Hot milf webcam squirt Fucking Family Values

Hot milf webcam squirt Fucking Family Values
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This is one of the first stories I wrote, for a young lady I was chatting with on Flickr.

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She wanted a rough sex story where she was the star. --- "Shit!" That was the first thing I heard you say. That was the first thing I heard you say after your car ran into my car in the parking lot. More like plowed into the rear of my car, popping the trunk. We examine our cars.

Yours doesn't have much if any damage. Mine is going to be in the shop for a week. Teach me to drive a fancy new car. Your older car is servicing you well through grad school. And that's when you drop the next bomb. "Sorry mister, I didn't mean to hit your car. Is there any way I could pay for this, without reporting it to insurance? I can't afford any more points on my record." you wail. I tell you it looks like a $3000 repair job, and you start to cry.

"I'm in school, I can't afford that. How else can I pay you?" I am looking around, trying to figure a way out of this mess. You do it for me.

"Hey mister, what's with all of the booze in the trunk?" I look back and realize my cargo is safe with the exception of one bottle of scotch.

"Well, it's for a bachelor party I am hosting tomorrow night. Hey, I got it. Do you want to work off your bill tomorrow night? You can come be a waitress at the party. I will give you $500 credit towards the damages, and we will split any tips the guys give you.

After a couple of more parties, the repair will be paid for." You start to look around, something on your mind.

"Well, I am supposed to be working on a paper, but I was already planning on going out with one of my girlfriends who is in town this weekend." "Bring her along. I will pay her $500 as well, and she can keep her tips.

And make sure you wear something slutty. This is a bachelor party." You agree, and I give the address for the party, telling you to be there at 5:30 sharp. Thankfully, both of you show up on time. I show you around the party room I reserved in the clubhouse at my complex.


I point out the bar area and the kitchen. Then I hand each of you a bag. "What is this?" you ask. "Neither one of you is slutty enough, so these are your waitress costumes for tonight. Wear them. You will get more tips than wearing what you got on." You both go back to the bathroom and come back 5 minutes later in Playboy bunny costumescomplete with ears and a tail.

"This is a little tight in the crotch," you comment. I suggest that you lose the panties and the camel toe will get you more tips. You reluctantly agree. By 7:30, the party is hopping.

Plenty of guys drinking and watching some sports, and you two are doing your best to keep hands off of your asses. I motion you both over to the bar around 9. "How would you like to double your money?" I ask.

You both nod your heads in agreement. "Then go stand in the middle of the room and strip off your costumes. Serve drinks naked for 30 minutes." Your friend starts to hesitate, but you need the money to pay me off. So you go right to the center of the room, standing by the groom of honor and strip down to your birthday suit.

Every guy in the place is watching you. "Beer, whiskey or me?" you chime in your best stewardess voice. The place roars with laughter and cheers. You get your friend to come over and you force her to take off her outfit. More cheering and cat calls. "Boys," you say, "I owe the bartender $2000, and that's after serving you drinks and stripping naked for you.

Who wants a piece of my ass? Highest bidder gets first shot at me." Suddenly, every guy in the room is whipping out $100 bills. I come into the center of the room and stand between the two naked young girls. "I will write off your debt if your friend does the groom." I look at her and she gulps, ". and if you do me. Right here, right now." Without even looking at your friend, you agree.

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You drop to your knees and unzip my pants. My cock is semi-hard from standing next to you, but now it explodes to full size. I look over and the groom is getting his cocked sucked as well. "This is great," I comment, "But I am not paying $2000 for a blowjob." With that, I pick you up and throw you over a couch.

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Your ass is perched up in the air. I guide my cock right into your quivering pussy.


You squeal in delight. "Charlie, you better do the same to yours. If you don't do it now, your wife will walk over you in marriage." Charlie follows suit, pinning your friend to the floor and parting her thighs. She screams in protest, but it is muffled by the cheers from the guys.

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"I don't care which of you peckers is next, but let's keep this orderly," I tell the group. All of the guys have bulges in their pants, and a couple looks like they want to take them out and stroke them. "Go ahead, just make sure you aim for her face or tits." You start screaming that you are a good girl, but I remind you that a good girl wouldn't put herself in a position like this. "And she wouldn't put herself in this position either," I say as I pull out my dick from your tight pussy, and plow it into your even tighter ass.

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As wet as you were getting, my dick still wasn't lubed up enough for your ass. You scream out in pain as I start to fuck your ass. Your friend sees what is happening and starts to scream, but then she gets hit in the face with the first glob of spunk. Then a second and a third. A bunch of the guys are doing a circle jerk over her and the groom.

She is soon covered in sperm. I reach my orgasm after your screams have stopped and your body is shaking as you reach orgasm as well.

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I pull out, and another guy immediately takes my place. You start to say something, but your mouth is soon filled with a beefy dick. This goes on for a couple of hours. I had my turn with your friend. She had no problems taking it in the ass, but that's only because I wasn't the first.

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More like the fifth. Around midnight, the guys put their dicks away and start to head home. You and your friend are covered in sperm, your gaping holes still shaking from the multiple orgasms. "Consider your bill paid in full, and maybe you won't go rear-ending people like that again."