Wet asian attractive teen cookie seduction schoolgirl japanese

Wet asian attractive teen cookie seduction schoolgirl japanese
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Moms Cum Addiction. Jill was a normal mom she had three boys ages 15, 13 and 7. Her husband Cliff was a chemical salesman for a large company. Due to that he traveled extensively leaving her home alone for as long as two weeks at a time.

At 34 she had a good figure; she was 4'11" and weighted 120 pounds. Her husband kidded her that most of that was her ass and tits, as she had a 42C chest and a J Lo butt. Her shoulder length red hair had a few gray streaks but nothing a little coloring could not fix.

All in all things were normal. It was what started out as a normal Thursday; she was pulling in from a quick trip to the store when she saw her oldest son Al and his friend Jamal in the garage. She got out of her car and approached the boys, "Al would you and Jamal please bring in the packages from the car?" "Sure moms were on it." The boys brought all her stuff in and headed for the basement. The basement was divided into four rooms, a large den with sofas and a big flat screen TV, an Office with her husband and hers computer and printer.

There was a laundry room with the washer and dryer and a small bedroom for additional guests. The spare bedroom was almost never used so the bed was always made up with no wrinkles. She went about putting the stuff she had bought away, she went to her bedroom and changed into sweats and a t shirt.

Looking at her self in the mirror she smiled, the shirt was too tight and accentuated her large breasts. She chuckled and thought I'll see if I can give the guys boners with these.

Back in the kitchen she realized they were still in the basement, she opened the door and listened but all she could hear was muffled conversation. She quietly crept down the stairs and hid in the laundry room. With her ear to the wall she now heard the boys talking. "Al she is hot, I'd give anything to fuck her." "I know J look at those tits, and can you imagine getting your cock in her ass?" "I guess only in my dreams man." She giggled as she heard the conversation, them she realized they were jerking off.

The sounds they were making was making her wet. Snap out of it girl she thought.


She quietly exited the laundry room and crept back up the stairs. Standing at the top of the stairs she yelled "Al where are you?" She headed for the basement. When she got to the basement both boys were in the office waiting for the printer to warm up. "Al what are you doing?" "We're printing a paper for my report for socials studies." "Well I'll get it for you; you go to your room and glean it up, now!" They shuffled past her and headed for Al's room.

She quietly went into the bedroom, she could smell sex. Under the bed she found several pictures of her in a bikini.

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My god they were both jerking off thinking about me. She was really getting horny and wet, she felt around and found two pair of her thong panties very full of still warm cum. She sniffed both pairs of underwear, without thinking she stuck out her tongue and lapped up every bit of cum in both pairs. The taste and smell were intoxicating. I'd rather get it direct from the cock but this isn't bad either she thought. My god Jill what are you doing? Still it was exciting to her.

She put the panties in with a load of wash she was going to do and started the machine.

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She headed upstairs to see the progress Al had made with his room. As she entered both boys had the opportunity to see her chest, wow she thought as instantly she realized they were hard again. "Good job Al your room looks great." "Thanks mom we're going back down stairs to watch TV, hey did you get the report off the printer?" "No honey I forgot, sorry." The boys headed to the basement with her a few steps behind. She wanted them to get down their first.

Her mind was racing; all she could think about was cum. She was clearly not thinking clearly as she went down the stairs. The thought of two cocks full of cum was driving her. Both boys were in the spare bedroom, she walked in and closed the door. Both boys turned at the same time, "gentlemen would you be looking for these?" In her hand she held up the soiled panties. They just stared at her with wide eyes. She knelt down and from under the bed retrieved the photos of her.

"Do you like looking at these pictures of me?" Both boys in unison replied, 'we sure do." She noticed they both had bulges in there shorts.

Smiling at them she asked, do you like my tits?" Now Al was first to answer "more then anything mom," Jamal said yes mama. "Have either one of you ever seen real tits before?" Both boys shock their heads no in response. "I see you are both spouting boners, are they because of me?" Now Jamal looked straight into her eyes yes mama. "Ok I have a suggestion, in this room my name is Jill, got it!" Jamal spoke "got it Jill." "The next thing is I would very much like to see your cocks if you wanted to show me them that is, in case you are not aware girls like to look at cock." Both boys exchanged glances and pulled their shorts off, both cocks sprang straight up.

"Wow you both have very nice cocks." "Mom how big are your breasts?" "In this room honey their tits, they are 42C, would you like to see them?" Both boys shook their heads in unison.

Jill pulled her t shirt off and unhooked her bra; she let it fall slowly off her shoulders. She stood facing the boys with her tits completely in their full view. She giggled as she realized her nipples were as hard as rocks and almost an inch long. "Well guys I'm busted, my nipples are telling you I'm as excited as you guys are." All three laughed then Jamal asked "Jill can we touch them?" "I was hoping you would ask, yes please do." She sat on the bed and each boys sat next too her.

They both started rubbing and sucking her nipples. This only further excited her, her pussy was very wet and she started moaning, "Oh god that feels good." A slight tingle in her pussy and she felt a small climax hit and she was instantly soaked.

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She smiled "now what am I going to do about these two lovely hard cocks?" Al asked her,"Would you give us blow jobs?" "I would love to, who's first?" Jamal looked at Al "go ahead she's your mom." "No you're my best friend and your cock is much bigger then mine, you go first." Jamal stood up she was now looking at her first large black cock.

With one hand she started messaging is nut sack while she kissed the head alternating with her lips and tongue. From the sounds coming from him he was enjoying it. Now she opened wide and swallowed almost the whole cock.

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His cock was at least seven inches long and fat, it she ever hopped to swallow the whole thing she would need plenty of practice. She was quite sure they would both be willing to help her practice.

As she was bobbing his cock in and out of her mouth suddenly he moaned, the next thing she knew cum was gushing down her throat and in her mouth.


The volume was so great she chocked and cum passed through her nose, but she kept swallowing. Finally after what seemed like 30 seconds his cock stopped. She let his cock plop out of her mouth. "Wow Jamal you cum in quarts is it always that much?" "Sorry Jill I always cum like that unless I haven't popped a nut in a couple of days and then it's like a facet." "That's ok honey it was wonderful, I'd like to see it if you held off a couple of days." Al stood up and shoved his cock in her mouth.

"Umm now this is my boy." She proceeded to kiss and suck him while gently messaging his nut sack. Al didn't last as long as Jamal and blasted his cum almost filling her mouth. Swallowing the last drop she looked at him, "that was yummy baby, did you enjoy it?" "Mom you're the best, it's all over your tits, hair, face and sweat pants." "Do you like the look, of a cum covered mom?" "Yes I do." Jamal tapped her on the shoulder with his rock hard cock.

"Jamal would you like another blow job?" "Yes please Jill." She went to work sucking the large black cock and after several minutes was rewarded with another large amount of thick sperm. Al's cock needed one more blow job as well before they both seemed drained.

Jamal looked at her, "Jill you are covered with cum I like the look it's hot. Can I take a picture on my phone of you?" "I guess so just be sure to keep it safe so no one sees it but you." Both guys took several pictures of her drenched in cum. Finally she stood up, "where's my bra and t shirt I've got to go upstairs your brothers will be home soon." She wiped as much cum off her tits, chest hair and face as possible with her t shirt.

"I can't put this shirt back on I'll go up in my bra and go straight to my room, no you two relax." As she headed for the stares she realized her crotch was soaking wet, she actually had a stain in the front. I hope Brian (her 13 year son) wasn't home yet. No sooner had she gotten to the kitchen then in walked Brian. His eyes bugged out as he saw his mother standing their in only her bra.

Their eyes met, "sorry honey I was cleaning up some spilled water and my t shirt got wet so I put it in the hamper and was on my way to my room." "No sweat mom I really like the look, you got water on your sweats too." She ran to her bedroom without kissing him hello.

Once in her room alone with the door closed she just stood their savoring the taste of cum in her mouth.

Her pussy was soaked; if she was going to get through the rest of the day however she would at least need to shower and right now. After a quick shower she put on jeans and a fresh blouse, wrapping a towel around her hair she went to see where her two younger boys were. She heard the back door and heard her 7 year old Adam yelling "mom I'm hungry." She gave him milk and a few cookies and chatted about whether he had homework. Realizing he did she told him to get to his room and get it done she would be up later to check on him.

As she headed down the hall she past Brian's room, the door was open just a crack. What she saw startled her; he was seated at his computer watching a porn video. She was still on a sexual high from her encounter with Al and Jamal so she walked in and closed the door.

"Mom, don't you knock first?" "Well I saw you watching porn and thought you were going to jerk off I figured I could help." Brian sat there for a few seconds before he responded "are you kidding?" "No baby I thought you may need a good blow job.

But if you'd rather jerk off alone I'll leave." "No mom I'd really like a good blow job." "Ok good no lets see that cock, and honey you can't tell anyone about this." "I know mom you think I'm stupid?" She removed her blouse and bra and for the second time today her nipples were sticking straight out. His cock was average size for a 13 year old boy maybe 5 inches, but it got hard right away. With her tits swinging free she started the in and out sucking movement. He grabbed her head and shoved his cock all the way down her throat; she had no problem swallowing the entire thing.

He couldn't believe how good it felt. He as moaning in less then two minutes and as he grabbed her head he shoved it down her throat and cum started flowing. She felt three good size blasts go straight down her throat; she pulled back and allowed the rest of his cum to be deposited in her mouth.

She smiled and swallowed the entire load. Pulling back so his cock slipped out of her mouth she sat back on her legs and smiled up at him. "Now wasn't that better then jerking off?" "I'll say it was can we do it again?" "Well maybe later but now I have to get cleaned up and down stares to start dinner.

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As she rose up she planted a kiss on the head of his cock and put her bra and blouse back on, back to her bedroom to get the additional cum off her.

In her bedroom she just sat looking in the mirror, Jill what you have done, you've sucked off your two sons and his black friend and you loved it, you are the worse kind of perverted slut. She giggled and with cum still in her hair headed for the kitchen.

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Al and Jamal were asleep in the basement; her youngest was sitting at the kitchen table working hard on his homework. "Hey Adam, how about franks and beans for dinner?" "Sounds great mom, but Al and Brian will be farting all night." "I know honey but it's a nice quick meal." She opened the basement door "Al will Jamal be staying for dinner?" There was a long pause then Jamal yelled "not tonight Mrs.

R but thanks for the invite." As the three ate dinner she picked at her food, Al looked at her "not hungry mom?" "Well honey I had a protein drink at around two and I'm still full." Al smiled and continued eating. After dinner the boys split up Brian and Adam went to their rooms to play video games, Al went down stares to watch TV. Kitchen cleaned she headed for the den to read.

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She heard Al yell, "Mom can you come down her for a few minutes?" She walked to the stares "Al what do you need?" "Please mom," she shrugged and headed down.

He was seated in the spare bedroom on the bed with his short around his ankles and a very nice boner. She walked in the room and closed the door. "I see my new friend is happy to see me." "Yes he has a protein shake for you." "Ok Al but we've got to hurry as your brothers are heaven only knows where?" She dropped to her knees Al was rubbing her tits as she more jerked then sucked his cock. It took a while longer but he started moaning and she knew he was close. She wrapped her lips around the head and started sucking.

He grunted and blew cum into her mouth, which he proceeded to fill to overflowing once again. She swallowed all his cum, got up, kissed him on the lips so he could taste it. She gave him a look, "thank you honey, I can't believe I've had so much cum today, I'm glad it's not fattening. She fixed her blouse and headed for the den. As she sat down with a rag mag she thought this had certainly been one wonderful day.