Voluptuous asian gives explicit jock sucking delights

Voluptuous asian gives explicit jock sucking delights
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I'm scared. I dont remember what happend.


All I know is I was heading out for work and when I turned to lock my door something blinded me and there was a funny smell. Now I'm here lying down, I think on bed.

Its dark. There's something covering my eyes. I can't move my arms. They are tied together with something that burns my wrists when I move.

Ohhhh no. I hear footsteps.someone's coming.

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"Well. It's about fucking time. I thought you'd never wake up. This is my first time using chemcials to grab a girl. Usually I just hit 'em really hard but.you're way to pretty to hit." The man laughs as he sits next to me. His hand casually caress my leg.

I shudder. His touch feels like ice. "Please. Please. I'll give you anything you want." "Oh.

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You can count on that." He laughs again. "I ha-ha-have money. Lots of it. I can gi-" He slaps my face. I suddenly feel heat close to my ear. His breath is hot againest my face. He whispers, "Listen here. I dont care about your money. I dont care who your family is. All I care about is this gorgeous body you have," he lays one of his hands on my throat, "but dont be fooled.

If you speak again without my say so," he starts to choke me, "I will beat you so bad you wont even recognize yourself." He lets go and I start to cough. A tear runs down my cheek. He turns my head to the right and I can feel my lips close to what must be his. His are on mine roughly and by the time he pulls away I can barely breathe. He moves off the bed and I hear a something that sounds like a zipper being pulled down.

Something rubs against my lips. "Open." I slowly start to open my mouth when he shoves his cock all way down my throat.

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I start to gag and spit. "Suck it, bitch." I shake my head barely able to breathe. Im scared. "Fine have it your way." He puts his hands on the back of my head holding it in place and starts humping my face.

His cock is big and it barely fits in my mouth. I can hear him moaning.He starts pumping harder and I gag drooling everywhere. It feels like forever before he lets me go and takes his cock out. I lay my head back on the mattress trying to catch my breath as I cry.

"Oh calm the fuck down. You like it." He reaches into my skirt and sticks two fingers in my pussy. "See? You're wet." He gets up again and starts removing my clothes until im naked.Then.all I hear is silence.

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"He-he-hello?" I feel a fist hit my face. "What did I say?!" he sighs, "Why do you make me hurt you? I dont want to hurt you. You are honestly the most beautiful woman Ive ever had.

Id hate to ruin that pretty little fasique of yours." I lay back flat on the bed. "I'll make you deal.", his voice is calm, "If you behave.I'll let you see my face. Like an added bonus of the experience." He starts laughing as he lay himself on top of me. I can feel his face close to mine. I can feel is 6 pack abs on my flat tummy. I can feel is cock rubbing againest my pussy lips.


I can't help it. I let out a soft moan. "Ahhhh see? I knew you'd warm up to me", he whispers in my ear," Tell me you want my big cock inside you." He rubs his cock back and forth through my opening. I open my legs wider for him and he slowly sticks the tip inside me. Teasing me. I moan, "I want your big cock inside me. Please." He shoves his cock deep inside me roughly. I scream.

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He starts pounding into me so hard the bed is shaking. "Oh my god. You feel so good. You're so big." He doesnt hit me. He stops moving completely.

"Im sorry. I-I-I shouldnt be talking. Please." I feel hands touch my head. The darkness is removed and I can see. I blink.He's wonderful and his eyes.the most beautiful green I've ever seen. He's staring at me. Waiting.

I wrap my legs around his waist and move my hips against his cock. He moans and lays his forhead against mine. He starts matching his thrusts with mine pushing himself deeper in me.

"Please cum with me." He picks up his head looks into my eyes. He grips the mattress and pumps into me hard and fast.

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"Mmmmmmmm thats right baby. Right there! Cum!" He moans and squirts his cum inside me as I scream and cum all over his cock. He gets up and grabs a knife from a shelf in the room. Im not scared anymore. He cuts me loose and hands me my clothes. He smiles. "When they told me about you I thought they were lying." I can't stop watching him. "Well.I wanted something.different.

Im tired of romance. It just leads to bad things." I look away, ashamed. I get dressed and let him blindfold me once more. "Can I ask you something?" "Of course, Miss Juliet." "I know its probably not the truth because ya'll have to make up new stories everytime but.what's your name?" He grins that big grin that makes me take a breath. "You know I can't say." "Then what should I call you?" He places his hand in mine as he slowly guides me out to the car.

I can feel his lips close to my ear. "Call me.Romeo."