through my pussy. I wiggled, savoring Veronica's probing tongue swirling through my asshole, stirring up hot pleasure, while the ecstasy spilled through me again. So good. So wonderful. "Love you," I panted, hugging my husband to my breasts. He groaned as his cum spurted a final time into me, holding me was we shared our wonderful delight. "Oh, I need that. Mmm, your creamy vitamins are in me." "Uh-huh," he groaned.

"Love you, Alice. You're the best woman in the world." "Bestest," I corrected with a giggle. "A super smart sciency man should know his grammar." Frank laughed, looking up from my tits.

His hands moved, seizing my red hair and pulling me down to his lips for a wonderful kiss. I savored it as my pussy luxuriated in his cream.

It was so hot and yummy in me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Magnolia Savage, President Femme Allure, Inc. I was the last to arrive, sweeping into the boardroom of my company, my back straight, my heels clicking on the floor.


I wore a stylish, burnt-umber business skirt and matching blazer, a salmon, silk blouse beneath. Out of all the executives for my company, I was the only one who cared about her appearance. The other women were frumpy or overweight or so skinny they were bony. But they were still all women. The only Fortune 500 company with an entirely all-female board.

No token promotions to appease feminist activist, but women who had worked with me from the beginning to build Femme Allure into one of the top makeup companies on the market. We made products for women by women, as it said in all our adds. And it was about to be undone. "What has your panties in a wad?" the bony Annalee Burrell demanded as she turned in her chair, her pinched face glaring at me. She was my Vice President of Research, the woman who should have discovered this amazing breakthrough before BT Chemicals had.

It would be revolutionary in the world of cosmetics. And it would drive us out of business and set back women's liberation a thousand years all in one fell swoop. Which is why I had to control it. "Annalee, I know we have been friends since college," I told her, fighting the urge to clench my fists—it would ruin my nails, and I just had them done.

"But if you speak to me again like that, you will regret it." "Going to finally muscle me out?" Annalee asked. "Or do you forget how much of a stake I own in the company?" "I've forgotten nothing," I said, my smile cold. I patted my pocket instead, feeling what my spy had procured. "What is this meeting about, Ms. Savage?" Patricia Pitts, my frumpy Vice President of Communications, asked.

She was a redhead with sallow skin and a toad's face. At least she remembered that I was the president and founder of the company and paid me respect. My Chief Financial Officer, Jayde Kellogg, nodded her head, her triple chins wobbling. The African American woman was the largest person in the office, sitting in her own specially designed chair to accept her wide girth.

"It has me intrigued." The other members of the board nodded their heads, murmuring their desire to learn, trusting my judgment. The judgment that had built this company. "This," I said as I sat down.

There was a control panel built into the table at the head for me to manipulate the AV system. I dimmed the lights and set the projector playing the presentation my executive assistant, Melissa, had prepared. She was a feisty redhead, passionate about her job and keeping me happy. Very passionate. The projector popped out of the ceiling, lowered down by hydraulics while the screen unfurled at the far end.

Chairs swiveled to watched as the video played. It showed an overweight woman with red hair cut short, glasses perched on her face. She wore a lab coat that did little to hide how plump she was, her body shaped like a pear. "Are there any sensations you feel?" a man asked, voice a little stressed.

Presumably, he held the smart phone recording this video. "Sensations," the woman giggled again. "What a funny word.

Sensation. What is a sen and why would it need to be sationed?" I paused the video. "This is Alice Jackman you're watching." "The new Chief Research Scientist at BT Chemical?" frowned Jayde, her triple chins waggling.

"I've seen her once. She is not a woman this overweight. How old is this?" "Not very old," I answered.

"The man recording her is her husband, Frank, the new CEO. The compound she injected herself before the video started is the reason we're here." "Compound?" Annalee asked. "What does it do?" "Changes the world," I answered. Annalee rolled her eyes, ungrateful bitch. I hit play. "What?" Frank gasped off screen. "Are you okay, pumpkin?" "Pumpkin! Yes!" exclaimed Alice. "That's a word I love.

I'm your cute, beautiful pumpkin." "The compound seems to be having some effect on her cognitive process," Frank reported. "What's with the big words? I don't know that one. Cog.cogti.cogtive?" "You're not thinking straight." Jayde snorted, "I'll say." "How do you think straight?" Alice's face scrunched in thought. "I'm trying to think straight, but my thoughts seem to be scattered around." She fanned herself. "Boy, it is hot in here.

Are you hot?" "No," answered Frank. A large smile crossed Alice's lips. "Are you sure? Because you look smokin' hot. Mmm, I love your tight body." She shrugged out of her lab coat, standing in a loose, flowery dress. It was ugly, something found at JC Penny or Sears. She began undoing the buttons. "What are you doing, pumpkin?" asked Frank. "What are you showing us, Magnolia?" Annalee asked, refusing to address me properly.

"Watch," I said. "I told you, I feel hot," Alice giggled on the screen, the changes starting to transform her body. "It's too hot for clothing. Maybe you should strip, too. I love looking at your naked body." "Alice.

I think we need to take you to the hospital." Frank sounded concern, the camera shaking. "Why, silly?" Alice giggled as her dress fell off, her hands reaching behind her to unfasten her bra. "I'm hot, not dying!" They weren't a great pair of tits. Small despite her portly frame. I liked big, round breasts. "You're hot, I'm hot!" Alice pinched a nipple.

"Look at how hot I am, Frank." "Another side-effect seems to be a rampant libido," Frank reported, his voice lower. "Okay, we don't need to see this," objected Patricia as Alice wiggled out of her panties, shaking her big ass at the camera.

"Watch her carefully," I said as Alice smacked her ass. "I'm so hot!" Alice moaned. "Don't you just want me, Frank?" "Does her voice sound higher-pitched and more girlish?" Jayde asked. "Oh, look at her rear," Patricia said. "It's shrinking." I grinned as every woman in the boardroom stared in stunned silence at Alice as her ass, indeed, shrank along with her waist. She grew slimmer, her ass growing bubbly, perky, her fat thighs now sleek.

She turned around, her small breasts ballooning into a large, wonderful pair of bouncing tits. I squirmed, my pussy growing wetter. And despite their size, they were as perky as an eighteen-year-old's. A vapid smile was on Alice's face as the fat melted away, her cheekbones softening, her lips growing lush. "She's beautiful," Annalee breathed, her jaw dropping. Alice let out a giggle and clapped her hands as she hopped on her feet.

"Look at my tits bounce. Ooh, they're so big and round. Just the way you want them, Frank." "Yeah," Frank said, his voice hoarse with shock. "Yippee, your injection thingie worked." "The compound." "Yes, that's the word." Alice giggled again. "I should know that. The phoswhatsit-benzien worked! I'm so happy! And sexy." "But.It's made you so." "Hot?" Alice purred. "It did," whispered Patricia while Frank said, "Stupid." Alice giggled loudly. "Like I'm a sexy bimbo." Her hand slid down her flat belly, scratching at her bare pussy.

"And I'm still so hot. Right here." She pushed a pair of fingers inside her pussy. Oh, I wanted to see that cunt in real life. "Oh, Frank, this is.amazing!" "Yeah," he croaked. "You made me beautiful!" Alice squealed again and rushed at him. "I love you so much!

Let me show you how much I love you." The video ended. "What did we just watch?" a stunned Jayde asked, her chins wobbling. "That couldn't have happened." "It did," I told her. "This is what Frank invented that let him take over BT Chemicals. His bimbo serum. Look at his wife. She was a scientist who became as dumb as a brick house. One injection, and your simultaneously the most beautiful woman in the world and a complete airhead.

"And BT Chemical is bringing it to market." "This can't be real," Annalee said, her eyes wide. "I mean, this defies physics.

Where does all her mass go?" "Into her boobs," laughed Jayde. "Did you see the size of them. They had to be my size." "Oh, it is very real," I told Annalee. "I've seen Veronica Beigh, and that bony woman is now a bimbo bombshell like Alice. It's how Frank got the company. She became his bimbo bitch and signed it over to him for a pittance." "You make it sound like he's made her his woman or something," laughed Patricia, incredulity flashing across her toad face.

"Like he has a harem of bimbos." "Oh, he does. At least four other women beside his wife have been seen with him. All incredibly beautiful. All transformed by the serum." "Preposterous," Annalee said, turning her head away. "Whoever sold you this information was lying. I hope you didn't pay much for it." "Oh, I paid a lot," I purred.

"They proved it to me to my satisfaction." "Then you are an idiot, Magnolia," Annalee said, her face twisting. "If you think that is anything more than science fiction, you are more of a moron than I thought." The room went silent. The other women all looked down at their hands or shifted in their feet. But not Annalee. She looked at me. She was always too stupid to realize when to shut her mouth. And I was tired of kowtowing to her just because of the amount of stock she owned in my company.

I stood up, my hand slipping into my pocket. It was in there, the sides smooth, plastic, ready to be used. I walked to her. She stood up to match me, her chair rolling back. Her pinched face glared at me, her cheekbones so sharp she could probably cut me with them. "If you think this fairy tale will save our company from the losses we project for next quarter, you are mistaken, Magnolia." "Ms.

Savage," I corrected her, drawing it out of my pocket. "I founded this company with you," she told me. "I'm not going to be your ass-kissing lackey. I have a stake in this—" I stabbed the syringe into her thigh, the only place with any flesh on her. I depressed the plunger, the bright-green liquid flooding through her veins.

She took a step back, her eyes wide, glaring down at the needle. "What the fuck?" she gasped. "What did you just. ? Just.?" She blinked. "Um." Then she giggled. "As you can see, ladies," I said, pointing at Annalee as she fanned her face, the anger melting away, "the bimbo serum takes affect pretty fast." "You injected me with.with.? Bimbo." She giggled. "Bimbo. What a funny word. Bimbo." She pulled on her collar. "Oh, it is hot in here.

Anyone else hot?" "You.injected her?" Patricia asked, her jaw dropping. "A demonstration was in order," I purred, my pussy clenching as Annalee shrugged out of her blazer and began unbuttoning the cream-yellow blouse she wore beneath.

"To show you just how dangerous this chemical is in the hands of the wrong company." In a man's hands. "It is just so hot," Annalee said, shrugging out of her blouse.

"Ooh, that bimbo thingie you interjected me with is making me feel hot." "I injected you." She shook her head. "No, no, you interjected me.

That's how you say the word. Remember, I'm the smarty one. I have a degree in chemory." "Chemistry?" I suggested. She tapped her head. "Chemory. Got to use your memory for all those chemicals.

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I'm a super smarty chemorist." She giggled again and unfastened her bra. The changes worked on her body as she shrugged out of her bra, her shriveled A cups swelling, growing into lush, round, pillowy breasts. I groaned as I watched them swell fuller, rounder, so perky and soft, thrusting from her chest and bouncing as she wiggled out of her skirt. "Look, boobies," Annalee said, turning to the other woman and bouncing. "I have big boobies now." Her face had flesh on it now, no longer pinched, but lush, lips plump.

Blemishes on her skin—moles, scars, discolored patches of flesh, winkles—all vanished. She had the skin of an eighteen year old, along with her ass. She bounced her breasts more. They were so lovely and delicious.

I moved up behind Annalee, cupping those beautiful tits from behind, squeezing them. "They are so real. And look at her now. A body most women would kill for all from a single injection." "And it's permanent?" Jayde asked, eyes wide. "Oh, very permanent.

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But the side-effect, now that's the really dangerous part." I pulled away and hiked up my skirt. "Ms. Savage," gasped Patricia as my naked, shaved cunt came into sight. "What are you doing? Where are your panties?" "Demonstrating. Annalee, I have bad news for you. You've been poisoned." "Oh, no, that's super-duper bad," Annalee said, her voice so high-pitched and girlish.

She looked eighteen instead of in her late thirties. "I don't want to be poisoned. That means I'll die." "Exactly. But my pussy has the antidote. You have to lick it and drink all the juices that come out." "Ms. Savage," objected Patricia. "You don't need to parade your sexuality—" "Quiet," I hissed as Annalee fell to her knees before me and buried her face between my legs, licking with a frantic, fearful need, her tongue sliding across my pussy lips.

"You need to understand how gullible bimbos are. How easy they are to be manipulated. Annalee was a staunchly straight woman. Further, she made no secret of her dislike of me the last few years.

She never would lick my pussy, and now look at her. "She's eager." I shuddered, my pussy clenching as Annalee's tongue ran over my vulva. "Soooo eager. Isn't my antidote so delicious, Annalee?" "So delicious," the bimbo moaned, her dirty-blonde hair brushing my thighs.

It had grown long and full of volume. "I have to keep licking to live." "That's right," I moaned, savoring my domination over the bitch. "Every day, you have to lick my pussy and make me cum to get your antidote." "Oh, yes," moaned Annalee. "That makes so much sense. I'm a smarty chemorist." "You are," I grinned as she licked again. "Mmm, wiggle that tongue deep in me.

Make me cum so hard. I'll flood your mouth with the antidote." I shuddered as I stood in the board room, all the executives eyes on me as I ground on Annalee's face, savoring the hungry licks of her tongue. Her hands gripped my ass, pulling me tight against her mouth as she devoured me.

It was so sweet and wonderful seeing the shock in the women's eyes as they witnessed my domination of the bitch. I undulated my hips, grinding on her mouth as her tongue wiggled into my depths. She swirled it around, drinking my juices. My pussy clenched. I was so excited. My nipples ached in my bra, my gaze sliding across the room as they watched in silence, no one wanting to add any more objections. They were afraid.

It was sinking in. Any one of them could become my next bimbo. Damn, this was intoxicating. The power made my pussy clench. I ground harder on Annalee's mouth, savoring her moans, her beautiful eyes staring up at me. She was mine. The idea of having entire harems of devoted, bimbo beauties serving me flashed through my mind. "Yes, yes, lick my clit, just like that, you dyke slut," I moaned. "You're mine.

You have to lick my pussy every day to live." "Thank you for the antidote," giggled Annalee. "And it's so delicious. Mmm, it makes me feel all juicy and antidotey down there." "In your filthy cunt, bimbo slut?" "Cunt," gasped Annalee.

"That's a no-no word." "Not any longer. You are a cunt. You have a hot cunt that belongs to me. I own you because you're drinking my antidote." "Wow," Annalee said.

"And I have a cunt? That's so naughty. It makes me feel all tingly-wingly." "Keep licking or you'll die," I panted. She gave a frightened gasp and buried her face back into my snatch.

I groaned, swaying on my heels as her mouth devoured me. Her tongue licked and slid through my folds, driving me wild with bliss. I shuddered, back arching, grinding on her mouth as I came closer and closer to my orgasm. Her lips found my clit.

She sucked on that. Pleasure burst through me. I spasmed on her mouth, my hands squeezing my huge breasts through my blouse. My nipples ached wonderfully as my pussy clenched. And I came. "You delicious whore," I moaned. "Drink all my antidote down. Yes, yes, that's it. Oh, you are my bimbo slave.

My lesbian dyke slut. You'll worship my pussy for your antidote." "I will," moaned Annalee. "I need it, and you're so much wonderful for letting me drink it." I spasmed a final time, my pleasure peaking through me. I sucked in a deep breath, shuddering, a wicked grin on my lips as I faced the other women of the boardroom, their cheeks flushed from watching me writhe, their bodies trembling.

"That's enough, bimbo," I purred. "Now go kneel beside my chair and don't say a word. If you do, I'll have to spank you. You don't want to be bad girl." Annalee shook her head and clamped her hands over her lips stained with my pussy juices.

She crawled on her knees to my chair and knelt there, keeping her hands over her mouth to make sure she didn't say anything.

"Now you all understand," I purred, pushing down my skirts. "We can't let this chemical be in the hands of a man. We need to control it. Or it will be abused. If we're not careful, every woman in the world will be a sex-crazed bimbo eager to please the men because they're too stupid to realize it." "How?" Patricia asked, her voice strained.

"Carefully. My spy is in the company. I have another sample. R&D needs to get on reverse engineering it. In the mean time, we need our friends at the FDA to put up every road block they can." "I'll call Ivy Eads," Patricia said.

"She has a lot of clout with her boss. She'll do it. She'll be horrified about this." "Good," I purred, sitting down, my hand resting on Annalee's head, petting her.

"Ladies, we are going to be very, very rich." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Frank Jackman, CEO of BimboTech Chemicals The limo was waiting out front of the company's headquarters. It was sleek and black, stretched long. Our driver, Ryan, waited for us in his suit. He looked like a strong man, someone who had been fit in his twenties and still maintained it into middle age, but he was a beta male, transformed by a serum Alice whipped up. He was also a cuckold.

His ex-wife, Janet, was one of my bimbo wives. Their divorce was finalized just last week. I had Janet on my right arm, the lush, black haired woman bouncing with delight to have my arm around her. My left was around my youngest bimbo wife, Becca, a radiant blonde, her breasts almost popping out of her low-cut top. "Yay, it's time to go home," Nicole said, a brunette with a bombshell body. She used to be a cop before I gave her the bimbo injection.

She was about to arrest Becca and Janet for lewd acts in public, and I couldn't have that. She was happy as one of my bimbos. "Such a long day," Alice purred, her hand holding Veronica's, the last of my wives. Five bimbos was a big enough harem for anyone. They were each beautiful and lush in their own way, and I cared for them all, but I loved Alice. She was the only one that received the intelligent serum so she could be her normal self.

Even unbimbofied, she loved our new life. Alice had repressed her sexual desires for years. Becoming a bimbo allowed her to experience the freedom she always yearned for, even if it meant being so stupid any guy could convince her to have sex with him.

And more than a few had from the UPS guy dropping off a package to a man who convinced her to be a model and go back to his apartment. She was even lured off by a group of Black men and gangbanged. It was why all my women had a tracking chip implanted in them just in case they went missing. I didn't mind if they had their fun, I just wanted to be able to find them. "Good day, sir," beta-male Ryan said, his eyes downcast as he opened the limo door. Janet grabbed my cock through my slacks "Ooh, I need my vitamin treatment so badly." "You had it this morning," Becca pouted.

"It's my turn." "Na-uh," Janet said. "Right?" Fear entered her eyes. "Right, Frank?" "You both did," I grinned. "But you can have a second dose if you share with Becca." "Oh, yay!" Janet said, clapping her hands before her. My women piled into the limo, and I followed, my dick aching. Things were going perfectly. We would soon have the bimbo treatment on the market.

Women across America would pay us so much money for the treatment. I knew many would line up even with the side-effects.

And the men would be thrilled. My dick ached as Janet and Becca slipped to the floor of the limo. Their cheeks pressed together, blonde and black hair mixing as they unzipped me and pulled out my dick. I groaned, throbbing, as the two bimbos licked at my cock. "That's it, get your vitamins," giggled Alice, cuddled between Veronica and Nicole on the opposite seat, her breasts already out, nipples hard.

"Yes," I panted as their tongues reached the apex of my cock, licking at the crown. It was heaven. And then my phone rang. I groaned, shoving a hand in my pocket and barking, "Yes?" Becca sucked the tip of my dick into her mouth, my eyes fluttering. "Sir, it's Carter." "Yeah?" I asked again, fighting the pleasure in my voice. "An Ivy Eads from the FDA just called. She's the Deputy Director of CFSAN." He pronounced the acronym as "sif-san." "She says there are serious ethical problems with the serum that have come to her attention, and that the FDA needs to do a thorough inspection.

This could delay us for years." "Fuck," I groaned, glancing at Alice.

Banho de cueca no frio

"Honey, you need to take your medicine. I need the smart you." "Oh, no," she gasped while Becca kept sucking my cock. Ethical concerns? Did the FDA learn about the side-effects? We had plans to make. To be continued.