Gay blowjobs by straight dude for cash on pawn shop video

Gay blowjobs by straight dude for cash on pawn shop video
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I'm being Blackmailed by Vanessa Evans All characters involved in any sexual activities in this story were over 18 when the events took place. Hi, my name's Claire and I'm being blackmailed into being a slut. That's very true but I guess that I should start at the beginning. I'm 19 and come from what I suppose you could call a middle class family.

When I left college a year ago I was lucky enough to get a job as an office junior at a smallish electronic surveillance company.

When I say smallish I mean the boss (Tony) the techie (Sandra) and 4 field installation guys; all in their mid-twenties. All went great for the first 3 months and I was fitting in quite well, getting along just great with everyone in the company. Then I made 2 really terrible mistakes. Mistake number one was to miss-calculate an invoice to a company that Tony knows that I know the owner. He's the father of one of my best friends. Mistake number two was to use the company's internet to access porn sites.

I'd better explain that. You see I'm a normal healthy 19 year-old girl, without a boyfriend, who has fantasies and sexual urges. The installation guys are out on the road just about all the time and both Tony and Sandra have to go to visit customers quite a lot.

It was a Monday, the weather was warm, I was on my own at work and I was bored so I started searching the internet for sites that gave me information on my fantasy (being submissive, being dominated and getting gang-banged). I found a few sites and forums and struck-up an online conversation with a man who asked all the right questions and got me weighed-up in minutes.

Within 30 minutes I was describing what I wanted men to do to me. I knew that I was safe because I signed-up under a false name (SubGirl). I knew that if I got scared all I had to do was logoff so I was quite open with the answers that I gave. We'd had a long conversation and I felt really horny by the time Tony and Sandra came back and I had to logoff.

The next afternoon Tony and Sandra were out again so I logged on to the forum and with minutes the same man started chatting to me again. This time he started daring me to do things for him in front of the webcam. I knew that I was safe so I agreed. The dares started quite tame, like take my shoes off and show my bare feet to the webcam.

There was a couple of other tame dares then he sprang something a lot more personal. He dared me to take my knickers off and prove to him that I'd done it. That didn't sound that bad until he told me that I'd have to show him my bare pussy to prove it. My heart fluttered and I felt my pussy get warm and wet. Okay I thought, I'm safe here so let's do it. But first I told him that I'd have to go and lock the outside door. A bit more about myself before I continue.

I'm 5 foot 3 inches tall, long blonde hair and a 34B 24 34 figure. I stood in front of the webcam and slowly pulled my skirt up showing the man my black, see-through thong. Then I slowly pulled my thong down showing him my bald pussy. By then my pussy was soaking and craving some attention. "Not good enough slut." The man said, "Take them right off and hold them up for me to see." So I did, letting go of my skirt as I did so. "Still not good enough; take the skirt right off." Even basic logic told me that it had gone too far but I was caught between my fantasy and reality.

My fantasy won and I unfastened my skirt which fell straight to the floor. I was an excited, nervous wreck that couldn't stop. Before long the man had talked me into getting total naked and sitting on my chair masturbating while he watched it all. It didn't take me long to cum. After that he told me to put 3 fingers in my pussy then lick them clean; and I did.

After that he told me that I'd done enough for one day and that I should sign-on to the forum again the next day. I just sat there, naked as the day I was born for ages before the phone rang. It was weird talking about work whilst sitting there stark naked. It certainly brought me back to reality. After the conversation ended I quickly got dressed and unlocked the door.

By the time that Tony and Sandra returned everything was back to normal. Or so I thought. The next morning just after all the installation guys had left Tony called me into his office and my world crashed. Tony accused me of theft, misuse of company equipment and lewd behaviour in the workplace.

He told me that it was grounds for instant dismissal and prosecution by the police. He said that I was looking at a big fine, or even some time in jail. At first I denied it but Tony had proof. When he produced the invoice I pleaded that it was a simple mistake. I couldn't do the same for the evidence of the rest of my 'crime'. I should have realised that a company of that nature would have lots of surveillance cameras all around, and recordings from the lot; but I just hadn't thought about it.

There was even one that had close-up of my bald pussy. Where the hell was that camera? As well as that lot there was a recording of my online chat. Oh boy, was I embarrassed. Tony clicked on 5 videos from different angles in the main office, all showing me naked and frigging away. One video showed every internet page that I'd looked at that day. By that time I was crying my heart out. When Tony asked me what I thought that my parents would think I just about started going hysterical.

It would kill my parents if they ever found out. "I'm so sorry Tony; please don't tell anyone about this." I pleaded in between the streams of tears. "It's a very serious matter Claire, I can't just forget about it. I should really go to the police; and tell your parents; it's the right thing to do." Tony said. "Please Tony, please don't tell anyone. I'll do anything that you tell me; absolutely anything. I just can't let my parents find out what I've done." There was a long pause where Tony just stared at me and I kept crying.

"Well Claire I can't just let this go without you accepting some form of punishment." "Anything Tony; I'll do anything and everything that you ask." "How do I know that you mean that Claire?" "Just tell me Tony and I'll do it." "Okay then I believe that all punishments should fit the crime." "Me too." I interrupted. "Right then; your punishment will come in many parts over a long period of time.

You'll hate parts of it and not want to do what I tell you; but at the first hint of you refusing to do what I say I will be on that phone to the police and your parents. Is that understood?" "Yes Tony." "Okay then Claire, take your clothes off." "WHAT!" "You heard me Claire, strip now or it's the phone." I just stood there stunned.

How could my boss order me to strip naked?


This wasn't right. But there again, what I had done wasn't right. What choice did I have? My hands slowly moved up to the button on my top. They were shaking like hell and I had awful trouble trying to get the buttons undone.

"I can't do this Tony." Tony reached for the phone. "Okay, okay; I'll do it just so long as you promise not to tell my parents or the police." "I told you Claire; you do exactly as I say and there's no need for me to involve your parent or the police." My still shaking hands started working on the buttons again.

It took a while but I managed to get them undone and slowly took my top off. As my top hit the floor Tony said, "Come on Claire, you can undress quicker than that." My skirt was next, leaving me stood there in my black lacy bra and another black see-through thong.

"I see that you like see-through thongs Claire, shame, you look good in it. Get it off, and the bra." I wondered what he meant by the word 'shame' as I finished stripping then held my hands over my breasts and pussy.

"Don't be shy Claire, you were happy to show everything to that man yesterday so put those hands down." Tony said. Tony had me stand there for a couple of minutes, me feeling so ashamed. Then he said, "Open your legs Claire, about 2 feet." My eyes went wide open then I realised that I'd have to do it.

As my feet spread I could feel the air on my pussy. It felt cooling even though it was a warm day. Tony let me stew for another couple of minutes before he told me to come over to his desk and bend over it.

I slowly moved forward and as I bent over I felt my hard nipples touch the desk and realised that I was excited. I sure as hell didn't want to be, but I was. My thoughts went to my pussy and I realised that it was wet, very wet.

What's more I had 'that' feeling. Tony was still sat there with my head right in front of his chest. "Look up at me Claire." I raised my head. "Claire, I am about to give you a spanking. This will be the first of many until I think that you have learnt your lesson. You will submit to these without question. There will be other punishments that you will also submit to without question.

Do you understand?" "Yes Tony." Tony stood up and the bulging front of his trousers was right in my face. I gasped a little as I saw that bulge. My thought were torn between, "Oh no, please don't fuck me," and "please Tony, fuck me hard." I said nothing; nothing until Tony went behind me and slapped my butt so hard that I yelped and jumped up.

"Get back down and spread those feet wider." I blushed as I realised the view that Tony was getting. What's more my pussy was very wet and hot.

Tony slapped my bare butt 9 more times. It hurt like hell and by about the fourth slap I was crying and pleading for him to stop. When Tony finally stopped my butt was on fire. "Stand up straight girl." Tony said. As I did, he continued, "And put your hands by your sides." Tony went and sat at his desk then looked up at me. I was looking at the floor at my feet; my nipples were rock hard, my pussy ached for attention, my butt hurt like hell; and I was still crying.

"Right Claire," Tony said, "a few new rules for you: - 1. From now on you will not wear any underwear while you are at work. Every day starting tomorrow, at 5 o'clock you will strip naked at your desk then go to the kitchen and lay on your back on the table with your arms and legs spread wide then wait for whoever's turn it is to punish you.

If anyone else comes into the room you will ignore them. But if no one else arrives within 30 minutes you may get dressed and go home. 2. You will do whatever any of us tell you without delay and without question. 3. If anything is delivered whilst you are naked you will stop whatever you are doing and go and answer the door without getting dressed. 4. You will shave your whole pubic region every morning. 5. You will not wear any make-up to work.

Two reasons, firstly you don't need it, you have beautiful face; and secondly when you cry it makes a right mess on your face. 6. You will wear micro skirts and see-through tops to work every day. Do you have any question?" "Sorry Tony but I don't have any micro skirts or see-through tops." "Okay, I should have guessed that. Go on to the internet and purchase some.

Use the company credit card but don't go crazy. I don't expect any of the skirts to be more than 8 inches long and the see-through tops must show plenty of skin. Let me see the pictures of each one before you buy it; I want to approve it. Do you have a tennis skirt or old school gym skirt?" "Yes Tony." "Tonight you will shorten it to 8 inches long and wear it until the new ones arrive. As for a top, wear your smallest one tomorrow and we'll modify it if I think that it isn't revealing enough.

Any more questions Claire?" "How long is this going to go on for? "As long as I think it is necessary." "Are you going to stop my pay?" "No." "I can't go in and out of home dressed like you are telling me without my parents getting upset. Please can I arrive and leave work in my normal clothes?" "Fair point Claire; yes you may, minus all underwear. When you arrive you will go straight to your desk and strip and go to the kitchen like I said earlier. You will do this immediately, regardless of who is in the office.

I will be watching you and I never want to see you wearing underwear when you strip, understand slut?" "Yes boss." "Tomorrow will be an exception to the rule. In the morning you will get changed into the skirt and top that you bring from home as soon as you arrive.

I will be holding a meeting first thing to tell everyone about your crime and punishment and you will be there. After the meeting you will have your first punishment administered by one of the team. Do you understand?" I nodded. "Right, put your bra and thong in the rubbish bin and put your skirt and top on. Then go and wash that mess off your face." Tony ordered.

I went and got cleaned up and for a minute or so I just stood looking at myself in the mirror. I asked myself a few questions: - "What the hell have I got myself in to?" "What am I going to do?" "Can I survive this?" "Why did I want Tony to fuck me?" "Why am I so wet and horny?" I didn't have any answers so I straightened my top and skirt. As I did so I saw my nipples trying to poke through my top.

I hoped that they weren't going to be like that all day. As I walked back to my desk Sandra said, "Been a naughty girl Claire?" "Yes," was all I said. My butt hurt as I sat down. The rest of the day was reasonably quiet apart from when the postman arrived. I had to go and let him in.

As I was signing for a package I could see that he was staring at my chest. I felt my nipples get even harder and start to throb. I started looking for skirts and tops on the internet.

It didn't take me long to find some obscenely short ones. How any girl could wear a skirt that short I just didn't know. Then I remembered why I was looking at them. I blushed a little as I imagined me wearing one of those skirts at work. I bookmarked quite a few pages then went and told Tony what I had found and asked him to come and look at them. He came and stood next to me as I pulled up the pages. While I was doing that Tony said, "Undo the top 2 buttons of your top Claire; I want to see your tits while we do this." Without even thinking I did as I was told.

I felt my nipples get harder. Tony wasn't too happy with some of my selections and he took the mouse and searched through and found some even shorter skirts. He selected 2 that had built-in knickers and he told me that I had to cut them out as soon as they arrived. One of the other skirts that he selected wasn't really a skirt; it was 2 rectangles of material that would leave my hips exposed. I shuddered at the thought of having to wear that at work. He told me to search swimwear sites for see-through skirts and cover-ups.

When I'd found some I went and told Tony, He came back to my desk and selected what he wanted me to order. All in all I put over a thousand pounds on the company credit card. None of it was on clothes that any normal girls would wear at work (unless she was a hooker), but I was going to have to wear them.

I suddenly realised that people were going to think that I was a hooker; or at the very best, a slut. Tony had already called me that. Maybe he was right. When I got home that night I went straight to my room and cried and cried.

Then I found myself masturbating and couldn't understand why I was sexually excited. After a couple of hours I got off my bed and looked for my old gym skirt.

Then I got out a pair of scissors. When I put the shortened skirt on it looked indecent; I could feel my bare butt and pussy when I touched the hem. There was no way that I could bend over in that skirt. I put on my briefest crop top and looked in the mirror. I really did look like a slut.

I was right; there was no way that I could let my parent see me like that. I took them off and got into bed naked. I cried myself to sleep but my hand was cupping my pussy from the second I got into bed.

My hand was still there when I woke up. What's more my pussy was very wet. I wondered if I'd been masturbating in my sleep. I got to work early and saw that Tony was the only other person there. As instructed I went straight to my desk and got changed into my horrible revealing outfit. When I turned round I saw that Tony had been watching me. When the last person arrived Tony called us all into his office.

He went through the work for the day and discussed a couple of problems with the guys then he said, "Gentlemen, Sandra; Claire is with us this morning because I have a very important issue to tell you all about.

Yesterday I had to discipline Claire for theft, misuse of company equipment and lewd behaviour. The crimes were so bad that I could have called the police and had her arrested.

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If I'd done that Claire would have been in jail by now. As Claire had been doing so well up until yesterday I offered her an alternative to jail. That alternative is the reason for her change of appearance this morning and for the fact that she is happy to submit to being punished by all of us in a way that I doubt anyone of you would have expected.

Yesterday Claire stripped naked and I spanked her bare butt until it was bright red. Each evening at 5 o'clock, until I decide otherwise, you all will take it in turns to administer a spanking to Claire's. You will have 30 minutes to complete that task.

I will let you decide who does it on which days and how you decide to administer it. Gentlemen, please get that table at the back of the store area out and put it in the kitchen area then find that sponge mat and put that on the table. That table is to be Claire's punishment table and is to be used for nothing else. It may be needed for punishment at any time and I don't want to have to clear it.

Today Claire will get punished twice; once right now and then again at 5 o'clock. Sandra, as you are the only other female here I would like you to be the first to administer a spanking. Gentlemen off you go; Claire, take your clothes off and go to the kitchen and wait for everything to be ready." "Please Tony," I pleaded, "please don't make me do this, not in front of everyone." "Claire, you accepted the deal yesterday; either strip or pass me the phone." I slowly stripped and was then told to take my skirt and top to my desk.

As I walked I saw that Sandra had an evil looking grin on her face. In the kitchen I stood there trying to hide my tits and pussy as the guys brought the table in and covered it with the sponge mat. We all waited a couple of minutes for Tony to come in. When he arrived he told me to get on the table any lay like he had told me. I climbed on and lay on my back with my legs closed and my arms by my side.

I felt so embarrassed as everyone watched me. "Claire, remember how I said you have to lay?" I slowly opened my legs and spread my arms. I was spread-eagled, naked, in front of all my work colleagues. I was so ashamed that I just wanted to crawl into a corner and die.

Tony let everyone look at me for what seemed like hours before he turned to Sandra and said, "Right Sandra, 10 spanks, how would you like Claire to be positioned?" "Hmm, I've been thinking about that; how about we raise her legs and put them as far back as they will go?" Sandra said.

"Sounds good to me." Tony said. "Claire lift your legs, keep them spread wide and put them as far back as you can. Gentlemen, when Claire is ready you grab her ankles and hold them to stop her moving." I just wanted to die. Tears were streaming down my face but I could feel that my pussy was getting wet. "What shall I use to spank her?" Sandra asked. "You can use whatever you like, but you must not break her skin." Tony replied. Sandra chose to use her hand and stepped forward and proceeded to quickly give me 10 slaps.

Needless to say that I was crying; I pleaded for her to stop but she just continued. When it was over Tony said, "Okay, that's it for this morning; Claire will be here at 5 o'clock for her next punishment. Don't forget to decide who will administer it gentlemen." With that Tony turned and walked out. The guys let go of my ankles then spent the next 5 minutes deciding who would be there at 5 o'clock.

I lowered my legs and just lay there crying. The guys left and I slowly got off the table and walked back to my desk. As I slowly got dressed and stopped crying Sandra asked me if I was okay. The she said that she was sorry that she hurt me.

I replied, "That's okay, I know that I deserved it so don't feel bad." It was as I was putting my skirt on that I realised that my pussy was dripping. I wondered why because there was no way that I'd enjoyed the spanking. I finished getting dressed then got on with my work, albeit standing up for the next couple of hours. At lunch time I heard the beeping from the snack van that comes round. I'd forgotten about him, but I decided that I couldn't face him and that I'd skip lunch.

Then I heard Tony shout for me. When I went to him he gave me some money and told me to go and get him a bacon butty. My heart dropped as I realised that I'd have to go and face the snack van man. As I walked outside the wind blew my skirt up and a fresh breeze licked round my pussy. I suddenly realised that I liked that but I still held my skirt down. Rajeev, the snack van man complimented me on my outfit telling me that I looked great. I pretended not to hear him, but I did blush.

When I got back to our door I turned to look back and saw that Rajeev was watching me. I hoped that he couldn't have seen my bare butt. During the afternoon I started to get used to being dressed like that, and I managed to sit and get some work done.

Before I knew it Sandra was leaving so I knew that it was 5 o'clock. I looked round. We were the only 3 people there and I just hoped that one of the guys would get back in time. Tony looked at me, then at the clock.

I got the message and stood up and slowly stripped. Then I went to the kitchen. Tony had followed me and watched me as I got on the table and spread myself wide. "Please Tony," I said, "haven't I been punished enough? Please let me go home." "No Claire, I will decide when you have had enough; and it won't be for quite a long time so get used to this." I just lay there dreading what was going to happen.

The strange thing was that my nipples were rock hard and they and my pussy was tinging. Surely I couldn't be getting aroused by this horrible situation. Before I could answer myself, Pete walked in, "Sorry I'm late, traffic." "She's all yours Pete. Make sure that her butts nice and red." Tony said as he turned and left. Pete stood at my feet staring at my pussy that was getting wetter by the second.

After about 30 seconds he told me to get on my hands and knees. When I did my knees weren't apart enough so he told me to spread them. I felt my labia part as my knees parted. I could feel the embarrassment turning into tears even before Pete's hand hit me. I squealed as the tears became a flood. By the time number 10 had landed my butt hurt like hell and my pussy was on fire too. I hoped that Pete couldn't tell how aroused I was. "Sorry Claire," Pete said," I hope that I didn't hurt you too much; and don't be embarrassed by getting turned-on by it, lots of women do.

Some even cum when they're spanked. It's just the way women are built." I was confused. I just stayed there, still on my hands and knees for ages. I just couldn't understand why I was feeling the way I was. After a while Tony came in and told me to get dressed and go home. It hurt when I got into my car. At home mum asked me if I was okay, she said that I looked under the weather then she got one of my favourite meals ready.

Afterwards I went to my room, stripped and looked at myself in the mirror. Was I really getting turned-on by being spanked? I got my laptop out and did some research. What Pete said was right; apparently a lot of women do get turned-on by pain and spanking; and humiliation. Most of them admitted to being submissive as well. I realised that I could have been reading about myself. I put my dressing gown on when mum called to say that tea was ready. After I'd eaten I went straight back to my room and took the gown off.

I looked at myself in the mirror and asked myself what was wrong with me. When I went to bed I again stayed naked and masturbated until I fell asleep with my hand on my pussy and a finger inside me. I woke next morning feeling much better and less confused. Overnight my brain had accepted that I was submissive and that I did get turned-on by the embarrassment, humiliation, and being spanked.

I still didn't want to have to get naked and wear those horrible clothes. At work I was watched by Aaron and Duncan (installation guys) as I stripped naked and put those horrible clothes on. Although I was embarrassed I didn't feel so ashamed.

I even stood facing them as I got changed. The day went okay until the postman arrived. He had a little package that needed signing for. My face was bright red as I signed his little machine. The package was the first of my new wardrobe. When I went and told Tony that it had arrived he told me to strip naked and try it on. When I told him that it was only a skirt he told me that it didn't matter; I still had to get naked. I did and then put the skirt on.

It was a little bit shorter than my cut down school skirt and it was see-through. The fact that it was see-through was irrelevant because it didn't cover my butt completely, or my pussy.

OMG; I felt horrible when Tony told me that I looked great and that I had to keep that skirt on for the rest of the day. I thought about the snack van man and suddenly realised that my pussy was getting wet. Was I really looking forward to going outside and letting Rajeev look at my pussy through that skirt?

Tony told me to put my top back on and get on with my work. When I heard the snack van's horn beeping my heart skipped beat. I suddenly decided that I was going to skip lunch. That decision was taken away from me when Tony came over and said, "Come on Claire, get your purse. Quickly or he'll be gone." What choice did I have?

I picked up my purse and followed Tony. As soon as the door opened the front of the skirt blew up. Rajeev was waiting with a grin on his face. He watched every step that I made. "Nice skirt Claire." Rajeev said as I got closer.

I got a wet rush and my pussy tingled. "Thank you Rajeev, I'm glad that you like it." I said trying to sound as normal as possible. What I really wanted to say was, "It's horrible, and this man is making me wear it," but I didn't. We got served and as I walked back I could feel Rajeev's eyes burning my exposed butt cheeks. The rest of the afternoon went reasonably well until 5 o'clock. I stood up and Sandra, Tony and Bob (installation guy) watched as I slowly stripped. I walked to the kitchen with my head down and climbed onto the table.

As I spread my arms and legs my eyes and my pussy got wet; and my nipples started to ache and my pussy tingled. "Claire," Bob said, "I'm sorry about this but you have to learn what is right and what is wrong." "I know Bob.

I'm really sorry for what I did. I know that you have to do this so how do you want me?" "Don't move Claire; I can get at your tits and pussy the way you are." I panicked a little as I realised the implications of what he had said.

Then the first slap hit my right breast. I screamed. Then it was my left breast. I screamed again. I saw Tony appear at the door a second before Bob's hand came down on my pussy. I screamed again then saw Tony's grin. "I didn't think of doing that Bob; that's a good idea." Bob went round my 3 sensitive parts again then looked at Tony. The tears were pouring down the sides of my face as Bob said, "Where shall I land the last one Tony?" "Pussy." Tony said.

As soon as it landed and I'd screamed again Tony disappeared saying, "Lock-up on your way out Claire. See you on Monday." "Sorry Claire." Bob said again then he too left.

I lay there for a while then put my hand to my pussy. It was so tender and hot. I opened my lips and touched my clit. A bolt of pleasure shot through me and I started to cum. My body writhed about that table for a couple of minutes before I started to calm down. "What the hell was that?" I thought; even though I knew what it was. "Why had that happened?" I correctly asked myself. As I lay there I wondered what was happening to me. Eventually I got up, walked to my desk and got dressed into my 'home' clothes.

I locked up and drove home in a bit of a dream world. "Still feeling a bit under the weather?" My mother asked. "You go and have a hot bath and I'll put some soup on." I smiled a little as I walked up the stairs. Soup is my mother's answer to all ailments.

In the bath I looked at my breasts. They were still a bit red and my nipples were sore and rock hard. Even after Bob's abuse they still managed to get hard.

I touched my clit and jerked a bit. I thought about playing with it but decided to leave it. As the water started to cool down I heard my mother shout that the soup was ready. I got out and put a robe on then went downstairs and had my soup.

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"Feel better?" Mother asked. "Yes thank you mum." "Magic stuff my soup isn't it?" "Yes mum." I went to bed and tried to work out what was happening to me. My right hand involuntarily went to my clit and started rubbing.

When I woke up my pussy was dripping. Had I been masturbating in my sleep again? I just didn't know much anymore. I had the weekend to try to make some sense of my feelings but I couldn't.

Every chance that I got I put my hand on my bare pussy and played with it. I must have had 7 or 8 orgasms that weekend. It didn't help that I had to go and do some shopping. As I was driving into town I asked myself why I hadn't put any underwear on that morning and gone out in only a thin summer dress.

Tony wasn't with me so how would he know. I asked myself if I wanted to be naked under my thin dress. At a set of traffic lights I put my hand up my skirt and touched my pussy.

It was so wet and when I touched my clit I nearly exploded. Walking round town in a bit of a daze I started to think that maybe I liked dressing like that. On impulse I went into a clothes shop and bought a much shorter summer dress. The top was scooped low and showed lots of cleavage. The shop girl was happy to let me leave wearing my new dress and she even cut the tags off for me.

As I walked down the street I felt nervous and excited; and still confused. As I got into my car to go home I looked down at my lap.

The short dress had ridden up and I could see my bare pubes. Normally I would have straightened my skirt, but I didn't; I drove home with my pubes on display. When I got home my mother looked at me and said, "A bit risque isn't it?" She obviously didn't approve and just 'tutted' when I said, "It's the fashion these days mum; all the girls are wearing clothes like this." My dad smiled at me and when mother went out of the room and he told me that I looked beautiful.

I felt good too. When I went up to my room I stood in front of the mirror and experimented lifting the dress bit by bit until I could see my wet pussy. I stood with my legs apart and looked at my clit just showing between my lips.

That was when I had to give myself one of the 7 or 8 orgasms. I still didn't understand why I was feeling like I was. The full team was there when I got to work on the Monday morning.

I had a little panic until I looked at the clock and saw that I wasn't late. At my desk I opened the draw and looked up; everyone was looking at me. I, almost defiantly, stripped and stared back at them before putting the see-through skirt and the top on.

A thought flashed through my brain, "I hope that one of the see-through tops arrives this morning." Then I told myself to stop being stupid and I sat down and started my work. Some more of my new clothes did arrive that morning and a see-through top was one of the items. When they arrived Tony had me strip and model each item for him. For some weird reason I wasn't as reluctant to strip for Tony and I didn't start crying. Tony must have sensed that I was getting used to it because he pushed the limit a bit further by putting his hands on my breasts on top of one of the new tops.

He used the pretence of wanting to feel the material but I'm sure that he just wanted to touch my tits. When the snack van man arrived I just got up, grabbed my purse and walked out. Tony had had me discard my original top saying that it didn't go with my new skirts. He was right, they didn't go together but at least it wasn't see-through. As I walked out of the door I realised that I didn't feel anywhere as near bad as I had done the last week; in fact I felt a little wet rush and my nipples harden as I saw Rajeev looking expectantly for me.

Rajeev again complimented me on my outfit telling me that he liked the 'new' Claire and I again felt his eyes looking at me as I walked back to the door. 5 o'clock came and I got nervous again.

It was obviously Duncan's turn to punish me as he was stood at the kitchen door watching me get undressed. Neither of us said anything as I walked passed him and got onto the table. Spreading myself wide I waited as Duncan just stared at me. It seemed like forever until Duncan said, "On your hands and knees Claire." I turned over and got into the required positon, spreading my knees quite wide. I buried my face in the sponge mat knowing that Duncan would be staring at my open pussy.

Duncan slapped my butt hard; then again. I started to cry but still managed to hear both Tony and Sandra leaving and telling Duncan to lock-up on his way out. Slap 3 and 4 were just as hard. As the rest of the 10 landed my butt was on fire and my pussy was hot and getting wetter by the second.

As the 10th landed I was relieved that it was over but my pussy was aching for attention. Duncan must have sensed this because he started fingering me. In and out went first one then two fingers. Within a couple of minutes I was cumming, screaming for Duncan to keep going. He did, and I had another orgasm. Duncan removed is hand and I slid my knees back and just lay there on my stomach.

"Thank you for that Claire;" Duncan said, "I've been wanting to do that since the first day that you walked in in here." I didn't say anything as Duncan left, reminding me to lock-up. I pushed my right hand under me and cupped my pussy. I just needed something pressing on my clit.

After about 5 minutes I was recovered enough to get up and go and get dressed. As I walked out I looked at the kitchen table and smiled to myself. I didn't feel bad. I still had a smile on my face when I got home. My mother told me that I looked much better, that my cheeks had a rosy glow. I grinned thinking, "And the other ones too." The Tuesday saw more clothes arrive and another smile on the postman's face as I signed his machine.

He cheekily said that he enjoyed delivering to us as he was staring at my see-through top; my nipples trying to cut their way out. The snack van man was pleased to see me as well. So were 2 guys from the unit further down that hand come up to the van there rather than waiting for it to move down. I was blushing like hell as they tried to make conversation with me.

I got away as soon as I could and hurried back to work. Duncan must have spread the word of what he did to me because when Aaron came to spank me he too fingered me and brought me to another shattering orgasm. Again I was so embarrassed that I had cum and I just lay there for ages after he'd left. The other weird thing was that after he'd gone I touched my clit I had another mini orgasm.

Why was that? It was Sandra the next evening and she wanted to spank me the same way as she had done before. When she came into the kitchen Tony was with her. I was instructed to raise my legs and Tony held them while Sandra spanked me. Sandra must have a bit of an evil streak because her spanks hurt like hell, more than the ones from the guys.

When I was crying I wanted ask her to be more gentle but I knew that Tony would use that to get her to spank me harder. I was glad when the 10 were over and I was expecting Tony to release my ankles but he didn't. The next thing that I knew something big was invading my pussy.

"What the fuck?" I said; then went back to crying. "Well Claire, the guys tell me that they've been finger fucking you and that you've had some orgasms. Sandra wanted to be slightly different so she went and bought a big dildo.

Perhaps this will humiliate you and make you regret what you have done." Sandra showed no mercy; the dildo went in and out, gradually getting faster and faster. I tried not to get aroused but it was hopeless. All too soon I started cumming, and cumming, and cumming. Sandra just wouldn't stop. After about the fifth orgasm she finally got tired and stopped. Tony let go of my legs and they dropped back to the table. They both watched me as I slowly got back to something like normal.

"Fuck Claire," Sandra said, "you really are a slut; I've never seen anyone cum like that." Tony said, "Claire, I've told the guys to get a little more adventurous with you. Perhaps we can find something that doesn't turn you on so easily." I was amazed; they were talking as if me cumming was my fault.

I wasn't the one ramming things into my pussy. I was left to lock-up again. The next morning Tony watched me strip naked then called me into his office. "Claire, I see that you now have so many new clothes that you are having trouble putting all of them in your desk.

Before you start your work clear the rubbish out of that cupboard and then use it as your wardrobe; but not for your 'home' clothes. Each morning you will strip at your desk then come over here and wait for me to select what you will wear for the day.

Do you understand?" "Yes Tony." "Right then, all that rubbish wants to go in the skip out the back." I just stood there. "What is it Claire?" "You said out the back; as in outside. But I have no clothes on." "I can see that. You've gone out to that snack van wearing next to nothing so going out the back with nothing on shouldn't be a problem to you; anything else?" "Err yes, it's my period next week." "And?" "And I use panty-liners." "Not any more you don't; get yourself some tampons.

I guess that you'll have to find another way to let the guys humiliate you." I spent the next hour walking backwards and forwards to the skip hoping that no one saw me. I know that I've been outside virtually naked before but actually being naked was different. It was more exciting. The wind blowing round my pussy and nipples felt good. I was in a reasonably good mood when my new wardrobe had all my new clothes in; even if they were clothes that I would never buy for myself, and never wear, anywhere, if I didn't have to.

The other thing was that there were clothes that I'd never seen before and never ordered. I assumed that Tony had ordered them for me. Some of them were so skimpy that I may as well not have bothered.

The delivery man arrived before Tony told me what he wanted me to wear and Sandra told me to go and sign for whatever it was as I was. I stopped feeling good and started feeling very embarrassed again as I signed for the package. It was more clothes; and some heels. I knew that I hadn't ordered them so Tony or Sandra must have done it. I was just hanging them up when Tony came in and saw them. "Good, they've arrived. Today you will wear that string vest and the black heels.

I slipped the sting vest over my head and quickly realized that it was a man's string vest. It covered my butt and pussy but it was armless and the arm holes were very low cut. I could see the sides of my tits when I lifted my arms. The other thing was that the holes were so big that my nipples poked through 2 of them; and there were so many holes that I may as well not have been wearing anything.

I dreaded going out to the snack van man; so much so that I decided to skip lunch. Unfortunately Tony wanted some lunch. By the time that I got outside the van had moved down the car park and there was no one getting served.

If I was to get Tony's lunch I would have to run after it. All of a sudden 4 guys from the unit at the bottom came out get their lunch. They got to the van before I did and I had to wait to get served. One of the guys turned round then said, "Hey guys, you may want to turn round and look at this." By that time I was stood there trying to get my breath back and wishing that I was hundreds of miles away.

Getting served took forever. The guys were staring at me and talking about me. Their suggestive comments were embarrassing me something rotten. I should have expected it; after all, all I was wearing was a totally see-through vest.

What's more, it was ages before I realised that my right tit had escaped during the run down. Rajeev was so happy to see me that I got Tony's lunch for free. When I gave Tony his lunch he told me that I looked good. For the rest of that week and the start of the next week the evening routine was the same.

The guys would spank me then finger fuck me to an orgasm. In a way I was getting used to it but it was still horribly humiliating. When my period arrived I had the little string dangling as I lay on the table. It was Duncan's turn to abuse me and after he'd administered the 10 swats he said, "Well Claire, I see that your fuck hole is occupied. I guess that I'll have to put something in another of your holes." My first reaction was that he was going to stick something up my butt, a thing that I really did not want.

When he told me to turn round and lay across the table with my head hanging off the side I had this horrible feeling that he was going to stick his dick in my mouth. That horrible feeling became a fact of life. When he got his dick out I pleaded with him not to do it but he pressed the end of his dick against my mouth and held my nose until I opened up.

It was horrible and as he pressed further in he kept saying 'swallow Claire'. I did, hoping that I wouldn't choke to death. After a couple of minutes of me thinking that I was about to die things suddenly got less choking.

Duncan kept ramming his dick in and out of my mouth until he suddenly stopped and pressed real hard. I suddenly felt something warm going down my throat. "That's right Claire, swallow it all." When Duncan pulled out he stood there and wiped the end of his dick on my face then put it back into his pants.

"Thank you Claire," Duncan said, "don't worry, you can have another load tomorrow;" and he left. That was the first time that I'd done that for a man and part of me said that I never wanted to do it again. The other part of me couldn't wait until tomorrow. After the next 2 spanking I got face fucked and decided that it wasn't really that bad.

The following morning whilst I was standing naked in Tony's office waiting for him to arrive I decided that I was going to tell him that enough was enough; that I'd been humiliated more than enough. I practised what I was going to say in my head and when he walked in I started on my little speech. I'd only got 2 sentences out when he stopped me and threatened me with the police and my parents again.

He was having nothing of it. He even pulled up a few videos on his pc showing me having all those orgasms. I hadn't seen any cameras in the kitchen but I didn't know our products by sight, only numbers. They could have been anywhere. I was well and truly shot down. I realised that I had to go on enduring those punishments. A couple of months previous I had made the mistake of telling Sandra that my parent were going on holiday and that I'd be left at home alone.

Tony suddenly reminded me of that fact and told me that because I'd dared to challenge his decision I would have to drive to and from work totally naked. I gasped and said, "What about getting to my car from here; and what about my neighbours?" "I'm sure that you'll work something out; and when you're at home you will stay naked as well.

Remember what we do here Claire, you never know when we will be watching you." Fuck, was there a camera somewhere at home? Were there lots of them? Had Tony seen me masturbating in my bedroom? Had he watched me shaving each morning? Oh fuck. What was I going to do? The spanking followed by the finger fucking happened again that evening but it was followed by a mouth fucking as well.

That started happening every evening apart from when it was Sandra's turn. Those evenings my pussy was filled with the big dildo. Sandra did try to push it down my throat but I was gagging too much and she took pity on me and stopped. The following Monday morning I got up early, got ready (apart from any clothes) and then kept looking out of the window until I was confident that none of the neighbours were looking (not that I could ever be sure of that).

I chickened out a couple of times before dashing to my car. I sat there for a couple of minutes getting my breath back then set off. It was weird driving whilst naked. I started getting paranoid that everyone was looking at me and I worked out where I could stop at traffic light to minimise the risk of someone looking and realising. I eventually got to work and sat there for a minute before looking round to see if anyone was there.

Eventually I got the courage and I jumped out and ran for the door. I had to be the first there didn't I? The damn door was locked and I had to fumble in my bag to get the keys. Boy was I happy to be in that building.

When I got to my desk my heart was pounding and my pussy was dripping. I just sat there with my hand cupping my soaking pussy until I heard someone else arrive then I went and stood in Tony's office waiting for him. I was a horny, nervous person going to and coming from work for the next few days. The nervous reduces a bit but every morning but I always just sat at my desk holding my pussy until someone else arrived.

I wanted to masturbate but I was scared in case there was a camera watching me. When I got home each evening I did frig myself to a glorious orgasm just as soon as I got in the door. One morning when I got to work there was a DHL delivery van outside our unit.

I waited for a couple of minutes to see where the delivery man was. When I was satisfied that he was not anywhere close I made a run for it. Just as I was getting to the back of the van the man came round the corner and I nearly bumped into him. I stopped dead in my tracks not even thinking to try to cover my tits and pussy. The man just stared for a few seconds then smiled and said, "Well hi there, I didn't think that it was that warm; or are you taking part in a 'nude at work' day?" I un-froze and mumbled something as I rushed to our door.

I could feel his eyes burning my bare butt as I unlocked the door and went in. That morning I went straight to the toilet and took care of my burning desire.

Another problem I had with a delivery man was a few days later. Tony had me dress in very skimpy clothes that were slightly see-through. When I opened the door to him he immediately grinned and walked in. Before I knew it he had an arm round me and was groping my tits. I told him to get off me but he didn't so I screamed. Within seconds Tony was there and pushing the man off me. "Leave her alone scum-bag." Tony said.

"What's the problem man? She's a whore and she loves it." "She definitely isn't a whore, she's a respected employee and as such she WILL be treated with respect by everyone who comes here. In your language that means that you will not touch her or insult her in any way.

Is that plain enough for you to understand?" "Yes but she was begging for it." "No she wasn't." "But look at her." "It doesn't matter what any women does or does not wear; they must be treated with respect.

Would you like me to tell you what that word means?" "No." "Good; now get out." The man turned and left and I put my arms round Tony and kissed his cheek. "Thank you Tony." "You're welcome; and just scream if anything like that happens again." "I will." One evening that same week, I stripped and went to the kitchen to wait as usual. It was Bob's turn and he was late. I lay there waiting and heard both Tony and Sandra leave. I was left on my own.

Time passed and I got bored; but for some reason I started getting excited and horny. I couldn't explain those feeling because I was waiting to get my pussy and tits spanked and my mouth fucked. After about 20 minutes my right hand moved to my pussy and my finger started teasing my clit. By half past five Bob still hadn't arrived and my frigging was getting serious. Five minutes later I was cumming; and cumming hard. It was only after I started coming down I thought about cameras.

I looked round and couldn't see any; but there again I didn't know what I was looking for. As I got up and got ready to go home I hoped that I hadn't been caught on video. The next morning while I was stood naked in the office waiting for Tony to arrive; Bob stuck his head round the door and apologised for not being able to get back in time.

I told him that I'd missed him and that I'd make it up to him next time that it was his turn. After he'd gone I realised what I'd said. 'I'd missed him' could easily be interpreted to mean that I was looking forward to him spanking my bare body and fucking my mouth. 'I'd make it up to him next time' could easily mean that he could do more to me next time. What more could he do to me? I felt horrible when I realised that the only other thing that he could do to me was actually fuck me properly.

I shuddered at the thought, but felt myself get very wet. My parent came home and I started dressing to go to work. I was actually a bit disappointed because I'd got to like the excitement of driving naked. I'd also got used to walking around the house naked and staying naked all weekend.

I wasn't looking forward to the next weekend and I hoped that I would remember to put some clothes on each time I came out of my room. That Monday night was Bob's turn to abuse me and when he came into the kitchen and saw me spread eagled waiting for him he reminded me that I'd said that I'd make it up to him for missing a session with me. I immediately regretted what I'd said and said nothing to Bob.

He did his usual tit and pussy spanking then told me to swivel round so that I was across the table. I lowered my head and waited for Bob to ram his cock down my throat but Bob stayed put.

After a few seconds he said, "Right Claire, I've been thinking about what you said and as there's logically only one next step I have to assume that you want me to fuck you." I nearly started crying again as Bob went to the side of the table and looked down at my spread pussy.

I knew what was coming next and I didn't know if I wanted it or not. I was so confused. I heard the zip on Bob's trousers and tensed up.

I felt the tip of Bob's cock touch my pussy and jerked back. Bob pushed then said, "Shit Claire, you're tight; relax slut." I relaxed and felt the cock go deep inside me. Boy did that feel good. Bob started going in and out and before long we were both close to cumming.

All of a sudden Bob stopped and asked me if I was on the pill. I nodded and he started thrusting again; this time harder than before. I felt my tits wobbling as I grunted in time with Bobs thrusts.

Bob stopped and pressed into me real hard. Then I felt something warm inside me. After a few seconds Bob pulled out and came round to the other side of the table. I opened my mouth and sucked Bob's soft cock. Two minutes later Bob pulled his still soft cock out of my mouth and put it back inside his trousers.

"Same again next time." Bob said as he walked out, leaving me frustrated. Bob asking me if I was on the pill had spoilt the moment for me and I needed release. Not caring if I was on any camera I put my hand to my pussy and gave it the release that it needed. When Duncan came at 5 o'clock the next day he too fucked me.

So did Aaron the next day. It was Sandra's turn the next evening and she really rammed that dildo into me. Afterwards she said, "Well Claire, I hear that the boys are fucking you and that you're really enjoying it. Tony is quite impressed with the videos and is thinking of branching out into porno videos. Do you fancy being a porno star?" "No, no, please don't let him do that, I'll do anything, but please don't let him sell any videos of me." I pleaded.

"Well, maybe if you were to lick my pussy I might try to persuade him not to." Sandra said. "Yes, yes, I'll do anything." I said. I'd never eaten another girl's pussy before so I wasn't sure what I was letting myself in for. Okay, in the privacy of my bedroom I'd stuck 3 fingers in my pussy then licked them just to see what it was like; and it was good, but I didn't know if every pussy tastes the same. Sandra had me wait until all the others had gone home then took her skirt and knickers off.

She climbed onto the table and spread her knees over my face. As she lowered her pussy to my face I was glad to see that she too shaved. I started doing to her what I thought I would like someone to do to me. It seemed to work because she started to moan and get very wet. After a couple of minutes she bent forward and lowered her face to my pussy. Sandra did to me what I was doing to her and before long I started cumming, shortly followed by her. I thought that I was going to suffocate as Sandra collapsed onto me but I managed to turn my head a bit and start breathing again.

Sandra was satisfied and she told me to get dressed and we left for home. The next morning while I was stood in Tony's office waiting for him to arrive I was very nervous. I wanted to plead with him to get him to promise that he wouldn't sell the videos but I didn't know how to start. The subject of the videos never came up as Tony said, "I see that both Sandra and the guys have found new ways to punish you. I do hope that you are learning from them." "Yes Tony I certainly am." "I've told all the guys to be here at 5 o'clock tonight.

Now put this on and go and get some work done." My eyes opened wide for a second. Had Tony just told me that I was going to get gangbanged? I felt a really big gush in my pussy and my nipples throbbed. Tony gave me the 2 small rectangles of material and said, I think that's everything that you'll wear today Claire.

I looked at him and said, "Sure thing boss." All that day I was tingling with anticipation and my pussy was dripping. I even gave the snack van man a hug and rubbed my tits in his face.

Two of the guys from the unit down the car park told me that they were collecting photos for their company's calendar and asked me to pose for them. They were over the moon when I said, "Tell you what, if things go as well as I hope tonight I will pose for you." All 4 installation guys watched me strip naked at 5 o'clock that night.

I was so close to cumming as I walked into the kitchen that when I got onto the table and opened my legs Bob said, "Bloody hell, she's gagging for it." And I was. It was amazing; my sexiest fantasy was about to come true. "I'm going first." Bob said. "I'll have her mouth." Duncan said. I was totally knackered as I got into my car to go home. When I walked through the door my mum looked at me and asked me if I'd won the lottery.

"Something like that mum." I said as I went up to my room and stripped for a long hot bath. When Tony arrived the next morning he said, "I have to admit that your work has been exemplary since you started getting punished; and the guys are getting their work done quicker.

I think that the business needs you to continue being punished the way that you were last night. If things keep improving I think that I may just have to give you a pay rise." "Does that mean that I have to keep wearing just those 2 rectangles Tony?" "That's the most that you can wear Claire." I'm being Blackmailed by Vanessa Evans Part 02 --------- Hi, my name's Claire, I'm 19 and I'm being blackmailed into being a slut.

After everything that had happened to me the first time that I did something stupid at work you'd have thought that I would have learnt my lesson but I went and did another stupid thing.

Just in case you didn't read what happened to me here's a quick summary: - I work as an office junior at a smallish electronic surveillance company and I did 2 stupid things, firstly I made a mistake on an invoice to a friend's father that could have been mistaken for me trying to fiddle the books; and the second was to use the company's internet to access porn sites. My punishment was to wear next to nothing at work and to slowly become the sex toy of all the workers there.

After a while I got to enjoy it and really looked forward to the daily fucks and exposure to employees, visitors and the people from surrounding businesses. I guess that I got to enjoy it too much and I started to get complacent in my work tasks. Sadly for me I made the mistake of not entering a payment of £1,634 into the books on the last Friday afternoon of the month.

Let me explain. Firstly I've had no accountancy training so I don't know what I should and shouldn't do; I just follow instructions.

The client came in on the Friday afternoon while no one else was there. I'd already finished updating the spreadsheet and couldn't be bothered to go back and update it.

I decided to put the money in the safe in Tony's office until the Monday, then deal with it on the Monday morning. Unfortunately, the phone rang just as I was getting back to my desk and I had to take it. I threw the envelope towards my desk and as I answered the phone I saw the envelope slide off the desk and go into my open bag.

I got on with answering the call and forgot all about the money. I only found it again when I got home and was looking for something in my bag. Knowing that there would be no one still at work I hid the money in my bedroom and got on with my weekend. Unfortunately I was late getting up on the Monday morning and I forgot all about the money.

It was only when Tony called me into his office that I remembered what I'd left at home. Tony told me to stand next to him as he clicked on play on a video. I knew that I was in trouble as soon as I saw the money fall into my bag. Tony went ballistic. He was right when he said that he could call the police and get me locked-up and I just knew that I had to do anything and everything that he ordered me to so that I could avoid that; not only for me, but for my parents.

I just couldn't put them through the shame. Tony kept going on about calling the police and a couple of times he even picked up the phone. I stood there wearing just those 2 small rectangles of material that just about covered my pubic bone and part of my butt crack (part of my original punishment); crying and just about peeing myself. After a while I realised that my nipples were rock hard, my pussy was wet, very wet, and I had that tingling in my lower belly.

I just couldn't believe that I was getting aroused while getting the biggest bollocking of my whole life. When Tony calmed down a bit he told me to go and stand outside the front door and wait for him to decided what my new punishment would be. I did as ordered and stood there still crying and wondering just what Tony would have me do. The crazy thing was that I was horny as hell. I wanted one of the workers to come back to the office, find me and fuck me like never before.

After about 30 minutes my crying had stopped but I was still feeling horny and the cool breeze was tickling my nipples and pussy. I saw a white van drive up and as the driver got out he stared at me. I recognised him from previous deliveries, but I had always been inside at those times. "So what's going on here?" I couldn't see any point in telling a fib so I gave him a quick summary.

All the time the breeze was lifting the 2 rectangles. I didn't try to hold them down and I'm sure that he must have seen my pussy while I was talking. "Tell your boss that I'll gladly help punish you if he wants." The man said as I signed for the package.

The man drove away leaving me standing there wondering what was in store for me. A couple of vehicles drove passed and beeped their horns when they saw me. I wondered if the breeze had let them see even more of me. Eventually Tony opened the door and called me in. Back in his office I stood in front of his desk nearly peeing myself and wondering why my nipples and pussy were aching.

"Right Claire; I'm sure that I don't have to remind you of the seriousness of this. When you made your last big mistake I decided that embarrassment and humiliation was a good punishment.

That didn't go quite as well as planned and you now appear to be enjoying being nearly naked and getting your daily gangbangs. I still think that embarrassment and humiliation is a good punishment but we need to take it to another level. From now on you will be naked at work all the time. In addition I am going to organise a few out of hours events that you WILL take part in, regardless of how demeaning or humiliating they are." "Yes Tony." "The first event will take place on Friday evening at the Red Lion pub.

You will arrive there at 9 pm wearing only a short skirt and a thin, short top. You will walk through the pub and go up to the Function Room where I will be waiting.

Do you understand me?" "Yes boss." "Now get those clothes off and get on with your work." "Yes boss." I quickly unfastened the rectangles and let them drop to the ground. "Turn your back to me and pick those up." Doing as I was told I heard Tony say, "Bloody hell girl, you're enjoying this aren't you?" "No I am not." "Get out." I went back to my desk and got on with my job. After about 30 minutes Sandra came in and looked at me.

"Bloody hell Claire; you really are an exhibitionist aren't you?" "Sorry Sandra, I've done another stupid thing." As I was telling her I couldn't help noticing that I was feeling horny; and that it was showing. "So what's your punishment this time?" "I don't know yet; apart from this." I waved my arm down my front, looking down as I did so.

I saw that my nipples were the biggest that I'd ever seen them. "Well Claire, I can see that you're enjoying sitting there stark naked. Are you still going to have to service the whole workforce each evening?" "I presume so." "I might stay back tonight and get you to eat me." "That would be nice, you taste good." I said to Sandra.

I wasn't lying but I also wanted to stay in her good books. After work and I'd been fucked by Aaron and Pete and made Sandra cum I went looking for Tony but he'd already left. I put my travelling clothes on, locked up and went home worrying about what Tony was going to make me do. Nothing was said the next 2 days then Tony called me into his office and reminded me that I had to go to the Red Lion on the Friday night; that I was to meet him in the function room.

When I asked him what for, all he would say was that it was to receive a small part of my punishment. That pub is a very old, big one and I'd never been there before. As I was getting ready to go to the pub I was very apprehensive. I didn't know what Tony had planned for me but I guessed that it would involve nudity and probably some sex. I'd had a shower and shaved everywhere below my neck but I couldn't decide what to wear.

Eventually I decided on a simple tank top and a loose fitting, flared skirt; none of my favourites because I suspected that I'd have to take them off and maybe not get them back. I hoped that mum and dad would be in bed when I got home. When I'd got the skirt and top on I looked at myself in the mirror and couldn't help lifting the skirt up to my waist to look at my flat stomach and pussy.

I was a little surprised to see that even the front of my pussy looked wet. I put my hand on my pussy and confirmed that I was wet; very wet. I hadn't realised just how much my body was getting excited about what could happen soon.

As I left my house I went to say 'bye' to my parents and to tell them not to wait up for me. I bent over to kiss my mum and as she looked at me she said, "You girls these days," my mother said as she noticed my lack of bra straps, "we never went out without a bra in my days." "Mum," I replied, "this is 2014; nearly all the girls don't wear bras when they go out at night these days." When I went to kiss my father he whispered, "Does that apply to knickers as well?" "You shouldn't be looking dad," I whispered back, "you're my father." "What's the world coming to?" Mum said as I left the room.

When I got to my car I checked that I had a spare skirt and top in the back (I keep some there all the time these days, you never know what Tony's going to make me do), then I set off. As I was getting close I realised that I was as horny as hell. I touched my clit and nearly came. "Stop it Claire," I said and concentrated in getting there in one piece.

I'd never been to that pub before and I discovered that it is a really old building that has wooden beams in most of the rooms. As I went up to the function room the wide wooded stairs creaked. Tony, Bob and Aaron were there, all sat at a table drinking beers. "Ah there you are Claire," Tony said, "I was beginning to think that you'd decided to take your chances with the police; and suffer the shame with your parents." "No, no; I said that I'd do anything and I meant it." I replied.

"Right then, lift your skirt and prove that you have no underwear on and that you've had a shave." I did as told and Tony ran his hand over my pubes and pussy. I let out a little moan as one of his fingers parted my lips and hovered at the entrance of my hole for a second.

"Now Claire," Tony said, "I want you to go downstairs and go up to men and young couples and ask them if they want to see you naked. If they say that they do then tell them to come up here." "What! I can't do that; it'd be so humiliating." "Oh, I think you can do it; and when you're asking them you can ask them if they want to see you get spanked and fucked as well." My eyes opened wide. Was Tony going spank and fuck me in front of loads of strangers?

Or was he planning to get the strangers to spank and fuck me? Was he getting me to invite strangers to gangbang me? And what about the women what was he planning to get them to do to me; or me to them? I just stood there for about 10 seconds taking in what Tony had just told me. "Come on Claire, you're wasting time. Get down there.

I want to see about 10 people up here within the next 10 minutes. Claire…&hellip. NOW!" Tony shouting snapped me out of it and I turned and walked towards the door. As I opened it I looked back to Tony hoping that he would tell me that he was only joking; but he wasn't even looking at me. As I walked down the stairs my pussy was aching like hell and I could feel my juices as I walked.

Down in the main bar I looked around and chose 2 men talking at the bar. I went up to them and stood behind them. "Excuse me sir, but would you 2 gentlemen like to see me naked?" Their conversation stopped mid-sentence and they both turned round to look where the voice had come from.

"Are you serious young lady?" "Yes sir." "This is a wind-up." The other man said, "Where's the camera?" "No camera sir, I'm serious; do you want to see me get spanked?" "Go away stupid girl." One of the men said. I turned and looked around to see who I could ask next.

I saw a couple about my age and thought, "If I get a couple, the man might not want to be too hard on me with his partner there." The man had his back to me and the woman look a bit mousey so I walked up to them and asked them if they wanted watch me get spanked. The man turned to look at me and I saw his face.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck." I thought; "It was Jason, one of the guys who was in my class at college. "Oh hi Claire, how are you?" Jason asked. "Err, what was that you just said?" My face was burning but I just knew that I had to repeat my question. When I had Jason said, "Well, well Claire; I never would have thought that you'd do anything like this. Is this for a bet or have you really done something naughty?" "Something like that; well, do you want to watch me or not?" Jason looked at his girlfriend then back to me and said, "When we were at college a few of the guys fancied you but no one had the nerve to ask you out; you always looked so prim and proper.

Of course we want to watch you. It'll be a fantastic story to tell my mates; and of course, show them the photos and video. I bet that I can get the video to most of our class within days." I blushed an even deeper shade of red. I wanted to just run and cry somewhere but I knew that I had to get on with it.

I turned to go and look for someone else. I hadn't thought about cameras and I got even more worried. Part of me was horrified by the thought of photos and videos of me being circulated round my college friends; I just wouldn't be able to face any of them again.

The other part of me wanted it to happen. I got a little wet rush and my pussy ached for attention. I asked about 20 people before 10 accepted; the others just didn't believe that I was serious. I followed the last people that I had asked, that agreed, up the stairs and saw that Aaron was stood outside the door making sure that we didn't get any unwanted visitors.

Inside the room I looked round and part of me wanted to run a mile. Sandra, Pete and Duncan had joined Tony, Bob and Aaron. Everyone from work was now there and there was a video camera in the middle of the table. I should have expected them to video the 'event' but seeing the camera still made me get that sinking feeling. Tony broke the silence and the 7 men and 3 women's eyes left me for a minute.

"Right ladies and gentlemen, Claire here has volunteered to be punished tonight for an indiscretion at work. I'm not sure what she said to you downstairs but if you get offended by nudity or seeing corporal punishment and sex then you should leave now; Claire has no wish to offend you.

I can promise those of you that stay that you will have a very enjoyable hour or so watching, and taking part in Claire's punishment. At this point I must stress that Claire is not here under any duress, being here is not against her wishes and she is more than happy to be the star in tonight's entertainment; isn't that right Claire?" "Yes." I said quietly. "What was that Claire? We couldn't hear you. Speak up with a full answer." Tony said.

"Yes;" I almost shouted, "I fully accept that I am here voluntarily and agree 100% to take part in whatever happens to me this evening." "That's better Claire." Tony said as he started passing out small cards to all the 'guests'. "For the first part of Claire's punishment she will be asking people to do things to her. She will do this by asking for the person with a number from 1 to 10.

Each of you now has a card with a number on it. After a number has been called and the person has done whatever Claire has asked then I want all of you to swap cards with someone else. Please keep your numbers hidden from Claire. That way Claire will not know who will be asked next. I will make sure that every one of you gets asked at least once.

For the rest of the evening Claire will be referred to as 'Cunt'. If you need to say anything to her please call her 'Cunt'. If any of you have a camera or a smart phone, please feel free to record any or all of tonight's entertainment.

Right, let the games begin. "Cunt, ask a number to take your top off." I looked around realising that I was going to be seriously embarrassed, humiliated, and probably fucked by all these people. I felt my nipples get harder and my pussy ache and get very wet.

"Number 3, please can you remove my top?" I stood there as a grinning man walked up to me and told me to put my hands in the air. When they were up he grabbed the hem of my top and pulled it up and off. My 34Bs wobbled free and my nipples got so hard that they hurt. Tony held out his hand and the man threw the top to him. "Cunt, the skirt." Tony said. "Number 6, please can you remove my skirt?" Jason's girlfriend stepped forward.

Without any hesitation she reached to my side, released the hook and pulled the zip down. My skirt dropped and I could see a couple of grins as they all realised that I wasn't wearing any knickers. The girlfriend bent down and picked up the skirt as I stepped out of it.

Passing the skirt to Tony, the girlfriend returned to the group. I was looking down to the ground but I could still see the voyeurs exchanging numbers. "Now the shoes Cunt; and keep your hands by your side." Tony said.

"Number 8, please can you remove my shoes?" Number 8 was another man and he came and knelt right in front of me, his face only inches from my pussy. His hands went to my right thigh, one either side, and slowly slid them down to my foot. I lifted my foot and the hands removed my shoe. Then he did the same with my left leg. I squat down and picked up my shoes and handed them to Tony. "Cunt," Tony said, "spread your legs then ask someone to check to see how aroused you are." "Number 1, please come and see how aroused I am." Another man stepped forward and as he approached me I spread my legs quite wide.

He knelt in front of me and moved his head close to my pussy. "She looks mighty wet to me." The man said. "Please check properly?" I asked. As the man put his hand on my wet pussy I was thinking, "Why had I said that?

He'd already said that I was wet." The man slid a finger inside me and I let out a moan. Then he stood up and held his finger in front of my face. Without thinking I leant forward and sucked his wet finger. I could hear someone say, "Wow, without even being told." When I let go of the man's finger he stepped back and Tony said, "Cunt, ask someone to come and tie your hands together." I looked over to Tony and saw that he had some soft looking rope in his hand.

"Where had that come from?" I thought then I asked number 7 to tie my wrists. Without being asked, or told, I put my hands together behind my back and waited while the man tied my wrists together. "Now Cunt," Tony said, "walk slowly in amongst the guests and invite them to spank you on your butt, tits or pussy." I looked at Tony then walked slowly to my guests.

I was starting to feel horribly ashamed and humiliated. Half of me wanted to stop right there and half of me wanted to continue. In amongst the 'guests' I kept saying, "Please spank my butt or my pussy or my tits." They all did as requested, some with more vigour than others. Most chose my butt but 2 slapped my tits hard. One man chose my pussy and he told me to stand still and spread my legs.

He stood beside me and slapped my pussy 5 times. It hurt like hell. On the fifth one he held his hand there for a few seconds and slid a finger inside me. The tears were welling in my eyes but at the same time my pussy was aching for attention. That man held his hand in front of my face and I opened my mouth to suck his finger; but as my mouth got to within a millimetre of his finger he pulled it away and sucked it himself.

With a red butt and tits I slowly walked to the centre of the room. I looked round and saw that a couple of phones were out and pointed at me. "On your knees Cunt and bend forward and put your face on the floor." Tony said. I did as told and quickly realised that my butt was up in the air. My knees were spread and those 'guests' behind me must have had a good view of both my holes.

"Right Cunt; ask everyone to take it in turns to spank your butt." I did; and when the first one hit me I yelped out. Realising that it wasn't a hand that had hit my butt I looked back and saw a man with this sort of multi strand, short whip in his hand (Tony later told me that it's called a 'Flogger').

All the 'guests' took it in turns to turn my butt even redder. Some stood alongside me and brought the flogger down onto my pussy. Boy; did that hurt; but after a while I stopped feeling it and felt all warm and aroused. After a while it all stopped and everything was all quiet apart from my slight sobbing. Tony interrupted the silence by saying, "Cunt, ask the guests to finger-fuck you if they want to." Of course they did; and I heard bodies bump together as they obviously rushed forward.

I was expecting to feel a finger invade my hole next but instead I felt this 'thing' touch my clit. Tony later told me that it's called a 'magic wand'. It certainly worked magic on my clit. I opened my eyes and looked back and saw a pair of women's heels.

Looking up I saw Sandra bent over and holding the magic wand against my clit. Tony must have realised that I was getting close to cumming because he said, "The cunt wants to cum; shall we let her?" He was right, I did want to cum; and soon.

The problem was that quite a few of the 'guests' said, "No." "Ask if you want to cum Cunt, and don't you dare cum until I say you can." Sandra and a whole series of guests tortured my clit and hole for what seemed like hours. I kept asking if I could cum but everyone kept saying, "No." I was sweating and trembling.

I'd heard of orgasm denial before but never considered that it would be that hard. I'd always just done what my body was telling me. "Please let me cum?" I kept on saying, more and more frantically each time until eventually I heard someone say, "Yes, Cunt, you may cum now." I have never been so relieved in my whole life; nor have I ever made such animal noises as I grunted and screamed as I came over and over.

Finally, Sandra took the magic wand thing off my clit and I started to 'come down'. As I started to get control of my body back I realised that my face was still on the floor and my butt was high in the air.

I looked round (as much as I could) and saw Tony's feet close by. "At last Cunt; now get over there and onto that table. Tony pointed to the table that was in the middle of the room and I went over to it. Guessing that Tony wanted me to lay on it I did just that. "No Cunt," Tony said, "Not like that' across the table." I swivelled round so that my butt was on one edge of the table and my head was hanging over the opposite side.

"That's better Cunt. Now bring your knees up to your tits, spread them wide and hold them like that." Most of the people in the room would be able to see my pussy, wide open and dripping with my juices. "Right Cunt, Tony continued, "ask everyone who wants to, to fuck you in any hole that they want." OMG; it's one thing getting gangbanged by people that you know, but it's something else with complete strangers.

I hoped that none of them would want to fuck my butt. After a short pause I said, "Will you all please take it in turns in numerical sequence to fuck me in any hole that you want?" No one moved at first so Tony told me to repeat myself.

I did and then 2 of the men came forward. One quickly started fucking my pussy and the other came round to my head. I watched him unzip his trousers and get his cock out. From where my head was his cock looked huge; even bigger as it came closer and closer to my mouth. I instinctively opened my mouth and as the tip hovered at my lips I started licking it. The man suddenly pushed forward and his cock went to my throat.

Fighting the gagging I relaxed and let the cock go down my throat. In and out went 2 cocks and I could feel myself getting more and more worked-up. The cock in my throat got fatter and then stopped. I did my best to swallow everything that came out of it.

Then I felt a warm sensation in my pussy. I was getting 2 loads of cum pumped inside me at almost the same time. I had a few seconds to get my breath before I felt another cock at my pussy. It thrust deep inside me then pulled out. Then I felt what I feared; I was about to lose my bum virginity. Thankfully the man took his time stretching my butt hole and lubricating it with my pussy juices. I seem to remember making a few embarrassing noises before he thrust deep inside me.

I gasped, never having experienced what was happening to me. Thankfully it wasn't as painful or weird as I'd expected; but I still prefer to have things inside my pussy. When those 2 were done, 2 more moved in. I opened my eyes and saw a bald pussy hovering over my mouth. I knew what I had to do and as the pussy lowered onto my mouth I got to work. I decided that I needed more practice at eating another girl's pussy because the cock in my pussy came long before the girl that I was eating came.

It seemed to take forever, and 3 orgasms, before all 10 had had their way with me. My pussy, my mouth and my butt were aching and sore by that time and I had mixed feelings. Part of me wanted it to be over and for me to be at home in my bed; but another part of me wanted more. As I was getting my breath back Sandra appeared between my legs. She had that magic wand thing in her hand and a big grin on her face.

I got a little worried as I heard the wand thing start purring; then it touched my clit. I gasped and just knew that I wouldn't last long. As the wand worked its magic on my clit I felt Sandra's fingers invade my pussy. For a few seconds she finger-fucked me then I felt my hole being stretched wide. Talk about pain and pleasure.

I gasped, not knowing what to do. Just as I was about to cum the wand died and left my clit. I raised my head to see why Sandra had stopped and saw that her whole hand was inside me. My eyes went wide open and my jaw dropped. I'd never even considered that happening to me.

Sandra looked at me, smiled and said, "Don't you dare cum girl' you're going home wanting to cum and you better not before Monday at work.

You understand Cunt?" Sandra slowly removed her hand leaving my hole feeling empty and sore as it slowly shrunk back to its normal size. I lay there waiting for Tony to tell me what to do next but when he started talking he addressed the 'guests', "Right everyone; that concludes Cunt Claire's punishment for tonight, thank you all for your contribution." Looking at Jason Tony continued, "Jason isn't it?

Can I have a quiet word before you leave please?" I hoped that Tony was going to tell Jason to keep quiet about what had just happened; I just knew that if my friends found out they would become ex-friends. Tony left me laying there as the 'guests' left and he talked to Jason. Jason looked over to me before he left and Tony came over to me.

"Right Claire," Tony said, "I trust that you learnt something tonight; now get yourself home and we'll all SEE you on Monday." Before I knew it everyone had left leaving me the only one there; and I was still naked.

I looked round and saw my clothes on a chair. I quickly (well slowly) hobbled over to them and got dressed. I went to bed that night not knowing whether to be sad or happy. What I did know for certain was that when I woke-up on the Saturday morning I was sore all over and still as horny as hell.

My right hand went to my wet pussy and my fingers started teasing my clit. After about 10 seconds I remembered what Sandra had told me. I quickly pulled my hand away and just lay there.

Before I got up I had lots of mixed feelings. I hated what Tony had made me do. I felt so ashamed but at least it had stopped my parents finding out about what I had done; or even worse, the police. I guessed that the gangbang was a small price to pay to stop that happening. Yet at the same time my body had loved every second of it. In fact I found myself day dreaming about how I could get it to happen again. My pussy was starting to tingle again and I so wanted to touch it but I just knew that if I did I wouldn't be able to lie to Sandra on the Monday.

I slowly got out of bed and went and had a cold shower. Back in my room I even considered putting some knickers on to take my mind off my pussy but I remembered that Tony had told me never to wear any again. I needed something to take my mind off my sore pussy and my desires to play with it. Mother to the rescue again; as I was getting some breakfast she told me that her and dad were going to the next town for a wander around and look in the shops.

Normally I would never consider going with them but I needed something horrible boring to take my mind off my pussy and what it had gone through the previous evening; so I asked mum if I could go with them.

She looked a bit shocked but happily agreed saying that it would be nice to have a little trip like we used to do. As I went upstairs to change and put on a slightly longer skirt and sensible shoes I had some regrets about my decision, but I needed something to distract me. I was right, it was a boring day; but at least I couldn't play with my pussy as we wandered round the town and shops.

By the time we got back home my pussy was the last thing on my mind. I even settled down and watched TV with my parents that night. Mum gave me a goodnight kiss and told me that it was nice to have a family evening at home. I had a good, peaceful night's sleep but when I woke up my hand was on my pussy; and it was wet. Had I played with myself in my sleep and brought myself off?

I didn't know but if I had I decided that it didn't count because I was asleep, so I could still honestly tell Sandra that I hadn't cum. My pussy was feeling less sore on the Sunday morning, and by the evening it didn't hurt at all. I kept myself busy all day doing some of the things that I had been meaning to do for ages.

Monday morning came and I was nervous and so horny. I'd woken-up with a very wet pussy not knowing if I'd made myself cum when I was asleep.

As I drove to work I was hoping that someone there would make me cum as soon as possible. Shortly after Tony arrived he called me into his office and clicked play on a video file on his PC.

To my horror it was of me the previous Friday. The thing was, all the bits where Tony had told me what to ask the 'guests' to do to me had been cut out. It sounded like he'd written a program to remove his voice. The only person speaking was me asking people to do things to me. It looked like I was controlling everything as some sort of sex starved slut.

"Well Claire," Tony said, "this video speaks for its self. You were obviously controlling the evening's events. Think what your parents and friends would think. Think what it would be like for you if this video got onto the internet; it would go viral in hours. From now on you will do anything and everything that I tell you; without question. Is that understood Claire?" Through the tears I managed to tell Tony that he was right, that I was his; that I would do anything for him.

I left that office with mixed feelings; I hated that I had to do everything that Tony and the others demanded of me but at the same time I wanted them to do things to me; I wanted them to control me and my life; and my body. The week went reasonably quietly. Of course I was naked all day long and I got gangbanged each evening before I left for home, but apart from that nothing else happened; even the deliveries went without incident.

Normal until the Friday afternoon that is; Tony called me into his office and told me to be at the same pub and at the same time as the last Friday. My heart skipped a beat as I remembered being fucked by those strangers. I didn't know if I wanted to go through that again but I knew that I just had to.

When I got to the pub I went straight upstairs and opened the door; then I stopped dead.

Amigo fudendo o cuzinho da esposa e corno ajudando

It was like a class reunion; most of my last class at college were there. For a second I was so happy; then I saw Tony holding the flogger. My heart dropped as I just knew that he was going to humiliate me in the worst possible way. The smile on my face disappeared and the tears started. How could Tony humiliate me so much in front of my friends? My life was about to be ruined. In just a few seconds I would lose just about all my friends.

How could Tony destroy me like that? What was I going to do? I considered turning and running; even running away from home and my job. A vision of me starting a new life on the other side of the world flashed through my mind. Reality came back to me with Tony saying, "Claire, I thought that it would be good idea for you to get re-acquainted with some of your class mates in a slightly different way.

I've explained to them what you've done and that this is the punishment that you've accepted. All of them have agreed to stay and administer that punishment. So let's get started by you getting those clothes off right now." I just stood there not believing what was happening.

There was no way that Tony could be that horrible to me; could he? "Claire, STRIP, NOW." With tears streaming down my cheeks and my legs feeling like jelly I started unfastening the buttons on my blouse. The silence was deafening as everyone watched me take my blouse off leaving me topless. Then it was my skirt' as it hit the floor I was left naked apart from my shoes. "Hands behind your head Claire; and open those legs." Tony said.

I complied and as my pussy opened a bit I felt the air tickle my wet lips. How could my body be getting turned on by this nightmare situation? "Wider Claire." Tony said. I spread my legs even wider. "Right ladies and gentlemen; tonight you are going to see a side of Claire that you probably never even imagined possible. Claire is going to ask every one of you to punish her and to use her body as you wish.

There is only one restriction and that is that you do no damage to her body in any way that will still be visible tomorrow." As Tony was saying that I looked at my class mates trying to work out which ones would be kind to me and which ones I should worry about. I saw 3 boys that I had never really got on with; all 3 had tried to hit on me but I just didn't fancy them. They were either too arrogant or just ugly or smelly; certainly not boyfriend material.

Then I saw Jade; she is (was) one of my closest friends. How could she do this to me? My heart dropped even lower. "Claire; walk over to your friends and ask them to spank you." Tony said.

The tears continued as I slowly walked forward. Standing right in front of my classmates I said, "Would you please spank me?" No one moved.

Tony came up behind me and gave my butt a hard slap. Not expecting it, I screamed. Tony came round the front of me and slapped my right tit. "That wasn't difficult was it?" Tony said. "And open those legs Claire." Tony went round behind me again then he whipped my butt with the Flogger. The loud crack seemed to wake-up some of my classmates and 2 of the boys stepped forward.

They both looked me up and down then with a smirk on his face, Dean slapped my left tit. Just after that Jason slapped my butt, real hard. "Ooow!" I almost screamed. That prompted both Dean and Jason to slap me again. After 3 more slaps Tony said, "Okay guys, you can have more fun with her later, but for now, let some of the others get into the moods.

Claire, put 2 fingers in your pussy then walk around holding your hand up so that everyone can see just how much you are enjoying this." I did as ordered, my face red and wet with my tears. My hand was all wet and slippery as my body had betrayed my brain. How could I possibly be enjoying the humiliation that Tony was putting me through?

I got the odd girl calling me a slut or a whore as I moved in front of them. I felt my nipples get harder as they got close to the boys faces. "As you can see everyone Claire is obviously enjoying her predicament," Tony continued, "so when she asks you, please do not hold back; she enjoys it.

Pete, another of the 'not so nice' boys stepped forward and asked Tony for the Flogger "Hands behind your head Claire; and spread those legs." Pete came up to me and leaned forward so that his face was right in front of mine.

"I'm going to enjoy this slut." Pete put the handle of the Flogger between my legs and slid it along my pussy causing me to gasp then moan. Holding the Flogger up for everyone to see he said, "It looks like this slut is enjoying this." Some of the lads cheered and I opened my eyes to see that the Flogger handle was VERY wet with my juices. I watched as Pete disappeared behind me before I felt the Flogger hit my butt.

Again and again my butt got thrashed, and as it started to get warm the pain stopped feeling so bad. Then it stopped. "Who's next?" Pete asked One of the bitch girls stepped forward.

"Let's see if we can get those tits the same colour as your arse." Lisa took the Flogger from Pete and started whipping my tits. The first hit really hurt and it wasn't long before Lisa got her wish. My white tits were red and my nipples were throbbing.

One by one nearly all my classmates took their turn to spank or whip my butt or tits. About half way through Tony told me to get on the floor on my back and to stick my legs up in the air. He asked for 2 volunteers to hold my legs wide apart with my feet over my head as the whipping continued; but the Flogger was hitting my pussy as well.

The first time that my pussy got hit I screamed then realised that my pussy throbbing was deep in my gut. I hated myself for getting turned-on by me getting spanked and whipped. When no one else stepped forward Tony announced that the 'serious punishment' was about to start. He told me to get up and drag a table to the middle of the room; then to lie on it sideways so that my butt and head were hanging over the sides. I walked over to where Tony was pointing and saw 2 tables; one with nothing on it and the other with a dildo, a vibrator and that magic wand thing.

I went for the table with nothing on it and started dragging it. As I did so, Tony asked everyone if they still had the cards with a number on it. As the cards were held up he told everyone to swap their cards with at least 2 other people.

Then he said, "Claire will shortly announce the number of the first person who will have the pleasure of inflicting their version of punishment on her. You may abuse her body in any way that you wish, but remember, there are to be no lasting marks on her. If you wish, you may ask someone else to help you if you wish to 'spit roast' her or anything else that you can think of. There is a box of condoms on that table over there if you wish to use one, but Claire is on the pill so there is no chance of you making her pregnant.

As you can see, there are also a couple of 'implements' that you can use of Claire if you wish. Right, Claire, a number please?" I had known ever since Tony had told me to go to that pub that I was going to get fucked gang banged even, but now knowing that it was going to be by my ex classmates, some of which I considered friends, caused the tears to flow again; even though my nipples throbbed and my pussy ached for attention.

I sobbed as I managed to quietly say, "Number 1." "What was that Claire?" Tony said, "Louder." "NUMBER 1." I shouted, almost in contempt of Tony. I saw Dean step forward with a big grin on his face. "You have no idea how many times I've wanted to do this to you Claire.

Aren't I the lucky one to be the first one to fuck you this evening?" As I watched Dean un-zip his jeans I realised that I was automatically raising and spreading my legs. "Such a slut," Dean said, "you even spreading them without being told." Dean moved between my legs and rammed his cock straight into my pussy. I gasped at the speed and depth. In and out Dean went; his hands reaching forward and squeezing my tits.

This wasn't love making; it was sheer animal lust on Dean's part. He was fucking me hard and fast. Fortunately he didn't last long and I soon felt the warm gush as he stopped deep inside me and shot his load.

His hands squeezed my nipples so hard that it hurt. When he was done he pulled out and wiped his cock on my thigh. "Slut!" He said as he put his cock away and turned and walked away. "Claire," Tony said, "next number." "Five." I quietly said. "What was that Claire?" "FIVE!" I shouted. Another youth stepped forward. As he walked up to me he said, "Claire, when Jason told me about what you did last Friday I didn't believe him; not you; but I really do owe Jason an apology.

This is amazing. I always said that you had a really fuckable body." Henry had been quite pleasant at college but his desire to fuck me had turned him into an animal. He too fucked me hard until he shot his load deep inside me. "Claire," Tony said, "next number." "Seven and nine." I quietly said. "What was that Claire?" "SEVEN and NINE!" I shouted.

"Wow Claire," Tony said, "I wasn't expecting you to start the threesomes." I hadn't either; what had got into me? I asked myself; but I knew. The animal in me wanted more.

I hadn't cum since the gangbang before I left work and those 2 animals fucking me; and the spanking; had made me want to cum. No, not 'want'; 'need' to cum. A short discussion took place between number seven and number nine.

Both had been pretty average kids at college. One came between my legs and the other came round to my head. I looked up and saw him unzipping his trousers and out came a cock that looked sooo big.

Without even thinking I opened my mouth wide. As the cock entered my mouth I felt the other cock enter my pussy. I got fucked at both ends until I got 2 more loads inside me; but I still hadn't cum.

The next lucky number was two. It turned out to be Jade. As she walked forward she asked Tony if she could use one of the toys on me. "Knock yourself out." Tony said. As Jade held the magic wand to my pussy she whispered, "I can see that you need this Claire, so relax and go with it." Jade was right and she gently teased my pussy to a wonderful orgasm.

As I started to calm down Jade whispered, "I'm so proud of you Claire; call me." Number eleven was one of the girls that had always fancied her-self and treated the rest of us girls as nobodies.

When she came over to me she grinned as she pulled a chair to the side of the table. She climbed up onto the table and stood over me with her feet either side of my body. She pulled her skirt up and pulled her thong to one side. "Well Claire, I never for one minute imagined that you were a sex starved whore. You know what to do slut." She said as she knelt down and pushed her pussy onto my face.

Yes, I knew what to do and I did it. I was pleased that she shaved; I'd got one of Aaron's pubic hairs in my mouth earlier in the week and it took most of the evening to manage to get rid of it.

I didn't particularly want to make her cum, but I did; she must have been as horny as I was. I went through the rest of the numbers (with the help of Tony) and I got fucked in all 3 holes and came twice more. Then Tony told everyone that it was a free-for-all. About half of my ex classmates came forward and I got fucked at both ends for ages before Tony finally called a halt. By that time I was knackered. I just lay there as Tony got rid of everyone except him.

"Can you get up on your own Claire?" Tony asked. "I think so." I said. I rolled off the end of the table attempting to land on my feet, but as my legs started to take my weight, they gave way and I crashed to the floor. Tony picked me up and sat me on the chair. I watched as he collected everything in a big bag and came back over to me. "I can't find your skirt and top Claire; you'll have to go home like that." "I can't, my parents are there and they'll be up late with friends tonight." "Okay, you'll have to come with me; we'll collect your car tomorrow." "I can't do that Tony; I'll just stay in my car outside our house and wait until I see the lights go out." "No you won't; you're coming with me." Tony lifted me up and I put my arm round his shoulder as he half carried me out to his car.

I only saw one person as we went down the stairs and out of the door; a middle-aged man who just stopped and stared. Tony got a rag out of the boot of his car and put it on the passenger seat before letting me get in. Under normal circumstances I would have been mortified about needing that but it was Tony that caused my pussy to have about 8 or 9 of my classmates cum trickling out of my pussy so I felt fine. As we drove to Tony's apartment I remembered the spare clothes that I keep in my car, but I didn't say anything.

As Tony parked his car I saw a couple coming out of the building. "Can I borrow your jacket." I asked Tony. "No you can't; you can walk in as you are." "I don't know if I can." "You can. Get out now and follow me." Tony said. Fortunately, my legs were back to normal and it was my pussy that was aching as I followed Tony into the building and up the stairs.

Again, fortunately no one else saw the naked girl following one of the residents into his apartment. Tony's place is nice; very modern and stylish. I just stood inside the door looking around in amazement. There are tons of electronic equipment and PC screens there and I wondered what he was up to. I was shocked to see that my bedroom was on one of the screens. How the hell was that possible? Tony came back to me and pointed to a door. "Go and have a shower and try to wash yourself out." I felt embarrassed as I walked towards the door.

The shower felt good and as I stood there I wondered how I could 'wash myself out'. As I turned the shower off I looked up at the shower head and had an idea. Lifting the shower head down I looked closer at it and realised that I could unscrew it. I did so and turned the shower back on.

As the warm water came out of the flexible pipe I put it to my pussy and got a very pleasant surprise as the warm water rushed inside me. I filled my pussy 4 times and squirted it out before I decided that I had better stop there; I didn't want to cum in Tony's bathroom.

As I was squirting for the fourth time Tony walked in. "Ah, I see that you worked-out how to douche; well done. Put it back together and get dried then come to the kitchen." With that he was gone.

I did as told and wrapped the towel round myself and walked to the kitchen. "Did I tell you to wear the towel?" "No." "No what?" "No Tony." "No Tony; or no Sir." "Sorry Tony." I unfastened the towel, folded it and put it on the worktop.

"That's better slut." Tony said. "Whenever you are here you will be naked all the time. Understand?" "Yes sir." I said; wondering what he meant by the 'whenever you are here' bit. "Drink this." Tony said, giving me a glass.

"Down in one." Tony said. I did; and got one hell of a shock. I nearly chocked as I gasped for air. "Bloody hell; was that whiskey?" I asked. "Yes, you looked like you could do with a stiff drink." I felt a warm glow all over. "Right Claire, come and sit down, we need to talk." Tony led me to the lounge and pointed to the sofa. I sat down, sinking into the very comfortable cushions.

"Claire; you've been a very stupid girl. Twice now you've done things that could very easily be interpreted as criminal. Each time I've offered you an alternative to calling the police, and each time you've accepted an alternative punishment.

The problem is that each time you've really enjoyed that punishment, so much so that I really do get the impression that you are submissive and enjoy the embarrassment and humiliation. Am I right?" I thought for a few seconds. Tony was right. I did enjoy the gangbangs and being naked in front of strangers. I even enjoyed the physical punishments.

I'd come so close to cumming a few times when being spanked or whipped. Even as Tony was talking about these things I felt my pussy get wet. "Yes sir Tony." "Well Claire, I need a fuck-toy and someone to keep this place clean and I think that you are the ideal candidate. I want you to find a way to tell your parents that you are leaving home and going to move in here. There will, of course, be a few rules, and you will still have to work at the business every day."   I'm being Blackmailed by Vanessa Evans Part 03 --------- I had just been made to strip naked, be flogged on my butt, tits and pussy, and be gangbanged in the function room at the local Red Lion Pub; by, and in front of, most of my former college class mates and some of my current work mates.

It was the most humiliating thing that has ever happened to me. Now I was sat, still naked, on the sofa in my boss' apartment and he has just offered, no, told me; that I was going to live there and be his personal fuck-toy, his sex slave. How was I supposed to respond to that? How could I tell my very straight-laced parents that I had to move in to my boss' apartment, be naked all the time and be his fuck-toy? How could I refuse to do it and get my life back to that of your average young woman?

I couldn't. I had done some very stupid things and the alternative was to get reported to the police and probably get locked-up; and that's not to mention the shame that it would bring on my parents. The court case, me going to prison and those videos that show me begging people to do those things to me; it would kill my parents. The other thing that I had to take into consideration was the embarrassment and humiliation of the things that Tony was making me do.

Yes, they are extremely embarrassing and humiliating but they're so exciting and really do make me horny and wanting more. How the hell can a woman be like that?

Where's the logic in that? I don't understand it but I crave more of it. "Yes Tony, I will do as you ask. I will find a way to tell my parents that I am coming to live here.

Thank you; I will be your fuck-toy." "I'm not asking you Claire, I'm telling you what you will do." "Yes Sir, that's what I meant." "Right, there will be a few rules for you to obey but they will keep for later. Now you will come over here and give me a blowjob then you will sleep on the sofa tonight." I got up then got on my knees in front of Tony.

He held my hair and pulled and pushed my head up and down until I felt his cum slide down my throat. As I lay on the sofa trying to get some sleep I thought about all that had happened that day. The shame, the humiliation, I felt sick; and what was I going to tell my parents? I eventually fell asleep thinking about that problem.

"Claire! CLAIRE! Come on, wake up and get me some breakfast." I slowly opened my eyes and looked up. "Claire; get up and put the coffee on, then get me some eggs and bacon." "Yes Tony." I replied as I slowly came round." I looked around, then down at myself.

Yes, I was in Tony's apartment and yes, I was start naked, and yes, my tits and pussy were still a bit red. "OMG, it's all real, it wasn't a dream. Fuck, this is going to be my new home, and dressed like this." I thought. "My parents; shit, what am I going to tell them?" It's true what they say about your brain solving problems while you sleep; I knew what I had to say to them.

I sat opposite Tony eating breakfast in silence to start with. I thought more about what I'd got myself into and looked around the room. It was quite a nice place really, all modern and clean. It wouldn't be too bad living there if it hadn't have been for the horrible situation that I'd got myself in to. But living there naked, and having to do anything and everything that Tony tells me? What if he has friends or neighbours over?

Would I still have to be naked then? Would he expect, no, order me to have sex with them? Would I have to travel to and from work naked and be totally naked at work? In effect being a permanent nudist, a Permanude as Tony calls it. It was soo humiliating even just thinking about it; but at the same time, my pussy was tingling and getting very wet. What was wrong with me? I was a bit puzzled about the 4 very large monitors that were mounted on one wall in a big rectangle; none were switched on so I had no idea why Tony needed 4 televisions.

I didn't ask. After a while I said, "Tony, please can I wait until next Saturday to move in? If I can it will give my parents time to get used to the idea of me moving out.

I'll tell them that it's time that I started to look after myself, learn to live away from home; after all, I'm 19 and should be learning to become independent." "Independent;" I thought, "Tony was making me become his slave, his naked slave." The tingling got stronger. "Hmm," Tony replied after a while; "I'm not trying to punishing your parents, only you, so okay Claire, that works for me; next Saturday it is." "Can I bring all my clothes please? I won't wear any of them unless you tell me to; it's just that If I don't my mum will become suspicious." "Fair enough, you can leave them in your suitcase." "Where will I be sleeping Tony?" "Wherever I want you to; maybe on the sofa, maybe on the floor, maybe in my bed or maybe even in the spare room where you can keep your things.

Each night I'll tell you where to sleep." "Thank you Tony." "Right, when we've finished here get things cleaned-up then go and have a shower. After that, come and bend over the back of the sofa with your legs spread and wait for me. After I've fucked you I'll drive you home." "My car is in the Red Lion car park, can you take me there please?" "Okay." "Where are my clothes?" "No idea, didn't you keep an eye on them last night?" "I was a little busy last night." "So you were; I guess that you'll be going home like that then." I was about to say something but then I remembered the spare set of clothes that I keep in my car.

"Thank goodness that I'm an organized person." I thought. I stood up after Tony had fucked me and felt his cum start to leak out of my pussy. "Can I go and get cleaned up please Tony? I asked. "No, you can go home like that; my cum will remind you of what you have to do." "Can I borrow something to wear until I get to my car please?" "No, you arrived here like that so you can leave here like that." "But its day now, it's light out there." "And? &hellip." "And people will see me." "And?

&hellip." "And I'll be embarrassed." "And? &hellip." I knew that I wouldn't win so I gave up. I was lucky, no one saw us leaving the building. I couldn't tell about the short walk to Tony's car, there was no one out there but the whole area is surrounded by houses and apartment blocks. Who knows? I slunk down in the passenger seat of Tony's car as we drove along. It wasn't that far, only about 15 minutes, but Tony told me to spread my legs and play with my pussy. Fortunately, or unfortunately, there wasn't enough time for me to make myself cum even though I hadn't orgasmed yet that day.

Tony pulled into the Red Lion car park but he parked at the opposite end to where my car was. I nearly asked him to move to beside my car but I knew that it would be pointless. Just as soon as I got out of Tony's car he was off, leaving me to fend for myself. I looked around then made a dash for my car.

Fortunately, my dad had got a spare key cut and had shown me where I could hide it, "Just in case." He had said. I was very grateful to my dad that morning. I quickly put the dress and shoes on that were in the car then decided that I'd go into the pub and ask if anyone had found my bag, skirt and top. Fortunately, the pub opens early, trying to catch the breakfast trade. As I walked in I wished that I'd put some knickers in the car with my spare clothes, Tony's cum was still creeping down the insides of my thighs and the light breeze was making it cold and making my nipples tent my thin tank top.

There was a middle-aged man behind the bar and I blushed as I asked if anyone had handed in a handbag and some clothes, saying that I left them in the function room. "The cleaners found a bag but no clothes." The man said, then continued, "The cleaners found a dildo as well. That wouldn't be yours as well would it?

What on earth were you lot doing up there last night." My face felt like it was on fire. "No, no, I wouldn't know anything about that, just my bag. It was a sort of school reunion party last night." I checked my bag and was pleased to see that nothing was missing. I also remembered my dad always telling me to only take what I would need when I went out. When I got home I went and had another shower then made mum and me a coffee.

As we talked I put my plan into action. Mum was very understanding and agreed with my reasoning but she kept saying that I could move back in whenever I wanted to. She told me that she'd talk to dad when he got back from the football. When I saw dad the next morning he hugged me and repeated what mum had said about me always being welcome back there and that he hoped that I would visit them very frequently. I had a flash thought of Tony ordering me to visit them whilst naked but quickly dismissed it; Tony wouldn't be that cruel.

I spent the rest of the day thinking about what I would take and what I would leave there, hoping that Tony would soon decide that I'd been punished enough, but at the same time my pussy was telling me that I wanted to be naked forever and everywhere. My poor brain was soo confused. I put some things, and clothes, into a suitcase that mum said that I could take, and put some things into cardboard boxes that dad gave me. As I went round my room I came across the clock and the teddy bear that Tony had given me as birthday presents.

I decided to leave them where they were having seen quite a few clocks in Tony's apartment and hoping that I wouldn't get upset and need something to cuddle.

The next week flew by. As what has become usual, I strip naked as soon as I get there and put on the '2 rectangle' skirt and spend the day dressed in only that. It does just about cover my pussy and part of my butt when I'm just standing there but the delivery guys always manage to get me to bend over or squat down to do something and my tits quiver as they stare at them and whatever the 2 rectangle reveal as I move about.

Rajeev, the snack van man is still managing to find something sexist to say to me each day. Whenever it's cold outside (usually) the comments are usually about my rock hard nipples and the goosebumps on my tits. I'm dreading having to go out there when the frost and snow arrives. More and more of the workers in the other nearby units are walking over to where Rajeev stops outside our unit and I've sort of got immune to their comments and suggestions about what they would like to do to my body, but I still listen and they always make my pussy tingle and get wetter even though my brain hates me being there.

It keeps telling me to just walk away and move to a different town, somewhere Tony can't find me and where I can live like a normal young woman. The gangbangs are still the highlight of the installation guy's days and I'm sure that they are getting better at planning their days so that they can get back in time to fuck me before they go home. My brain keeps telling me that it's all wrong and that I should refuse to be the object of their depravity but my pussy keeps telling me that I love every second of it and that I want more and more.

Just before the Friday after work gangbang, Tony called me into his office and told me to take my skirt off. He then got me to lie on his desk and hold my knees near my shoulders. He then fucked me until he'd cum deep inside me. I had to stay like that while he left for home after telling me to be at his apartment at 10 o'clock in the morning with my belongings. He told me to phone him just before I left home. Five minutes later Pete and Duncan came into Tony's office, laughed at the position that I was still in, then picked me up and carried me to the kitchen where all 4 of them took it in turns to fuck my pussy and mouth.

Again, as usual, they left me to recover, clean myself then lock up. That Friday evening was a family one, albeit a bit subdued, as all 3 of us were sad that I was moving out. On the Saturday morning dad helped me load my car then after a few tears from both mum and me, I drove off. I was a couple of streets away when I remembered that I was supposed to phone Tony before I left home so I pulled over and phoned him.

"Drive round a corner, stop, and get naked then drive here naked." Tony told me. "I can't do that, it's the middle of the morning and I have to drive through town. People will see me." "Claire, do you want me to hang-up then phone the police?" "No, please Tony, please don't make me do it." "Claire &hellip." "Okay, okay; I'll do it." "And phone me as soon as you switch your engine off." The phone went dead and I just sat there.

I started to think of routes that I could take where there was less chance of me being seen, where there were no 2 lane traffic lights. I'd just worked out a route and was putting the car in gear when I remembered that Tony had told me to get naked.

I shimmied the denim skirt down and pulled my top up over my head. As Tony had stopped me wearing underwear months ago I was now naked apart from my shoes. When Tony had first told me to drive whilst naked he had told me that shoes don't count and that I could keep them on.

I was lucky and, as far as I know, no one saw that I was naked. That is until I stopped outside Tony's apartment. I'd reversed into a slot between 2 cars in the little car park and just as I switched the engine off I realized that a young woman was getting into the can next to me. She saw that I was naked and smiled, then gave me the thumbs up before getting into her car and driving off.

"Did she really think that driving whilst naked was a good thing?" I thought but then remembered that I was supposed to phone Tony. "Right Claire, get out of your car and wait for me to get down there." "But I'm naked, can I get dressed before I get out?" "No Claire. Just stand at the back of your car and wait." "But &hellip." The line went dead.

I looked around. I could see a few teenagers about a couple hundred meters away walking towards me and hoped that Tony would get to me quickly.

He didn't. Although I was standing to the side of the back of my car, they arrived there just as Tony was walking up to me. My eyes were going back and forth from Tony to the teenagers and it was one of the teenage boys that saw me first.

"Hey look at that girl." "Fucking hell." "It must me cold today." "Bend over the front of your car for me love." "Good for you girl." From one of the girls. Were some of the remarks.

I didn't want to look them in the face so I was looking at Tony. He saw that I had one arm covering part of my tits and the other hand in front of my pussy and he glared at me.

He held his arms like I was then put them by his sides. It was obvious that he wanted my arms to go to my sides. I slowly complied, resulting in a few more comments from the teenagers.

"Okay guys, have you never seen a naked girl before? On your way." Tony said to them and they walked on. "Why didn't you come out sooner?" I asked. "If you had I wouldn't have had the embarrassment of all that." "You can't tell me that you didn't enjoy that Claire." "No I didn't.

It's bad enough having to be naked with you around but they were strangers. It's so humiliating." "Come on Clare, you're not fooling me, you enjoyed it." "No I didn't." Tony took a step closer and ran a finger along my slit. Bringing his wet finger up to my face he just looked at me for a couple of seconds then said, "Open." I opened my mouth and his wet finger went in.

I instinctively sucked his finger. "You taste nice as well don't you Claire?" I just stood there sucking his finger until he pulled it out.

Turning to my car he opened the rear and lifted 1 of my 2 cases out. "Come on Claire, I know that you'd rather stand out here all day but I've got things to do." "What about my other case and the boxes?" I asked. "You can come back for them when you've got that one upstairs." "Gee thanks." I said and started pulling the case towards the building. Thankfully, we didn't see anyone else and we made it to his apartment without incident. "Right Claire, go and get your other case and the boxes." "Will you come with me Tony?" "No, you're a big girl Claire." "Can I wait until it gets dark?" "No, go now Claire." Reluctantly, I opened the door and ran down the corridor then the stairs then out to my car.

I'd just got my case out when I heard a voice say, "Nice body young lady." I turned and saw an old man walking his dog. "Thank you Sir, please excuse me, I have to go." I grabbed the case handle and started walking back to the building. Going downstairs when you are in a hurry is easy, but I couldn't carry the case up the stairs so I had to wait for the lift like we had done the first time.

That time the lift was empty when the doors opened but this time I was confronted by a young couple about my age. When they saw me they both smiled and the girl said, "Lost a bet did you?" "No, I err, I'm just moving in." "Forgot to leave something out to travel in did you?

The boy asked. "No, I err, I've got to go." I replied and pushed passed them and waited for the doors to close with my back to them. "Nice tits." I heard the boy say as the couple walked away; then "Ouch, what was that for?" I smiled and thought, "Should have kept your gob shut mate." I repeated the exercise until all my belongings were in Tony's apartment. Fortunately there weren't any more embarrassing meetings. "Right Claire; put your belongings in the spare room then wander around and get to know what is where." I did, and I was quite impressed really, Tony is a bit of a minimalist really, and a tidy one at that.

Keeping the place clean and tidy was going to be easy. The apartment has one big room and a little corridor going off one side. Down the corridor is the main bedroom on one side and a smaller bedroom and a bathroom on the other side. Then I looked up at the 4 large monitors on the wall behind me.

OMG, each one was split into 4 different screens. In some of the 16 mini screens were what I assumed were images from cameras somewhere.

I looked at each one in turn to try to work out where the camera was. One was the little car park outside the building and I could see the back of my car. Then I realized that Tony must have watched me arrive and seen the teenagers approaching. The bastard had deliberately let me stand there as they walked up to me and saw my naked body. I was annoyed and my pussy tingled. Then I saw some images that I recognized as from work.

One was of my chair; the camera must be under my desk somewhere. He must have watched me masturbate at my desk. My pussy tingled some more but my brain was getting annoyed.

Next I saw my bedroom. I got more annoyed and wetter. I studied the angle of the view and realized that the camera must be in that damn clock that he gave me all those months ago.

My brain wished that I had never plugged it in. My pussy was thinking otherwise. I couldn't work out where the other images were of but my pussy wasn't letting my brain concentrate. "Tony," I said, "will you fuck me please?" "No Claire, I will not. What's more, don't you dare touch your pussy with anything; not until I tell you to." "Tony, please." "No Claire. Now finish looking around then put a load of washing on.

I need a clean shirt for Monday." "Oh shit," I thought, "He's going to work me like a slave as well." Next, I looked over to the big window; outside I could see some other blocks of apartments. Inside, in one corner of the room was a little mini gym with a bench, some weights, a treadmill, an exercise cycle and a couple of small items that I didn't know what they were for.

Moving on to the bedrooms I saw that the beds in both of them had metal headboards and the one on the spare room (mine if I'm allowed to sleep there) has 2 pairs of handcuffs, one attached to each end of the headboard.

"Fucking hell," I thought, "he's going to torture me in 2 different ways. Oh why was I so stupid?" Back in the lounge, Tony was sat on the sofa using a laptop. Images of different places were popping up on different ones of the 16 mini-screens. I went and sat on one of the arm chairs and watched what was happening on the screens.

On the one of my bedroom back home I saw my mum enter the room and strip the bed. I'd left the room tidy but she went round it re-arranging a few things. Then she left with the laundry. Eventually, Tony looked up and ay me. "Claire, now that you're living here there a few rules that you need to adhere to. If you break any of them you will get punished, physically or mentally punished.

The humiliation punishments for the thefts will continue until I see fit to stop them. The rules are: - When you arrive here you will strip totally naked outside the door before entering. You will remain totally naked until you leave, unless I tell you otherwise, and you will dress outside the apartment after you have locked the door. Each night you will ask where I want you to sleep. When sitting anywhere in the apartment you will sit with your knees at least shoulder width apart.

When anyone knocks on the door you will open it whilst still naked and you will not try to hide behind the door, you will let whoever it is see you full-frontal. You may wear an apron whilst doing any cooking. When I have guests here you will remain naked and serve us all drinks and food as appropriate. When I have guests here you will allow them to touch and grope your body if they so wish. You will never close any internal room doors. You will not close any of the blinds or curtains.

If you see anyone from any nearby building watching you will act as if you haven't seen them. Whenever I take you anywhere you will ask me what you will wear. Whenever I take you anywhere you will sit with your knees at least shoulder width apart. If you go out on your own you will ask me what you shall wear.

If I am not here and you go out you will wear only a microskirt and top or a micro dress. Whenever the weather is cold you are permitted to wear a coat instead of the skirt and top or dress.

The only exception to this is when visiting your relatives. You will shave all of your body below your neck once per day. You will stop wearing make-up of any sort; you are a beautiful young lady and don't need make-up.

You will work-out on the gym equipment for at least 30 minutes every other day. You will accompany me to my badminton club each Monday evening, and play when we are a player short. "Wow, that's a lot of rules Tony; please can I put some clothes on when anyone comes here? It will be so embarrassing letting them see me naked." "No." "Can I at least choose what I wear when you take me anywhere?" "No Claire.

The list is what you WILL do. You know what the alternative is." "What will happen if I break any of the rules?" "You will get punished, either physically as you have been in the past, or mentally by sever embarrassment or humiliation. I may find other ways, physical or mental, and I will let you know at the time." My heart sank a little. He was going to expose my body to goodness knows who, and physically punish me, and there was nothing that I could do about it.

At least I can still pluck my eyebrows. Why was my pussy tingling and getting even wetter? That can't be right. I must be some sort of freak. Tony then told me to make us a drink and some snacks. After that I had to do 30 minutes exercise after I was stupid enough to tell him that it was months since I'd had any proper exercise. He told me that 30 minutes on the exercise cycle would be a good start for me, but before I climbed on it he adjusted the seat so that I just couldn't quite touch the pedals when they were at their lowest.

He told me to slide from side to side on the saddle so that I could reach them. OMG! I've really got to thank Tony for that; as soon as I started to pedal the sliding from side to side stimulated my clitoris and within a couple of minutes I had my first cycle orgasm.

Tony urged, no told me to pedal faster and I must have had 5 or 6 orgasms before he told me to stop. As my heart rate started to get back to normal I decided that things weren't going to be too bad living there. I also decided that when my ordeal was final over and I was living in a place of my own, one of the first things that I was going to buy was an exercise cycle so that I could bring myself off in the privacy of my own place.

I was then told to go and have a shower and then do a little fashion parade of all the micro-skirts and tops and short dresses that I have. He told me that he was going to select an outfit for me to go to the supermarket in. I quickly realized that I'd have to be very careful when I got anything from the low or high shelves.

I felt like I was dressed as a slut or a hooker as we left the apartment. Fortunately, the supermarket was very busy and whenever Tony told me to bend down or reach up there were so many people around that I don't think that anyone saw my bare butt or pussy. The same couldn't be said for the car park. Tony insisted that I stand at the back of the trolley and reach over and down to get things out to put in the back of his car.

I saw one old man that had stopped and was watching me bend over. I tried to be quick but that didn't stop my pussy from tingling. I also heard an old woman calling me a slut and say that I should be ashamed of myself as she pushed her trolley passed us. I was ashamed of myself, but what could I do? I was, I am, trapped in my new life.   I'm being Blackmailed by Vanessa Evans Part 04 --------- That night Tony took me to his local pub.

I guess that he wanted to show his new acquisition to his mates. I got introduced as 'his new fuck-toy'; which I guess that I am. Tony had picked out another very revealing outfit for me and I spent the evening having one or other of his mates looking through the open buttons of my top, or up my micro-skirt when we sat down.

I remembered how Tony had told me to sit and I flashed my bald pussy to his mates and other people in the pub. Fortunately, Tony and his mates bought me lots of drinks and the alcohol numbed my brain and I stopped thinking about the embarrassment and humiliation. My pussy didn't stop thinking about its and my tits exposure, and I was feeling horny and very wet all evening. I didn't complain, in fact I enjoyed it, when Tony send me to the bar to get a round of drinks and one of his mates came with me.

He stood beside me and his hand went up my skirt and caressed my bare butt. It was nice, and I was unhappy when he had to stop. Tony took me to the bar one time and he stood behind me. As we waited to get served he put his arms round me and slid his hands up the front of my top. He was holding my tits all the time that the young girl was serving us. She looked familiar and I think that she was at college at the same time as I was.

She looked at my chest and saw my top moving about as Tony's hands groped my tits. She smiled but didn't say anything. All (4) of Tony's mates wanted to hug me when we parted to go home. Each one of them groped my bare butt while Tony stood and watched. One of them slid his hand between my legs and got his fingers wet from my pussy.

In the car on the way home I told Tony that it was horrible having to expose myself like that, and to be groped in public like that. All Tony said was, "Come on Claire, you know that you enjoyed it." "I didn't." I replied. His hand went to my pussy and I felt a finger invade my hole. He pulled it out and held it in front of my mouth.

Instinctively, I opened my mouth and sucked his finger. As I was doing so he said, "Told you." When I got out of the car back at the apartment, Tony told me to go to the front of the car and take my skirt off. It was late and when I looked around I couldn't see anyone. After bending me over the front of the car and fucking me, he led the bottomless me back to his apartment. I really was glad that it was late and dark. I was told to sleep in the spare room that night. I was up before Tony the next morning and I had coffee and breakfast waiting for him.

No sooner than I'd cleaned up there was a knock on the door. "Go Claire, answering the door is your job now." "But I'm naked." "And? &hellip." Resigned to the embarrassment, I walked across the room and opened the door. My brain told me to cover my tits and pussy but my pussy won and I just stood there and let Harry, one of Tony's mates from the pub, look up and down my naked body.

"I've brought back those videos that we talked about Tony." Harry said holding up a memory stick. "Come in Harry." Tony shouted. Harry's eyes moved up to my face as I stepped back and fully opened the door.

"Claire, get Harry a coffee." Tony said. As I was getting the coffees Tony said, "Why don't we watch them again?" Harry agreed and when I carried the coffees over I looked up at the 4 huge monitors. Split over the 4 of them there was one gigantic view of me lying on my home bed, totally naked and masturbating.

I nearly dropped the coffees. "OMG! Turn it off. Please turn it off Tony." "I don't think so Claire. You look good up there." "No please Tony, turn it off." "Oh no; in fact I think that it would be a good idea if you gave us a live performance right now. What do you think Henry?" "Sounds good to me." Henry replied. I was then made to sit with my back to the wall below the huge monitors with my legs spread wide and to masturbate for them. It was so humiliating but at the same time I was so turned on.

It didn't take me long to cum and Tony told me to keep going and I orgasmed again before the videos stopped. "Well done Claire," Tony said, "keep cumming like that and I might just go lightly on you for a while. But first, get on that exercise cycle and show Harry how good you are at cycling." "I can't Tony, I'm knackered and there's only so many times that a girl can cum in straight succession." "Maybe, but I'm sure that you haven't reached that limit yet.

Besides, won't you just pass-out when you can't take anymore?" I didn't answer him because he was probably right. Instead I got up and slowly walked over to the exercise cycle. Fifteen minutes and 2 more orgasms, Tony finally told me that I could stop. I wasn't totally sure that I wanted to stop; I was enjoying myself so much and the fact that 2 men were watching me sort of made me want to keep going.

But I didn't. I got off the bike and nearly collapsed onto the floor. My legs were like jelly for a few seconds. Harry had been watching me from pretty close-up and he saw me falter. He jumped up and grabbed me then picked me up. If I hadn't of felt a little faint the touch of his hands on my naked flesh could easily have made me cum again. As it was, he carried me over to the sofa and lay me down. That was about all the sympathy that I got because Tony told me to open my legs.

When I did he said, "Well it looks like a well fucked pussy Harry but its hours since she got fucked." "Yes, it is all red and swollen and wet. Maybe she's one of these girls who looks horny and well fucked all the time." "Maybe that would explain some of her actions.

She does like to cum a lot doesn't she?" Tony put his hand on my pussy and said, "Her cunt's red hot as well. Feel it." Tony moved his hand and Henry put his there. I was used to Tony's hand being there but Henry had never touched me there before and the feeling caused me to gasp and I felt my pussy twitch. "Finger fuck her if you like mate." Henry wasn't going to miss the opportunity and his finger pumped in and out, slowly at first then as my breathing got faster the finger pumping went faster and faster.

The inevitable happened and I orgasmed - again. "You can fuck her proper next time if you like." I heard Tony say as he finally removed his finger and then licked it. "Cheers mate, I'll look forward to that." "Fucking hell," I thought, "he's whoring me out now.

I really am nothing more than a sex-slave." I closed my eyes and thought about the horrible mess that I'd got myself in to. As I lay there I heard Henry leave and Tony doing something in the kitchen area. The next thing that I knew was Tony perching on the sofa beside me. "Here Claire," Tony said putting a glass in my hand.

"Drink this; you look like you need it." I gulped the whiskey down in one go, coughed, then said, "Yes, I did, thank you." "Don't worry Claire, I'm going to punish you and you will enjoy it, but I'm not going to break you.

At some point it will all end and you can go back to being a normal, respectable young lady. That's if you want to, you seem to like all this punishment one hell of a lot. Maybe you are a born nymphomaniac who enjoys being humiliated and I just happen to be the lucky guy who made you realise that." I didn't say anything; I just lay there thinking about what Tony had just said.

Was he right? Was I a nympho? Did I really enjoy the embarrassment and humiliation? My pussy certainly seemed to think so. I was brought back to reality by my phone ringing.

It was my mum wanting to know how I was and how I was settling in. I sort of lied and told her that everything was wonderful. Mum told me a bit of family news; my cousin Aria was staring at the college that I went to. She was planning to bus over each day (about an hour each way). I said that that was stupid and that as I'd moved out I wouldn't mind if she used my old room.

Mum said that it was too soon and that I might change my mind and want to move back in. My brain was telling me that I did want to move back home but how could I? Tony wouldn't let me and my pussy wouldn't be happy either. We left it with mum saying that she'd think about it.

Before we hung-up mum invited me to Sunday Lunch the following week. I told her that I'd be happy to go, hoping that Tony would let me. Over tea I told Tony about my Sunday Lunch invite. "Of course you can go; I'm not your jailer." I nearly laughed, then told him about Aria and what I'd told my mum about my room.

Tony's reaction was to ask me what she looked like. Not understanding the relevance I told him that she was a bit like me. "Slim?" "Yes." "Big tits?" "No, about the same size as me. Why does all this matter?" "It doesn't probably." I was still a bit puzzled as to why he wanted to know what Aria looked like but I soon forgot about it when he told me to spread my legs to see if my pussy was still as red, wet and swollen as it had been earlier.

It wasn't red anymore, nor was it swollen, but it was still wet, all shinny. "Good girl." Tony said as he put his hand on it and pressed in between my lips for a second. I felt his finger at the entrance to my hole but he didn't penetrate it. "Okay Claire, the rest of the evening is yours," Tony told me, "I won't make any more demands on you today. You can do whatever you want; except that the rules still apply." When he'd started to say that I thought about putting some clothes on but that thought soon disappeared when he finished what he said.

I settled for a quiet night on my laptop on the sofa. When I opened it I saw the camera and went and got a band aid out of my bag to cover it. I didn't want any of my friends accidentally seeing that I was naked.

Later on, Tony stripped down to his boxers and went and had a workout. I watched him and decided that he isn't that bad looking; in fact he's quite cute really. I thought about him working out naked but I didn't dare ask him to even though my pussy started tingling as I watched. I was told to sleep in the spare room again and as I climbed into the bed I realised that I was starting to think of the room as mine. I was crying as I tried to get to sleep and sex was the last thing on my mind.

I was thinking about the horrible situation that I'd got myself in to. I hated it. Why couldn't I be at home snuggly wrapped up in my own bed? Why did I have to have a pussy that takes control of me? Was there some sort of drug that would make my whole pussy and tits go numb so that I didn't have to suffer like Tony was making me?

I put my hand over my pussy and cursed it. Then it started tingling and I just had to rub my clit. Tony had to remind me to not get dressed inside the apartment the next morning when we left for work and I was glad that the apartment block wasn't that big and didn't have lots of people walking about.

Tony drove me to work and I had a quick thought about the money that I was saving on rent and petrol. My pussy wasn't the only thing benefitting from my new living arrangements, my bank balance was benefitting as well. At work, the day went just the same as any other one these days except that I didn't have to wait for Tony before stripping and putting on those horrible rectangles.

Tony had to tell Duncan and Arron to get a move on in the kitchen that evening and I wasn't totally satisfied with the fucking that they gave me; but I hoped that Tony would take care of that later. He did, that night he told me to sleep in his bed and he gave me a slow, passionate fucking before going to sleep. The Monday evening was different. It was Tony's badminton evening and he'd already told me that I was going to go with him. "What shall I wear?" I asked.

He picked out a skirt and top for me and I put them to one side to put them on when I went out of the apartment door. "What shall I wear for the badminton? And you do realised that I've never played badminton before don't you?" "Yes, I do realise that. As for what you'll wear whist playing, you'll wear what you are right now." "But, but it's a school gym, there could be kids there, and what about the other players?

It will be embarrassing and will they be happy playing with a naked girl?" "Don't worry about kids. There's never any there at that time of the evening, and as for the other player, I'm sure that they won't mind. In fact I'm sure that they'll look forward to getting their hands on you." "I thought that badminton was a 'no contact' sport." "It is, but I'm sure that they'll find a way to get their hands on those tits and that pussy." "But, but &hellip." I didn't bother finishing the sentence; I knew that I wouldn't win.

Besides, my pussy was telling me that it might be fun. When we arrived at the school I saw 2 young men walking into the gym before us. We went straight to the boy's changing room where Tony introduced me to 6 other young men.

I was introduced as 'Claire, the sex slave.' A couple of the men were still getting changed and I saw one cock as the sports shorts went on. "None of you mind if Claire strips off and watches and maybe plays if Tom doesn't turn up do you?" Six young men all confirmed that it wasn't a problem and my pussy told me that I didn't mind either.

"Okay Claire, get those clothes off." Tony instructed. Six pairs of eyes watched as my top then my skirt came off. "Turn round Claire, let them have a good look at you." I wanted to cover my tits and pussy but I was sure that Tony would tell me not to, besides, my pussy wanted to be seen.

"Jump up and down, do some jumping jacks for the guys. That way they'll see just how much your tits wobble. Sorry guys if you like big tits, but as you can see Claire doesn't have much up there. They only wobble, not bounce." I wasn't sure if I should have been embarrassed or pleased by that last bit, but one of the men said, "I don't like big tits.

Anything more than a handful is a waste." Three of the other men agreed and I felt a little better. "Anyone want to volunteer to teach Claire some of the basics while the rest of us have a proper game?" Tony asked. There was no shortage of volunteers and as we walked out to the gym I asked, "Are you sure that there will be no kids here?" "Relax Claire, there never has been over the last year or so." I felt a little better; if it is possible for a naked girl to feel better when she is surrounded by 7 clothed men.

The next couple of hours were spent with me being taught how to play badminton by 6 different men. Tony decided that they should all take it in turns to teach me and none of them disagreed with him. What they all did was stand right behind me, press on my back and hold my right arm on the pretext of showing me the different strokes (?) that I should use to achieve different results. One thing that I did learn was that they all had hard cocks that they delighted in pressing into my butt.

It was kinda nice and it made my pussy tingle. When the 2 hours was over we went back to the changing room. I went to put my clothes on and hoped that I'd get a chance to see at least some of the men have a shower.

"What are you doing Claire?" Tony asked. "You're having a shower as well." "I can manage until we get home so I don't need to go to the girls changing room." "No, no Claire, get in the showers here." "But you guys will be in there." "And &hellip." My shoulders dropped an as I walked to the showers, the others were stripping off and there were soon 7 naked men and 1 naked girl in the showers. My pussy loved it and there was no shortage of volunteers to soap my body.

Well Tony didn't help. I guess that he wanted me to himself when we got back home. Those guys brought me to 4 orgasms with their hands as they 'washed' my pussy over and over again, and Tony promised that starting the next week one of them could fuck me each week. My pussy wasn't sure if 1 per week was better than all 6 each week.

My brain didn't want any of it. It thought that it was all wrong. Finally dry and tired, Tony let me get dressed and we went home. He fucked me doggy style on his bed before he went to sleep. I cuddled up to him and went to sleep with by back to him. I woke up on the next morning to the felling of Tony fucking me hard from behind.

My first reaction was of horror, I was being raped in my sleep, but that was my brain talking. My pussy soon took control and I came shortly before Tony did. "That was a hell of a way to wake up Tony." I said as we lay there getting our breath back. "You scared the life out of me. I'd been dreaming about getting raped and then you started fucking me whilst I was still asleep. For a second I thought that the rape must have been real. I suppose that in a way, it was. All this, this living here and the things that you make me do are a form of captivity and rape." "Don't be silly Claire; you know that you love it here.

And why would you have so many orgasms if it was all against your will. You just love being treated the way that you are." "No I don't." Tony turned on his side facing me and put his hand on my soaking wet pussy.

"This tells me that you do like it." Tony said as 2 of his finger slid into my pussy and bent upwards hitting my G-spot. I moaned and wanted more but Tony pulled his hand away and up to my mouth which opened wide to accept my juice, and his jism, covered fingers. The rest of the week went relatively quietly, although during a couple of quiet periods I did reflect on my new life.

I wasn't at all aroused at those times and felt quite sorry for myself. The second time got interrupted by a phone call. It was Tony; he was out with a potential client.

"Open your legs and start rubbing your pussy." He commanded. "And don't try telling me that you already are, I can see your bare legs and bare pubes." It was then that I remembered the camera that was somewhere under my desk. I had no choice, even though I wasn't at all aroused.

As I complied with the command and slowly started rubbing, Tony said, "That's it Claire. Keep doing that until you've cum twice.

You have a little audience that is enjoying the view." With that he hung-up and I was left wondering if there really was an unknown number of people watching me masturbate. Knowing that Tony was watching as well, I had no choice, I had to keep going.

Just as I was cumming the first time Sandra returned from her trip to wherever. She looked at me, smiled and said, "My god Claire, you really are a slut. You can't even wait until 5 o'clock in the kitchen." When I was able I replied, "It's Tony, he's with a client and they're watching me through the camera under my desk." "The next time that it happens let me know and we'll swap places." "Does that mean that I'd be able to wear your clothes Sandra?" "No chance.

You're wearing the only clothes that Tony will let you. I don't know why he bothers you with that ridiculous skirt; you may as well just be naked." I sort of agreed with her, it was ridiculous, but it was a skirt.

It gave me a slight sort of security. On the other hand, my pussy really was agreeing with her. It wanted me to be totally naked all the time, permanently nude, a Permanude as Tony calls it. I kept going until I'd cum again. Tony didn't call back and I'd done what he's told me to do so I opened the email that had just arrived. Yet another nearly nude week, with all the accompanying embarrassment and humiliation, ended and I found myself sitting in Tony's car for the ride home.

I was sat on the towel that he'd told me to put on the seat before I get in on an evening. He'd told me that he didn't want all the jism from his staff leaking out onto his car seat. Just after we'd eaten and I'd cleaned up the doorbell rang. By that time I was sort of getting used to being naked all the time in his apartment and I just got up and went to the door.

"Surpri ……" The young woman started to say as I opened the door. She just stared at me in silence for a few seconds then said, "Who the fuck are you? And why haven't you got any clothes on?" "Oh hi sis, come on in," Tony said from behind me, "this is Claire, Claire Cumalot, she's an employee with benefits; she's staying with me for a while.

Claire, meet my sister Zoey." "Oh, I see," Zoey said, "well I can certainly see a lot; so how come she's naked bro?" "She's been a naughty girl and this is part of her punishment." "Hmm, can I help you punish her Tony, she's delicious." While they were talking about me and ignoring me, I realised what Tony had called me.

"Hey, it's Camelot, not Cumalot." I said. Tony looked at me, smiled and said, "But you do Claire." I blushed and Zoey reached over and pulled and twisted my right nipple. "You always were a lucky bastard Tony. So Claire Cumalot, has my brother tied you to the bed and spanked your bare bottom yet?" "No." "Oh I'm sure that he will, he's good at that and he always makes me cum before he fucks me." "He spanks and fucks you; his sister?" "Yes; and his other sister Eve.

We both love it." "Wow, so incest isn't a problem in your family." "Hell no;" Zoey replied, "it isn't as if we're going to get pregnant so what's the problem?

So you've never been spanked or fucked by your daddy or brother then Claire?" "I haven't got any brothers or sisters and my dad never hit me." "You don't know what you're missing Claire; are you going to put that right Tony?" "When the time's right sis. So what can I do for you anyway? Or did you come here to get your butt tanned?" "Sorry bro, that pleasure will have to wait, I've just come over to give you this memory stick from dad.

You know that he doesn't like sending files over the internet." "What's on it?" "Not sure but I think that it's some photos from their anniversary party." "Okay, I'll get round to looking at them sometime. So sis, when are you coming back for your dose of butt punishment?" "Hubby's going on a weekend fishing trip with his mates soon so the red marks will have time to disappear before he gets back.

I'll phone the others and check that they can make it on the Saturday evening or maybe the Sunday for lunch.

I'll be fast asleep in bed by the time he gets home so and red marks will have gone by the Monday. Maybe you could do that cute butt of Claire's at the same time? Or maybe we could have a nice 3-some at the same time?" "3-some?

Spanking? Incest? Wow, what the hell have I got myself in to?" I thought. "Well I suppose it will be a new experience. I hope that it doesn't hurt too much. If she's going to be here next Saturday at least I won't have to endure his mates at the pub." "Gotta go bro. This cute butt is begging to be spanked, don't wait too long." Zoey said as she slapped my bare butt on the way to the door. I gave Tony a questioning look; he smiled and said, "So Claire, you've just leant some little secrets about my family.

Don't think about trying to use it against me because I'm not ashamed of it and I'll happily tell anyone who asks all about it." "I wasn't even thinking about that Tony, I was more worried about my butt getting hurt." "You've been spanked at work Claire, and if I remember right it made you cum." He was right, but I didn't want to admit it.

The spanking really hurt and was so humiliating, especially as I had an audience; and it was even worse that my body started to enjoy it and even orgasmed. Why are women's bodies built like that? Are women supposed to get humiliated like that? Is that part of their role in life and society? On the Saturday Tony took me into town to get a new dress. He wanted to get me a 'slinky' (his word), short dress with not a lot of material to it. When I put on the first one that he'd picked I went out and showed it to him.

"Can I have one that there's more of it please Tony?" "Oh come on Claire, unlike men, girls can get away with wearing next to nothing almost everywhere. They look great wearing skimpy clothes and flashing tons of flesh. You'll be just another one of them. Men love looking at women wearing a thin dress that they couldn't possibly be wearing anything underneath. It's just part of men's DNA." "But I won't have any underwear on." "I think that you'd be surprised as to how many girls don't wear underwear these days.

The women's underwear phase arrived in the 18th century and since then knickers have got smaller and smaller. Lots of women have finally given up and just don't bother anymore." "What about bras?" I asked. "Unless you have melons stuck on your chest you don't need to wear a harness to keep them up. Wearing a bra stops tit muscles from getting exercise and the muscles go all weak and floppy.

Hence sagging tits when women get older. You need to exercise those muscles." "And how are women supposed to do that?" "Just ask any man and he'll massage them." "And you'll be massaging mine for me I suppose." "Me and whoever I decide to let have a go." My brain wasn't too happy about that comment, but my pussy was, and it let my brain know it. "And don't you go getting fat Claire. There are way too many fat women out there these days." "So what do you call being fat Tony?" "Stand up straight Claire." I did.

"Now bend your head and look down while keeping you back straight." I did. "Can you see the front of your slit?" "Yes; I can just about make it out through the material of this dress." "You'd be fat if you couldn't see it. So keep checking Claire. If you do get fat I'll put you on a starvation diet until you can see it again." I could see the logic in what he was saying and vowed never to get fat, or wear underwear again. Tony bought me that dress but wanted to get me another one.

He took me to another clothes shop, one that is part of a big national chain. I selected a couple of dresses to try on but Tony said that there was too much material. He picked a couple and we headed to the changing room.

When we got there I was surprised to see that they had been re-modeled since I was last there and outside was a sign saying that the company's policy on changing rooms had changed and that all changing rooms were now 'gender neutral.' As soon as he read that, Tony smiled and said, "Wow, finally all this political correctness crap has done something good.

I've always been pissed-off about the way politicians and big business' pander to these minority groups. None of them have the balls to stand-up for common sense and the silent majority but this time their lack of guts has ended up with girls like you being able to have some fun.

Come on Claire, you're about to flash your tits and ass." "I don't understand Tony." "You will." And I did, quite soon actually. As we walked in we were followed by a young man carrying a pair of jeans and a curtain opened up revealing a young woman about to leave with some clothes over her arm.

"Mixed changing rooms?" I said. "Wow, I'm surprised that they're allowed to get away with it." "You've got all this women's lib crap, political correct nutters and gutless politicians to thank for it Claire.

Now go to the last cubicle on the right and get naked. Stand there for a count of 50 then put one of those dresses on and come out here. And don't close the curtain when you go in." My heart sank as I realised that I was going to be naked with the curtain open, but at least Tony had told me to use the last cubicle on the right.

With a bit of luck no one would go down the room that far. My pussy was getting excited and hoping that someone, a man, would go down the room that far.

It didn't take more than a few seconds for me to get naked and I just stood there, hoping that no one would; and that a man would come down the room and see me. I was so confused. When my counting got to 50 I quickly slipped a dress on and smoothed it down my front. My nipples were tenting the thin material and I almost moaned as my hand slid over my pubes. The material felt nice on my skin but it was so short that my hand was soon on my bare thighs.

I stepped out of the cubicle and walked over to Tony. "Yes, quite nice, but I need to see more flesh. Go and put the other one on and count slower this time while you're stood there naked. Oh, and take off the one that you've got on as you walk back." I blushed as I started to walk back to the cubicle whilst taking the dress off.

I had to stop and step out of it and my heart was pounding as I hoped that no one would step out of their cubicles and see me. My pussy was thinking otherwise and the tingling got stronger and I could feel my juices leaking out. Luckily, or not, I made it back to my cubicle without being seen and I stood there, total naked and looking across the central isle to the closed curtain of the cubicle opposite, and slowly counting.

I'd got to about 30 when I heard Tony say, "There's one free at the end on the left mate." Followed by a male voice saying, "Cheers mate." My heart started to race again as I realised that 'at the end on the left' was opposite where I was stood.

My pussy muscles clenched as it got wetter and tingling turned to something like a pounding. My already rock hard nipples started to hurt as they moved backwards and forwards with my pounding heart.

Then I saw him, he looked a few years older than me, but not bad looking. He had a new pair of trousers in one hand. When he saw me he froze for a second then smiled at me before turning to open the curtain. He didn't close the curtain and he watched me watching him as he un-buckled then dropped the jeans that he was wearing. He wasn't wearing anything underneath the jeans and by that time he had a huge hard-on that had my eyes glued to it.

"Thirty two." I softly said, almost mesmerized by the sight. Commando man turned and picked up a pair of trousers then turned back to face me. "Thirty three." "Thirty four." As his second leg entered the trousers. "Thirty five." As he pushed his cock inside and out of sight.

"Thirty six." As he zipped up leaving an obvious bulge at the front. "Thirty seven." As he turned and looked in the mirror at himself. Then he moved slightly to one side so that we both could see my reflection in his mirror. He stared at me for a few seconds before turning to face me. "Thirty eight." As he unzipped then dropped the trousers letting my eyes gorge on the sight of his cock. After he'd picked them up he put his hand on his cock and pumped up and down a couple of times.

"Thirty niiiiiiinnne." As my pussy won the battle with my brain and my right hand moved to my pussy. "Fortttttttttty." As my feet spread and my right index finger got busy rubbing my clit. I forgot to keep counting as we masturbated in front of each other, my left hand finding my right tit and rubbing, pulling and twisting the nipple. I came before he did, and fortunately I managed to keep quite quiet.

I kept rubbing until he shot his load half way across the aisle towards me. He must have had an attack of guilt or something because he quickly turned and got dressed. "Thirty three." As he walked out without even looking at me. As I got near to finishing counting I got an attack of feeling ashamed about what I had just done. I got annoyed with myself for getting into the position that I am in.

But at the same time my pussy was telling me that I had just had an amazing experience that it wanted to repeat over and over again. "Fifty." And I picked up the second dress and put it on. I had to admit that I looked good wearing that dress, even though there was very little to it. There was so much flesh showing that it was obvious that I had nothing on under it, and I just knew that I'd have to be very careful not to expose the bits that Tony obviously wanted people to see.

As I walked towards Tony he said, "That's more like it. Do me a twirl then bend over; I want to see how much shows." I did as commanded, knowing even before I bent over, that my most intimate parts would be on show. Fortunately I managed to complete the tasks without anyone else seeing me.

"Good, you look good in that one Claire. We'll get that one, there's an event coming up that you will wear that at and make both of us look good. Go and put your own clothes on and we'll get out of here." As I did so I thought that maybe I should have asked where he was going to make me wear that 'almost nothing' dress at. I smiled to myself as I thought that at least he wasn't going to make me wear that horrible rectangles skirt.

I'd taken the dress off and was just about to put my own skirt and top back on when a teenage girl appeared in the aisle near me. She looked at the naked me, smiled and said, "Nice, you go for it girl." Before turning and entering the cubicle opposite me.

She stood and watched me get dressed then smiled at me again as our eyes met as I walked out. As we left the store Tony said, "Well Claire, judging by the noise that was coming from your cubicle and the smile on that man's face, you certainly enjoyed that; I think that we'll have to come shopping here more often. What do you say Claire?" "I don't want to ever go there again. That man was watching me as I got changed and he wanked until he shot his load. It nearly landed on me.

It was horrible." "Claire, stop telling porkies. You enjoyed it and don't you dare deny it. Do I need to finger test you here? Right here in the street?" I stopped talking even though my pussy wanted me to say, "Yes, finger fuck me right here in the street, and can we come here every Saturday please?" After a few minutes silence, as we walked back to the car, Tony said, "I guess that these pathetic PC minorities have actually done something good for once." I said nothing.

We were soon back at Tony's apartment and I was totally naked again. As I hung-up my new dresses I looked at them and thought, "Gawd, it's going to be soo embarrassing being out in public in either of these. Even with a bra and knickers it would be embarrassing but without any underwear my face will be permanently red. Why oh, why did I do those stupid things?" As usual, my pussy was in conflict with my brain and it was unbelievably looking forward to the experience.

I prepared us some food then after we'd eaten Tony told me that it was 30 minutes exercise for me, then a shower then it was pub night with his mates again. I went straight to the exercise cycle and Tony didn't have to tell me to pedal fast. I'm starting to get used to cumming in front of him and I just pedaled and pedaled with my pussy sliding from side to side on the saddle until I'd cum 3 times.

As my heart and legs slowed down Tony said, "Well done Claire, you actually pedaled for 45 minutes." I didn't say anything. After a shower I looked at the skimpy top and ultra-short skirt that Tony had got out for me.

I guess that my brain must have still been a little high from the orgasms because I wasn't at all embarrassed at the thought of having to go to a pub with just those clothes on. My pussy was enjoying the thought because it started tingling a bit. The pub that night with Tony's mates went much the same as the previous week except that there was more groping.

I had to go to the bar to get each round of drinks and at least one hand went up the front of my top while I was stood at the bar, even when I was being served; much to the amusement of the bar staff, male and female. I also had to endure the feeling of hard cocks pressing against my butt as I stood there.

Yes. I was embarrassed the first 3 or 4 times that all that happened, but as the evening wore on, the alcohol numbed my brain and my pussy started taking control of me. Tony later told me that I was grinding my butt against those cocks as I stood at the bar. If the alcohol hadn't made me so happy I would have been so embarrassed.

The pub was very busy and one time that I went to the bar someone pinched my chair and I had to sit on one of the guy's laps.

Over the rest of the evening I was shunted from one lap to another, and on each one I had a hard cock pressing into my butt and a hand between my legs. I had to put my hands over that hand so that it wasn't too obvious to the other pub goers what was happening to me.

In the car park at the end, Tony got me to take the skirt and top off and his mates hugged me like that. More groping, but by that time my pussy was in full control of my body and on the way home Tony got me to give him a blowjob as he drove.

He fucked me over the front of his car in the car park next to his apartment block, much to the delight of a group of young men who were staggering by. On that Sunday I went back home for lunch with my mum and dad. Tony had let me choose what to wear and I picked my longest skirt (mid-thigh Tony had got me to get rid of my longer ones), and my thickest top, a wooly jumper.

No underwear of course, and I felt really good having some proper clothes on. Mum again mentioned my cousin Aria again and I easily convinced her to tell Aria that she could use my old room during the week. Tony had got me to take a replacement teddy bear and I easily managed to swap them over. I felt really bad setting Aria up to be spied on, but what could I do?

The Sunday evening and the next week went by much that same as the previous week(s). At the badminton on the Monday evening all 8 men were there and I was a bit of a spare part, a spare part that kept getting used, when they played single instead of doubles, then discarded. When any of them weren't playing they'd talk to me and get me to practice the swings. Of course they had to stand behind me and reach round me and 'accidentally' put their hands on my tits or press their hard-ons into my butt.

The showers afterwards were just as bad. All of them, except Tony, took it in turns to wash my tits, butt and pussy. I think that all of them made me cum, and that was before Tony let them fuck my pussy and mouth.

I was quite tired, and sore, by the time Tony let me put my skirt and top on to take me home. I suppose that I'm getting a bit used to being so under-dressed at the pub with Tony's mates, and I overheard what I think was the landlord, telling Tony that his takings had gone up lately. If only he knew that I was being blackmailed into being put on display and be groped there.

It was a mild night and Tony let one of his mates fuck me over the front of his car before Tony drove me home. The Sunday was err, different. He'd invited his brother, Mick, and both his sisters (Zoey and Eve) over for Sunday lunch and, of course, I had to do all the cooking. I'd met Zoey before and our brief, one-sided conversation had got me a little worried. She'd talked about spanking and my brain was a little concerned. My pussy however, was a little excited when I opened the door to them.

They'd all managed to arrive at the same time and as soon as they were inside they all wanted me to let them have a good look at me. I just stood there getting embarrassed and excited as they got me to bend over and spread my legs. All 3 of them slapped my butt while I was bent over. "Cute pussy." Eve said as she slipped a finger inside me. "I bet that Tony loves fucking that." Meanwhile, Zoey had grabbed one of my nipples and was pulling and twisting it.

I had to serve the food before I sat and ate with them. The conversation was rather one-sided as they bombarded me with questions. I was sort of getting used to being naked in front of Tony's brother and sisters and had nearly forgotten about what I suspected was going to happen to me later.

After eating we moved to the sofas and chairs and I had to serve coffee to all of them. Even as we all sat talking and looking at the feeds from some of the spy cameras that Tony had installed, my mind wasn't thinking about spanking.

It was only when Tony put up the feed from my empty home bedroom that I started to get a little nervous. Next, he played some recordings of me in that bedroom and I got called a 'naughty little slut' when a video of me masturbating on my bed was played.

I got all embarrassed and ashamed of myself and just looked at the floor. "So," Mick asked, "how are you punishing the little slut for her misdeeds?" "Embarrassment and humiliation are the main tools that I'm using;" Tony replied, "and that includes daily gang bangs by my other staff.

I've taken her out to a few places wearing next to nothing and really humiliated her in front of lots of her former college mates by letting them do whatever they wanted to do to her while the others watched. She's been spanked quite a bit but she hasn't had a real good thrashing yet. I was wondering if you guys would care to administer that for me?" "Happy to help." Mick replied.

"Yeah, sure." Eve said. "Only if Eve and I get to be spanked as well." Zoey added. "I'm sure that that can be arranged, what do you say Mick?" "Just like the old days." Mick replied. Eve leant over to me and quietly said, "Don't worry Claire; they only use their hands." I thought back to the other times that I'd been spanked and remembered that hands can, and do hurt.

"So where are we going to do this bro?" Mick asked. "Same as usual; over the back of the sofa or over our knees." Tony replied. "Whichever you fancy." "Do you have any preference Claire?" Mick asked.

"What? Err no, I mean that I have a preference to NOT get spanked." "I don't think that you have that choice Claire. Besides, it's fun. They might even make you cum." Zoey said. "I'll help you clear-up Claire while these 2 alpha males get hard in anticipation." Eve said.

Eve and I got up and started clearing the table. By the time we were doing the washing-up Zoey had got naked and was looking at the exercise cycle. "This seat's a bit high isn't it Tony?" She asked. "It's for Claire, she enjoys it that way." I looked over to Zoey and she looked at me. "We're about the same height so I don't understand." "Try it Zoey." Tony said. And she did. She climbed on and slowly started pedaling. As the moans and 'oow's' and 'argh's' started to come out of her mouth she started smiling and pedaling faster.

I heard her cumming as Eve and I finished the washing-up. "I guess that it's my turn to take my clothes off now." Eve said as her top rose up over her head revealing her lack of a bra.

Next, she unfastened her mid-thigh skirt and let it fall to the ground. "No knickers." I thought, "Maybe Tony is right about them going out of fashion." Mick had moved a dining chair in front of the sofa and slapped his thigh." "Come on Claire, I'm going to be the first to warm that cute little butt." I slowly walked over to him and stood beside his knees.

"Come on Claire; get down on these." Mick said as he slapped his thigh again. I looked around hoping that someone would stop it all, but no, they were all staring at me with excited anticipation in their eyes. I knelt down and leant forwards, my lower chest feeling Mick's hard-on through his jeans.

"A bit further on so that your knees are off the floor Claire;" Mick said, "and spread those legs. Everyone wants to see the effects on your little butt and pussy." I shuffled up, spread my legs and blushed at the view I was offering.

Mick's hand rested on my butt then slowly rubbed all around, even into my pussy. "Bloody hell; she's dripping already." Mick said.


"Well her name is Claire Cumalot, what do you expect?" Zoey said. I didn't correct her thinking that it was pointless. My heart pounded in nervous anticipation and my pussy was tingling like hell. Down came swat number one. "Ouch, that hurt." I said as my body rocked forwards and my hand went to my butt. "Hands off your butt." Tony said. "Or do we have to tie them out of the way?" "That's a good idea bro." Zoey said, "Where do you keep the zip-ties?" Swat number two landed, I groaned and my hand went to my butt again.

By that time Tony was back with the zip-ties and he and Zoey were bending my elbows behind my back. I felt something plastic go round my wrists and elbows then the zipping sound as my wrist was tied to my other elbow. Then the same was done to my other wrist. The next 4 swats landed on my butt and I could feel 3 things; my butt was hurting, tears were leaking from my eyes and my pussy was oozing and throbbing.

"How's she doing Mick?" Eve asked. "Check for yourself sis." There was a pause in the spanking as each of them came over, inspected my butt and pussy, rubbed my butt and pussy and finger-fucked me for a few seconds.

"She's enjoying this." Eve said. "Yes, the slut is enjoying it. I bet that she cums before you get to 20 Mick." Tony said nothing, after he'd finger-fucked me he came round to my head and held his fingers to my face. Even though I was crying I opened my mouth to receive his cunt juice covered fingers. "Good girl. You're starting to learn." Tony said. Zoey was right, I did cum before the twentieth swat; number seventeen actually, and the last 3 swats took my orgasm up to the next level.

Mick stood up and I rolled onto the floor whilst still in the middle of my orgasm. "Who's next? Mick said and was quickly followed by both Zoey and Eve saying 'me' at the same time. I rolled onto my back, said, "Ouch," then watched as Zoey bent over her brother's knee.

"You're such a slut sis." Mick said as she gasped as Mick's fingers found her hole. "That's your fault Mick." Zoey replied. "Is that what you tell your boyfriend Zoey?" Zoey didn't answer, probably because Mick's hand was raining down on her butt. "Get up Claire; it's my turn to thrash your butt." I'd never realised how hard it is to get up when your arms are tied behind your back, but I managed it and went over to Tony who pushed me over the back of the sofa. Swats from Tony's hand quickly rained down on my butt and I orgasmed again.

Mid orgasm, the swats stopped and I felt Tony's fingers invade my hole. That made me hit my peak again and I wanted it to go on forever.

Of course it didn't; but what happened next surprised me a little. I saw Tony in front of me unzipping his trousers. Someone was still behind me and finger-fucking me. I looked around as much as I could and think that it was Eve's fingers in my hole. It was definitely a woman because sometimes she was so gentle and she searched for, and found, my g-spot. Those fingers made me cum again. Tony rammed his cock into my mouth and throat.

I started gagging and I heard Eve telling me to relax and breathe through my nose. She told Tony that she'd get him some of that numbing spray from her work. Tony shot his load down my throat as Eve brought me to yet another orgasm. When Tony backed away I saw Mick fucking Zoey doggy-style in front of me. Everyone, except me, swapped places a couple of times and my butt got more spankings, my pussy got fucked and finger fucked more and I had more orgasms before they'd finally had enough of each other and of me.

As I lay there, still over the back of the sofa, I saw that both Zoey's and Eve's butts were red, but they didn't look as bad as mine felt. I wanted to get to the bathroom to have a look but after they'd all got dressed, Tony told me to sit on the floor below the huge monitors.

I had to sit there even though the sitting hurt my butt even more, legs spread wide, and masturbate while they looked at some more videos that Tony's spy cameras had recorded. Finally, Zoey, Eve and Mick left and Tony told me that I could have the rest of the day to myself.

I went to my bedroom and cried, eventually falling asleep.   I'm being Blackmailed by Vanessa Evans Part 05 --------- The following week started just like any other these days, virtually naked all the time, the embarrassment when the delivery guys arrived, having to go out to the snack van and endure the lewd comments from the increasing number of men that appear from goodness knows where, and the Monday nights at badminton.

On the Friday morning before work, Tony told me to put a few things in a bag because he was taking me on a business trip to Manchester. I got a bit excited and got out some of my more modest clothes but Tony went through them and split them into 2 piles; take with me and leave at home.

When I saw what I was taking I just knew that I was going to be embarrassed and humiliated all of the time. We went to work as usual and I had to put on that horrible rectangles skirt. After a couple of hours, Tony told me to go out to his car and get some clothes to put on. I say clothes; it was only a micro skirt and a tank top. I quickly did as I was told then when I got back he told me to put them on, then we both left leaving Sandra on her own.

I had mixed feeling as Tony drove us to Manchester and to a big hotel. It was raining when we got out of the car and by the time we got into the hotel my skirt and top were drenched.

My wet, semi see through top not hiding my hard nipples from anyone who cared to look and my skirt plastered to my body showing all my curves. Of course, Tony had only booked one room for us and when we got there he told me that he was going straight out to a meeting. He quickly took a few things out of his case and put them on the table and next to the television then gave me some instructions as to what I had to do.

Five minutes later he was gone and I started thinking about what I had to do. I got quite embarrassed thinking about it and quite annoyed with myself for ending up in the situation that I am in. My pussy however, wasn't at all upset; in fact it was looking forwards to the experience. At 3 o'clock, a very nervous me phoned room service and ordered some sandwiches and coffee, then I got into the shower.

At 3:10 I got out of the shower when there was a knock on the room door. Putting the hotel's robe on, I went and opened the door. Thankful, and not, the young man asked if I'd ordered some sandwiches.

Opening the door fully, I confirmed that I had and let him in. As he was putting then on the table I said, "I was wondering if you could help me with something that I want to do?" "Certainly madam." "You see, my boyfriend is stuck in a very boring conference and I want to send him some photos of me to cheer him up. Would you help me by taking some photos of me please? " "Certainly madam." "They'll be a bit revealing; will that be a problem for you?" "No madam, not at all." I picked up my phone, opened the camera app, and passed it to him.

"Please take lots of photos then I'll pick the ones that I'll send to him. It will really help him get through his day." I was nervous, embarrassed, and excited as I unfastened the robe belt and let the sides fall open and held a few smiling poses as the camera app clicked away. I continued the silly poses as I shrugged my shoulders to get the robe to fall off them and held my arms out to stop it falling to the floor. By then my tits and pussy were exposed. More poses then I dropped my arms causing the robe to puddle on the floor.

"Could you take some of me sat on the edge of the bed please?" "Certainly madam." I sat then slowly slid my hands over my tits and down to my pussy to the clicking of the camera. By that time my pussy was taking over and the embarrassment had gone.

Remembering that Tony had told me that I had to get some pussy shots, without and with my finger there; I spread my legs and moved my right hand to my pussy. I cupped it then touched my clit with the end of my index finger. Just then my phone beeped telling me that I'd received a text message. The startled man nearly dropped my phone then passed it to me. I read it then said, "My boyfriend says that he's bored." "I don't think that he will be when he gets some of these." The young man said.

"Could you make a short video of me please? He just loves to watch me playing with myself." "Oh, err yes, certainly madam." As I started to rub my clit I was thinking, "Why am I doing this?

Tony didn't tell me to do this. I must be crazy." But my pussy had taken control of me and it needed relief. I looked to the man and saw that he was already recording my pleasure. My pussy tingled even more. After a few seconds I said, "Zoom in please." I don't know if he knew how the zoom function worked or not, but instead of pressing the zoom button he bent forwards and leaned over until his hands were about a foot from my pussy.

That was too much for me and I started cumming. The camera and the man's head were still real close to my pussy as the waves started to recede. I could still feel my pussy muscles convulsing. When I thought that I could make coherent speech I said, "Thank you, thank you so much; that certainly will stop him from being bored." "You're so welcome madam. Is there anything else that I can do for you?" I really was in two minds as to whether or not to tell him to get his trousers down and fuck me, but the sensible part of my brain managed to control me and I said, "No, no, thank you, hang on a minute; I'll get you a tip." "Oh no madam, that's not at all necessary." I got off the bed and reached for my purse.

Handing him a tenner I said, "Thank you again, you really helped me out." "Anytime madam, you enjoy the rest of your day." With that he was gone leaving me standing there, still totally naked. Then my phone rang. "Well done Claire;" Tony said, "You did well. I didn't tell you to make yourself cum or to get him to video it but I'll forgive you." "Sorry, I couldn't help myself and I thought that if I get him to video it you might just let me off and let me go home.

Hey, how did you know that I'd got a video made and that I'd cum?" "No chance about the going home Claire, there's still a lot more punishment to come. Can you remember how to send a video from your phone?" "Yes." "Send it to me right now.

I've got people here who want a copy. We didn't record the feed when we were watching you." The line went dead and after a few seconds of registering that Tony and goodness knows who else had been watching it all, I shuddered and started to send the video to Tony. That done I lay on the bed and an attack of self-pity hit me. I cried for a while then fell asleep. I woke-up as Tony came into the room. "Come on Claire, get in the shower, we're going out for dinner.

And give yourself another shave; I don't want any stubble showing." "Where are we going?" "Out for dinner, that's all you need to know for now." "How did your meeting go?" "Good, I think that I may need to take on another installation guy." "Oh shit;" I thought, "Another guy to fuck me at the end of each working day." I showered and shaved I did my hair and put on what little make-up that Tony allows me to wear while he showered.

Tony got out the dress that he wanted me to wear and I put it on. Looking at myself in the mirror I just hoped that there wouldn't be any police anywhere near where we were going. The dress was bordering on obscene, the slightest move from standing up straight and my nipples and / or pussy and / or butt would be on display.

Even stood up straight my nipples were tenting the material. I felt like I was naked as Tony led me down and through reception and out to a taxi; the cold air making the tents in my dress even bigger.

I couldn't help noticing that some people going in to the hotel were staring at me. My brain wasn't happy but my pussy was letting me know that it was happy. The taxi driver was happy too, he had a big smile on his face as he turned and looked back to ask where we were going. As well as seeing my nipples bulging out he could see half of my tits as the top of the dress struggled to contain them, and he could see all of my bare legs right up to my stomach.

Getting into the taxi had made my dress slide up to my waist. Tony started exchanging small talk with the driver to delay telling him where we were going, and at the same time he put one hand on my bare knee and pulled them apart, giving the driver a view of my slit.

My face was bright red before Tony finally told the driver where we were going. The place was a big hotel, posher that the one we were staying in. I was stood on the pavement before my dress final slid back into its proper place, just about covering my butt and tits. Tony led me to the hotel restaurant where the Maître d' led us to a table where 2 middle-aged men were sitting. They both stood to greet us, both staring at me. As Tony introduced us, each one of them hugged me, each one putting a hand on my butt and feeling under the very short hem to my bare butt.

When we finally sat down I quickly received nice comments from them but it was obvious that they were more interested in my body, which pleased my pussy but not my brain which told my face to blush. "You know Claire," one of the men said, "the resolution on the cameras that Tony is offering us is excellent.

I was watching a girl strip naked and masturbate for a hotel room service waiter this afternoon on two of his cameras and the quality was just as good as a video of the same girl that I saw a few minutes later." "Yes they are good." I replied, blushing at the same time. "You wouldn't know who that girl was would you, I'd love to see more of her." "Okay, okay, it was me. But I don't know about seeing any more of me. I think that you've seen more than enough already." "But the real thing is so much better than a video." The other man said.

"Oh I think that I can arrange that for you gentlemen." Tony said. "Don't you think that you've already seen enough of my flesh;" I replied, "this dress shows way way more of me that I usually show." "You can never get enough of a beautiful female body Claire." The first man said. "And you obviously like showing your body, you're practically naked." I blushed again and I cursed my pussy that must have been making a damp patch on the seat.

"So gentlemen, shall we order then we can talk about where we're going later on." Tony called a waiter over and we ordered. While he was stood there I caught him looking down my top. Obviously not happy enough with being able to see the parts of my tits that were showing at the sides of the small triangles of material and the 2 very prominent tents in the material.

Over the meal the 3 men were talking business just about all of the time but both of the potential customers kept looking over to me and sometimes asking small talk question, probably so that they could stare at my chest.

I don't think that they looked at my face for more than 2 seconds all evening. When we were all finished, Tony led us out, me behind Tony and the 2 men behind me. I'm sure that they just wanted to see just how much of my bare butt that they could see under that microskirt. We went to some sort of nightclub and I was happy that it was dark, both on the way there, and inside the club. One of the men asked me to dance with him almost as soon as we got a table and ordered some drinks, and almost as soon as we started dancing his hands were all over me.

I felt his hands under the back of my dress squeezing and rubbing my butt cheeks. When he pulled me backwards into him his hands found their way inside the triangles of the top part of my dress. At that moment my brain hated Tony for what he was making me do, but my pussy was loving it; it ached for some attention. Man number 2 didn't wait for too long before he wanted some of the action and some of my body, and they swapped places.

I must have been on that dance floor for about an hour before they finally let me sit down and have a drink. I say sit down, but it wasn't on a chair. The one that I had originally sat on had disappeared and I had to sit on the men's laps. As I sat on the first man's lap I just knew what was going to happen, and within a couple of minutes my pussy was getting the attention that it wanted.

Both of those men fingered my pussy to orgasm. If it hadn't have been for the wine at dinner and the vodka at the club I'm 100% sure that my brain would have been horrified at what was happening to me. Why, oh why does Tony make me do these things? Things didn't end at that club; Tony invited them back to our hotel room.

When I heard him inviting them my brain still managed to object because it knew what was going to happen and I made a feeble effort to stop it by saying that I was sure that the men had wives that they had to get home to. My pussy however let me know that it wanted these 2 men. I remember my dress being up around my waist and my tits being out in the taxi on the way to the hotel as I was sandwiched between the 2 men in the back. Their hands were all over me and I was sure that the driver was going to object; but he didn't, he just kept looking in his mirror.

They had my dress off even before I got into the elevator to go up to our floor and I remember an elderly couple muttering something as we passed them on the way to our room. Yes, I was right, as soon as we were inside the room Tony invited them to use me however they liked. They put me on the bed on my hands and knees and took it in turns to fuck my pussy and mouth while Tony kept moving what I assumed to be his disguised cameras around the room.

I guessed that he was recording it all but I was beyond caring. My pussy had total control over my body and my brain had just about shutdown. The men were good and considerate because they made me cum 3 times before they left and they left my stomach not wanting a midnight snack.

Tony told me to have a shower and he was asleep when I got into the bed. I snuggle up to him even though he was the cause of my degradation. I put my hand between my legs to feel my sore pussy and instantly thought that I'd had an awesome time.

It was 10 o'clock when I woke the next morning. Tony was already getting dressed and he told me that he's ordered a room service breakfast for the both of us. He told me to go and shower and fix my hair. I was just about finished when Tony shouted for me to come and get my breakfast. What he didn't say was that the room service waiter was still unloading it from his little trolley and a naked me walked out of the bathroom and straight into the guy.

Fortunately his hands were empty at the time and he grabbed me as I started to fall. Putting me back on my feet we just stared at each other for a couple of seconds before he apologised, then let go of my arms and stood back.

I watched his eyes go up and down my bare front as I apologised to him. "No, no madam, it was my fault, I am so sorry." "Okay guys," Tony said, "it was an accident, no harm done. Claire, open the door for him to leave." I went and held the door open whilst the waiter finished and turned to leave.

I smiled at him as he walked out but I don't think that he saw my smile, his eyes were lower down my body. Over breakfast Tony told me that we were going to do some shopping before heading back home.

Colby Chambers Fucks Mickey Knox in their tub

He picked yet another obscenely short skirt and a thin, semi see through top for me to wear and a bit later we left. Putting our bags into his car, Tony told the Valet that we'd be back later to collect it.

I'm sure that he didn't care; he was staring at my legs and short skirt, him wishing that a breeze would blow my skirt up and me hoping that it wouldn't. Tony took me into a few clothes shops, one of them being a branch of the big chain that had converted our local branch to gender neutral changing rooms. Tony was a bit upset when he discovered that that branch in Manchester hadn't yet been converted.

Tony bought me another ultra-short skirt that I tried on without any embarrassing incident. He also bought me a one-piece swimsuit without even getting me to try it on. We could see the one on a mannequin and after he felt the material he just said we'd have one, a pale blue one.

He told me that seeing it had given him an idea. I shuddered at the thought. Next, he took me into an Adult Shop. Boy, was that an experience for me. Of course I'd heard of them but I'd never been in to one and I was amazed and embarrassed as we looked around the place. "I think that it's about time that we got you a remote controlled vibrator Claire. I want to see you squirm at your desk when I look over from my office." Tony said when we were stood next to another young couple.

My face went all red and the couple looked at me and smiled. As Tony paid for the 3 items that he'd bought he asked the old man behind the counter if the 2 doors in the corner were 'Private Rooms'. The man looked at Tony, then at me, then back to Tony and said, "Fifty pounds.

Do you want me to get someone in the other room?" "Yes please." Tony replied and handed over another £50. I looked at Tony and the puzzled look on my face told him that I hadn't a clue what they were on about. As soon as the money was in the till the man was on the phone. Tony led me to one of the doors in the corner and opening it I saw just a room, not very big, no furniture and quite clean.

"What happens in here Tony?" I asked. "You'll find out Claire, get those clothes off." With a puzzled look on my face I stripped naked. "Suck this." Tony said as he unzipped his trousers. I got down on my knees and engulfed his semi-hard cock with my mouth. He got hard reasonably quickly but just when I thought that he was going to shoot his load he pulled out and told me to turn around.

I gasped when I turned and saw another cock sticking through a hole in the wall. "It's called a 'Glory Hole' Claire. Stand up then bend over and suck that cock." "But it's not yours." "That never stopped you before." "But I can't see who it belongs to." "You're not supposed to Claire, that's what makes it exciting." "But &hellip." "Claire." Knowing that it was pointless trying to reason with him, I got up and did as I had been told.

The cock jerked a bit as I wrapped my mouth around it. If my mouth hadn't been full, I would have gasped as Tony rammed his cock into my dripping pussy but his thrust pushed me head forwards and I banged my nose on that wall as the cock coming through it went further into my mouth then throat. I was getting fucked at both ends and only knew one of the men. It didn't take long for 2 lots of sperm to be planted deep inside me but I wasn't lucky enough to reach my climax.

Tony's soft cock flopped out of me and he told me to get up and get dressed. I did and we left the shop. As we walked back to the hotel car park Tony told me that we were going straight home; that he wanted to give me the things that he'd bought for me. I assumed that they were the things from the Adult Shop and I was a bit nervous all the way home. My nervousness was justified. As soon we'd eaten the takeaway that we'd picked-up on the way home, Tony told me to go to his bedroom, remove the quilt and lay spread-eagled on my back.

I did, and lay there for ages, nervously wondering what he was going to do to me. When he came in he had 4 lengths of cotton rope in his hand and he proceeded to tie my wrists and ankles to the 4 corners of the bed. Next, he setup a couple of video cameras and took some still photographs that he got me to smile for.

Then he put a blindfold on me. What happened next I can only describe as a mixture of torture and pleasure; my brain certainly described it as torture but my pussy had a different opinion.

First of all, Tony got between my legs and used his tongue to bring me soo close to cumming, but then he stopped. Then I could feel something or things, lightly brushing all over my body, going from one part of me to another.

I'm not ticklish but the effect was very sensual. My nipples responded to the light touching by whatever it was, by going rock hard and aching for more positive attention. Whenever whatever it was went over my pussy I couldn't stop myself from moaning.

Tony had got me close to cumming with his tongue and this was keeping me up there, not quite at the point of no return. Then it all stopped and I felt something being put around my neck, something hard. I had the stupid idea that it was a collar, a dog collar with a chain leash because I could feel a metal chain on my chest; but surely Tony wouldn't be putting a dog collar on me.

Straight after my head was lowered back onto the bed Tony started playing with my nipples; pulling and twisting and squeezing them. My arousal started to increase again but it soon stopped when I felt sharp pains in first my left nipple then my right one.

"What the fuck was that." I thought as the initial pain subsided but didn't go away. I was left for a couple of minutes as I slowly got used to the constant pain in my nipples and wondered what the hell was causing it. Then I felt something being pushed into my vagina.

It was big but not long and I felt my pussy closing around it, swallowing it. Tony left me for another minute or so then I screamed. Something inside me was moving. Initially I wondered if he had put something alive inside me and it had started moving around.

Thankfully, that stupid idea disappeared and my brain decided that it must be some sort of vibrator and my pussy started to enjoy the feeling. Then it stopped vibrating.

Then it started again. Then it stopped again. This, start / stop torture continued for a while as my arousal grew; but Tony stopped just as I was getting there. There was silence for a while then I felt my right leg being lifted and bent down over my body, then I couldn't move it again. I rightly guessed that Tony had tied my right ankle to the same place that my right wrist was tied to. The same then happened to my left leg and I thought about how exposed my spread butt and pussy were.

I was almost embarrassed until I remembered that it was nothing that Tony hadn't seen hundreds of times before; and my arousal was overriding and embarrassment that I may have had.

There was another long pause and I heard a camera shutter clicking a few times before I felt a tremendous pain in my butt. Something was swatting my butt but it was more painful than Tony's, or Mick's hand had been. Then again. After about the fourth swat I was ready to cum and Tony must have sensed it. He did 2 things, firstly he switched the vibrator thing on, and secondly he hit me with whatever he was using, but this time he moved around and the whatever landed along my slit.

That was it; I had the most intense orgasm that I have ever had. It seemed to go on for hours. The vibrator thing in my pussy helped to keep it going, and so did another 2 swats from Tony. When I finally started to come down from my high I was totally knackered. Tony removed the blindfold and I could see what he had been hitting my butt with. It was a leather strap, or paddle as Tony called it, it is thick and wide. No wonder my butt hurt.

And I could see why my nipples were still hurting. They had some sort of metal, spring clips on them. Each had a chain attached and I assumed that they went to the collar that was still around my neck. The vibrator in my pussy was still switched on and it kept giving me little mini-orgasms for a few minutes.

When I later saw the video I could see that the feelings from my pussy (apart from the vibrations) were my pussy muscles convulsing, like it was trying to suck something inside me. After switching the video camera then the vibrator off, Tony released my ankles letting my legs drop to their natural position but he left my wrists tied to the top corners of the bed. He sat beside be and looked down to my face. "Are you alright Claire?" "I think so.

My nipples still hurt." "You'll get used to that." "You mean that I have to keep these things on?" "Not all the time, but when they are on I will take them off for 5 minutes every hour so that the blood can circulate." "Gee thanks." "Now, now Claire, you know that you enjoyed that." "No I didn't, you hurt me, and you still are." "But you ENJOYED it didn't you?" "No." "Claire; do I need to finger test you?" "No." "So?" "Well I suppose that I did enjoy it a bit, a little bit." "Your orgasm went on for ages Claire, longer than I've ever seen before.

You really enjoyed it, you must have." "No I didn't." Tony reached over and touched my clit. My body jerked and I moaned. "Okay, okay; I really enjoyed it.

Are you happy now?" "Are YOU happy Claire?" A long silence. "Claire, answer me." I quietly replied, "Yes, yes I am." "That's my girl; I told you that punishments can be pleasurable didn't I?

"Yes, you did." "And that I know what you want more than you do." I thought for a minute and realised that maybe he was right. This man, my boss, knew me better than I did. He knows how to hit all the right buttons. I didn't know whether to be ashamed, mortified or happy. Maybe this man was good for me. "Yes, you do." I finally replied.

"Maybe the punishment for your bad deeds should never stop." "What? No, no, I want to go home." "Are you sure Claire? Would you have had as much pleasure if you hadn't started doing bad things?" I just lay there in silence for ages. I was brought out of my deep thought by Tony turning the vibrator thing on and then off.

I gasped and my body jerked. "Can you take it out please Tony?" "No Claire, you can squeeze it out." "What; no; how?" "I'm sure that you'll find a way. It will be good exercise for you. Here the control. Have some fun while you're trying. Don't drop it; you'll only get annoyed with yourself." Tony put the control in my right hand. I turned my head and looked at it.

There were 3 buttons on it and I could get my thumb to each of them. "Can you release my nipples please, they really hurt?" "Okay, they've been on for long enough for the first time." I gasped as each spring clip was released. Looking at my nipples I could see that they were swollen and blueish.

"Thank you Tony. Can you untie my wrists please?" I turned my head to look at the knots that he had used then back to him but he was already walking towards the door. I lay there for ages before deciding that Tony wasn't coming back anytime soon.

I started thinking about Tony saying 'squeeze the vibrator it out' and decided to try it. It isn't as easy as it sounds and after about 5 minutes I stopped for a rest.

Whilst resting I decided to try switching the vibrator on for a while, hoping that it would stimulate my pussy to produce lubrication that would make my squeezing more productive. It did make me more productive, more productive in having another orgasm. "Wow, I like these vibrator things." I thought as I came yet again and forgot about getting the vibrator out of me for a while. After the waves of pleasure had disappeared I tried again to squeeze it out.

I was just thinking of admitting defeat when out it popped. "So that's how you do it." I thought, and made a mental note for the next time; and I was 100% sure that there would be a next time, even if I have to buy one myself.

Dropping the control onto the bed I looked at my restraints, tugged and waggled my wrists then admitted that I was stuck like that until Tony released me. The waiting turned into sleep and the next thing I knew was Tony finger fucking me and daylight was coming through the window. I closed my eyes and let Tony do whatever he wanted to me. That whatever was making me cum with his fingers. As my body jerked about I realised that my wrists were free, Tony must have untied them before putting his finger inside my hole.

"Hmm, that was nice." I said when I was able. "Do you remember reading about that new Leisure Centre that's opened Claire?" Tony said, not acknowledging what he had just done to me. "Oh yes, why?" "I was wondering if the changing rooms are gender neutral?" "I've no idea." I replied realising that he was looking for somewhere else to expose me to strangers. "Well we missed the evening at the pub last night and I was thinking about somewhere where you can show-off that amazing body of yours to make-up for missing the pub." "You don't have to, I'm happy staying here for the day." "I don't think so Claire, you need your daily dose of exhibitionism." "No I don't, I'd be quite happy staying here all day." Tony cupped my pubes with his hand and pressed his middle finger just into my hole.

"This says that you want to show it to strangers." "No it doesn't, that's just natural female lubrication." "That's produced when you're thinking about sex." "No I wasn't." "Go on Claire; seriously deny that you don't get pleasure from exposing yourself." I lay there thinking.

People seeing me naked was so embarrassing, so humiliating yet at the same time, yes, it does, it makes me feel good. How can I possibly feel good while I'm being humiliated? Where's the logic in that? I just don't understand myself. "I can't." "No, you can't; now get your lazy butt off that bed and into the shower." As I swung my legs to the side my butt moved and reminded me that it still hurt.

The chains from the collar swung round reminding me that I still had that collar on. "Can you take this thing that's round my neck off please?" "I'll do it this time but you will need to do it yourself from now on Claire." I said nothing and as he unfastened it I wondered just how many times I'd have to wear it.

Tony put the collar on the dressing table and I looked at it and had a little shudder. "I hope that I don't have to go outside with that thing on." I thought. Then I looked at a large plastic egg that was there. "Is this the vibrator?" "Yes Claire, that's going to become your BFF." I smiled and just knew that he was right again.

Next to the leather paddle that Tony had turned my butt red with, was, what I assume was what Tony had been lightly brushing all over my body. "What's this called Tony?" "A Flogger, as well what I did to you with it, it can be used to Flog or Whip you.

I'm told that it doesn't hurt as much as the Paddle." "I hope that you're right, that damn paddle hurt." "But you liked it Claire." "I did not." "It made you cum so you must like it." I gave him a filthy look, said nothing and walked to the bathroom.

The first thing that I did was to look at my butt in the mirror. OMG, it was still red. No broken skin thankfully but those red marks looked like they'd still be visible when I went to work the next day. Shit, he's talking about taking me to a Leisure Centre.

I'll have to wear something that will cover all that. Thankfully, Tony didn't take me to a Leisure Centre that day. Instead he had to do some work so he got me to give the apartment a good clean. The only thing that I could wear was the dog collar with the chains hanging down to the nipple clamps that he kept clamping to my nipples then taking them off about an hour later.

I suppose that I am reluctantly getting used to that pain. I phoned my mum and dad later that day and got invited to Sunday lunch the next week and Tony agreed to let me go.   I'm being Blackmailed by Vanessa Evans Part 06 --------- Tony thought that it would be a good idea for me to wear that collar with the rectangles skirt at work the next day.

I'm sure that you can imagine the comments that came from the installation guys; and the delivery guys and the neighbouring workers when I went out to the snack van. I'm going to have to talk to Tony about going to that snack van; the weather is getting quite cold these days and my squashed nipples really hurt. Those neighbouring workers saw my still red butt and there were a few comments about me being a slave that had been punished.

As usual I didn't respond to the comments but I did blush at some of them. If only they knew just how true most of the comments were. Tony was kind enough to take the chains off the collar and my nipples for Badminton but it still hurt quite a bit when his mates mauled my tits.

I'm not sure whether or not that my painful nipples contributed to the 5 orgasms that those guys gave me that night. On the Saturday morning Tony took me to that new Leisure Centre. I had a little laugh when I saw that there were 3 changing room, Men's, Women's and Family / Mixed. Tony laughed too and said that it must be their crazy way of getting around this gender neutrality crap. As we walked through the Family / Mixed door Tony said, "What's your bikini like Claire?

Quite brief I hope." "What! I thought that you were bringing me something to wear." "Nope; I guess that you'll have to swim naked." "I can't, I'll get thrown out and maybe they'll call the police. And what if there are young kids here?" "Maybe you could confess to your other crimes whilst you at the police station." "No; no, please tell me that you're joking Tony." "Yes Claire, I am joking. I've brought 2 swimsuits for you.

You're getting used to relying on me aren't you?" "Can I have one of them please Tony?" "Get in there and get naked then I'll give you one. And leave the door open Claire." Tony was pointing to a big cubicle, presumably a family one.

Knowing that Tony meant me to stand in the doorway while I got changed, I did just that. Well I took my top, skirt and shoes off and stood there as naked as the day I was born; and hoped that no kids would walk by.

"Can I have the swimsuit please Tony?" "In a minute, I need to get changed first." I watched as he got naked then put some swimming shorts on. As I watched I looked at him and thought that he's quite cute looking really, quite slim and muscly. "Please; someone might see me." I said. "And that bothers you Claire?" "There could be kids here." "There probably are.

Does that mean that you want to be seen by adults?" "No, I just meant that it's worse been seen by kids." "I strongly suspect that nearly all kids just couldn't care less that your naked Claire, it's their over-protective parents that are trying to turn them into prudes by making them ashamed of their bodies." "That may well be true, but can I have something to wear please Tony?" Tony put his hand into one of the pockets of his jeans and pulled out the blue one-piece swimsuit that he'd bought me when we went shopping in Manchester.

It's so thin that he'd squeezed in into his hand and I could only just see that he had it in his hand. I quickly, but carefully stepped into it and pulled it up.

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It was so thin that it was like putting a pair of tights on. The cut of the sides revealed my bare hips but it covered a lot more of me than a bikini would. I looked down at my front then said, "I can't go out there in this; I can see my nipples and areolas, and my slit." "Relax Claire, no one will notice. If they look at you they'll just see a blue swimming costume." "But someone might look closely." "I suppose that they might.

Let's hope not." I smoothed my hands down my front and thought that it felt thin. Then I felt my butt. "At least it covers my butt, but can you see my butt crack Tony?" Tony put his hand at the bottom of my butt, slid his thumb under one side and his finger under the other side. Then he slid his hand up, causing me to get a wedgie. "Now I can, come on, let's go." The material of that swimsuit is so thin and soft that I couldn't feel that my butt was exposed, but when I slid my hand down I felt by bare butt.

"At least I'll be able to blame Tony if we get thrown out." I thought as we put out clothes into a locker and walked out to the pool. We passed a mirror on the way to the pool and I looked at myself.

I blushed and felt embarrassed when I confirmed that everyone would be able to see my areolas, nipples and slit, but my slit was visible because the wedgie that Tony had given me caused the material to disappear between my lips.

I quickly walked out to the pool and jumped in. I actually had a great time in the pool with Tony, swimming around and messing about, Tony can be quite a laugh when he wants to be, and I almost forgot about how much of me people could see; not that I saw anyone staring at me.

After a while we got out and Tony took me back to the lockers. He got out a little bag then told me to follow him into a changing cubicle. "Get that suit off and put this bikini on Claire, I want to see what you look like in it." I had never seen the bikini before.

The material is so thin and it clings to every curve of my skin even before it gets wet. It's not see-through, thankfully; but it does expose a lot of my skin. It's really high-cut at the back and half of my butt cheeks are exposed. The string that goes down my butt crack splits into 2 just over my butt hole and the 2 strings continue with no material between them, right up to near the front of my slit where they join to a cut-off front.

The result is that when I'm just standing there it looks like a normal, high-cut string bikini. But when I open my legs even just a little bit, my uncovered pussy is on display for everyone to see. The top is a bit more modest. That is if you can call 2 small triangles of very thin material modest.

Tony tied it behind me so that I was worried that even the slightest bit of activity would cause one, or both of the triangles to slide off my tits. I was worried when I realised what the bottoms were like and as I put them on I said, "You're no expecting me to go out there in this are you?

It doesn't even cover my pussy." "You'll be alright Claire, if you're that worried, don't open your legs." "How can I walk about and swim without opening my legs?" I asked. "Carefully." Was all Tony said. If I thought that walking out to the pool in the blue, see-through one-piece was embarrassing, walking out there with my pussy uncovered was a nightmare. I tried to squeeze my legs together when I walked but that just started to stimulate my pussy.

The bad, or good, thing was that my pussy was waking up and showing some interest in my exposure. Before I made it to the pool the squeezing had made me start to get wet. When we were back in the pool Tony seemed to want to do anything that involved me spreading my legs wide and putting his arms around me to grope my tits. After a while I realised that he had moved the triangles that were supposed to cover my tits and both my nipples were exposed.

As I started to pull them back to their correct place he told me to leave them as they were and that if anyone said anything I was to pretend to be unaware and embarrassed (which I would be), then to put them back over my tits.

I kept sneakily looking down at my tits and to be honest, I was enjoying the exposure; well my pussy was. It was also enjoying people looking at it especially as Tony got me to do a lot of swimming doing the back breaststroke. I really did have mixed feeling each time that I looked up to see someone following me and staring at my pussy.

Of course, Tony thought that it was funny but he did manage to fuck me by getting between my legs and pulling me on to him. I was soo scared that someone would see what we were doing but no one said anything. The showers afterwards were embarrassing. There were cubicles but Tony told me not to shut the door and to get naked before showering.

I kept my back to the door most of the time so I don't know if anyone saw me. Then in the cubicle getting dressed Tony told me to leave the door open and to put the collar, chains and nipple clamps on facing the open door. Two older teenage boys went past, then came back and stared at me just as I was finishing.

Tony then passed me my top to put on, then my skirt. It was only when I pulled my skirt up that the boys moved on. The Saturday evening at the pub was painful as well as embarrassing. The collar was bad enough but the nipple clamps were visible through my top, whenever the guys put their hands up my top they used the clamps to torture my tits by pulling the clamps in all directions.

It hurt like hell but that didn't seem to bother the guys. The Sunday was better. Tony told me that I could take the collar off for my visit to my parents and I put on my most conservative clothes (10 inch miniskirt), for the visit, out in the corridor; it felt a bit strange but comforting.

I wasn't happy with myself for thinking that it was strange. That meant that I was getting used to wearing next to nothing and that wasn't what my brain wanted. The lunch with mum and dad was good, I could really relax. Aria was there, she'd arrived that morning to settle in before college on the Monday. I had to be careful what I said as we talked because I don't want any of them to know about my new life.

Also, I really wanted to tell Aria about the cameras in her room but I didn't, I didn't want to upset Tony, and when Aria and I went up to my old room I managed to move the teddy bear to where Tony had told me to without Aria getting suspicious. As I was doing that I really wanted to tell Aria to not get changed in that room but I knew that Tony would know if I did. Anyway, I left home to go back to the apartment and remembered to strip before going into the apartment.

Tony was sat on the sofa when I got there and he was watching 3 video streams, one was of Aria, she moving a few things around in the room. After a while she sat on the bed looking around. "She looks happy with the changes she's made." Tony said then continued, "I'm glad that she didn't move the clock or the teddy bear." I wished that she had. Tony left the feed on while I got him some tea then he got me sit on his hard cock while he watched some other video feed.

After a while I just couldn't help myself, I started slowly going up and down, slowly fucking myself on his cock. "Look." Tony said. I looked up to see Aria start to get undressed. Her top went up revealing a lack of a bra, not that she needed one; her tits are about the same small size as mine. Then she unfastened her skirt and it dropped to the floor.

No knickers. "I told you that they're going out of fashion." Tony said as we both looked at her bald pussy. For some strange reason, that made me want to fuck Tony faster and it wasn't long before first he came inside me, then I orgasmed. Shortly after that Tony said, "You're settling in here quite well Claire, maybe we should consider some sort of contract between us." "What are you talking about Tony?" "Well you obviously like being told what to do all the time so perhaps you should think about becoming my Submissive." "What, what are you talking about?" "Me having full control of you, making every decision for you so that you can just relax and enjoy yourself." "But I have to do that already, and I hate it." "Claire, that's not true, and you know that don't you?" "I do too." "Claire, be honest with yourself.

Tell you what, get down over my knees and I'll give you something to help you he honest with yourself." Tony was patting his knee so I did as commanded and he started spanking my butt. After the first swat Tony said, "Count each swat Claire, and thank me for each one." I turned my head and looked up to the screen showing Aria in my old room. I was a little surprised to see that she was flat on her back on the bed, legs spread wide and her right hand was busy working on her pussy.

"Ouch. Two, thank you Sir." Three more swats then Tony rammed 3 of his fingers into my hole and pumped in and out for a few seconds. I was just getting close to cumming when he pulled out and told me to stand up. "Right Claire, go to your room and think about what I've said." I climbed off him and went to my room.

I sat on the bed and thought. "Was he right?" I had certainly enjoyed all the sex with him, even when he'd tied me to the bed and spanked me with that leather paddle, and that vibrator. Wow, I can't wait to have that inside me again. He's made me do things I've never done before and I'm loving it. Gawd, listen to me, my brain was saying, this can't be right, it's all wrong. How can a woman possibly enjoy what he's made me do, is still doing to me; look at me, I'm totally naked in his apartment and I have to do whatever he tells me.

But just then my pussy started talking, "Don't be so stupid Claire; you love everything that's happening to you. It makes you feel soo good; all those orgasms. Okay, the pain is bad at times but it's always followed by some awesome orgasms.

And the embarrassment is so, well embarrassing, but it's nice as well. People, strangers, seeing these tits and pussy always turns you on, makes you soo horny. You like this man, you trust this man, and he's got a nice cock and a successful business. You'd be an idiot to want out of all this." A very confused Claire lay back with her head on the pillow and tried to make some sense of it all. I woke-up the next morning to the feeling of Tony pushing the egg vibrator up my hole.

Just as I opened my eyes he switched it on and I gasped. Oh my gawd, I love that egg. "Leave it there Claire." Tony said, then got up and walked out. The egg had made me cum twice before Tony switched it off then came into my room to tell me to get up and get showered. I did, and as I passed him he grabbed my arm and held me as he gave my butt 2 hard swats before telling me that it was for being late getting up and not getting his breakfast ready.

"Put the collar on before we go to work Claire." Tony instructed. The week went much the same as the previous weeks apart from Tony telling me to spend 30 minutes exercising each evening. On the Tuesday, as I got onto the cycle, I glanced out of the window and saw a man in one of the apartments opposite. He too hadn't closed his blinds and I could clearly see him.

Then my brain realised that if I could see him, he could see me, the naked me. "There's a man watching me Tony." "And." "And I'm about to climb on the exercise cycle." "And." "And I'll probably have an orgasm." "And." "And it will be embarrassing." "And." I gave up at that point and just got on with it.

I don't know if it was because I was being watched or what, but I came quite quickly, and 2 more times before I finally stopped pedaling. On the Saturday morning when I took Tony his breakfast in bed, he pulled me down and told me to take care if his morning woody.

I pulled the quilt back and looked at his hard cock. My pussy instantly tingled and got wet and I climbed on and rode it as he grabbed my tits and teased my nipples. After he'd shot his load deep inside me he told me to get off and get on my hands and knees. He left me like that while he ate his breakfast. Then he got up and the next thing I knew my butt was hurting. I turned my head and saw Tony with the Flogger in his hand.

"Thank me Claire." "One; thank you Sir." I replied. After 5 swats, Tony ran the ends of the Flogger slowly all over my rear end. He was sensually teasing me and it was working. I actually orgasmed as he did just that. Tony let me calm down for a while then told me that we needed to talk. "What about?" I asked. "Shower then sit down and we'll talk." "I wondered what was on his mind as I showered then went looking for him." "Right Claire, have you thought about being my Submissive?" "Yes I have Tony." "And?" "And I want to know more about what's involved, what I would have to do and what's in it for me." "Fair enough, I can understand that." Tony opened his laptop and then a word document.

"This is a modified version of a contract that I found on some website somewhere. It was originally written for a husband and wife but I've changed it to suit our current circumstances, and where I would like them to move to. Please read through it and then tell me what you think and what you would like to change.

This is going to be a compromise for both of us but I'm hoping that we can get an agreement. Firstly let me say that if we both sign the document I will release you from all fear of further penalties for your past crimes. I'll leave you to read through it and please highlight whatever you like. We'll then discuss what you have highlighted." "Okay." Tony got up and went and did some exercise.

I started to read and my first reaction was that it had been drawn-up by a lawyer. Then it got, err, interesting and scary.

My brain thought that it was scary and my pussy thought it was interesting. Basically, that document, if I signed it, would give Tony the right to tell me to do whatever he wants and for him to do whatever he wants with my body. There were a number of things that I highlighted for discussion. When I got to the end my brain was a bit dumb-struck but my pussy wasn't, it liked the idea of Tony being able to do all those things to me and it let me know that by tingling a lot and getting very wet.

I looked over to Tony and smiled. "Got to the end Claire? Before you answer me start at the beginning again, I'd hate for you to miss anything." "That was considerate of him." I thought and scrolled back to the top. I didn't find anything else that I wanted to discuss so at the end I told Tony that I was ready to talk. "Right Claire, start wherever you like and take your time, it's important that we resolve all issues before you sign the document." "I still haven't decided if I want to do this, it's such a big step and I've got so much to lose." "True, but you've got so much to gain Claire." "What about my job?

Apart from the being virtually naked all day and the gangbangs with the installation guys, I like my job. I'd hate to lose it." "Apart from the known indiscretions, you are a good employee Claire.

I don't want to put your job at risk. Our employer / employee relationship will remain as it is with one exception. I will have to terminate the 'end of day sessions' with the installation team. I will be taking on more staff quite soon and an increase in the numbers expecting to fuck you each day would be too much for you so the easiest solution is to just stop them." "What about my lack of clothes?" "The workwear arrangements will continue as is.

I see no reason to change that." "Okay, the first thing that I'm totally not happy about is the anal fisting.

There's no way that I'm going to agree to any of that, it horrifies me. You haven't fucked me anally yet and I wouldn't mind that but there's no way that anything bigger than your penis is going up my butt." "I'm sure that it wouldn't be as bad as you think, but okay, I'll agree to the removal of that part." "Thank you. I like the idea of the traffic lights; green for go to tell you that I like what you are doing to me, amber to tell you to slow down; and red to tell you to stop immediately.

That is a good safeguard I think." "You did read the part about 3 red cards and the whole contract is terminated and that you wouldn't receive the end of contract amount of £100,000 didn't you?" "Yes; on that subject, what happens at the end of year apart from me getting the 100k?" "Whatever happens; the 100k goes straight into your bank account. Then we have a discussion similar to what we are having now. We agree, or not, another contract. If we cannot reach an agreement then you move out.

You would, of course, keep your job. As I've said, our employer / employee relationship remains unchanged. "Okay; that clause about orgasm denial worries me, I've never really tried to NOT orgasm before. I've always want to cum as quick and as often as I can. I don't know if I'll be able to hold back." "I'll give you a reasonable amount of time to learn how to hold it.

Once that period is over, cumming before I tell you to will result in a punishment." "On the subject of punishment, you don't go into much detail in this document. I'm worried that the punishment could escalate and that I'd end up getting physically damaged." "You have nothing to fear there Claire; the last thing that I want is a submissive who is unable to perform due to physical injuries." I continued, "I consider tattoos to be physical injuries Tony, I will not agree to you forcing me to get 'Tony's Cunt', or something like that tattooed on my pubic area or anything else anywhere.

In fact, any form of permanent changing of the colour of any of my skin is totally unacceptable." "Fair enough, I can understand that. That clause can be removed." "In a similar vein, the only piercings that are acceptable to me are my nipples and my clitoris hood." "Agreed." "Bestiality is totally unacceptable.

There is no way that any animal is going to fuck me." "Fair enough, but what about pussy licking? I'm told that dogs like licking pussies and that girls enjoy the experience." "I am prepared to try it, but if I say that I don't like it then it is off the table." "Fair enough; it's good that you are prepared to try these things Claire." "What's this 'position' that I would have to assume every time that you'd command me to assume?" "You could have to get down on your knees, spread them as far apart as you can, sit back on your heels and put your hands on the floor behind you.

Your head would be bent forwards and you'd stay like that until ordered to get up." "Sort of presenting my tits and pussy for inspection." "Precisely Claire." "The document says that I'd have one day off each week where I can do whatever I like. Which day would that be? "That's flexible. It will change to meet both our needs." "This document says that if you break the agreement you will give me the 100k and I can just walk away.

That's good, but what about my job? How would that be affected?" "Nothing would change; everything at work would continue as if nothing had happened." "But I'd have to move out of here." "That would be up to you Claire. You'd have the 100k so you would be easily able to find somewhere else to live." "Okay Tony, that's all my questions for now." "Does that mean that you will sign the contract?" "No.

Well not yet." "Okay, I didn't really expect you to sign it just yet. Make a copy of it and amend the copy to incorporate everything that we've talked about then we'll talk again. "Do I have to do it right now?" "No, but please get it done before Tuesday evening." "Okay." "I'm still not sure that I want to do this Tony, it means giving up so much." "Yes that's true Claire; but think about what you will be gaining." "Go and relax on the exercise cycle for a while.

That was a very mature discussion Claire, well done." I saved the document that I'd highlighted parts as another name, emailed it to me then took a deep breath before standing up.

As I walked to the bike and got on, I thought about the situation. I liked everything that Tony was agreeing to do to look after me. It would certainly make life a lot easier for me. No financial problems, nothing at all to worry about. It would get rid of Tony's threat of reporting me to the police, and it does have a clause in it that would protect my parents from ever finding out what I've done and all about what I would commit to.

Those 2 point alone were almost enough for me to want to sign it. I also liked the bit about Tony taking full responsibility if I got arrested for doing something that he had told me to do, that he would tell the police that he had forced me to do whatever. In some respects it was the ideal situation for a girl to be in, but what about the things that he'd make me do? He was sure to make me get naked where people would see me.

That would be awful. Just then my pussy made its presence known. Why did it like the thought of me being naked in public? There's got to be something wrong with me. Maybe I should go and talk to a shrink before I sign the document. I laughed at that thought and decided to put it all to the back of my mind for a while; let my subconscious mull it over for a while. I started pedalling faster and looked out of the window.

Fuck, that man was there again, and he was watching me. Oh balls to him, let him watch me pedal, and watch me cum when I do so in a minute or two. Jeez, did I really just think that? I'm getting too used to being naked. "Oh no you're not." My pussy said as my arousal went up another level. I did cum, twice, before I got off the bike. I looked over to the man and saw that he was still watching me so I waved to him.

"Are you taking me to the pub tonight Tony?" I asked. "Oh no reason, I just wondered." The truth was, I was starting to look forward to the nights where his mates groped me and moved my clothes so that people could see what was under them.

I felt calmness as I had a long hot shower.