Blond Edyta and Luiza are two of the sweetest blon

Blond Edyta and Luiza are two of the sweetest blon
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Maria and Henry During the last part of my high school teaching, I started teaching at a local junior college. Five years later my wife passed from a long fought illness. Occasionally I would visit a local watering hole just for the conversation.

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That's where I met Maria. She was a stunning, dark haired, short (5'2''), large breasted (DDD), a beauty. Maria was only 23, but very smart. She had walked into the bar for the first time and the owner hired her on the spot, figuring correctly that with her behind the bar, the place would be packed.

He proceeded to teach her mixology which she picked up very quickly. My conversations with Maria lead her to try college. She found it to be easy and an opportunity to better herself. Working at the bar in the evenings didn't get in the way. And in time we became lovers.

As a college history professor I have had a few fun experiences. I am a firm believer in educating the whole student. One morning Henry was in my office. He had made the appointment a few days earlier. I knew Henry as one of my students; he was kind of shy and nerdy. He was a book worm type, and not much more. He was in need of something more than academic help.

We had just begun talking. Maria just walked in like she usually did. I watched Henry stiffened, put his legs together and looked away. Maria came over to me and we hugged. Henry, looking down, didn't see it.

Maria had been a student of mine a year earlier. She and I started a sexual relationship that grew into a true friendship. "So who is this Professor Mike", Maria said. "Maria this is Henry." "Maria, Henry has asked for my help, to train him, to give him confidence." Maria looks at Henry with her big brown eyes and says, "Can I help Professor? Henry would you let me," she says as she walks over to Henry. "Maria, he has never been with a girl." I said. "Oh", "Henry nice to meet you, I am Maria." Maria is smiling at Henry, his head was still down and he giggles.

"Oh, I like a shy guy," Maria says. "Ah. . hi. .", Henry stutters, "the professor says you might be willing to help me?" As I watch Maria respond, she is looking into a full length door mirror in my office where she can see both Henry and I watching her nice ass as she bends over to pick up a book off the floor.

"Yes Henry, what do you need help with, just ask me anything" "Maria. . I.

. . have never been with a woman." Maria turns to look at Henry, she can see a slight bulge in Henry's pants and his red face. I am sitting behind my desk, my cock is hardening too, But, Maria and Henry can't see. I can see Maria being her sexy self and Henry's bulge getting bigger. Maria says, "Henry can you come over to my place tonight, I'm not working. I will be more than happy to share some dating tips and more with you".

Henry looks at her, and then looks at me. "Is it ok with you that Professor Mike comes too?" "I won't bite you Henry, unless you want me to" she says with a smile. Both of you can come over at 7 tonight. And Maria left. As Henry got up to leave I handed him Maria's address. I arrive at Maria's about 10 minutes early.

She greets me at the door in one of her see through nighties. I ask her if she thinks her outfit will scare Henry. "I didn't think about that Mike," she responds as her big tits are rubbing against me and she kisses my lips. "I better change quickly." And Maria disappears into her bedroom. The doorbell rings and Maria (dressed in a much more conservative outfit) rushes to open the door. "Henry, really good to see you, please come in," she shows him to the front room couch. I am already sitting on one end.

Maria disappears into the kitchen saying she will bring us ice teas. Henry sat down on the couch opposite me. Henry immediately looked at me and asked, "What should I do?" I start to tell him how to approach a woman and what to say. Maria returns with the drinks and says, "Henry, maybe you should try it on me." Henry and Maria begin a conversation. Henry turns to Maria, his face red and he starts to tell her how much he likes her and about his sex fantasies.

As he explains his desires and his cock grows hard and there is a bulge's in his pants, Henry leans in and kisses Maria, slow at first, then using his tongue.

Maria stands up holding Henry's hand, looks at me, "Mike, Henry is making my pussy wet, we need to take this into my bedroom. I'm watching and smiling at all of this, Maria stops, whispers something to Henry and them motions me to follow.

I follow them into her bedroom, a place I am very familiar with, and sit on a chair in the corner. Maria takes over the narrative: We go to the bedroom, Mike sit on the chair across from the bed. Henry and i sit on the bed. I put his hands on my shoulders and he leans in and kisses me.

Looking into his eyes, I tell him to use me as his fantasy and I will do anything what he wants. I want to build his self esteem Henry begins to touch me in places and my face turns red as I watch Mike in the corner.

Henry looks at Mike. "Professor Mike?" he asks. "Just do it Henry", Mike, says back to him. He takes off my shirt and bra. My tits are bare in front of him. I can clearly see a huge bulge in his pants. He asks me to lay back and I do. Lying back on the bed my feet hanging off toward the floor, but on my elbows so I can watch Henry and Mike.

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Henry stands over me undressing as he watches me. He unzips his pants and pulls out this big cock. Both of our mouth drop open as his huge cock comes into view.


I watch a little afraid, I have never seen one this big. Henry tells us this is why he has so much trouble. Girls don't want to touch him when they see it. I'm watching Mike's face, and his surprise. Henry then starts to pull off my pants and panties.his cock is throbbing .and jerking.

I look over to see Mike unzip his pants and pull down his boxers to release his hard cock. He is holding and squeezing it. Henry drops to his knees and spreads my legs. I try to resist at first.

Looking at Mike, he says, "just enjoy it babe." I keep my eyes on Mike as Henry slides his tongue into my pussy and begins to lick and suck me. The feel of his tongue on my clit makes me squirm. I begin to moan and I hear Mike giggle. I think he is happy to watch me being pleasured by another man.

I prop my head up on a pillow to watch Henry's head as he is eating my pussy. I can also clearly see Mike sitting in the corner stroking his hard cock. It was like hot porn being taped right in front of me Henry's sucking my pussy.

He slips a finger inside me and i jump a little. I'm nervous as Mike comes to the side of the bed. You stroke my hair and watch Henry's tongue fuck my pussy. Mike says, Henry do watch porn? Henry stops his licking, his face comes visible and he says, "yes professor I do." I tell Henry, "you must watch just the right kind of porn." My eyes rolled back as I get close. Soon my body started to shake and my juices flowed out of me in orgasm.

This startled Henry, he sat back on the floor. As my body came back in control, I told him to come kiss me.

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Hesitantly, he does. As his mouth comes close to mine I put my hand behind his neck to pull him closer. "Thank you Henry, that was wonderful," I said, and then we kissed. I could taste my juices on his mouth. Henry tells us he watches allot of porn. He says, "Maria, I tried my best for you." "Oh Henry, you were wonderful so far," I responded.

Still tasting my cum juices from his kissing me, I reach over and my hand finds his hard cock. "Now what can you do with this," I say as I squeezed his big cock. Henry moves back to where he was, between my legs.

Mike has moved to standing beside the bed and I'm stroking his cock. Slowly I watch Henry prepare to use his huge cock to fuck me. Mike says, "Henry you should treat Maria like your personal porn star." Henry's large cock head is rubbing up and down on my slit. Thank God he is being careful that thing could rip me apart.

He pushes his cock head in slowly so not to rip me open. I'm gasping. I'm watching Henry and stroking Mike's cock.

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Henry pulls my legs up towards his shoulders. I had never been fucked this way. He pushes his huge cock deeper inside me. As my pussy is slowly being stretched like never before, Mike moves down between us to finger my clit. This helped to ease the pain of the large cock stretching me. Henry pushing it in all the way and I gasp. His 9 inch plus cock deep inside me, Henry is now sliding it in and out.

Slowly at first, He feels so good inside my sore pussy. Mike had move back to the chair in the corner. I can see him jerking on his cock, and he is watching Henry fuck me hard and deep. Henry begins to pump my pussy harder and faster. His huge cock continues to stretch my pussy. I'm moaning so loud, it hurts but feels so good. Henry looks over at Mike. Henry yells over my moaning, "Professor, do you think Maria wants to suck your cock?" "You tell me Henry, she is both our little whore." Mike responds.

Standing up, Mike moves over my face, His cock filling my mouth quieted my moaning. Henry watched as I sucked Mike's cock, which caused Henry to drive his big cock deeper and harder I into my sloppy pussy. I pulled Mike's cock out to scream as my pussy gushed cum all over Henry's cock. Henry pulls his cock out, he doesn't want to cum just yet. He doesn't want it to end yet. He asks me to get on all fours. As I do, he pulls my hips to him and pulls my pussy back on to his cock. I gasp loudly as his huge cock slide back inside me.

Then my mouth goes back around Mike's cock. Henry is thrusting harder than before. He smacks my ass hard very hard leaving a red hand print. Mike takes over the story: I'm watching Maria's big tits bounce to every thrust of Henry's cock. Even with the distraction she is sucking me deeper. My hands are holding her head on both sides. My cock down her throat and I am so excited to watching Henry pound Maria's pussy from behind.

I reach down where her tits hanging and moving, I fine a nipple to squeeze. Suddenly Henry smacks her ass again. Maria's mouth comes off my cock. She is moaning. "I want to cum so bad," she says just as her cum starts coming out of her and puddling on the bed. Both Henry and I are ready to cum. He's fucking her like I've never seen anyone fucked before.

I'm so excited to feel Maria's mouth back on my throbbing cock. Maria knows me. She can feel my body ready. I explode into her mouth. She is pulling me down on my cock to get every drop of my cum down her throat. As she is swallowing, Henry begins to shake, and he comes hard. I can see Maria's ass cheeks squeeze and clamp down on his cock.

Maria yells out, "I'm squirting! It is great to see and feel all of us cum at the same time. I'm done, but Henry doesn't stop, he is shooting load after load deep inside her pussy. Henry falls to bed breathing heavy. He is smiling, realizing he has had his first orgasm and first fuck.

We look at each other and do a high five. My cock is limp. As I catch my breath, I look at Maria and she says, "I've had my first 3some babe." I can see my cum oozing out of the corner of her mouth and Henry's oozing out of her pussy, as she lays flat on her back.

"Maria, you were great, Henry says." Then he moves to bring his cock closer to her face, Maria knows what he wants and is happy to suck on his monster cock. He has never had his cock sucked. She begins with her tongue, just licking, not sure she can handle it in her mouth.

It barely fits in her mouth, it's so big. She licks and sucks for a few minutes. Henry pulls it from mouth and jerks off all over her big tits, squirting cum all over her chest. As I'm watching, I'm getting hard. Maria's beautiful cum drenched pussy is right in front of me, as she has this huge cock fucking her throat.

Henry tells us we are the best teachers he has ever had. Having figured our next fantasy, I tell Henry, that maybe Maria would like you to take her into the shower and wash all the cum off her. Maria takes the narrative: You both take me to the shower to wash all your cum off me.


As we enter the bathroom Mike opens the closet and takes a douche. Mike tells Henry he's going to watch as he cleans me inside and out. "Women love to be pampered," he say to Henry. We all step into the shower. Close quarters, but a lovely feeling of body's and cocks touching. Mike begins to wash me and so does Henry. Their hands feel good as they message my body with the soap.

Henry is washing his cum off my tits and tummy. Mike is behind me washing my ass and between my legs. Mike bends me over and I lift one leg up on the side of the tub. He opens the douche and slides it inside me. "I know you love cleaning me, I say, so i enjoy it." Henry leans in and kisses me.

I begin to wash Henry's huge cock, caressing it with both hands. I turn to say to Mike, "yes and I love your cock too." Mike still behind me, with the warm water falling all around us, is spreading my ass and now that it's clean, he is licking my pussy making me hot. We finished in the shower, stepped out, dried off and returned to the bedroom. We all lay down on the bed to cuddle, I'm in the middle. Mike stands up and tells Henry to watch.

Mike roughly turns me on my stomach, I know what he wants. "Baby I love it when you play with my ass." Mike spits into my asshole as he spreads my cheeks. He is licking my ass as I'm bent over. Looking at Henry, his cock is getting hard again as he watches. Mike tells Henry, you may be too big to do this to Maria, but she loves her ass fucked. Soon, I can feel him slide his hard cock's head into it. I moan out loud as I feel a cock slide deeper into my ass. Henry watches. Soon my mouth is sucking his huge cock.

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I tell Henry how I love Mike to fuck my asshole. His hard cock is sliding in and out of my tight ass, fucking me from behind, while I have this huge cock to suck on, I am in heaven. Mike's narration: We are both pumping Maria hard. Me from behind and in her beautiful ass, Henry is fucking her face from the front. "Maria, I think you like two cocks at once," I tell her. She can't speak with a mouth full of Henry.

"Babe, let me ask you, do you want two cocks somewhere else? "Do you want Henry's cock in your pussy with my cock in your ass?" She nods yes. I pull my cock out of her ass, as we need to shift positions. I tell Henry to lie down on the bed on his back.

I tell Henry a good woman is a woman that is willing to be a whore in the bedroom. Maria climbs on top, then lowers herself slowly, Henry guild his cock inside her pussy. Then I step on the bed, get behind her, and slide my hard cock back into her asshole. "Baby your ass is made for my cock," I say aloud.

Henry smiles, and says, "her pussy is made for mine professor." "Yes," Maria says as she leans back to kiss me Henry begins to thrust up inside her while kissing and sucking on her tits and nipples. I'm holding Maria's hips and driving my cock deep into her ass.

"Baby I love it when you fuck me." We are all breathing hard and ready to cum. Henry's huge cock is again stretching her pussy, he reaches up and kisses Maria, sliding his tongue in her mouth.

Maria then leans back and looks at me, quickly I cum deep inside her ass. Henry, on the bottom yells, "YES!" Both of us fill Maria's holes. Henry pulls out and continues to shoot cum on his stomach. We are all now spent and lying on the bed. I grab Maria's face and kiss her deeply. She is kissing me back. Henry is behind her spooning. He gently begins to kiss her back.

Very soon he reaches over and is rubbing her big tits. Maria narrates: "Oh Maria," Henry says. My ass and pussy are both very sore from the pounding. But, I feel Henry getting hard again. Mike, facing me is kissing me. Behind me Henry, can get enough, he slides his cock between my ass cheeks and rubs it on my sore pussy. I tell Henry to ask Mike if you want more. Mike is kissing me, tonguing my mouth. He reaches back behind me, cups my ass, spreading my cheeks for Henry to slide deep in my sore swollen cunt.

Both of them have aroused me again. Mike reaches down and begins to finger my clit as Henry's fucking me from behind. Soon I cum again, but they both keep doing me. I am moaning into Mike's mouth as Henry's huge cock slides deep into my pussy again. The fucking and fingering continue until Henry begins to cum and my juices again flow with his.

My pussy gushes. As Henry finishes, he lies back. Mike moves his mouth down to suck my tits. His cock grows hard again as my hand raps around it. Soon I guide Mike's cock into my cum soaked pussy. He enters me thrusting up inside me slow and easy. "Oh my god Maria, you are so juicy," Mike says. Henry is rubbing my ass cheeks, my back, and neck as I'm being fucked by Mike.

We all can hear my sloppy pussy as Mike is fucking me. I think I'm oozing Henry's cum. Mike rolls over on his back to have me ride him. We are kissing passionately. My big tits are in his face to suck. I sit up on his cock and begin to bounce, as cum, mostly Henry's is oozing out of me. "Oh baby", I say to Mike. I am grinding my hips down into his cock. Henry watches, as I cum again all over Mike's hard cock. Mike narrates: Maria can never get enough once she gets going. She is a true slut whore a person who loves sex, and will have sex with just about anyone.

I consider myself lucky having found her. She is the perfect girlfriend. A great body, smart, and loves sex. She has cum again, but not with me. After she pauses for a moment, she realizes I'm still hard. Then she begins her movements again. Looking down at me, as my mouth is sucking on her nipple, she says, "I know what Mikey wants," "Watch this Henry," she says. "I'm going to slide back a little, which grabs his hard cock better," Henry can see my face react.

The pleasure has increased dramatically. Very soon Maria can feel my body getting close. She shifts again and we both cum together. Henry just smiles, from ear to ear. Henry says, "I want to thank you two for a wonderful experience, but I have to go, I have a paper due in the professor's class tomorrow.

As Maria and I relaxed in bed, Henry took a quick shower and left. Then we showered together before we fell asleep.