Pleasing masseuse with amazing ass

Pleasing masseuse with amazing ass
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What would you like to do tonight honey? Her boyfriend Travis always wanted her to pick the activities. He said she needed to assert herself more, be more domineering. Well tonight she had a surprise for him. After a couple Gals' nights out with her more adventurous friends, Susan was ready to try some new moves for her man. I figured we could stay in and "entertain" each other O?

Travis was intrigued. Susan was a nice girl, quiet, calm, reserved. She never really got carried away, and she would rather just follow someone's lead than take it herself.

She also was a bit shy when it came to any bedroom antics, so he was a bit surprised to hear her soft voice dip into sultry seductive tones and obviously invite him to have sex. In the 5 seconds he was thinking she had walked across the room and stood staring down at him sitting on the couch. He was in a loose button up shirt and cargo shorts. But as he looked up at her beautifully slender body, clothed only in a short mini skirt and tank, the shorts developed a nice bulge.

But there was something in her eyes that caught his interest. She looked like she had a purpose. Pants off! It was said in such a commanding tone that he couldn't help but obey. He stood up and slowly unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants.

As soon as they hit the floor she leaned up against him and snuck a hand at his ever growing hard-on. Pressing herself against him they kissed intimately, all the while she was stroking his boxers, teasing him.


She was never this open and blunt, the only thing he could think was this is hot! She pulled away from him and ordered him to the bedroom where she forcefully removed his shirt and boxers. Once it was free his cock sprang up, at full mast. She made him lie down and close his eyes. He could hear her moving back into the other room, but was surprised when he felt her engulf the head in her warm mouth.

He couldn't help but groan. She never gave head, ever, something about her traditional upbringing. But he loved it. She went to town like a pro, stroking his shaft with a hand, while the other played a bit with his balls, all the while keeping a nice rhythm with her soft, moist mouth.

After a few minutes he was straining after her, and he felt closer to cumming with each pump. Suddenly she stopped, and he let out a disappointed whimper, and tried to thrust upwards back at her retreating mouth.

O, we can't have that can we? Before he knew it she was pulling a pair of hand restraints from under the bed. He was in shock, this was so unlike her. Before he could react she had each hand securely fastened to a bedpost. After checking that they wouldn't come loose she sat down next to him on the bed started to kiss and nibble down his body. It was exquisite torture. Each touch of her soft lips and teasing tongue left a burning trail from his neck down his chest, and growing ever closer to his cock.

As she came closer to it, it became even harder, till you could see it pulsing and throbbing. She set her tongue on it lightly, and teasingly drew light circles around the head. Hearing him moan for more she took more of him, eventually she managed to get all 8 inches of him down her throat.

She gagged a bit at first, but then she got the hang of it, and quickly proceeded to speed up the pace, deep throating for the first time in her life. He felt his balls tighten, and knew he couldn't last much longer. Honey, I'm gonna cum Instead of stopping, or pulling her mouth off she just kept going, and all he could do was erupt inside that luscious mouth, spurting his hot load down her throat. She milked him for every drop, swallowing it all down like a pro.

She carefully licked every drop off of him before setting back with a smile So, did you like it? That was amazing sue, it felt wonderful As he lay there feeling quite satisfied he noticed her get up and start taking off her clothes.

First went the nearly see through tank, followed by the skirt, and then lacy bra and panties.

As she stood before him, breasts heaving, he felt himself twitch. Staring at her beautiful 34D tits as they bounced a little while she walked back over to the bed he felt himself start to stiffen again. When she sat down right next to his head he could see her saved pussy glistening. She was soaking wet, even as he watched she slipped a finger down to playfully rub herself.

She pulled it back and held it to his nose so he could smell how excited she was. That was the final straw, he was now rock hard and ready for round two. Hmmm, so what should I do next baby? Maybe leave you tied up and make you watch me?

or should I play a bit with you? He had never seen her so playful, she was being an all out tease, and it was making him hard as hell O, I know, I'll do this And with that she swung her leg over and impaled her soaking pussy on his pole.

She moaned at finally having herself filled, and he groaned at how tight it was after her mouth. They both just laid there for a second savoring it, then she began to ride him. Before she had always done missionary only, no other position, but this felt amazing. She slowly increased the tempo and soon was pulling almost completely off, only to slam back down to the hilt. Feeling each ridge as she penetrated herself on his cock, stretching her tight little pussy was getting to her.

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She felt herself start to tense up as the feeling intensified. Faster and harder she rode him, he couldn't believe it, but his wonder was already replaced by a familiar surge of pleasure, he was getting close again. She was so extremely tight, it was like a velvet vice flowing up and down, enveloping his full length in its embrace. Suddenly she let out a load cry and he felt her clamp tighter on him and cum all over his dick. Feeling her tighten even more set him off and he erupted inside of her grasping pussy with a shout.

As they both came back down she managed to lift herself enough to pull off of his still hard dick and roll onto her side. Her friends were right, it was so much better on top.

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Even though she was thoroughly satisfied, she had one more thing to do. She knew it was now or never. After cumming for a second time that evening he felt drained, but for some odd reason he was still hard as a rock.

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He was about to ask her if she would undo the restraints so he could take care of his not-so-little problem, but as he turned his head towards her to ask she slid off the bed and stood up.

I have one last thing I'm going to do to you baby, then you'll be free. What would that be honey? Close your eyes and hold still, and you will find out. Accordingly he shut his eyes and listened with anticipation. He heard her climb back onto the bed, and felt her straddle him again, but she seemed to be facing the other way, in a reverse cowgirl.

He smirked to himself, thinking that he could definitely get used to this new Susan. about that time he felt her grasp his cock and slowly come down on him, carefully aiming, but as he felt himself enter her he was caught up in how tight it was.

His dick felt like it was being squeezed twice as much as before, when she pulled up and slid back down, burying him ball deep inside her he couldn't help but let out a deep moan. She couldn't believe it. She had been a bit afraid it would hurt, but all her friends said it was amazing. You just had to be well lubed, and after round two he was left covered with slick cum, so It was the perfect time.


And when she finally lowered herself, penetrating all the way in, she whimpered a little. But at the same time it felt different in a good way. How do you like fucking my ass? When he heard her say that his eyes shot open and he stared down, not believing his eyes, seeing his thick pole buried ball deep in her tight virgin ass.

If he hadn't already cum twice that night he would have lost it right then. Oh my god baby, you have no idea how tight your ass is.

It feels like you're squeezing it so tight. Good, cause it feels like I'm stuffed full of your cock, and its buried so deep inside my ass.

She started to ride him up and down, slowly at first, still adjusting to his formidable girth and length, but enjoying every second of it. All of a sudden her orgasm caught her and she screamed aloud in ecstasy, it rushed over her wave after wave, more intense than anything before, her pussy and ass clenched and cum came running down her leg.

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As the waves of pleasure began to recede her legs gave out and she set down on him harder, thrusting him even deeper inside her asshole. This set her off on another mind blowing orgasm, and she moaned in pleasure as she came again. When she came the first time he could feel her clench even tighter around his cock, and if possible she became even tighter the second time.

But she just wasn't able to keep up the rhythm he needed. He was trying to thrust, but with his wrists tied to the bed there wasn't much he could do. But at that moment she reached up and undid the restraints saying Now I'm going to let you go, but in return you have to fuck my tight virgin ass good and hard, and cum deep inside me. Understand? What was he to do but obey? He held her as he rolled her over with him, and then positioned her on her knees, with her ass in the air, just begging for a good pounding.

With her last words echoing in his head he laid into it. Plunging the full length of his cock into her ass with abandon.

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Feeling his balls smacking against her pussy as he slammed into her he groaned You like me fucking your asshole? O fuck yes baby, fuck my ass, harder! With that he redoubled his efforts and pounded away like there was no tomorrow, as he felt himself about to cum she screamed out his name and tightened up on him, writhing in the throes of her best orgasm ever and with that he felt it peak and flooded her ass with his third load. After sliding in and out for a few more strokes to draw it out, he collapsed and rolled over on his side next to her thinking, I may have to bribe her friends more often, perhaps I can get them to convince her to try 2 guys someday?

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