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Chubby emo twink anal vids This jaw dropping and beefy hunk has the
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Avondale Academy has always had a reputation for its harsh discipline and unusual teaching practices but there's never been any shortage of parents or guardians eager to enrol their children. The elegant townhouse has its entrance around the back for reasons of discretion in Wigmore Street, whilst the front overlooks fashionable Cavendish Square.

To its neighbours, is just like any other building, but because the pupils are taught behind closed doors, they are none the wiser to the clandestine visitors and activities. The Academy was founded in 1895 by Miss Hilda Ashton to teach pupils deportment, manners and obedience, but her truly sadistic passions and those of her staff, meant that the pupil's were always taught their lessons through a regime of harsh discipline.

Recently, due to the Academy's spiralling costs, Miss Ashton decided to make discreet enquires about wealthy individuals who she knew had a passion for watching children being abused and punished, inviting them to become patrons. The patrons and their guests are now able to watch as the pupils are taught very painful and humiliating lessons through many discretely placed spy holes. The Academy's enrolment procedure that favoured wealthy parents and guardians has also been altered to allow less well off parents and guardians to apply for a place that is sponsored by a patron.

This has proved to be very successful because watching newcomers struggle to cope with the pain and humiliation of being abused and punished for the first time is most entertaining.

The parents and guardians of these children are never guaranteed a place at Avondale, but offered an interview, where Miss Ashton and the patron recommending them, can examine and humiliate the child before deciding if they are suitable for an Avondale education.

****** Until recently Margaret Ashby hadn't heard of Avondale Academy that is until a chance encounter with a woman who introduced herself as Lady Bennett.

Lady Marjorie Bennett, a patron and an ex governess with a sadistic passion for children, first saw little Emily feeding the ducks in her local park, and instantly fell in love with the pretty child.

By befriending her mother, she was able to persuade her to let Emily be recommended by her with a view to being sponsored for a place at Avondale.

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Mrs Ashby had felt for a while that Emily, who is now twelve, needed a much firmer hand as she was becoming rebellious now that her father had left, and was reassured by Lady Bennett's insistence that Emily would be receiving an education based on strict discipline. ****** Emily was excited, but the hansom cab that she shared with her mother was making slow progress along the narrow and cobbled streets of the Capital.

They were on their way to the interview that Lady Bennett had arranged, but they were late and Emily's nervous fidgeting was making her mother annoyed. As they arrived in Wigmore Street, Margaret turned to Emily and said sternly, "You are to do exactly as Miss Ashton and Lady Bennett tell you!" her hand placed firmly under the child's chin to make sure she paid attention.

"Yes, mother!" Emily said as she stepped down from the handsome cab and stood gazing at the large building in amazement. "Come along, we're late as it is," her mother called, walking quickly towards the entrance which she thought was strange to be at the back of the building, but that was the address she had been given.

Emily rushed after her, another look at the large building making her want to take hold of her mother's hand, which she hadn't done since she was five. A girl just a little older than Emily answered the door. Curtsying, she announced that her name was Sophie and invited them to follow her to Miss Ashton's office. Blushing Emily scampered to her mother's side. "Mother," Emily whispered as they walked hurriedly. "I'm not sure I like it here," she murmured.

"Don't be stupid Emily, you've hardly seen the place," was all the response she got. As they followed her they passed other children but they didn't take any notice. Then they stopped outside an oak door with a small brass plaque with Miss Hilda Ashton, Headmistress written on it, indicating that they had arrived. Sophie knocked and then opened the door, curtsied once more, her head bowed.

"How quaint," Margaret said, imagining her daughter doing that for her one-day. The Headmistress's office was spacious with a sofa that faced a large oak desk and many comfortable chairs placed around. However, the most noticeable feature to Margaret and to Emily by the look on her face was the glass cabinet on the wall, in which the many cruel looking disciplinary implements were openly displayed.

The elegant woman who rose to walk towards them, her hand extended, was tall and slender, her pale face as ageless as the figure she presented in the dark outfit she wore. "Welcome to Avondale Academy, I am Miss Hilda Ashton, and I believe you already know Lady Bennett, one of our patrons!" she announced. "Yes!" Margaret answered. Miss Ashton shook her hand firmly before turning to Emily who by now was starting to get very nervous.

"And this must be our prospective pupil?" she said smiling warmly and extending her hand again. Emily shook hands with her but gasped as her hand felt like it was being crushed in the woman's grasp. "A little insolent, is she not?" Miss Ashton observed. "How astute of you to notice so quickly," Margaret laughed, liking the woman immediately.

"How old are you, Emily?" Miss Ashton asked. "Twelve Miss!" Emily answered meekly, hoping that her age might give her a reason to be excused her insolence, and also wishing she knew what it meant. "Well, we do not suffer insolence at Avondale," Miss Ashton said as she offered Margaret a seat on the sofa, before she sat down beside her.

"Here at Avondale we believe in total obedience, and our pupils all receive an education that is based on strict discipline," she said with a smile. "How very reassuring," Margaret said, starting to relax. While they were talking, Emily had been left to stand nervously to one side, but realising that the two women were going to be talking for some while, she saw a comfortable chair and sat down.

She was just starting to enjoy sitting in the chair when she noticed that the women had stopped talking and were looking straight at her, her mother absently, but Miss Ashton with sharp eyes that pierced her and made her feel cold. "Did I say you could sit down?" Miss Ashton shouted. Emily gulped and forced herself out of the comfortable chair to stand again, her cheeks burning hotly under the gaze of the three women.

"Well, did I?" Miss Ashton snarled. "No Miss," Emily mumbled. "So what do you say?" the Headmistress asked her.

Emily licked her dry lips and fought to think clearly while the eyes continued to peer into her soul. "Please, may I sit down Miss," Emily suggested, glancing towards her mother for support.

Miss Ashton smiled coldly and returned her gaze to the mother. "You notice there is no thought of an apology, only the need to get what she wants," she pointed out.

"I'm afraid she has been very spoilt since her father left," Margaret said enjoying her daughter's embarrassment. "I'm sorry I sat down, Miss," Emily said, distraught with the fury that was coming from the adults.

"Mrs Ashby, in order to assess Emily's suitability, I will need to examine her thoroughly, do you mind?" Miss Ashton asked.

Margaret fought for words for a few moments, shaking and nodding her head to show she didn't mind. "No, no, of course I don't mind," she finally said, smiling as she thought of the humiliation that it would bring the spoilt child.

Miss Ashton looked over at Lady Bennett who smiled her approval and then turned her attention to Emily. "Undress!" Miss Ashton told the child, her blood growing warm in the hope that the girl might refuse her. "What?" Emily gasped. "The word you were searching for is Pardon, and you heard me very well the first time," she said forcefully.

"Mother, do I have to?" Emily asked with a theatrical sigh. "Remember what I said! Now do as you're told!" her mother said.

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Looking sour, Emily started to undress, but stopped once she had got to her undergarments. "All your clothes! Emily," Miss Ashton shouted. "All?" she whined, burning up at the thought of letting them see her naked.

"Please, no more whining. Do as you are told and remove all of your clothes," the Headmistress told her, her dark eyes warning the girl not to cross her any further. Sensing the hidden power in the woman, Emily obeyed, her face burning as she tried to cover herself. Sitting slightly behind, Lady Bennett was now able to see just how lovely Emily really was, and that her lovely little bottom was just crying out to be tortured.

Miss Ashton rose and walked around the child. Emily looked nervously at her, one arm trying to cover her cute little breasts and the other trying to hide her little cunt. "Bend forward, with your thighs straight," Miss Ashton ordered.

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Emily dragged in a fresh breath and obeyed, while the women watched and admired the child's delicious little bottom and slender thighs. When Miss Ashton reached out to touch her, Emily cried out in shock, and then trembled as a hand slowly descended down the length of her spine and then lingered between the cheeks of her bottom, caressing and pinching her, until she lost control and the signs of her arousal became obvious.

"Stand up, and go to my desk," she instructed. "Now Emily, lift your leg straight out and place the heel on the edge of my desk," she told her. Emily did as she was told, trying not to think of the way her cunt and anus was now so indecently displayed between her thighs. Miss Ashton came forward again and traced her calf muscles, feeling her knee, and then tracing her thigh all the way up until her fingers grazed the side of her exposed vulva.

"Now, the other leg," Miss Ashton told her, pretending not to have heard Emily's surprised gasp as she'd fleetingly stroked the outer edge of her aroused vulva. Emily swallowed and took a grip on herself before obeying. And then once again, the woman closely felt her leg, and as the hands grew higher, her breath quickened in anticipation of another fleeting touch and the sharp sensations it caused.

Just an inch from repeating the grazing stroke, Miss Ashton stopped and looked into Emily's eyes, waiting until the child blushed hotly with the realisation that she knew of her arousal. "You may stand now Emily," Miss Ashton told her. Emily dropped her head, trembling uncontrollably as she realised that her state of arousal had given away her little secret to these women.


Miss Ashton ignored the child and returned to sit down beside her mother. "So, you'll take her?" Margaret beamed. "Yes," Miss Ashton smiled, her eyes sliding from Margaret to Emily with the promise of much more to come. "Mother, can we talk about this?" Emily begged, seeing those eyes glance her over and not liking the thoughts they brought to mind. "Don't be foolish Emily. This is a chance of a lifetime!" her mother told her.

"Mother! Please!" Emily called, more loudly. "I'm not sure you know just how much trouble you're letting yourself in for," Margaret said jokingly, as she signed the legal documents giving Miss Ashton and her staff complete control over her daughter.

"As I said, she poses a challenge," Miss Ashton said with a smile. "I can't believe you did that. Don't you care about me anymore?" Emily cried, hot tears in her eyes. "Oh, don't be so stupid, you'll love it here and there seems to be boys here as well as girls," her mother told her hoping that would be enough to persuade her. "I hate you! Hate you, hate you, and hate you!" Emily screamed.

"I fear that Emily's lessons will need to begin much earlier than I anticipated," Miss Ashton said, looking sternly at the young girl. But then she turned to Mrs Ashby. "No matter, sooner or later, they all come to me for special discipline," she said with a smile.

"When will she be able to start?" Margaret asked. "Now! If that is convenient," Miss Ashton told her looking at Lady Bennett who smiled and nodded her approval. "Very well then," Margaret sighed, feeling relieved and a little light headed. "Come and give your mother a kiss," she told Emily, then sighed again as the child turned stubbornly away.

"Don't worry, she will settle in perfectly, I am sure of it," the Headmistress told her. None the less she rushed over to give her awkward daughter a quick hug, then left the Academy leaving her daughter's education in their capable hands.

****** Emily trembled nervously as Miss Ashton returned to her desk smiling without humour, as she thought of the many harsh lessons Emily would experience in the next few days. "Ah, Lady Bennett, I will need your help to hold Emily still while she is taught her first lesson," Miss Ashton told the patron with a smile as she walked over to the cabinet.

"On the sofa if you please," she told her. "What are you going to do?" Emily asked as they approached her. "Keep away! I'll tell my mother!" she warned, her eyes growing round with fear as they kept approaching her. "No! No!" she screamed as hands took her arms and pulled her erect and forward. "You can't do this!" she screamed. Emily struggled to hide herself as the women pushed her down onto her back, capturing and forcing her thighs firmly up against her little breasts, and parting her bottom most indecently.

Lady Bennett then placed cushions under her lower back and taking a firm grip of Emily's ankles forced her head between her thighs and made her wrap her arms tightly around her knees. "No, please!" she screamed. Miss Ashton, a special little whip in hand, now moved around until she stood between Emily's parted bottom cheeks to look excitedly at her smooth little cunt and puckered anus. "What are you going to do?" Emily asked, exhaustion forcing her to give up any attempt to escape, as the women leered at her nakedness making her cry with embarrassment.

Miss Ashton showed little Emily the special whip and smiled as she gasped suddenly appreciating the excruciating pain that the hard-knotted tips would cause her delicate skin. "Please, let me go home, please!" Emily sobbed. "Hold her still!" Miss Ashton ordered. Standing between Emily's parted thighs, Miss Ashton raised the whip high above her head and brought it down keenly so that the tips made contact with her vulnerable little cunt and anus at the same time.

Emily screamed and tried to escape, but Lady Bennett had a firm hold of her, gripping her tightly as the second stroke landed as before, to scorch her cunt and burn her anus. "No! You can't!" she wept, trying her best to evade the third and jerking as she failed. She screamed again, arching with the intense sensations flying into her body, then subsiding to leave a burning feeling that started to arouse her again.

"Please!" she sobbed, trying to reach back but failing. "Only three, and she is pleading for me to stop," Miss Ashton said, laughing as she further ridiculed the child. She raised the whip higher and then brought it down keenly slapping the tips down into Emily's cunt and anus, and then watched satisfied as, screaming, she struggled free of Lady Bennett's grip and jumped of the sofa in real agony.

"I can see that you going to need these lessons often," Miss Ashton remarked, waiting for Emily to grow tied of her squirming. Emily screamed in agony, tossing and weeping uncontrollably until, too weak to do it anymore, her crying starting to grow again as she anticipated yet another fiery stroke. Miss Ashton stopped to admire the way that Emily's very flushed vulva had parted from the whipping it had received.

She was also pleased to see how small her vaginal opening was, and vowed to make sure that it was fully opened as soon as was possible. "One more," Miss Ashton announced. Forcing Emily back into position she nodded for Lady Bennett to grip her tightly again as she brought the tips down keenly on her cunt and anus again making her screech in agony and buck uncontrollably.

"Very good," Miss Ashton announced. Lady Bennett helped the weeping girl to stand and watched excitedly as the child nervously expected further harsh treatment. "Now, Let that be a lesson to you! We don't tolerate insolence or disobedience at Avondale. You will do as you are told, or you will suffer more of these special punishments, do you understand?" Miss Ashton said sternly, roughly pinching and smacking her bottom and thighs to her point clearly understood.

"Yes Miss, Please stop!" Emily replied. "Well, I have no doubt that you'll need many more of these special punishments," Miss Ashton sighed. "All in all a most promising beginning," Miss Ashton said to Lady Bennett who smiled and nodded her agreement. "You may dress now Emily," she was told. "Thank you, Miss," Emily murmured, turning away from them both to hide herself as she dressed. Lady Bennett delighted with what she'd seen of Emily's humiliation and punishment made her excuses and left, so she could enjoy watch other pupils learn their painful lessons.

"Now Emily, you have a choice of which pupil escorts you to your dormitory, Gerald or Sophie," Miss Ashton told her. The Headmistress rang the bell to summon Gerald and Sophie who had been waiting outside, and no doubt listening excitedly to Emily's painful lesson.

As they entered, she recognised Sophie but hadn't seen Gerald who was tall, handsome and looked about fourteen. "Sophie please Miss," she muttered. "Sophie! Please escort Emily to the dormitory, and sooth away her pains," Miss Ashton said with a sly smile. "Thank you Miss! I will," Sophie promised. As they were leaving Emily thought she saw Gerald undressing, but she could have been mistaken.

****** Miss Ashton casually threw the boy a blindfold and told him to put it on, watching excitedly as his handsome cock started to rise and stand proud of his loins. "When did you last spend, Gerald?" Miss Ashton asked. "Yesterday, Miss" he answered nervously. "Were you listening to Emily's whipping?" she asked taking hold of his cock and balls and twisting them.

"Yes, Miss! Gerald answered. "Tell me all about it?" she crooned. "Emily is a pretty girl, and I would have loved to have watched her being whipped" Gerald said, flinching as Miss Ashton roughly twisted his balls. "Ah yes," she sighed, slowly moving towards him to lower herself down on his now rampant cock.

She always grew so wet when young boys like Gerald serviced her, and the thought of Emily's little bottom being widely parted once more, with her cunt and anus exposed for her whip started to make her juices flow. "No doubt she will need another special lesson soon, and I will see to it that you are present," she murmured, her pace quickening.

"Thank you Miss," he said as his hips began to rise each time she descended upon him. The powerful surges of his cock were bringing her off and she sobbed and nodded, imagining turning the girl over, her thighs either side of her head and her little bottom parted indecently wide.

"A dozen strokes of my special whip," she promised.

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"Ah, Miss!" Gerald cried out, her promises and hot cunt succeeding in bringing him to his climax long before he had intended. "Yes!" she cried fiercely, bringing her body down to immerse his cock within her as he ejaculated, her hand reaching out to roughly squeeze his balls while the thought of punishing Emily again made her tighten her cunt around his cock, and bring her first orgasm of the day. ****** Sophie had earned the privilege to befriend new pupils, a task that she always took seriously.

"I have been at the Academy for a couple of years now," Sophie told Emily as she walked her to the dormitory. "Does everyone have to wear a uniform?" Emily asked.

"Yes, you will receive yours from Matron tomorrow," Sophie explained. Walking down stairs and along many corridors, Emily felt totally lost when Sophie stopped at a window to point out how they had progressed from the front of the building, to the back. As they walked Emily felt her tender skin being chaffed and irritated by her undergarments, and began to think that the girl was taking her the long way on purpose. Another long corridor and they were there.

The dormitory was divided up by a high partition, with each little room having a bed, chair and a cabinet for the pupil's belongings. "There isn't much privacy.

I could stand on the chair and look over at the other girls," Emily murmured, the dormitory making her talk quietly. "If you did you would be very severely punished. No one, ever, looks over the partitioning." Sophie explained. Sophie then took Emily into the adjoining room where many hoses with obscenely large nozzles were attached to the tiled walls. Emily had no idea what they were for and looked perplexed. "What are these for?" Emily asked.

"Don't worry Emily, you'll find out soon enough," she explained. "Oh!" Emily gasped. Sophie laughed and led her back to the dormitory. "Now Emily! Miss Ashton told me that I was to sooth away your pain," she explained, closing the door to Emily's small partitioned room so they could have some privacy.

"It doesn't feel that bad anymore," Emily told her with a shrug.


"None the less, I must do as I have been told, or I'll be punished," Sophie explained. "Remove all your clothes," she urged. "You can either lie on your back with your legs raised, or on your front with your bottom up, its your choice," she explained.

Sophie didn't mind either way; as it was always nice to watch a girl spending when she was on her back, but then, when she was bent over with her bottom up she got to see their anus and how it quivered as they came. But to explain that to Emily would remove the surprise. Emily blushed and did as she was told, gnawing on her bottom lip and deciding to lie on her front with her bottom raised.

Sophie sat on the bed and started to examine her carefully. "You look very sore," Sophie told her. As Sophie stroked the burning flesh to either side of her anal crease she heard Emily gasp and pant. The skin was soft, smooth and now very tender to her caresses.

"Please, don't" Emily gasped, reaching down to try and stop herself being touched. "It's all right," Sophie smiled. "There is a special salve in here," she told Emily retrieving it from a draw in the cabinet. The pupils appreciate using this salve after their many harsh lessons because of its anaesthetic and aphrodisiac properties, which not only soothes away their pain but also brings them intense pleasure.

Sophie pushed Emily's thighs higher and applied the salve, cooing as the girl gasped at its coldness. It was quickly dissipated though, as Sophie knew it would be. Her fingers continued to rub Emily's tender flesh as she listened to her anxious breath slowly calm and lengthen. "Is that nice, Emily?" she asked. Emily nodded, the pain finally starting to evaporate and to leave a pleasant tingle from Sophie's stroking fingers.

"Part your thighs now," Sophie urged, gauging the moment. Emily did as she was told, the aphrodisiac now making it easier for her to bare the humiliation. "You're very pretty!" Sophie said, gazing at her cunt and anus now deliciously exposed between her widely parted bottom. "Don't," Emily cried, her hand trying to cover herself.

Sophie giggled and pushed her hand away, placing ointment-covered fingers along each of the girl's puffy labia, until the flesh reluctantly yielded and the soreness made Emily gasp. "Let me, I know what I am doing," Sophie told her firmly, her hands drawing the thighs still further apart so her bottom was now totally open, her cunt fully revealed. A finger of salve dropped below the little pink and moist entrance to her vagina and she gently stroked it into the girl's flesh, watching the skin turned a deeper hue and the slender little hood at the apex of her cunt begin to swell, then bulge upwards.

"You have a few wisps of hair," Sophie dared to say, gauging the moment. Emily fought for breath and licked her dry lips, the urge to rock her pelvis growing until she couldn't keep still any longer.


"You won't be allowed to keep them here at Avondale, and they will be removed by Matron," Sophie said, her slippery fingers now pulling at Emily's tender flesh, and was delighted to see that Emily's vaginal mouth start to dilate and weep.

"No!" Emily gasped, her eyes widening as the shock of what Sophie had just said sweep through the rising tingling warmth in her body. "Matron will remove them tomorrow," Sophie told her with a smile. Sophie grinned and stopped stroking Emily's little cunt long enough to stand and remove her own clothes. Beneath them, the cleft lips of her cunt shone with her excitement, flesh inflamed with passion but all of it perfectly smooth and hairless.

Emily gasped, staring at it, as Sophie sat down again to attend to her. Sophie indulged her, pulling and stroking at her cunt, until Emily's hips began to rock and her pelvis rise. Sophie hid her knowing grin as the young pelvis began to move to her fingering.

Stroking her outer lips, she placed a finger at her vaginal mouth and rubbed gently until, with a gasp, Emily arched, pure pleasure now sweeping over her like a hot wave. She shuddered and groaned as it went on, the pleasure extended by the fingers between her legs, touching her more intimately than even she had dared.

Emily jerked and squirmed, a prisoner to all the intense pleasures soaring through her body, and was on the point of dying, she was sure, when the fingers stopped and she was able to breathe.

Dazed and blushing with hot embarrassment, Emily forced herself to look at Sophie. Sophie looked back and smiled. "You spend quickly.

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That is good," she told her new friend. Emily blushed again and closed her legs, half conscious of the dying sensations she could feel still rising from her freshly woken body. "You won't tell anyone, will you, please?" she begged, still burning with her blushes.

"But why not?" Sophie asked. "Well, it's just, I mean, us being girls and everything," Emily mumbled, burning hotly. Sophie looked at her for a moment, and then burst out laughing. "You have much to learn Emily," she told her.

"You will find us all willing to love each other," she told her. "Girl sex is much safer than boy sex, and it lasts much longer too!" she grinned. "But it's not right, is it. Are you all lesbians here?" Emily asked worried that she had the wrong word again and not really knowing what it meant. "Some of us maybe, but I like both." Sophie admitted. "Girl on girl is like competing in the same race; you work together and urge each other to spend.

Girl on boy is a like a competition where you try to either spend first, or try to make the other spend first. Do you understand?" Emily shook her head, amazed that someone as lovely as Sophie had to do it with other girls, surely there were boys here too. "You will find out as time goes by. Now help me spend," Sophie urged as she spread her thighs still further apart and slid a hand down to herself, rubbing her cunt to begin the dampening of her insides.

"I, I, I don't know if I can," Emily gasped, looking at what was happening with wild and nervous eyes and feeling horrified by the idea of having to touch Sophie's cunt. "You don't have to touch me, just watch as I masturbate," she begged, looking intently at Emily. Emily was such an innocent, such a little virgin.

She had probably never seen another girl's cunt so closely presented to her, let alone seen it being touched and caressed thought Sophie as she masturbated. Sophie pressed flattened fingers down on her vulva and hummed as the pressure quickly heated her. Fingers pulled her cunt upwards and inner labia stretched out and unfurled. Crooning, she helped them gape, loving the girl's eyes on her inner flesh.

"I can feel your eyes on me," she panted. Rubbing her little urethra she sobbed with the spiky pleasure it gave her, then held her labia back so she could circle her inflamed hood and make it swell and grow still more, half aware of the view she was giving Emily.

"Oh yes!" she gasped, focusing on her humiliation as she reached down to her cunt and speared herself with a finger. "Ah yes!" she hissed. Her finger darting in and out, not needing to go deep to exhilarate her. She angled it downwards, pressing her urethra before plunging into her hot little cunt. "Yes, yes, that's it watch me, Emily!" she gasped.

Sophie was on the edge, hovering there, holding herself back on the very brink. "Yes, yes!" she quivered. Her longest fingers stretched past and stroked her anus. The feeling shot inwards and exploded inside her.

Sophie flung her head back as she squealed her pleasure, not caring who heard her. At just twelve years old, Emily watched in awe, licking her lips as Sophie quivered in front of her, a finger half buried in her slick cunt while another rubbed fiercely at the little corrugated ring of her anus.

Emily's cunt had awoken too and tingled irritatingly, crying out to be touched and fondled. Had she been alone, she might have responded, but she couldn't do it with Sophie there, not yet anyway.