Deux lesbiennes en pleines action

Deux lesbiennes en pleines action
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The Niece, The Wife and Their Needs Pt 2 A few days later I was out working in the yard when I glanced down the street and saw McKenzie being dragged along by a huge Great Dane headed for me. As they passed me she grinned and said, "Help me stop him, he's so damn strong I can't get him to stop." I reached out and grabbed his leash and pulled them to a stop.

He was a huge dog and it was difficult for me to stop him also. Once stopped though, Mac told him to sit and he obeyed her instantly. As he was sitting it allowed me to see his thick long sheath with his pink tip sticking out an inch or so. You could tell he had a huge dick. His head would lean over and he'd sniff Mac's crotch and his dick would slide out another two to three inches and then withdraw back into his sheath. I felt my dick beginning to grow in my sweats and didn't want the neighbors to see me hard with my niece standing beside me so I said, "Give me his leash and let's take him in the house, ok?" "Mac smiled broadly and said, "That's why I brought him over, I was hoping you'd say that.

Is Aunt Rita home?" "No, she won't be back for at least a couple of hours", I reply.

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After we enter the house I notice she is wearing sweat pants and a halter top and sneakers with no socks. I watch her unhook Ramrod's leash and set him free. She then walks directly in front of me and removes her shoes, then her halter top and then presses her pants down her body to fall at her ankles before stepping from them.

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She's completely nude. My dick is jerking wildly as my gaze roams her young body. I'm frozen, entranced by her boldness as she steps to me and while lowering her body to her knees pulls my sweats down and takes me in her small hands and says, "Mmmmm, now where were we the other day Uncle Rick".

A loud moan escapes my lips as her mouth opens and her lips slide over my glans and she begins sucking and licking at me with a hunger like she's starving for my cum. My emotions run rampant as her excitement becomes my own and I have to grasp her head and begin fucking her young mouth rhythmically with the movements of her mouthing. "Damn Mac, who taught you to suck dick so good girl", I have to moan as her tongue floats around my balls, licking and sucking them avidly.

"I learned by sucking Ramrod's big dick, he likes it too when I let him cum in my mouth", she says matter-of-factly. "I want you to cum in my mouth too but I want you to fuck my ass first, I've been practicing so you can get it in me like I did the other night when we skyped", she explained between thrusts of her mouth down my cock.

Remembering that night had me aching to be in her ass so I reach down and lift her and the emotions I feel toward this free spirited woman demands that I kiss her passionately. Her lips are supple as I feel them with my own. My arms hold her tightly to me as I express the love I feel for her at this moment. My tongue finds hers and I suck her feverishly as we both become lost to the sexual vortex that has us spiraling out of control into an abyss of incestuous pleasure neither of us can, or want to resist.

Her hand pulls at my cock, tries to bend it to her pussy before breaking our kiss and exclaiming, "WOW, that was hot! Damn I think every pore of my body wants you to fuck it now!" "That may be so but it's that asshole that I need right now you little cock slut", I say grinning widely. "Hmmmm I like it when you call me a slut. I want to be your cock slut Uncle Rick", she says as she kneels on the couch with her ass pointed back at me. "Wait a minute and I'll get some lube", I say as I start to go get it.

"No, I want to feel it, just use spit like they do in the movies. I really want to feel your dick, not a bunch of slippery stuff, not this time anyway", she quickly replies. I step to her and place my glans at her anus and begin pressing into her.

My heart is pounding rapidly as I feel her firm ass beneath my fingers. How many times have I done this in my mind, I think, as my dick stiffens as it meets the resistance of her tight muscle.

"Oh my god you're so hot, I feel it throbbing against my asshole……ohhhhhhhhhh…&hellip.sooooo big…feels so nasty……shit&hellip.c.c.can't…too big…oh fuck I d.d.don't…t.t.think I can&hellip.ohhhhh god it hurts&hellip.burns&hellip.don't&hellip.oh fuck stop&hellip.please I c.c.can't", she begs as I open her ass with my thick glans. I'm no longer in control, I'm driven by my own needs and those needs demand I fuck my beautiful niece up her perfect ass.

Her hands grip the back of the couch as she attempts to pull herself away from my persecuting cock. I grab her shoulders and hold her as my hips thrust forward forcefully driving my fat tip through her resisting muscle fully eliciting a loud scream from her lungs, "Oh god, don't move, please don't move Uncle Rick……fuck your dick is huge&hellip.shit you were right your dick is burning my ass&hellip.I do feel like I'm ripping…you're too big for me." Then sobbing, she pleads, "I'm sorry……I really want it but…", I slide my hand under her and begin rolling her clit lightly, teasing it until her pleadings become gentle sighs and then deeper moans as her hips move sensually as she feels my dick with her asshole, squeezing, beginning to move forward and back.

I apply a slightly harder pressure upon her clit and soon she's pleading, "Fuck me, fuck my ass Rick, it's so hot…so thick…do it, fuck me faster…oh god…yes YES!.oh shit yeah…doit&hellip.fuckit hard…&hellip.oh god I.I.I'm c.c.cum.cummin.don't stop!.PLEASE don't stop!" Ramrod was whining and prancing around which caught my attention. I placed my arm under Mac's stomach and lifted her while turning and sitting on the couch with her atop me face up.

I spread her thighs widely and held them there as Ramrod quickly came to her and began licking at her clit, pussy and my cock as I continued fucking her ass. Mac's hips began a flurry of wild hunching as his tongue torments her with fast, hard licking motions with his fat long tongue.

Her head flails as she cums repeatedly. I'm hotter than I believe I've ever been in my life as I feel Ramrod licking over my cock and balls as he persecutes Mac with pleasure, causing her to writhe actively upon me.

Feeling her young body fucking back into my dick as the dogs tongue invades her pussy deeply has me resolving in my mind to have Rita similarly situated as soon as possible. I wasn't prepared at all for what Ramrod did next.

I heard him whine and then saw his chest pressing down upon Mac's body, felt his paws slide down alongside our bodies on either side and then felt his flanks thrusting against my inner thighs.

Just as I realized what he was doing Mac screamed, "Oh god he's fucking me, oh shit&hellip.oh shit&hellip.oh my god yes…YES!…YES!.fuckin me……oh fuck I'm so full of good dick…&hellip.God he's hurting me…&hellip.fuck me&hellip.fuck my ass Rick…oh god I'm cummin…&hellip.I'm cummin so hard…aaarrrgggghhhhHHHHHHHHHH……&hellip.AAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!.WON'T…STOP…aaiiieeeEEEEEEE!

Oh my god&hellip.ooohhhhhhhhgodddddd…&hellip.knot&hellip.oh fuck he's knotting me…aarrgghhhhhHHHHHHHH ohhhHHHHHHHHYESSSSSS!.fuck me boy…&hellip.cum&hellip.oh god Rick cum in me&hellip.PLEASE CUM!!

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I can feel his thick knot pressuring my own dick as I fuck Mac's ass rapidly using long fast strokes as Ramrod impales her pussy deeply. He swells hugely as I feel him throbbing through the thin membrane separating our cocks and I'm sure he is about to cum in my niece's distended pussy. Her screams affirm I am right as she cries loudly…&hellip."OH GOD HE"S CUMMIN IN MY PUSSY", as her hips begin a wild undulation as she grinds into his spewing animal cock.

I can feel the heat of his ejaculation permeating her body and that heat along with the forceful gyrations of her orgasming body has my own balls drawing up and pumping her colon full of my own lava like seed.

My hands grip her supple breasts as I hear her crying, feel her tears dripping from her head as it flails from side to side as she wails how we're killing her and how much she loves it, loves us hurting her pussy and ass with our big cocks. I feel him begin thrusting hard for a few seconds, feel her body arching, tensing till I think she will break, her ass turning down into my spewing glans as she growls, "UNNNNNGGGHHHHHHHHOOOOHHHHGODDDDDD" and then falls limply as Ramrod begins licking her face, breasts then just stands between our thighs panting, tongue lolling from the side of his big mouth appearing to smile at the remarkable fucking he just gave his bitch.

We lay there regaining our breath and our sensibilities for maybe 15-20 minutes as Ramrod attempts to extract his knot from her young pussy. Finally he lurches backwards and as he turns I feel his knot leave her pussy with a loud slurping sound and then a hot flood of liquid dog cum and Mac's juices flow down over my dick and balls. She says nothing as she slides down my body and begins sucking their wet emissions from my cock and balls, licking, sucking as if she craved the dogs cum.

Once she has licked me clean she kneels beside me and leans forward and kisses me. The scent of our sexing her fills my nostrils and the taste lingers on my tongue as our lips express the gratitude we both feel for the other. Touching her body instills a need for me to reciprocate her actions and I break the kiss and slide off the edge of the couch and quickly move behind her and press my face into her ass crack and force my tongue deep inside her pussy and begin licking the same emissions she has just enjoyed from her sloppy inner flesh.

The dog's cum is watery, almost tart tasting but not unpleasant enough to prevent me wallowing in her wetness as I tongue her forcibly. She laughs and rolls to the side effectively removing my tongue from her pussy while saying, "You don't have to do that Rick, watch." She lays back, opens her thighs, then pats her pussy and says, "Eat boy, Eat". Ramrod bolts to her and begins licking at her slimy thighs and pussy energetically. Soon she is laying back, feet on the edge of the couch lifting her pussy to his deep penetrating licks as he gathers her juices.

Her eyes close and moans roll from her lips as her hands squeeze her breasts tightly, mashing them as her fingers torment her nipples, back arching into a "C" shape from the intensity of her releases. She is so free sexually that she seems the complete opposite of Rita, well the Rita of the past anyway. The new Rita would lay there and cum her ass off knowing I was watching her do it and enjoy it immensely I am sure. I can't wait to experience the new woman my wife promises to be now.

When Mac finally falls from exhaustion she smiles at me and says weakly, "Now do you understand why I love dog fucking Uncle Rick?" I had been gazing at Ramrod's dick as he ate Mac.

It had immediately unsheathed again as he tasted her flowing cum and smelled her arousement. I was amazed at the length and thickness of his cock and his knot was the size of a small grapefruit when he had jerked it from Mac's pussy. I can only imagine how large it was when he cum in her.

I felt an inner excitement knowing it might be possible to have him as our dog and to be able to watch Rita fuck him whenever she needs his dick. It may sound depraved but I knew I wanted to be a part of my wife fucking animals, feeling them cum in her pussy like our niece does. "Yes I do sweetie. By the way did you talk to Marsha's mom about us taking Ramrod? I'd love to give him to Rita for her birthday. If she agrees, don't mention it to Rita I want it to be a surprise." "You want him to fuck Aunt Rita don't you, you old pervert?

Do you want me to help get her to fuck him, I bet I can", she said confidently. "I'm not sure yet. But, yes I would like her to get fucked by him because I believe she would enjoy it. Let me feel her out about it first though because I'd hate for her to tell your parents you were fucking Ramrod. That could cause a lot of conflict among us all, but if you were to catch her fucking him then we'd know she wouldn't say anything.

Maybe you should take him home before she gets here though. Want me to ride you there with him?" "Yeah, Marsha probably is waiting to fuck him before her mom gets home and wants to stay knotted with him all night", she casually says. It would be easier for me, to have you ride me. That big ass is too much for me to handle walking by myself but I can sure handle that big dick all alone "Marsha's mom fucks the dog too", I ask, amazed at the revelation?

"Oh yeah, she loves his dick as much as me and Marsha, maybe more", she responded "Ramrod raped her like he did me and she was hooked just like I was. I know she will agree if you tell her she can come here and fuck him along with Marsha." "Its fine with me, is she nice looking?" "Yeah I think so.

When I spend the night there we all three fuck Ramrod and eat each other's pussies and do whatever feels good to us", she reveals. I was surprised at these revelations and of course my mind is thinking of all the possible sexual scenarios that we can have together. "What is Marsha's mom's name Mac", I inquire? "Mary, why, you wanting to fuck her now also", she asks laughing? "No, er, well maybe, but the reason I want to know is I want you to have her call me about Ramrod and if she can keep him till Rita's birthday", I say seriously.

I hate it as I watch her get dressed, she really is a young goddess of sexuality and I'd have her nude all the time if I could. "You do realize we never fucked don't you Uncle Rick. Maybe next time you and Ramrod can switch holes", she says while smiling real big. I hadn't thought about it but now that I do I feel a disappointment at not experiencing her young tight pussy. When I returned from dropping her and the dog off I began thinking of my wife's fantasy of fucking a black guy.

I kept thinking of all the similarities in my wife's desires and our niece's and realize that having the dog may bring many pleasurable experiences into our lives including sexing Mary and Marsha. Knowing of Rita's newly revealed broad-mindedness has visions of my wife and all these other women in a pile eating each other's pussies with me and the dog fucking their wet pussies. I am sure that all the possibilities I am thinking of will take place eventually so now I begin looking for a black man to stretch my wife's pussy with his black meat and fill it with his hot ball juice.

Just thinking of it has my cock throbbing and stiff.


I find a swingers site online and sign up for a free trial subscription and begin scanning every profile of black men and black couples or mixed couples I can find. I can't seem to find any close or that I believe Rita would like. Then I see a search option to search zip codes and put ours in and hit enter and the first profile on the list is an attractive black couple. I click on their pictures and my jaw drops and I find myself staring at an alarmingly huge black dick hanging from this black man.

I wipe my eyes thinking I must not be seeing clearly.

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The man's cock is a good eight inches long soft, but the most alarming thing is its thickness. His glans is the size of a large lemon soft and his shaft matches the diameter of his fat tip and then gets progressively thicker as it nears his base where it appears to be a good three inches in diameter, SOFT!

His dick is so thick it makes it appear short but judging from the beer bottle he holds in his hand alongside it he has to be a good foot in length. My imagination is running wild as I think of Rita moaning as he forced his black dick to her depths. Her fantasy involves her being taken by a huge cocked black man, the bigger the better is how she had phrased it.

I read their profile three times and can't remember a thing it says as my mind keeps filling with thoughts of him fucking my wife's tight pussy.

Then as I click on another page of their pictures I am taken back by the sight of the black women, beautiful in her own right, standing holding a sign stating " I love K-9 sex. We will meet a woman and her dog!" I can almost beat off I'm so excited, especially knowing they live in the same zip code as us. I can't wait to show their profile to Rita so I can watch her face as she sees Ed's big black dick.

Knowing they live so close is a real turn on also. Just imagining such a beautiful black woman beneath Ramrod as he fills her with his large dick is stimulating to say the least. Even more stimulating is the thought of my own cock blasting a hot load of cum into her black body.

I am sitting remembering McKenzie's revelations earlier and reliving the experience of her and Ramrod when Rita finally arrives home. I am guilt filled over cheating on her, but I am sure once she has experienced Ramrod or Ed's big cock I can tell her and everything will be fine. With Ramrod's help I believe she will accept me sexing her niece and other women, possibly Mary, Marsha's mom also.

Right now though there is the matter of having my wife's pussy distended by a huge black dick as a start of her new sexual awakening. "Hi honey", I say as I take her in my arms and kiss her. I'll never stop enjoying my wife's kiss. She is such a passionate woman and she could never keep that passion from entering any kiss she willingly gave to a person, man or woman.

My dick is hard by the time our lips part. She reaches inside my underwear and grabs my cock and smiles as she says, "I guess someone has been online watching women get fucked by big dog cock and imagining it's his wife; That's ok though because his wife has been wet all day imagining the same thing now that she knows her husband is willing and wanting her to be a big dog's bitch.

I swear Rick, before we had our talk I would always push those kinds of thoughts from my mind and refuse to think about them. Now though I have been allowing myself to fantasize about them and dwell on thoughts of actually doing them with you seeing it and I actually had to put tissues in my panties to keep from soaking my skirt I get so wet.

"Well you better put a tampon in tomorrow because I think you'll have more to think about then than you do now. Right now though I need you to remove those clothes and take off those tissue packed panties and follow me to the rec room".

When she starts to speak I cut her off saying, "Ah, ah, just do as I say my beautiful sexy wife because I am about to make your day even more exciting; only instead of using tissues to soak up all that sweet pussy juice we shall use my hard cock. I help her undress as she looks at me with a very quizzical expression on her face. I smile when I see that there actually was tissue in her panties and it was soaked. Once in the rec room I place her on the couch in front of the TV and spread her thighs widely and begin licking her clit as a dog might.

I tell her to close her eyes and think of a big dog licking her as I roll her hips up and lick quickly all over her ass and pussy. I can see the effects of her thoughts in the way her moans deepen and her hips begin moving, undulating.

Her breathing becomes quick, chest heaving as a dog licks her in her mind. She's ready I think as I rise and sit beside her and say to her, "Now get up on this dick". She starts to mount me facing me as she usually does but I stop her saying, "Nope, turn around facing the TV". She does as I ask and once she is settled, her hips hunching slowly I reach for the TV remote and turn it on and then hand her a mouse pad and the wireless mouse to the PC.

When the TV turns on there is the picture of Ed the black guy standing before her. I feel the moisture forming within her as she gazes at the screen in silence. Her hips begin a gentle undulation as she asks, "Why are you showing me this, it's obviously been photoshopped?" "Click through the pictures, this is the profile of a black couple on a swingers site I ran across.

They are real people and they live very close to us, same zip code in fact." Her breathing is again becoming harsh and I feel a warm flood engulfing my hard cock as she clicks through the photos of the black man fucking white women.

Her voice is strained, the sexual tension she is experiencing obvious by the way her voice trembles as she asks, "You mean that's really his dick, it's not faked? That's not possible, is it? Her body is writhing atop me, hips grinding her pussy into my cock as her juices run down over my balls.

I haven't moved and I know she's becoming distressed in her mind and body. I tell her, "Click on the movies and tell me if what you see is what you've dreamed of all these years." She clicks on the first movie and sees the man fucking a young white woman.

The woman is obviously lost to the feelings his dick imparts, screaming, hunching, grabbing him by his ass while cumming repeatedly.

The longer he fucks her the more of his dick can be seen plunging to her depths and the more excited she becomes. She screams how he's killing her and you can hear a man ask, "Do you want him to stop baby", and then to the black guy he says, "I think you should take it out a little you're hurting her bad".

But the woman screams, "NO!, oh god NO! don't stop, fuck me, fuck me, I love it…give it to me hard…oh god I can't stop cumming…aaarrggghhhHHHHHHHH& fuckin huge&hellip.aiiiieeeEEEEEEEE&hellip.oh fuck he's sooo much bigger than you baby…killin me&hellip.YES…YES.right there……ohhhhhhhgodddd.

By now my wife is fucking my hard dick excitedly, hips hunching her clit against my balls forcefully as in her mind it's her experiencing his black cock. I ask her, "Is that what you need baby, do you want me to watch him fuck you, like that man is his wife?

Do you want to see me standing beside you, touching you, kissing you as you feel his dick driving deep inside you, hurting your pussy knowing it's a black man I'm watching rape your pussy?" Rita is lost to her imaginings, hands on my knees hunching her pussy forcibly down onto my dick as she cums, but she doesn't stop fucking me, her eyes are glued to the screen as she fucks me unceasingly.

"Yes, oh god yes Rick. Can you do that baby, can you watch him fuck me? I need it so bad honey, need to feel his black dick hurting my pussy, cumming in me&hellip.ohhhhhhhgod&hellip.big dick fucking me……you seeing me cum on him…aarrgggHHHHHHHH……fuck me baby&hellip.oh god Rick fuck me hard, hurt me!" Now she has me excited, my dick is swelling, extending inside her as I flip her to the side and pin her hips between my pounding cock and the couch and fuck her as deeply and forcefully as possible.

My mind is rabid with a need to hurt her pussy, to make her scream and imagine she's fucking Ed the black man infecting her mind with a need for his black dick. She screams her need, "Tell me, please tell me I can fuck him…ungghhhh…&hellip.oh god fuck me…&hellip.fuck me like you want to see me fucked by black dick&hellip.oh fuck I'm so hot&hellip.need that dick so bad…Tell me!.oh god please tell me it's ok!" "I'm gonna make it happen baby, you're gonna have that black cock ramming deep in your pussy making you cum while I watch!

I'm going to hold your hand while you feel his balls pumping his hot cum deep inside you. You want that don't you Rita, want me to hear your screams and moans as he fills you with his black baby sperm.

Tell me you want to feel his fat dick fuckin your asshole baby, tell me you want that black dick cumming in my wife's ass while I watch." "Oh god baby…aarrgghhhHHHh…&hellip.I do want it……but&hellip.he's so……BIG……Not sure I can…&hellip.YES, YES I'll do it&hellip.oh god I do want him fuckin my ass&hellip.cumming in me&hellip.ohhhhhhhfuckkkkk…fuck me hard&hellip.fuck me Rick…oh god baby…yes, yes I'll do it……fuck my asss&hellip.big black cock& seeing me…AAIIIIEEEEEEE" Seeing her need expressed so excitedly infects my own body and mind with her sexual plight.

I fuck her like I wish he was fucking her while I watched. My dick feels swollen larger than any other time in my life as my wife pleads to have a black guy fuck her asshole, cum in her, while I stand and watch her joy at him doing it. "Tell me baby, tell me how bad you need a black man to fuck you, cum in your ass and pussy, tell me what you want to do to him." "Oh god Rick I want to suck his black dick, hold his balls while they pump his hot cum in my mouth while you see me choking as he fucks his cumming dick down my throat as he uses me for his slut.

Then I want to put his dick in my pussy and fuck me hard, rape me, make me scream while he fucks it all up into me as you watch me cumming, unable to stop pulling my pussy up on his huge dick. I need to feel the shame of knowing you're watching me, seeing how much I love his cock and you knowing that you can never make me feel that way&hellip.mmmmmmm I want that so bad baby." "I cum hard.

Hearing my wife, the woman I love and that I know loves me express her need to fuck another man, a black man should upset me. Hearing her express her need to suck his cum down her throat as I watch her, especially knowing that she is being completely honest, should disgust and enrage me also; but instead, it inflames my mind with such a hot excitement that it brings forth an explosive eruption from my balls that floods the same pussy she wishes was being filled by a black cock spewing his hot sperm.

We both cum as one. I have never felt as close to my wife as I do while knowing she is imagining a black cock filling her with the hot spurts coming from my cock. I bend over her back and hold her as our bodies tremble and sporadically shake together.

"Rick, do you really think he'll fuck me? Have you talked to them?" "No I haven't but we do have some things in common with them. I feel sure they will meet us and talk about it anyway. You didn't look at all the pictures honey. Look at this", I say, as I allow my flagging dick to slide from her pussy and pick up the mouse.

I show her the picture of Sheila holding the sign about the dog. "Oh my god, can you believe such a beautiful woman would love fucking dogs", she asks incredulously? I sit staring at her until she realizes what she said and thinks of her own bestial desires. She blushes and then says, "I guess I'm still not used to you knowing about my secret desires honey.

I wonder if they have a dog. Wouldn't it be great if they had a big dog with a huge cock I could let fuck me? "Great or evil minds think alike I say smiling. Do you really think you can get his cock in you, my god he's huge baby, take a good look at it, especially as it nears the base", I ask as I again put Ed's picture on the TV screen?

I watch her face as she gazes at the picture and I see her eyes fill with a need that seems to burn within her. Her eyes gleam with the excitement filling her as she sits there staring at his thick long dick, mesmerized by what she needs so badly. Her hips turn down as she pressures herself against the edge of the couch cushion.

I see her chest begin lifting and falling as her breathing becomes rapid. She swallows hard and her tongue runs wetly over her lips and I'm sure she's thinking of sucking him, tasting his black dick. I lean close to her and ask her, "Can you ever truly be happy without experiencing a dick like his?" "I wish I could say yes Rick, but I know deep inside me I'd always want to and I'd always be afraid if the right guy at the right time presented me the opportunity I might cheat on you and I could never live with that.

I've worried about that for years since I developed this burning need for black cock. That's why I am so relieved to have you aware of and accepting of my desires. I really do love you Rick and never would hurt you intentionally. I think I'm crazy knowing how much it turns me on thinking of you seeing me become a black man's slut knowing how much I love you. I can't imagine what would be going through your mind as you saw me cumming my ass off, hunching, begging for a guy's dick, screaming how much I love it; saying and doing all the things those women in the movies were screaming as he fucked them.

"I'd be so hot I'd be stroking my dick and cumming my ass off if there wasn't a woman there to do it for me sweetie. What about you, could you watch me fuck another woman", I ask her? That's different Rick, I know I can give you the same thing she is, make you feel the same as she is or even better. But you'll know you can never make me feel what he is giving me, never fill my pussy like he is and probably never be able to make me cum as good as I will with his dick cumming in me.

I'll know it too and I'm positive I'll want to experience many black men fucking me for the rest of my life. Are you positive you can live with the woman I'll become if we do this, I need to know!" "I love you Rita, more than life itself. I can live with anything it takes to keep you happy honey. Besides, as crazy as we both know these needs are I enjoy thinking of you doing them as much as you do thinking of making them a reality in our lives.


Just knowing you really want to feel a black man fucking you, feel his dick stretching you and your need to cum with him pounding his cum in you really turns me on. I bet my thoughts of you sucking and fucking Ed the guy on the TV are even more depraved than yours are honey. You telling me you want me to watch you suck a black cock till he chokes you with his cumming cock, just makes me need to cum." "I think of you fucking me while I suck his dick hard to fuck me Rick, loosening me up so he can get his black cock in me to fuck me rough and deep till I cum and cum so much I can't think of you or anything.

I want to feel like that so bad honey, unable to think of what I'm saying and doing just responding to his big cocks hot fullness inside me. I can almost cum when I think of feeling my pussy stretched so full it's burning, thinking he's ripping me, then his dick begins pumping his hot cum in me soothing the pain he inflicts while I'm watching you, knowing it's not you cumming in me but a black man's swollen dick.

Could you really sit and watch that Rick, knowing it's your wife that he's making feel so wonderful, seeing him make me feel so close to him that I have to reach up and drag his lips to mine and kiss him like I have only kissed you before while he pumps me full of his black baby seed." "I think what we really should do is fuck while we talk about this because you have my dick straining to be cumming in you.

You'll need all the cum inside your pussy you can get to lube that black dick baby", I say, as I lay her back on the couch and slide my dick completely to my balls in her soaking pussy. "Yeah, you better fuck me because once all those big cocked black men begin using your wife's cunt they'll stretch me out till you can't feel me anymore.

Then you'll have to find one to fuck me every night to keep my pussy happy", she teases me as well as herself. "Yes, I guess I'll have to find a younger woman that has a tight pussy to fuck while you're being horse fucked by all these black guys", I reply.

"Hmmmm I see you looking at Mac's tight young ass all the time maybe she'll take care of you, or is she too young for you to handle old man.", she jokingly says. My dick stiffens and jerks inside her pussy as I remember Mac's tight asshole milking my dick. I know she feels it too as she says, "Oh my god, you would fuck her wouldn't you? Your dick is so fucking hard just thinking about her. You old pervert, say it, admit it, you'd fuck Mac if she let you wouldn't you?" I can't stop my dick from jerking, swelling every time she says her name.

Rita pushes me up off her and stares into my eyes as she says, "Oh my god Rick I must be some kind of pervert too because that turns me on thinking of you two fucking, mmmmm thinking of you eating her young pussy, fucking your big dick into her pussy. I bet she's a virgin too". Her hips are moving, her pussy flooding with her arousement as she asks me seriously, "Could you Rick, could you fuck Mac right here in our bed with me laying right here beside the two of you, oh my god I'm so hot." "Not only would I fuck her but I'd make her eat your pussy while she slid her tight cunt up and down my hard dick.

You could watch my face as I feel her young pussy gripping my dick knowing she wants to feel it cum in her pussy while you cum on her tongue", I taunt her. "Don't Rick, she's our niece, I can't&hellip.oh god would you really make her&hellip.oh fuck…you couldn't…couldn't really put your big dick in her young pussy could you………oh god I can see her cumming……do you want her pussy Rick…want to fuck her with me watching you&hellip.oh god fuck me baby…arrghhHHHHH.cummin!

"Yes I would, I'd love to fuck her while you kissed her, sucked her breasts and helped me make her cum. I'd put her on her back and fuck her while you sat straddle her head and hunched your pussy down onto her tongue so you could cum down her throat.

She could lay atop me face up and you could stare into her eyes while you sucked her clit and made her cum, would you like that Rita", I ask her, knowing she is highly aroused knowing I want to fuck our niece with her present.

There is a long silence and I see the conflict in her mind etched on her face and also in the words spilling from her mouth as she gasps, "Oh god Rick she's our&hellip.niece&hellip.oh fuck… can I w.w.want to… oh shit, dick in her pussy&hellip.licking…sucking while you…aaaiiieeeEEEEEEGODDDYESSSS".

I fuck her hard, deep as in her mind she's sucking her niece's clit as I fuck her pussy. Her tongue runs wetly over her lips repeatedly as she sucks and licks in her mind. "That black guy Ed can fuck you while you eat her pussy and she sucks my dick, do you want that", I ask her knowing that thought would fan the flames burning within her already.

"Ohhhhhhgod……yes…yes I want that so bad……suck her pussy…wanted to for years…arrgghhhHHH&hellip.I want that baby, want to eat her pussy&hellip.I admit it…&hellip.unghhh&hellip.unghhh&hellip.god I'm such a slut&hellip.I want to suck her young cunt for hours&hellip.cum on my tongue…lick her ass&hellip.big nigger dick fucking me.hurting me, you know I want to be a slut don't you honey, want to do it all.

Every time I think of us with Mac I want to cum. It really makes me hot knowing you want to fuck her, cum in her pussy……oh god…&hellip.fuck me Fuck me hard&hellip.cummin&hellip.oh god I want you to fuck Mac like this&hellip.make her cum………close your eyes and fuck her Rick&hellip.fuck her pussy baby.make her c.c.cum good!" I do, I fuck her like I will the next time we're together.

I like not having to worry about Rita finding out even look forward now to having her join us. I fuck her like she needs to be fucked as in her own mind a black man is persecuting her pussy while I fuck Mac.

It's almost like we're in a competition to see who can fuck the other the hardest as our bodies slam together forcefully. I can sense she needs a little something to really put her where she needs to be so I whisper in her ear, "I bet Mac will love fucking our dog with you when we find one. You can suck his dick hard for him to fuck her with it." "ARRGGHHHHHHHHHH……&hellip.oh god yes…&hellip.suck dog dick& guy fuckin……aaiiiieeeEEEEEEEE&hellip.YES!

FUCKMEEEE…oh god I love you!", and then she tensed so hard her body jerked, trembled, shook wildly as I fucked her incessantly, deep, hard, until our cries mingled as I began cumming as I pounded her pussy. I could feel my cum racing along my dick as it spewed seemingly unceasingly.

I couldn't stop thrusting my dick in her pussy as I was desperate to keep her cumming as my balls emptied inside her. Then as I thrust as deep inside her as humanly possible, her hands pulling at my ass, ankles holding her pussy to my dick, straining into each other suddenly a weakness coursed through us both and we collapsed and lay there holding each other feeling drained.

I rolled over and lay there beside her gasping for breath until she panted, "Oh my god turn that off, every time I see his dick I want to fuck some more". "Have you really wanted to eat Mac's pussy for years", I ask her?

"Why do you ask me that, why would you think that, she asks, blushing a deep crimson? "Because you admitted to it while you were, er, under the influence, shall we say." She looked first perplexed, then as if remembering her words she looked at the floor and said, "You're not going to make me talk about that are you, it's too embarrassing. Besides, you admitted you wanted to fuck her too!" "I still do.

See I admitted it, now why can't you admit it turns you on thinking about having her young pussy engulfing your tongue." Her body visibly shudders as she thinks of what I said. "It's not normal for me to want to do that Rick, hell it's even incestuous I guess for either of us to want her sexually." I see her thighs squeeze together as she mentions Mac.

"Does it turn you on thinking of me fucking her, you know, doing everything with her with you right there beside us?" She shifts nervously, thighs squeezing and then one thigh wavering, opening and closing in tune with the throbbing I know she feels at her clit before she closes them tightly and her hips move sensually. "Does it turn you on thinking of me between her thighs doing what girls do to each other? Be honest with me Rick, if you could have her laying between us in our bed would it bother you watching me do things with her, would you lose respect for me, you know because she's my niece and a woman?" "Rita, now that all this is out in the open, you know we are going to fuck Mac.

You want her sexually and you know I do to. I just wish this had come out years ago so we could have been fucking in a pile all the years you wanted her and I did too.

I'm pretty sure she would have gone for it back when she was 12 years old. I know a lot of the cum I flushed down the toilet would have been left in her sweet young body if it had come out back then." "Oh my god, you were masturbating thinking of her back then? So was I! Oh damn, if only I could have talked openly with you back then. I always felt you'd think I was a perverted child molester if I even mentioned feeling desire towards her, that and you'd lose all respect for me as your wife".

I am tempted to tell her everything about Mac and myself but then I'd have to divulge about Ramrod and I want that to be a birthday surprise so I remain silent. I find it sad that my and Rita's relationship is just now becoming a truly trusting one where we can openly express anything. All these years of desiring the same things and both afraid to allow the other to know it. What is ironic is that the object of both our desires all those years, our niece, is the person that caused us to open up to each other about all the secrets we held from each other.

"I'm gonna go jump in the shower and wash off all this cum running down my thighs. You want to join me", she asks? "Naw, I have some things to do on the PC", I reply. When she has gone I return to the swinger website and sign up for a monthly subscription.

Then I compose a message to the Ed and Sheila saying how much we'd like to meet them and explaining that we live close to them. I also expressed our interest in K-9 sex and how we would soon be getting a Great Dane that Rita and Sheila could enjoy whenever either wished. I also told her of Rita's year's long fantasy of being pounded into submission by a very large cocked black male and indicated my wife's desire for Ed to be the man to partake of that endeavor.

I gave them my cell number and asked them to call if they might be interested in meeting. After relaying the obligatory compliments on Sheila's beauty and seductive looks I said goodbye and expressed our serious desire that they contact us.

I was about to close the website when the computer dinged and the new message notification popped up. It was from them. It was Sheila. She said her husband was out of town on business and he made all the decisions on who they met and such. She seemed really interested in the dog we said we were getting. I told her that he had been fucking three women I knew of maybe more and described his cock and knot. He also explained how he was the recipient of such good luck to come into possession of such a horny dog, about the birthday and Rita's unrequited need of a good beast fucking.

We talked quite a while and she expressed her own love of dog fucking and interracial sex. She said she understood Rita's craving of black cock because of her own desire for white dick.

She assured me that I would not be left holding my cock as her husband initiated Rita to black cock. She said when Ed returned home she would talk to him and I told her I would post some pictures of us, both general clothed and also nude ones in a private gallery and give them permission to view it.

I commented to her that they would not be disappointed by either of us, especially my beautiful black cock craving wife. She said to expect her call sometime the next day. Ed's plane should land around 6-6:30 PM. And he would call sometime after that. I went upstairs and found Rita and proceeded to take a bunch of nude photos of her in some very enticing poses and a few in her sexy underwear adorning her very passionate come hither looks.

Looking at the photos I realized just how beautiful my wife is and how lucky Ed is to have her wanting his dick. She then took photos of me also, some sporting an immense, ok, immense for me anyway, hard dick. I knew it wouldn't impress Sheila, not with what she slept with every night, but she did say she craved white dick and I certainly wasn't a slouch in the cock department. After posting them online and giving Ed and Sheila permission to view them we retired to our bed with the laptop and began watching bestiality vids.

After watching women fucking horses for a while Rita informs me she'd like for me to buy her a horse sized dick dildo. I thought she was actually wanting to prepare her pussy for fucking a horse but when I asked she told me that Ed's dick was every bit as thick as all the horse dicks those women were fucking. "In fact, she says, his dick is fatter than almost every one of them until they get back about 18 inches from their tip." She gets a dreamy look in her eyes as she adds, "If I can fuck him I can fuck any of those horses I bet".

"Would you honey, you know, would you fuck a horse if you had the chance, let it cum in your pussy? That's hot, I'm getting hard thinking about you fucking your pussy up into a horse dick, hearing you scream when it hunches hard into your pussy like those girls did." When I glance back at her she is laid back, her hand rubbing hard in tight circles on her clit as she watches a pony fucking a woman's pussy while holding her hips, slamming his dick into her so furiously each thrust lifts her from the floor as she screams in pain but never tries to get away.

My wife's face is showing the intense desperation she feels as she tries to cum, her hand roughly pressuring her pussy, body jerking as she hovers at the edge of the abyss.

Then the woman screams loudly, ohhhhhhgodyes&hellip.yes&hellip.doit boy……cum in it&hellip.give it to me baby&hellip. The pony's dick straightens stiffly and he drives his thick long dick in her pussy forcefully, lifting her with his cock and holding her suspended on it as his back hooves take a few steps forward. She hangs there for a few seconds and then white cum begins spewing from around his thick girth.

He lowers her and then hunches again and more cum spews from around his dick as he fills her stricken pussy to overflowing. His cum is expelled from around his dick with pressure, not leaking but in forceful spurts as each thrust causes another pressured spewing and another passionate cry from her lips. The woman presses her pussy to his hardest thrusts and lifts from the ground with each spewing within her.

Then the pony withdraws a little as he prepares to penetrate her again and his cock slips from her pussy and we see his long thick dick stiffen, tip swelling visibly, trumpeting, as a forceful discharge streams from him, a large ribbon of thickish white cum that jets onto the floor at least three feet away.

His hips thrust again and once again he's buried inside the woman's pussy where he holds his cock still as his big balls jerk and pump the last dregs of his bestial ardor into his human mate. Rita is bereft of thought, cumming fiercely, hips hunching, thighs squeezing as her entire body twists, writhes as hard tremors wrack her deeply.

When she sees the pony shoot the ribbon of cum so forcefully she moans as if its shooting inside her own pussy and her hips hunch her pussy ferociously fast against her hand as if fucking her pussy down upon his explosive release. She is lost in her own private heaven I think, unaware that I'm even here as she experiences in her mind what the woman experienced in real life. The movie made me hard. Seeing its effect on my wife made me cum.

Knowing how desperately she wants that to be her impaled on the pony's dick excites me until I can't prevent my balls puking their contents onto my wife's stricken body. Feeling and seeing my cum splatter on her as the shame of knowing I am aware of her desire to be fucked similarly by an animal dick has her body shaking violently, ass squeezing with each wave of intensity that wracks every cell of her body.

I want my dick to be as large as the pony's so I can experience the raging tumult within my wife's pussy as I give her what I know she needs to be sated. I want to feel her pussy gripping my horse cock tightly, pressing into my rough stretching thrusts as she screams her love of my animal dick.

I feel so inadequate to fulfill my wife's needs as I realize what she craves and needs. I resolve to see that she gets what she needs in the form of Ed's black cock.

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Seeing how she craves to feel her pussy punished, stretched and hurt as she imagines it happening to her, I know I have to see her response to it in reality. Even after cumming on her my cock is still stiff and jerking as I watch her hips undulate and hear her moans as her fingers dig within her pussy.

I rise and place my dick at her mouth and her eyes open and she greedily sucks me into her warm mouth and begins a wild suckling of my glans. God I love this new woman I'm married to I think as her tongue slides around my tip sending spasms of pure pleasure to permeate my entire body as I watch her grope her own pussy deeply.

My dick stiffens more every second her mouth adores it until I know I'm about to cum and I jerk it from her sucking lips and quickly spread her thighs and ram into her fully with one forceful thrust, again and again I fuck my hard swollen dick into her deeply as her hands grip my ass, fingernails biting into my skin as I jack-hammer her pussy roughly. She cries out for me to fuck her, to cum in her and with one hard purposeful ramming of my dick I do…"ahhhhhh&hellip.ahhhhh…oh god I love your pussy", I cry as my balls jerk and twitch as they empty my excitement into her pony dick craving pussy.

I'm done, all I can do is gasp for breath as I lay atop her panting body. We gaze into each other's eyes and I say, "I love your cock hungry pussy so much honey" "I know, and I love it that you're willing to allow me to fill that dick loving cunt with whatever I need to make it happy baby. I love you so much for allowing me to be me Rick and not judging or condemning me for anything I need." I slide beside her and she lays her head on my shoulder and that's how we sleep laying on the cum covered sheets, uncaring as we bask in our newfound closeness.