Moms birtsex storiesay party for my mom

Moms birtsex storiesay party for my mom
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Hello again, Lovelies! I have another chapter for yous! I just love Milo and Lena, and I hope you do, too!

Xoxo, Cede <3 --------- "We'll convert Sam's old room into a nursery for the baby," My mom chattered. She slathered butter on a canned, refrigerator biscuit. "Don't you think, Lucy?" Lucy looked up from the plate of meatloaf she was picking at, and nodded.


"Yeah," she replied. Her voice sounded empty, and she looked pale. I squinted at my brother's pregnant girlfriend from across the table. Milo wasn't paying any attention, and was texting under the table. Lucy seemed more spacy than usual, not that mom seemed to notice. Except for the bloating around her face, Lucy didn't look pregnant. Her stomach was as flat as ever, and she didn't seem to have much morning sickness. I was still holding out for Lucy to confess she was making the whole 'pregnant with Milo's baby' thing up.

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It hadn't happened yet, but a girl could dream. "It's okay to be upset about your parent's," mom said, patting Lucy's hand. "You have us, and we will always be here to help you raise my grandbaby." My phone buzzed between my thighs.

With a quick tap, I unlocked the screen to see that Milo had sent me a message. 'do you think Lucy will cry about her parents kicking her out for much longer? It's been four hours since she moved in, and she hasn't stopped crying!' I gave Milo a pointed look. He knew Lucy checked his phone, and would see the text to me. Then she would freak out on both of us, and it would be horrible.

It was bad enough that I had to force him to delete the dick pics he had sent me. I'm pretty sure Milo was dropped on his head as a baby, and that is why he does such thoughtless stuff. My phone buzzed again. 'Do you want to see Superman with me tonight?

;)' "I'm full," I stated, and shoved out of my chair. My fork clattered against my plate when I picked it up to take it to the sink to scrape it.

What the fuck was Milo thinking? His pregnant fucking girlfriend had just moved in, and he somehow wanted to find time for us to have a quickie? Why didn't we just announce our relationship to everyone. Maybe send an email to dad, Sam and Peter? Or we could get a photo postcard printed at CVS to send to gramma and pop pop? "So, is Lois in the mood for a hot date?" Milo asked, slithering up behind me. I jumped at the suddenness of him standing there.

He wrapped his arms around my waist, resting his chin on my shoulder. "Mmm, Your hair smells good." "Mi-lo," I stressed, trying to squirm out of his embrace. I set my dirty dishes on the counter.

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"Lucy and mom are right there!" "Lay-na," he imitated, "and we're right here." He grabbed at my hand, trying to lead it to his crotch. "Come on, I want you so bad. See, Clark is very happy to see you." I tugged my hand away. My nipples prickled with sensation, and I wanted to just breeze on past common sense and have my brother fuck me madly on the kitchen counter. He leaned in and kissed me, his hands holding my face tenderly. I sighed, and let him lead my hand back to the fly of his jeans.

His erection was free after a few maneuvers of the button and zipper, the rosy head drooling pre-cum. How the fuck did guys manage to walk around all day, everyday without having a noticeable wet spot? Milo was turned on by everything! Did the crotch of his boxers have a wet patch like my. undies? "Just a quick hand job, and you owe me, Milo." He grunted in response, his hands grabbing at my tits over my shirt and bra.

That anxious, butterfly feeling fluttered in my chest. I knew we were so close to being caught, but it just made the thrill better. Milo's foreskin slid back and forth it each pump of my hand. I could barely wrap my hands around his dick completely. The feel of his hot skin in my hand made my pussy tingle. I clenched my muscles, sparking a wave of pleasure up my spine. Fuck, Milo always got the better end of the stick. "You owe me so bad after this," I whispered.

Milo mauled my breasts to the point where my tits were falling out of the cups. The lace scratched against my nipples. "Oh yeah?

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And what do you want me to do to make it up?" Milo growled in my ear. He planted a wet kiss on the side of my neck, and began to trace random patterns on my skin with the tip of his tongue. "I want your mouth between my legs. I want you to fuck me with your tongue, tasting my juices as I grind against your face," I whispered, squeezing his balls with my other hand.

He groaned, "ah fuck. I'm gonna cum!" My heart stopped.

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I didn't want to try and catch all of his pearly jizz with my hands, and knew I needed to figure something out quick. I sank to my knees, his hands tangling in my hair, and took him in my mouth. The moment my lips wrapped around the head, he began to shoot off. I was able to catch almost all of it, except for the last bit that ran from the side of my mouth. Milo wiped it off with his finger, and held it out for me to lick off.

I swallowed what I had, and licked the smear of cum off his index finger. "Fuck, that was hot." Milo tucked himself back in his pants, and I fixed my bra. "Have Lois give me a ring when she has time," he said, breezing out of the kitchen.

I stared at the dirty dishes, and savored the taste of him that lingered in my mouth. How had we not been caught? There was only a wall and a swinging door separating the kitchen from the dining room. "Lena?" My mom pushed open the door, and stuck her head through the gap, startling me. "Oh sorry, sweetie. I didn't mean to scare you.


I'm sending Milo out to go get some ice cream. Maybe that will cheer Lucy up. Do you want to go with him?" I tried to keep a natural expression. One that didn't announce to my mother that I had just had my mouth on my older brother's dick. "Um, yeah. Sure," I said. My voice felt fake, but I hoped it didn't show. "Well! he's getting ready to leave," she replied, pointing her thumb behind her. "Oh!

Make sure you guys get some cookie dough ice cream, too. Okay?" Nodding my head, I followed her out. Lucy had left the table, her meatloaf barely eaten, waiting for the flys, and was now a lump on the couch. A blanket was tucked around her, and she hugged a throw pillow to her chest.

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Lucy was an ugly crier, that was for sure. Snot leaked from her nose, and I looked away in both disgust and remorse. I mean, really, when it really came down to it, I was the other woman. I was breaking up a family that was just barely begun. Shouldn't I feel guilty? But all I wanted was for Lucy to disappear from our lives so Milo and I could just be together.

"You ready?" Milo asked, appearing in front of me. He twirled his car keys around his finger. A sly look crossed his face, and he flicked his tongue out at me.


I smiled in return, and playfully pushed him towards the garage door. "Let's go!"